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Increasingly, women are taking their holidays without men. For _____ (1. SAFE) reasons, camaraderie  or just plain fun, a growing number of female tourists are singing up for women-only trips. Twenty years ago  only a _____ (2. HAND) of companies offered such holidays; now there are several hundred. Travel _____ (3.  CONSULT) Andre Littlewood says that the combination of higher incomes with delayed marriage, divorce,  retirement and widowhood has _____ (4. ABLE) more women to travel, often on their own. They are attracted  by the sense of _____ (5. FREE) that a holiday without men affords them. “Women in a group tend to feel  _____ (6. INHIBIT) and speak more openly than when men are around”, she adds. “Even on energy-sapping  adventure holidays the atmosphere is relaxed and _____ (7. CO-OPERATE). It’s also a great deal more fun.  Women laugh more _____ (8. READY) than men, probably because they don’t mind laughing at themselves.”  Since her divorce Janice Cummings has been a regular traveler with Everywoman Tours, and Oxford-based  Company whose very name is a _____ (9. DETER) to men. “And a good thing too,” she says. “Men simply  cannot resist the _____ (10. TEMPT) to try and take control, no matter where they are. And that includes on  holiday. Thankfully, there is none of that with Everywoman.” 


It is (0) …commonly… believed that a break from everyday routine can only do you good. Every  summer, you can spot prospective (1. HOLIDAY) …………… at airports and waiting for car ferries. They are  (2. MISTAKE) …………… - you can tell them a mile away by their sun hats and hopeful expressions.  For all their optimism, what often actually happens can be a rude (3. WAKE) …………… from the blissful  holiday dreams of the rest of the year. Sunburn, mosquitoes and (4. FORESEE) ……………. expenses can  make you think twice about how (5. BENEFIT) ……………. getting away from it all really is. The fact is, the  (6. LIKELY) …………… of something going wrong is maximized when you are abroad and, (7. FORTUNE)  ………….., your ability to deal with crisis and catastrophe is often minimized. This could be because of  language problems, (8. FAMILIAR) ………….. with the culture, or simply a different climate, all of which  make everything seem different and unreal. So, what is the answer? (9. DOUBT) …………., an annual escape  from normal working life is a very positive thing. However, the (10. WISE) …………. of seeking an exotic  location is questionable when you think of all the things that can go wrong. 


There is a big (1. DIFFER) _____in the Bijago Islands off the west coast of Africa in the roles that men  and women play. For example, men look after the children and wear jewelry and perfume when they go out.  Women find building houses (2. PREFER) _____ to shopping and do all kinds of jobs which men would (3.  NORMAL) _____ do in other countries. If they want a husband, they ask his mother’s (4. PERMIT) ____ and  do not need to obtain his (5. AGREE) ____ when they plan their (6. MARRY) _____ to him. Most men spend  hours every day standing in front of a mirror brushing their hair and choosing nice clothes to wear. 

“I don’t want to make any (7. CRITIC) _____ of the women in our society, but I think it is time that  sexual (8. DISCRIMINATE) _______against men stopped,” one man said. 

“Some visitors to our islands find our customs very (9. AMUSE) _______ but I feel very (10. NERVE) ______ when any girl visits my mother,” another man said. 


I think the computer is such a useful invention. Take e-mail, for example. It’s such an easy and (1.  PAIN) _________ way to write letters. When I was younger, I rarely ever put pen to paper, not even to say  “thank you” for presents sent by (2. THOUGHT) _________ relatives. They must have thought I was so (3.  GRATITUDE) _________. Now, though, you can’t keep me away from the keyboard. I can (4. CHEER)  ________ spend hours typing away on my computer, all types of messages to all types of people. 

One of the worst (5. ADVANTAGE) _________ for me of writing by hand was always the (6.  EMBARRASS) __________ of knowing that people would be able to see and criticize my untidy handwriting  and (7. CARE) _________ spelling. Now, of course, thanks to the spell-check, I can edit what I’ve written


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quickly and (8. EFFORT) __________ before I send it off. I just can’t get over how (9. WONDER)  _________ fast everything is. Teenagers nowadays take all this for granted, but when I was this age, none of  this existed. Young people don’t realize how (10. FORTUNE) _________ they are. 

