Các idioms chủ đề động vật (Animals) thông dụng trong Tiếng Anh

Animal idiom list in English - Thành ngữ chủ đề con vật trong Tiếng Anh

     Khi học tiếng Anh, việc nắm vững các idioms - những thành ngữ hay cụm từ mang ý nghĩa đặc biệt - là một cách hiệu quả để truyền đạt ý tưởng một cách súc tích và hài hước. Trong bài viết này, chúng ta sẽ khám phá các idioms chủ đề về động vật (animals), mang đến những ý nghĩa sâu sắc và thú vị. Bạn sẽ không chỉ mở rộng vốn từ vựng của mình mà còn có thể sử dụng những idioms này để giao tiếp một cách tự tin và linh hoạt. Việc nắm rõ các idioms này còn có thể giúp bạn điểm số cao trong các kỳ thi học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh, THPT Quốc giaIELTS...

     Idioms là những cụm từ hoặc thành ngữ mang ý nghĩa riêng, không thể hiểu thông qua từ ngữ riêng lẻ. Chúng thường được sử dụng trong giao tiếp hàng ngày, văn bản và cả trong văn xuôi hay thơ ca. Việc hiểu và sử dụng idioms sẽ giúp bạn trở thành người nói tiếng Anh tự nhiên và truyền đạt ý nghĩa một cách trọn vẹn.

     Dưới đây là một số thành ngữ thông dụng dựa trên động vật. Mỗi mục bao gồm ý nghĩa của thành ngữ và ví dụ về cách sử dụng thành ngữ trong một câu ví dụ.

Danh sách các thành ngữ chủ đề động vật trong Tiếng Anh (Animal idiom list in English)

Idioms Meaning (English) Meaning (Vietnamese) - Nghĩa Tiếng Việt Examples - Ví dụ
A bull in a china shop Someone who is clumsy or careless in a delicate or sensitive situation Người vụng về hoặc thiếu cẩn thận trong một tình huống tinh tế hoặc nhạy cảm Be careful with that expensive vase. You're like a bull in a china shop!
A fish out of water Someone who is uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation Người không thoải mái hoặc không phù hợp trong một tình huống cụ thể When John moved to a new country, he felt like a fish out of water.
A snake in the grass A person who pretends to be friendly but is actually deceitful Người giả dối, giả tạo Watch out for him, he's a snake in the grass.
A wolf in sheep's clothing Someone who appears harmless or friendly but is actually dangerous or deceptive Người có vẻ vô hại hoặc thân thiện nhưng thực tế lại nguy hiểm hoặc lừa dối Be cautious of strangers who might be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Agile as a monkey Very nimble and quick Lanh lợi như con khỉ The gymnast performed the routine, agile as a monkey, with flawless jumps and flips.
Alert as a hawk Very attentive and vigilant Tỉnh táo như con diều hâu The security guard kept watch, alert as a hawk, scanning the surroundings for any signs of trouble.
All bark and no bite Someone who talks or threatens aggressively but doesn't take action Chỉ hòm hòm không cắn He's all bark and no bite; he talks tough but never follows through with his threats.
All cats are gray in the dark In the absence of distinguishing features, all things or people are essentially the same Trong bóng tối, mọi thứ đều giống nhau Without proper lighting, all cats are gray in the dark.
Ant on a hot pan Being extremely restless or agitated Như con kiến trên chảo nóng He was like an ant on a hot pan, pacing back and forth before his big presentation.
Ants in one's pants Restlessness or inability to sit still or keep calm Rối loạn ngồi yên The child had ants in his pants and couldn't sit still during the long car ride.
Ants in your pants Restlessness or the inability to keep still or sit quietly Rùng mình như kiến The child had ants in his pants during the long car ride, constantly squirming in his seat.
As busy as a cricket Very busy and active Bận rộn như con dế She's always involved in numerous projects, as busy as a cricket.
As stubborn as a mule Extremely stubborn or obstinate Bướng bỉnh như con la Trying to convince him to change his mind is like talking to a brick wall; he's as stubborn as a mule.
