Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 1/9

Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 có kèm theo đáp án được cập nhật ở cuối bài viết. Bài thi môn Tiếng Anh (chuyên) nằm trong Kỳ thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 Trung học phổ thông chuyên do sở GD&ĐT Bình Dương tổ chức vào ngày 04/06/2023. Đề thi chuyên Anh chính thức của tỉnh năm nay gồm có 145 câu hỏi tự luận, trắc nghiệm và 01 bài viết luận (Essay writing), thí sinh hoàn thành bài thi trong vòng 120 phút.

Đề thi chuyên Anh tại tỉnh Bình Dương sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích cho các sĩ tử đang chuẩn bị cho Kỳ thi tuyển sinh năm học 2024-2025 vào các trường THPT Chuyên trên cả nước và đặc biệt đối với học sinh có nguyện vọng ứng tuyển vào trường Chuyên Hùng Vương, tỉnh Bình Dương.

Dưới đây là nội dung chi tiết về Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 kèm lời giải chi tiết được tổng hợp đầy đủ file pdf và word tại website Tài liệu diệu kỳ, có thể tải xuống để chuẩn bị cho mùa tuyển sinh sắp tới.

Đề thi Chuyên Anh năm 2023 vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương gồm 145 câu hỏi, gồm 5 phần chính: I. Listening (50 pts); II. Reading (50 pts); III. Communication (10 pts); IV. Grammar and Vocabulary (50 pts) và Writing (5 pts).

Tải xuống: Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 có đáp án
Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 1/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 1/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 4/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 4/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 7/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 7/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 9/9

Đề thi chuyên Anh vào THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương, Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024 - Trang 9/9

Đáp án gợi ý Đề thi chuyên Anh tỉnh Bình Dương năm học 2023-2024:




(Đáp án có 04 trang)



NĂM HỌC 2023-2024

Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH

Ngày thi: 04/06/2023

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

I. LISTENING: (50 points

Section 1.  1 OOL2381420

  2 deluxe

  3 (two) pillows

  4 driver’s licence

  5 three nights

Section 2.  6 A

  7 B

  8 C

  9 B

  10  C

  11  G

  12  A

  13  E

  14  D

  15  C

Section 3.  16  Nội dung đang được cập nhật.










II. READING (50 points)

26-35 26  informal

  27  manual

  28  solution

  29  copy

  30  colleague

  31  appeal

  32  further meeting

  33  senior

  34  mediation

  35  three months

36-45 36  wonders

  37  constitute/form

  38  between

  39  for

  40  of

  41  along

  42  that

  43  protect/preserve

  44  later

  45  side

46-55 46  C

  47  D

  48  A

  49  B

  50  C

  51  A

  52  B

  53  C

  54  B

  55  C

56-62 56  D

  57  C

  58  C

  59  A

  60  B

  61  B

  62  A

63-75 63  D my computer has lots of games which I can play after I have done my homework

  64  B to remind me about meetings with other doctors

  65  C for finding out what other companies like mine are offering

  66  A moving from the notes … to more developed pieces

  67  D Instead of having to draw pictures I can get them on the computer

  68  A I can work on trains and buses

  69  C everyone expects you to have a computer these days

  70  E My e-mail is like having a friend

  71  C It is not as personal as a phone call

  72  E it saves a lot of money

  73  D they let me have their old one

  74  E to send out information about myself

  75  E I owned one of my early laptops … would be a struggle without my computers


76-80 76  B

  77  C

  78  C

  79  B

  80  A

81-85 81  D

  82  A

  83  C

  84  A

  85  C


86-110  86  B

  87  D

  88  C

  89  A

  90  C

  91  B

  92  A

  93  B

  94  B

  95  A

  96  A

  97  B

  98  A

  99  A

  100 C

  101 D

  102 C

  103 B

  104 A

  105 A

  106 D

  107 D

  108 D

  109 C

  110 B

111-120 111 A

  112 D

  113 C

  114 C

  115 A

  116 A

  117 B

  118 C

  119 C

  120 B

121-130 121 A

  122 B

  123 D

  124 D

  125 B

  126 D

  127 A

  128 D

  129 B

  130 B

131-140 131 craftsmanship

  132 prospective

  133 disciplined

  134 customizable

  135 Diversity

  136 displaced

  137 nutrients

  138 exploratory

  139 migration

  140 timing

V. WRITING (35 points)

Part 1. 141 Maybe Paul would benefit from some private tuition if he’s having so many problems at school.