V. The history of skateboarding in the USA 

The (0. develop) …….. of the sport of skateboarding can be traced back to the early 1890s, when  children in California first used wooden boards to ‘surf’ the streets. During the 1950s, the popularity of the sport  increased and manufacturers began producing the first factory-made boards. By the 1960s, the sport had gained  an (1. impress) …….. following, not just in the USA, but (2. world) ….. 

However, by 1965, concerns about safety resulted in regulations being introduced to ban skateboarding  in most public places in the USA. This (3. effect) …….. killed the sport there for the next decade. Companies  that had been making a fortune selling skateboards suddenly faced huge (4. loss) …….. and many went out of  business. Over the next eight years, a few (5. enthusiasm) …….continued practicing the sport but, although  they tried hard to raise its profile, they were unsuccessful in their efforts. 

Then in 1973, some technological breakthroughs revolutionized the sport. The invention of new materials meant  that manufacturers could (6. strong) …… the boards but at the same time make them lighter and more  manoeuvrable. Such improvements also made the boards less dangerous and (7. press) …… from an increasing  number of users led to the installation of special skateboarding parks. Despite the various setbacks it has 

suffered over the years, the sport is now stronger than ever. 

VI. Cycling in London 

If you enjoy cycling for _____ (1. please), doing it in London can be a shock. There is a serious _____  (2. short) of lanes especially for bikes, and making your way through the traffic can be pretty _____ (3. risk).  But once you’ve found the courage, cycling in London can be exciting, and it is an _____ (4. expense) way of  keeping fit if you live there. Some keen cyclists don’t mind spending a lot of money on _____ (5. cost) bikes.  However, if you just want a basic bike that is only for _____ (6. occasion) use, there are plenty of cheap  alternatives. Several markets have cheap bikes on _____ (7. sell), which may not be _____ (8. impress) to look  at but should be satisfactory. Cycling helmets are also a _____ (9. worth) investment. They are not a legal  requirement in Britain but it is a good idea to wear one for _____ (10. protect) 

VII. How easy it is to understand another person’s character? My friend, Peter, was once a rather (1. annoy) _____ person. He was always getting into trouble at school because he was so (2. obey) _____ . In class, he was  very (3. talk) _____ and never stopped making jokes. The teachers all told him he was (4. polite) _____ because he interrupted them. When I met him, he was very (5. friend) _____ and didn’t want to talk to me at  all. People told me that he stole things, and that he was (6. honest) _____. His school work was terrible. He  didn’t take any (7. proud) _____ in his writing, he never spent enough time doing his homework, and he was  not at all careful. One day he saw a gang of boys (8. attack) _____ an old man. Peter hated (9. violent) _____ and he fought them all until they ran away. He was awarded a medal for (10. brave) _____. After that, people  change their minds about him. 

VIII. The medieval crusades, when Western European knights and (1. adventure) ________attempted to seize  Jerusalem from the hands of the Seljuk Turks, are widely (2. understand) _________by most people in the  West to be glamorous and heroic. True, the level of heroism was occasionally (3. impress) ________, but in  fact the crusaders were ignorant and (4. guide) ________. For example, they viewed the Byzantine Emperor,  through whose lands they had to travel, as an annoying (5. relevant) ________ denying him even so much as a  (6. consult)_______ role in the proceedings. In reality, his long experience of the Saracens had given him a(n)  (7.consider) _______ knowledge of their fighting methods and politics. His advice, had the crusaders chosen to  follow it, would have been absolutely (8. value) _______. Instead, they (9. repeat) ________dismissed it as  (10. worth) _______ with the result that, despite initial success, the crusades eventually dwindled to  ignominious failure.

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IX. A man takes a single _____ (1. spoon) of a substance and puts it in his mouth. Instantly, he is transported to  another world, a place of surreal visions and swirling colours. He rushes _____ (2. head) into his parallel  universe. 

