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Tải xuống: Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên Lam Sơn, Thanh Hóa môn Tiếng Anh (Chuyên) năm học 2022-2023 bản PDF

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Dung cho trị 

Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút (không kể thời gian giao để 

Ngày thi: 02/6/2022 

(Đề thi có 05 phần, gồm 08 trang) 

PART A: LISTENING (15 points) 

Section 1 

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Otto Channel 

Questions 1 - 5. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 

1. Billy wasn't such a famous footballer as Gary. 

2. Gary started playing football when he was seven. 

3. At first, Gary's mother took his sisters to his matches because he needed someone to take him home at the end of the matches. 

4. Though Gary was good at some natural science subjects, he decided to pursue a football 


5. Gary is a big football star, and his wife is also a film star. 

Section 2 

Questions 6-10. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS taken from the listening passage. 

Prior to the housing crisis of the US, Americans borrowed millions of dollars from banks to pay for their accommodation. However, because of the losses of (6) 


as a result of economic problems, there arose doubts whether it was advisable for banks to have given out so many a loan, known as a (7) __________, or not. To take it out from a bank, a person needs to give details about their income, their (8) _________ - worth about one-tenth of the value of the property they buy, and a credit report. Before the crisis, this process used to be simpler. Therefore, those who managed to get this type of loan really didn't (9) That's why, when the crisis happened, they lost their houses, and so ruined (10) ________. At this point, both banks and homeowners are to blame for the crisis. 

Section 3 

Questions 11-15. Choose the most suitable answer to each of the following questions. 11. What is one of the changes to flight services mentioned by Julie? 

A. Larger and more relaxing sitting space. 

C. Reduction in block bookings. 

B. More films in flights. 

D. More classes of flights. 

12. What is one thing that Julie found confusing about flying in the past? 

A. A dreadful fire risk. 

B. Unpleasant smell on aeroplanes. 

C. No restriction on smoking in flights. 

D. Two hot meals for vegetarians on the same flight. 

13. What does Julie think forces airlines to offer more to passengers? 

A. Tougher competition in air industry. 

B. More choices of food. 

C. Global economic crisis. 

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D. The demand for higher quality food of businessman passengers. 

14. What is a factor that makes food served in a flight comparable to that in a world-class 


A. The best cookers. 

B. Great presents for passengers. 

C. The presence of a nutrionist on every flight. 

D. Healthy ingredients. 

15. What does Julie imply about a career in airline services? 

Questions 28-35. 

your answer sheet. 28. Eating that meat 

29. Since 2020, the public to listen to li 

30. I'm sorry to be 31. The new version 

32. Ann's father wa 33. In shadow pup performance, so sel 34. The woman det 

35. The theft of s 


Questions 36-40. 

answers on your a Example: Line 1: i 

A. It's a long career to pursue. 

C. It's a glamourous career. 

B. It's a hard career to pursue. D. It's a long and hard career. 

PART B: PHONETICS (5 points) 


Questions 16-18. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in the same line and write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. 

It is often sa 

Unlike TV, 

16. A. cooked 

B. crashed 

C. crossed 

D. crooked 

smarter. Re 

17. A. hesitate 

B. basic 

C. reserve 

D. resumé 

They requir 

Internet pos 

18. A. hasty 

B. nasty 

C. wastage 

D. taste 

whole story 


Questions 19-20. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others in 

the same line and write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. 

19. A. literature 

20. A. interfere 

B. approximate 

B. innovate 

C. immediate 

C. sacrifice 

D. apparently 

D. penalize 

helps you st 

figures and 


Books give 

got, the rich 

which other 


Questions 21-27. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Write the answers on your answer sheet. 

21. He (GO)_________ to the last meeting instead of staying home because it was important for his promotion later on. 

him a clear explanation the previous day. 

29 more gold medals last Sunday. 

fast then. 

22. She objected to his parents (NOT GIVE) 23. Vietnamese athletes are reported (AMASS) 24. It would have been a much more serious accident she (DRIVE) 25. Peter didn't study for the test. He (COPY) 

the answers from someone else. 

26. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as though he just (WAKE) 27. I would make a suggestion that your mother (SPEAK) on a diet. 

up after a long sleep. 

to by her doctor before going 

Questions 41-5 sentences and wri 

41. Tung and Hoa -Tung: "I reckon 

- Hoa: “ 

A. It's time to go C. That's wrong 42. Your rental ag 

A. credibly 

43. All of my frie 

A. media 

44. The thick fog 

A. ruled 


Questions 28 - 35. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. Write the answers on 

your answer sheet. 

28. Eating that meat could be dangerous. It looks (COOK) 

to me. 

