Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh vào trường Trường THPT Chuyên Hà Tĩnh, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh năm học 2023-2024 có audio (file nghe) và ĐÁP ÁN CHÍNH THỨC

Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh vào trường Trường THPT Chuyên Hà Tĩnh, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh năm học 2023-2024

     Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy, cô giáo và các bạn học sinh tài liệu Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh vào trường Trường THPT Chuyên Hà Tĩnh, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh năm học 2023-2024 có thể tải xuống (download) ở dạng pdf.

Tải xuống: Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh vào trường Trường THPT Chuyên Hà Tĩnh, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh năm học 2023-2024 có + audio (file nghe) và + ĐÁP ÁN CHÍNH THỨC

Trích dẫn nội dung "Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh vào trường Trường THPT Chuyên Hà Tĩnh, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh năm học 2023-2024":


Part 1. Listen and choose the best answer for each question. Write your answers (A, B or C) in the

numbered boxes.

1. What did Carol's parents always tell her?

A. She was not good at acting at all.

B. Acting was not the easiest profession.

C. She was able to be successful in acting.

2. Who inspired Carol to become a teacher?

A. Her parents B. Her drama teacher C. Her classmates

3. According to Carol, what is the most important thing about being a teacher?

A. Showing how much they know about the subject

B. Being more intelligent than their students

C. Communicating well with their students

4. According to Carol, why don’t some children behave well in classroom?

A. Because the subjects are boring or tiring.

B. Because they are fed up or exhausted.

C. Because the lessons are difficult.

5. What does Carol have her students da if they aren’t working well?

A. Extra homework B. A written test C. Physical exercise

6. How does Carol feel about her career as a teacher?

A. proud B. anxious C. disappointed

7. Carol’s parents

A. are disappointed with what she has achieved so far

B. are very satisfied with her career progress

C. feel sorry they didn’t let her become an actor

8. What does Carol want to do in the future?

A. be a head teacher B. do some acting C. continue to teach

Your answers:

1. 2 3: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Part 2. Listen to someone talking about introverts and choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

from what you hear for each answer to complete the following passage. Write your answers in the

numbered boxes.

Introverts are not alone because they are everywhere. They say that their quiet approach to life or their

need for ~~ (9) time is a gift, not a flaw.

For introverts, the noisy world where everyone has something to say but nobody listens seems to be a

place that __ (10) __ extroverts. The mixed social relationships make it easy for them to feel __ (11) ___.

Thereare (12) that introverts are shy or antisocial. In fact, introverts can find (13) fun,

like anyone. But while parties leave extroverts energized, after some time, introverts need to ~~ (14)

away from everyone.

According to a scientific theory, two vital ___ (15) __ are found in all our brains - dopamine and

acetylcholine. While dopamine is likea hitof (16) and can make extroverts feel great, acetylcholine

released by concentrating, reading or focusing on minds can make introverts feel relaxed, ~~ (17) and


Introverts often have few friends but their relationship is ___ (18) __. They love spending time alone,

but they also learn strategies for finding ease in our noisy world; making (19) from using music,

for example.

Although introverts feel at home in quiet places, they love the intensity and (20) ___ of the world.

Your answers:

10. 16.

11. 17.

12 18

13 19.

14. 20.

Part 3. You will hear five short extracts. Listen and choose from the list A — H the person who is

speaking. Write your answers in the numbered boxes.

A. pilot E. flight attendant

B. restaurant owner F. tourist

C. tour guide G. hotel receptionist

D. coach driver H. travel agent

21. Speaker 1: __

22. Speaker 2:

23. Speaker 3:

24. Speaker4:

25. Speaker 5:

Your answers:

21. 22. 23, 24. 23,


Part 1. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence. Write your answers A, B, C

or D in the numbered boxes.

1. Though she could not be seen, Kelly was heard for help.

A. to calling out B. calling out C. call out D. to be called out

2. the new subject that almost no students passed the final term exam.

