Word formation + Open cloze test trích từ 26 đề thi Chuyên Tiếng Anh các tỉnh thành

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Tải xuống: Word formation + Open cloze test trích từ 26 đề thi Chuyên Tiếng Anh các tỉnh thành

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1. We think of ourselves as living in a time of _______________ (continue) technological change and  development.  

2. The weather is so _______________ (change) that I do not know what to wear.  

3. New Zealand had three major _______________ (internation) airports: Auckland, Willington and  Christchurch.  

4. The teachers gave students wrong test papers, which cause a lot of _______________ (confuse).  5. Einstein’s _______________ (brilliant) was unnoticed at school.  

6. The flats were built in the 1980s, but they were all _______________ (modern) in the 1990s.  7. I feel much better since I decided to stop eating _______________ (process) food.  

8. Duong showed a lot of _______________ (mature) in the way she handled the problem with Chau.  9. It is difficult to _______________ (arrange) a day which is convenient for everyone.  10. We should rely more on _______________ (new) source of energy.  

11. Smoking is _______________ (detriment) to your health and other people’s.  

12. Toan got in a lot of trouble for _______________ (persist) climbing the wall.  

13. Thirteen is thought to be a(n) _______________ (luck) number.  

14. The government cannot be _______________ (differ) to public opinion.  

15. With _______________ (improve) made in transportation, people have more options when moving around  from place to place.  

16. The _______________ (bustle) town is very popular among tourists.  

17. _______________ (seismology) have studied the movements of the earth’s plates and predicted an  earthquake will occur in this area in the near future.  

18. There is a(n) _______________ (break) bond between parents and children.  

19. The 1000th anniversary of Thang Long is _______________ (introduce) of Vietnamese culture to  international friends.  

20. The end of the 19th century was a time that saw many _______________ (revolt).  

21. There are many areas in Vietnam heavily dependent on _______________ (tour) industry.  22. They grew up in the same _______________ (neighbor). 


23. “Are you nervous?” – “Only _______________. (slight)”  

24. I’m doing some _______________ (volunteer) works at the hospital. Do you want to join?  25. My teachers always give me much _______________ (encourage).  

26. Students at my college persuade their family to collect waste paper for _______________ (recycle) program.  27. It’s _______________ (nature) that he does not want to see his son.  

28. The company had a _______________ (world) sales last year.  

29. The _______________ (educate) population will develop a country.  

30. People need to fill a written _______________ (apply) form for membership.  

31. The famous singer retired in 2009, but now he’s making a _______________ (come) by releasing a new CD.  32. Mum’s fine after her operation, although she’s still a little _______________ (steady) on her feet.  33. More _______________ (important), who caused the accident?  

34. Nghia speaks Spanish _______________ (excel). That’s result of his practice.  

35. Some people consider _______________ (safe) to release the prisoners.  

36. The party has a number of _______________ (progress) ideas which should appeal to many undecided  voters.  

37. Environmentalists are _______________ (worry) about the increasing use of pesticide.  38. Bad marks are _______________ (necessity) results of lazy study.  

39. Bahasa is the _______________ (office) language of Malaysia.  

40. The long-run civil war has _______________ (stable) the whole country.  

41. (1)_______________ (construct) of the Bamboo Organ was begun in 1816 by a Spanish  (2)_______________ (mission), Diego Cera. Why was bamboo used? (3)_______________ (consider) the  relative (4)_______________ (poor) of the area, perhaps the need to use (5)_______________ (expense) materials  was a factor. Moreover, the (6)_______________ (make) of the organ no doubt desired to use appropriate  (7)_______________ (locally) materials.  

In 1916, bamboos were cut and buried under the sand of the seashore for about a year. those that survived this  (8)_______________ (expose) to insects and the elements were considered of durable quality and used in 49  (9)_______________ (build) building the organ. Over the next several years, the (10)_______________ (variety)  parts of the organ were put together. When the bulk of it was finished in 1821, it was proclaimed “the finest and the  first of its kinds in the country”.  

42. Born in 1941, UK businessman Sir Clive Sinclair has an (1)_______________ (endure) place in the minds of  British people for two reasons. First, he was the man who (2)_______________ (revolt) home computing with the 


ZX series of computers, and secondly, he was the man whose (3)_______________ (alter) to the car, the C5, failed  spectacularly to capture the public imagination.  

Sinclair’s products, the ZX8 and its successful (4)_______________ (place), the ZX were small, affordable  computers that sold in huge numbers in the early 1980s. Despite limited (5)_______________ (capable), they  allowed people to play computer games in their own home for the first time, and even introduced people to the world  (6)_______________ (process).  

The C5, a one-person vehicle that ran on (7)_______________ (electric), was produced in 1984 and was Sinclair’s  attempt to (8)_______________ (modern) transport. However, it was (9)_______________ (persist) criticized in the  press for being unsafe and impractical in the British climate and production of C5 was (10)_______________  (continue) in August, 1985.  

