(Ambrosia) Chinh phục Open Cloze có đáp án

     Bạn đang chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi Olympic Tiếng Anh và muốn nâng cao kỹ năng đọc hiểu và điền từ vào chỗ trống? Hãy tham khảo tài liệu "Chinh phục Open Cloze có đáp án" - bộ sưu tập gần 50 bài Open Cloze từ các đề thi đề nghị Olympic khu vực của các trường THPT chuyên trên toàn quốc.

     Bộ tài liệu này được biên soạn bởi đội ngũ Fanpage Ambrosia High School for the Gifted đảm bảo đầy đủ, chính xác và mang tính thực tiễn cao. Mỗi bài Open Cloze trong tài liệu được lựa chọn kỹ càng từ các đề thi chính thức, giúp bạn làm quen với các dạng câu hỏi thường xuất hiện trong kỳ thi Olympic Tiếng Anh.

     Bên cạnh đó, để tăng khả năng xuất hiện trên kết quả tìm kiếm của Google, bài viết này sử dụng từ khóa chính như "Chinh phục Open Cloze", "tài liệu ôn thi Olympic Tiếng Anh", "điền từ vào chỗ trống", "đáp án". Tuy nhiên, chúng tôi cũng đảm bảo tính đa dạng và chất lượng của nội dung để thu hút độc giả. Với bộ tài liệu "Chinh phục Open Cloze có đáp án", bạn sẽ có thêm tài liệu ôn thi đầy đủ và chất lượng để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi Olympic Tiếng Anh của mình.

     Hy vọng bài viết này sẽ giúp bạn tìm được tài liệu ôn luyện phù hợp và đạt được kết quả cao trong kỳ thi sắp tới.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.



Men and women are different. It is a premise universally accepted, (1) _________ the  subsequent argument concerning access to equal opportunities. However, what is beginning to  emerge is just how wide the gap is between the sexes.

(2) _________ recently, it had been thought that many of the hundreds of genes on the X and  Y chromosomes were inactive, a consequence of damage during the (3) _________ of combination  and recombination which leads to the creation of a new human being. It was believed that  (4)_________ one of the two X chromosomes in women was active and (5) _________ there were  none on the Y chromosomes on men, (6) _________ the result that both sexes would be comparable  to (7) _________ one working X chromosome.

Now, it is known that both X chromosomes in women (8) _________ to a women's genetic  inheritance, while startling new evidence shows that the Y chromosome is (9) _________ from  inactive. This means that men and women differ (10) _________ as much as one to two percent of  their genomes, an astounding figure when considering that there is only a 1.5% difference between  a man and a male chimpanzee, or a woman and a female chimpanzee.



It is perhaps difficult to believe that diamond, like graphite and charcoal, is a (1) _________ of carbon. Diamond crystallizes in cubic form, at enormous pressures and high temperatures over  the course of millions of years (much diamond occurs as well- formed crystals, most commonly as  octahedral or eight-sided crystal). The process has been imitated under laboratory conditions and  then applied industrially to create (2) _________ diamonds. These have proven to be mainly of (3) _________ industrial, plain quality or very small in size. The diamond's exceptional properties arise  from the crystal structure, in which the bonding between the carbon (4) _________ is immensely  strong and uniform. 

First, a diamond possesses extraordinary powers of light reflection. (5) _________ properly  cut, it gathers light within itself, reflecting it back in a shower of fire and brilliance. Second, it is the  only gem mineral (6) _________ of a single, unadulterated element, making it the purest of earth's  gemstones. Thirdly, it is the hardest transparent substance (7) _________ to man. Steel, for example,

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

(8) _________ which most machine tools are made, cannot cut diamond. The only material that can  cut diamond is (9) _________ diamond! Therefore, for that purpose, the industry uses, 'industrial  grade', usually black, diamonds. 

It is fitting that the purest and most brilliant of all the world's stones should also be the  most enduring one. These (10) _________ make a diamond the perfect symbol of engagement and  love. 


Put simply, an allergy is a disorder in which the body over-reacts to harmless substances  which in (1) ______ circumstances should not produce any reaction at all. An allergy can occur in  (2) ______ any part of your body, and can be caused by just about anything. Mainly though, allergies  become evident on parts of the body (3) ______ exposed to the outside world. Certain allergies  occur only at certain times of the year, while others are there all the time. Those that occur all the  year (4) ______ are probably caused by something you come into (5) ______ with every day of your  life, some seemingly harmless (6) ______ such as your deodorant or the pillow you lie on each night.  Allergies can occur at any time during your life, but usually do so before your fortieth birthday.  Sometimes the symptoms are so (7) ______ you do not even know you have an allergy, and it may  take years for an allergy to become noticeable. It all (8) ______ on the amount of the substance to  which you are exposed and for how long. Sometimes an allergy can disappear as suddenly as it  arrived, without any (9) ______. Sometimes it comes and goes for no apparent (10) ______, and with  no regularity.


How often do you go along to a gig and see (1) _________ new? Well, Quest's Friday night gig  at the City Hall certainly caught my (2) _________. Having heard one or two tracks online, I was (3) _________ a group of about six musicians. Imagine my surprise when just three young men walked  on stage.

It was clear that the band already have a small but (4) _________ following. A group of fans in  front of the small stage were singing (5) _________ to at least half of the songs. And it was easy to  see why. Quest have a clever combination of catchy (6) _________, an irresistible beat, and very  much their own sound. All three of the band members play with great energy and expertise (7)

_________ their age.

The only downside was when it came to the encores. They (8) _________ up repeating some  of their material and giving us cover (9) _________ of early rock classics. A bit disappointing, but  give them time and I'm sure they'll be writing a lot more.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from Quest. Check them out every Friday at the City Hall until  the end of the month. It's well (10) _________ it.


Cell phones have been (1) ______ in Japan since the early 1990s, but it was not until 1999 that  their use really took (2) ______. The age of cell phones has emerged but with it come (3) ______.  Cell phones are used on business trains, in restaurants, and in all areas of life. They cause problems  when they (4) ______ during meetings, concerts, weddings or (5) ______ funerals. What’s more,  people speak loudly in public and students read and text messages during lessons. More seriously,  when a cell phone is used near a person using a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat, its radio  waves may (6) ______ with the functioning of the machine. Now, something is being done to solve  these problems. In many places, new technology is being used to (7) ______ the cell phones. Airline  passengers are requested to stop using cell phones while on (8) ______. Concert halls ask their  audience to switch their phones to (9) ______ mode. However, phone (10) ______ fear that if they  do not answer their phones, they will lose valuable business opportunities. That’s why many do not  turn off their phones even when they are.


The Greek philosopher, Socrates, (1) _____________to peace as 'the time when children bury  their parents' and war as 'the time when parents bury their children' . War, in other words, is a time  when the natural state of things is thrown (2) _____________chaos and (3) _____________of any good  comes out of it.

