1500 câu viết lại câu (Sentence Transformation) – Olympic 30-4

     1500 câu viết lại câu (Sentence Transformation) là một tài liệu hữu ích cho các thí sinh tham gia kỳ thi Olympic truyền thống 30-4. Tài liệu này bao gồm các câu hỏi phân loại cao và khó, đòi hỏi người làm phải có khả năng viết lại câu một cách chính xác và logic.

     Tài liệu bao gồm các dạng câu như viết lại câu đơn thành câu ghép, đảo ngữ, thay đổi từ loại hay thay đổi cấu trúc câu. Những dạng câu này được sử dụng phổ biến trong các bài kiểm tra năng lực tiếng Anh và đòi hỏi sự hiểu biết về ngữ pháp và cấu trúc ngữ liệu.

     Ngoài ra, tài liệu còn có phân loại theo mức độ khó và cung cấp đáp án chi tiết cho từng câu hỏi, giúp các thí sinh tự tin và chuẩn bị tốt cho kỳ thi Olympic truyền thống 30-4. Với tài liệu này, các thí sinh có thể rèn luyện kỹ năng viết lại câu một cách hiệu quả và nâng cao khả năng đạt điểm cao trong kỳ thi. Đồng thời, tài liệu cũng có thể được sử dụng làm tài liệu ôn tập cho các kỳ thi tiếng Anh khác.

     Tóm lại, tài liệu 1500 câu viết lại câu (Sentence Transformation) là một tài liệu quan trọng và hữu ích cho các thí sinh tham gia kỳ thi Olympic truyền thống 30-4. Đây là tài liệu đáng để tham khảo cho những ai muốn nâng cao khả năng viết lại câu của mình và đạt kết quả tốt trong các kỳ thi tiếng Anh.

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Trích dẫn nội dung "1500 câu viết lại câu (Sentence Transformations from Olympic 2009-2011) – Olympic 30-4", dùng ôn thi HSG Tiếng Anh cấp trường, tỉnh thành phố có đầy đủ đáp án và giải thích chi tiết cực hay.

syl ion from Olympic 2009-201 1 

mar the p ying last night fell on dea 

% Our supplies of firewood will soon be finished. (low)’ 

. We are ur supplies of firewood. 

7) I'm sure the robbery has nothing to do with my son. ( Mixed) 

» My son was not the robbery, I assure you. 

8) Idon’t enjoy cooking for five hungry children 

— Cooking for 5 hungry children is no fun/ gives me no pleasure. 

9) Our luggage has been stolen. (run) 

— Someone has run off with our luggage. 

10)1t’s very important for me to know the answer. (simply) 

— I'simply must know the answer, 

11) Building societies will have to guard against their rivals. 

— Building societies will not be able to rest on their laurels. 

12) Mr. Foster asked me to write this letter to ‘you. 

— Itis at Mr. Forster’s request that I'm writing this letter to you 

13) She was delighted with her new car. (pink) 

~ She was tiekded pinkwith her new car. 

14) The term “public assistance” has now been replaced by “supplementary benefits” though the mcans 

test is the basis of both. 

— The term “public assistance” has heen substituted for “supplementary benefits”, though the. .. 

#15) The Social Security pamphlet told me all about the benefits I could claim. {entitled) 

— The Social Security pamphlet told me about the benefits I was entitled to. C 

16) Kevin felt that the official’s tone implied that there was no likelihood of his getting any work. 

(inferred) : 

— Kevin inferred from the official’s tone that there was no likelihood of his getting work. 

~17) This patient’s condition is rather worrying if you look at his medical history. 

— Given his medical history, the patient’s condition is rather worrying. 

~18) A child of his age is too young to be deceitful. 

— So young is a child of his age to be deceitful. Foo l 

19) Your empty promises won’t have any effect on her. ( ice) ‘g 

— Your empty promises will cut no ice with her. o 

,~ 20) Martin promisto ebdaby -sit but didn’t show up. (let) ¢ 

— Martin promised to baby sit but let me down. 

- 21) The old wooden floor eollapsed under their weight. 

— The old wooden floor gave way under their weight. 

. 22) What you have been saying is bestihe dpoeint . 

— What you have been saying is quite irrelevant. 

23) John is a bit too ill to go out. (up) 

— John doesn’t feel up to going out. 

- 24) We don’t expect that the missing climbers have survived. (hold) 

— We don’t hold out much hope for the missing climbers. 

 25)1 think that my boss is prejudiced against me. (i) 

— I think that my boss me. 

~ 26) The tourists were unharmed after the train crash. (none) X ot Hie wnc g 

— The tourists were their experience in the train crash. e 

_-27) They declared war on the pretext of defending their territorial rights. 

— The excuse for the declaration of war was the defence of their territorial rights. 

lish Competition 

Sentence transformation from Ol - - 

78) She wasn't speaking seriously.(tongue) 

s She was speaking 

1) Atter such a long time together they are still happily married. (test) 

s Their marriage h_. 

30) We want you to inform all the details. (ins) 

» 1 want you to inform 

31) The vice principal was modest about what he had achieved at the college. 

+ The vice principal was modest about his achievement at the college. 

. I can’t make any sensc of this. (utter) 

» This is utter nonsense! 

. ¥3) Tthink it is going to rain all day. (set) 

» | think the rain has set up for the day, — e Al B cie i he e o o e 

34) Everyone who comes to the city notices the bcauty of its architecture. (fails) A ve 

» No one who comes to the city fails to notice the beauty of its uchltecturc 4 SR 

#35) I must arrange to have the kitchen repainted. e £k 

» | must -havmg the kitchen repainted. % 

v 36) Julie must be too old to bite her nails, 

» lulic must have grown out of biting her nails. 

37) The arca was completely devoid of vegetation. ( whatsoever) 

- There was no vegetation whatsoever in the area. 4 

fi% Ifelt relaxed at Gita’s house because her parents greeted me so warmly. (casd} 

—» Gita's parents — the warmth of their greetings. ) 

39) Although she was upset, there was never any question of revenge. (last0 . 

— Upset thouch she was, revenge was ar 

@I wanted to tell her what I really felt, but in the end I decided not to. 

— Inthe end, I stosphorpt oef tdelli ng her my real feelings. 

© 41) It doesn’t need to be finished this afternoon. (finish) 

— Itis not necessary to-finish this afternoon. i 

42) You must never take your helmet off while you are riding a motoreycle: (all) 

— Helmet must be worn — when riding a motorcycle. 

/' 43) Sheis not sure whether she wants to marry him or nof now. (second) 

~+ She is thavihng osecuond ghtsabo ut marrying him now. 

- Everybody in the audience stood to applaud thie actor’s performance. (stand.mg) 

— The actor was given a standing ovation for his performance. 

) 45) You are absolutely forbidden to smoke anywhere in the fgctory. (total) 

— There is total ban on your smoking anywherein  the factory. - 

./ 46) Did the football team play any better last weekend? (in) 

| — Was there any improvement in the way the football team played last weekerfd? 

I A7) Youshould punish him severely so that others will be aftaid to behave as L.e did. (example) 

— You should him so that others will be afraid to behgvc as he did. 

48) Five actors were competing for the leading role in the play. (contention) 

- » There are five actors cin ontentifor nth e leading role'in the play. i 1 

~49) It was a secret so T promised not to tell anyone elseé about'it. (hat) TN 

> Itwas a secret 5o I promised to X 

/50) There is no way we can agree to this solution. (concerned) ¢ 

— This solution is out of the question as far as we aré concéined. | 

A1) When I grow up, I'm going to be really important. (cat) 

on from Olympic 3 

i never ¢ ing to speak 10 Annie agaifiy 


» I'm never going to speak t Annic again. She 

53) You have to work harder if you want to pass your exams. (socks) 

» You will have to pull your socks up if you want to pass your exams. 

Sentence transformation Olympic 2011 

/l, The government shouldn’t let this situation get worse 

- This state of affairs shouldn’t be allowed to get worse by the government. 

72 The completion-of the work was scheduled for last week. 

- The work was to have been completed by the end of last week. 

3 She is now leading a normal life as a result of all the support she received from social workers 

i Had she not received so much support from social workers, she wouldn’t be leading a normal life 

p 4. Just think about his face at that moment makes me laugh. by 

- The very thought of his face at that moment makes me laugh. 

5. He declared his disapproval of the behavior of some of his supporters. 

- He let it be known that he disapproved of the behavior of some of his supporters. 

/6. Everybody wants Pauline as an after-dinner speaker. (DEMAND) 

- Pauline is din egreamt and as an after-dinner speaker. 

7. Atfirst the new computer made me feel a bit afraid. (AWE) 

- Atfirst I was a bit (fERESERhe new computer. 

8.  Idon’t think you mean what you say about helping me. (EARNEST) 

- 1don’t think you are —helpmg me. 

9. William decided that an actor’s life was not for him. (CUT) 

- William decided that he was not cut out to be an actor. 

10. 1 felt vaguely that something was wrong, but what was it? (BACK) felt a+ i boctc o 

- I at something was wrong, but what was it? Ny mocd 

, 11.  This bottle-opener is'completely useless. (DEAD) N 

- This bottle-opener 18 a deed s 

, 12. This important person will pay an official visit to our village. (SHOT) 

ml} pay an official visit to our village. “Tfus ' q shot =or @ - "'{( chees 

that I carwiot afford that car. (MEANS 

- That car is 

14.  You haven’t done your homework, haye you? 

- It’s about time you did your homework. 

Drinking too much w111 affect your health (TELL) 

Drinking too much our health/you. 

Laughing isn’t permitted in the pagoda. 

You must skeetp ra aightfac e in the pagoda. 

Their problems are all self-inflicted. 

Their problems are 

We will not delay our voyage whether there is a rain or not. 

Regardless of the rain, we will not delay voyage. 

‘ He pretended that his s latest business failure was not important. 

\ - Heloaff hius latgest hbusieness dfail ure. 

iglish Competition

Seatence srnsformation from Olympie 2009-2011 

/ 20. Kate soon calmed down and explained her problem. 

Kate soon pulled herself together and explaine

2 d 

1 h

 er prob

W l

h e

y m


does life have to be so difficult! (ONLY) 

- Ifonly life weren’t so difficult! 

22, My jewelry has been stolen! (OFF) 

23. What you do with the money is of no interest to 

I' m

d e

o ,


’t (


ca R

r E

e ) 

what you do with the 

24 m

. o


I .


all probability we will finish ) 

the p .

r  v 

oject on


he T


c r

h s

a d

n a

c y

e .



a C

re ]


t A

h N

at é


t S

h )


pro 7 

ject will 

2 b

5 e



I s

'm h


an o

n n


y T

e h

d u


wi a

t y

h ,


you for not phoni .


g m

Y e


u to'

m s

i ay


ht you

h '

a d


e be

p -l

h a

o t

n e;


d (M

m I

e GH

t T

o ) 

say '

¥ +



2 d


. beT

T a

h t

e e,


th ™


ef must have c 2 

ome in throu i


- the wi

T n

h d

e o



hief almost certainly came in t

” h


2 o

7 u

, gh t

H h

e e


sa i

i n

d d


t ,


t he had won as a result of good 

He lu


a ,


tributed his win/victory/lriumph

~ /s

2 u

8 c

. c


Tthou 0


ht g



bou Ju

t c



hat h - 

as happened all those yeary before! 

230, Talmost gave up at one oint. 

31 Jim’s inability to make decisions dates from

-  his 

E d

v c

e ei

r d


s n

i t

n ;


e (he had) his accident, Jim has be

/ en


2 u

, n


I e


w t

a o 

s m

a a

i k

m e


s d

t é


d i

a s

r i

k o


w s

h .


n we got home. (UNTIL)


ot until it wa ? 

s almost dark did we get home. 

v 33, A 

They started building the new supermatket 2 years ago

- .


The new lfiailding has been under construct

v i


3 n


 T fo

h r


y t

 @i he


 th p

e d a

o s

g t


p f 2


r y

 fe e

a a

r r

 it m s

i ,


ht escap i 

e. (CASE) R 

The dog was tied up in case it escaped. 

/35, He hated the way the media scrutinized his 

‘/J7 [ quite like snails, but they wouldn’t be my first choice, (AVER

- SE) 

Allhough T am oty CitoL(Eating)isiails; they woiildn't


, b

 e m

W y



w ir

e s

r { 

e c

c h

l o

a ic

t e

e ,


 by the birth of our first grandchild. (MOON) ks 

- We were over the: vwhen our first grandchild was bori, 

39. Tom’s presence at parties adds to everyone’s enjoyment. (S@UP) 0 

] Tom is always the ind soulof parties. PRy 

. 40. i


Russ’s opiniZn lt:‘n the :fw m’anagement policies were very different f

w r

o o

r m


e t

r h

s o

. s


( of


D hi

D s 

S f

) e


Russ was 36 H 

dds withehis fellow workers over/concerning the new m

A 'é

L n


T &

w r

i h fi

c b

e l


as i


m ‘


ny men as women are insurance agents. 

< 1


ale insur d 

ance agents outnumber female agents. 

42. I'd like to know more about world religions. 

T'am interested in Iéarning more about world religions. 

 ation from Olymplc 2009-3011 

ank docsn 't care if Jean leaves or stays ,l- 

whatever Jeans d¢ is all right with Frank 

people rumor that he is rich but stingy. 

What people rumor is that he is rich but stingy 

45. His acting in a play caused him to lose his voice. (PERFORMING) 

He lost his voice because he has been performing ina play. 

46.  They will want to know what you have in your suitcase. (AKSED) 

- You will be asked to show the contents of your suitcase, 

47, Are you implying that he is a thief? (INFER) | 

- Am I to infer that he is a thief? 

A48.  The plumber advised me not to use the faulty appliance. (ADVICE) 

. The plumber’s advice to me was not to use the faulty appliance. 

49. The Member of Parliament did everything he could do to exploit the situation. (ADVANTAG!) 

- The Member of Parliament did everything he could do to take advantage of the situation. 

(,50. The worst is over now. (THROUGH) 

- We are through the worst. 

. 51. After the beginning of the opera, latecomers had to wait before taking their scats. 

- Once the opera had begun (began), latecomers had to wait before taking their scats. 

52, You will be able to relax soon if we get there as quickly as possible. 

- The quicker we gettheret,he  sooner you will be able to relax. 

53, Such aridiculous proposal isn’t worth serious consideration. 

- There is no point in considering such a ridiculous proposal seriously. 

54. The best solution was thought of by Sally. 

- Sally came up with the best solution. 

55. Brenda doesn’t get on with her next-door neighbor anymore. 

56. They decided not to go by boat because they thought they would be seasick. (FEAR) 

- For fear of being/getting seasick they decided not to go by boat. 

- For fear that they would/might be/get seasick they decided not to go by boat. 

57. 1didn’t see her again for five years. (BEFORE) 

- Five years had passed (by)/ had gone by before I saw her again. 

58. He owed his rescue to a passer-by. (INDEBTED) 

59, Don’trun away with idea that this job is casy (CONCLUSION) 

- Don’t come to/draw the conclusion that this job is easy. 

60. Only final-year students are allowed to use the main college car park. (RESTRICTED) 

- (the use of) The main college car park is restricted to final-year students 

61. It is essential that this door is kept unlocked. 

~ 62. Because of its price, the book may never become a bestseller. 

- The price of the book may prevent it (from) becoming/being a bestseller. 