29. Since 2020, the Supreme Court has held arguments via (CONFER), allowing the public to listen to live audio. 

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30. I'm sorry to be so (DECIDE) ________ I'd like to think things over for another day or two. 

31. The new version of the program comes with a much better user (FACE) 

32. Ann's father was in hospital due to a severe heart (ORDER) 

33. In shadow puppetry, the screen is the medium through which the audience experiences the performance, so selecting the best screen is among the great (ESSENCE) 

34. The woman detected her (CANCER) 

conditions soon after she felt ill in her body. 

and embarrassing for the 

35. The theft of so much money proved both (PROBLEM) company. 

Questions 36-40. There are six mistakes in the passage. Find out and correct them. Write the answers on your answer sheet. The first one has been done for you as an example. Example: Line 1: is -> are 



It is often said that books is always good friends and reading is an active mental process. Unlike TV, books make you use your brain. By reading, you think more and become smarter. Reading improves concentration and focus. Reading books takes brain power. They requires you to focus on what you are reading for long periods. Unlike magazines, Internet posts or e-mails that might contain small pieces of information. "Books tell the whole story". Because you must concentrate in order to read, you will get better off concentration. Many studies show if you do not use your memory, you lose it. Reading helps you stretch your memory muscles. Reading requires remembering details, facts and figures and in literature, plot lines, themes and characters. 

Books give you knowledge of other cultures and places. The more information you have got, the richer your knowledge is. Books can expanse your horizons by letting you see which other cities and countries have to offer before you visit them. 

Questions 41 - 50. Choose the word/ phrase that best fits the gap in each of the following sentences and write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. 

41. Tung and Hoa are talking about time management skills. 

- Tung: "I reckon that time management skill is very essential to our study." 

- Hoa: 

We should spend our time wisely to study well." 

A. It's time to go 

C. That's wrong 

42. Your rental agreement 

A. credibly 

B. explicitly 

B. I couldn't agree with you more 

D. I can't think about it 

states that no pets are allowed in the building. 

C. mildly 

43. All of my friends are using TikTok, so I decided to jump on the 

A. media 

B. platform 

C. bandwagon 

D. decently 

and join it, too. 

D. departure 

D. crossed 

44. The thick fog ________ out any possibility of our plane taking off before morning. 

A. ruled 

B. struck 

C. stamped 

45. There are 


A. a large many 46. The 

house there. 

words in English having more than one meaning. Pay close attention to this 

B. many a 

C. quite a lot 

D. a great many 

prices of property in big cities may deter people on low incomes from owning a 

B. forbidding 

A. competitive 47. Only a few companies were found to be in 

A. submission 

48. The mass media are radio, movies, television, mobile phones and the Internet. 

A. models 

49. This course 

A. assumes 

B. means 

C. parts 

C. prohibitive 

D. inflatable 

with the new law. 

B. obedience 

C. compliance 

D. fulfilment 

of communication, such as books, newspapers, recordings, 

D. types 

C. assures 

D. assembles 

raw materials. 

B. industrious and important D. important industries 

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no previous knowledge of the subject. B. assigns 

50. Spain has little good farmland and lacks many 

A. important industry 

C. important industrial 

PART D: READING (30 points) Otto Channel 

Questions 51 - 55. Read the following passage and choose the most suitable phrase from A- F to fill in each gap. There is one extra phrase that you don't need to use. Write the answers on your answer sheet. 

A. the Sun will eventually explode 

B. the force that pulls all things together 

C. the outward push of the heat will be stronger than the Sun's gravity 

D. the Sun is not getting bigger or smaller 

E. it will use its fuel even faster 

F. the dust and gas turned into a huge ball of fire 

The Birth and Death of the Sun 

About five billion years ago, there was no sun and no planets. The solar system was just a spinning cloud of gas and dust. Over millions of years, gravity, (51) 

and it will start to 

dwarf. There will b Questions 56-60. Write A, B, C, or D Twenty-three milli stalked sub-Sahara 

spent decades in a found in Kenya de fossils were put asi The skull of the fo teeth, the carnivore tons and could pre 

teeth and molars w 

The researchers d Swahili for "big lid even mammalian 

hyaenodonts, an ex 

After the extinctic 

Additionally, tecto and flourish on oth 

went extinct betwe 

"We don't know e quickly as the glob the last hyaenodo Division of Fossil the Heritage Colleg is a pivotal fossil evolutionary histor predator disappear of the modern Afri 

brought the dust 56. Which of the f 

cloud together in a ball. As the gas and dust was pressed together, it became hotter and hotter. Eventually, it became so hot that (52), and the Sun was born. 