A. So was complex B. So complex was C. Complex was so D. Was so complex

3. Mr. Harrison asked me to tell you that he would like by Friday at the latest.

A. the orders sent B. sending the orders C. that you sent D. send the orders

4. There should be no discrimination on of sex, race or religion.

A. fields B. places C. grounds D. areas

5. Dave: “T don’t think T will be able to go swimming tomorrow”, Jack:

A. Why do you B. How do you do C. Why come D. How come

6. You must leave at once, you miss the train.

A. however B. yet C. otherwise D. still

7. They were soaked to the skin. They their umbrellas.

A. will have taken B. must have taken C. can have taken D. should have taken

8. His composition is mine.

A. as the same standard of B. of the same standard as

C. as the same standard as D. as the same standard to

9. I'd rather you my computer while I'm out.

A. didn’t use B. don’t use C. haven't used D. hadn't used

10. There is much local respect for him, because he stuck to his principles

A. over and above B. through thick and thin

Trang 1/12

C. behind the times D. over the top

11. Jim Carrey went from rags to . He was once living in a van, but eventually became one of the

highest-paid comedians in the world.

A. riches B. wealth C. luxury D. fortunes

12. She wanted to her interest in microbiology.

A. pursue B. strive C. stalk D. persist

13. The driver was anxious as there was a bomb threat.

A. that the train evacuate B. evacuating the train

C. that the train be evacuated D. to be evacuated the train

14. No, you can’t hire a rock band. And as a party at your grandmother's house - it’s out of the


A. to hold B. to holding C. you hold D. for you hold

15. The criminal the businessman by threatening to harm his family.

A. kidnapped B. shoplifted C. blackmailed D. robbed

16. He was regarded as the most of contemporary writers of fiction.

A. dense B. daring C. extensive D. imaginary

17. He studied ; hence he passed his test hands down.

A. relatively B. slovenly C. diligently D. lazily

18. He waited for 10 minutes in claim before he saw his bag on the carousel.

A. customs B. conveyor C. luggage D. baggage

19. These magnificent surroundings invariably my appetite for staying longer here. Perhaps, I'll

settle down here for good one day in the future.

A. arise B. urge C. provoke D. whet

20. She’s really exhausted. It is clear that the pressure of long hours at work has bad effects

her health.

A. on B. in C. of D. at

Your answers:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5 0. 2 8. 9. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Part 2. Fill in each gap with the most suitable preposition or particle. Write your answers in the

numbered boxes.

21. | know her sight, but I have never talked to her.

22. He didn’t make any reference their previous conversation.

23. The manuscripts date back the 13" century.

24. She is a city dweller but her parents live the outskirts of town.

25. Vitamin E is available from so many food sources that no normal diet could be deficient it.

26. I hope Dad will not fly the handle when I tell him I crashed the car.

27. The report completely papers the problem of the shortage of nurses. It doesn’t deal with it at all.

28. Peter used to love this band, but he has gone them since the lead singer left.

29. The juice is too strong for you. Why don’t you water it ?

30. Henry was himself with worry when the police stopped him.

Your answers:

21. 22. 23; 24. 25.

26. 27: 28. a9; 30.

Part 3. Use the word given in CAPITAL to form a word that fits in the text. Write your answers in

the numbered space provided in the column on the right.

Trang 2/12

This may be a (31) SURPRISE choice as it’s not comfortable or

obviously appealing. I'm sure many people (32) GRAVITY towards

the grandeur of Venice or the beauty of Sydney but the place that makes

me (33) ENGROSS is a remote valley in Iceland. Far from anything

man-made, it was (34) NATURE created by a violent catastrophe. It

would have been a (35) CHALLENGE place to live under any

circumstances but thousands of years ago a (36) VOLCANO eruption

under a glacier caused a flood that carved out a huge canyon. Towering

walls of rocks like (37) HIGH buildings on either side protect the valley

from the strength of the (38) FEROCITY Arctic winds. Here a forest

has grown up in a sheltered area of calm. I find it has its own

atmospheric identity, which for some people may be considered as a

(39) THREATEN or ghastliness. However, it draws me back time after

time. | stay in the campsite and it gives me a new view on my everyday

life. It makes me appreciate the formidable power and (40) AVOID

force of nature. In the future, I intend to visit different natural

landscapes, but valleys in Iceland would always appear first in my


Your answers:

Part 4. Match the words in column A with their strongest collocates in column B and then use the

full phrases to fill the gaps in the sentences below. Write your answers in the numbered boxes.


unemployment worker

social dismissal

hiring conditions

blue-collar appraisal

career specification

job leave

maternity policy

performance prospects

working insurance

constructive benefit

41. I would question their

on the basis of the fact that the rate of turnover of staff is so high; clearly

they are not finding the right people.

42. Look, I've no illusions of grandeur; I'm a

and I'm never going to climb the corporate ladder

and become some high-flyer; it’s the factory slog for me from now until the day I retire.

43. I have been claiming

44. You might have a case for

for over 40 years so I have no guilt about claiming benefits now that I am out of work.

45. I paid

since I lost my job in April of last year.

there if you feel you were forced out for airing a genuine grievance.

Trang 3/12

46. My aren’t great, but them being exposed to hazardous chemicals is simply equal to the course

in my job.

47. My quarterly went very well; my ratings were good and I was praised for my efforts by my line


48. | consider my rather good on account of my good education and track record.

49. I'm going on in six weeks’ time. The baby is due at the end of January.

50. The has all the details you need to know about the nature of role. Please read this carefully

before submitting your job application.

Your answers:

41. 46.

42. 47.

43. 48.

44, 49.

45. 50.


Part 1. Read the following passage and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each gap. Write

your answers in the numbered boxes.

Smart Shoes

Smart shoes that adjust their size throughout the day could soon be available. A prototype has already

been produced and a commercial style may be in production (1) a few years. The shoe contains

sensors (2) __ constantly check the amount of room left in it. If the foot has become too large, a tiny

valve opens and the shoe ~~ (3) slightly. The entire control system is about 5™" square and is located

inside the shoe. This radical shoe (4) a need because the volume of the average foot can change

by as much as 8% during the course of the day. The system is able to learn about the wearer's feet and ___

(5) up a picture of the size of his or her feet throughout the day. It will allow the shoes to change in

size by up to 8% so that they always fit (6) ___. They are obviously more comfortable and less likely

tocause (7). From an athlete’s point of view, they can help improve performance a little, and that

is why at first the system ___ (8) __ a purpose as a sports shoe. Eventually, this system will find a place

inthe (9) market. In many other household items, from beds that automatically change to fit the

person sleeping in them, to power tools that (10) themselves to the user's hand for better grip.

1. A. over B. during C. within D. up to

2. A. who B. whose C. that D. where

3. A. amplifies B. develops C. enhances D. expands

4. A. detects B. meets C. finds D. faces

5. A. build B. pick C. grow D. set

6. A. exactly B. absolutely C. completely D. totally

7. A. sores B. blisters C. lumps D. tumors

8. A. proved B. took C. brought D. served

9. A. clothing B. clothed C. cloth D. clothes

10. A. shape B. change C. respond D. convert

Your answers:

Trang 4/12

1. 2. 3, 4. 5,

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Part 2. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only ONE word in

each gap. Write your answers in the numbered boxes.

Some people believe that soon schools will no (11) __ be necessary. These people say that

because of the Internet and other new technology, there is not any need ___ (12) ___ school buildings,

formal classes or teachers at all. Perhaps this will be true one day, but it is hard to imagine a world (13)

schools. In fact, instead of eliminating schools, we need to make full (14) of technology to

better them.

