Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hòa Bình môn Tiếng Anh (Chuyên) năm học 2022-2023

     Bài viết giới thiệu tài liệu "Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hòa Bình môn Tiếng Anh (Chuyên) năm học 2022-2023" sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn học sinh đang chuẩn bị thi vào chuyên Anh một nguồn tài liệu hữu ích để luyện tập và chuẩn bị kỹ càng cho kì thi chuyên Anh năm học 2023-2024 sắp tới. Tài liệu này là đề thi chính thức được sử dụng cho kì thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hòa Bình năm học 2022-2023.

     Nó bao gồm các câu hỏi thử thách với nhiều dạng bài khác nhau, giúp các bạn học sinh nắm vững kiến thức và kỹ năng cần thiết để đạt kết quả tốt trong kì thi. Bên cạnh tài liệu này, các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm nhiều tài liệu hữu ích khác về chuẩn bị ôn thi vào chuyên Tiếng Anh trên website Tài liệu diệu kỳ. Nơi đây cung cấp cho các bạn các cẩm nang luyện thi IELTS, bí kíp IELTS 8.0, ôn thi IELTS hiệu quả và nhiều tài liệu khác về Tiếng Anh.

     Từ khóa: Đề thi chuyên Anh vào 10 THPT mới nhất năm 2023; chuẩn bị kỹ càng cho kì thi Chuyên Anh năm học 2023-2024; lộ trình ôn thi vào chuyên Tiếng Anh hiệu quả.

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NĂM HỌC 2022-2023



Ngày thi: 06/06/2022

Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) Đề thi có 8 trang; thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi này.


Bằng số

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Số phách

A. LISTENING (1.0 point)


- You are going to listen to two parts.

- You will hear each part twice.

Part 1. You will hear part of an interview with a boy called Simon who is helping to protect the environment. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C to best answer each of the following questions. Write your answers in the space provided below (0.5 point).

1. Simon enjoys taking his boat onto the River Stanton because

A. he knows many people who go there.

B. the speed of the water makes it exciting. C. it is the closest river to his home town.

2. Simon noticed that the river water

A. was getting lower and lower.

B. was too dark to let him see the bottom. C. was having a negative effect on him.

3. Simon learned more about the problem with the river

A. by looking on the Internet.

B. by asking the people who owned the river.

C. by talking to his school teachers.

4. Why did Simon do a special course?

A. to join an organization that protects the river.

B. to learn about the geography of the river.

C. to be able to check the water quality of the river.

5. Simon is pleased because

A. the company causing the problem closed.

B. he found a way to reduce the problem.

C. he discovered new plants that live in the river. Your answers:






Part 2. You will hear some information about a café for young people. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space. Write your answers in the space provided below (0.5 point)


of ten local teenagers.

*This is a special café for teenagers which opened last month.

*The café is run by a (6)

* The teenagers got a grant worth (7) £

to start the café.

* They need some more teenagers to work as cooks in the café. *The café is currently open every (8)

from 1.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

or visit www.youthcafe.com.

*The café serves a range of hot and cold drinks and some (9) *To get more information, call (10)

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


Your answers:






B. PHONETICS (1.0 point)

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Write your answers in the space provided below. (0.5 point)

11. A. imitate

12. A. returned

13. A. creative 14. A. position 15. A. oxygen

II. Choose the word that has provided below. (0.5 point) 16. A. obvious

17. A. priority

C. biography

B. tsunami

B. ploughed

C. beloved

B. threaten

B. disease

B. agriculture

C. breadwinner

C. composer

C. energy

D. evidence

D. gained

D. heavy

D. consume

D. charger

a different stress pattern from the others. Write your answers in the space

B. suspicious

B. contribution

B. diverse

C. personal C. disadvantage

18. A. patient

C. machine

19. A. charity

B. processor

20. A. complicated

B. mathematics

C. computer C. accidental

Your answers:









D. handicap

D. independent

D. divide

D. benefit

D. centenarian



B. aren't they


C. LEXICO & GRAMMAR (2.0 points)

I. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to fill in each blank. Write your answers in the space provided below. (1.0 point)

21. Women no longer have to do hard work nowadays as they used to,

A. are they 22. Which songs do they often sing

A. on

B. at

23. She will call you to confirm


C. do they

D. don't they

C. in

D. of

A. until she received the parcel

C. the moment she receives the parcel

24. I have sent you a lot of letters but you have never been

A. responsive

B. when she was receiving the parcel D. after she had received the parcel

25. He was offered the job. A. despite

A. hears

26. I'm not sure if I know her, but the name

27. The problem is easy enough, but A. a lot of

B. response

C. respond his qualifications were poor. B. in spite of

C. even though a bell.

D. responsively

D. Whereas

B. sounds

28. He was the last man

B. few

the ship.