A. The character B. The study of 

C. The discovery D. The largest an 57. What does the 

A. hostile 

The Sun uses a gas called hydrogen as its fuel. It is extremely hot, over 16 million degrees at the center of the Sun. Because the Sun is so hot, the gas is pushed outward by the heat. The outward push of the gas is exactly as strong as the inward pull of gravity, so (53) D. This will be true as long as the Sun has hydrogen for fuel. But in another four or five billion years, the Sun will use up most of its hydrogen. Then, (54) A, and the Sun will start to grow. At this time, Mercury and Venus will be destroyed and the Earth will become much too hot for life. Because 59. Which of the f the Sun will be bigger, (55). Eventually, when the Sun's fuel is used, its fire will go out 

58. What does the 

A. a rhinoceros 


g a 


and it will start to cool. Gravity will finally pull the Sun into a small, cold ball called a white dwarf. There will be no heat and very little light, and the solar system will be a cold, dead place. Questions 56 -- 60. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question that follows. Write A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet. 

Twenty-three million years ago, a giant carnivore larger than any modern-day lion or polar bear stalked sub-Saharan Africa, according to the fossils of a previously undiscovered species that spent decades in a museum drawer at the National Museum of Kenya. The fossils were originally found in Kenya decades ago, but at that time researchers were searching for ancient apes, so the fossils were put aside. 

The skull of the fossil is comparable to that of a rhinoceros, and given its size and giant sharp teeth, the carnivore was at the head of its food chain. Researchers estimate that it weighed 1.6 tons and could prey on large herbivores akin to today's elephant and hippopotamus. Its canine teeth and molars would have been able to tear flesh and crack bones easily. 

The researchers dubbed the newly discovered species Simbakubwa kutokaafrika, which is Swahili for "big lion coming from Africa." But it's not a close relative of lions, other big cats or even mammalian carnivores that roam the Earth today. Instead, Simbakubwa was part of the hyaenodonts, an extinct group of mammalian carnivores that lived in Africa. 

After the extinction of dinosaurs, they enjoyed a 45 million-year reign as the key predators. Additionally, tectonic plates shifted, allowing Simbakubwa to cross a landbridge into Eurasia and flourish on other continents as well. And even though they lived for millions of years, they went extinct between 15 million and 18 million years ago. 

"We don't know exactly what drove hyaenodonts to extinction, but ecosystems were changing quickly as the global climate became drier. The gigantic relatives of Simbakubwa were among the last hyaenodonts on the planet," said Matthew Borths, study author and curator of the Division of Fossil Primates at Duke University. Nancy Stevens, study co-author and professor in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine at Ohio University, noted in a statement that "This is a pivotal fossil, demonstrating the significance of museum collections for understanding evolutionary history. Simbakubwa is a window into a bygone era. As ecosystems shifted, a key predator disappeared, heralding Cenozoic faunal transitions that eventually led to the evolution of the modern African fauna." 

(Adapted from https://edition.cnn.com) 

56. Which of the following does the passage primarily concern? 

A. The characteristics of an ancient species called hyaenodonts. B. The study of fossils and ancient dinosaurs in Kenya. 

C. The discovery of an ancient carnivore's fossils in Africa. 

D. The largest and oldest living carnivore. 

57. What does the word "akin" in the second paragraph most likely mean? 

A. hostile 

B. similar 

C. dangerous 

D. independent 

C. the food chain 

D. the carnivore 

58. What does the word "it" in the second paragraph refer to? 

B. the skull 

A. a rhinoceros 59. Which of the following is TRUE about Simbakubwa? 

A. They bear little relation to modern-day big cats or mammalian carnivores. B. They reigned over many species including dinosaurs for 45 million years. C. They originated in areas outside the continent of Africa. 

D. They suffered from negative effects caused by the movement of tectonic plates. 60. What can be inferred from Matthew Borths' view in the last paragraph? 

A. Drier global climate had almost no effect on ecosystems. 

B. Shifting ecosystems probably contributed to the extinction of hyaenodonts. C. Researchers have determined the exact reason why hyaenodonts went extinct. D. The gigantic relatives of Simbakubwa were last seen in Africa 

Questions 61-70. Read the passage and choose the most suitable word from the ones given below to fill in each gap. Write A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet. 

huge benefit to the consumer. Far There can be no question that online shopping is (61) from becoming (62) 

online shoppers are very demanding. Overpriced merchants with poor services should beware. Gone are the days when stores could charge what they liked for goods and get away with it. The same, too, for shady manufacturers: smarter consumers know which products have a good (63)________ and which do not, because online they now read not only the sales (64) ________ but also reviews from previous purchasers. And if customers are disappointed, a few clicks of the mouse will take them to places where they can let the world know. Nowadays there is nothing more damning than a flood of negative comments on the 


(65)______ the big boys, as always, are ahead of the game. Some companies are already adjusting their business models to take account of these trends. The stores run by Sony and Apple, for instance, are more like brand showrooms than shops. They are there for people to try out (66) _______ and to ask questions to knowledgeable staff. Whether the products are ultimately bought online or offline is of secondary importance. 