- The price of the book may prevent it (from) its becoming/being a bestseller. 

< 63. Tt was such an impressive painting that I had an irresistible urge to buy it. 

- It was so impressive a painting that | had an irresistible urge to buy it. 

< 64. Ifiad his clothes the most irritating about him. 

- What miost irritates me about him is his clothes. 

65.  His rude behavior is too much for me. 

Sentence transformation from Olympic 2009-2011 

I can’t put up with his rude behavior. 

00 He bought a new jacket without having planned to. (SPUR) 

He bought a new jacket on the spur of the moment. 

I'his plant often gets attacked by insects, (PRONE) 

This plant is prone to attack/getting/being attacked by insects. 

Do you mind if I watch you while you paint? (OBJECTION) 

1Do you have any objection to my watching you while you paint? 

69, They weren’t getting anywhere until John has a bright idea: (CAME) 

They were getting nowhere until/but then/then John came up with a bright idea. 

The young actress was very nervous before the audition. (BUTTERFLIES) * 

The young actress hasibutterflies in her stomach before the audition. '~ +L 1ot i 

That o 

dress has only the slightest mark on it, T g 

I can barely see any mark(s)/make out the mark(s)/distinguish a n¥érk 6n that dréss; 

Tony’s vely chax'rfli'ng, but I wouldn’t trust him. L gt ¥ 

Charming as/though Tony is/maybe I wouldn’t trust him. 

He can shout even louder but I still won’t take any notice. 

No mattcr'hiow much louder he can ‘shout, I'still won’t take anymiotice; 

It was the goalkeeper who saved the match for us, 

[f it hadn’t been for the goalkeeper we’d have lost the putii I 1 1 

Local residents said they were against the new traffic scheme. (DISAPPROVAL) 

Local residents expressed/voiced their disapprovalof the néw- traffi¢ $chie / 

Jenny didn’t feel like going to the party. (MOOD) : ; 

Jenny wasn’t in the mood/was in no mood to go/fof going to a'party. £ 

They have discovered some interesting new information.(LIGHT) 

Some interesting new information has come to light. 

I find Harold’s behavior quite incomprehensible. (LOSS) 

I an/find myself at a loss to understand/ comprehend/explain Harold’s behavior. 

He always makes everything look so difficult! (WEATHER)' 

We did not know what to say. (LOSS) 

We were at a loss for words. 

His new hobby is swimming. (TAKEN) 

Janet persuaded me not to sell the house. (OUT) N 

Janet talked me out of selling my house. 

Members of the audience started making fun of the speakerl- (UP) 

I can’t afford such expensive clothes on my salary. (TO) 

| 'wasn’t in the office yesterday, so you must have spoken to my assistant. 

I wasn’t in the office yesterday, so it must have been my assistant (that) you spoke to. 

His hobby is one thing that he does not intend to give up. 

He has no intention of giving up his hobby. 

Susan and I have been friends since 1999. 

My friendship with Susan dates back to 1999. ) 

The government has been reviewing their tax policy for some time. 

The government’s tax policy has beenfilifderFevieREd for some time. 

‘entence Transformation, Preparation for National Ei 

b realize W had been s school tog entioned his suroame: 

1t v s only when he mentioned his surna: ne that 1 realized we had been at sehool together 

[ can’t get my feet info these shoes. 

These shoes are too small for me to get my feet into. 

Lnlzl :I“]:t“ llll::'r:p:fl)'!ncn( is unlflikc!y to go down this year. 

] 5 ployment is unlikely to go down this year 

I"'m sure that her success made her parents feel wonderful. 

Her success must have made her parents feel wonderful 

You must not leave the iron switched on for a long time 

On no account must you leave the iron switched on for a long time. 

Matthew didn’t listen to what his doctor told him. (NOTICE) 

Matthew took no notice of his doctor’s advice 

T expected the film to be good, but it wasn’t at all. (LIVE) 

The film didn’t lieve xup teo cmy tation at all 

Most people know that becoming an actor is difficult. (COMMON) 

It is common knowledge that becoming an actor is difficult. 

All the witnesses said that the accident was my fault. (BLAME) 

All the witnesses said 1 was to blame for the accident. 

“It’s not worth worrying about my past,” I told him. (POINT) 

I told him there'was no point (in) worryiig about my past. 

That man reminds me a lot of my father. (BEARS) 

Thevr‘n‘an bears a g:egds‘rong,res¢mblance to my father. 

composer increased... 

. As I listened to the music on repeated occasions, my request for the 

The more I listened to the music, the more my request for the composer increased. 

. In spite of her initial reluctance to take the job, she’s got on very well. 


Reluctant though she was to take the job at first, she’s got on very well.

. He met Jane, who:n he later married, when he was at Cambridge

at Cambridge. 

He met Jane, ife, when he was 

. “I admit that I forgot l(; turn.on the alarm system,” said Robert. 

Robert confessed to forgetting to turn on the alarm system. 

lp the homeless 

. The politician tried to find people who were willing to back his campaign to he

The politician tried t aign to help the homeless

. Martin cannot go any higher in his career. (PINNACLE) 

Martin hias reached the piinacle of lis career. 

. Being her only niece, Ann is very precious to her. (APPLE) 

Being her only niece, Ann is the apple of her eye, 

' How much did the supermarket bill come to this week? (TOTAL) 

How much did the supermarket bill ST P pooock b a Potal 

~108. She loves animals and tends to become very angry when she sees on being badly treated. (RED) 


She loves animals and tends to see red when she sees on being badly treated.

109, Carol has trouble communicafheri nidgeas  to others. (ACROSS) 

Carol has trouble getting her ideas across. 

R( 110. 1 shouldn’t have trusted a stranger with my savings. 

I should have known better than to trust a stranger with my savings. 

oI The reason why I was given promotion was that Laurence recommended me. 

I wouldn’t have been given promotion but for a/the recommendation. 

s 112 Tis condition improved so rapidly he went home 4 days after the operation. 

Sentence transformation from Olympic 2009-2011 

‘I'here was such a rapid improvement in his condition he went horrie'4 days after the 

A1 You must never trention this to him. 

Under no circumstances must you mention this to him. 

His father was very angry with him when he heard he had damaged the car. (BLEW) 

Fis father blew his top when he heard that he has damaged the car. 

Margaret is said to be a very good cook. (REPUTATION) 

Margaret has a reputation for being a very good cook. 

- Most people are indifferent to the mistreatment.of animals. (SHOW) 

People show no/little concern abpptthe mistreatment of animals. 

- Youmust do something to make sure this doesn’t happen again. (STEPS) 

You must take steps to make sure/ensure this doesn’t happen again. 

Lonly recognized him when he came into light. L NI 3 o~ 

Not until he came into light did I recognized him 

The only reason the party was a success was that a famous film star attended. By o 

Had it not been for the attendance of a famous film star, the party wouldn’t have beén a Success. 

. Under no circumstances should you phone the police. 

The last thing you should do is (to) phone the police. 

She chooses the kind of hotel she stays in very carefully. 

Sne’s ver: e kind of hotel she stays in very carefully. it 

We must accept the fact that we haven’t made much progress

(  i

T n 

E t

R he


S s

) tr

 uggle'against poverty. 

s war b, 

We must come to terms witfi the fact that we haven’t made much progress in the struggle against 

poverty. ,, e sl : chi s B g 

- Although he has his legs cut off after a serious accident, he competed in the ‘Olympic G

w am

o e

n s


a a



edal. (PREVENT) 

His legs being cut of did not/could not prevent him from competing in the Olympic Games and 

winning a medal. 


- They suddenly realized that they were on the verge of a bankrupt. (DAWNED) 

[t suddenly dawned on theni that they were in the verge of a bankrupt. - 

- The rocketing prices have proved too much for most salaried people. (COPE) 

Most salaried peopie haven’t been able to/can’t copé with the rocketing prices. 

26. As there are no more questions, I think we can end the meeting. 

“There being no more questions, I think we can end the meeting. 

. Has anybody been hurt in the road collision? 

. The !uecg aim of the statement is to make the public aware of the present situation. (BOILS) 

The statement boils down to making the public aware of the present situatiofi. 

29. Jack isn’t so much interested in Lisa as in her parenits’ big fortune. 

Lisa doesn’t interest Jack so much as her parents’ big fortune. 

- The community spoke enthusiastically about the recently elected mayor. (SANG) 

- I wanted to make sure that all my good work waisn’f wasted in that way. (WASTE) 

[ wanted to prevent all my good work fro that way: 

- The handling of the matter has been heavily criticized by the press. (SCORN) 

The press has poux"ed scorn on the handling of the matter. 

- Joan was not sure if it was a gaod idea to employ such young staff. (MISGIVINGS) 

bsolute I that they 

act that they survived thy B (SHORT) 

By leaving Mary along, I'm sure she'll fin; - ifi my opinion 

: . e she'll finish the proje : 3 

If Mary i iect on time. (DEVICES) 

, I'm sure she'll finish the project on time. 

. The play is so popular that the th ieatre is likely to be full every night 

Such is the popularity o the play that the theatre is likely to be full evers night 

. 'malways inviting him for a weekend with us but he’s always too busy 

No matter how often I invite him for a weekend with us, he’s alw

. a

 ys too busy 

Hurr |


h! P


['ve pas ) 

sed the first e . 

xam!” He . 

exclaimed ‘Congratulations!; 1 said, ‘and good luck with 

the second.”  {fe erctomad ' Aol 

H hat he had passed the first exam. I congratulated him and wished him 

- luck with the second. 

. She explained her behavior to me implausibly. 

She gave me an implausible explanation for her behavior. 

. I'hadno problemsat  all during my trip to France. (PLAN) 

Eoenghng went Qece 

uring my trip to France. 

. Youhave said exactly.the right thing. (NAIL) J fo g 

You have 

He maintained his position against his adversary. (GROUND) 

He stood/hisk greounpd tagai/nst hhise aldverdssr y. 

. The house was dirty because no one bothered to keep it clean. (TROUBLE) 

The house was dirty because no one eep it clean. 

. Something told me to say exactly what I thought but T didn’t. (SORELY) 

1 ST ego say exactly what Tthought. T~ Lon  coce j ”mf’ reel 

. I’m not certain, but there may be about twenty applications for the job 

As a guess, there are about 20 applications for the job. 

. The best way to make them work hard is to promise them a reward. 

Promise them a reward and they will work hard. 

. Ann paints her landscapes with great pleasure. 

Ann SRESIZIERgRIGEIpaEinHtiYng  her landscapes. 

. It doesn’t matter how much you offer to pay, he’ll never sell the family memorabilia. 

However much you offer to pay, he’ll never sell the family memorabilia. 

. Julia realized her boss was in bad mood when he snapped at her before she had even said “good 


Julia realized her boss — when he snapped at her before she had 

even said “good morning”. 

Since she met that boy, she’s been thinking only about him. (WRAPPED) 

Since she met that boy, she’s been.wraup pin ehdim . 

My husband will be angry when I tell him. (ROOF) 

My husband will go through/hit the roof when I tell him. 

One of my guests left the room very quickly. (EXIT) 

One of my guests if4¢5ii the room. 

I can recommend you to the manager; I'm a friend of his. (WORD) 

1 can put in a'Word for you to the manager; I'm a friend of his. 

The collision didn’t damage my car much. 

Not a great deal/ amount of damage was done/ caused to my car in/ by the collision. 

‘What has this experience taught you? 

Preparation for National English Competition ’ age 33

at conclusions have you drawn/come to from/ as a result of/ because of this expemunfl Sou 

156, That young man used to be a drug addict. (MONKEY) 

['hat young man used to hmave oa nkeon hiys ba ck. 

.~ 157. That guy was a secret cnemy. (SNAKE) 

That guy 13 

158. He's got a hoarse voice. (FROG) 

He's got a oy i bis throat. 

159, The new science building should finished. (WAY) 

' The rew science building 15% 

I'he new musical has delighted theatre audiences throughout the country.( STORM) 

The new musical has takenthe  audienby csetosrm . At 

A161. Itis rather carly for us to make any definite plans. (STAGE) 

We cannot make any definite plansggiliiseiggs -+ 7, e 

Most of the problems arose because there was no leadership on the committee. 

It was the lack/ absence of (any) leadership that caused mostof the problems of the committee. 

163, You have to be very patient to work as a primary schooliteachtheerse  daysis v.su’s 1 X 

‘Working as a primary school teacher fle these.days. 

164, If you want to save your eyesight, we must operate immediately.’ v 

Only by operating immediately can we save your eyesight. 

. For further information, please send a self-addressed envelope to the above address. 

- Further information can be obtained by sending a self-addressed cnvelopc to.thea boveaddress. 

166, Pauline isn’t one of the people who know the secret. 5 e 

- Pauline hasn’t been: _(he secret. 

Sam was really anxious, waiting to see if he had gota place in- the cvlakemeb.m. 


Sam was on tenterhooks, vaiting to see if he had got a place in the cricket team. 

Ve want to breathe new life into this project. (REJUVENATE) 

z We want to rejuvenate this project. 

169. [ think people who help the old, sick, and homeless are very honest people. (SAL'I) 

- T think people who help the old, sick, and homeless are the salt of the carth: 

If you want to b successful gardener, of course you've got skill in garderung (FINGERS) 

If you want to be a successful gardener, of course you’ve 

There is a considerable number of choices on offer in this brochure. (ARRAY) 

This brochure has a wide array of choices. 

172. 1 beg you, in a sincere way, to spare his life. 

- 1 beg you, fr 

173. The banking world wa: 

- YA wind of ehdigERva \fl(fhrough the banking world. 

/ 174. The climber nearly died when they found him. 

——  The climber was on the pointof  death when they found him. 

/175, It seems some students are absent today. 

We seem to be missing some students this morning. 

/ 176. We will punish the culprit of the crime. 

Those responsible for this crime will be severely punished. 

7 177, I’m not a fool to believe that. 

I’m not so foolish as to believe that. 

178. She has to run away for fear that he may one day kill her. 

Sentence Transformation, Preparation for National Ey


_/ Sentence transformation Glympic 2609 

1. Most of'{ di ents ignored what the teacher was saying, 

) Bew students paid atfention to/ took notice of/ listened to what the teacher was saying 

2 He delay:d writing the book until he had done a ot of research. 

= Only when he had done a lot of research did he start writing the book 

3. We shall not announce the decision formally. 

=+ No formal announcerr=at of the decision will be made. 

, 4. 1d be grateful if you could have a look at these figures, (CAST) 

= ' be grateful if you could SRS EB0er these figures, COST QN Qe cve 

, 5. Youhave said exactly the right thing. (NAIL) 2 

= You have W’ k’ufi e naul on e P/uza& e S(lla W\D ‘6%1/\1 ‘rfwg 

6. ITtis not certain that Jones will get the job. 

= It isopegrodeutswhether Jones will get the job. 

7. She furiously threw the book across thé room. 

- Such wa et fury that $hé threw the book across the room. 

8. Youll Fobl mich heatttfier if ybu have'a rélaxing break. (DO) 

- A relaxing break would do you good. . 

" T Wuld do you'good 10 have a relaxing break. clc gt qmvc{ Z %CL\EL'&A 

9. Ididn’t realize how much she was influenced by

s  her mother. (EXTENT) 

- Ldidn’t fealize A hies wasTinflieieedby  her mother. 

10. He owed his reqcuems—ér‘iby S| 

= He WHSHIIEABRR RR0D - h is rescue. %*e %\&5‘-\0’\'@{ . 