The people who suffer in a war need not (4) _____________be the losing party. There are  always two sides to an argument. Both warring parties will inevitably sustain casualties, and it is  the people who pay for all the senseless damage. In a war, the soldiers (5) _____________be enemies  to each other, but they are still somebody's father, brother, son or husband. Someone will (6)

____________ for them if they die.

Our generation is fortunate (7) _____________we have not had the misfortune to go (8) _____________ a war. We should prevent such tragic events from recurring in the future. We should  do our utmost to preserve peace, first in our (9) _____________lives, and then in others. Only then  can we live in (10) _____________with one another.


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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.


Volcanic eruption has been a constant threat to our natural environment for millions of years,  but seldom in recent times (1) ___________ a volcano erupted with the ferocity of Krakatoa.

Krakatoa, (2) ___________ is a volcanic island group in Indonesia, erupted on 27th August  1883. Not only was the explosion (3) ___________ loud that it was heard as far away (more than  3,000 km) as Perth in Australia, (4) ___________ it is also recognized as (5) ___________ the loudest  sound (6) ___________ recorded.

Ten thousand people in the region were killed, many (7) ___________ in the enormous  tsunamis which the eruption produced – tsunamis which eventually reached South Africa and the  English Channel. 

The explosion also had a major effect on the (8) ___________ world’s weather system. The  volcanic dust in the atmosphere reduced the (9) ___________ of sunlight reaching the earth’s  surface, reducing global temperatures by more than one degree centigrade. Only after five years  had passed (10) ___________ global temperatures begin to normal.



Although it has a reputation for being rather basic in terms of home comforts, the modern  material used in the manufacture of tents means camping is at least a lot less hard work. Nowadays  tents are (1) _________ lightweight that you hardly notice you're carrying them. They're easy to (2) _________ up yet still a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation.

Talk to an expert first before spending a lot of money (3) _________ a tent. Different tents  suit different needs and there's no point (4) _________ buying a mountaineering tent (5) _________  you're planning to camp in these conditions. Don't (6) _________ tempted to splash out on all the  latest equipment either. Most of the fun of camping lies in the chance to get back to nature. There's  no need to take anything more (7) ________ the basics.

Always try to plan your arrival at the site long before (8) _________ gets dark. You will want  to see (9) _________ you're doing when you try to erect your tent. Don't forget to ask for permission  if you're not camping on a registered site, and remember to take a supply of food and drink with  you in (10) _________ the local shops are closed when you arrive. You can then enjoy your first meal  under the stars and begin to appreciate the joys of camping.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.



The largest land mammal alive today is the elephant. Today, there are two kinds of elephants  - the African elephant and the Indian elephant. (1) ______, this has not always been the case. Until  about 10,000 years ago, there was another group, the mammoths, which unfortunately are now (2) ______. Mammoths, which lived in the intense cold of northern Russia and North America, looked  very similar to modern elephants. A difference, of course, is that adult mammoths had a double  layer of long hair (3) ______ their whole bodies. 

Some scientists point a (4) ______ at humans as the factor responsible for the extinction of  the mammoths - supposedly (5) ______ mammoth bones have been found in places where humans  lived. However, thanks to recent evidence, many researchers now believe changes in weather is a  (6) ______ accurate explanation for the extinction of mammoths. The climate changed, and with it,  the types of plants (7) ______ changed. This in (8) ______ affected the mammoths, which now had  trouble finding food. The changes in climate probably took place quite suddenly, and in fact, whole  mammoths have been found perfectly (9) ______ in the ice. 

Because mammoths and modern elephants are somewhat similar, some scientists think it  might be possible to bring (10) ______ the animals by mixing DNA taken from frozen mammoths  with that of an elephant.



In the first few years at school all appears to (1) _______ very well. There is much concern,  (2) _______ the part of the teachers, with high educational standards, and the children, even (3) _______ who are far from being privileged in other ways, seem eager and happy. However, by the  time the children (4) _______ adolescence, the promise of the early years frequently remains  unfulfilled. Many leave school (5) _______ having mastered those basic skills which society  demands, let (6) _______ having developed the ability to exercise any sort of creative intelligence.

There is no denying that, in spite of the enlightened concern of our primary schools with  happiness, schooling (7) _______ or other turns into a distinctly unhappy experience for many of our  children. Large numbers of them emerge from it well aware that they are ill-equipped life in our  society. So then they either regard (8) _______ as stupid for failing or else, quite understandably,

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they regard the activities at which they have failed as stupid. In any event they want no (9) _______  of them. How can we justify a long (10) _______ of compulsory education which ends like that?


Energy is one of the (1) _______ that many people are interested in. It is not an unfamiliar word.  It is heard, said, discussed day after day. It is close to everyone’s (2) _______ life. You turn on the  lamp and it is (3) _______ that gives you light. You turn on a TV and it is energy that gives you  pictures and sound. You ride a motorcycle and it is energy that gives you (4) _______. You cook  your meals and it is energy that gives you heat to boil rice.

 The problem is that the (5) _______ for energy is rising and that the price of energy is getting  higher and higher. The supply of energy on earth is limited. It cannot provide us all forever. The (6) _______ of energy in the future is inevitable. Therefore, saving energy is a must if we want to (7) _______ to live in a safe and sound world.

 If we save energy, the environment will be (8) _______ polluted and our health will be better  and we will live a more meaningful life and more happily. Perhaps the best solution to the problem  of energy is a (9) _______ of clean energy coming from the sun: solar energy. This kind of energy is  easily available, free, and inexhaustible. Furthermore, it does not cause (10) _______.


A healthful lifestyle leads to a longer, happier, healthier life. Staying healthy means eating a  well-balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding things that are bad for the (1) ______ and  mind. 

Nutrition plays a key role (2) ______ maintaining good health and preventing many diseases.  In spite of all the information available about diet, scientists still believe that good nutrition can (3) ______ simple. There are several basic rules to follow. Keep fat intake low. Eat lots of foods high in  carbon hydrates, (4) ______ are the starches in grains, legumes (beans and peas), vegetables and  some fruits. (5)______ too much sugar. Limit salt. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which are high  in (6) ______.

A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. (7)______ of proper physical exercise can cause  tiredness, irritability, and poor general health. Physical fitness requires both aerobic exercise, such  as running, bicycle riding, and swimming, (8) ______ muscle-strengthening exercise, such as  weight-lifting.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

Finally, good health is acquired by (9)______ no to bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and  overeating and by avoiding situations that are constantly stressful. People can take their lives and  happiness into their own (10) ______. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first step.



Recent research found that having higher levels of self-esteem, a more positive way of  explaining why things happen, and avoiding perfectionist thinking were strongly (1) _________ to  bouncing back when things go wrong. 

To begin with, according to Dr. Judith Johnson self-esteem was shown to be (2) __________  in two thirds of the studies in mediating the link between failure and distress. All we need to do is  write a list of our positive qualities and examples of when we have (3) _______them.

Secondly, how we explain things also (4) ______. If we can brush off a disappointment by (5) ____________ it to external factors, then we have the equivalent of emotional armour.

Finally, if we have perfectionist tendencies, lower them. Perfectionists hold rigid standards  that don’t bend in the stormy (6) _________of life. Johnson says we need to set more realistic (7.  ___________. 