  142 I have been out of a job for the past six months.

  143 Unable/Not being able to get through to the police, she ran next door for help.

  144 There has been a considerable fall in the value of sterling in the past week.

  145 Failure to obey the regulations may lead to your disqualification.

Part 2.   Essay writing.

Nội dung đề thi chính thức:




(Đề thi có 09 trang)



NĂM HỌC 2023-2024

Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH

Ngày thi: 04/06/2023

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

I. LISTENING: (50 points)

Section 1. Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


Name: Kelvin Jones

Booking number: (1) _______ 

Vehicle registration ID: HUV 3331 

Date of arrival: 21 May

Room number: 501

Type of room: (2) _______

Extra requirements: (3) _______

Identification: (4) _______

Length of stay: (5) _______

Section 2. Listen to the recording and answer question 6 to question 15.

6. The Dark which makes up Hampstead Heath is _______.  

A. very large B. fairly large C. fairly small D. very small

7. According to the speaker, Hampstead underground station is _______.

A. the shallowest in the system B. the deepest in the system

C. the oldest in London D. the most famous place in London

8. The speaker suggests that after their walk people might want to _______.

A. have a meal in the famous restaurants  B. avoid Hampstead village as it is very busy

C. visit Hampstead village to look at the shops D. see the art lovingly arranged around the village

9. The houses in the Vale of the Heath are built _______.

A. on the edge of the Heath B. on the Heath

C. opposite the Heath D. next to Heath

10. The speaker advises walkers to remove their headphones to _______.

A. hear the silence away from the traffic B. ensure they are not being followed

C. listen to the noises in the park D. enjoy the melodious sound of birds

Questions 11-15: Choose FIVE answers below and write the correct letter A-I, next to questions 11-15. Which activities can be done at each of the following locations on the Heath?

Activities  A - have picnics  D - have a swim G - have snacks

  B - go fishing  E - attend concerts H - visit galleries

  C - view London F - watch plays I - visit book fairs

Locations on the Heath  Activities

11. Kenwood House _______

12. grassy slopes _______

13. open-air stage  _______

14. ponds _______

15. Parliament Hill _______

Section 3. Listen and fill in the blank with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

Stay mentally active can weaken the process of (16) _______.

People’s memories start to get worse as soon as they (17) _______.

You can get your brain working by coming home by a (18) _______.

Doing (19) _______ exercise most days will help keep you physically fit.

You are more likely to suffer memory loss if you smoke and (20) _______.

Always put things that you keep losing in the (21) _______.

Creating a mental picture of someone will help you to remember their (22) _______.

You may find it difficult to remember what you know if you are (23) _______.

(24) _______ your speech under simulation conditions.

Don’t drill a formal speech wearing (25) _______

II. READING (50 points)

For questions 26 - 35, read the text below.

Procedure for making a complaint at work

If you have a problem or complaint at work you might want to take this up with your employer. This is called raising a grievance.

Often the best way to sort out a problem is to request an informal meeting with your immediate manager to explain your concerns. You may find it is possible to sort the problem out in this way without having to take any further action. However if you do not feel your problem has been solved you may decide to raise a formal grievance. In this case you should first try to find out your company’s grievance procedure, you should be able to find details of this in your Company Handbook, HR or Personnel manual or on your company’ HR internal site.

The next step will probably be to write to your employer. Explain your problem and if you can think of a possible solution for resolving it give details of this. When you have written your letter, check that you have written the date and retain a copy so that you have a record of what you wrote. Your employer should arrange an initial meeting at a reasonable time and place to discuss your grievance. You are entitled to ask either a colleague from work or a trade union representative to go to the meeting with you. After the meeting your employer should write to you telling you what they have decided to do about your grievance.

If you don’t agree with your employer’s decision you have the right to appeal against it and this must be done in writing. A further meeting should then be called, which should be led by a more senior manager if possible. If you are still not satisfied with the decision made at this meeting you may consider whether one way to solve the problem might be through mediation. This can be done inside the company or by an external agent. Alternatively you can make an employment tribunal claim. You must do this no more than three months after the time when the event you are complaining about happened. If your application is received after this time limit the tribunal will not usually accept it.