11. He talked about nothing except the weather.(SOLE) " 

— His sole topic/subject of conversation was the weather. " 

The weather was his sole topic/subject of conversation. ey 

12. Selling antiques made him a little extra money.(DABBLED) dflbH‘L st = ga\\)@gi' 

- - H’; dabbled i _nggggs] which made him a little extra money. 

He iadea  little extra money because he dabbled in antiques. ; 

_ 13. What exactly am I supposed to have done ‘wrong? (STAND) | 

o — What exactly do I stand accused for? @Eu u M’a& HAIP‘” 

, 14. Good colour sense is instinctive for some people. (COMES() ) 

— Good colour sense gimesiFamalymsIspeoopeie . = D0 mshuchve ,&6‘( 

15. They continued to suggest that | was lying. (PERSISTED) 

- They persisted in Suggesting that I was Tying 

p 16. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the \ 

beginning of the :


ear. bl?_ [ 

o trial - bfl—"‘fiio\ Sl 

— They have been tr¢y ing out/ tt esting'3 a fiew flu vaccine since the be; ginning of the year.— 

17 b

. }

 J L


lia "

 s ‘

o ,

o Q

n /V

 c t

a g

l _

m c

i j


d dowri and éxplained her problem. 

and explained her probfem. N 

rd eventi Zed h : 

imself and started work. C‘!ej ol ack \—Dflé‘% 2 e


Bdward eventgot uhias aclt ltogeythi er and started work. 

19. Thete had been allegations of drug-taking by members of the teams, 

— It had been alleged that members of the teams had taken/ were taking/ took drugs. 

20. Joe doesn’t like it when people treat him like a child. 

— Joe resents being treated like a child. 

21. How has the strike affected student atterdance? (EFFECT) 

What EffeCTHAS e Strike BAG R Student attendance? 

4 x L 

QUFRA from = &m(‘m\ o 

- She fell prey to irrational fears. 'i 

3. Mr. Misery was the only student who didn’t smile. (EXCEPT) ) 

- All the students smiled except Mr. Misery. 

240 Tassume you're hungry. (GRANTED) 

' -1 take it for granted you’re hungry. : 

25. The book was not as good as he had hoped. (EXPECTATIONS) i 

= The book failed to come up to his expectations, = fell thort c,F 

- 26. He always makes everything look so difficult. (WEATHER) . 

= He always makes heavy weather of everything. 

27. Thunder terrifies me! (DEATH) 

= I'm scared/ frightened to death of thunder! i S tabvchiag 

28. You needn’t feel so superior — you are no better than they are! (NOSE, 

~ ~ M1 b [T 2% 

Youneedn’t look down your nose at them — you are 1o better.. 

QW\/ We have nearly reached the deadline for this job! (SHORT) 2 o) vt 

= We are running short of time/ Time is running short before the deadline for thi

3 s


. jo


ny personal involvement on the part of the Prime Minister is this seandal un!d 


= If the Prime Minister got caught up in/ was to get caught fip inthis hs‘g;;in‘d‘al, f 

31."The Yeti has very rarely been seen at this attitude, 

= There have been very few sightings of the Ye'fi, -been 1at 

32. Everyone stdrted complaining the moment the annou;r;éfimefit’ e. 

— No sooner had the announcement been made than everyone sta;;e;i complaing. 

33. As I getolder, I want to travel less. 

= The older I get, the less | want to travel. S B 

3. After six-year relationship, Martha and Billy have decidefl to get married. A(KNOT) 

— After six-year relationship, Martha and Billy have decided to tie the knot. 

33. At this very moment my wife may be arriving back home. (PROBABLY) 

: ~ At this very moment my wife is probably arriving home, 

_-A30. Noise is something that it is not possible for me to tolerate. (PUT) 

= [ find it impossible to put up with noise. 

37 He is becoming quite famous as an interviewer. (NAME) 3 

— He is making quite a name for himselfa s an intc;rvjewmég HO: # Fo‘/ Ones 

/‘»3. He makes sure that he isn’t associated with policies that he disagr;q with. (DISTANCES) 

— He makes sure that he distances himself from policies that he disagrees with, 

- 39. Ireally don’t know what you’re talking about. (FAINTEST) 

— I'don’t have the faintest idea what you’re taik.i_ng about, 

2 40. As I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, I agreed to 8o to medical school. (LET) 

- Not wanting to let down my parents, I agreed to go to medical school., ... s 

41. Make sure you look after your bag in'this café as there are many thieves around here; (EYE) 

g - I suggest that you should keep an eye on your bag as there are many thieves around kere. 


Pe Y

 our chances of being affected by eye-strain and back injury increase with the amount of time you 

spend in front of the screen. (LIKELY) ; A 

— The more time you spend in front of the screen, the more likely you are to suffer from eye-strain 

and back injury. e 

43. Most employees used to be proud of working for the same company all their lives but not anymore, 


Transformation, Preparation for National English Competition 

from Olympic 2009-2011 

st employees no longer pride themselv 

21 ives. 

1 certain that there will be a new government after the election. (BOUND) 

-+ In my opinion, there is bound to be a change of government after the clection. 

5. WAhe,n  James heard that hisi  father had left all his7  money to his brother he did not find it curprisi= 


- It came as no surprise to him to hear that his father had left all his money to his brother. 

46. 1 wish I hadn’t let Max borfow my money because none of his investments has shown a profit 


- T ought never to have lent Max my money because none of his investments has shown a profit 

47. Bven though Diego didn’t know any French at all, he managed to communicate with the Parisian tasi 

driver. (SINGLE) 

- Despite not knowing/ speaking a single French word, Diego managed to communicz.ic with the 

Parisian taxi driver. 

. If we don’t stop the sale of tiger prodicts now, it is possible there will be no more tigers left within 

the next ten years. (OTHERWISE) Tl 

— We need to stop the saléiof tiger:products now otherwise tigers could/ may/ might die/ be wiped 

out within the next ten years. 

. it is now 24 hours since Mr. William’s boat sank and people think there is little likelihood he wit! 

survive. (CHANCES) 

- Tt is now 24 hours since Mr. William’s boat sank and his chances of survival/ surviving are 

thought to be slim. 

e e 

50. He warned them against using the mountain road. 

— “I wouldn’t use the mountain road if I were you.” He warned. 

51. 1 can’t imagine myself even singing in the public. 

~ I would never sing in public. 

/52. Graham stopped talking to deal with a customer., (OFF) i 

—» Graham broke offt o deal with a customer. ek 6F¢ - S)“/(‘ Wf&g 

53. Johmn is a bit too ill to go out. (UP) 

g — John doesn’t feel up to going out. 

_54. Because it was late, [ had to walk home in the end. (END) 

- Becaunse it was late, I endedd up walking home. 

i 55. Ted’s illness was caused by overwork. (ON) 

— Ted’s illness was hrought on by overwork.’ 

56. Carol has trouble commu g her ideas to others. (ACROSS) 

— Carol has trouble getting her ideas across. 

57. Nobody can deny that she has a beautiful voice. 

s It is a fact that she has a beautiful voice. 

58. We have been-able to increase our exports every year although we have some

economic difficultic: 

P4 - No,matter what economic-difficulties-we have, we have been able to increase our exports every 


59. She had no cause to ask for a higher salary: 

— She was unreasonable to ask for a higher salary. 

Va 0. We will not delay out voyage whether there is a rain or not. 

- Regardless of rajning, we will not delay our voyage. 

61." If interest rates.are cut, the econemic situation may improve redustor— 

s A reduction:of! in interest rates may improve the economic situation. 

Sentence b mation from Olympic 2009-2011 _ 

o s 

cause/ Iead to afl xmprovementm/ ofithe.J. . 


12, The architect’s new design was heavily criticize: o ) 

~» There was strong/ heavy/ a lot of/ much/ great eriticismiof the architect’s new design. 

in for/ received/ attracted heavy criticism. 

The architect’s new design came 

63. Very little money was raised by the charity appeal. (RESPONSE) 

-5 There was very little/ a weak/ only a small response to the charity appeal/ 

The response to the charity appeal was very poor/.terrible: ! W B o 

Very little money was raised in response to the charity appeali: = - 4 e 

. I choose very carefully who I discuss my private life with. (PARTICULAR) 

- I'm very particular about who I discuss my private life with. y(ll' 

65. 1'made sure that I didn’t offend them. (CAREFUL) LT 

- [ was careful not to offend them. 

G6. She chooses the kind of hotels she stays in very carefully.(FUSSY) 

- She's very fussy about the kind of hotels she stays in. 

07. 1suddenly realized the meaning of a “freebie”: (DAWNED)" « -« 

= It suddenly dawned on me what the meaning of a “freebie” W 

68. 1t's uncertain whether the band’s tour will take placel (BALANC! 

~ The band’s tour is in the balance. 

09. We get on very well with our next door:neighbor. ( TERMS)''" + 

= We are on very good terms with our next door neighbor. 

70. All the witnesses said the accident was my fault. (BLAME)~ 

= All the witnesses said that I was to blame for the accident. 

71. The whole team was in a happy mood. (SPIRETS) .t 

— The whole team was in good spririts. b o 

_ 72, Considering your position, we won'’t press charges. 

— Under the circumstances, we won’t press charges 

73. Gary is proud of the fact that he is never late. v 

i — Gary prides himself on never being late. 

-, 74. There is absolutely no truth in that rumour. * 

— That rumour is absolutely false. » 

. The students did not take to their new lecturer. 

- The new lecturer was unpopular with his students. MEFN 

- 76. Their problems are all self-inflicted. = g L PEEt 197 20g 

- Their problems are of their own making. 4 e g 

/ @ The job will probably be much simpler than they sav:: (ANYTHING) " CR RN 

- The job should not be anything like as complicated as they say. - . 

78. She didn’t seem at all surprised to hear the news. (HAIR) 

« - She didn’t turn a hair when she heard the news. 

79. The original version of the song was not much like.this new récording. (RESEMBLANCE) 

- - The new recordinogf the song bears littler esemblance-to/-domueehs -rénsoertib-labncee ar to—— 

the original version. 

/'80. When she heard the story of his final journey, she found herself cfying: (TEARS)' A 

5 She found herselfimaveédifoltedrbsy the story of his lastjourney. - 

/1. Nowadays, most people automaucally lock their doors at night: (NATURE)" T 

= Tt’s second riatire/fo most people to lock their doors at night nowadays: 

2. She was exhausted from trying to satisfy the demands of her large family. (COPE) 

— She was wearing herself out trying to cope with the-dermaonfd hsi  large family. 

Sentence ransformation, Preparation for National Englisl Competition 

les orders for new s ock 

s responsible for handling orders for new stock 

Amelia is proud that she passed her driving test first time 

- Amelia is proud of passing/ having passed her driving test first time. 

55. We think it was the gitl’s father who murdered her. 

= We suspect the girl's father of murdering/ having murdered her. gus ¢ sbh of Vw& 

. I wish Jake hadn’t spent so much money on a new set of golf-clubs. 

= I'm annoyed at Jake for spending/ having spent so much mona%qél%w%dcl g‘ffigfitfi%“\/fi 

o 87. They couldn’t trace who had supplied the information in the first place. 

= The source of the information could not be traced, 

88. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t open the door. 

A e, Try as hard as [ might I couldn’t open the door. 

‘- My decision to get up and dance coincided with the band’s decision to stop playing. 

L = The moment got up and danced, the band stopped playing. 

Vo They were just as good as we had'expected. 

= They certainly Jived up to our expectation. 

1. His arrival wiis @ unexpeoted. (TOOK) 

- His arrival too us@by surprise. 

-~ 92. T suffered from obsessive and agonizing thoughts. (PREY) 

B sessive and agonizing thoughts. 

_-93. Ttravel by bus only when I have no alternative. (RESORT) . - 

— Iravel by bus only{ds a last reésprt. 

p - He is famous for his vast knowledge of primitive religion. (AUTHORITY) 

— He is an authority on primitive religion. 

-95. Bill reckoned that his success was duet o incredible luck. (PUT) 

= Bill put his success down to incredible luck. 

./ 96. Why not tell him the truth and be finished with it? 

— Why not tell him the trath and get it over with? 

97. The earthquake caused a lot o

v f

  damage to the weakly-constructed houses, 

= Had the houses been of stronger construction, the earthquake would have caused less damage 


~ 98. It’s fun being with Her, but I think she talks too much. 

— Much as I enjoy/ lilze being with her/ her company, I think she talks too much. 

/99 “Don’t doue” she said (o Jim, 

- She pleaded with Jim not to leave her alone. 

/100. Florajis certainly not a'good cook. 

- Flora is by no means a good cook. 

_/101.1 think you’ve misuniderstoodithe s‘i::afion. (STICK) 

—~. = I think you’ve'got the wrong of the stick. 

\/‘fi;e«pel-ieeman pointed out-the-speed limit sign to us. (DREW) 

-~ = The policeman drew oufattention to the speed limit sign. 

_ They’re faced with the choice of two alternatives. (HONRS) 

— They a.re@the horns of a dilemma. Ans 

104, The tourist= --=re most impressed with the castle. (IMPACT: 

- The castle made the greal fa -2t impact 0t -5e tourists. 

105. You'll feel much healthierif you had a reiaxing break. (DO) 

4 = A relaxing break would do you good. 

atior, Preparation for National English Competition

Sentence tra 

It would do you good to have a relaxing bren}l:.v ot 

1106, T1 rthwest of Britain has more rain each year than the southe 

s hc»"]nluh.mmml rainfall in/ for the northwest of Britain is hlghef/ greater than that in the 

southeast. . 

107, In order to make a profit the new leisure centre needs at least 2000 visitors.a month. . 

= No fewer than 2000 visitors/ people a month must visit the new lelsu.re centre:to make a profit. 

AO8.Phillip’s inability to make decisions dates from his accident. e ¢ 

= Ever since his accident Phillip has been unable 16 make decisions:. :» 

109. Gomclhmg must be done to solve this problem. . 7 bailu s ol 

- Urgent action is necessary/ essential to solve this prob]em» 

, '10.Not many people turned out at the meeting. (TURNOUT) 

- There was a poor turnout for the meeting:, i it 

111, They feel the same way about each other. (MUTUAL), 

= Their feelings about each other dre;mutual, .~ -/ R 

- With six children to look after, she’s extremely busy: (HANDS) o 

~ With six children gff , she’s extremély:busy. 1

Wi ,


h six children to look after, she mmws/ sh:

- m


u can stay with us for a few days. tit ey e g f 

= We can put you up for a few days. TR T Py 

< 114. Everyone said that the accident had been Carol’s falllt 3 

= Carol was blamed by everyone for/the accident. .. iRt e | 

J IS Fancy you and me meeting in the middle of Africa like. thislr st g v 

Ss reallyodd that youand I'shouldimeet in thsxmgddieaf.&fin (! 

. 116.1f the government did resign, I think they would win:the election: A7 T 

— Were the government to resign, T think they would:-win:the election. 

. 117.Edward couldn’t remember anything about the.crash. (MEMORY) 

— Edward had no memory;of the crash. 

- I'hat makes me think of something that happened to me.: (BK{NGS) 

- lhamfdyomflhmg that happened to me. i o i 

119. Everyone who spoke to the victim is.a suspect. (UNDER)« i . “y 

- Everyone who spoke to the vietim is under suspicion. 