C. answers students could solve it.

C. a few

D. rings

D. a great number

A. who leave

B. to leave

C. leaving

D. left

B. border

B. face up to

29. Many plant and animal species are now on the A. danger

30. Please help me with this math problem. I can't_ A. come up with

31. Beneath the streets of a modern city

satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.

of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to

B. the existing network

of extinction.

C. verge

D. margin

the answer.

C. end up

D. run into

A. exists the network

C. the network's existence

D. where exists

a fool of myself.

D. make

32. I'm not going to go ice skating! I'd only fall over and A. create

B. show

33. Peter knows New York like the back of his

A. head

34. The curtains have

A. lightened

He used to be a taxi driver there for 10 years.

D. life

C. do

B. mind

C. hand because of the strong sunlight. B. faded

C. fainted

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023

D. weakened


35. The new manager is

easy-going. He is always very serious about the work. B. by means of C. by all means

D. in the mean time of switching off the lights when you leave a room.

C. custom

D. rule

A. by no means

36. It's a good idea to make a A. routine

B. habit

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in the following question. Write your answer in the space provided below.

37. "Edwards seems like a dog with two tails this morning." - "Haven't you heard the news? His wife gave birth to a baby boy early this morning."

A. extremely happy

C. exhausted

B. extremely disappointed D. very proud

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in the following question. Write your answer in the space provided below.

B. rudeness

C. measurement

38. She had never seen such discourtesy towards the director as it happened in the meeting last week. A. politeness

D. encouragement Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the option that best completes each of the following exchanges. Write your answers in the space provided below.

39. Linda is thanking Daniel for his birthday present.

Linda: "Thanks for the book. I've been looking for it for months."

Daniel: "

A. I'm glad you like it.

C. Thank you for looking for it.

40. Maria and Alex are talking about the environment.

B. I like reading books and glad you like it.

D. You can say that again.

Maria: "Our environment is getting more and more polluted. Do you think so?"



It's really worrying."

A. I'll think about that

B. I don't agree

C. I don't think so

D. I can't agree more

Your answers:





















II. Put the verbs in bracket into the correct form. Write your answers in the space provided. (0.5 point) 41. He (always enter)

the room without knocking first, which is annoying.

42. By the end of next month he (be)

43. No sooner he (arrive)

here for ten years.

than he had to leave again.

that wine.

your violin somewhere else.

44. I've got a terrible headache. If only I (not drink) 45. If you don't mind, I'd sooner you (practise) 46. (Not know)

where the theater was, she asked for directions at the hotel reception.

over there?

47. Have you ever met the man (stand) 48. He will go to Ho Chi Minh City with a view to (give)

before six.

50. Neither industries nor the garbage disposal (account)

49. It is essential that he (arrive)

Your answers:







a chance of promotion.

for the pollution in this city.





III. Supply the correct forms of the words given in BOLD. Write your answers in the space provided. (0.5 point)

51. Deforestation and excessive farming have 52. Hoi An Ancient Town gained UNESCO's 53. Travelling in big cities is becoming more 54. The doctor gave him some tablets to 55. The government cannot be

the soil.


as a World Heritage Site in 1999 (RECOGNISE) everyday. the pain.


Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


to public opinion.

to her neighborhood drugstore.


56. The mother of the child ran 57. The successful candidate will have super 58. The



of the land has been affected by the use of intensive farming methods. 59. How can you

the fact that some people live in mansions while others live in (JUST)


60. The damage caused by the terrible storm two days ago was

government. The real figures go up every minute.

by the

Your answers:












D. READING (3 points)

I. Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each blank. Write your answers in the space provided below. (1.0 point)

Proof that silence is golden for studying

The combination of music and study has long been a source of disagreement between adults and children. Parents and teachers alike maintain that silence is important when learning, (61) youngsters insist that their favourite sounds help them concentrate.

Now a study shows that the grown-ups have been (62) all long. Psychologists in Florida tested how fast students wrote essays with and without music in the (63)

They found that the sounds (64) progress down by about sixty words per hour. "This demonstrates clearly that it is difficult to cope with listening and writing at the same time," said Dr Sarah Randall. She also (65) to the conclusion that it is a myth that instrumental music is less distracting than vocals. "All types of music had the same effect," she said in her report. "One's ability to pay attention and write fluently is likely to be (66) by both vocal and instrumental music," she added.