Complete the flowchart below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Raising a grievance at work

- Ask to see your immediate manager on an (26) _______ basis.

- If not satisfied, find details of your company’s grievance procedure. This may be in a handbook, (27) _______ or on an internet site.

- Write to your employer with details of your complaint. You may also suggest a (28) _______. Make sure there is a date on your letter and keep a (29) _______.

- Your employer should hold a meeting. You have the right to be accompanied by a (30) _______ or a trade union representative.

- Your employer should then inform you of the decision in writing. If you are not happy with the decision, you can (31) _______ in writing.

- Your employer should then arrange a (32) _______. Where possible this should be led by a manager who is (33) _______ to the previous one.

- If you are still not happy with the decision you can

- Think about the possibility of (34) _______.

- Make an employment tribunal claim. This must be done within (35) _______ of the date of the event.

For questions 36 - 45, read the text below and think of ONE word that best fits each gap.

Niagara Falls, one of the most famous North American natural (36) _______, has long been a popular tourist destination. Tourists today flock to see the two falls that actually (37) _______ Niagara Falls: the 173-foot- high Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River in the Canadian province of Ontario and the 182-foot-high American Falls on the U.S. side of the river in the state of New York. Approximately 85 percent of the water that goes over the falls actually goes over Horseshoe Falls, with the rest going over American Falls. Most visitors come (38) _______ April and October, and it is quite a popular activity to take a steamer out onto the river and right up to the base of the falls (39) _______ a close-up view. It is also possible to get a spectacular view (40) _______ the falls from the strategic locations (41) _______  the Niagara River. 

Tourists have been visiting Niagara Falls in large numbers since the 1800’s; annual visitation now averages above 10 million visitors per year. Because of concern (42) _______ the large number of tourists would destroy the natural beauty of this scenic wonder, the State of New York in 1885 created Niagara Falls Park in order to (43) _______ the land surrounding American Falls. A year (44) _______ Canada created Queen Victoria Park on the Canadian (45) _______ of the Niagara, around Horseshoe Falls.

For questions 46-55, read the passage and choose the correct word (A, B, C or D) for each of the blanks. 

Since retail sales of our new product line have fallen (46) _______ in the last few weeks, we are going to ask our customers to complete feedback forms to see why this is happening. I’d particularly like to know if our marketing (47) _______ has been alienating our (48) _______ customers. In all (49) _______, it is the result of a general economic dip but we need to make sure as several customers have (50) _______ objections about the (51) _______ campaign we’ve been running. (52) _______ mind that the campaign has been successful in attracting new customers, I do not want to lose long-term ones, some of whom I am (53) _______ certain are already looking for alternative products. In fact, social media these days can (54) _______ a great risk to a company’s reputation as it is very easy for one person (55) _______ themselves, to tell the world about a company’s failings.

46. A. relatively B. fairly C. slightly D. reasonably

47. A. placement  B. technique  C. launch D. strategy

48. A. loyal  B. devoted  C. dependable D. responsible

49. A. possibility  B. likelihood C. prospects  D. luck

50. A. put  B. posed  C. raised D. realized

51. A. advertising  B. popularizing C. selling  D. publicizing

52. A. Don’t  B. Never  C. Forever  D. Doesn’t

53. A. adequately B. effectively  C. pretty D. greatly

54. A. give B. pose C. make D. offer

55. A. as B. for  C. by D. with

For questions 56-62, read the following passage and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the following questions.

The ballpoint pen is the universal writing instrument of the twentieth century.

When the tiny metal ball at the writing tip is drawn across a sheet of paper, it rotates within a housing at the end of an ink reservoir and is coated with ink, which it transfers to the paper.

The first ballpoint pen was invented by John Loud in 1888. Loud has been working on a design for a nonleaking pen to mark leather and fabrics and, although his cumbersome design was similar in essence to the modern item, it was never manufactured in large quantities and the patent was allowed to expire. The first workable design was patented in 1938 and became widely accepted in 1942 when the United States Army required a pen that would not leak in high- flying aircraft.

