WORD FORMATION C1-C2 – 22 exercises

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1. There was quite a bit of _____________ because the examiner handed out the wrong exam papers.  CONFUSE 

2. You're acting completely _____________. Just calm down and pull yourself together. RATIONAL 3. Einstein's _____________ went unnoticed at school. BRILLIANT 

4. This is generally considered to be the _____________ guide to Australia. DEFINE 5. It’s absolutely _____________ why the council decided to close down the youth club. EXPLAIN 6. I just stood there and in _____________ as Ben told me the news. BELIEVE 

7. Greg's _____________ to say the least, so I wouldn't ask him to choose a hotel. DECIDE 8. Many children create friends to talk to. IMAGINE 

9. He was found not guilty by reason of _____________ and so was sent to a mental institution rather than  prison. SANE 

10. Your argument is _____________. Just because you want me to be a doctor doesn't mean I want to be one.  LOGIC 


1. The weather's been so _____________ today that I don't know what to wear. (CHANGE)  2. Bonnie showed a lot of _____________ in the way she handled the problem With Olivia. (MATURE) 3. The flats were built in the 1960s, but they were all _____________ in the 90s. (MODERN)  4. Jack got in a lot of trouble for _____________ breaking school rules. (PERSIST) 5. I really don't think I'd have the _____________ to finish a marathon! (ENDURE) 6. I feel a bot better since I decided to stop eating _____________ food. (PROCESS)  7. Can we _____________ the lesson for next Wednesday? (ARRANGE)  

8. We need to rely more on wave power, wind power and other _____________ sources of energy. (NEW)  9. I gradually lost touch with Ricardo after his _____________ to Islam. (CONVERT) 10. I'm scanning my gran's photos onto my computer because they'd be _____________ if anything happened to them. (PLACE)  


1. After a successful career, he retired in 2004, but now he's making a _____________ and he's released a new  CD. COME 

2. Mum's fine after her operation, although she's still a little _____________ on her feet. STEADY 3. I found her last book of poetry very _____________. MOVE 

4. At the back of the cave, there was a narrow ____________ that seemed to lead further into the mountain.  PASS 

5. The party has a number of ____________ ideas which should appeal to many undecided voters. PROGRESS 6. The long-running civil war has ____________ the whole country. STABLE 

7. Wilkinson went on to become a great athlete, his disability _____________. STAND 8. I can't believe you got another _____________. ticket! SPEED 


1. She stood there completely ____________, so I had no idea at all what she was thinking. EXPRESS 2. Film studios spend millions of dollars ____________ on for new movies. PUBLIC 3. That news conference was ____________ boring! SPEAK 

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4. I'm not very keen on the ____________ of this dictionary definition. WORD 

5. The problem with Michael is that he's just so ____________ - he never shuts up! TALK 6. I don't think you should have any ____________ marks in your PhD dissertation. EXCLAIM 7. Any actor who becomes known for one role is in danger of becoming ____________. TYPE 8. Advertising is particularly effective on people who are highly ____________. SUGGEST 9. There are so many swear words in this article that I think it's ____________. PRINT 10. Rose was extremely ____________ that we rewrite the introduction. INSIST 


1. Under her fine ____________, circulation has increased by 100,000. EDIT 

2. It's pure ____________ - there's no evidence to support these allegations at all. HEAR 3. The factory's closure will have far-reaching ____________ for the whole region. IMPLY 4. Saying Shakespeare was 'quite a good writer' is a bit of a/an ____________, don't you think? STATE 5. Greg's not a very ____________ person, really. TALK 

6. There's a/an ____________ rule in this office that we all go out for a drink together after work on a Friday.  WRITE 

7. In formal writing, it is unusual to make use of the ____________ mark to express surprise. EXCLAIM 8. You are ____________ forbidden to use a calculator in this examination. EXPRESS 


1. The chances against this kind of unusual ____________ are very high. OCCUR 

2. I'm not convinced that there's a ____________ link between pollution and global warming. CAUSE 3. The ____________ of the cliffs by the sea has completely changed the landscape. ERODE 4. Female animals have an ____________ need to protect their young. INSTINCT 

5. The police are investigating the ____________ disappearance from the zoo of a number of animals.  MYSTERY 

6. We knew that getting between the whale and the ship was ____________, but it was the only way to stop  them hunting. RISK 

7. What's your ____________ of the situation? ASSESS 

8. We have to wait for ____________ conditions to launch the boat. FAVOUR 

9. The expedition travelled miles in search of the ____________ mountain gorilla. ELUDE 10. Following the ____________ of the volcano, hundreds of villages were destroyed. ERUPT 