Bark up the wrong tree To accuse or approach the wrong person or pursue a mistaken course of action Cảnh cáo hoặc tiếp cận người sai hoặc theo một hướng sai If you think I stole your wallet, you're barking up the wrong tree.
Bee in a bonnet An obsession or fixation on a particular idea or topic Nỗi ám ảnh của ong She has a bee in her bonnet about organic farming, constantly advocating for its benefits.
Bee in one's bonnet A fixed idea or obsession that occupies someone's thoughts Ý tưởng ám ảnh She has a bee in her bonnet about starting her own business; it's all she talks about lately.
Bee in your bonnet Having an obsession or fixation on a particular idea or issue Ý tưởng ám ảnh như con ong trong mũ She's had a bee in her bonnet about environmental conservation for years, actively advocating for sustainable practices.
Bee's knees Something or someone exceptional or outstanding Xuất sắc như đầu gối của ong Her artistic skills are the bee's knees; she's incredibly talented.
Black sheep A person who is considered different or behaves in a way that is not accepted by others Con cừu đen He's always been the black sheep of the family, going against their traditional values.
Bookworm A person who loves to read and spends a lot of time reading Người ham đọc, mọt sách She's a bookworm and always has her nose buried in a book.
Brave as a lion Very courageous and fearless Dũng cảm như con sư tử The firefighter rushed into the burning building, brave as a lion.
Busy as a beaver Working very hard or diligently Bận rộn như một con hải ly The team was busy as a beaver preparing for the big presentation.
Busy as a bee Very busy and actively working Bận rộn như một con ong She's been busy as a bee preparing for the upcoming event.
Busy as a hive Very busy and productive, often used to describe a place buzzing with activity Bận rộn như một tổ ong The office was busy as a hive, with everyone working on their tasks.
Busy as a mosquito Very busy and constantly on the move or buzzing around Bận rộn như con muỗi With so many tasks to complete, she's as busy as a mosquito.
Busy as a parrot Constantly talking or engaged in activity Bận rộn như con vẹt He's always chattering away, busy as a parrot with all his stories and opinions.
Busy as a squirrel Constantly active or busy gathering or organizing things Bận rộn như một con sóc She's been busy as a squirrel preparing for the party, collecting decorations and making arrangements.
Busy as ants Very busy, working together in a coordinated manner Bận rộn như một đàn kiến The construction site was busy as ants, with workers moving quickly and efficiently.
Butterflies in my stomach Nervousness or excitement felt in the stomach, usually before a significant event or performance Bướm trong dạ dày Before her presentation, she had butterflies in her stomach, but once she started speaking, the nerves disappeared.
Butterfly effect The concept that small actions or events can have far-reaching and unpredictable consequences Hiệu ứng bướm His decision to take a different route had a butterfly effect, leading to significant changes in his life.
Butterfly in my stomach Nervous or anxious feeling in the stomach Cảm giác lo lắng hoặc bồn chồn trong dạ dày Before going on stage, I always have butterflies in my stomach.
Cat and mouse game A situation characterized by a series of strategic moves and counter-moves between two opponents Trò chơi mèo và chuột The negotiations between the two countries have turned into a cat and mouse game.
Cat burglar A thief who is skilled at breaking into buildings without being detected Tên trộm cắp có tay nghề The museum was robbed last night by a notorious cat burglar.
Cat got your tongue? Used to ask why someone is not saying anything or is silent Mèo có cắn lưỡi của bạn? You look quiet today. Cat got your tongue?
Cat nap A short and light sleep, especially during the day Giấc ngủ ngắn I'm going to take a cat nap before the evening event.
Cat's meow Something or someone that is highly impressive or excellent Điều gì đó rất ấn tượng, xuất sắc This new smartphone is the cat's meow. It has all the latest features and a sleek design.
Cat's whiskers Someone or something that is highly regarded or considered to be outstanding Điều gì đó rất xuất sắc She thinks she's the cat's whiskers just because she got promoted to a higher position.