_120.1 can't believe how much money they spent on their New Year’s ‘party. (GET ” 

— I can’t get over how much money theyspent on their New/ Year's party: it 

He couldn’t get good mark in the test because he didn’t pay much:; at'te’nhon o0 the teacher’s 

‘planation. b i fetlpalig g, o 

Because of his lack of attention to the teacher’s explanatlon he:o auld.n\‘!‘get goadm aaks‘xh the 

from Phillip, everyone else at the meeting was aPanty member (WITH) ‘ ! 

* the exception of Phillip, everyone else at the meetmg wasa.party.meinber. 

setter not lend him any: more money. (DID -NOT)-- 

rather you did not lend him any more money. ' - 

we met each other was afortnight ago. (IT/WEEKS) 

‘wo weeks since we last met each other. 16« g i, 

ny other scientists who: can explam therproblem clea.rlyvm s e o i1 

INL) iy, 

w scientists by v 

¥ certainly did not ry to get mone - 

y off S— 

h —

im ——

- —


tt hing coul

( d 

I ha

N ve

T  b

E een

N  f

D ur

) the

 r fr 

= L certainly did not intend tot Ty t

1 o 

2 ge

7 t

,  m


Jo y

h  o

n ff


in him. 

ally i 

recognized that they did not undersaodt and ceanc h other when talking. 

=+ John fina (PURPOSLS) 

Ily recognized that they e 


128 t

. al


M g


ry used to think that she would become  famovs actress in Hollywood. (IMPRESSION) 

= Mary used to be under the impression that she would bec

/ os me a famous actress in Hollywood 


29.The boss did not agree with his secretary’s proposal. (OF) 

= The boss disapproved of/ did not approve of/ was not in favour of his secretary’s proposal.


130. His education does not concern you. (BUSNINESS) 

= His education is none of your business. 

/131.1t was not a valuable picture but it had an important emotional effect on me. (MEANT) 

= It was not a valuable picture but it meant a lot to me. 

. 132. John was about to leave when we came. (POINT) 

= John was on the point of leaving when we came. 

. 133. She discovered cight new comets in the course of her work. ¢ 5 

- Her work resulted in the discovery of eight new comets. 

) 1 find it surprising that she didn’t like her present. 

~ I'would have thought that she would have liked her present. 

~ 135. This scheme is too risky for my liking. 

— The risks of this scheme/ involved in this scheme are too great for my liking. 

. 136. If youdon’t’ believe in it, you’ll never be able to do it. 

— Believe in it or/ otherwise you’ll never be able to do if. P 

137. The police arrived as the thieves were committing the crime. (RED-HANDED) 

— The police caught the thieves red-handed. : 

138. We don’t seem to have much sugar left! (RUNNING) 

— We are running outof sugar. =, Qe o 

b -~ yun low. on 

The sugar is running out. 

_~ 139. He celebrated his birthday last Saturday. (PLACE) 

— His birthday celebration took place last Saturday. i 

-140. They lost not only their money but their passports as well. (ADDITION) 

— In addition to their money, they lost their passports as well. 

\/141. Bad weather delayed the flight. (DUE) 

— The flight was delayed due to bad weather. 

142, We were impressed by the new cinema, but we found it rather expensive. 

— Impressed as we were by the new cinema, we found it rather expensive. 

143. Only new computer programs have enabled us to solve many problems guickly and accuralely. 

— Only with the help of new computer programs can we solve many problems quickly and 


/144, 1 never thought that I could win the first prize in this competition. 

- It never crossed my, mind that I could win the first prize in this competition. 

occurred to me 

_145. He was such a bright student that he could solve all the math problems. 

—5 So bright was the student that he could solve all the math problems. 

5 amaged the fiuit crops seriously. 

= 146'__:‘;;: Z::jz:mdmfige; the fruit crops. 

147. His i_n-e'sponsible attitude is endangering his career. (JEOPARDY) 

v o e e 

iional Englsh Comperition 

Se enterce transformation from 

* His irresponsible attitude is putting his career in jespardy. * 

148 The l%x;r got extremely upset when she realized nobody had done the homework! {COW; 

» Thé ke had a cow when she realized nobody had dorie the homework. ' £y 

149. My h|{5/|mnd has had to eam the income since I broke my leg: (BACON) 

* My husband has brouglit honigithigiagon since I broke iy le. 

150. I'm'afraid your resume is not good enough for the engineéring positiot. (PAR) 

+ I'm afraid your resume is notapAaipaREfotrhe  engineering position. 

»151. 1find Harold's behavior quite incomprehensible. (LOSS) ' 

+ I find myselfa t a loss to understand Harold. 

152, Tput a lot of care and attention into the letter. 

= 1took a lot of troubléaver the letter. R e 

v 153. Haven't you got any cheaper television? 

= Are these the cheapest televisions that you have got? ! G

v 1 l


4. T would prefer you not to smoke in here. 

= i)


d rather you didn't smoke in here. G 

155 e 

The Americans have just recalled their ambassador. 

= The American ariibassador has just been recalle 1 

d. '+ 11 

156. Because I believed his lies, he got a lot of money from mé! (C@‘NNED')" 

— He conned me out of a lot of money. 

+ 157, She’ll be furious when she finds out what's happened. (GO) 

- She’ll go mad when she finds out what’s happened. ' ©- * 

_-158. 1 don’t want people to order me about any mo'r‘e(ENf)UGH) 

= I've had enough of people ordering me abou B 

159, P'm hoping to'gtéling at Christinias; (HOPEFULLY) ! 

— Hopefully, I'll be going/ I'm going skiing at Christmas: = 7 i 

- 160. I can only see bad things happening in the future. (PESS{M}STIG)‘ f 

— 1’m pessimistic about the future. - 

AG1L. Idon’t understand how to fill this form. (CLEAR) 

|| - I'm not clear about how to fill this form. 

This car only cost me five hundred pounds. (UP) 

= 1 picked this‘cariiprfor only five hundred pounds. 

/63. Don’t tell my mother anything about it. (BREATHE) 

— Don’t breathe a word of it to my mother. 

/164, We have made neither a profit nor a loss this year. (EVE]‘\.J)' 

— We have broken even this year. 

7Y/ 163. These students lack of self-confidence. (SHY) 

- These students are shy oniself-confidence. 

/166. Ttseems that no-onepredicted the correct result. 

— No one seems to have predicted the correct result. 

_67. 1 think you should buy a new pair Gf‘kslio‘e's and gét'fifl*oft}%";fi'fi??r? AEEECL 

— 1t’s high time you bought a new pair of shoes and got rid of those tr ainers. 

68, It was his lack of confidence that surprised me. 

- What surprised me was his lack of confidence. 

J69. No one has challenged his authority before. 

—> This is the first time his authority has been challeriged. 

70. Turn on all the switches before starting the equipment. - 

> All the switches must be turnéd on before you start the equipment. 

cople out of work —  

in this co e—


nt —


ve t

r h 

D Ah ave ihere been ore people oul


2. Des K

pi l


e tids


is c


u n

n t

g r

a y


nly air, he is rem

- a

 rkably le 

Although he 3 

looks ungainly, he is remar

17 k

3 a

. b)


il y agile. 

was slowly coating the edge of the shore 

= The edge of the 5 shore was being slowly co

. a


1 d


4, w



f ai

y f 

ou have compl leted your test, you can go home. 

= Get your test completed/ finished and you can g

~ o


1 o

75 m

. e


His terrible crime should have been sev erely punished. 

= He deserved severe punishment for his terrible crime. 

176. She herself admitted to being rather selfish. 

. she was rather selfish. 

- 177. The police didn't recognize the murderer till he suddenly rushed out. 

= It was not until the murderer rushed out that the police recognized him. 

#178.. You can’t find such a good pullover in this town. 

= Nowhere.else gan you find such a good pullover. il 

_179. He said he was anxious about the plight of the homeless. (CONCERN) 

- He showed concern for the plight of the homeless. 

+/ 180. He will not be put offby  their comments. (DETER) 

= He will not let their comments deter him. 

Their comments will not deter him. 

~ 181. The Minister felt it-appropriate to make a statement. (FIT 

= The Minister stWMfwwsmake a statement. S git 

+ 182. He will have to accept your offer. (CHOICE) 

— He has no other option but to accept your offor. 

183. Many people attended this year’s festival. (TURNOUT) 

— This year’s festival-attracteda , record/ high turnout. 

184. There is a stale odour of cigarette smoke in here. (SMELLS) 

- — It smells of stale cigarette smoke in here. 

/185, It is certain that the new cuts will worry the staff. (BOUND) 

— The new cuts are bound to worry the staff. 

186. After the seandal, he was asked to resign. (HAND) 

: — After the scandal, he was asked to hand in his resignation. 

. 187. It’s unlikely that the contractor will complete the work before January. (TAKE) 

— The work RRSEBR Bne) January. 

188. My teacher refused to let me ieave early. 

~» My teacher wouldn’t let me leave early. .. 

189. She is just about to cut the birthday cake. 

) — She is on the point of cutting the birthday cake. 

190. A true story forms the basis of Mary’s new novel. 

'/ — Mary’s new novel is based on a true story. 

191. Alan prides himself on his punctuality. 

" _, Alan takes pride in his punctuality. 

19 one stoie the oid iady’s handbag. 

o lyz;s'(l"fileeold lady was robbed of herlh‘andbag. 3 4 

P 193. Quite by chance, Bren.da met Phfll’lp at the station. (RA


_, Brenda ran into Phillip at the station. 

Sentence transformation from Olympic 2009-2011 

A94, The job received over a hundred applications. (APPLIED) 

=+ Over a hundred people applied for the job. 

195, We only guessed at the real truth. (GUESS) 

» We only made a guess about the real truth. 

196. This story of yours isn’t true! (UP) * 

* You have made up this story! : 

197. The best solution was thought of by Sally. (CAME) 

= Sally came up with the best solution. 

198. Attendance at the exhibition has been down this year. 

» The exhibition has been poorly attended this year. 

- I'm not friendly with him; in fact, I'hardly even kriow him. 

= Far from being friendly with him, I hardly even know-him.—- —A"*M““““""u—‘ == 

200. She never seems to succeed even though she works hard. HEe G 

= Hard as/ though she works, she never seems to succéed. S 

201, The journalists only heard about the changes to the weddirg plinis when they arfived at the veriue. 

= It was only when Ihc Jjournalists dmved at lhe venue thél they heard aboijt the ehmfge ‘to/tie 

wedding plans. g E 7 

202. 1 don’t understand a single word of this letter. (HEAD) " 

= I can’t make head or tail of this letter. . 

203. The address that Peter sent the parcel to does not exist. (SUCH) 

= There is no such address as the one Peter sent the parcel to. 

204. Brian was about to blurt out my secret when I attracted his attentioi. 0252 KA 

-+ Had I not caught his eye, Brian would have blurted out my secret.” S i 

-1‘le standard of her homework is no longer accepfable (SCRATCH)


— Recently, her homework hasn” tbeer&mé~ : - 

" 206. My father was very disappointed when I failed to get 

— My failure to get into university led to/ caused/ 

207. When they broke the news, she stayed perfectly calm and comrolled (HAIR) 

— When they broke the news, she didn’t turn a hair. 

- You have to be more co-opcratxvc' Your colleagues won’t respect you. (ESTEEM)"! 

— You will iot b&Heldin’ feciit by your colleagues unless you bécome more co- operanve 

209. At the moment I only have time to think about my university thesis. (PREOCCUPIED) 

— At the moment I am’préoccupicd:withiny university thesis. 

210, Ske did everything possible to save her marriage. (POWER) 

— She did everything in her power'so save her marriage. 

~211. This room needs tofiecorated doesn’t it? (DOING) 

- This room needs doing up, doesn’t it? 

P - My husband and I had a row about buying a car. (WORDS) 

— | had words with my husband about buying a car. i 

- 213. The government’s plan to privatize the railways met with strong opposition fiom Ppassengers. 


- The government’s plan to privatize the railways camine fo r fierce criticism from passengers. 

.~ 214. The firm went bankrupt after failing to win the contract. (LIQUI.'DATION) 

- The firm went into liidation after failing to win the contract. 

21 5. That scene was so frightening I had to look away. (BEARZh 

— That scene was so frightening that I couldn’t bear to wat ; 