Dr Randall claimed the research (67) wrong. "Writing an essay is a complex (68)


that the idea that music could improve performance was You are recalling information and putting it in

An additional stimulus in the form of music is bound to distract. But music is not the only distractor. What is (70)

worrying is that more and more teenagers are studying in front of the


61. A. whereas

62. A. precise

63. A. setting 64. A. slowed

65. A. reached 66. A. disturbed 67. A. pointed

68. A. project

69. A. order

70. A. partly

Your answers:





B. unlike B. right

B. background B. reduced

B. drew B. interfered

B. displayed

B. concern

B. arrangement B. largely

C. besides

C. valid

C. surrounding C. lowered

C. arrived

C. bothered

C. demonstrated

C. scheme C. line C. particularly





D. despite

D. true

D. circumstances

D. decreased

D. came

D. shocked

D. presented

D. task

D. pattern D. mainly



II. Fill in each blank with one suitable word. Write your answers in the space provided below. (1.0 point)

Man probably could not live without the help of animals. The (71) balance of nature ranks as their most important service to man.


Animals also (72)

of animals in the

man by supplying him with many foods and other useful products. animals, man would have no meat, milk, eggs, or honey, or wool, fur, or silk. For thousands of years, man has caused changes in the animal kingdom. He has tamed many kinds of animals and used them for food and clothing. He has killed and driven (74)

animals that once attacked him or interfered with his use of land. Today, he tries to (75) are in danger of dying out. (76)

many kinds of animals that man, most plants depend on animals for many of their basic

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


needs. Without animals, many plants could not (77) flowers depend on bees and other insects to (78) grow from acorns that squirrels burry and then forget, the soil. Birds often fly from one place to (79) sprout a great (80)

from the parent plant.

reproduce. For example, many plants with their pollen from plant to plant. Many oak trees or from acorns that deer step on an push deep into with seeds clinging to their feet. The seeds may

(Adapted from https://www.excellentes l4u.com)

Your answers:











III. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. Write your answers in the space provided below. (0.5 point)

Diffusion, the process of introducing cultural elements from one society into another, occurs in three basic patterns: direct contact, intermediate contact, and stimulus diffusion.

In direct contact, elements of a society's culture may be adopted first by neighboring societies and then gradually spread farther a field. The spread of the manufacture of paper is an example of extensive diffusion by direct contact. The invention of paper is attributed to the Chinese Ts'ai Lun in A.D. 105. Within fifty years, paper was being made in many places in central China. By 264 it was found in Chinese Turkmenistan, and from then on the successive places of manufacture were Samarkand (751), Baghdad (793), Egypt (about 900), Morocco (about 1100), and France (1189). In general, the pattern of accepting the borrowed invention was the same everywhere. Paper was first imported into each area as a luxury, then in ever-expanding quantities as a staple product. Finally, usually within one to three centuries, local manufacture started.

Diffusion by intermediate contact occurs through the agency of third parties. Frequently, traders carry a cultural trait from the society that originated it to another group. As an example of diffusion through intermediaries, Phoenician traders spread the alphabet which may have been invented by another Semitic group to Greece. At times, soldiers serve as intermediaries in spreading a culture trait. During the Middle Ages, European soldiers acted as intermediaries in two ways: they carried European culture to Arab societies of North Africa and brought Arab culture back to Europe. In the nineteenth century Western missionaries brought Western-style clothing to such places as Africa and the Pacific Islands.

In stimulus diffusion, knowledge of a trait belonging to another culture stimulates the invention or development of a local equivalent. A classic example of stimulus diffusion is the creation of the Cherokee syllabic writing system by a Native American named Sequoya. Sequoya got the idea from his contact with the English; yet he did not adopt the writing system nor did he even learn to write English. He utilized some English alphabetic symbols, altered others, and invented new ones.