Clumsy as a bear Lacking coordination or grace Vụng về như con gấu He bumped into the furniture, clumsy as a bear, causing things to fall over.
Cock and bull story An unbelievable or fabricated story Chuyện không đáng tin He came up with a cock and bull story to explain why he was late, but nobody believed him.
Cold turkey Suddenly and completely stopping or quitting something, especially a habit or addiction Từ bỏ đột ngột He decided to quit smoking cold turkey, without any gradual reduction or substitutes.
Cool as a cat To remain calm and composed in a stressful or difficult situation Bình tĩnh, điềm tĩnh Even though everyone was panicking, she stayed as cool as a cat and handled the crisis smoothly.
Copycat Someone who imitates or copies the actions, behavior, or style of another person Người bắt chước John is such a copycat. He always tries to dress and talk like his favorite celebrity.
Couch potato A person who spends a lot of time sitting or lying down, usually watching television or being lazy Người lười biếng, chỉ thích nằm nhà Instead of going out for a walk, he prefers to be a couch potato and binge-watch TV shows.
Crying over spilled milk Regretting or lamenting something that has already happened and cannot be changed Khóc sữa đổ There's no use crying over spilled milk; you can't undo what's already done.
Curiosity killed the cat Being too curious or nosy can lead to trouble or unpleasant consequences Tò mò có thể gây rắc rối Don't ask too many questions about their personal lives. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.
Chatterbox A person who talks excessively or constantly Người hay nói chuyện, lắm lời Mary is a chatterbox. She can talk for hours without stopping.
Chicken and egg situation A situation where it is unclear which event or circumstance caused the other Tình huống con gà và quả trứng It's a chicken and egg situation; we can't determine if lack of funding caused the failure or vice versa.
Chicken out To decide not to do something because of fear or lack of courage Quyết định không làm điều gì đó vì sợ hãi hoặc thiếu can đảm I was going to go skydiving, but I chickened out at the last minute.
Dancing with wolves Engaging in a dangerous or risky situation or associating with untrustworthy individuals Nhảy múa cùng sói Getting involved with that crowd is like dancing with wolves; they're troublemakers and can lead to trouble.
Dog and bone Cockney rhyming slang for telephone (phone) Slang đồng âm với từ điện thoại He picked up the dog and bone to make a call.
Dog and pony show An elaborate or showy presentation or display that is often insincere or superficial Một buổi trình diễn phô trương hoặc màn trình diễn không chân thành The conference was just a dog and pony show with no real substance.
Dog collar To apprehend or arrest someone Bắt giữ ai đó The police finally put a dog collar on the notorious criminal.
Dog days A period of extremely hot and sultry weather Kỳ nghỉ hè nóng bức During the dog days of summer, it's best to stay indoors and keep cool.
Dog days are over A period or time when a difficult or challenging situation has come to an end Khi một tình huống khó khăn đã kết thúc After months of hard work, the dog days are over and we can finally relax.
Dog eat dog A situation where people are fiercely competitive and willing to harm others Một tình huống cạnh tranh khốc liệt The business industry can be dog eat dog. Everyone is competing ruthlessly.
Dog in the manger Someone who selfishly prevents others from using or enjoying something that they themselves have no use for Kẻ cản trở người khác mà không tận dụng được cái đó She never plays with her toys but won't let her little brother play with them either. She's like a dog in the manger.
Dog it To slack off or not put in effort Lười biếng He decided to dog it and skip the gym today.
Dog tired Extremely exhausted or fatigued Cực kỳ mệt mỏi After a long day at work, I'm dog tired and just want to go to bed.
Dog-eared Describes a book or paper that has been folded down at the corner to mark a page Đánh dấu trang bằng cách gập lại The pages of his favorite novel were dog-eared from countless readings.
Dog-eat-dog world A highly competitive and cutthroat environment where people will do anything to succeed Một môi trường cạnh tranh khốc liệt The fashion industry can be a dog-eat-dog world, with designers constantly fighting for recognition.
Dogged determination Persistent and unwavering resolve or effort Sự quyết tâm kiên trì Despite facing many obstacles, he achieved success through his dogged determination.