216. The introduction of the new currency has greatly affected the economy. (IMPACT) 72 

Sentence Transformation, Preparation for National Eng 

1. The fox was unsuccessful in reaching the grapes.(VAIN) unseecasslin = iy invanto 
»The fox tried in vain to reach the grapes, 
2. Thecrops were badly affected by the storm. (EFFECT r 
+The storm had a badly effect on the vropc,' : bodly oyecdd » hove- o boclly Aptice 
3. The project received unanimous approval of the committee(FAVOUR) 
“The whole committee was/were in favor of the project.  unanimas approval tn fovor o) 
4. The personnel offi promised him that she wouldn’t tell anyone that he had been in the prison. 
+The personnel officer gave him her word that she... proruse - qua b ong woel 
Nobody could possibly believe the story he told us. (BEYOND) 
+The story he told us was beyond beliel oo Ady = beyonc (ac b 
6. Ihad lost his phone number, so I could not contact him hefore. (TOUCH) (nd) cortad = (0 m? 
» 1 eould not keep/get in touch with him because I had lost his phone nimber. gef w tauch 
\ 7. Tenjoy being the boss of a small company. (FISH) " 
—1 enjoy being a big fish in a small pond.  fhe boss 9 a small capony = @ ‘B'q yith in o smal PCNJ 
8. I!u success of our local theater has made our city famous. (MAP)/MOh ot joraus = put sth an fiz 
—The success of our local theater has put our city on the map. ! P i 
9. Sheis not upset; she is only pretending. (ACT) Py.zfp,,,J = putonanact 
»She is not upset; he is only putting on an act. 
10.  The bank robbers escaped in a stolen car. (GETAWAY) 
—The bank robbers made a getaway in a stolen car,  25¢9p2 = mcke agdonay 
@ As people use a lot of wood-pulp, many trees are cut down. j Dasble comparsa 
—The more wood-pulp is used, the more trees are cut down 
12.-) Because of the ab: sence of the atmosphere on the moon, the sky lhcre is black, just as in space. 
: —Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, the sky.. he obsgnce o 
People be eve that the Chinese invented paper in 105 A.D. 
— Paper is believed to have been invented by the Chines in 105 A.D. 
Th .l: was a silly thing to say! 
— What a silly thing to say! 
(17.) We've run out of petrol. 
‘ — There is no more petrol left. 
188 .) It takes six hours to drive from here to London. 
—Jt is a six hour drive from here to London. 
/—\ He was sorry he hadn’t said goodbye to her at the airport. 
\,/ — He regretted not saying goodbye to her at the airport. 
They failed to find out a solution to the problem. 
hey didn’t succeed in finding outa ... 2 
21, Most stores will accept a credit card instead of cash. (‘MJI'ERNA'I‘IVE) (ns*pcri o= ason JCtornative. 
ilternative to cash. to 
—.Most stores will accept a credit card as ar 
avoid tooth decay by brushing your teeth regularly. (PREVENT) You can 
Jrushing your teeth regularly can prevent tooth de; 
(23.) Some of Peter’s expressions make me think of my brother. (REMIND) 
— _Some of Peter’s expressions remind me of my brother. 
Ll)‘ When do you think this bridge was built? (OLD) 
,How old do you think this bridge is? 
( That old npumw is not worth repairing. (POINTLESS) 
) _Repairing that old typewriter is pointiess. 
They share a lot of hobbies and mhuwl\ (COMMON) 
N7 Thiey have a lot of hobbies and intercst in commion. 
27, This train should have left 30 minutes ago. (MEANT) 
+This train was meant to leave 30 minutes ¢ 
28 The president anged for me to use his chauffeur-driven car whenever I liked. (DISPOSAL) 
+The president placed/put his chauffeur-driven car at my disposal. U525t whonewe (ke place 
29, The painting is worth $25,000. (VALUED) worth « Jald ot put st o sb o sposal
+The painting has been valued at $25,000. 
300 This passport ean be used in most countries, La vsd in = ba ,,,f,APr 
+This passport ean be valid for most countries. 
31 My bank manager and I get on together very well. (TERMS) qet on well = be g\qoocl terms 
L am on very good terms with my bank manager. 
Q!.\. That hotel is a bit too expensive for us, I am afraid. (REACH) 
»That hotel is a bit beyond our reach, I am afraid. 
3 Absolute seerecy was erucial to the success of the mission. 
+IWithout absolute secrecy, the mission wouldn’t have succeeded. 
3].\) Tmmediately after his arvival home a water-heater exploded. 
»Hardly had he arrived home when a water-heater exploded. 
GS.\ Rita doesn’t realize how serious her husband’s operation is going to be. 
sLittle doces Rita realize how . 
G(y. A waiter spilled soup over Lydia’s new dress last night. 
»Lydia had some soup spilled over her new dress by a waiter last night. 
7Y Ttwas the goalkeeper that saved the mateh for us. 
—Had it not been for the goalkeeper, we would have lost the match. 
38, dimvinbseingi tsold tthe cdomp.letoe nstor y. 
39. Jane's husband will be returning from South America quite soon. 
Quite som = ndt be [eng affer 
—Itwon’t be long after Jane’s husband returns from S.A. 
40.  The permit expires at the end of this month. grpire = ndvoficl 
~—The permit is not valid after the end of this month. 
41.) 1.don’t really like her, even though I admire her achievements. 
" Much as I admire her achievement, I don’t really like her. 
42) Alice and Charles did not decide to move to a bigger house until after the birth of their second 
—Only when A. and C. had their second child did they decide to move to a bigger house. 
437 Martin may not be very well but she still manages to enjoy life. 
—Martin’s poor health doesn’t prevent/stop him from enjoying life. 
44, The Pacific Ocean is on average deeper than the Atlantic. on averoge Adj = ovarags nNg 
—The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is greater than that of the Atlantic. Cadp >~ 
45. Under no circumstances should you phone the police. = 
—The last thing you should do is to phone the police. under no aranstnces = e lost Thing 
46.  We couldn’t find George anywhere, Catind “mj . t:Q nowkore1o  b quhc] 
George was nowhere to be found. 
47. Provided your handwriting is legible, the examiners will aceept your paper. Pro/lr_Jpc} //mv("ng 
— 580 long as the examiners can read your handwriting, they will accept your paper. - so (onq as 
48. There are a lot of people depend on him. 
- A 
—He has a lot of dependants. st/sb CIP[';ZNJG' sh= b have o l'dq ¢ Qpfi-ndofls 
49. I daren’t turn on the television hecause the baby might wake up. (FEAR) 
en’t turn on the television for fear of waking the baby up. becawse = o Rarg) 
s agreed to introduce the new methods. (AGREEMENT) 
:re was an agreement among the teachers to introduce the new methods. 
are cut, the economic s on may improve. (REDUCTION) 
reduckan ‘q st 
+A reduction in/of interest rates may improve the economic situation. 
52. 1don’t personally care if they come or not. (MATTER) / " _od +), ot 
It dmlmn‘t matter to me whether they come or not. Unat )pyr:z:nalq care = CONNCamolns 
al dents said they were inst the new traffic scheme. (DISAPPROVAL) 
»Local residents expressed their disapproval of the new traffic scheme. 1 
be agownst st 
{84.) Why isn’t this TV working? 
W har is wrong with this TV? 
/&8, May | horrow your pen? 
MWould you lend me your pen? 
(!ly. We must do something about the problem even if it costs a lot, 
= +Costly as/though it may be, we must do something about the problem. 
(‘5" We should ban the use of pesticides, but we should also restrict the use of other chemicals. 
“In addition 1o banning the use of pesticides, we should also restrict the use of other chemicals. 
(.lx. N on might fall if you ave not careful, 
* «Be careful or vou will fall, 
(30. | Immediately after his arrival, things went wrong, 
+No sooner had he arrived than things went wrong. 
@(l. ' Although Nam was the stronger of the two, his attacker soon overpowered him. 
+Despite his being the stronger of the two, Nam was soon overpowered by his attacker. 
@l.‘ The only reason the party was a success was that a famous film star attended. 
+Had it not been for the attendance of a famous film star, the party wouldn’t have been a 
62, Galileo is considered to be the father of modern astronomy.  bo consccbred 1o be = be rwqorapcl as 
+Galileo is regarded as the father of modern astronomy. 
@, The only way you ean become a good athlete is to train hard every day. 
~" —Only by training hard every day can you become a good athlete. 
| @JL) He sy (s more per: sively than his brother. 
| +Ile is a more persuasive speaker than his brother. 
65.  He can hardly read at all. (VIRTUALLY) N p, 
—Heis \'iflux}lly unable to(rmd. Mdn{ ¥ abal - vrbolly i 
66, He can speak French well enough to go to the conference. (FLUENT) gquL languoga well 
—His French is fluent enough to go to the conference. _ & g 
67. s arrival was completely unexpected. (TOOK) (- igvzum s jlu 
. His arrival took us completely by surprise. "% pacted = foke. sb by suprse 
68. The first sign of the disease is a fecling of faintness. (ONSET) o ,wfthm o= fho enset  
—.The onset of the disease(is a feeling is shown by a feeling of faintness. 
9. e began by giving us a summary of his progress so far. (OUTSET) 1oV /sarttoV = of g at=! 
6 gan by giving g D) bequo to /s 
At the outset, he gave us a summary of his progress so far. 
70.  As an antidote to their disappointment, he bought them ice-cream, (OFFSET) ot 
. To offset their disappointment, ic bought them ice-cream. an anidde to sth = togy 
71, It was Walter Raleigh who introduced potatoes and tobaccos into England. b 
| , i r cwed fo 
— The English owe the introduction of potatoes and tobaccos to W. R. 
72.) That rumour about the politician and the construction contract is absolutely false. 
et —.There is absolutely no truth in that rumour about the politician and the construction 
contract. . 
73. He was sentenced to six months in prison for his part in the robbery. b;.z sm;enczd fo time inpase) O 
— He received a six month sentence for his parti n the robbery. . ook G ire ARn O 
74, You can cat as much as you like for $5 at the new lunch-bar. =2 i e euschos shb 
— There is no limit/restriction on how much/what you cat for $5 at the new lunch-| R ferarsno ot / 
rpsinchon an ow much 
> Y 
76. You think that fat people are allays jolly, but you are wrong. Cearyto 
—.Contrary to what you think, fat people aren’t always jolly. 
Gfl\. The council rarely allows appeals ags inst its decisions. 
- . Hardly does the council allow appeals tits decisions. 
79. She is a student good at mathematics. (FIGURES) . atood ju o 
She a g ¢ q of 17 b 
—.She is a student having a head for figures. 
_ B ot i LD G O | 
(B0, 1 think we ought to permit him o do whatever he chooses. (HAND) .0 o o e hond 
o1 think we should give him o free hand. perrut sh Bl whaovar vh choxe 
81 Muargaret was offered a place on the conrse but eouldn’t aceept because she was ill. (TURN) 
Margaret was offered u place on the course but had to turn down because ... (252 < e dosn 
82, You'll just have to take a chance. (POT) 
You'll just have to take pot luck, (Tuke pot luck: fnthir) tote o chanw - toke pot Auck 
Assembling the furniture is extremely casy. (PLAY) 
*Assembling the furniture is a child's play. posy - chld’s ploy 
1 resent the way that she clearly feels herselfto  be superior to me. (NOSE) 
L resent the way that she looks down her nose at me 
85, Your attitude will have to change if vou want to succeed. (LEAF) 4 change = 1o brnoms G now fm’ 
*You have to turn over a new leali f you want to succee 
86, Many species of wildlife are threatened with extinction. (VERGE) bo froctened wh M - oo Raverqe 
e, *Many species of wildlife are on the verge of extinction. 
l(g'r’. J The storm blew the roof off the house. 4L 
- «The house had its roof blown off by the storm. 
QX,I This is the quickest way to get into the town centre. 
¥ *Therei s no quicker way than this to get into the town centre. 
89, Quly une person knew what had caused the fire. 
“sThe carse of the fire was known to only one person. 
‘90, ) 1'm not going to retire unless I myselfw  :;nt to. (FEEL) 
f I'm not going to retire unless I feel | sh cm?SRJ.] s %P, bia 
91, After two hours the bride had still not arrived. (SIGN) , 5 ) 
 Alier o houre therewg tll ng sign of thobrides. (= arve: » (a) <8 
Rosa foind the Weatquite infolerable: (BLAR) 
“cRosoa uldbnear ’the the at. 
93. You were rude to that woman’s husband, and she’s upset now. § o/ ¢ 40 naun 
—The woman whose husband you were rude to is upset now. 
94.  Arc they likely to pass Proficien W 
—1s there any likelihood that they pass Proficiency? (och) Mefié o V= fozs (no) Ukelrhood ot 
6,000 pounds is a better offer than you have ever had before. 
—.You have never had an offer better than 6,000 pounds before. 
96. Harry paid 50 pounds a week for_bcd and breakfast. i) poy Jo &= steot sb 
—.Bed and breakfast cost Harry 50 pounds a week. 
98. Be careful not to \\‘/nstc water. (ECONOMICAL) 
ecanarucal wih 
—Be cconomical with water 
99. We haven’t sold many cars this month. 1Dl;31AND) vt sala. g cars = be Liita derand Jor cors 
—There has been little demand for cars this month. 
100. wEhaes -shccaivdeinntvgicntiemr easing.difficulty-in-breathing. (DIFFICULT) 
101. Betty is very happy to look after handicapped people. 
Beuy is dmvmer:[ to looking after handicapped people. badated o = be veny hoppy 
e decorators have finished the whole of the first floor. k bove /qgt Ph T 
—. We have had the whole of the first floor finished by the decorators. 
huu want my advice, I would forget about buying a new house. 
—If I'were you, I would forget about buying a new house. 
The only way to eliminate world terrorism is by united opposition. Eliminate: chimdirt 
3 —Only by united opposition can we climinate world terrorism. 
105. Evervbody made fun of him beeause hie'd his hair cut so short. (MICKEY) kg jun g btk 
4 — Everybody took the Mickey out of him because he had his hair cut so short. 
Mickey ad 0 i 
106. 1 felt stupid when I realized w)}n( 1I'd done. (FOOL) é‘“‘ stup.d - (e of 
i 1 felt such a fool when I realized what I'd done. 
107, She was very relieved when she realized that her bag hadn’t been stolen. (BREATHED) 
I . 
»She breathed a sign of relief when she realized ... te relipvpc breath o wgqn o) 
108, Would you like to contribute something to our campnign? (MAKE) ralg) 
“Would vou like to make a contrilintion to our campuign? Co'tbdo < aeake o confthbion 
109, Products which seem to lack eredibility are not popular. (CALL) rare 
“There is no eall for products which seem to lack credibility.  ba (037 pepular = 15 (00 calljo r 
110, Technieal ¥kills are needed 1o Gperate this new mackinery: (DEMANDS) 
sOperating/ the operation of this new machinery demands technical skills: 
111 We have run out of small sizes, (STOCK) 
. +We have no small sizes in stock. / We are out of stock of small sizes. / Small sizes are out of 
stock. run atg b = hove nowth inStack - b ad o stock o st - ¢t 
112, In all probability we wlli finish the project on 'cl)hur«lm. ((['.;IIA‘AVI(‘(;::S){‘1 ) Bv,’”:s‘ ’:L hont 
. +The chas nces are that the project will be finished on Thursday. in of probobly & » areB at1haotn s 
113, They arrived at their destination alive and kicking. (SOUND) alive and kicking: hinh:mw‘;?\_r 
They arvived at their destination safe and sound 50,2 and samd = olive and kicking 
114, Inhor previous job, Mara was a picture Festorer: (W ORK) 
& )1 o 
@ml m sure you were driving too fast. 
~+You must have been driving too fast, 
df fie hadn't overeatens he wouldw't have had a heartattack. 
\e storm completely wiped out all my crops. (Wipe out: destroy) & fove /q,;f oh Px 
—I have had all my crops completely wiped out by the storm. 
118, The fire led to the setting up of a public enquiry. W 
s a result of the fire, a public enquiry was set up,fi’ load o = as ol o ) 
119. Vitamin intake and intelligence are not connected. - thamis Coo) 
. —There is no connection between vitamin intake and intelligence. be (e comacied - dion 
120.He suddenly thought that he might have misunderstood her. <eong 
1t crossed his mind that he might have misunderstood her. 
=¥4  " push shol - ha i 
i!. His second attempt on the world record was successful. 
— . He broke the work record at/on his second attempt. 
123.) 1 applied for the job but was turned down. 
—» My application for the job was turned down. 
124, There are more people out of work in this country than ever before. (SIW 
. Never have there been more people out of work in this country. 
125. My boyfriend is very short-tempered. b thort~ % + b b's 4 
P 5 2 torporpd = losg b s femper gOs¢ 
— My boyfriend loses his temper very easily. pem d Gd 
126. Let’s clean the dishes in the morning. (WASHING) 
— Let’s do the washing-up in the morning. cleantic dshos = do e WQS“"Q w 
his age, he’s still working. (RETIRED) - 
has not retired despite his age. wak = nd i 
128. Whose name should I write on the cheque? (MAKE) 
—Wlho should I make out the cheque to? 
129. “Please don’t drive so fast!™ Ann begged her friend. ( iy 
= o - pieod wih & (nd) oV 
—Ann pleaded with her friend not to drive so fast. Efl? 3 L d’ o 
130. My protests were ignored. qnae take nonot@ oy 
—Nobody took notice of my protests. 
131, I'm sure he took your briefease by mistake. by austake - nd dlibarotely 
— —lam sure he didn’t take your briel deliberately. 
(132 we only despatch goods after receiy ing the money. 
N~ —Only after the money is received can we despatch goods. 
133 He'llvettie dawn, Then his performance will improve. 
TThe result of the match was never in doubt, 
sAtno time was the result of the mateh in doubt, 
This will be the orchestra's first performance outside London. 
+This will be the first time the orchestra has performed/ played outside London. 
. He will not be put off by their comments, (DETER) 
»Their comment won't deter him, oy - Ates 
138, She complains far o often for my liking. (FREQUENT) 
»She makes frequent complaint about my liking. corplan jor oqten o it - make jrequent 
139. Some peaple accept that a storm is inevitable. (RESIGNED) caglonts obat st 
*Some people are resigned to the fact that a storm is inevitable. orcup‘ s By "“9‘“7“ fi‘vlod thot 
The fridge is completely empty. (LEFT) 
»There is nothing left in the fridge 
145, Money is of little value on a desert island. (COUNTS) 
*Money counts for little in the istand.  bg oy GHle volugenzcaurt o Ufle 10 
146. Can you tell me where the and Hotel is? (DIRECT) 
»Can you direet me to the ... 1o/l sb oo ploca - directsb © {"Om 
147, The Prime Minister felt it appropriate to make a statement. (FIT)F‘_ # oppropuate toV= sg/fink 
~+The Prime Minister saw/ thought fit to make a statement. b it 1o ¥ 
148, I'd rather we started at seven. (I’RFFERENCE)WNH'W - prepmnce L”Jd ~N 
—My preference was for a seven o’clock start. 
The accident wasn’t his fault. (BLAME) 
—He wasn’t to blame for the accident. 
Although he seems friendly, he’s not to be trusted. 