We should invent a new kind of school that is equipped with various (15) such as libraries,

museums, science centers, laboratories and even companies. Giving lectures on video or over the Internet

will make the ~~ (16) of work from experts much easier. TV networks and local stations could develop

programming about things students are actually studying in school. Is this just a dream? No. Already there

are several towns (17) there is beginning to happen. Blacksburg, Virginia, is one of them. Here

the entire city is linked to the Internet, and learning can take ___ (18) at home, at school and in the

workplace. Businesses provide programs for the schools and the community. And it will soon come as no

(19) if someone without a computer can casily get connected with the school through its computer

labs system. Because everyone can use the Internet, older people participate as muchas (20) ones,

and everyone can visit distant libraries and museums as easily as nearby ones.

Your answers:

11. 12. 13. 14, 15.

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Part 3. Read the following passage and choose the option A, B, C, or D that best answers the

questions. Write your answers in the numbered boxes.

Endangered species are a pressing concern in today’s world, representing the fragile balance of our

ecosystems and the need for conservation efforts. These species face a high risk of extinction due to various

factors, primarily human activities and environmental changes. The consequences of losing these species

would extend far beyond their individual existence, impacting the intricate web of life on our planet.

Human activities, such as habitat destruction, poaching, and pollution, are among the primary

causes of species endangerment. [A]. Rapid urbanization and expanding agricultural practices often result

in the destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats, leaving species without sufficient space, food, or

resources to survive. The relentless pursuit of resources, such as timber, minerals, and oil, further

exacerbates the destruction of critical ecosystems that support a diverse array of species.

Poaching remains a significant threat to many endangered species, driven by illegal wildlife trade

and the demand for products like ivory, fur, and exotic pets. [B]. Moreover, pollution from industrial

activities, chemicals, and pesticides contaminates habitats, affecting the health and reproductive capacities

of various species.

Environmental changes, including climate change and habitat degradation, pose additional

challenges to endangered species. Rising global temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, and extreme

weather events disrupt ecosystems, making it difficult for species to adapt and survive. Changes in

temperature and precipitation can affect breeding patterns, alter migration routes, and disturb the delicate

balance between predator and prey. [C]. These environmental shifts contribute to the decline of already

vulnerable populations, further pushing them towards extinction.

The consequences of losing endangered species extend beyond their intrinsic value. Each species

plays a unique role in its ecosystem, contributing to its stability and functioning. Removal of a single

species can trigger a domino effect, impacting the entire ecosystem. For example, the decline of pollinators

like bees and butterflies affects the reproduction of plants and can lead to reduced agricultural productivity.

Predatory species maintain the balance by controlling populations of prey species, preventing

overpopulation and ecosystem imbalances.

Trang 5/12

Legislative measures, public awareness campaigns, and on-ground conservation practices are

crucial ones to address the plight of endangered species and protect their habitats. These conservation

efforts need actions taken by both the publics and the authorities. Governments and international

organizations establish protected areas and implement laws to regulate hunting, trade, and habitat

destruction. |D]. Additionally, raising public awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the

impacts of human activities helps foster a sense of responsibility towards species conservation.

Conservation organizations and researchers work tirelessly to study and monitor endangered

species, gather data on population trends, and develop strategies for their protection. They engage in habitat

restoration projects, captive breeding programs, and reintroduction efforts to bolster populations and

restore balance to ecosystems. Such initiatives often involve collaboration with local communities,

engaging them in sustainable practices and promoting their involvement in species conservation.

Public participation is key to ensuring the success of conservation efforts. Individuals can contribute

by supporting conservation organizations, volunteering for wildlife surveys and monitoring programs, and

making informed choices as consumers. Responsible tourism can also play a significant role in promoting

sustainable practices that protect the habitats and well-being of endangered species.

Generally, endangered species are a crucial component of our planet's biodiversity, representing the

delicate interplay of life on Earth. Human activities and environmental changes pose significant threats to

these species, pushing them towards extinction. Protecting endangered species and their habitats requires

concerted efforts from governments, organizations, researchers, and the public. By recognizing the value

of these species and taking proactive measures to conserve them, we can strive towards a more sustainable

future that safeguards the diversity and resilience of our planet's ecosystems.