Dog's life A difficult, unhappy, or unfortunate existence Cuộc sống như chó Living in poverty and constantly struggling, he felt like he had a dog's life.
Donkey work Tedious or menial tasks Công việc nhàm chán He always gets stuck doing the donkey work while others take credit for the more exciting tasks.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch Don't assume something will happen before it actually does Đừng cho là chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra trước khi nó xảy ra thật sự We haven't won the game yet. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Eager beaver A person who is enthusiastic and hardworking Người nhiệt tình và chăm chỉ She's always the first to volunteer for any task. She's an eager beaver.
Early bird Someone who wakes up or starts their day early Người dậy sớm như con chim He's an early bird and always starts his day before sunrise.
Early bird catches the worm The person who starts or arrives early has the best chance of success Ai dậy sớm thì được ăn trước If you want to secure a good seat at the theater, be an early bird and arrive before the crowd.
Eat like a bird To eat very little or have a small appetite Ăn ít như chim She prefers light meals and eats like a bird.
Eat like a horse To eat a large amount of food Ăn nhiều như ngựa After a long day of hiking, they were hungry and ate like horses at the buffet.
Elephant in the living room An obvious problem or issue that is being deliberately ignored or avoided Vấn đề lớn bị né tránh The family knows about their financial difficulties, but they never discuss the elephant in the living room.
Elephant in the room An obvious problem or issue that everyone is aware of but avoids discussing Vấn đề rõ ràng mà mọi người đều nhận thấy nhưng tránh thảo luận The financial crisis is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.
Every dog has its day Everyone gets a chance to be successful or lucky at some point in their life Mỗi người đều có cơ hội thành công Don't worry if you didn't win this time. Every dog has its day.
Fat cat A wealthy and powerful person or organization Người giàu có, quyền lực The fat cats in the corporate world continue to make more money while the workers struggle.
Feather in one's cap An accomplishment or achievement that brings pride or honor Thành tựu đáng tự hào Winning the competition was a feather in his cap; he had worked hard to achieve that goal.
Feather in your cap An achievement or success that is worth feeling proud of Thành tựu đáng tự hào Graduating with honors was a feather in her cap, showcasing her hard work and dedication.
Feather your nest To accumulate wealth or resources for personal benefit Xây tổ đỉnh He focused on feathering his own nest, neglecting the needs of his team.
Fight like cats and dogs To argue or fight vehemently, often with great intensity Tranh cãi, cãi nhau dữ dội They fight like cats and dogs every time they get together.
Fish for compliments To seek or try to elicit compliments or praise Kìm nén ngậm ngọt She subtly showed off her new dress, fishing for compliments.
Fish or cut bait To make a decision and take action or stop wasting time Quyết định hoặc bỏ cuộc như câu cá It's time to fish or cut bait; we've been discussing this issue for too long without any progress.
Fish out of water Someone who feels uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation Cảm thấy lạc lõng As an introvert, he felt like a fish out of water at the loud and crowded party.
Fox guarding the henhouse Allowing someone with a potential conflict of interest to oversee a situation Cáo trông giữ gà It's like having the fox guarding the henhouse; we can't trust him to make unbiased decisions.
Fox in the henhouse A person with bad intentions who is in a position to cause harm or create trouble Kẻ có ý đồ xấu nằm trong chuồng gà They hired him, not knowing he would be a fox in the henhouse, leaking sensitive information to their competitors.
Fraidy-cat A person who is easily frightened or lacks courage Người nhát gan, sợ hãi Don't be such a fraidy-cat! It's just a harmless spider.
Free as a bird Feeling liberated, unrestricted, or independent Tự do như một con chim After quitting her job, she felt free as a bird.
Free as the wind Feeling liberated or unrestricted Tự do như gió After quitting her job, she felt free as the wind to pursue her passions.
Gentle as a lamb Very gentle or kind-hearted Nhẹ nhàng như cừu Although he's physically strong, he's as gentle as a lamb in his interactions with others.
