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Tải xuống: Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên tỉnh Long An môn Tiếng Anh (Chuyên) năm học 2022-2023 bản PDF

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(Đề thi gồm 07 trang) 

I. LISTENING (2.0 points) 


thi: TIẾNG ANH (chuyên) 

Ngày thi: 24/7/2022 

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút (không kể thời gian phát đề) Thí sinh làm bài trên PHIẾU TRẢ LỜI, không làm trên đề thi này. 

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PART 1. You will hear people talking in five different situations. For questions 1-5, choose the best answer A, B or C. Listen to each situation TWICE. (1.0 point) 

1. You overhear two people talking at the end of the day. 

Where are they? 

A. in a shop 

B. in an office 

2. You hear some information on a travel programme. 

Which holiday destinations have become more popular this year? 

A. city breaks 

B. traditional beach resorts 

C. skiing and other activity centres 

3. You overhear two people talking about a holiday. 

What went wrong? 

A. The hotel was full. 

B. The suitcases got lost. 

C. The plane was delayed. 

4. You hear two friends discussing their plans for the weekend. 

What is the man doing? 

A. persuading his friend to take up cycling 

B. recommending a new cycle route to his friend 

C. inviting his friend to accompany him on a cycle ride 

5. You hear a woman talking to a friend about a recent holiday. 

What was the weather like? 

A. rainy 

B. sunny 

C. at home 

C. stormy 

PART 2. You will hear a woman talking about problems faced by the Grand Canyon National Park Service. For questions 6-10, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase. You will hear the recording TWICE (1.0 point) 

- The Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern part of Arizona. 

- The Canyon is deep 1.6 kilometers from top to the (6) 



- The Grand Canyon National Park was opened in 1919. 

- 5 million people a year visit the Grand Canyon National Park today. 

- The park provides visitors with (7) 

In the summer the park is affected by (8) DI 

to help solve the problem of parking. 

brought by southwesterly winds. 

The park also suffers from a lack of water and this sometimes has to be brought in by truck if the (9) me is damaged. 

The Glen Canyon (10), which is 24 kilometers upstream, has had a profound impact on the Colorado river. 

The temperature of the Colorado river is now 7 degrees all year round. 

Some types of fish have now totally disappeared. 

Trang 1/7 

II. READING (2.0 points) 

PART 1. Read the following passage and choose the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 1-5. (1.0 point) 


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has devoted his life to studying happiness. He believes he has found the key. 

I've been fascinated by happiness most of my life. When I was a small boy, I noticed that though many of the adults around me were wealthy and educated, they were not always happy and this sometimes led them to behave in ways which I, as a child, thought strange. As a result of this, I decided to understand what happiness was and how best to achieve it. It was not surprising, then, that I decided to study psychology. 

On arrival at the University of Chicago 50 years ago, I was disappointed to find that academic psychologists were trying to understand human behavior by studying rats in a laboratory. I felt that there must be other more useful ways of learning how we think and feel. Although my original aim had been to achieve happiness for myself, I became more ambitious. I decided to build my career on trying to discover what made others happy also. I started out by studying creative people such as musicians, artists and athletes because they were people who devoted their lives to doing what they wanted to do, rather than things that just brought them financial rewards. 

Shared by Angels of Otto Channel 

Later, I expanded the study by inventing a system called 'the experience sampling method'. Ordinary people were asked to keep an electronic pager for a week which gave out a beeping sound eight times a day. Every time it did so, they wrote down where they were, what they were doing, how they felt and how much they were concentrating. This system has now been used on more than 10,000 people, and the answers are consistent: as with creative people, ordinary people are happiest when concentrating hard. 

After carrying out 30 years of research and writing 18 books, I believe I have proved that happiness is quite different from what most people imagine. It is not something that can be bought or collected. People need more than just wealth and comfort in order to lead happy lives. I discovered that people who earn less than £10,000 are not generally as happy as people whose incomes are above that level. This suggests that there is a minimum amount of money we need to earn to make us happy, but above that dividing line, people's happiness has very little to do with how much poorer or richer they are. Multi-millionaires turn out to be only slightly happier than other people who are not so rich. What is more, people living below the dividing line and in poverty are often quite happy too. 