1. How dare they ____________ blame without knowing all the facts first? PORTION 2. At the ____________ of summer, the temperature can reach 50oC. HIGH 

3. I'd like to make a ____________ from my bank account, please. DRAW 

4. Doris Carter, who is 107 today, puts her ____________ down to having a loving family, and seven cups of  tea a day. LONG 

5. A ____________ of residents now support the proposal to build a new roundabout in the town centre.  MAJOR 

6. What strength ____________ do those binoculars have? MAGNIFY 

7. We took out a loan from the bank, so we're going to have to make monthly ___________ for the next five  years. PAY 

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8. Liskeard and Callington are basically ____________ from here, so it'll take about the same time to get to  either of them. DISTANT 

9. Their help was hugely ____________. BENEFIT 

10. Please keep e-mails short. ____________ makes everyone's lives easier. BRIEF 

11. The school's football pitch has been ____________ over the summer to conform to new national standards.  LONG 

12. I don't want to ____________ the agony for you, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait another two days to know how much money you've won. LONG 

13. You might find it hard to answer all the questions in the ____________ time. LOT 


1. Colin became a political ____________ when he was at university. ACT 

2. Do you know the ____________of the word 'handsome'? DERIVE 

3. I know its a bit annoying but there's no need to ____________ to such an extent. ACT 4. Have you got any ____________ in your toes at all, Mr Babcock? SENSE 

5. We stood there watching the ____________ drama with shock on our faces. FOLD 6. In medicine, ____________ is always better than cure. PREVENT 

7. If one of our nurses has acted ____________, you can be assured we will take the strongest possible action  against him or her. NEGLECT 

8. It's ____________ even trying. We'll never get to the hospital in time. FRUIT 

9. We were all jumping around ____________ in the corridor, desperately waiting to hear if it was a boy or a  girl. PATIENT 

10. Do you really think your plans are going to come to ____________? FRUIT 

11. By the angry looks on people's faces, I would say there was widespread ____________ for the proposed  changes to the health centre's opening times. APPROVE 

12. I used to think I could change the world, but then ____________ set in when I reached my early thirties.  ILLUSION 

13. I can't believe you forgot to get your wife a birthday present. You're so ____________ sometimes!  NEGLECT 

14. She told me she's not ____________ in the slightest for what she said. REGRET 15. The whole incident was extremely ____________. REGRET 

16. There's a lot of ____________ with the government at the moment. I think they might well get kicked out at the next election. CONTENT 

17. As I told Rose how I felt she was completely ____________, so I had no idea at all she was thinking.  RESPOND 


1. Don't be so ____________. Can't you see you've upset Guy? SENSE 

2. Steve's bought a ____________ little gadget for tuning his guitar. HAND 

3. I want to make sure all my ____________ will be financially secure if I'm incapacitated in any way.  DEPEND 

4. The audience showed their ____________ by booing and slowly clapping their hands. APPROVE 5. I don't consider myself a political ____________, but am interested in current affairs. ACT 6. At the start of the seminar, they gave us a number of handouts and a nice little ____________ to keep them  all in. FOLD 

7. There's a risk factor with all medication, but honestly the risk with this particular drug is ____________.  NEGLECT 

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8. We still don't know whether the plan will ever come to ____________ or not. FRUIT 


1. The local people then leave the clay to ____________ in the sun, creating simple bricks. HARD 2. The attack in the city centre last night ____________ the kind of behaviour amongst young people that many  object to. EXAMPLE 

3. I was a bit ____________ by my performance in the first exam, but I decided to make an extra effort in the  ones left. MORAL 

4. When confronted with a mass of red tape, many people feel a sense of ____________. POWER 5. I really believe that it would be a major mistake to ____________ any drugs that are currently illegal.  CRIME 

6. Local elections can often seem ____________, but in fact they send an important signal to the government.  SIGNIFY 

7. Suddenly, without ____________, the dog sank its teeth into my leg. PROVOKE 8. There's so much fighting between rival groups that the country has become practically ____________.  GOVERN 


1. Well, she did study ____________ at Oxford, so it's hardly surprising she knows Latin and Ancient Greek.  CLASS 

2. The Pet Shop Boys' sound is ____________ and unique. IMITATE 

3. What this painting says to me is that we live in a world of ____________ and despair. DESTROY 4. I've got enormous ____________ for Ben; he's achieved such a lot in such a short space of time. ADMIRE 5. The main reason believe children shouldn't be exposed to violence on TV is that they're so ____________ at  that age. IMPRESS 

6. I'm a bit of a ____________, so I can spend all day agonising over which choice of two words to use.  PERFECT 

7. Maybe I am an ____________ ; but what’s wrong with wanting every human being to have access to clean  drinking water? IDEAL 