She also advises self-awareness and noticing when we are stressed. If you feel stuck, do  something that (8) _________ you up. You need to plan these things into a schedule – doing them  will chip away at your negative (9) ________, even if you do enjoy them a bit less than usual. Other  research shows that the (10) __________ of friends or family also helps emotional resilience, as does  being physically active.



Jon Wynne-Tyson was an original thinker whose best-known book ‚Food for a Future‘ was  published in 1975, In this classic work, a case was (1) __________ forward for (2) __________ can  only be described as a more responsible and humane attitude towards the world’s food resources.  It had gradually become clear to Wynne-Tyson that the economics and ecology of meat production  did not make sense. What justification was (3) __________, he argued, for using seven tones of  cereal to produce one tone of meat? 

Even today, the book's succinct style makes it compulsively readable. (4) __________ his  approach is basically an emotional one, Wynne-Tyson goes to great lengths to back (5) __________  every statement with considerable supporting evidence and statistical data. Thus, even those of us  who are widely read (6) __________ the subject of vegetarianism will gain fresh insights from this

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book. It is generally agreed that his most skillful achievement is the slow revelation of his main  thesis (7) __________ the arguments unfold. The book concludes that a move away from an animal based diet to one which is based on plant sources is inevitable in the long-term, in view of the fact  that there is no sound nutritional, medical or social justification for meat eating. (8) __________ of  whether you agree with (9) __________ a conclusion or not, the book certainly makes (10) __________  fascinating read.


If we measure the seasons, as in the past they have been, by ordinary natural events such as  the departure of migrating birds or the appearance of the first flower, (1)________________ spring  now begins in November and autumn ends in December. (2) ________________ may seem an  unlikely situation to us, but in actual fact, data shows that spring now occurs ten to thirty days  earlier than it did, while recent research bears (3) ________________ that autumn is arriving later. 

Traditional data on phenology, the study of the timing of natural events goes, (4) ________________ to 1736 in Britain, taken (5) ________________ isolation, phonological data may  not mean much, but the received wisdom from ecology is about interconnectedness.  (6)________________, with higher temperatures in winter, some species will breed earlier and then  find that their food source has been destroyed (7) ________________ winter finally arrives.  Competition for winter food will probably increase too, as birds stop migrating south in winter, as  has already happened in a (8) ________________ of cases

(9) ________________ it is often difficult to be certain that seasonal trends are progressive  and not cyclical, those involved in analyzing the information see the fingerprints of global warming  (10) ________________ this blurring of the seasons’ edges.



Karaoke is fast becoming the nation’s Number One party pastime. Public humiliation has  (1)_________ been so fashionable. It’s 1 a.m. at an exclusive location in the heart of London. A major  pop singer has taken the stage but rather than sing her latest hit, she treats the crowd (2)_________  a Michael Jackson song. What was (3) _________ the party habit of teenagers is now favoured by  London’s coolest crowd and everyone is having a (4) _________. So why are so many of our young  celebrities queueing up to make fools of (5) _________ in clubs and bars across the country? Maybe  it’s because (6) _________ out a naff pop song to a public audience shows that even though you  may be a celebrity, you don’t (7) _________ yourself too seriously. And if you are a big movie star,

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that’s a good message to get across. Nobody gets away without being laughed (8) _________ on a  karaoke evening, no matter how famous they are. (9) _________ all, that’s the whole point of the  exercise. But for the musical experts among you, a word of warning: this isn’t about proving to the  world that you know all the lyrics to a serious song. It’s about expressing your inner performer.  Don’t bother (10) _________ up at a karaoke night if you aren’t prepared to sing; you’ve got to put  in the effort and prove that you are one of the ‘in-crowd’. Break a leg!



Miserable, over-worked and insecure, the British work the longest hours in Europe and  express the (1) _________ job satisfaction. (2) _________ much richer, they are becoming fed up to  the back (3) _________ with work every year. What is the (4) _________ of economic success if it is  matched by growing unhappiness? Like dumb oxen we work harder than everyone else - a third of  men work over 50 hours a week - but we're not smarter. For over a century factory acts and ever  shorter working hours marked the onward march of industrial progress. Now social history has gone  into (5) _________.

In an (6) _________ study Professor Cary Cooper of the Manchester School of Management  revisits the same 5000 managers from CEOs down to juniors and he finds them growing  increasingly anxious about their lives. This is (7) _________ surprising since half of them work most  evenings and a third work most weekends. Whatever the reality of falling unemployment, people  feel their own job or status is in grave (8) _________ because they suffer more turmoil at work than  they did five years ago. Reconstructing, downsizing and radical change at work (9) _________ a life  of constant upheaval, and the current merger epidemic (10) _________ off unpredictable job loss.



The citizens of four major European countries think the (1) _________ of climate change such  as severe floods and storms are already affecting them, according to a major new polling study.  The research dispels the idea that global warming is widely seen as a future problem, and also  shows strong support for action to tackle global warming, (2) _________subsidies for clean energy  and big financial penalties for nations that refuse to be part of the international climate deal signed  in Paris in 205 – (3) _________ US president Donald Trump has threatened. There was also strong  support for giving financial (4) _________ to developing nations to cope with the impacts of climate  change. Renewable energy was viewed very positively in all nations, but fracking had little support,

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with just 20% of people seeing it positively in the UK, 5% in Germany and 9% in France. Nuclear  power was also unpopular: only 23% of those in France, (5) _________ it supplies the vast majority  of electricity, have a favourable opinion.

Overwhelming majorities of people in the UK, Germany, France and Norway said climate  change was at (6) _________ partly caused by human activities, such as burning fossil fuels. But  only a third thought the vast majority of scientists agreed with this, despite about 97% of climate  scientists doing so. “It is encouraging to see that most people in this very large study recognise  that climate change is happening, and that support for the need to tackle it remains high (7)

_________ the people we surveyed,” said Prof Nick Pidgeon at Cardiff University, who led the  international project. He said the firm backing of the public could be important in the light of Trump’s  opposition to climate action: “(8) _________ the recently shifting political mood in some countries,  climate policy is now entering a critical phase. It is therefore even (9) _________ important that the  public’s clear support for the Paris agreement is carried (10) _________ by policymakers Europe  and worldwide.”



Erskine Childers was not what you would call your (1) _________ Irish freedom fighter. A Briton by birth, and a proud (2) _________ at that for most of the early years of his life, Childers was a decorated soldier of the British Admiralty (3) _________ had demonstrated unwavering commitment and loyalty to both king and country. And yet, somewhere along the way, disillusionment (4) _________ in.

While it is difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when doubt started to creep into Childers' mind (5) _________ to whether his loyalty was misguided, what was essentially a complete philosophy shift - a total realignment of ideals - did occur. Childers went from (6) _________ royalist to a staunch nationalist, obsessed with the cause of Irish freedom.

He befriended the (7) _________ of Eamon DeVelera and Michael Collins, key figures in the Irish Republican camp, and even went so far as to ship illegal armaments to the leaders of the ill-fated Easter Rising of 1916, which was easily put (8) _________ by the British army.