Go the whole hog To do something to the fullest extent or with maximum effort Làm việc gì đó một cách tận hưởng If you're going to throw a party, why not go the whole hog and hire a live band?
Goose that lays golden eggs Something or someone that produces significant wealth or benefits Người có tài lộc The tech company was the goose that laid golden eggs, generating substantial profits for its investors
Goosebumps Small raised bumps on the skin caused by cold, fear, or excitement Da gà The chilling horror movie gave her goosebumps.
Graceful as a swan Elegant, poised, and graceful in movement Tinh tế như một con thiên nga The ballet dancer moved across the stage, graceful as a swan.
Grinning like a Cheshire cat To have a wide and mysterious smile, often associated with mischievousness Cười rất tươi, biểu lộ điều gì đó bí ẩn He had a secret plan and was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he executed it.
Hair of the dog (that bit you) A small amount of alcohol consumed to relieve a hangover Một lượng nhỏ rượu uống để giảm triệu chứng cảm giác mệt mỏi sau khi uống quá nhiều rượu She had a rough morning after the party, so she took a hair of the dog to ease her hangover.
Happy as a clam To be very happy and content Vui như con hến After winning the lottery, she's happy as a clam.
Has the cat got your tongue? A phrase used to ask why someone is not speaking or is at a loss for words Hỏi vì sao ai đó im lặng You've been so quiet. Has the cat got your tongue?
Hold your horses An expression telling someone to be patient or wait Giữ ngựa của bạn Hold your horses, we're not ready to leave yet.
Horse of a different color Something that is completely different or unrelated Vấn đề hoàn toàn khác We were discussing the budget, but now you're bringing up a horse of a different color.
Hungry as a bear Extremely hungry Đói như con gấu After a long day of hiking, we were as hungry as bears and devoured our meal.
Hungry as a wolf Extremely hungry Đói như một con sói After a long hike, we were hungry as wolves and devoured the meal.
Idiom Meaning (English) Meaning (Vietnamese) Example
Jack of all trades, master of none Someone who has skills in many areas but is not an expert in any particular one Tay nghề trên mọi lĩnh vực He's a jack of all trades, master of none; he can do a little bit of everything but lacks expertise in a specific field.
Kill two birds with one stone To accomplish two tasks with a single action Một mũi tên trúng hai đích By carpooling to work, she saves money and reduces her carbon footprint—killing two birds with one stone.
Killing two birds with one stone Accomplishing two tasks with a single action Hoàn thành hai nhiệm vụ bằng một hành động duy nhất By taking the bus to work, I save money on transportation and reduce my carbon footprint. It's like killing two birds with one stone.
Let sleeping dogs lie To avoid stirring up old conflicts or problems Tránh đề cập đến vấn đề đã cũ The argument happened a long time ago. Let's just let sleeping dogs lie.
Let the cat out of the bag To reveal a secret or to disclose something that was supposed to be a surprise Tiết lộ một bí mật hoặc tiết lộ điều gì đó đã được dự kiến là bất ngờ Sarah accidentally let the cat out of the bag and spoiled the surprise party.
Let the dogs out To release or set free one's inhibitions or pent-up emotions Thả lỏng, thể hiện cảm xúc At the karaoke bar, she finally let the dogs out and sang her heart out.
Light as a feather Very light or weightless Nhẹ như một chiếc lông vũ The package was light as a feather, indicating there was nothing inside.
Light as a gazelle Very light or agile Nhẹ như một con linh dương The gymnast landed with light as a gazelle on the balance beam.
Like a bull in a china shop Acting in a clumsy or reckless manner Như con bò trong tiệm đồ sứ He bumped into the shelves, knocking over fragile items like a bull in a china shop.
Like a cat on a hot tin roof To be in a state of extreme nervousness or agitation Cảm thấy rất bồn chồn, lo lắng She was pacing back and forth like a cat on a hot tin roof, waiting for the important news.
Like a fish in water Someone who is very comfortable and natural in a particular situation Người rất thoải mái và tự nhiên trong một tình huống cụ thể Sarah is an excellent swimmer. She's like a fish in water.