What is this _____ (3. terrify) compound with the power to induce such a mind-blowing trip? Is it some  kind of drug that makes the user hallucinate? No, it’s just a humble cereal ad on TV. The fruity Wheat ad is the  latest in a long line of _____ (4. controversy) ads whose imagery appears to draw on the effects of mind  altering substances. Colin Rees of the “Stop TV Advertising” group, said: “I find this and other such ads totally  _____ (5. accept). Take this stuff and you will experience something out of this world – the _____ (6. imply) of  the ad seems clear to me. The companies who make them will say that any relation to drugs is just one _____  (7. interprete) of the advert, and not one that they _____ (8. intention). When I complained about this ad, I  was told that it didn’t contain any _____ (9. conscious) messages. I thought that was a bit rich – I think the  message in it is blatantly obvious! And I don’t think we should be giving TV viewers any _____ (10.  encourage) in that respect.” 

X. A recent report has warned of global food _____ (1. short) unless the current system of farming and food  distribution is changed. The report highlights fears that currently rapid increase in yields come at the expense of  _____ (2. sustain), and that unless action is taken hunger and _____ (3. nutrient) will become growing  problems. 

The population is expected to rise to around 8.3 billion in the next twenty years, and _____ (4. urban) is  set to continue, and it is expected that 65-70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Increasing world  _____ (5. prosperous) will lead to the rise in demand for energy, food and fresh water. 

The report also considers the billion people worldwide who _____ (6. eat) and are therefore obese to be  another example of the failure of the current system to provide health and well-being to the world’s population. The authors believe that the _____ (7. apply) of new technologies can play a role in _____ (8. minimal)  future food shortages. They see cloning nanotechnology and genetic _____ (9. modify) as potential solutions.  However, although many of these technologies have been adopted worldwide, there is still _____ (10. resist) to  their use in parts of Europe. 

XI. Psychologists agree that conflicts are inevitable in almost any long-term _____ (1. relate); however, what  matters most is the way in which they are resolved rather than the sources of the _____ (2. agree) themselves.  According to recent studies, the methods that couples use to settle their differences are crucial to the success of  the outcome. 

One of the interesting findings is that although _____ (3. excess) aggressive behavior patterns are  obviously _____ (4. desire), what must be avoided at all costs is the _____ (5. suppress) of anger, as feelings  of resentment can lead a relationship to break down _____ (6. retrieve). 

It is essential for couples to communicate when things start going wrong, and successful conflict _____  (7. resolve) involves a three stage process. Firstly, one partner should explain precisely what the problem is and  should try and remain as calm and _____ (8. emotion) as possible. Secondly, the couple should discuss the  specific problem in detail, taking care not to rake up old grievances. Finally, and perhaps most _____ (9.  importance), there should be negotiation until a _____ (10. satisfy) agreement is reached. This may not mean  that their problem will be solved, but even this is preferable to allowing a problem to rankle. 

XII. Historically, Mars was thought to be the most likely planet to harbor life. There is a reflection of such  _____ (1. believe) in popular culture as expressed in literature, radio and film. Public fascination with Martians  began in the late 19th century when, in 1877, astronomer Giovanni Sciaparelli reported _____ (2. observe) of  large channels on Marc. 

In 1897, H.G Wells “The War of the Worlds” was the first major work to explore the _____ (3.  conceive) of the “extraterrestrial invader” and exerted a substantial influence on the public psyche. A few years  later, even _____ (4. knowledge) astronomers such as Percival Lowell seriously advocated the possibility of  life forms as described in his book mars as the Abode of Life (1910). Consequently, Mars began to take a 

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special place in popular culture around the turn of the 20th century, _____ (5. continue) until today. However,  this does not _____ (6. little) the unique role of Mars in the history of science. 

Specifically, the _____ (7. document) of the movement of Mars, by Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), led  to the formulation of his three laws of _____ (8. planet) motion which shattered mediaeval anthropocentric  notions of astronomy and laid the foundations for the _____ (9. discover) of Issac Newton (1643-1727). Like  no other planet, Mars has left _____ (10. replace) marks on human imagination and thought. 

