ĐỀ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TỈNH NĂM HỌC 2022-2023 MÔN THI TIẾNG ANH 12 – TỈNH BẮC NINH – MÃ ĐỀ 924 (90 phút – 80 câu trắc nghiệm)

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Tải xuống: ĐỀ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TỈNH NĂM HỌC 2022-2023 MÔN THI TIẾNG ANH 12 - TỈNH BẮC NINH - MÃ ĐỀ 924 (90 phút - 80 câu trắc nghiệm)

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Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) (Đề thi gồm 10 trang, 80 câu trắc nghiệm) Retyped by Linh Huong Nguyen 


Mã đề 924 

Listen to Ben getting advice from Clara and choose the correct answer to each of the  following questions. 

Question 1: What has made Clara check on Ben? 

A. He has a lot of essays to write. B. He has too many classes recently. C. He missed their class that day. D. He’s missed a few classes. Question 2: What does Ben do at the beginning of the conversation? 

A. He is honest about the problem from the start. 

B. He refuses to mention his problem. 

C. He makes the problem sound more than it is. 

D. He makes the problem sound less than it is. 

Question 3: What is the main way Ben’s anxiety is affecting normal life? A. He doesn’t want to go out. B. He feels stupid. 

C. He can’t remember what day it is. D. He always feels bored. Question 4: What is the surprising thing about panic attacks, according to Clara? A. They make you feel so bad. B. People keep their panic attacks private. C. So many people have them. D. Just a few people have them. Question 5: How does Clara recognise Ben’s problem is panic attacks? A. She has the same problem now. B. Ben’s doctor told her. C. She had the same problem in the past. D. She and Ben live together. Question 6: What does Clara warn Ben about the advice she will give? A. It will be difficult to hear. B. It won’t be easy to follow. C. It isn’t very practical. D. It won’t be difficult to follow. Listen to the UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio’s opening remarks at the 2014  United Nations Climate Summit in New York City on September 23, 2014 and choose the  correct answer to each of the questions. 

Question 7: How many people marched in the streets of New York on Sunday? A. 40,000 B. 140,000 C. 4,000 D. 400,000 

Question 8: Why does he say “I pretend for a living”? 

A. Because he’s an actor. 

B. Because he pretends to play fictitious characters. 

C. Because he always pretend to be making a living. 

D. He enjoys solving fictitious problems. 

Question 9: How has mankind looked at climate change? 

A. As if it was real. B. It is not a real problem. 

C. He is an actor. D. He plays fictitious characters. 

Question 10: What’s happening with the oceans? 

A. They have climate events 

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B. The ocean floor is rising up. 

C. They have intensifying droughts. 

D. They are acidifying with methane plumes rising up from the ocean floor. Question 11: What are the examples of climate change? 

A. Oil spills in the ocean. 

B. Storms in the West Antartic and Greenland. 

C. Extreme weather events. 

D. Droughts in Southest Asia. 

Question 12: Who’s Samuel Locklear? 

A. He’s a historian. 

B. He’s a scientist. 

C. He’s the Admiral of the US Navy’s Pacific Command. 

D. He’s the Admiral of the US Air Force. 

Question 13: What’s the speaker’s view on the problem of climate change? A. People should change their light bulbs or to by a hybrid car. 

B. Climate change is not a disaster. 

C. Climate change is a big problem so industries and our governments must take decisive  large-scale action. 

D. Individuals can solve it. 

Question 14: What measure is suggested to deal with climate change? 

A. To eliminate government subsidies for all oil and gas companies. 

B. To put a price tag on carbon dioxide emissions. 

C. To protect our ecosystems from collapsing. 

D. To ban industrial and agricultural polluters in the name of a free market economy. Question 15: According to the speaker, what are inalienable human rights? A. Clean air and a liveable climate. 

B. A human debate. 

C. A partisan debate. 

D. A question of both politics and our own survival. 

Question 16: What does he want to talk to the leaders of the world? 