(Adapted from https://toefl libtee.com) 81. According to the passage, a change that occurred in Africa and the Pacific Islands as a result of the arrival of missionaries was

A. an increase in the presence of soldiers.

C. the manufacture of paper

82. According to the passage, what did Sequoya do?

B. variation in local style of dressing

D. the introduction of new alphabetical systems

A. He adopted the English writing system for use in Cherokee.

B. He studied English intensively in order to learn to write it.

C. He taught English to Cherokee Native Americans.

D. He created a Cherokee writing system based on elements of the English alphabet.

83. The origins of the Greek and Cherokee writing systems were discussed in the passage because both systems

A. underwent identical patterns of development in different parts of the world

B. influenced the development of alphabets of other languages

C. represented distinct ways in which elements could be introduced into a culture

D. were introduced by religious missionaries

84. Which of the following statements about direct contact, intermediate contact, and stimulus diffusion is NOT true?

A. They all cause changes in cultures.

B. They all occur in more than one culture.

C. They all involve the interaction of cultures. D. They all require the trading of manufactured products.

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


85. The author organized the discussion in the passage by.

A. establishing a historical chronology from the past through the present B. illustrating specific categories with examples

C. identifying important geographic regions

D. ranking categories from most to least significant Your answers:






IV. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the best answer to each of the following questions. Write your answers in the space provided below. (0.5 point)

The walnut tree produces wood that is used for countless purposes, and is considered the finest wood in the world. The wood is easy to work with, yet it is very hard and durable and when it is polished, it produces a rich, dark luster. It also shrinks and swells less than any other wood, which makes it especially desirable for fine furniture, flooring, and even gun stocks.

In fact, just about every part of the walnut is unusually hard and strong. The nut of the tree is encased inside a very hard shell, which itself is enclosed in a leathery outer covering called a husk. It requires real effort to break through those layers to get at the tasty meat inside.

Yet every part of the walnut is useful to people. The outer husk produces a dark reddish stain that is hard to remove from the hands of the person, who opens the nut, and this pigment is widely used in dyes and wood stains. The inner shell is used as an abrasive to clean jet engines. And the meat of the nut is extensively used in cooking, ice cream, flavorings and just eaten raw.

Walnut trees exude a chemical into the soil near their roots which can be poisonous to some trees and shrubs. Fruit trees, for example, will not survive if planted too close to a walnut. Many other plants, such as maple trees or ivy, are not affected by the walnut's presence, and are well-suited to grow in its vicinity.

86. The underlined word "It" in the first paragraph refers to

A. walnut tree

B. walnut wood

87. The walnut tree is believed to produce

A. the best wood in the world

C. poisonous roots for people

B. meat

C. furniture

D. flooring

B. the most delicious meat for cooking D. some plants such as maple trees or ivy

C. fruit

88. As used in the passage, the underlined word “pigment” most nearly means A. colour 89. The author of the passage probably believes that A. walnut trees are endangered.

C. people should grow walnut trees if possible.

90. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Trees are used for many things.

C. Walnuts can kill other trees.

B. people should recycle more.

D. fragrance

D. maple trees are not good for furniture making.

B. Maple trees grow well with walnuts.

D. Walnut trees are valuable when planted correctly.

Your answers:






E. WRITING (3.0 points)

I. Identify one mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it. Write your answers in the space provided. (1.0 point)

Example: Jane did a lot of mistakes in her composition.




Correction: A -> made

91. Camping in the country is usually greatly fun, but sometimes things can go wrong.




92. Not until his mother passed away then he realize how important she was.




93. Most students succeeded in passing the exam, but a few was failed.







94. Cool temperatures, shade, moist, and the presence of dead organic material provide the ideal

living conditions for mushrooms.





Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


95. I was in disguise when I met them, as the result, of course they didn't recognise me.





96. One of the most famous and respective learners of the country is said to have founded this school.




97. As soon as the singer came onto the stage, there had been a round of applause.






98. There are more than two hundred applications for this job vacancy, and most of them can speak

English very well.





99. The interviewer told me which university in the U.K I had graduated from.





100. Geothermal energy is energy to obtain by using heat from the Earth's interior.


Your answers:














II. Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the first one. (0.5 point) 101. "You've broken my radio, Frank!" said Jane.

Jane accused

102. Mrs. Taylor regretted buying the second-hand washing machine.

Mrs. Taylor wishes

103. Their chances of success are small.

It is not

104. This affair does not concern you.

This affair is no

105. They believe that the wanted man was living in London.

The wanted man

III. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the given one. Use the given word. Do not change the BOLD word. (0.5 point)

106. The boy was about to cry when he was punished by his teacher. (POINT)

The boy

107. I'm sure it isn't Mrs. Smith you saw because she's in Singapore. (BEEN)


108. I cannot afford to buy a train ticket. (HAVE)

109. These days, she is very cheerful. (SPIRITS)


110. There were very few people at the concert last year. (CAME)


these days.

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023


IV. Passage writing. (1.0 point)

Some people think that parents have no right to control the lives of their children above 16. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? In about 250 words to express your own opinion about this.

--THE END --

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh - Trường THPT chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ năm học 2022- 2023