21. Which of the following could be the best title for the passage?

A. The Urgent Call for Conservation and Protection

B. The Vital Measures to Diversify Endangered Species

C. The Main Grounds of Extinction and Imbalance

D. The Repercussions of Biodiversity Loss

22. According to paragraph 2, which of the following is NOT mentioned as the human activities that

badly affect endangered species?

A. Destroying natural habitat B. Enlarging farming land

C. Pursuing natural resources D. Leaving sufficient space

23. According to the passage, hazardous substances from industry have an effect on of some


A. hunting B. breeding C. route migrating D. food finding

24. The word intrinsic in paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to

A. contrasting B. typical C. important D. comparative

25. The word ones in paragraph 6 refers to

A. measures B. campaigns C. practices D. efforts

26. In which space (marked [A], |B], [C] and |D] in the passage) will the following sentence fit?

The indiscriminate foraging for these animals disrupts their populations and can push them to the

brink of extinction

A. [A] B. [B] C.[C] D. [D]

27. The word bolster in paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to

A. reinforce B. reduce C. spread D. expand

28. According to the passage, individuals can help in species conservation by

A. being responsible in suspending tourism for local communities

B. developing strategies for endangered species protection

C. getting enough information before making choices as consumers

D. initiating habitat restoration projects

29. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. One of the reasons makes species difficult to adapt is the change of rain cycle.

B. Ecosystems are being disrupted merely by rising in global temperatures.

Trang 6/12

C. Predatory species become the main reason for the extinction of prey species.

D. A domino effect can only be triggered by the removal of certain unique species.

30. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?

A. Responsible consumption of local communities is the key for scientific research.

B. Individuals can actively engage in data collection and contribute to scientific research.

C. Individuals can provide financial assistance and help fund responsible tourism.

D. Separate contribution from researchers and local communities is the success of conservation efforts.

Your answers:

21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Part 4. Read the following passage carefully then do the tasks given below.

A. Poppy Dinsey, Fashion Blogger

It is 10 am on the first day of London Fashion Week and Poppy Dinsey has already been photographed

four times. “I think it’s the coat,” she says as yet another fashionista takes a snap of her canary yellow

mackintosh. The coat is just one example of Dinsey’s uncanny ability to channel the latest trends with

consummate ease. In 2010, she launched What [ Wore Today (wiwt.com), a blog that does exactly what it

says on the tin. Dinsey uploads photographs of her chosen outfit on a regular basis, accompanied by

irreverent commentary. The website has details of where to buy the clothes, and for each sale directed

through her blog, Dinsey gets a percentage. “It can be mentally strenuous at times, always having to think

ahead about my wardrobe, but that’s part of the job.” It is, perhaps, an improbable career for a woman with

a degree in business studies, but Dinsey insists she never liked the traditional mundane office environment.

The recent recession, Dinsey says, has changed young people’s attitude to spending. “There's a feeling that

there’s nothing to lose ... even though a lot of people are broke.” And does she already know what she will

be wearing tomorrow? “Oh yeah. I've got it all written down.” she laughs. “I've turned obsession into a


B. Jamal Edwards, Founder of an online music channel

Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV, an online broadcaster of music promos, video interviews and

impromptu live performances, started the channel at the age of 16, after receiving a video camera as a

present. “I was filming foxes in my garden. When [ uploaded that, I got 1,000 views and [ was like, "What?

Let me just try something else”. Edwards started filming London rappers freestyling on the street. The

performances are raw and often quite gripping. But Edwards didn’t want to restrict himself to local

unsigned talent. “Narrow-minded people are like”, “Ah, he's filming all these pop stars,” says Edwards

“But I just shrug my shoulders.” His attitude appears to be paying off. Edwards says the channel, which

profits from advertising, has racked up hundreds of thousands subscribers, and he has got an 8-strong team

of employees. When [ ask him what the downsides are of being a young boss, Edwards says: “It’s a bit

daunting telling people what to do.” His advice to other young people with similar ambitions is to “chase

your dream, not the competition, because looking at the competition will cloud your vision and mess vou

up in the long run”. In 2017, Jamal was given an MBE by the Queen for his services to music.