A. They are honored delegates in the conference. 

B. They shouldn’t pretend for a living. 

C. His messages are clear. 

D. Climate change is an urgent problem. 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in  meaning to each of the following questions. 

Question 17: People who are unhappy sometimes try to compensate by eating too much. A. For some people, eating too much is a reason to be miserable. 

B. When depressed, people occasionally attempt to offset their misery by overeating. C. Unhappy people are usually overweight because they tend to eat too much. D. Eating too much occasionally makes people unhappy and depressed. Question 18: Realizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, some bloggers,  vloggers and influencers are now entering the “no-buy” movement.

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A. In stead of using the things they have already owned, some bloggers, vloggers and  influencers make a commitment to buy new stuff because of the environmental impact of the  fashion industry. 

B. It is a new trend that some bloggers, vloggers and influencers now refuse to buy new stuff  regardless of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. 

C. Some bloggers, vloggers and influencers, taking fashion industry’s environmental impact  into account, now refuse to buy new products. 

D. With the fashion industry’s environmental impact out of consideration, there’s a move to  avoid new stuff among some bloggers, vloggers and influencers. 

Question 19: I’m sure it wasn’t Ms. Katie you saw because she is in Norway. A. It couldn’t be Ms. Katie you saw because she is in Norway. 

B. It can’t have been Ms. Katie you saw because she is in Norway. 

C. It mightn’t be Ms. Katie you saw because she is in Norway. 

D. It mustn’t have been Ms. Katie you saw because she is in Norway. 

Question 20: Thomas Hardy romanticized the people of the country, whereas Emile Zola  decribed them more realistically.  

A. Although both came from the countryside, Emile Zola was describes as a realist, while  Thomas Hardy was viewed as a romantic. 

B. Emile Zola wrote about rural people as they actually were, but Thomas Hardy saw them  romantically. 

C. Emile Zola was a more romantic writer than Thomas Hardy, especially in regard to how he  viewed country people. 

D. Thomas Hardy was one of the people who found the countryside reomantic, but Emile  Zola’s view of it was realistic. 

Question 21: Residents of the suburbs enjoy good social amenities without the noise and  bustle of living in the town centre. 

A. Suburban people take pleasure in good social amentities without the noise and bustle of  living in the town centre. 

B. Good social amentities in the suburbs make the residents enjoyable than living in the town  centre. 

C. Suburban people prefer living in the countryside with good social amenities than the noise  and bustle of the town centre. 

D. The noise and bustle of living in town centre makes the residents of the suburb feel more  enjoyable with the good social amentities. 

Question 22: The newspapers are putting the blame on his private secretarym but I think  several people are equally guilty. 

A. It seems to me that several people are at fault, not just his private secretary as the  newspapers are suggesting. 

B. According to the newspapers, it is not only his private secretary who is to blame, several  other people are involved. 

C. The name of some guilty people were given to the newspapers by his private secretary. D. Some of the people who are quite as guilty as his private secretary have managed to avoid getting their names in the newpapers.

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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best  completes each of the following exchanges. 

Question 23: At a shoe shop. 

 Mr. Bradford: “I’d like to try on these shoes, please.” 

 Salesgirl: “_____________ .” 

A. Why not? B. I’d love to. C. That’s right, sir. D. By all means, sir. Question 24: Veronica and Madison are in a restaurant. 

 Veronica: “None of us like the restaurant.” 

 Madison: “___________. I think it’s OK.” 

A. Of course. B. Speak for yourself. 

C. So do I. D. I’d go along with that. 

Question 25: Ernest is having trouble getting some change for the automatic vending  machine, so he asks a passer-by. 

 Ernest: “Excuse me, could I trouble you for some change?” 

 The passer-by: “_____________. Will pennies do?” 

A. I know B. Never mind C. I am sure D. Let me see 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that  needs correction in each of the following questions. 