The ball of the pen is fitted into a socket so that it rotates freely. Several internal ducts in the socket feed ink to the ball; the other end of the socket is fitted onto a metal or plastic tube that contains the ink. When the ball is pressed on paper and moved, the capillary action draws the ink from the reservoir. In effect, the ball functions as a valve to prevent overflow, and on rotation it acts as a suction pump drawing out the ink.

One problem was that as some of the ink ran out, a partial vacuum was formed between the back of the ball and ink reservoir, which cut off the supply. This was solved by making a small hole at the far end of the reservoir. As the ink at the tip is sucked out, more ink from the tube is drawn into the socket to fill its place, the vacuum being prevented by air that is drawn through the vent.

Disposable ballpoints have improved considerably in efficiency and reliability since 1938. Further improvements made recently include the production of a pen that writes at any angle, even upside down, and the development of a new ink that is erasable.

56. The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to _______.

A. paper  B. ink reservoir  C. writing instrument D. ball

57. The word “housing” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _______.

A. point  B. residence  C. case D. orbit

58. It can be inferred from the passage that there was an interest in designing a new type of pen because the old ones _______.

A. were too big B. were expensive C. leaked D. cracked

59. It can be inferred in paragraph 3 that the ballpoint pen first gained popularity among _______.

A. military personnel B. businesspeople C. scientists D. artists

60. Which of the following statements is true of the ball in a ballpoint pen?

A. It is fitted directly into the tube. B. It controls the flow of ink.

C. It has a small hole. D. It contains a reservoir of ink.

61. What was the purpose of the small hole mentioned in paragraph 5?

A. To empty excess ink  B. To improve ink flow to the tip of the pen.

C. To reduce the amount of air in the pen D. To allow the reservoir to be refilled.

62. Until recently one limitation of ballpoint pens mentioned in paragraph 6 was _______.

A. their inability to function upside down  B. the cost of replacing empty reservoirs

C. the fragility of the point D. corrosion due to the ink

You are going to read a magazine article about five people who use computers. For questions 63-75. Choose from the sections (A-E). The people may be chosen more than once.

Which of the people uses a computer ANSWERS

for entertainment?

to help keep appointments with colleagues?

to find out about business competitors?

for planning rough copies of their work?

to create better pictures?

while on a journey?

because other people rely on you to have one?

to reduce feelings of loneliness?

even though it does not feel very individual?

because it cuts down on costs? 

even though it is not the latest model?

to advertise what they do?

because they’ve depended on one for so long?  63. _______

64. _______

65. _______

66. _______

67. _______

68. _______

69. _______

70. _______

71. _______

72. _______

73. _______

74. _______

75. _______

A. Tara

I’m a poet and I spend a large part of my life travelling around the world. I have a laptop computer, which means I can work on trains and buses, wherever I happen to be. My poems always begin in a notebook (and I mean the paper variety) where they stay for a while, moving from notes I have made, sometimes just individual words and phrases, to more developed pieces. The only way I can keep in touch with my family and also stay in contact with other writers is by using e-mail. Actually, I also use e-mail for sending work - poems, articles, reviews - to magazines, newspapers and publishers. Through my PC I am in constant communication with writers all over the world and we are able to swap poems and ideas within seconds. It’s brilliant.

B. Maisse

I’m a surgeon and I work in a large teaching hospital. Although I have a PC at home, I also have a little pocket PC. I carry my personal digital assistant (PDA) around with me all day as it’s small enough to fit into my pocket. I use it like a diary and it has an alarm which I can set to remind me about meetings with other doctors in the team. I wouldn’t be nearly as organized without it; having all the necessary information in one place is invaluable. There are lots of things available over the internet which are great for doctors. There’s always a lot of reading to be done, and it’s often cheaper to download journals online than buy the printed copy. I also use the internet to find out about the latest discoveries in drugs and developments in medical research.

C. Konrad

I’m my own boss and I run my business from home. I bought a computer when I set up the company several years ago, and I know I couldn’t operate without one. In any case everyone expects you to have a computer these days. The first thing I do in the morning is check my e-mail. I get about 40 e-mails a day; using e-mails is often much more convenient for communication with my customers. It means you can choose when to reply, unlike the telephone, which interrupts whatever you happen to be doing when it rings. My computer helps me manage time better, but it is not as personal as a phone call. I also use the internet for finding out what other companies like mine are offering. Once upon a time I would have asked for a company’s brochure or information pack, but nowadays most companies advertise on their own websites.