— Friendly as he may seem, he’s not to be trusted. 
151.) Not until the body was found did the police believe her. 
— It was only when the body was found that the police believed her. 
152. *Whatever you do, don’t give up hope” they said. U(qu b (nd) o 
—They urged me not to give up hope 
153. ME Corpansen 
54. We have no seats left for the concert on December 12, 
- . All the seats for the concert on December 12 have been booked, 40v& noseats(o t = all fhaspals ba 
155. The foreigner declared his innocence. (DENIED)  declare - xoc nfén , wnocence s reng booked 
—The foreigner denied knowing anything about it. soch 
| Everyone but Jane failed to produce the correct answer. (SUCCEEDED) 
—Only Jane succeeded in producing the correct answer. 
157. An open fire can’t be compared to/with central heating. (COMPARISO! N J 
—«'l‘h[rlrr is no cumpnrisunl:)erwccn an open fire and central heating. ]Z‘%o)dwponsm I”‘d\"w' o 
158, There is no way that young man can achieve success in this test. (BOUND) 
—That young man is bound to fail in this test. 
159, wbwhwasa stoaTvedr e(o ateltl li yvthought. (COURAGE) cawroga () 
1 didn’¢have enough courage to tell him what | reallv thought. 
160. lhflr (.'n-cns consider Henry a good I’ricnd: (LOOK) canschreb M - Jodkon shas N 
»The Greens look on Henry good friend. 
hiers think that hard work is good for you. (HARM) Lo 1 Jflb = dolcavse b noharm 
ers think that work does/causes you no harm. . 
162. Bteheenu:sdee.olfm y-wemissed-ourconnectingdlight. (MIEANT) 
163. Don’t wait to a sandwich! (HELP) 
—Help yourselfto  a sandwich. ( ke some of it) 
164. MostpeopleDT vPetegrsats rdein g the best surgeon in his field. (WIDELY) 
— DP etersiswidelvregardedhaeisog  ... 
165, de tPreimre mMininsterd -waso cemaindnofiice 
166. T don’t know the first thing nbout aer. nautics, 
L am utterly ignorant of aeronautics don ' Engw vt”m "-rv{ abad - ba A"m',‘ grarant o 
The students” riotous behaviour should have been severely punished. 
*The students deserved severe punishment for their riotous behaviour, . 
168, The chances are that the whole thing will have been forgotten by next term, %2 choncas ace 
I #es 
all probability/likelihood the whole thing will ... « ) all proboklity / ikelibood 
(’11-'{ Despite 9 
his ungainly air he is remuy kably agile, 
sAlthough he looks ungainly, he is remarkably agile. 
170. The numbers of ears on the roads must he reduced, (DOWN) 
*We must eut down on the number of cars on the reduca = cat dawo an 
171, dntewhren vsomueonep.ist spieakinng gis ru de. (CUT) 
172, We have an emergency eleetricity supply in case we are cut off. (BACK) 
- 1T we are cut off, we ean fall back on our emergel clectricity supply. 
Q’dj,}\\ e've decided to leave carly tomorrow morning. ($ ) 
*We are going to set off carly tomorrow morning. 
174, 1 know you are hiding something from me. (BACK) 
*What ‘ 
are you keeping back from me? 
@ Come on Thursday or Friday. 1es all the same to me. (DIFFERENCE) 
~Come on Thursday or Friday. It makes no difference to me 
176. Amanda has improved a lot this term. (I‘R().(;RESS) improwe. o (ot = make qrear /qood lwuirpss 
—Amanda has made great/good progress this term. 
177. . Gunm Is 3 people in Bank Drama 
qun ran = a man wio hqu a 
179. His appearance was completel
5 y unes i 
—His appearance was beyon M 
d our expectati 3 
on. unexpec2ted  = LB""‘A e 2rpac tahen 
180. He is by no means a smart boy. 
& o Means = not nfeffl = oot cartoin 
—He is not completely a smart boy. L'j B PesiCon! 
181. I take it l'nrgrnnted_ thahet  is influential person. toke ¢ 1ofqrar'h’c{ £t B o o 
— I assume that he is ... 
182. He won’t let anyone touch his records. (OBJECTS) 
—He objects to anyone else touching his records. objed o sh Ving 
183. He didn’t think much of the musical show vesterday. (OPINION) 
—. —He had a low opinion of the musical show yesterday. ndt thinle such q - have o taw pran 
@ The concert was not as good as he had hoped. (EXPECTATIONS) 
—The concert failed to come/live up to his expectations. 
185, m
186. The impr sion most people have of him is that he is a good singer. (REPUTATION) 
— He has a reputation as a good singer. 
187. He d to be a very good violinist. (COMES) 
—He comes over/across as a very good violinist. 
188. We missed the beginning of the.concert beeause we had overslept. (CONSEQUENCE) as o consgquans 
—We missed the beginning of the concert as a consequence of oversleeping. o M= because V 
Itis your duty to tell him what to do. L 
—You are supposed to tell him what to do. 
'0:. I was astonished by her confidence 
’ What astonished me was her confidence. 
(193 Someane told me my Might was cancelled when T got to the airport 
Arriving at the airport, someone told me my Mlight was can ‘I'IIL-dA 
\mi PEknew had met him before, but | ean't n-m;-mln-r his name. ('I‘();V('UF] 
1 knew Thad met him before, but his name is on the tip ul’r‘nv ton, |'u- ' 
195, This choice always followed what his wife decided. (STEP) e Jolowst s in o wuth 
+His choice was nlways in step with his wife's decision/what his wife decided 
196, Remember to write to us! (DROP) ) 
*Re wnteo « Arp b o lng /g 
member to drop us a line/note! 
197, Phone and write to him if you can’t talk directly to him. (G 
+Getin toueh with him if you can't talk direetly to him. prone and wate to b = gt o tauch with 
198, Don't wo There will be another chance, (KEEP) d 
. *Keep your end up, there will be another chance. Den't weref - h‘&pup i * 
titl, JOn the day she agreed to marry him, he was happier than he had ever been in his life, 
- +The day she agreed to marry him was the happiest he had ever had in his life. 
@,\l\ itreally necessary for me to arrive so early? 
—_ Do Thave to arrive so early? i 
Q}I)Sumcmm has stolen the boss’s car. 
’0." = The boss has had his ear stolen/ been robbed of his car. 
203.)The last time we were here was in 1980, 
+We haven’t been here since 1980. 
204 Lhe fourth time he asked her to marry him, she accepted. 
@Hhu she written to you lately? (HEARD) 
+Has you heard form her late 
206. We must have your answer tonight at the latest. (INSIST) 
—We insist on having your answer tonight at the latest. 
207. We've decided to replace those plastic shower curtains with these rubber ones. (SUBSTITUTE) 
_.We have decided to substitute those plastic shower curtains for these rubber ones, 
208. Somebody has stolen all Miranda’s jewellery. (ROBBED) 
—Miranda has been robbed of all h{-.- jewelry. b be robbed o olist= sb steal o 
(209. Nothing ever frightens him. (AFRAID) 
“—"—He is afraid of nothing. 
@. It's not my habit to get up quite so carly as this. (USED) 
T am not used to getting up quite so early like this. 
211, Everything went well that morning. (NOTHING) wend wal X wad weang 
Nothing went wrong that morning. 
212. A portion of strawberries and cream costs a lot in the café. (CHARGES) 
_.The café charges a lot for a portion ... sth codt - sb /:% (‘honf jo st 
am I to pass the examination, do you think? (('”AI\.('L,HQ, (;hzfi!be b to = what chonc2 A8 
- e have I of passing the examination, do you th k? Lot 
er le had no idea how difficult the exercise would be until ie was half way through it. *© 9 ' 
S Only when he was half way through the exercise did he realize how difficult it 
( 215, Further progress was impossible because of the floods. 
" —The floods made further progress impossible. 
217. We had not expected that we should have so much difficulty in finding the place. 
+The place was much more difficult to find llmr} we If:xd expected. 
218." Our present financial problems will soon be a thing of the p:|§l. sthea ‘”"1 % 
—We'll soon find a solution to/overcome our present financial problems. o sl 0 /anroa 
z e 
(l‘).“ Tt's nobody's fault that the meeting was cancelled, 
.+ Nobody is to blame/is responsible for the fact that the meeting was cancelled. 
2200 The Tute of the two climbers is unknown, 
{ +It'v a mystery as to what happened to the two climbers, 
221 There s no need for us (o hurry: the play doesn'tstart until 8:30. (TIME) 
“We can take our time; the play ... nd 0 hury » take ob’s tng 
222, Johu is very self-confident, (€ "ONFIDENCE) 
+John has a lot of confidence in himscll. 5 % “cnyced - hon ald g conydaca o c
2 o
2 r
3 s
, l
His holiday is at exactly the same time as mine. 
Mi (
s C
h I
o N
li C
d I
a D
y ES
t )
e coincides with mine. & conada wdh TISH - od radly fa 
224, Heis alleged the owner of the valuable picture. (CLAIMED) e 
+Heis claimed to be the owner of the valuable picture. 
225. The | 
way he took everything he did for granted really annoyed her. (BACK) Jud | 
.~ The way he took everything he did for granted really got/put her back up. annoy sb= ‘F‘ g 
(226 It was touch and go whether he recovered or not. (BALANCE) sbbockp | 
i sltwas in the balance whether he recovered or not. 
227. Which of the two books would you prefer? (RATHER) 
+Which of the two books would you rather read? 
228. These books have been lent by the British Council library. (LOAN) o be E'i b /= sthe 
—These books have been on loan from the British Council library. & foon;rCH sb/t 
229. 1hought a pair of shoes this morning. They cost 40 pounds. 
—This morning I spent 40 pounds an a pair of shocs. 51 cost = db epend an st 
230. Mrs. Wilson sorry she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday. send sb apologues 
—Mrs. Wilson sends her apologies for not having attended the meeting yesterday. o 
231. 1t's almost nine months .sin'cc Istopped subs.crihir}g to that magazir;e. mb@&mq o= :)o“_ef b scripton 
—I cancelled my subscription to that magazine nine months ago. & ) tost 
‘The north west of Britain has more rain each vear than the southeast. 
—The annual rainfall in/for the North West of Britain is greater/higher than that in the 
W I arrived in Canberra, I wrote a letter home. 
—On arriving in Canberra, I wrote a letter home. 
234. What Rachel does in her spare time xlocsn‘lc.onccrn me, (BUSINESS) od @ & o0 & bunass 
—1t’s none of my business what Rachel does in her spare time. ) ) 
235. The final version of the plan was quite different form the initial draft. (RESEMBLANCE) 
—.The final version of the plan bore no/little resemblance to the initial draft. have /bear (’smgpfld " 
236. They feel the same way about cach other. (MUTUAL) 
—Their feeling about each other is mutual. o ) o sl 
237, The bottle must not be laid on its side. (UPRIGHT) ot by Coicl oo s ade - ba kopr fplo 
—The bottle must be kept/ placed in an upright position. an “anhf position 
238. Nov t many ! people attended the meccteitnign,g.  (.( TURNOUT) . 
—There was a poor turnout for the meeting. not @Uflfj 5*/‘5 poor turnaul 
239, I’d like to visit Singapore more than any other countries in the world. 
sSingapore is the country I'd like to v isit most. 
¢ listens more sympathetically than anyone else I know. 
; ically than anyone else I know. 
sSheis @ ‘ho listens more sympathetically than anyone else 
She is a person who ) (CALL) 
' i eave club. (REGRETS) 
242, In the end, I felt I had been r ght to leave the ¢ 
"I had no regrets about leavi;g the club in the end. _have no reqrefs abaut qu 
. it . (KNOWS) 
, she told him. (THREATENED) 
“If you don’t apologize immcdiu{cln I'm led 
‘" _.She threatened to leave if he didn’t upu]n;l immediately. 
(i-l(-. WConld 1 stay with you for the weekend? (PUT ) 
+Could you put me up for the weekend? 
247, The service given by the bank has fmproved recently. (IMPROV
+T E
he M
ank has made improvements S) 
o its service recently. 
248. They are letting the well-known gang leader out of [H'an. tomorrow
“ .
T ,
e (
we R
l E
l L
- E
k A ) bt sb autoy 
no S
n gang leader is heing released from prison tomorrow, 
249. be reloaed o 
1s this the only way to reach the city center? 
+Js '
't there any another way to reach the city center? 
(25001 l\:\|‘\ e never seen such a mess in my life! ! 
»*Never in my life have 1 seen suc mess! 
251, The weather is probably not going to change, 5t b probably nc 6 change 
»T = 
her f
e i
w p
i r
ll o
p y
obably b
 e ro 
be no change in the weather. 
252, 1 C
'd i
m k
de up s
my : 
 mind, but at the last minute I lost my confidence. (FE 
—I'd made up my mind, but at the l ET) foct congloncs = et fave 
ast mi lgulv/luul cold f
2 e
5 e
3 t
, .
1 couldn’t help sn when hie told meof his plan. (A STRAIGHT FA
e C
y E) 
b couldn’t keep c
a d
 s  b
aight face when he told meof  his plan. con t help aug
2 h
54 i
, n
 g = con't kecp o soght 
(MPRESSION) o0, . G /et wpanssin 192 
255, I've never seen a
 4 ot W anyone play Killfully before. (MUCH ( ! 
—._—1've never seen anyone play with so much kil(l bcfurc.’?""} %0 XWMV TPy wiff 50, much ! 
@D\\ hien should we collect the books we ordered last week? (SUPPOSED) 
—When are we supposed to collect the books ... 
gradually failed as he grew old. & Dasble Corpanisan 
—The older he got, the more his memory failed him. 
258. ‘e house has got everything except for alarge garden. (LACKS) 
(2591 hardly think she will agree o give you a pay rise. (LIKELIHOOD) 
S Ty little likelihood of her giving you a pay rise. 
260. I remained neutral during their disagreement because I like both of them. (SIDES) cemain nouta 
— 1 didn’t take sides during theird isagreement because I like both of them. . o5 ko idls 
261. A great many people will congratulate her if she wins. (SHOWERED) 
—She will be showered with great many congratulations if she wins. 
262. I'm annoyed with you for not phoning me to say you’d be late. (MIGHT) 
—You might have phoned me if you'd be late. 
263. She thought she had paid the bill but she hadn’t. 
—.She was convinced that she had paid the bill but she hadn’t, 
76?,1‘110 hurricane blew the roofff t he house. 
K _/ _\The house had its roof blown off by the hurricane. 
265. This affair doesn’t concern you. st concarn b= notencarn o Tist 
— This affair is no concern of yours. 
266. That dress has only the slightest mark on it. 
—1 can barely see any marks on that dress. 
267. No one stands a chance of beating Mansell in this yea 
— —It’s a foregone conclusion that Mausell will win this championship. 
268.)The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money. 
.11 ere it not for the money. the job wouldn’t be worthwhile. 
270.)How likel she will pass the exam? (CHANCES) 
~ —What are her chances of passing the exam? 
He did the puzzle in two minutes. (SOLUTION) 
~" _He found the solution to the puzzlc in two minutes. 
272, My brother is not feeling terribly well. (UNDER) 
My brother is under the weather. ng‘,fifl[}r\q wel = under o weafior 
273 Wil e mocessary (o pay the full amount when you look. 
+Lhe full amount will have to be paid when vou ook (HAVE) 
274, Fhe voom seemed 10 have leen unecupied for wecks 
27g5  1 didn’t't  xee see her againi  for five y . 
wFivvee  vears have passed sinc1 elust saw her. Tt's fine saq - tre hove possed swa 
277, T -‘I"Iurl:::i;o;n;a:i:r:e:: i::flltlrdeci ‘t‘: ~"|| gii ve away his money to the poor. (PRE n que awoe st 4 fob  - mokea 
\:'x_ S herelle o log "fl”&“ ;‘c;: ((;2[!:!\“:“ i present of his money the poor. 
;__ +We have run out of ice eream, 
279.)1 had better go back to work. (TIME) 
-l}l is high time 1 went back to \\nl'l;. 
280. He is more a lecturer than a teacher. 
- I.-"I,lx;lw &'(»Il\‘i(k‘.n‘d. a lecturer rather than a teacher. 
281. he only child in my family, 
. \;‘l‘ mother gave birth to unl:\‘ one child, 
2. She was smoking in the bathroom, | went in to the bathroom and Knew that. (CAUGHT) 
1 caught her smoking in the bathroom. 
283. He was forced to apologize. (CHOICE) 
—He had no choice but apologize. 
284. John inflated the tires of his bicycle. (B; LEW) inglot = blawup 
283, Alternative medicine it stery to some people. 
—Some people are strange to alternative medicine. 
286. You may be disqualified if you don’t obey the regulations. 
— Failure 10 obey the regulations may cause your disq fication. 
He tried hard so that he would win the first prize. 
. With the hope to win the first prize, he tried hard. 
288. They declared war on the pretext of defending their territorial rights. 
. The excuse for the declaration of the war is the defence of their territorial rights. 
289. Can I speak to someone about my problem? 
. Would it be possible for me to talkto ... 
290. He is said to be a very hard bargainer. (REPUTATION)
_,He has a reputation for Deing a very hard bargainer. 
291. He doesn’t appreciate his wife. (GRANTED) 
_He doesn’t take his wife for granted. 
292, The amount of firm spent on the project initially was $15,000. (OUTLAY) 
. The initial outlay on the project was $15,000. 
293, It was a red-letter day. 
— That day was @ memorial one for me. 
application has not been successful. 
294, We regret to inform you that your 
. Much to our regret we must inform ... 
295. He made no bones about helping me. 
_.He didn’t hesitate t0 help me. 
206, He never thought of telling her. 
1t never occurred to him to tell her. 
297, The dress was $O temping that I bought it. 
_.1 couldn 't resist the temptation (0 buy the dress. 
298. The idea no longer interests her. 
_.She has gone off the idea. 
299, Very little money Was raised by the charity appeal- (RESPON
4] was very poor- 
-,fiw response 10 the charity #p| 
His irresponsible attitude is endangering his career ns a doctor, {(JEOPARDY) 
s irvesponsible attitude is putting his eareer as adoctor in jeopardy
( .
l He liked the new job straight away. (DUCK) 
= e ook o the new job like duck (o water, 
J02. He's not sure whether to goo r not (MINDS) act sum Jhothor toVor it be 10400 rmcls 
sHe's in two minds abont whether o @0 or not, nihor 
208, She hay extensive know Tedge of ancient Fgy ptVERY) 
“Sheis very knowledgeable about ancient Egypt. 
304, Wewere very impressed by the new camers but found it rather expensive. 
slmpressed by the new camera as/though we were, we found it rather expen 
305, The tewm is the same as it for last Saturday’s match, 
*There have been no changes to the team since last Saturday's match. 
306. Couldn't you have got a bus to the station? 
Wasn'rit possible for you to get a bus ... 
- I'm telling you this for you not to make a mistake. (I R) 
+1'm telling you this for fear that you might make a mistake. 
308, They have sceurity guards so that people won't try to steal. (DISCOURAGE) 
»They have security guards in order to dis ourage someone from trying to steal. 
309. This government has changed its taxation policy completely since the last general election. 
=This government h, mdergone a complete change in its taxation policy since ... 
310, Wewon’t get to the portin less than 30 minutes. (LEAST) 
— 1t will take u tleast 30 minutes to get to the airport. 
y about collecting stamps. 
313. Don’t run away with the idea thatt his job is easy. (CONCLUSION) 
—Don’t come to/draw a conclusion that this job is casy. 