Question 26: Not surprisingly, parents who show antipathy toward their child are also more  likely to be emotionally or physically negligible and abusive. 

A. surprisingly B. negligible C. likely D. antipathy 

Question 27: Colorfastness, durability, and resistance to moisture make mosaic a practical  form of architectural decoration in the warm and humidity areas of the Mediterranean basin. A. form B. durability C. humidity D. areas 

Question 28: Because of their color and shape, seahorses blend so well with the seaweed in  which they live that it is almost impossible to see themselves

A. Because of B. in which C. that D. themselves 

Question 29: The phrase “cultural diversity” is also sometimes used to mean the variety of  human societies or cultures in a special region. 

A. special B. variety C. societies D. cultural 

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to  indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. Space pilots, vertical farmers and body part makers are just some of the jobs the next  generation could be doing in 20 years’ time. This is what expert future researchers came up  with in a study on “The Shape of Jobs to Come” – which analyzed future trends such as  population growth and climate change alongside developments in science and technology to  create a list of potential jobs under the ongoing digital revolution that will prompt a need for  virtual lawyers, virtual clutter organizers, waste data handlers and personal branders. The foresight study by UK-based Fast Future, a global future research and consulting firm,  paints an interesting picture of the jobs we could be doing by 2040. 

Safeguarding the environment will be more prominent than ever, with climate change  reversal specialists, vertical farmers and weather modificatio police all attempting to deal  with the impact of climate change and population growth; old age wellness managers,  memory augmentation surgeons and body part makers will be needed to cope with an ageing 

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society, enhancing the quality of life for a population where life expectations could reach  over 100; and breakthroughs in space travel will lead to people swapping the office for the  final frontier as space pilots, space architects and space tour guides. 

Of the top 20 future jobs highlighted, a global survey of future thinkers revealved: The British are keen to “boldly go” – with space jobs the most inspirational, alongside nano medics and memory augmentation surgeons; 

Cars, crops and older people could be the focus for many in tomorrow’s workforce, with old  age wellness managers, vertical farmers and alternative developers creating the most jobs; For those looking to make the big bucks, nana-medicine, memory augmentation surgery and  virtual law are the areas you should be telling your kids about, with the Fast Future panel  predicting that these will be the besr paid jobs in 2040; 

Future jobs that benefit society will be the most popular, with climate change reversal  specialist, social ‘networking’ workers and old age wellness manager topping the pol in the  popularity stakes; and work won’t all be ‘fun’ in the future, with the least exciting jobs being  weather modification police to protect us from cloud theft, quarantine enforcers preventing  the spread of diseases and waste data handlers who will dispose of our electronic mess. “The list of future jobs highlights the vast array of exciting things today’s schoolchildren  could be doing in 20 years time, all made possible by fields of science and innovation in  which Britain has real expertise.” Said Fast Future chief executive officer Rohit Talwarm  who conducted the study. 

“We’re crossing the boundaries between science fiction and reality, and what we’re seeing in  the movies are becoming genune career opportunities. Alongside futuristic sounding high tech jobs at the cutting edge of scientific fields – like nano-medicine, the jobs of the future  also include very ‘high touch’ occupations, such as old age wellness managers, narrowcasters  and personal branders.” 

Question 30: It can be referred from the text that expert future researchers ______________ . A. create potential jobs B. reverse future trends 

C. analyze waste date D. study future jobs 

Question 31: According to the text, weather modification police ____________ . A. arrest cloud bandits B. fight harmful clouds 

C. stop epidemic spread D. reverse climate change 

Question 32: What is the best title for the text? 

A. Trends related to jobs hunting in 2040 

B. The best paid jobs in 2040 

C. Career opportunities in 2040 

D. Breakthrough in research and technology in 2040 

Question 33: The word “swapping” is closest in meaning to _________ . A. relocating B. selling C. leasing D. renovating 

Question 34: It can be referred from the text that all of the following is true EXCEPT _____. A. Human beings will be able to travel with ease in space thanks to breakthrough scientific  and technological advancements. 