C. Nicko Williamson, Founder of Climate Cars

Nicko Williamson's office is in a state of organized chaos. The shelves are filled with an assorted

jumble of stuff - two smartphones, a financial newspaper, and a novel which he has yet to read. “No time,”

he explains “A heavy workload is the nature of entrepreneurship.” It’s no surprise that Williamson is run

off his feet. In 2007, he launched the carbon-neutral taxi company, Climate Cars, after graduating in modern

history from Bristol University, When he finally sold the company in 20135, the business ran a fleet of more

than 100 cars and generated more than £1 m in profit. He had the idea for Climate Cars after driving past

a garage in Bristol that offered environmentally friendly car conversions. “It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and

not see the bigger picture. [ always loved cars but felt guilty about loving them,” admits Williamson, whose

great-grandfather, William Watson, was a racing-car driver, “Then I thought: why not make taxis greener?”

He sought investment from his family and friends and put together a business plan while writing his

dissertation. He has already started another taxi company called Bounce. What are his ambitions for the

future? “To grow this business into one of the biggest car companies in London.”

D. Edwin Broni-Mensah, Creator of GiveMeTap

Trang 7/12

Edwin Broni-Mensah, you could argue, is a scholar or a philanthropist whose scheme is either naively

idealistic or brilliant or both. Either way, as soon as you've read about his idea, you'll be kicking yourself

for not having thought of it. It was through playing squash at university that Broni-Mensah came up with

GiveMeTap. Throughout studying for his PhD, sport was his sanctuary, yet something didn’t add up: “Tap

water is free and portable, yet I was spending a fiver a day on bottled water.” The concept of GiveMeTap

was born, which works like this: you purchase tidy blue bottle made from recycled aluminium for a few

pounds from his website and take it into any café which has signed up to the scheme. Your bottle is then

filled with tap water for free, thus reducing the wastage, helping communities in Africa install clean water

pumps (70% of the profits goes towards this) and saving you money. It may seem ludicrous to invest seven

years of education into a non-profit scheme. “All my friends are bankers and I'm their poor mate. But it’s

my choice.” he laughs. How did he manage to launch the project while also completing his PhD? “I follow

Parkinson’s Law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Broni-Mensah thinks

our peculiar obsession with buying plastic bottles is little more than cultural conditioning. “Were too proud

to ask for free water in the same way we feel the need to buy crisps to use a cafe's toilet,” he says.

For questions 31 — 36: According to the text, choose the person (A — D) who

31. received funding from people close to them?

32. is indifferent to a particular criticism?

33. has a business as a result of something not making sense?

34. is not interested in a traditional career?

35. has received official recognition of their achievements?

36. explains why young people enjoy taking risks?

Your answers:

31; 32. 33. 34. 3s. 36.

For questions 37 — 40: Decide if the following statements are true (T), false (F) or not given (NG)

37. According to paragraph A, Dinsey earns money from her chosen outfit.

38. According to paragraph B, at first, Edwards made videos about animals.

39. According to paragraph C, after graduating from university, Williamson's first company was carbon-

neutral taxi.

40. According to paragraph D, Broni-Mensah is unfazed by the lack of financial rewards from their


Your answers:

37. 38. 39. 40.


Part 1. Complete the second sentence beginning with the given words so that it has the same

meaning to the first printed.

1. Arguing all night won't help.

— There is

2. It wasn’t clear to us at the time how serious the problem was.

— Little

3. Romantic love must be present, or the marriage will seem insincere.

— The sincerity

4. What put me off the idea was simply how expensive it was going to be.

— The sheer cost

5. The organizers were disappointed by the small number of people attending the conference.

— Much

Trang 8/12

Part 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first printed, using the

word given in CAPITAL. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight

words. Write each answer in the space provided.