Like a fish out of water To feel uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation Như cá trên cạn John is like a fish out of water in the new office. He doesn't know anyone and feels lost.
Like herding cats Trying to control or organize a group of people or things that are difficult to control or manage Khó kiểm soát, quản lý Managing a project with so many team members is like herding cats.
Lion's den A dangerous or challenging situation or environment Hang sư tử Walking into the meeting room felt like stepping into a lion's den; the executives were tough and intimidating.
Lion's share The largest or major portion of something Phần lớn, phần chính của điều gì đó He took the lion's share of the profits from the business.
Live like a king To live in a luxurious or extravagant manner Sống như vua After winning the lottery, he was able to live like a king, indulging in all his desires.
Look like something the cat dragged in To appear disheveled, messy, or unkempt Trông rất lôi thôi, lộn xộn After working all night, he looked like something the cat dragged in.
Make a mountain out of a molehill To exaggerate or make a small problem seem much larger Làm bức xúc lên Don't make a mountain out of a molehill; it's just a minor setback.
Monkey business Mischievous or deceitful behavior Hành vi tinh nghịch hoặc lừa dối The children were up to some monkey business in the backyard.
Monkey see, monkey do To imitate someone's actions without understanding the reasons behind them Bắt chước hành động của ai đó mà không hiểu rõ lý do The children were monkey see, monkey do, copying everything their teacher did.
Night owl Someone who stays awake and is active during the night Người thức khuya như con cú She's a night owl and prefers to work or study during the late hours.
Nightingale A person known for their beautiful singing voice Sơn ca She sings like a nightingale; her voice is so melodious and enchanting.
Nine lives The belief that cats have multiple lives and can escape dangerous situations Sống sót qua nhiều tình huống nguy hiểm Despite the accident, she survived. It seems like she has nine lives.
Open a can of worms To create a situation or topic that is likely to cause problems or controversy Mở hòm kiến Bringing up politics at the dinner table can open a can of worms.
Out of the lion's den, into the arms of the fox Escaping from a dangerous situation only to find oneself in another equally treacherous situation Từ hang sư tử vào lòng cáo He thought quitting his job would bring relief, but little did he know he was jumping out of the lion's den into the arms of the fox.
Party animal A person who loves to party and enjoys socializing and having a good time Người thích tiệc tùng như con thú Lisa is a real party animal; she's always the last one to leave the dance floor.
Pecking order A hierarchy or ranking system where individuals or groups are organized based on their status or authority Thứ tự thức ăn In the workplace, there's a clear pecking order, with the manager at the top and employees ranked below.
Pig out To eat excessively or indulge in large quantities of food Ăn tham At the buffet, he pigged out and tried a little bit of everything.
Play cat and mouse To engage in a game of deception or teasing, with one person or group pursuing and the other evading Chơi trò mèo và chuột The detective played cat and mouse with the criminal, trying to catch him off guard.
Play possum To pretend to be dead or asleep in order to deceive or avoid danger Giả bộ chết hoặc ngủ để lừa dối hoặc tránh nguy hiểm The opossum played possum when it saw the approaching predator.
Proud as a peacock Excessively proud or showing off Tự hào như một con công He strutted around, proud as a peacock, after winning the award.
Quick as a cat Very fast or speedy Nhanh như một con mèo She dashed across the field, quick as a cat, to catch the soccer ball.
Quick as a flash Very fast or speedy Nhanh như tia chớp He answered the question quick as a flash.
Quiet as a lamb Very quiet and gentle Im lặng như con cừu The baby was quiet as a lamb, peacefully sleeping.
Quiet as a mouse Very quiet and making little or no noise Im lặng như một con chuột The library was quiet as a mouse, with everyone focused on their books.
Rain cats and dogs To rain heavily and intensely Mưa tầm tã We had to cancel our plans because it's raining cats and dogs outside.
Rat race A competitive and relentless pursuit of wealth, success, or social status Cuộc đua chuột He grew tired of the rat race and decided to simplify his life by moving to a rural area.
Sick as a dog Very sick or unwell Rất ốm I caught the flu and I feel sick as a dog.