Later, he would fight on the (9) _________ of the Irish rebels in the War of Independence,  until an uneasy truce was agreed between Britain and Ireland. Eventually, a treaty was signed partitioning the country. For Childers, by now totally devoted to the cause of Irish freedom and the notion of a united Ireland, partition was (10) _________ bitter a pill to swallow.

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Fancy creating your very own Ronaldinho? Well, before (1) _________, you may be able to do  just that. Simply sign (2) _________ for RoboCup. 

RoboCup is the nickname for an international scientific project called the Robot World Cup  Initiative. (3) _________ by the idea of using football as a means of promoting science and  technological development, the project organizers have (4) _________ an ultimate goal of building a  robotic football team that will be able to (5) _________ the human World Cup winners by the year  2050. Teams are becoming increasingly competitive in their endeavours to create humanoid  footballers, and the annual RoboCup World Championships play (6) _________ to robotic designs  at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence technology. RoboCup Junior, an offshoot of the project  designed for schools, has also witnessed some innovative designs from budding young scientists  around the globe. 

The question is: Can RoboCup’s goal realistically be (7) _________ by 2050? The organizers  admit it’s a (8) _________ order, but argue that it is nevertheless feasible. After all, there was only a  matter of fifty years between the first flight by aeroplane and the first moon landing. So it would be  folly to dismiss out of (9) _________ the possibility of a world class robot football team beating the  human champions by 2050. For (10) _________, though, my money remains firmly on the real  Ronandinho.



It is a sad fact that adults laugh far less than children, sometimes (1) _________ as much as  a couple of hundred times a day. Just take a look at people’s faces on the way to work or in the  office: you’ll be lucky to see a smile, let (2) _________ hear a laugh. This is a shame -especially in  (3) _________ of the fact that scientists have proved that laughing is good for you. “When you  laugh,” says psychologist David Cohen, “it produces the feel-good hormones, endorphins. It  counters the effects of stress (4) _________ enhances the immune system .”

There are many reasons why we might laugh less in adult life: perhaps we are too work obsessed; or too embarrassed to (5) _________ our emotions show. Some psychologists simply  believe that children have more naive responses, and as adults we naturally grow (6) _________ of  spontaneous reactions.

Luckily, however, it is possible to relearn the art of laughter. In India” laughter clinics have  been growing (7) _________ popularity over the last few years, (8) _________ to the efforts of Dr  Madan Kataria, whose work has won him a devoted following. Dr Kataria believes that his laughing

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techniques can help to strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels, (9) _________ other  things. He teaches his patients different laughs or giggles to relax specific parts of the body. In  1998 when Dr Kataria organized a World Laughter Day at Bombay racetrack, 10,000 people (10) _________ up. 





Over the last forty years, one of the major changes in the way we live concerns (1)________  we eat.

As well as the fact that we have larger incomes, foreign travel (2)________ encouraged us to  experiment (3)________ our cooking. As a result, ordinary people have developed a taste  (4)________ exotic flavours. Supermarkets, which previously filled their shelves with only locally  produced goods, now stock Caribbean vegetables, spices from India and (5)________ Chinese beer!  There is also a trend towards eating (6)________ healthily nowadays, so low-fat, low-calorie  foodstuffs have become part of our weekly shopping basket. And vegetarianism is on (7)________  rise, too. Government surveys predict that one in three of us will be a vegetarian by the end of the  present decade.

Strange as it may seem, (8)________, the fact that we now know more than ever before about  what we should eat has not actually made us (9)________ healthier. In fact, the latest surveys show  that all of us are getting fatter and some, especially teenagers, are in danger of becoming clinically  obese. If this happens, we only have (10)________ to blame.


Most people I know would never go to a martial arts movie, even if you paid them, but I defy  anyone (1) ______ to enjoy 70 minutes in the dark with Jackie Chan. For a start, Chan is simply  interested in evading the bullies who want to do him over - and if he bumps into someone as he's  running away, he's always apologetic. His screen persona is never (2) ______ to bombast. Chan is  a likeable, bumbling everyman who tries to extricate himself from scrapes with his astounding  athletic (3) ______ as he leaps up the side of a building, you would swear he was on wires. With the  kind of skills and agility normally (4) ______ to monkeys and flies, Chan seems capable of scuttering  up any surface. And it is extremely rare for him to (5) ______ on the offensive. The films of lesser  action stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme provide a diet of relentless violence, punctuated every  now and (6) ______ by some semi-moronic 'witticism', but Chan's balletic altercations with his  enemies are as a (7) ______ oriented around the art of comic evasion. True, nobody could ever win

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a screen-writing Oscar for one of his films: they're the sort of film where villains will frequently deliver  lines like “I'm sorry we didn't get the tape, four of our guys got blown up”. They (8) ______ to be a  series of stunt sequences, all devised by Chan himself, wrapped around the most tenuous of plots.  He uses no stunt double or state of the art technology or computer-generated tricks. He is simply  a person of great charm with an enormous flair (9) ______ physical comedy. And what is so amazing  is that this seasoned campaigner should still be making (10) ______ films at the age of fifty.


An (1) ______ of Chinese peasants is roaming the country seeking work. An even bigger  army of around 130 million peasants, still at home, is (2) ______ work. The figures, published by the  Communist news service, explain the masses of people gathering together outside the Canton  railway station each morning. It may well (3) ______ that the numbers flocking to the coastal cities  to take advantage of (4) ______ stringent controls on movement and greater job opportunities could  reach as high as 30 million soon. Notices are being posted and orders (5) ______ telling people to  go back to their towns and villages and (6) ______ city employers not to advertise jobs in the  countryside! Until recently the cities welcomed these migrant workers because they were cheap.  However, recent proclamations of austerity, banning building projects, mean less work is available.  In (7) ______, figures reveal that in some cities migrant workers (8) ______ for more than half of the  recent criminal arrested! Ironically, the household registration system, which made (9) ______ illegal  for people to leave home without permission, has been abandoned making it easier for peasants to  move to the cities. The authorities appear to be (10) ______ a loss as to what more they can do.



There can be hardly anyone who has not heard of yoga, and (1)__________ you are 16 or 60, you  can reap the benefits of taking (2)__________ in a yoga class. Yoga is a system of (3)_________ the  body and the mind. Its goal is to (4)__________ it easier for people to remove all distractions  preventing them living a life of the spirit in union with their Maker. Reaching this state is (5)_________  greater a challenge that might be imagined. The main emphasis of the physical training is  (6)__________ bringing the body under complete control in such areas as the regulation of breathing  and the flexibility of the muscles, (7)__________ if which are instrumental in controlling our overall  movements. The mental training, as (8)_________ as the modifications to the behavior of the  physical body, make undisturbed concentration (9)___________. So perhaps it’s (10) ___________  we all headed for the nearest yoga class and started training right now.