B. We will stop producing science fiction movies because all what we see in them will have  come true.

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C. We will have to deal with an ageing society because human beings will live longer in 20  years’ time. 

D. Environmental pollution will be less of a problem for us in 20 years’ time. Question 35: According to Fast Future, the next generation could be doing all of the  following jobs EXCEPT _____. 

A. virtual lawyers B. space pilots C. nano-medics D. virtual farmers Question 36: According to the text, which of the following jobs will be best paid? A. Old age wellness managers B. Vertical farmers 

C. Nano-medics D. Space architects 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined  part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following question. Question 37: A. scared B. hatred C. supposed D. decided Question 38: A. majesty B. saliva C. accredit D. salamander Question 39 : A. orchestra B. orchard C. orchid D. archive Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best  combines each pair of sentences in the following questions. 

Question 40: She gave a great performance at the festival. We now know she has artistic  talent. 

A. Although she gave a great performance at the festival, now we still don’t know she has  artistic talent. 

B. Hardly had we known about her artistic talent when she gave a great performance at the  festival. 

C. Amazing as her artistic talent is, we don’t know about her great performance at the  festival. 

D. But for her great performace at the festival, we wouldn’t know about her artistic talent  now. 

Question 41: She was irritated by her husband’s lack of punctuality. She left him. A. Irritated by her husband’s lack of punctuality, she left him. 

B. Irritating by her husband’s lack of punctuality, she left him. 

C. Irritated by her husband, she punctually left him. 

D. Being irritating by her husband’s lack of punctuality, she left him. 

Question 42: This man posted a lot of documents onto this educational website. Most of  them were plagiarized from others. 

A. Onto this educational website did this man post a lot of documents, most of which were  plagiarized from others. 

B. Onto this educational website, this man poste a lot of documents most of which he  plagiarized from others. 

C. This man plagiarized most of the documents he posted onto this educational website. D. Most of the documents this man posted onto this educational website he plagiarized from  others. 

Question 43: Making an attempt to bring Claire around to resigning from her job is pointless.  She is as bold as brass. 

A. Claire is so determined to give up her job that you can’t convince her to change her mind. B. It’s no use trying to persuade such a determine girl as Claire to give up her job.

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C. It was Claire who tried to stick to her job and no one can do anything about that. D. You can’t twist her arm in giving up her job as Claire knows exactly what to do. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of  the following questions. 

Question 44: He still suffers from occational bouts of a rare tropical disease which he  ______ while on military service in Borneo. 

A. infected B. incurred C. contracted D. gained Question 45: Having decided to rent a flat, we ______ contacting all the commodation  angencies in the city. 

A. set about B. set in C. set aside D. set for Question 46: Although Mike graduated with a good degree, he joined the ____ of the  unemployed. 

A. lines B. ranks C. oders D. queues Question 47: It is absolutely imperative that the dilapidated hospital ________ extensively. A. is renovated B. renovate C. be renovated D. should renovate Question 48: Once known as the “Golden State” because of its gold mines, _______. A. North Carolina tolday mines few metallic minerals 

B. there are few metallic mined in North Carolina today 

C. few metallic minerals are mined in North Carolina today 

D. today in North Carolina few metallic minerals are mined 

Question 49: When his parents are away, his oldest brother ________. He manages  everything in the family. 

A. draws a blank B. is in the same boat 

C. knocks it off D. calls the shots 

Question 50: _________ with about fifteen times its weight in air does gasoline allow the  carburetor to run smoothly. 

A. Only when mixed B. Only when mixing C. If it is mixed D. By mixing it Question 51: The newspaper was ordered to pay the pop star $150,000 ____ for printing a  libellous story about her. 

A. refunds B. damages C. restitutions D. penalties Question 52: Even a few drops of this liquid would represent a _____ dose for a small child. A. lethal B. killing C. mortal D. terminal Question 53: I don’t know what our guests will be wanting to do this weekend. We’ll have to  ________ . 