8. I've read that many performers suffered feelings of ____________ as children. ADEQUATE 9. I don’t know how ____________ it would be to get some of these old postcards valued. WORTH 10. We'll find out how much the jewellery's worth at the ____________ next Thursday. VALUE 11. Now the government's ____________ the papers, we can find out what really happened. CLASS 12. Being director of the National Gallery is an ____________ responsibility but thankfully I have a number of  highly experienced experts to help me. AWE 

13. With her experience as both an actor and a director, Tabitha is a very ____________ successor to Albert  Weeks as Chairperson Of the National Theatre. WORTH 

14. There were some very interesting clay ____________ dating from the third century BC at the museum.  ART 

15. Stage fright is an understatement! Performing on stage for the first time was the most ____________  experience I've ever had. TERROR 

16. Don't throw away consumer packaging. Most of it’s ____________ if you use a little creativity. USE 17. There's a ____________ difference between photography and still-life drawing. QUALITY 

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1. Are those flowers real or are they ____________? ART 

2. I’m looking for a flatmate so I'm going to put an ad in the ____________. CLASS 3. I suppose my biggest fault is that I'm a ____________. PERFECT 

4. The hurricane has caused widespread ____________ along the whole coastal region. DESTROY 5. My teacher saying that I'd never amount to anything really ____________ my resolve to prove him wrong.  And I did! STRONG 

6. It's not a real Rolex, unfortunately — just a cheap ____________. IMITATE 

7. Please contact reception regarding the storing of ____________ in the hotel safe. VALUE 8. The positive relationship between a business and a customer, often referred to as ‘____________’, difficult  to quantify financially. GOOD 


1. Theo and his brother are always together. They're completely ____________. SEPARATE 2. It's very ____________ of you to notice that Sean's not his usual self. PERCEIVE 3. There was a long legal battle over the ____________, but in the end I did get quite a bit of money. INHERIT 4. I think saying that all black people are lazy is a very ____________ remark, to be honest. RACE 5. Despite his ____________ lack of concern, I think Gabriel really does care what other people think of him.  APPEAR 

6. Don't feel that you're being ____________ to Sharon if you tell me whats bothering you about her. LOYAL 7. James got into trouble for ____________ a police officer. PERSON 

8. If you have any complaints about a neighbour, take them to your residents' ____________, where they should be able to advise you further. ASSOCIATE 

9. Marvin used to be quite wild, but he's ____________ calm these days. RELATE 

10. According to Lionel, losing his job and then getting divorced were ____________, but I think there's  probably a link. CONNECT 

11. Young animals very quickly form a strong ____________ to their mothers. ATTACH 12. What I dont like about school uniform is that it completely destroys all ____________. INDIVIDUAL 


1. The cricket ground and the theatre make this a very ____________ area to live in. DESIRE 2. My family have always gone in for traditional country ____________, such as hunting, shooting and fishing.  PURSUE 

3. What I like about Stravinskfs music is the ____________ complexity, which has a powerful effect on the  listener. RHYTHM 

4. After ten matches, we had the ____________ record of played ten, won none, lost ten. ENVY 5. I know you'd rather take your holiday in August, but when the boss is offering you extra days off, I don't  think you can afford to be so ____________. CHOOSE 

6. You don't need to be quite so ____________ in your work, and you might find you enjoy it more if you take  a little time off. ZEAL 

7. You don't have time to do all the sports you'd like to, so you're going to have to be a bit ____________.  SELECT 

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8. After dinner, we went for a ____________ stroll along the seafront. LEISURE 

9. We're only two weeks into the school holidays and already my children are ____________. REST 10. I don't mind Annabel spending time on her computer, but playing this latest game has become almost an  ____________. OBSESS 


1. Alfie does have a ____________ to get upset if he loses. TEND 

2. I don't see why someone should be given ____________ treatment at an airport just because they’re famous.  PREFER 

3. I was given the ____________ task of telling the team that funding had been withdrawn from the project.  ENVY 

4. The Minister attempted to ____________ the dispute, saying it was just a minor disagreement. PLAY 5. I hate going clothes shopplng with Carlo - he's so ____________ that he takes hours to find anything he likes. CHOICE 

6. I'm afraid I left the chicken in the oven a bit long so ts a little ____________. DO 

7. I wouldn't describe myself as a ____________ person, but I do enjoy the occasional game of golf. SPORT 8. A ____________ learner is less likely to retain the content of the lesson than one who is enthusiastic about  his or her learning. MOTIVE 