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The majority of lottery winners change their lives (1) _______ little, and continue on their  settled way happy ever after. A couple of years ago, a Mr. David won a million. He had been  struggling to (2) _______ a success of his dry cleaning shop for the past 12 months. He accepted  his cheque in a small ceremony (3) _______ the premises at 2.30, and by three o’clock he had  reopened for business. The reaction of Mr. Pasquale Consalvo who won $30 million in the New  York state lottery was very (4) _______.He was unhappy not to be able to fulfill his desire to go to  work as (5) _______ on the day he won. He also said that if the money made him (6) _______ he  would give it back. In fact, the chances of his life being made a misery by his new-found wealth are  almost (7) _______ slim though not quite as the sixty million-to-one odds he beat to take a jackpot  (8) _______ had remained unclaimed through six previous draws. Gambling small amounts (9) _______ the lottery is a harmless if futile hobby. (10) _______, gambling can become an addition,  increasingly so as the activity becomes socially acceptable.


Many celebrated artists have found it hard to makes ends meet early on in their careers.  (1)____________a few well-known exceptions, however, (poor Van Gogh being perhaps the most  famous one) most went on to find recognition within their own lifetime. Picasso’s life story is the  kind of rags-to-riches tale which gives hope to many (2) ____________ unknown artist. In 1904, he  was sharing a draughty and primitive studio complex (3)____________thirty other artists. But by his  death, he was a multi-millionaire and probably the most celebrated modern artist ever.  Nevertheless, (4)____________ every success story, there must be dozens of artists (perhaps some  potential ‘greats’) who have endured a lifetime (5) ____________ hardship in obscurity. Whether they  were never recognized because their work was out of sympathy with the prevailing fashion, or (6) ____________ they lacked talent, is impossible to say. Most people see art (7) ____________ a  vocation rather (8) ____________ a career. There may indeed be some truth in the idea that artists  need to (9) ____________ exceptionally dedicated to succeed, and even relatively successful artists  sometimes have (10) ____________ supplement their income by working in other areas occasionally.



There is a scene in the film Minority Report in (0) __which__ Tome Cruise stands in front of a  vast Perspex-like screen housed in the police department’s Pre-Crime Unit. He gazes (1) ____  earnest at the transparent surface, waving his hands across the tablet to swirl great chunks of text  and moving image across the screen to (2) ____ a storyboard of yet-to-be-committed crimes. With  a simple twist of his finger or a flick of his wrist, pictures expand and enlarge, word scroll, and whole  trains of thought come to tangible fruition (3) ____ there on board. The year is 2054.

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Yet it seems the era of true touch-screen technology is already here. Indeed, when Apple boss  Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in San Francisco a few years ago, he grandly declared: “We are  reinventing the cell phone.”

(4) ____ of the main reasons for Jobs’ bold claim was the iPhone’s futuristic user interface- “multi-touch”. As demonstrated on stage by Jobs (5) ____, multi-touch was created to make the  most of the iPhone’s large screen. (6)____most existing smart phones, the iPhone has only one  conventional button-all the rest of the controls appear on the screen, adapting morphing around  your fingertips as you use the device, almost (7)____ the giant tablet in Minority Report.

The demonstration iPhone handset certainly looked like re-invention, but multi-touch, while it  was new for Apple, is (8) ____ no means a new technology. The concept has been around for years,  waiting for the hardware side of the equation to get small enough, smart enough, cheap enough to  make it a reality. While it still remains something of a novelty now, there is a good chance that the  (9) ____ years will bring many more computers and consumer gadgets that depend wholly or  (10)____ on multi-touch concepts.


 Overland transport in the United States was still extremely primitive in 1790. Roads were few  and short, usually extending from inland communities to the nearest river town or seaport. (1) _______ all interstate commerce was carried out by sailing ships that served the bays and harbors  of the seaboard. Yet, in 1790 the nation was on the threshold of a new era of road development. (2) _______ to finance road construction, states (3) _______ for help to private companies, organized  by merchants and land speculators who had a personal interest in improved communications (4) _______ the interior. The pioneer in this move was the state of Pennsylvania, which chartered a  company in 1792 to construct a turnpike, a road for the use of (5) _______ a toll, or payment, is  collected, from Philadelphia to Lancaster. The legislature (6) _______ the company the authority to  erect tollgates at (7) _______ along the road where payment would be collected, though it carefully  regulated the rates. (The states had unquestioned authority to regulate private business in this  period.)

The company built a gravel road (8) _______ two years, and the success of the Lancaster Pike  encouraged imitation. Northern states generally relied on private companies to (9) _______ their toll  roads, but Virginia constructed a network at public expense. (10) _______ was the road building  fever that by 1810 New York alone had some 1,500 miles of turnpikes extending from the Atlantic  to Lake Erie.


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There are a few runners who have completed every London Marathon since the first race in  1981. They are the toughest runners of all. These athletes, (1) ____________ honour of both their  mental and physical strength, have been given a permanent entry in the event for the rest of their  lives, provided that they do not miss a year. Other people have run the race faster or under greater  handicaps, (2) ____________ these are athletes with a mission. For (3) ____________, the annual  event is a way of life, not just a worthy fund-raising exercise or a single challenge. Bill O’Connor is  one of these runners. In his case, running is a daily ritual which began in New Zealand (4) ___________, as a youngster, he pounded along the wet sand on the edge of the Tasman Sea. Now  aged fifty, and working as a mathematics teacher at a school in London, he retains his fascination  (5) ____________the London Marathon and the activity of running. He says, “When the first London  Marathon was held, I thought (6) ____________ myself that here was a challenge. I thought that if  there was only going to be one race, I wanted to have run in it.” But the London Marathon went (7)

____________ to become the most impressive success story in British sport and Bill O’Connor has  been a constant part of it. (8) ____________ he ever felt that he would fail to finish? “In 1985. It was  a beautiful day and I started running much (9) ____________ fast for the first mile and got worried.  So I slowed down for the next mile. Yet (10) ____________I expected I would take at least four hours,  I finished in two hours thirty-four minutes and twenty-nine seconds”. It is his best time so far.


The knowledge and eloquence that people gain through travelling is usually perceived (1) _________ the best fulfillment in life. It is the inquisitive human nature that impels people to seek  thrilling experiences and to set out on an exploration trip. (2) _________ who travel frequently and  to diverse places benefit from establishing new relationships and (3) _________ a better knowledge  about other cultures and lifestyles. However, there is a grain of truth in the assumption that people  are prone to cherishing clichés and unfounded prejudices about other nations and their  characteristics. Sometimes, it is only the first-hand encounter (4) _________ can help change the  approach towards the so-called 'inferior communities'. This direct (5) _________ with a different  civilization enables travelers to drop their baseless assumptions and get acquainted with the real  concept of life in all four (6) _________ of the globe. Beyond question, travelling facilitates friendship  and makes (7) _________ easier for many individuals to acknowledge the true value of different  traditions and customs. Yet, it does not always (8) _________ enjoyment. It (9) _________ also involve  coming close with the atrocities of real existence as well as becoming aware of the challenges and  hardships that other people have to struggle with. Hence, a true voyage is the one with a good (10) _________ of experience to reminisce about, very often combined with exposure to abhorrent sights  and incredible ordeals. The learning to be complete, thus, requires an ability to observe and analyze  the surroundings, both their glamour and brutality.