A. play it by ear B. be our on our ear 

C. bend our ears about it D. turn a deaf ear to it 

Question 54: We were shocked to hear the news of your ________. 

A. having been fired B. to have been fired 

C. having fired D. to be fired 

Question 55: St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Seam forming part of the Windward  Island group, ________ about twenty miles south of Martinique. 

A. situating B. which was situated C. situated D. which situates Question 56: From time to time he _______ himself to a weekend in a five-star hotel. A. craves B. indulges C. benefits D. treats

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Question 57: In the northen and central parts of Idaho _______________. A. finding majestic mountains and churning rivers 

B. are found majestic mountains and churning rivers 

C. found majestic mountains and churning rivers 

D. are majestic mountains and churning rivers found 

Question 58: We need a more _________ assessment of the chances of ending this war. A. plain B. sober C. moral D. vivid Question 59: Thick fog across much of the UK has resulted in dozens of flights ______ and  many more delayed. 

A. to be cancelled B. are cancelled C. cancelled D. being cancelled Question 60: The report concluded that the governer had been ______ the purview of her  office in the way she handled the incident. 

A. into B. towards C. outside D. over Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning  to the underlined part in each of the following questions. 

Question 61: Because of a piece of paper in the soup bowl, the old lady raised a ballyhoo about it at the restaurant. 

A. complained B. applauded C. appeased D. made a fuss Question 62: Please, you are so nervous, do try to contain your anger. A. restrain B. express C. release D. arouse  Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from  the other three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions. Question 63: A. psychology B. competitor C. ecological D. deficiency Question 64: A. inexpensive B. patriotic C. scientific D. psychiatry Question 65: A. parliamentarian B. familiarity C. complementary D. tuberculosis  Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning  to the underlined part in each of the following questions. 

Question 66: His disappointment in the World Championships provide the necessary  impetus to give everything for this final race. 

A. inducement B. hurdle C. incentive D. pressure Question 67: We have to husband our resources to make sure we make it through these hard  times. 

A. rattle around B. hunger after C. use up D. shape up Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to  indicate the correct answer to each of the question. 

All living cells in an animal’s body require energy to power the various chemical processes  going inside them. This energy is ultimately supplied by the food that animals eat. These  chemical processes are collectively refered to as metabolism, and one of the byproducts of  metabolism is heat. Metabolic rates vary significantly between species. Warm-blooded  animals (birds and mammals) have metabolic rates about five to ten times higher than those  of similarly sized cold-blooded ones (reptiles, amphibians, and fishes). And it is precisely  because birds and mammals have suh high metabolic rates that they are able to keep their  bodies warm.

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The terms warm-blooded and cold-blooded are still in everyday use, but they are not entirely  precise. Anyone who has handles a snake knows this because a snake’s body actually feels  quite warm. But very little of the snake’s body heat originates internally, from its cells, most  of it having been supplied from the outside, either by the sun or by a heat lamp. Instead of  referring to reptiles as cold-blooded, they are best describes as ectothermic, meaning “outside  heat”. Similarly, birds and mammals are said to be endothermic, meaning “inside heat”. There are advantages and disadvantages to each thermal strategy. Reptiles are usually  sluggish first thing in the morning, their body temperatures having dropped during the cool  of the night. Accordingly, they have to bask in the sun to raise their body temperatures, but  once they have warme up sufficiently, they can go about their business. By altering between  the sun when they are too cool, and the shade when they are too warm, many reptiles are able  to maintain their body temperatures at optimum levels of about 95°F or more. Endotherms,  on the other hand, maintain temperatures of about 98°F all the time, so they are always ready  for action.  