I found that the most obvious cause of happiness is intense concentration. This must be the main reason why activities such as music, art, literature, sports and other forms of leisure have survived. In order to concentrate, whether you're reading a poem or building a sandcastle, what you need is a challenge that matches your ability. The way to remain continually happy, therefore, is to keep finding new opportunities to improve your skills. This may mean learning to do your job better or faster, or doing other more difficult jobs. As you grow older, you have to find new challenges which are more appropriate to your age. I have spent my life studying happiness and now, as I look back, I wonder if I have achieved it. Overall, I think I have, and my belief that I have found the keys to its secret has increased my happiness immeasurably. 

(Extracted from The Times) 

1. What does "this" in paragra A. the writer's decision B. the writer's interesti C. the writer's observa D. the writer's unhapp 2. What sort of people did the A. People who were o B. People with more C. People whose mai D. People whose obj 3. The "experience samplin A. creative people a B. uncreative people C. people's happine D. people are happi 4. The phrase "that dividi 

A. living more com B. poor countries a C. happy people ar 

D. millionaires an 

5. According to the write A. something whi 

B. something whi C. something wh D. many things a PART 2. You are goin have been removed fro gap (6-10). There is O (0) for you. (1.0 point) 

The polar bear, the world who will ne ice it lives on, the she -backdrop of snow and 

(0) G comfortable home at which it feeds have s the polar bear beca vulnerability to a cha The polar bear existence. (6) mammal for legal p 

bear is clearly an in 

I began my re was high, and co needed, and The the bears' ecology 

Trang 2/7 

genetics and den 

1. What does "this" in paragraph 1 refer to? 

A. the writer's decision to study psychology B. the writer's interest in happiness 

C. the writer's observations of adults 

D. the writer's unhappy childhood 

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Otto Channel 

2. What sort of people did the writer choose to concentrate on at the start of his career? 

A. People who were clearly happier. 

B. People with more freedom. 

C. People whose main aim in life was not making money. 

D. People whose objective was to become richer. 

3. The "experience sampling method" in paragraph 3 showed in general that 

A. creative people are happier than other people. 

B. uncreative people are just as happy as creative people. 

C. people's happiness depends on who they are with. 

D. people are happier when they are very focused on an activity. 

4. The phrase "that dividing line" in paragraph 4 refers to a division between 

A. living more comfortably and less comfortably. 

B. poor countries and rich countries. 

C. happy people and unhappy people. 

D. millionaires and poor people. 

5. According to the writer, people concentrate more when they are doing 

A. something which they find enjoyable. 

B. something which they find difficult but possible. 

C. something which they find quite easy. 

D. many things at the same time. 

PART 2. You are going to read an introduction to a book about polar bears. Six sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A - G the one which fits each gap (6-10). There is ONE extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is one example (0) for you. (1.0 point) 


The polar bear, more than any other animal, symbolises the Arctic. People all around the world who will never see one know what it looks like. Like the vastness of the polar sea ice it lives on, the sheer size of an adult polar bear is impressive. Its whiteness matches the backdrop of snow and ice that we all associate with the Arctic. 

(0) G_____ The Arctic is not a forgotten wasteland to a polar bear; it is home, and a comfortable home at that. For thousands of years, the climate, the ice, and the seals upon which it feeds have shaped the evolution of this predator. While it's easy to understand why the polar bear became such a powerful icon, it is difficult even now to comprehend its vulnerability to a changing environment. 

The polar bear is a true marine mammal in the sense that it depends on the ocean for existence. (6) For example, in the United States, the polar bear is considered a marine mammal for legal purposes. In Canada it is a land mammal. Ecologically, however, the polar bear is clearly an integral part of the marine ecosystem, and that's the context I will treat it in. 

I began my research on polar bears forty years ago. International concern for polar bears was high, and conservation agreements were in development. Management plans were needed, and The Polar Bear Specialist Group recommended more fundamental research on the bears' ecology. I undertook a wide variety of studies of polar bears, including behaviour, genetics and denning habitat. In this book, I explain the results of that research. (7). 