314.\Tony’s very charming, but I wouldn’t trust him. 
-C}mr1ni11g as/though Tony may be/is, Twouldn’t trust him. 
"1 left without saying goodbye as I didn’t want to disturb the meeting. 
" Rather than di urbing the mecting, [ left without saying goodbye. 
316, The thief must have come in through the window. 
—The thief almost certainly came in through the window. 
317, Driv ing at that speed is dangerous whether you arc an expe cqcc(l driver or not. 
~__ —However experienced a driver you are, driving at that speed is dangerous. 
1318) The play is so popular that the theater is likely to bclfulvl every night. 
" —Such is the popularity of the play that the theater is Ii to be full every night. 
319, All of you are likely to be able to cuter college. (CHANCES) 
" _The chances are that all of you will be able to enter college. 
320. 1 think his theory is clear and logical. (S TANDS) 
—1 think his theory stands to reason. ) ! 
321. Don’t panic about something wrlrI I (m(’)uUN TAIN) 
—Don‘t make a mountain out of the molehill. 
322, \l:lm tourism has been one of the causes of the problent. (BLAME) 
— Mass tourism is partly to blame for the problem. 
ching doesn’t really suit her. (CUT) 
—Graham i 
You must accept the fact that she has left you. (RESIG 
—You must resign yourself to the fuct that she has left you. 
326. My friend took no notice of my advice. (DEAF) 
L+ Shewas just as good as they haq thought. (CAME) 
277 Qe came up 1o their expectations. 
o will not announce the decisioy formally 
318 The 
o formal announcement of (he decision was made/ given, 
Although he didn’twant to pay such u high price, he had no choice. 
wctant ns/though he was 1o Py such a high price, he had no d;nicc 
_ The speetators got soangry that they had to cancel the football match. 
LSuch was the anger of the spectators that they 
ya3. They urri\'c.d at the station with only a minute to spare. (NICK) 
2 L rhey arrived at the station in the nick of time, 
334, She had completely forgotten him. (MIND) 
L e was completely out of her mind. 
© 35, The man in that painting reminds me of my uncle. (BEARS) 
~The man in ”I:lvl pin:lurc bears a resemblance to my ur le. 
336, Why you are uguu.ls( inviting Jackic to the party? (OBJECTION) 
1 _.\\il at’s your objection to inviting Jackie to the party? 
337, She is too busy to go shopping. (HANDS) 
—She has her hands full so cannot go shopping. 
338, Just thinking about his face at that moment makes me laugh. 
—The very thought of his face at that moment makes me laugh. 
239, Their chances of success are small. 
—It's not likely that they will succeed. 
340, I've considered the advantages and disadvantages and I’ve decided not to go. (WEIGHED) 
3 —1've weighed up the pros and cons and ... 
341. This house is very different from the little flat we used to live in. (CRY) 
—This house is a far ery from the little flat we used to live in. 
342. 1 really want to see her again. (DYING) 
—1am dying to see her again. 
343, Oil was slowly coating the edge of the shore. 
—The edge of the shore was becoming covered with oil. 
345. We may not be able to give the concert. 
—The concert may have to be cancelled. 
346, Alan worked too hard at the office, and this led to his iliness. 
—Alan’s illness was the result of/ caused by her working too hard at the office. 
348, There is no point in your phoning Caroline - 
4 —Itis a waste of time phoning ... 
349, Who will inherit the estate? (HEIR) 
—Who is the heir to the estate? 
- He likes to be addressed as “Professor™ (CALL) 
—~He likes people to call him “Professor”. 
+ The brochure gives hardly any uscful information. 
—Precious little useful information is given in the brochure. 
That reminds me of the time I climbed to the top of Mount Fuji. 
~That takes me back to the time 1 climbed to the ... 
11 y0u find it necessary. you can contact me on this number. 
*Should you find it necessary, You ca ... 
- My friend persunded me to go to the party in fancy dress. 
. Mr. Foster asked me to write this letter to you, 
11 is at My, Foster's request that 1 write this letter to you. 
- e gave me a detail acconnt of the operation, 
+He gave me a blow to blow by blow account of the operation. 
- Weapreed that each of us would do the washing up on alternative days. (TURNS) 
*Weagreed to take turns to do the washing up. 
. He mukes sure that he isn’t ass inted with politics he disagrees with, (DISTANCES) 
+He makes sure that he distances himself from politics he ... 
- The new manager blames me for everything that goes wrong. (PICKING) 
+The new manager keeps picking on me for ... 
They have narrowed the many applicants down to three, (SHORT) 
—+They have sort-listed three applicants. 
Bruce said that the situation at work was like a family argument. (LIKENED) 
*Bruce likened the situation at work to a family argument. 
Carol pretended that she hadn’t understood my request. (MADE) 
—Carol made a pretence of not having understood my request. 
1T you want good accommodation in Brighton, you should book in advance. 
— Il you want good accommodation in Brighton, it is advisable to book in advance. 
- They recommended opening new s in the depressed area. 
—They recommended that new factories should be opened in the ... 
He's idriver, so he is thoroughly familiar with the city. (HAND) 
axi driver, 5o he knows the city like the back of his hand. 
Ifshe ever learns about this news, she’ll be furious. (EARS) 
— I this news ever reaches/comes to her ears, she’ll be furious. 
There’s a very long list of repairs. (ARM) 
—There’s a list of repairs as long as your arm. 
. Do you agree with Jill Tweedie’s views on male female relations? 
—Are you in agreement with Jill Tweedie’s views on male female refation? 
. The local government systems was first incorporated into law in the late 19" century. 
—The late 19" century first saw the local government systems incorporated into law. 
. You certainly can’t play your music after midnight. 
— 1 won't have you play music aft r midnight. 
. 1Y ou have little realization of how much I have sacrificed for you. 
. Lirtle do you realize how much I ... 
. You've got a nerve, implying that i wa s all my fault. 
—How dare you imply that it w. Ul my fault, 
. My job involves working from 6 p.m till midnight. 
—+7 am on duty from 6 p.m till midnight. 
. We can start at either 1 PM or 2 PM. 
1t makes no difference whether we will s rtat 1IPM or 2PM, 
) The boy was about to ery when he was reprimanded by his mother. 
—The boy wason the point of erying when he ... 
Alice lost all her hope; she decided to stop her business. 
—.Such was her hopelessness that she decided to ... 
_ We have to settle this matter in a definitive manner. (ALL) 
We have to settle this matter once and for all. o : L 
In the area, Thailand is much better than all other countries in football. (SHOULDERS) 
—In the area, Thailand is head and shoulders above all other countries in football. 
He gambled, lost everything and began to owe moucy. (INTO) 
hing and ran into debt. ] ' . 
—He gambled, lost every 
rs will be afraid to behave as he did. (CXAMPLE) 
You should punish him severely so that other 
—.You should make an sample of him so that ... 
. Did you see Alice at the party last night? (CATCH)
382. He is a generous person. (NAME) 
+Generosity is his middle nam 
383, Working independently is sometimes o great advantage, I reckon, 
L ehink it sometimes a great ady antage working indepe
3 n
84 d
. e
T l
o y
et the best result, you should work as hard as you can, 
*You should work the best you can to get the best result, 
385, TCwas surprising the storm eaused little damage in the area. 
The storm surprisingly caused little damage in the area. 
386. Youwon't find a school anywhere whose students get such good results, 
o \..m-lwn- will you find a school of which the students get such good results, 
387 Let's wateh TV anyway, There's nothing better to do this evening. 
e might/could just as well wateh 1V this evening. 
389. Despite the lack of thei financial support, we will have to carry out the project. 
»Whether we have the financial support or not, we will ... 
390. Your empty promises won’t have any cffect on her. (ICE) 
»*Your empty promises won’t cut any ice with her. 
391, The boy does whatever his father wants in an obedicnt w ay. (A\TTENDANCE) 
—The boy dances attendance on ather. 
. 'l'h.cv have arranged to see the dircetor tomorrow morning. (ARRANGEMENTS) 
v have mad S 
to get the promotion. (BOAT) 
et the promotiol 
11" to the new working condition. (SWING) 
the new working condition. 
n operation. (KNIFE) 
s parents were at a loss when they tried to understand his action. 
397. You didn’t attend yesterday’s class so you can’t do this exercise now. 
— Had you attended yesterday’s class, you could do this exercise now. 
398. 1t will be necessary for him to try harder if he wants to win the prize. 
— He will have to try harder in order to win the pr 
399, There’s no one here who would not like to be in your place. (BUT) 
— There’s no one here but would like to be in your space. 
400. You are broke. So am L. (BOAT) 
—You are broke. I am in the same boat. 
401. They fell in love when they first saw each other. (SIGHT) 
=T ]lc] fell in love at first sight. 
402. We continued waving until the train could not be seen any more. (SIGHT) 
~,We continued waving until the train was out of sight. 
403. We haven’t heard from him for ages. (TOUCH) 
—We have lost touch with him fo; ag 
404, I'm sure the children have been doing something terrible while we've been out. (UP) 
—I"m sure the children have been getting up to something terrible ... 
405. T was greatly relieved to hear that her condition was not serious. 
— {1 was with great reliefto  hear that her ... 
406. It is more than likely that she will succeed as an actress. 
—»She has a good chance of success as an actres 
407. You must concentrate on your work more. 
— You must apply yourselft o your work more. 
408. 1f you weren't born in this country you can’t vote in the election. 
¢ police r'un.[:h'l the burgjy,. 0 the pos” 
.. The burg B/ Wwas caughy redahy g, Ocess OF compy (D) 
qddenty reatized the megpj, ) IH ano  ing the crig, 
- phe meaning of “frechje 
SuddenN ty f
h ie
ned( D AWNED) 
you Jook grumpy this mopypjy,  me 
B (1) 
Lyou get out of bed on the rony 
ghe felt uncomfortable jn e huu: ;"k 'I.t his iM)or ning, 
Jshe felt like a fish out of ater ip I";"
ol was therdem iwthteend  tthhee y traudgmyi gjg,e q. , ,, .| eu thh, ug(eP RhEoSteFl , N g 
JThey a
 today, :{‘[\‘\.,‘w“ 
e hardly done anything
7 have done next to nothing (o, 'XT) 
¢ 1am not to be disturbed unge, ay. 
. rany cirg, 
JUnder no cu Is u
t m
a s
n t
c .  
es am | (g ances, 
6 Yo disturbe, 
u n.ill eventually appreciate whyg 
1 getting at, 
+In time you ¥ Ppreciate whag | 
o 1'd rather you didn’t go, am getting af, 
+1'd prefer you not to go, 
g They'lharrive soon. 
srwon’tbe long before they arriye, 
1. There is a rumour that you stole jr, 
—Iris rumoured that you stolc it, 
20, Tean't f:m(l the answer without g caleulator, (OUT) 
| can twork out the answer without o calculator, 
1 1didn’t expect to see Tim there! (LAST) 
—The last person I expected to see there was Tim. 
2. Everyone who spoke to the victim is a suspect. (UNDER) 
cryone who spoke to the victim is under suspicion. 
2. This is none of your business! (DOESN”T) 
—This doesn’t concern you! 
2. Robert had no idea of his next move. (DO) 
—Robert didn’t know what he was going to do next. 
It was only when I checked that I noticed the tyre was . (DID) 
—Only when I checked the tyre did I notice it was flat. 
5. Please inform the relevant authorities at once. (DELAY) 
—Please inform the relevant authorities without delay. 
. She never seems to succeed, even though she works hard. 
— However hard she works, she never seems to suceeed. 
% Andrew is the most generous person I have ever met, 2 
. —I've pet to meet anyone who is more generous than Andrew. 
Y. Inever thought that I would win  prize. 
ver erossed my / minmi d tha: t Lwsoouu ld win a prizeil. 
—1It had ne
U Tdon’t think the television’s likely t© Dlow up at any minute. (LIKELIHOOD) 
l’)lo\\ up at any minute. 
her is little likelihood that the television W il! 
This car only cost me five hundrer d pounds. (PICKE
¢ hundred pounds. 
I picke d paid this fievz e thousands y pfoiuv 
= Someone nds o   painting. (WENT) 
el for the
; (‘yhi\ “'-m-, . 
" ~The painting went for five thousands p
. We have made neither a profit nor # 105 (133 
i ~We have broken even this Y 
ansmit ted in color. (ADVEN
egan to be i: ograms in color. 
~In 1967 programs b
1smission of pr 
=1967 saw the advent of the tra¥ 
fter e of operation. 
" sowe 
- th
t ¢ [ ) ak a
on hadn’ te pec ted that he wo
L: .B  
s x
436, He didn't mention o 
“-‘II‘:\ :’.”‘ U previous conversation at all. 
“\I:;I“:]."le:::l"]“.f‘ 10 our previous co
437 nversati
] o
by his 
: r
; a
!I c
l t
; i
I n
m ,
 Iim.l cameasa shock t
438, . o
l" a
, l
‘ l
,, o
, f
: u
l s
n ,
;.I"~‘I(|:l|||\l‘mfr quite incomprehens
T ible. (LOS
h S
p ) 
laad mvnm erstand Har
439, ald's behaviour. i 
punishment hore no relation to the se ; 
(PROPORTION) usness of the crime. 
o +The‘ I\“:.\se‘v\e;rI| ll\ ofthe 9 punishment was out of proportion fo the erii 
440, me. 
.“- .',( our problearem sonl y just beginning. (ICEBERG) 
- urprablems are just the tip of th
441, e iceherg. 
h|o|m,a‘, :: Wa§s  not giivveeln  detail¢ s of the company’s , 
new projects. (DARK) 
.Th om; s was kept i 
in the dark about the company's new 
442, projects. 
Ill 'I"r seared (o tell him what 1 really thought. (LACKED) 
= e I\_ul the courage 1o tell him what I really 
443 thought. 
police ended the fighting between the 2 gangs by ari ing the leader. (STOP) 
(" : Iu.- police put a stop to the fighting 
444, ... 
“|’”l s ||.|;|I||l||:\ to make sound judgement dates from his accident. 
! ver sinee l||> accident, Colin was has been unable to make sound judgement. 
445, rities are hoping the new director can bring some positive changes into the French film 
industry. (BR i) 
+Crities are hoping the new dircetor can breathe new life into ...« 
446, Itis very difficult to give the exact value of a table like this, (FIGURE) 
—Itis very difficult to put an exact figure on the value of a table like this. 
447. Five boys on a motorbike at the speed of6 0 mph are very likely to end up in hospital. (RECIPE) 
“ive boys on a motorbike ... mph is a recipe for d . 
448. Detectives had stopped working on the Horsley murders three years previously. (BOOK) 
—Detectives had closed the book on ... 
449, He is very good at cooking spaghetti. (DAB) 
—He is a dab hand at cooking spaghetti. 
450. We all want to make him realise that he is not as important as he thinks. (SIZE) 
—We all want to cut him down to si: 
451, He really disappointed me when breaking the promise to help me out. (TEETH) 
—He really kicked me in the teeth when ... 
452. 11¢ dicd, having nothing of his own. (NAME) 
—He died with no thing to his name. 
453. Have a look at this picture. It may help you to remember something. (JOG) 
—Have a look at this picture. It may help you to jog your memory. 
454. Tle is becoming quite famous as an interviewer. (NAME) 
—He is making a name for himself as an interviewer. 
455. Social scientists find it hard to accept that the fallin the birth rate is responsible for the old age. 
. There is resistance among social scientists to the idea that the fall ... 
456, The Minister gave no precise figures about the casualties. (GO INTO) 
_The Minister didn’t go into detail about the casualtics, 
457, He doesn’t think very highly of politicians. 
—He's got a low opinion of politic 
458. Onc advantage of living in the city is the range of clothes shops. 
—One point in favour of living in the 
459, Mary cexplained the problem surprisingly clearly. 
— Mary explained the problem with surprising clarity. 
460, We have credited the money to your current account at this bank. 
—J'e have placed the money to the credit of your current account at this bank. 
461. Your silly questions distracted me.
462. 1 like her a lot. ( \l"l-’l"('fl()»\') = 8 
1 have alotof affection for fyo; 
FoSr463. p ogrytm nasti” cs and skii Ng,y regulur 
! port p
s r
 such u.- BYmnastics ang skiinga ctnies
ise eed  i s neenedeeded , 
464 I find it surprising that sh
i e didnt
F would haa
ike her AT [rasiise, 
thought that she would ires
I g
n'- 1““"" 
A new fluvaceine T present. 
 has been on trinl since e
T the  hey beginning 
have been of 
tryi year. 
ng out/testing Anew 
L o flu 
eat vaceine 
eaid tha since 
t 1eh the 
ink ... 
he should, 1 marey her, 
sl can’t help feeling that he |, 
. They sent him to prison for thyee vears, (S| 
*He was TENCED) 
sentenced to 
- three years in prison/ thr - . 
I'm sorey I missed Profe e prison/ three years’ imprisonment. 
v Fmissed Professor Baker's lecture, F 
A»Iy'm sorryi|  r.mr to haP ve attended Professor Baker's 
469. _,. l
, e
, c
, t
' u
l r
l e
ov ;I_\ new dress, Jean™, said her mother. 
sJean's mo ) 
ther T cC omplimi ented her on her lovely new'  dress. 
. Tim looks nothing like his father, (TAKE) 
+Tim doesn't take afte t 
e watehed videos all day, TIRE) 
sHe spent the entire day watching videos, 
I'never thought of going by train. (OCCURRED) 
sltnever oceurred to me that I could go by train. 
. The eause of the explosion is still unknown. (CAUSED) 
—What caused the explosion is still unknown. 
. The train is 5 minutes late in leaving. (DUE) 
—The n was due to leave 5 minutes ago. 
5. The children are in disgrace for being so badly behaved. 
—The children are under a cloud because of their bad behaviour. 
. John spends all his time working. (DEVOTED) 
—John devoted to his work. 
. Mary knew what the answer was after reading the book. 
— By the time she finished reading the book, Mary knew what the answer was. 
 The President’s bodyguards stood behind him, watching. 
. Watchfully standing behind the President were his bodyguards. 
. 1 find his clothes the most irritating about him. 
What most irritates me about him is his clothes. 
ery embarrassed because his proposal was turned down. (REJECTION) 
. The young man was Vi 
—.The rejection of his proposal greatly embarrassed the young man. 
endangered species. (WASTE) 
. Itis not worth trying to save 
angered species. 
It is a waste of time trying to save ¢nc 
I standing at the g: 
1 took little notice of the gir 
on to the girl standing at the gate. 
— 1 didn’t pay much attenti 
d because of his sudden illness. (RESULTED) 
. The Prime Minister resigne 
—The Prime Minister’s resi gnation resulted from his sudden illness. 
y better last weekend? 
. Did the football team play an; 
— Was there any impro vement in the way the football team played last weekend? 
ack rhino will become extinet. (THREATENED) 
5. There is a risk that the bl 