Online traders must also adjust. Amazon, for one, is (67) __________ turning from being primarily a bookseller to becoming a (68) retailer by letting other companies sell products on its site, rather like a marketplace. During America's Thanksgiving weekend last November, Amazon's sales of consumer electronics in the United States (69) _________ its book sales for the first time in its history. Other transformations in the retail business are (70) 

C. with 

to follow. 

D. in 

C. competent 

D. complacent 

D. resolution 

D. blurb 

D. Also 

D. devices 

C. opinion C. blare 

C. Though 

C. emblems 

61. A. for 

B. of 

62. A. compassionate 

B. dissatisfied 

63. A. distinction 

B. reputation 

64. A. bubble 

B. message 

65. A. Moreover 

B. However 

66. A. schemes 

B. tools 

B. unreasonably 

C. rapidly 

68. A. mass 

B. block 

C. lump 

D. chunk 

69. A. receded 

B. exceeded 

C. repressed 

70. A. tied 

B. secured 

C. bound 

67. A. mistakenly 

D. secretly 

D. excluded 

D. fastened 

Questions 71- Write the ans 

The first grou explorers arri 

that it was du shores. In son 

land was fert would have b environment. people", whe To the Maor 


It was not or 

New Zealan 

they produce 

crops. Craft had once be researchers 

to make pot 

Questions & meaning sta 81. They wi 

=> No anno 

82. Many c 

=> Harsh 

83. We can 

Not unt 

84. We live 

=>The far 

85. The m 

=>The mi 

Questions keeps the 86. My fri =>My 87. If you 

Questions 71-80. Read the following passage then fill in each gap with ONE suitable word. Write the answers on your answer sheet. 

New Zealand's Early Crafts and Traditions 

The first groups of people to discover New Zealand came from Polynesia. Exactly when these explorers arrived has often been a (71) ________ for debate, but today the general understanding is that it was during the 13th century (72) their canoes eventually landed on New Zealand's an ideal place to settle: the shores. In some ways the new country must have seemed (73)___ land was fertile, and thick forests provided fire wood, shelter, and building materials. Still, life would have been challenging for the different Polynesian tribes, who had to (74) environment. The tribes only began to refer to themselves as Maori, (75) people", when Europeans in (76) 

to a new 


of new opportunities began arriving in the 18th century. To the Maori, of course, the European settlers and sailors were not "ordinary" (77)________ 

Shared by Angels of Otto Channel 



It was not only the knowledge of canoe-building and navigation that the Polynesians brought to New Zealand. They were also skilled craftsmen. There is archaeological evidence that the tools they produced were (78)_________ high quality and would have enabled tribes to plant and harvest crops. Craftsmen were also occupied with making weapons such as knives and some crafts that ________done in New Zealand although had once been popular in Polynesian islands were no (79) researchers are unsure why. Pottery is an (80) __________ of this despite the fact that the clay needed to make pots and bowls could easily be found in the new country. 

PART E: WRITING (20 points) 

Questions 81-85. Rewrite each of the following sentences beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same. 

81. They will not announce the findings until next week. 

=> No announcement 

82. Many creatures still survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of the deserts. 

=> Harsh 

83. We can't start the meeting until Tom comes. 

=> Not until 

84. We live far from our relatives. We miss them very much. 

=>The farther 

85. The minister gave no precise figures about casualties. 

=> The minister didn't go 

Questions 86-90. Rewrite each of the following sentences using the given words so that it keeps the same meaning. Do not change the form of the words given. 

86. My friend took no notice of my advice. (DEAF) 

=> My 

87. If you hadn't changed our original agreement, everything would have been fine. (STUCK) 


88. John found it difficult to get used to the fact that he was fired. (TERMS) 

=> John 

89. Women outnumber men by two to one in Greece. (TWICE) 


90. We can't possibly imagine how we are going to afford a new car. (FAINTEST) 

=> We don't 

Paragraph writing 

Write a paragraph of about 150 words concerning the following topic: 

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Otto Channel 

Nowadays violence is on the increase among teenagers in many schools. Suggest some 

solutions to this problem. 

Họ và tên thí sinh:... 

Chữ ký của CBCT 

THE END------- 


Chữ ký của CBCT).