Trang 3/7 


I have followed a few general themes. Firstly, the polar bear does not exist in isolation. It is both a product and part of the polar marine ecosystem. (8) bx/The polar bear has been a significant factor in the evolution of the behaviour and ecology of the arctic seal and 

vice versa. 

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Secondly, a polar bear's life revolves around energy. It obtains as much energy as efficiently as possible when there is an opportunity, and then conserves that energy as much Because their success as predators determines their very existence, as possible. (9) and this is the aspect that most people have the greatest interest in, I've written the longest chapter on how they hunt and how diverse their techniques are. 

A third theme is that each polar bear is an individual. A solitary predator in an extreme environment like the Arctic must live by its wits. A single solution from one bear will not answer all situations of others. Conditions for hunting or other environmental factors may change quickly. (10) They often contemplate a situation before they act, and they learn quickly from new experiences. As a result, each bear is unique because of its individual combination of experiences and knowledge. 

A. In other words, because of their low reproductive rate, they are still vulnerable if not 

properly managed. 

Consequently, polar bears are highly inquisitive. 

C.This is because it is often uncertain when or where the next meal will come from. 

D. I attempt to provide a broad understanding of the ecology and natural history of polar 

bears in accessible non-technical language. 

It is constantly influenced by a changing environment and it interacts with other species on a daily basis. 

However, the fact that it walks about on the sea ice like a regular land bear, and 

periodically comes ashore causes confusion. 

6. At special moments when I have time to watch an undisturbed polar bear, I'm often struck 

by an overwhelming sense that it is simply where it belongs. 

III. USE OF ENGLISH (5.0 points) 

PART 1. Choose the word or phrase A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence. (1.0 point) 

1. He is decorating the house 

A with a view to 

B. by means of 

selling it, and will buy another large house. 

C. in so far as 

D. in view of 


with burglary at the police station. 

B. charged 

C. investigated 

D. arrested 

B. out 


D. through 

2. The man was 

A. accused 

3. Susie fell 

A. for 

with her best friend last week. 

4. I requested that first year students 

A. are permitted 

B. be permitted 

5. In no 

X. account 

to change their courses in the first two weeks. 

C. were permitted 

D. would be permitted 

could such a discreet man betray our secret. 

6. He is rumored to 

A. attacked 

7. Jill went to 


B. condition 

on the way home last week. 

B. be attacked 

C. circumstance 


C. have attacked 

D) have been attacked 

C. a 

D. an 

university to see her friend. 

B. no article 




8. Peter was the last applicant 

A. to interview 

B. to be interviewing 

my car broke down, I came home late yesterday. 

A. Since 

by that interviewer. 

C. interviewing D. to be interviewed 

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Otto Channel 

10. It was 

B. While day that I went to the lake. 

C. For 

D. When 

A. such nice a 

B. so a nice 

C. so nice a 

D. a very nice 

PART 2. Read the following passage and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each gap. (1.0 point) 


The history of the bicycle goes back more than 200 years. In 1791, Count de Sivrac (1) onlookers in a park in Paris as he showed off his two-wheeled invention, a machine version of a children's toy which had been called the 'celerifere'. It was basically an (2) 

of a 

in use for many years. Sivrac's 'celerifere' had a wooden frame, made in the (3) horse, which was mounted on a wheel at either end. To ride it, you sat on a small seat, just like a modern bicycle, and pushed (4) against the ground with your legs - there were no pedals. It was impossible to steer a 'celerifere' and it had no brakes, but despite these problems the invention very much (5) 

to the fashionable young men of Paris. Soon they were holding races up and down the streets. Minor injuries were common as riders attempted a final burst of (6) 

Controlling the machine was difficult as the only way to change (7) 

it round while the front wheel was 

was to pull up the front of the 'celerifere' and (8) spinning in the air. 

'Celeriferes' were not popular for long, however, as the (9) 

of no springs, no 

steering and rough roads made riding them very uncomfortable. Even so, the wooden 

'celerifere' was the (10) 

1. A. delighted 

2. A. increased 

4. A. fast 

of the modern bicycle. 