D. Suzy

I am 12 years old and in my first year at secondary school. My parents have recently bought a new computer, so they let me have their old one, which is still very good. It has made a big difference to the way I do things, particularly my school work. It is a quick and easy way to do my homework. Instead of having to draw pictures I can get them from the art work package on the computer and just add them to whatever it is I need to illustrate. It also saves mess - no rubbing out, no cutting things up. My computer also has an internet connection which gives me access to all sorts of information. I can also use the encyclopedia and dictionary that are on the computer. Lastly, my computer has lots of games which I can play after I have done my homework.

E. Fergus

I love computers. I owned one of the early laptops and today I have both a PC and a laptop. My life as a freelance musician would be a real struggle without my computers. I have to run myself like a small business, and I simply wouldn’t be able to do that without a computer. You have to keep in touch with music agents, concert promoters and conductors, and there are lots of letters to write. I use my computer to send out information about myself each week by e-mail. I can even send a picture of myself that way too. It saves a lot of money on stationery, stamps and so on. I also keep all my accounts up-to-date on it and use the internet to research new music. The other thing I like about having a computer is that being a professional musician can be a solitary business, because you spend a lot of time on your own at home. My e-mail is like having a friend in the flat.


Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following conversations.

76. Two friends are talking about gender equality.

- Mark: “It goes without saying that parents should not treat boys and girls differently at home.”

- Ben: “_______:

A. I am under the impression that it’s true.

B. We are of one mind on the issue.

C. This argument should not be suggested.

D. I see. I think girls are nicer than boys.

77. Tim wants to borrow Tom’s cellphone for a while.

- Tim: “Do you mind if I use your cellphone for a while?” - Tom: “_______”

A. You can say that again.  B. Certainly, I don’t mind.

C. Not at all. Feel free. D. Yes, you can use it.

78. Ben picked Lilly up at the airport.

- Ben: “How kind, you really shouldn’t have bothered.” - Lily: “_______”

A. Why not? I was happy.  B. No, I don’t bother.

C. It was nothing, really.  D. It was a very good thing.

79. Two friends are talking about their friend’s study.

- Harry: “Sam failed in the final examination last term.” - Ron: “_______”

A. Really? He’s so bad. B. Sorry to hear that.

C. What’s wrong?  D. I can’t believe it

80. Sally is thanking Tom for his birthday present.

- Sally: “Thanks for the jacket, Tom!” - Tom: “_______”

A. You bet, Sally!  B. You can say that again.

C. I like a new book on my birthday.  D. Same here.

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of others.

81. A. supposedly B. markedly C. allegedly  D. determinedly

82. A. endure B. feature  C. denture  D. measure

83. A. comb B. debt C. curb D. limb

84. A. leisure  B. reserve  C. cozy D. reside

85. A. educate  B. procedure  C. advantage  D. graduate


Choose the best word or phrase (A, B, C or D) to fill in each blank.

86. The suspect is believed _______ by the police some days ago.

A. having released  B. to have been released

C. to be released D. to being released

87. He likes to bring the _______ chair with him when he goes fishing.

A. adapting B. adjusting  C. bending  D. folding

88. There are _______ words in English having more than one meaning. Pay close attention to this fact.

A. a large many B. quite many C. a good many  D. quite a lot

89. They searched for his computer _______ he had been blackmailed.

A. for fear that  B. provided that  C. so that  D. in order that

90. In the middle of the river _______.

A. did a pink lotus emerge  B. does a pink lotus emerge

C. emerged a pink lotus D. a pink lotus emerged

91. We went away on holiday last week, but it rained day _______ day _______.

A. in/on  B. in/out C. out/in D. up/down

92. I don’t know French, but I’ll _______.

A. get Tom to translate it  B. have it translate

C. have Tom to translate it D. make it translate

93. I don’t want to tie myself _______ to coming back on a particular date.

A. in B. down C. up D. with

94. The Earth is _______ of all the planets in the solar system.

A. five times larger than B. the fifth largest

C. the five largest D. five times as large as

95. I just have to _______ through the first five minutes of my speech, and then I’ll be fine.

A. get  B. make C. find D. come

96. When his alarm went off, he shut it off and slept for _______ minutes.

A. another  B. others C. the others D. other

97. _______ is the fact of someone having been born into a family that belongs to the highest social class.