XIII. Since the world has become _____ (1. industry) there has been an increase in the number of animal  species that have either become extinct or have neared _____ (2. extinct). Bengal tigers, for instance, which  once roamed the jungles in vast numbers, now _____ (3. number) only about 2,300 and by the year 2025 their  population is estimated to be down to zero. What is _____ (4. alarm) about the case of the Bengal tiger is that  this extinction will have been cuased almost entirely by _____ (5. poach) who, according to some sources, are  not interested in material gain but in personal _____ (6. gratify). This is an example of the _____ (7. callous)  that is part of what is causing the problem of extinction. Animals like the Bengal tiger, as well as other _____  (8. danger) species, are a valuable part of the world’s ecosystem. International laws _____ (9. protect) these  animals must be _____ (10. act) to ensure their survival, and the survival of our planet. 

XIV. According to a recent survey in Britain, the two sexes differed _____ (1. significant). More women than  men emphasized _____ (2. confidence) and trust; more men than women emphasized _____ (3. please) in a  friend’s company, going out with a friend and having a friend in one’s home. This is not surprising _____ (4.  give) the traditional differences in sex roles, women are supposed to be more _____ (5. express) than men, and  working class men, in particular, have often been described as spending their leisure time outside the home, in  the company of other men. And since an English man’s home is supposed to be his castle, it is natural that, apart  from relatives only close friends are allowed or welcomed into it. 

More _____ (6. surprise) is that as many men as women defined a close friend as someone they can call  on for help. It may be that with a nuclear family structure and quite a high level of physical and social _____ (7.  mobile), friends are now _____ (8. substitute) for relatives of both sexes. Among the middle-aged men and  women in this study, the lack of contact with relatives, even those who lived nearby, was _____ (9. note),  suggesting that friends and relatives are indeed _____ (10. change). 

XV. The entire ecological system on Earth can be thought as one huge living (1) ......................... (ORGAN). It  is composed infinitesimal number of (2) ......................... (DEPENDENCE) units that all play their part in  contributing to the well–being and functioning of the whole. We human beings are, of course, a part of this (3)  ......................... (INTRICACY) web of life. Unfortunately, we often forget we are (4) .........................  (EXTRICABLE) linked to nature, and by doing so, (5) ......................... (ADVERT) contribute to its slow  destruction. Survival will depend on our (6) ......................... (WILL) to reorganize our political thinking.  

No longer can those who ignore nature’s (7) ......................... (WARN) continue to bury their heads in the sand.  Unless these politicians (who, in (8) ......................... (DEMOCRACY) countries, are supposed to listen to the  people as well as to corporations) do something about the enormous environmental problems facing the Earth,  they will cease to be (9) ......................... (RESPECT), and this will mean our old system of government will  (10) ......................... (EVITABLE) change and collapse. Nothing can save them. 

XVI. A live broadcast of any public event, such as a space flight or sporting occasion, is almost _____ (1.  variable) accompanied by the thoughts of a _____ (2. comment). This may be on television, along with the  relevant pictures, alternative on radio. The technique involved _____ (3. different) between the two media,  with radio broadcasters needing to be more explicit and _____ (4. describe) because of the absence of visual  information. TV commentators do not need to paint a picture for their audience; instead, their various _____ (5.  observe) should add to the images that are already there. There will sometimes be silences and pauses in a TV  commentary, although these are becoming _____ (6. increase) rare. Both types of commentators should try to  be informative, but should avoid sounding _____ (7. opinion). In sports commentaries, fairness and _____ (8.  impart) to both sides is vital, but spontaneity and enthusiasm are valued by those watching or listening. Sports 

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commentators usually broadcast live in an essentially unscripted way, although they may refer to previously  prepared materials such as sports statistics. Because of the _____ (9. predict) nature of live events, thorough  presentation in advance is vital. The Internet has helped enormously with this aspect of the job. Anyone  interested in becoming a commentator should have excellent _____ (10. organise) skills, the willingness to  work irregular hours, and a strong voice. 