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The popular TV music channel MTV was launched in 1981 in the US with the intention of  playing (1) ______ but music videos. It was a brilliant marketing concept, as it came at little cost  while (2) ____ extremely attractive to record companies and advertisers.

The videos were guided by an air-host (3) _______ as a VJ-the term is a conflation of ‘video’ and ‘disc jockey’. The VJs are now a (4) ________ of the past, but (5) _________their heyday, they  were MTV, attaining cult status. It was (6) _________ presenters on the station that Russell Brand  and Alex Zane got their career breaks.

MTV changed the way we experience music: we (7) _______ records instead of just listening  to them. Record companies were quick to appreciate this, and acts such as Madona and Boy  George, (8) _________ appeal was as much about their good looks (9) _______their music, went  global. Such (10) _________the music video’s impact that film directors at the height of their careers  were attracted to the medium.


A healthful lifestyle leads to a longer, happier, healthier life. Staying healthy means eating a  well-balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding things that are bad for the (1) ______ and  mind. 

Nutrition plays a key role (2) ______ maintaining good health and preventing many diseases.  In spite of all the information available about diet, scientists still believe that good nutrition can (3) ______ simple. There are several basic rules to follow. Keep fat intake low. Eat lots of foods high in  carbon hydrates, (4) ______ are the starches in grains, legumes (beans and peas), vegetables and  some fruits. (5)______ too much sugar. Limit salt. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which are high  in (6) ______.

A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. (7)______ of proper physical exercise can cause  tiredness, irritability, and poor general health. Physical fitness requires both aerobic exercise, such  as running, bicycle riding, and swimming, (8) ______ muscle-strengthening exercise, such as  weight-lifting.

Finally, good health is acquired by (9)______ no to bad habits such as smoking, drinking,  and overeating and by avoiding situations that are constantly stressful. People can take their lives  and happiness into their own (10) ______. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first step. 


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Some interesting discoveries have been made by psychologists studying conflicts between  adolescents and their parents. One notable feature is that they seldom argue about such major  topics (1) ________sex, drugs, or politics. This is surprising, given that great differences often exist  between the attitudes of parents and adolescents on such issues. Researchers suggest the  explanation may be that such topics (2) ___________not usually relate to day-to-day family  interaction and are (3) ________discussed as they are not directly relevant (4) __________family life.  Instead, parents and children tend to (5) ___________out over everyday family matters such as  housework.

Despite the changed that have (6) __________place over the past fifty years, adolescents  appear to have the same kinds of arguments with their parents as their parents had (7) ___________they themselves were young. It seems to come down to the conflict between the  adolescent’s desire for independence (8) _________the parents’ authority. Teenagers spoke of their  right to be free of restrictions, while parents were equally sure of their right to exert control, backing  this up (9) __________referring to the needs of the family as a whole. Interestingly, both groups could  see the other’s (10) _________of view even though they disagreed with it.


In the age before the motor car, what was travelling in London like? Photographs taken 100  years ago showing packed streets indicate that it was much the same as it is now. Commuters who  choose the car to get to work probably travel at an average speed of 17 kph from their homes in  the suburbs to offices in the centre. It is virtually the same (66)___________ that they would have  travelled at in a horse and carriage a century ago.

As towns and cities grow, (67)___________ does traffic, whether in the form of the horse and  carriage (68) ___________ the modern motor car. It would seem that, wherever (69)___________ are  people who need to go somewhere, they would (70)___________ be carried than walk or pedal. The  photographs show that, in (71)___________ of congestion and speed, traffic in London hasn’t  changed over the past 100 years. London has had traffic jams ever (72)___________ it became a  huge city. It is only the vehicles that have changed.

However, although London had traffic congestion long (73)___________ the car came along,  the age of the horse produced little unpleasantness apart (74)___________ the congestion. Today,  exhaust fumes create dangerous smogs that cause (75)___________ problems for a great many  people. Such problems could be reduced if many of us avoided jams by using bicycles or taking a  brisk walk to school or work.


Once, children had ambitions to be doctors, explorers, sportsmen, artists or scientists. Now,  taking their (1) ________ from TV, they just want to be famous. Fame is no (2) ________ a reward

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for gallant service or great, perhaps even selfless endeavour. It is an end in (3) ________ , and the  sooner it can be achieved, the sooner the lonely bedroom mirror can be replaced by the TV camera  and flash gun, the (4) ________. Celebrity is the profession (5) ________ the moment, a vainglorious  vocation which, (6) ________ some 18th-century royal court, seeems to exist largely (7) ________  that the rest of us might watch and be amazed (8) ________ its members live out their lives in public,  like self-regarding members of some glittering soap opera. 

Today, almost (9) ________ can be famous. Never has fame (10) ________. More democratic, more  ordinary, more achievable.

The computer has brought nothing (1) _______________problems to the world of the twentieth  century. Chief among the problems has (2) ________________the dehumanization of society. People  are no (3)_________________ human. Each of us is a series of numbers, numbers to be fed into  computers. There are our credit card numbers, our bank account (4)_________________ , our social  security numbers, our telephone and electricity numbers - the computer number game is endless. What happens to these computerized numbers? They are distributed to a network of  government agencies and business (5) __________________can use them to invade our privacy. The  Internal Revenue Service stores millions of facts about every citizen. Credit agencies exchange  (6)________________ on the spending and saving practices of nearly every American adult. Mailing  lists are (7)_____________________ available by computers to dozens of organizations, public and  private, who bombard us with unwanted mail. Just let the computer which stores (8) ___________________ concerning our accounts, let us say  with a credit card company, make an error and it is almost impossible to correct it. The result is an  avalanche of bills, threads, and loss of credit standing. The computer has thrown thousands of  people out of (9) _____________________. The gamut of computer- generated unemployed runs  from highly skilled technicians to typists. These are some of the reasons why I feel that the (10) __________________________ of the computer has been detrimental to the quality of our life in the  twentieth century.


Life on a small island may seem very inviting (1) ____ the tourists who spend a few weeks  there in the summer, but the realities of living on what is virtually a rock surrounded by water are  quite different from (2) ____ the casual visitor imagines. Although in summer the island villages are  full of people, life and activities, when the tourist season is (3) ____ many of the shop owners shut  down their businesses and (4) ____ to the mainland to spend the winter in town. Needless to say,  (5) ____ who remain on the island, either by choice or necessity, face many hardships. One of the  (6) ____ of these is isolation, with its many attendant problems. When the weather is bad, (7) ____

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is often the case in winter, the island is entirely cut off; this means not only that people cannot  have goods (8) ____ but also that a medical emergency can be fatal to someone confined to an  island. At times telephone (9) ____ is cut off, which means that no word from the outside world  can get through. Isolation and loneliness are basic reasons why so many people have left the  islands for a better and more (10) ____ life in the mainland cities, in spite of the fact that this  involves leaving “home”. 