C. heavily C. took 

D. overjoyed D. enlarged D. appearance D. hard 

D. called 

B. cheered 

C. appreciated 

B. enormous 

C. extended 

3. A. resemblance 

B. shape 

C. body 

B. deeply 

5. A. attracted 

B. appealed 

6. A. velocity 

B. energy 

C. pace 

D. speed 

7. A. direction 

B. route 

C. heading 

8. A. roll 

B. drive 

C. turn 

9. A. mixture 

B. link 

C. combination 

10. A. origin 

B. design 

C. model 

D. way D. revolve 


D. introduction 

PART 3. Fill each blank with ONE suitable word. There is one example (0) for you. (1.0 point) 


Blue whales, the world's largest animals, have (0) been sighted again in British waters for least twenty years. Indications that a population of blue whales was the first time in (1) the inhabiting the waters west of Scotland came for the first time from the United States Navy, (2) surveillance system picked up the songs of a lot of different whales. American zoologists subsequently identified the blue whale song among them. 

Now marine biologist, Carol Booker, (3) 

actually seen a blue whale there herself. She has no doubt about what she saw, because they have distinctive fins which are very small for (4) 

size. She says, 'Worldwide they were almost extinct and it seemed they had completely vanished from the North Atlantic, so you can imagine how I felt actually seeing one! 

Trang 5/7 

However, it is certainly (5) 

She goes (6) 

whales, and (7) 

to (9) 

Bigger than (8) 

soon to say if it is an indication of a population recovery.' to say, 'What it does show is the importance of this area of the ocean for 

essential it is to control pollution of the seas.' 

dinosaur known to man, blue whales are the largest animals ever lived on earth. A blue whale is more than six metres long at birth and, (10) fully grown, its heart is the same height as a tall man and weighs as much as a horse. PART 4. Give the correct form of the words in the brackets. (1.0 point) 

Play is an (1. ACTIVE) 


that all children take part in, whether alone or with others. In fact, play offers a wide variety of benefits for children and is vital for a child's learning and (2. EMOTION) development. It is central to the formation of a child's (3. PERSON) and can help to increase the knowledge children need to cope with the challenges they encounter in school and at home. Play (4. ABLE) 

children to realise their potential and to problems, thus allowing them to experience the satisfaction that 

to find (5. SOLVE) 

success brings. 

Experts tell us that it is impossible to (6. ESTIMATE) the importance of play as it is (7. PROBABLE) the most effective way that children have of trying out and (8. MASTER) new skills. By opening children's minds to creativity and imagination, play is indeed a good (9. PREPARE). for life. 

However, as far as children themselves are concerned, the only value of play is quite simply in the fun and (10. PLEASE) that it gives them. 

PART 5. (1.0 point) 

For questions 1-5, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do NOT change the word given. 

1. He always calls his house his 'castle'. (REFERS) →He always 

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his castle'. 

2. She was proud of her work, and she was also well respected by her colleagues. (TAKE) 

→ Not only 

her work, she was also well respected by her colleagues. 

3. During the winter I prefer watching football to playing it. (SOONER) 

→During the winter I 


4. Karen says it takes less than an hour to drive there, but I'm sure she has got it wrong. (MUST) 

→ Karen says it takes less than an hour to drive there, but she 

IV. WRITING (1.0 poi 

In about 120-150 

Use s 

Thi sinh không đ 

Họ và tên thí sinh: Phùn Chữ ký cán bộ coi thi 1: 

a mistake. 

5. They can't come into the country without getting a visa first. (LONG) →They can't come into the country 

a visa first. 

For questions 6-10, finish each of the sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the one printed before it. 

6. I'd like to thank your brother for his help. 

→ I'm very grateful 

his help. 

7. Alice told Tom she thought he had scratched the car. →Alice accused 

the car. 


8. People believe that someone murdered Don. 


9. Without Jack's help, I wouldn't have been able to move the table. →If it 

I wouldn't have been able to move the table. 10. The self-employed are generally more productive than office workers. → Office workers are generally 

as the self-employed. 

Trang 6/7 

IV. WRITING (1.0 point) 

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In about 120-150 words, write a PARAGRAPH answering the following question. 

Do you agree with the following statement? "Shopping online is better than going to shops." Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. 


của đoạn tài liệu. Cán bộ coi thi không giải thích gì thêm