CLOZE TEST (21 - 25)  

21. Because the pencil (1)_______________ become such a fundamental (2)_______________ of our lives, it’s  difficult to remember that people have not been using them forever. (3)_______________ other products of  human ingenuity, pencils had to be (4)_______________.  

Before the first half of the sixteenth century, people (5)_______________ to use pens to write with and  brushes to paint with. It was also (6)_______________ to use a mental stick to make faint marks on paper.  However, up to the point no one has found an easy way to make marks (7)_______________ could be  erased. Then, some time before 1565, a large (8)_______________of the chemical, graphite, was found near  Borrowdale in Cumbria, (9)_______________ England. The locals would (10)_______________ this  graphite (a kind of soft black rock) to mark sheep. Soon, tales of this unusual soft substance had spread to  (11)_______________ around the world, who were eager to use it to produce works of art.  

(12)_______________ is soft and dirty, and in (13)_______________ to write or draw with it, it used to  have to be covered (14)_______________ something, such as sheepskin or string. People have been trying to  improve the pencil for some time before manufactures in Italy came up (15)_______________ the idea of  enclosing the graphite in a wooden case. The modern pencil was (16)_______________.  

22. New Zealand enjoys a (1)_______________ of temperatures approximate to (2)_______________  experienced by Australia’s eastern seaboard. Free from the influence (3)_______________ any close land  mass, yearly temperature variations are small approximate 10oC (4)_______________ between winter and  summer.  

The north of the country (5)_______________ to be subtropical and the south, temperate. Mountain ranges  (6)_______________ down much of the length of New Zealand, (7)_______________ the regions lying  west of the ranges (8)_______________ much higher rainfall (9)_______________ those to the east. The  drier eastern regions average over 2000 hours of sunshine a year and contain the main wine-growing areas  and summer resorts.  

Snow is largely confined to the alpine areas of the central North Island and South Alps, though it can fall to  (10)_______________ level in the deep south for a day or so at a time.  

23. In my early twenties, I had an interview (1)_______________ a major department store. The day before I  (2)_______________ out a very conservative black skirt and pinstriped top. I even tried outfit on to  (3)_______________ that it fit. When I (4)_______________ at the interview I was greeted by a man in his 


late thirties or early forties. However, (5)_______________ the interview I noticed that he frequently tilted  his body to one side. I thought it a bit odd, though, I assumed the man (6)_______________ have a stiff back  as was experiencing (7)_______________. It wasn’t (8)_______________ I arrived back in my car that I  realized the side seam in my skirt had (9)_______________ apart and I was revealing quite a bit. That’s  what I get (10)_______________ shopping the clearance racks. However, the way he was leaning, I am  surprised I didn’t get a job.  

24. Neil Armstrong was (1)_______________ on 5 August 1930 in Ohio, US. He was (2)_______________ in  flying from a very age. When he was only eight years old, he (3)_______________ his first model plane.  When he was ten years old, he took up a part-time job mowing grass so that he could have  (4)_______________ money to purchase newer and bigger planes!  

When Armstrong was a high school student, he continued to (5)_______________ up different part-time  work. He wanted to earn more money (6)_______________ was needed to pay for his flying lessons. On his  sixteenth birthday in 1946, Armstrong was extremely exhilarated on learning that he had  (7)_______________ his pilot’s license.  

The (8)_______________ year, 1947, Armstrong (9)_______________ high school and went to Purdue  University to study aeronautical engineering. However, before he could finish his university studies, he was  called up by the Navy to (10)_______________ in the Korean War.  

In 1952, Armstrong returned to the USA to (11)_______________ his studies at Purdue. He graduated from  the university in 1955 and worked (12)_______________ a research pilot, testing new aircraft.  

In 1962, Armstrong was (13)_______________ by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)  to be an astronaut. He and several others had to go through intensive program of training to  (14)_______________ themselves for America’s first mission to land (15)_______________ the moon.  

25. Classes in literature are useful no matter what job you intend to have when (1)_______________ university.  Books are about life. People who study literature learn the (2)_______________ of reading carefully and  understanding characters, situations, and relationships. This kind of understanding can be  (3)_______________ useful to teacher and business people alike. Literature classes also require a lot of  writing, so they can help students (4)_______________ the skill of clear communication. Of course, a  professional writer needs to have this skill, but it is an equally important skill for an engineer.  (5)_______________, reading literature helps develop an understanding of many (6)_______________  different points of view. Reading a novel by a Russian author, for (7)_______________, will help a reader  learn more about Russian culture. For anyone (8)_______________ job may bring them into contact with  Russian colleagues, this insight can help encourage better (9)_______________ understanding. Studying  literature is studying life, so it is (10)_______________ to almost any job you can think of.