The dog fence is Australia’s version of the Great Wall of China (1) ________ longer, erected to  keep (2) __________ hostile invaders, in this (3) __________ hordes of yellow dogs. The empire it  preserves is that of the woolgrowers, sovereigns of the world’s second largest sheep flock, after  China’s – some 123 million head-and keepers of a wool export business worth four billion dollars  to the national economy. It (4) ___________ to matter little that more and more people – conservationists, politiciams, taxpayers and animal lovers – say that the construction of such a  fence (5) __________ never be allowed today. With some sections of it almost one hundred years  old, built by bushmen travelling with camels, the dog fence has become, as must conservationists  ruefully admit, ‘an icon of frontier ingenuity’.

To appreciate (6) __________ unusual outback monument and to meet the people (7) __________ livelihoods depend on it, I spent part of an Astralian autumn travelling the wire. For most  of its prodigious length the fence winds like a river (8) ___________ a landscape that, (9) _________  heavy rain has fallen, scarely has rivers. It marks the traditional dividing line (10) ____________ cattle  (outside) and sheep (inside). Inside is where dingoes, legally classified as vermin, are shot, poisoned  and trapped.


Most people like to think they are (1) ______ and simply wear whatever they like. Few people  will admit to being (2)_______ to fashion. However we are not just talking of the expensive haute  couture of the Paris or Milan fashion houses, which not many people can (3)_______ anyway. We  are talking of fashions and (4) _______ in everyday clothes. We say that we wear jeans and  sweaters because they are cheap and practical, but it isn’t true that our jeans and sweaters tend  to be the same as everyone else wears? Doesn’t that mean that we like to be (5)_______? Of  course the big chain-stores, to some extent, (6)_______ what we wear, but they always offer a  choice and people do, on the whole, like to wear the latest (7)_______, which extends beyond  clothes to make-up, personal (8)_______ (men wear earrings too, nowadays) and hair styles. It is  easy to declare that we do not lavishly (9) _______ the dictates of fashion, but aren’t we all  (10)_______ at heart?

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Dennis the Small, a 6th (1) _____ expert on canon law, has had an enduring, if unsung, (2) ___  on the affairs of the modern world. It was (3) ___ to his calculations that the precise timing of the  2000th anniversary of Christ’s birth was recently confirmed beyond (4) ___. Dionysus Exiguus, as he  was then (5) ___, was charged in 525 by Pope John I was setting dates in the Christian calendar.  Though he was a good mathematician, the accuracy of Dennis’ calculations was limited by the  information (6) ___ at the time.

Establishing the exact (7) ___ of Christ’s crucifixion – and therefore that of Easter – (8) ___ an  especially difficult challenge. Theologians had decreed that Easter should be marked on the Sunday  after the first full (9) ___ after the vernal equinox, but without accurate solar and (10)___ calendars  how could the church fathers predict the dates in the future?


Vietnamese education will (1) __________ that of Singapore’s and share the top spots in the  Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – such a promising prospect has always been  students’ source of inspiration so that we will strive harder in our studies.

Our greatest aspiration is learning in a truly wholesome environment where teachers and students  teach and learn and are (2) __________ on the basis of their real abilities. Leaders of the education  sector would create auspicious conditions to turn schools into homes where students really exercise  their mastery.

There we would fully harness our independence, creativity and self-control in our studies,  and become dynamic, enterprising youths who decide our own lives and are bursting with energy  and ambitions to express ourselves and (3) __________ out a fruitful career.

As a 12th grader who has experienced numerous (4) __________ conducted by the Ministry  of Education and Training, I’ve realized that the lack of a wholesome educational environment is  behind inadequate renovations and a (5) __________ to our learning capacity and inventiveness. Vietnam’s education sector lags (6) __________ its regional counterparts due to its failure to  implement reforms in the teaching and learning of English at school.

In order to create and cherish a healthy, nourishing educational environment and a liberal  academic space which allows both teachers and students to take their own initiative, investment  should be made in infrastructure and equipment, while (7) __________ should be redesigned.

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Changes to teaching and learning methodology are necessary, and equity between teachers and  learners should also be promoted.

Such changes include the construction of classrooms to trim the number of students in each class  down to 20 so as to maximize interaction between teachers and students. More laboratories, visual  aids and restrooms should be added to better (8) __________ to demands. Three-fourths of the  construction costs should be taken from the state coffers, while the (9) __________ one-fourth is  culled from society.

If the government considers education a national priority, it’s advisable that all efforts and resources  be spent on the education sector, which is a really wise choice. Regarding social campaigning, I  believe that everyone is willing to make a (10) __________ effort, as the cause is supposed to do  everyone good. I also hope that the education ministry, departments and school management  boards will be dedicated administrators who wisely and transparently spend the funding without  acting in their self-interest.



A recent proposal to limit the speed cars can reach is proving controversial. The idea, put  (1) _____ by the institute for Road Safety, involves (2) _____ vehicles with a communications box  containing a digital map of the road network. When a car is in motion, the communications box – which knows how fast the vehicle is (3) _____ permitted to travel on a particular section of road – automatically regulates the car’s speed. It (4) _____ becomes impossible for a vehicle fitted with  such a (5) _____ to exceed the speed limit.

There are plans to (6) _____ motorists to drive into the centre of major cities, and a  communications box could be used to identify vehicles that enter this zone. At present, each time  a vehicle does so, its number (7) _____ is photographed. Then the number is compared (8) _____ a  list of authorized vehicles, but this system is costly and (9) _____ from foolproof

The system could be put in place quickly if the government wished as part the technology  has already been developed for another purpose. Electronic vehicle identification is (10) _____ with  some people, who regard it as an infringement of their rights. They would certainly object to a plan  to restrict the limit of their cars, which may make the government hesitate to go through with it. 




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The handwriting of school children could spell the difference between success and failure  in examinations according to research carried out by the Open University.

In a study by Dennis Briggs of the Faculty of Educational Studies, it was found that essays which  were written (1) _____ different styles of handwriting attracted different marks. ‘The findings  suggest that there is a borderline zone within examination marking where (2) _____ an essay is  written may be almost as important as what the essay is about,’ said Mr. Briggs. Five essays were  double marked (3) _____ the second marker unaware of the marks of the first marker. The essay  scripts for the second marker had been copied out in three writing styles. Two of the styles were  ones which had been the subject of continual criticism at school.

(4) _____ the markers were practising teachers who (5) _____ told that the effectiveness of double  marking was being checked. the results showed that a 12-year old who can present an essay one  way will do better, perhaps much better, (6) _____ a friend who presents the (7) _____ standard in  terms of content but who (8) _____ not or cannot make it look so attractive. The conclusion is that 

school children may not do as (9) _____ as perhaps they could (10) _____ their handwriting is  untidy.