I used to keep a crocodile. He had very sharp teeth, and I had to be careful how I handled him  during the daytime, when he was warm. But I could do whatever I wanted at night, when he  was cold, without any fear of being bitten. The obvious disadvantage of being ectothermic is  that the animal’s activity levels are dependent upon the enviroment. But its low metabolic  rates mean that it requires far less food, which is an advantage. The crocodile only needed a  tiny piece of liver once a week, while the family cat demande three meals every day. We  should, therefore, not think that reptiles are inferior to mammals and birds; they are just  different. 

Question 68: According to the author, the term “cold-blooded” is misleading because “cold blooded” animals ___________. 

A. often have a body temperature comparable to that of warm-blooded animals B. cannot survive cold temperatures even when being exposeto the sun 

C. are more effected by heat than by cold in any environment 

D. always have a higher body temperature than the temperature of the environment

Question 69: What can be referred from the passage? 

A. Maintaining a high metabolic rate requires less fuel in the form of food. B. Reptiles cannot absorb energy from the surrounding environment. 

C. Birds and mammals have high metabolic rates because they can keep their bodies warm. D. Reptiles cannot function properly and survive if there is no heat in the surrounding  atmosphere. 

Question 70: Why does the author mention his pet in the last paragraph? A. Because he wants to reject the fact that keeping a reptile as pet is less expensive. B. Because he wants to illustrate the ectothermsm has both advantages and disadvantages. C. Because he wants to give advice about how to raise pets. 

D. Because he wants to illustrate reptiles’ metabolic rates. 

Question 71: What is the best title of the passage? 

A. Endortherms and Ectotherms 

B. Advantages of Entothermism 

C. Common Misconceptions about Reptiles 

D. Birds and Mammals

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Question 72: What is TRUE according to the passage? 

A. All reptiles often hibernate in winter in order to survive well. 

B. Many reptiles can be very dangerous during the day. 

C. Mammals have more stable temperatures than reptiles. 

D. Not all reptiles are cold-blooded. 

Question 73: What does the word “they” in paragraph 2 refer to? 

A. mammals B. reptiles C. snakes D. cells 

Question 74: The word “sluggish” in paragrah 3 is closest in meaning to ________. A. sleepy B. cold C. warm D. active 

Question 75: The word “inferior” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ________. A. quite similar B.

very opposite C. always comparable D. at a lower rank Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to  indicate the correct word or phrase that best firs each of the numbere blanks. 35% of Japanese People Will Never Travel Again 

People are travelling __(76)__ again after the hiatus that was caused by the coronavirus  pandemic and the susequent lockdowns. Many people are using the money they saved while  borders were closed to embark on their bucket list trips. __(77)__, others are showing a  reluctance to dust off their passports. A travel report from the Morning Consult website  analyzed 16,000 surveys from people in 15 countries. The site found that 15 per cent of South  Koreans and 14 per cent of Chinese and Americans, “never want to travel again”. Those  __(78)__ were most unwilling to travel were the Japanese. The report stated that almost 35  per cent of Japanese respondents claimed they never wanted to leave Japan. There are many reasons for Japanese travellers being disinclined to venture overseas. One is a  new-found desire to __(79)__ the culinary and cultural delights Japan has to offer. Many  people travel domestically during the pandamic and re-discovered their love of Japan’s  stunning natue and heritage. A Kyoto tour guide said: “I’ve been constantly amazed at my  clients’ reactions at seeing the sights of this city. I’ve never known Japanese people to be so  __(80)__ in their history and tradition.” Other reasons are cost and a desire to be green.  Tokyo resident Kai Ueno said: “Flying isn’t sustainable in this climate crisis. I’d much rather  travel locally and spend the air fare on nice hotels, restaurants and experiences in Japan.” Question 76: A. domestically B. anywhere C. internationally D. naturally Question 77: A. Additionally B. Moreover C. However D. Therefore Question 78: A. who B. which C. whose D. whom Question 79: A. witness B. investigate C. explore D. express Question 80: A. delighted B. attracted C. engrossed D. uninterested --- THE END ---

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