XVII. Gift exchange, which is also called (0) ceremonial (CEREMONY)exchange, is the transfer of goods or  services that, although regarded as (1)............(VOLUNTEER) by people involved, is part of the expected  social (2)........... (BEHAVE). Gift exchange may be distinguished from other types of exchange in several  respects: the first offering is made in a generous manner and there is no haggling between donor and (3)...........  (RECEIVE); the exchange is an expression of an existing social relationship or the establishment of a new one  that differs from (4)................(PERSON) (market relationships; and the profit in gift exchange may be in the  sphere of social relationship and prestige rather than in material advantage. The gift- exchange cycle entails  (5)............. (OBLIGE) to give, to receive, and to return. Sanctions may exist to induce people to give,  (6).............(APPROVE) or loss of prestige resulting from a failure to do so. (7).............(REFUSE) to accept a  gift may be seen as rejection of social relations and may lead to enmity. The reciprocity of the cycle rests in the  necessity to return the gift; the prestige associated with the appearance of (8)..............(GENEROUS) dictates  that the value of the return be(9)..............(APPROXIMATE) equal to or greater than the value of the original  gift. Alongside its obvious economic functions, gift exchange is (10).................(SIGNIFY) expression of social  relations. 


When dealing with sensitive issues such as the atrocities of war and man’s (1. human) ______ to man,  interpreters of history may try in vain to give an even-handed (2. treat) ______ of the subject. This creates the  danger of “softening” the image to make it a little less (3. horror) ______, a little less (4. shame) ______ and a  little more acceptable to the general audience. This is an injustice to history, with too much emphasis put on the  bland and not enough on the harsh reality of the past. 

Interpreting our heritage is not a soft option where all that is required is a nice, (5. sentiment) ______ view of  the past. It requires a full working (6. perceive) ______ of the issues and the evidence, together with a (7. will)  ______ to be open about the strengths and weaknesses of our ability to interpret in a way that (8. deep) ______  understanding. If (9. provoke) ______ is required to do that, then it should not be avoided for fear of presenting  something (10. agree) ______. 

XIX. The essence of flamenco is song, often accompanied by the guitar and improvised dance. Music and dance  can be placed into specific groups. These categories are usually located across a continuum with subjetcs  dealing with the profound to those that are light-hearted. ______ (1. type), the themes of death, anguish and  despair, in contrast to love, gaiety and the countryside are ______ (2. drama). In flamenco dance, the men’s  steps are intricate, with toe and heel clicking. Footwork in women’s dancing is of less importance, with the  ______ (3. grace) use of hands and body taking ______ (4. precede). In the dance, the arm, hand and foot  movements closely resemble those of classical Hindu dance. Essential to traditional flamenco is the performer’s  interpretation of the dance ______ (5. hinder) by the emotion of the music. Performances are often  accompanied by rapid hand clapping, finger sanpping and ______ (6. courage) shouts. The dancers themselves  frequently employ finger snapping in complex rhythms including the use of castanets. This dance form was  ______ (7. profession) in the 19th century, when Romany people first began to perform in café. In this  environment, ______ (8. depart) from the traditional form occurred. Unfortunately, the pressures of the ______  (9. commerce) stage meant that rehearsed routines replaced the ______ (10. spontaneous) of the original  flamenco performances. 


Playing is a serious business. Children engrossed in a make-believe world, fox cubs play fighting, or  kitten teasing a ball of string, aren’t just having fun. Play may look like a carefree and exuberant way to pass the 

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time before the hard work of ______ (1. adult) comes along, but there’s much more to it than that. For a start, play can be dangerous and costs some animals their lives. It is also extremely _______ (2. cost) in terms of  energy. Nature tends not to waste energy so there must be a reason for this dangerous and strenuous actvity. 

Playing is a ______ (3. require) for the development of intelligence. Current theory posits that more of the  brain is involved in play than was previously believed. Play certainly seems to ______ (4. act) higher cognitive  processes because it involves complex ______ (5. assess) of playmates, ideas of reciprocity and the use of  ______ (6. special) signals and rules. 

It is already known that juveniles denied the opportunity for play lose the ability to apply social rules when  they do interact with their peers. Children destined to suffer mental illnesses as adults engage in precious little  social play early in life. The effect of depriving normal children of play is still ______ (7. know), but the  implication is that _______ (8. create) and learning abilities could be adversely affected. With _______ (9.  school) beginning earlier and becoming _______ (10. increase) more exam-oriented, the time afforded to play  is obviously being reduced. What the result will be is likely to cause concern.

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