Student: “Hello, sir. I'm a student in Vietnam National University. You are a very great leader,  and we are young leaders. Do you have any advice that how can we be great like you?”  President Obama:. “When I was at your age, I wasn't as well-organized and sophisticated as all of  you. When I was young, I fooled (1) _________ a lot. I didn’t always take my studies very seriously. I  was more interested in basketball and girls. I wasn't always that serious. You're already way (2) _________ of me. Whenever I meet with young people, my most important advice is to find  something you care deeply about, find something excites you and (3) _________ all energy into it.  Everybody's (4) _________ is different. Sometimes it's education, medicine, business. So no one’s  path is to end being a leader. Some people think you have to make great speeches, or be in politics  but there're a lot of ways to (5) _________. Some are behind the (6) _________. For example in the  U.S., civil rights movement, when all heard of Martin Luther King but also Moses, John Louis going  to communities, getting people to (7) _________. They were big leaders, even though they didn't  make speeches. Don't worry so much what you want to be. Worry more about what you are going  to do. If you're (8) _________ about your work. Over time, you will rise and people will respect. But  if you just think I want to be a member of the National Assembly or rich then you will pay less (9) _________ to your work. Most successful people do. Bill Gates didn't start thinking I want to be rich.  I like computers and want to build software. I decided that I wanted to help poor people to have  opportunities. So I went to work in poor communities in Chicago because I was interested in the

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

work. I started to ask questions: how can I help young people? How can I (10) _________? How can  I build organizations?

That's my most important advice. Decide what you care about deeply and put all into that. If you  are interested in social media, make a company and focus on that”.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.


Bài 1 

1. whatever

2. Until

3. process

4. only

5. that

6. with

7. having

8. contribute

9. far

10. by




Bài 2 


2. artificial

3. either

4. atoms

5. when

6. composed

7. known

8. of

9. another

10. qualities




Bài 3 

1. normal

2. almost

3. directly/being

4. round

5. contact

6. object/thing

7. slight/mild

8. depends

9. treatment

10. Reason




Bài 4 

1. something

2. attention

3. expecting

4. loyal

5. along

6. lyrics

7. despite

8. ended

9. versions

10. worth




Bài 5 

1. popular/used

2. off

3. problems/trouble

4. ring

5. even

6. interfere

7. block

8. board

9. silent/vibration

10. users




Bài 6 

1. referred

2. into

3. nothing

4. only

5. may

6. grieve

7. because

8. through

9. own






Bài 7 

1. has

2. which

3. so

4. but

5. being

6. ever

7. drowning / 

dying / perishing

8. whole/entire

9. amount

10. did




Bài 8 

1. so

2. put

3. on

4. in

5. unless

6. be

7. than

8. it

9. what

10. case




Bài 9 

1. However

2. extinct

3. over

4. finger

5. because

6. more

7. available

8. turn

9. preserved

10. back




Bài 10

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

1. go

3. those

5. without

7. somehow

9. more

2. on

4. reach

6. alone

8. themselves

10. period




Bài 11 



2. daily

3. energy

4. movement

5. demand

6. shortage

7. continue

8. less

9. source

10. Pollution




Bài 12 

1. body

2. in

3. be

4. which

5. avoid

6. vitamins

7. lack

8. and

9. saying

10. hands




Bài 13 

1. linked

2. significant

3. shown

4. matters

5. attributing

6. weather

7. standards

8. cheers

9. mood/feeling/emotion

10. support




Bài 14 

1. put

2. what

3. there



5. up

6. on

7. as



9. such

10. a




Bài 15 

1. then

2. this

3. out

4. back

5. in

6. consequently

7. when

8. number

9. although

10. in




Bài 16 

1. Never/rarely

2. to

3. once

4. go

5. themselves

6. out

7. take

8. at

9. After





Bài 17 

1. least

2. However

3. teeth

4. point

5. reverse

6. annual

7. hardly

8. peril

9. mean

10. sparks




Bài 18 

1. impacts/effect

2. including

3. as

4. aid/ support

5. where

6. least

7. among/amongst

8. with

9. more

10. through




Bài 19

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

1. average


3. who



6. being


8. down

9. side





Bài 20 

1. long

2. up

3. Inspired

4. set

5. beat

6. host

7. achieved/ 


8. tall

9. hand

10. now




Bài 21 

1. by

2. alone

3. view

4. and

5. let

6. out

7. in

8. thanks/ 

owing/ due

9. among

10. turned/ 





Bài 22 

1. what

2. has

3. with

4. for

5. even

6. more

7. the

8. however/


9. any

10. ourselves





Bài 23 

1. not

2. prone/ given

3. ability

4. limited

5. go

6. then

7. rule

8. tend

9. for

10. such




Bài 24 

1. army

2. without

3. be

4. less

5. given

6. warning

7. addition

8. account

9. it

10. at




Bài 25 

1. whether

2. part

3. training

4. make/render

5. far

6. on

7. both

8. well

9. possible

10. time




Bài 26 

1. but

2. make

3. at

4. similar

5. usual

6. unhappy

7. as

8. that

9. on

10. However




Bài 27 

1. With

2. an

3. with


5. of

6. because

7. as

8. than

9. be

10. to




Bài 28

1. in

2. form

3. right

4. One

5. himself

6. Unlike

7. like

8. by

9. coming

10. mainly/partly




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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. Bài 29 

1. nearly

2. unable

3. turned

4. with

5. which

6. gave

7. points

8. within

9. build

10. such




Bài 30 

1. in

2. but/only/yet

3. them

4. where/when

5. with/for

6. to

7. on

8. Had/Has

9. too

10. (al)though




Bài 31 

1. as

2. Those

3. acquiring

4. that

5. contact

6. corners

7. it

8. mean

9. may

10. deal




Bài 32 


2. being

3. known

4. thing

5. in




8. whose






Bài 33 

1. body

2. in

3. be

4. which

5. avoid

6. vitamins

7. lack

8. and

9. saying

10. hands




Bài 34 

1. as

2. do

3. not

4. to

5. fall

6. taken

7. when

8. and

9. by

10. point




Bài 35 

1. speed

2. so

3. or

4. there

5. rather/sooner

6. terms

7. since

8. before

9. from

10. breathing




Bài 36 

1. lead

2. longer

3. itself

4. better

5. of

6. like

7. so

8. as

9. anyone/anybody everyone/everybody


been/seemed/a ppeared




Bài 37 

1. but

2. been

3. longer

4. numbers

5. which

6. information

7. made

8. data

9. work

10. advent




Bài 38

1. to

2. what

3. over

4. return

5. those

6. worst

7. which

8. delivered



10. secure




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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.


Bài 39 














Bài 40 

1. individualists

2. slaves

3. afford

4. trends

5. trendy

6. dictate

7. fashion

8. ornaments

9. follow

10. conformists




Bài 41 

1. century

2. influence/impact

3. thanks/due



5. known


6. available

7. date


posed/proved/pre sented

9. moon

10. lunar




Bài 42 

1. emulate/ rival

2. assessed

3. carve

4. reforms

5. hindrance

6. behind

7. curricula/ 


8. cater

9. remaining

10. concerted/  joint




Bài 43 

1. forward

2. fitting

3. legally

4. therefore

5. device

6. charge

7. plate

8. against

9. far

10. unpopular




Bài 44 

1. in

2. how

3. with

4. all

5. were

6. than

7. same

8. does/will

9. well

10. if/when




Bài 45 

1. around

2. ahead

3. put

4. path

5. lead

6. scenes

7. vote

8. passionate

9. attention

10. influence





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