I rhino is threatenc: d with extinetion. 
—The & 
ted to spending all day on the beach. 
. She doesn’t know why they y are attrac 
—She can’t see the attraction of spending all day on the beach. 
ent him from going there. 
7. 1 would do anything to prev 
— There is nothing 1 wouldn’tdo 10 ... 
He said he had won as & result of good luck. 
480 Our new Director Wants to ey her vz " 
»Our new Director wangg  1, Mmr"lulm (ADDRESSED) 
400 we'll I|u\f‘ to make
oA u
 d p
cis o
i u
o y
 will Bave (0 h M
e imnaddse  |byy  |tlh|e: ‘j g :'no-p  a(lleamn  00t we? (BE) 
41 Surely nobody like  when peo enofd t he we
ely nobody l)i 
kes b & madDel e fmuya k”e“' Ifl ll; . ek, won'" t 
sSur " 
"I[;,"u“ in public. (BEING) 
| o2 You should have called ublic, 
the doctor gt once. 
Jrwas wrong .n| Younot to call (e doctor 
3. at
e h o
ave n
no e
O ,
on but to colleet (his license 
sThe f
c r
oll e
ec e
tio ,
of this license frecis obligatory 
- 04, He can shout even louder hyy | Still won't tak 
+No matter how much any notice. 
 loude rhe can shout,p hI  still won't 
4 take 
95, That's none of your business, 
»That's nothing to do with you, 
496. No sooner had he been appointe 0 the post than the new editor fell 
. i
\-Inu;nwl::l'h‘l\ ::il‘>n“l|i\ appointment to the post, the new ... 
497 “\‘"l‘““\‘::(:"I“I“““';:“h:.\Ill(vnl:ld::l‘.:t:‘l:y: o u;"\unl_\ a child, (ALLOWANCES) 
" ) HE COUNEVEIde e & g . is y.‘ul mann " . 
b6, For thousandsicty ! rtn‘u l)c{\vuv" li ¢ in Ih.c countryside and that in the ty. 
499. S ol years, people have highly believed in supernatural powers. 
+Thousands of years ago, people had high beliefin  ... 
500. Telephone has brought convenicnce to people all over the world. 
+Tele has been convenient to people all over the world. 
A man with high ambition will never find leisured time in his life. (AMBITIOUS) 
—Highly ambitious man will ... 
502. She was finally persuaded to travel by t (PERSUASION) 
»She finally accepted the persuasion of traveling by train. 
503. She didn’t t anything under her uncle’s will. 
—Ier uncle didn’t leave her anything in his will. 
504. They had been lost in mountains for three days but they looked st ng and healthy. 
en though he ... 
505. I°Il find that man no matter how long it takes. 
— However long it takes Twill find that m 
his is the most amusing thing I have ever read. (SUCH) 
. n
1 g
 have never read such an amusing t  before. 
$07. What are you thinking at the moment? 
—What are in your mind at the mmuc:}tv'.’ 
508. Mary rang hours and hours ago- (THAT) 
— It was Mary that rang hours and hours 2go. 
509, 1t was casy for us to find the house. 
—I¥e hadno  difficulty in finding the house.. 
S10. Attendance at the exhibition has Im":l ‘1[:)“;':1:"1":1 el 
; S e sen so well attende year. 
S11, ](jl:t’n.‘l"\xgl’f‘fl’f‘liI:b:,\rl, .
: ‘
:  like the new, cheaper ice-seream. 
,:l; m
: y (
j  chil l
c r
g c
: r
: :
m  d|i-(|ln.
 L’hi]dl‘k‘ll{ ‘[:‘::i‘::l |‘,,(:::. 
—I might have known that my
2. Don’t go to lunch until you have ty {“’_‘fimrs before going to lunch. 
~Make sure you finish tying il much he loved chr. 
13 He didn’t realise until that ;."umt“llal li!s,e“? ‘1 ho[  w much he ... 
-Only then that moment did herc
S14. You can leave only when I tell you 
~Until 1 tell you, you cannot leave. 
. (WERE) 
SIS 1 think you should go by trai
516. 1t wasn't my fault the hugine 
S8 failed, 
sThrough no fault of mine At the buginess fail : 
517, David playe Hed, 
b d
  i the main role v hen 
sDavid was i th
n e
s  prop
t os
r ;
a  - o TN 
mental iy ‘Iru|||||ulq||..lI,Iv:::"‘::l‘l drafted. (INSTRUMENTAL) 
1 you hadn't changed - oriat 
518 Afyou had »‘"’“;:l}:l‘:y:‘:'l‘.‘fl Hinalagreement, every thing would have been fine. (STUCK TO) 
519, 1think you should have some consi eration for those who don't have lives at privilege as yours. 
20. When Iheard her speak. § 
521. The rainin Ha Noj 1 gy "“ ca 1)mf!nlml impact on me. 
. : 1 1n 
\No rain in Ha Noi assti ncOec t1o9b8e4r  was (heL l biiggggee st oner —si nce 1984. 
2. Nick told ane of the l‘|L'|c i Was as big as the one last October. 
JNick admilted to gy clives that he had taken the cashbox. 
of the detectives that ... 
523 W \-‘c;mnx.;l seeanimals in a vast area afte the forest fire, (ADSENCE) 
*There is an absence of an rea after the forest fire. 
524, l)|‘||" civironment is polluted seriously. (POLLUTION) 
o = There is a serious pollution in our .L*u\'ironmcnt‘ 
. We cannot make any comparison with her sacrifice. (COMPARE) 
—We can compare nothing else with her sacrifice. ! 
526. A huge investment has been put into the field of hydro-cleetricity. (INVEST) 
—They invest a big fund/ sum of money in the field of hydro-electricity. 
speak English in a high proficienc (PROFICIENTLY) 
v speak English very proficiently. 
528. He tried his best but he couldn’t succeed. (SUCCESS) 
—He tried his best but he couldn’t get any success. 
529. Regular practice will make us skillful. (PRACTISE) 
—You will be skillful if you practisc regularly. 
330. He maintained his position against his adversary. (GROUND) 
— Ile held/kept/stood his ground against his adversary. 
531. Don’t conclude that learning English is easy. (COME) 
—Don*t come to conclusion that learning English is easy. 
532. The local council has considered mass tourism the cause of the environmental problems. (PUT) 
—The local council has put/laid the blame on mass tourism for the cause of environmental 
533. The book interestingly describes the life of Mar as a young man. (ACCOUNT) 
—The book gives an interesting account ol the ... 
534, John asled if it was the blue one or the green she wanted. 
— “Wlich one do you want, the blue or the g n?” John asked her 
555, 1 haven’t caten this kind of food before. 
— This is the first I have eaten this kind of food 
356, Onlv if you work hard now have you any chance of success, 
Your chance of success dedpends on your hard working. 
357, He tried very hard to give up smoking. 
—-  He m; le sreat efforts to give up smoking 
358. An ac not required with this radio 
— You don’t need to use an aerial wih this radio 
539. When he stops smoking, he’ll feel better. 
— The sooner they stop smoking, the better he will feel 
560. The wedding was held despite the rain. 
~ The wedding took place despite the rain ith this radio