6. Tim and Barbara are not talking to each other at the moment. (TERMS)

— Tim and Barbara are not at the moment.

7. I would prefer it if they had given me some bonus. (BEEN)

— I'd rather some bonus.

8.1 am sure Tim didn’t misunderstand. (WRONG)

— Tim can’t the stick.

9. We decided to pay a mechanic to look at the car. (LOOKED)

— We decided to a mechanic.

10. He was jealous when he saw his brother’s new car. (ENVY)

— He was brother’s new car.


Some people say that tourism can help to bridge cultural gaps among different cultures. Others claim

that it is tourism that contributes to the loss of cultural identity.

Write an essay in about 250 words, discuss both views and give your opinion.

Trang 9/12

Trang 10/12

- The End -

Trang 11/12


I. LISTENING: 3 diém (25 x 0.12 diém cho mdi cfu ding)

Part 1.

1.A 2.B 3.C 4.B 5..C 6. A 7.B 8.C


9. solitary 15. chemicals

10. rewards 16. energy

11. left out 17. alert

12. misconceptions 18. deep

13. socializing 19. bubbles of peace

14. recharge 20. chaotic beauty

Part 3.

21.E 22.G 23.H 24. C 25.F

I. GRAMMAR AND LEXICAL ITEMS: 7 diém (50 x 0.14 diém cho mdi ciu ding)

Part 1.

1.B 2.B 3A 4.C 5.D 6.C 7.D 8.B 9.A 10. B

11. A 12. A 13.C 14. B 15..€ 16. B 17.C 18. D 19.D 20. A

Part 2.

21. by 22. to 23. to 24. on/in 25. in

26. off 27. over 28. off 29. down 30. beside

Part 3.

31. surprising 32. gravitate 33. engrossed 34. naturally 35. challenging

36. volcanic 37. high-rise 38. ferocious 39. threat 40. unavoidable


41. hiring policy

46. working conditions

42. blue-collar worker

47. performance appraisal

43. unemployment benefit

48. career prospects

44. constructive dismissal

49. maternity leave

45. social insurance

50. job specification

III. READING: 5.6 diém (40 x 0.14 diém cho mdi ciu ding)

Part 1.

1.C 2.C 3.D 4. B 5. A

6. A T.B 8.D 9 A 10.C

Part 2.

11. longer 12. for 13. without | 14. use 15. facilities/utilities/amenities

16. line 17. where 18. place 19. surprise 20. younger


21. A 22.D 23.B 24.C 25.D

26.B 27.A 28.C 20. A 30.B


3.€ 32.B 33.D 34. A 35.B 36.A

37.F 38.T 39. NG 40.T

IV. WRITING: 4,4 diém

Part 1. 0,7 diém (5 x 0.14 diém cho mdi céu ding)

There is no point (in) arguing all night.

Little did we realise/know at the time how serious the problem was.

The sincerity of the marriage depends on the presence of romantic love.

The sheer cost was what put me off the idea.

Much to the disappointment of the organisers/ the organisers’ disappointment, (only) a small

sie of people attended the conference.


Part 2. 0,7 dim (5x0.14 diém cho mdi cau diing)

6. Tim and Barbara are not gn speaking terms at the moment.

7. I’d rather have been given some bonus.

8. Tim can’t have got the wrong end of the stick.

9. We decided to have/get the car looked at by a mechanic.

10. He was green with envy fo see his brother’s new car

Part 3. ESSAY WRITING: 3 diém

- Task Response (25%): fully addresses all parts of the task, presents a fully developed position

in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas

- Coherence and Cohesion (25 %): links information and ideas logically, uses a range of

cohesive devices appropriately, presents a clear central topic within each paragraph

- Lexical resources (25%): uses a wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly, uses some

uncommon lexical items, produces rare errors in spelling and/or word formation

- Grammar/Structures (25%): Uses a wide range of structures accurately and flexibly with few

errors or inappropriateness.