A. Cold blood B. Blue blood C. Gold blood D. Fresh blood

98. The game of marbles, _______ originated in prehistoric times, is still played today in many lands.

A. which  B. which was  C. which is D. that

99. Mark is working in an office. He is a white-_______ worker.

A. collar B. sleeve C. shirt  D. button

100. Sugar is the _______ of healthy teeth.

A. destruction  B. destructiveness  C. destroyer  D. self-destruction

101. When _______ a European, we should stick to the last name unless he suggests that we use his first name.

A. speaking B. discussing C. talking  D. addressing

102. I didn’t see the red light at the crossroads. Otherwise, I _______ my car.

A. stopped  B. had stopped  C. would have stopped D. would stop

103. Nobody invites Sally to parties because she is such a wet blanket all the time. (Find the CLOSEST meaning for the underlined part)

A. She throws a wet blanket over everybody at the party.

B. She spoils other people’s pleasure at the party.

C. She gets caught in the rain while going to the party.

D. She is wearing a wet blanket to the party and looks miserable.

104. Once I got used to the diet, it was plain sailing and I lost six kilos over a four-month period. (Find the CLOSEST meaning for the underlined part)

A. effortless B. tough  C. obvious  D. awful

105. On hearing that she failed the entrance exam, Ben couldn’t help _______ into tears.

A. bursting B. burst  C. to bursting  D. to burst

106. Our mailman has lost his marbles, every day he drops Mr. Smith’s mail on our door. (Find the OPPOSITE meaning for the underlined part)

A. been stupid  B. become practical C. been forgetful D. been sane

107. I _______ the garden. No sooner had I finished watering it than it came down in torrents.

A. shouldn’t have watered B. mustn’t have watered

C. can’t have watered D. needn’t have watered

108. _______ 100 percent of Asia’s people live in the eastern and southern parts of the continent, which contain some of the most _______ regions in the world.

A. Most/thick-populated B. Most/thickly-populated

C. Almost/thick-populated D. Almost/thickly-populated

109. Just because you had a small part in a movie, don’t let it go to your _______!

A. mind B. brain  C. head D. mouth

110. She said he could afford it, but reading between the lines I don’t think she has enough money. (Find the OPPOSITE meaning for the underlined part)

A. looking for the implied meaning  B. discovering the explicit meaning

C. stating the vague meaning  D. grasping the hidden meaning

Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

111. (A) It has been a (B) significant investment of time and energy in order to (C) make the project (D) a success.

112. I (A) tried to explain the whole idea (B) to her, (C) but it’s still difficult for me to make myself (D) understand.

113. They insisted that (A) all (B) swear words (C) delete from (D) the article.

114. “(A) Where’s Daniel?” “(B) How should I know? He’s (C) ever hardly in the office (D) these days.

115. Taking a trip to (A) the foreign country is a (B) good way to practice (C) a second language, but it is (D) too expensive for many people.

116. (A) Working like a police officer (B) means (C) earning a good salary, excellent retirement (D) benefits and great health insurance for you and your family.

117. Scarcely (A) had he finished the work (B) than his wife (C) came in with two (D) policemen.

118. Ninety-seven (A) percent of the (B) world’s water (C) are salt water (D) found in the oceans.

119. Ben has (A) demonstrated enormous (B) practicality in his successful (C) managements of (D) the shop.

120. Many companies (A) have undertaken (B) to install a sewage disposal system; (C) however none of them (D) are actually using it.

Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

121. It is certain that he didn’t finish his homework last night because he spent all night playing computer games.

A. He can’t have finished his homework last night because he spent all night playing computer games.

B. He needn’t have finished his homework last night because he spent all night playing computer games.

C. He mustn’t have finished his homework last night because he spent all night playing computer games.

D. He shouldn’t have finished his homework last night because he spent all night playing computer games.

122. I would rather you wore something more formal to work.

A. I’d prefer you wearing something more formal to work.

B. I’d prefer you to wear something more formal to work.

C. I’d prefer you should wear something more formal to work.

D. I’d prefer you wear something more formal to work.

123. Getting all of his film developed the moment he returned from the trip _______.

A. without stopping to worry about unpacking his stuff

B. whether or not he could actually afford so many pictures

C. helped him to remember details of his holiday a lot better

D. since he couldn’t wait to see how they turned out

124. He has never had a steady job _______.

A. although he’s incapable of working long hours

B. since he’s been working day and night for months

C. however little performance he showed

D. so they find it difficult to make ends meet

125. I’m afraid we’re out of bread and there is no fruit left _______.

A. although there’s hardly anything left in the cupboard

B. so we’ll just have to have soup and make the best of it

C. while she’s preparing the dinner

D. and then we had to go out for a little shopping

126. He had been promoted to a higher position, which really satisfied him.

A. It was really satisfactory for him to promote to a higher position.

B. He had a real satisfaction of promoting to a higher position.

C. Having been promoted to a higher position really satisfies him.

D. He was really satisfied with being promoted to a higher position.

127. Online shoppers are really nervous _______.

A. about having their credit card number stolen

B. to have stolen their credit card number

C. in having their credit card number stolen

D. on having their credit card number stolen

128. Realizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, some bloggers, vloggers and influencers are now entering the “no-buy” movement.

A. It is a new trend that some bloggers, vloggers and influencers now refuse to buy new stuff regardless of the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

B. Instead of using the things they have already owned, some bloggers , vloggers and influencers make a commitment to buy new stuff because of the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

C. With the fashion industry’s environmental impact under consideration, there’s a move to avoid new stuff among some bloggers, vloggers and influencers.

D. Some bloggers, vloggers and influencers, taking fashion industry’s environmental impact into account, now deny buying new products.

129. The elderly think that modern music is nothing to compare with traditional music.

A. The elderly think that modern music superior to traditional music.

B. The elderly think that modern music is inferior to traditional music.

C. The elderly think that modern music is not worth listening.

D. The elderly think that modern music is better than traditional music.

130. The teacher carried out an intensive training program for the students, but the results were not as high as expected.

A. There was no expectation for the students to get good results due to their lack of intensive training.

B. The students’ performance was below expectation, whereas they were intensively trained.

C. If the students had been intensively trained, they would have gotten satisfactory results.

D. It would have been impossible for the students to get good results but for their intensive training.

Supply the appropriate form of the words in brackets.

131. Senior workers are trying to pass their _______ to the younger generation. (CRAFTSMAN)

132. On learning of a _______ sale, the lawyer should call the client as soon as possible. (PROSPECT)

133. I faced up to the fact that I was not _______ enough to lose weight by myself so I got a personal trainer. (DISCIPLINE)

134. The app is fully _______ and allows users to create their own word lists. (CUSTOM)

135. _______ is important because plants and animals depend on each other to survive. (DIVERSE)

136. Millions of people who were _______ will need shelter, food and clothing. (PLACE)

137. Tomatoes contain a lot of _______ among them vitamins C and B-complex and the minerals iron and potassium. (NUTRITIOUS)

138. We’re having an _______ meeting next week to talk about merging the two companies. (EXPLORE)

139. During the reign of Charles I - the king of Great Britain and Ireland, there was a flood of _______ to North America. (MIGRATE)

140. The _______ of the airline was bad for our vacation plans. (TIME)

V. WRITING (35 points)

Part 1. Finish the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, beginning with the given words. Use NO MORE THAN FIVE WORDS.

Example: I regret not speaking to Marge sooner. (HAD)

=> I wish I _______________________ sooner.


141. If Paul is having so many problems at school, maybe some private tuition would help him. (BENEFIT)

=> Maybe Paul would __________________________________ if he’s having so many problems at school.

142. I haven’t had a job for the past six months. (OUT)

=> I have ___________________________________________________________ for the past six months.

143. Since she couldn’t get through to the police, she ran next door for help. (TO)

=> __________________________________________ get through to the police, she ran next door for help.

144. The value of sterling has fallen considerably in the past week. (FALL)

=> There has ______________________________________________ the value of sterling in the past week.

145. You may be disqualified if you don’t obey the regulations. (LEAD)

=> Failure to obey the regulations may _______________________________________________________.

Part 2. Write an essay of between 200-250 words on the following topic.

Bullying is becoming more and more serious in high schools. Many people say there should be severe punishments for those bullying their schoolmates. 

Do you agree with this idea? What do you think should be done to solve this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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