1. Why do they put so many ____________ in processed food? ADD 

2. If we ____________ the photo, you'll see his face in much more detail. LARGE 

3. Don't you think it’s a bit early to ____________ blame? PORTION 

4. Your comments may well have done ____________ damage to management-union relations. REPAIR 5. This flat’s a lot more ____________ than the others we've seen. SPACE 

6. The rumours are completely ____________ and I would urge everyone not to believe them. SUBSTANCE 7. Your credit card bill provides a record of all financial ____________ carried out in the previous month. ACT 8. Although we feel that the earth is stationary, in fact this is ____________. We're moving through space, and  spinning, all the time. ILLUSION 

9. Too many families in this country still suffer from financial ____________. HARD 10. Being the hardest natural substance, diamond is practically ____________. DESTROY 


1. Say anything with enough ____________ and people will believe you. CONVINCE 2. Good eyesight has proved to be a major ____________ advantage. EVOLVE 

3. Dominic's decided to get a tattoo for some ____________ reason. EXPLAIN 

4. Many of the car parts are virtually ____________ now as the factory has closed. PLACE 5. I'm going to quit my job, move abroad and start completely ____________. NEW 6. ____________ comes through experience. WISE 

7. Lucy has to work every ____________ Saturday. ALTER 

8. The 'soul' is a fascinating ____________. CONCEIVE 

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1. Women should be treated just the same as men in the ____________. WORK 

2. The snow has made the road completely ____________. PASS 

3. What was ____________ in my mind was the question of whether Dave knew about the incident or not. UP 4. Everyone played well, but the performance of the star striker was absolutely ____________. STAND 5. The police were expecting trouble at the football match, but in the end it was fairly ____________. EVENT 6. The company is going through something of a ____________ period at the moment. TRANSIT 7. The accident was caused by a ____________ lack of concentration on the part of the driver. MOMENT 8. Everyone in the office hopes you have a ____________ recovery from your operation. SPEED 9. Cheap rates are only ____________ during the low season. APPLY 

10. The boss was accused of ____________ the company funds. MANAGE 


1. Your artlcle's a little ____________. Maybe you could make this paragraph a bit shorter. WORD 2. It's going to be a difficult challenge but the problems aren't ____________. MOUNT 3. The film is ____________ boring! SPEAK 

4. We've got a serious problem with soil ____________ in one of the fields. ERODE 5. The newspaper article gave us tremendous free ____________. PUBLIC 

6. Do you think you've got that ____________ quality that makes someone a star? ELUDE 7. I ____________ dialled Bob's number instead of Ken's, so was surprised when Bob answered. INTEND 8. When was the latest ____________ of the dictionary published? EDIT 


1. The form should be completed by the head of the ____________. HOUSE 

2. This incident could have done ____________ damage to relations between the two countries. REPAIR 3. Get the juice I like that doesn't have any artificial ____________. ADD 

4. I always seem to be ____________ at the bank at the end Of the month. DRAW 

5. It's important that journalists try to remain ____________ when reporting a story. OBJECT 6. The ____________ of Professor Ogden's knowledge impresses everyone who meets him. BROAD 7. I don't know if people today are more ____________ than people were in the past. MATERIAL 8. The interviewer asked the 107-year•old man what the secret of his ____________ was. LONG 9. The next step is to soak the leather in water to ____________ it. SOFT 

10. It’s a shame when a ____________ of football hooligans spoil the game for the rest of us. MINOR 


1. The author thanks his editor in the ____________ section at the front of the book. KNOW 2. The rise in crime is extremely small - almost ____________, in fact. NEGLECT 

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3. Only a ____________ of people offered to help set things up for the event. HAND 4. Some analysts worry that violence on might ____________ children to violence in real life. SENSE 5. He was ____________ the greatest writer of his generation. ARGUE 

6. The headmistress commended her on her ____________ behaviour. EXAMPLE 

7. The newspaper report before the trial may have had a ____________ effect on the verdict. PREJUDICE 8. They were attacked without any ____________ at all. PROVOKE 


1. Astronomers at the ____________ have announced that they have discovered a new comet. OBSERVE 2. The man was later charged with ____________ a police officer. PERSON 

3. I think that having a baby is an ____________ responsibility. AWE 

4. We were all absolutely ____________ when we heard the gunshot. TERROR 

5. The model was wearing a blue dress with ____________ shoes. MATCH 

6. Passengers are requested to ____________ themselves with the safety features of the aircraft. FAMILIAR 7. I don't wish to appear ____________, but you are at least partly to blame for the situation, you know.  SYMPATHY 

8. Your concern for animals is very ____________, but are you sure you aren't accidentally making the problem worse? ADMIRE 

9. Brendan's ____________ rudeness is really just insecurity. APPEAR 

10. Many people are rather ____________ when they first get involved in politics, but they often change.  IDEAL 

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