Sleek as a panther Smooth, stylish, and elegant Mượt mà như con báo She entered the room, sleek as a panther, turning heads with her grace and poise.
Slip through the cracks To go unnoticed or not receive attention or oversight Trôi qua những kẽ hở Some details may slip through the cracks if you're not thorough.
Slippery as an eel Difficult to trust or handle, often used to describe a person who is evasive or elusive Trơn như một con lươn He's a slippery eel. You can never catch him in a lie.
Slow and steady wins the race Consistent and persistent effort leads to success Chậm mà chắc She didn't rush her studies but took a slow and steady approach, and eventually, she won the race.
Slow as a turtle Very slow or lacking speed Chậm như một con rùa Come on, hurry up! You're as slow as a turtle.
Sly as a fox Very clever, cunning, or deceitful Ranh như một con cáo She managed to trick them all. She's as sly as a fox.
Sly as a snake Very cunning or deceitful Ranh như con rắn He's known for his sneaky and manipulative tactics, sly as a snake.
Snail's pace Very slow progress or movement Chạy với tốc độ chậm như ốc sên The project is moving at a snail's pace, and it's frustrating everyone involved.
Snake in the grass A deceitful or treacherous person Rắn trong cỏ Watch out for him; he's a snake in the grass, always ready to betray others.
Snake oil A fake or fraudulent product or remedy that claims to have miraculous benefits Dầu rắn The product he's selling is nothing more than snake oil; it doesn't deliver on its promises.
Sour grapes Disparaging or belittling something that one desires but cannot attain or achieve Nho chua After losing the competition, he dismissed it as sour grapes and claimed he didn't want to win anyway.
Spread like wildfire To spread or propagate quickly and uncontrollably Lan truyền nhanh chóng như đám cháy The news of the scandal spread like wildfire, causing a frenzy in the media.
Stubborn as a donkey Extremely stubborn or obstinate Bướng bỉnh như một con lừa No matter how much we tried to convince him, he remained stubborn as a donkey.
Stubborn as a fox Very stubborn and unwilling to change Bướng bỉnh như con cáo No matter how much you try to convince her, she's as stubborn as a fox.
Stubborn as a mule Extremely stubborn or obstinate Bướng bỉnh như một con la Trying to convince him is pointless. He's stubborn as a mule.
Strong as a bear Physically strong and powerful Mạnh mẽ như một con gấu He lifted the heavy box effortlessly. He's as strong as a bear.
Strong as a lion Very strong and courageous Mạnh mẽ như một con sư tử He faced his fears with
Strong as an elephant Very strong and powerful Mạnh mẽ như voi She's been weightlifting for years and now she's as strong as an elephant.
Strong as an ox Very strong and physically powerful Mạnh như một con bò He can easily lift heavy weights. He's as strong as an ox.
Swallow one's pride To suppress one's ego or put aside one's dignity Nuốt lấy lòng tự trọng He had to swallow his pride and apologize for his mistake.
Swift as a cheetah Very fast or quick Nhanh nhẹn như báo He ran as swift as a cheetah, leaving his competitors far behind.
Take the bull by the horns To face a difficult situation or challenge head-on Nắm bắt cơ hội Instead of avoiding the issue, she decided to take the bull by the horns and address the problem directly.
Top dog The most important or dominant person or organization in a group or field Người hoặc tổ chức quan trọng nhất He worked hard to become the top dog in his company.
The cat's pajamas Something or someone that is exceptionally wonderful or outstanding Điều gì đó rất tuyệt vời, xuất sắc This new restaurant is the cat's pajamas. The food and service are absolutely
The lion's share The largest or biggest portion of something Phần lớn nhất của một thứ gì đó He took the lion's share of the profits while the others received very little.
When pigs fly Used to express that something is highly unlikely or impossible to happen Khi lợn bay Sure, I'll lend you my car when pigs fly.
When the cat's away, the mice will play People will take advantage of the absence of authority to do as they please Khi không có ai quản lý, mọi người sẽ làm những gì mình muốn The boss is on vacation, so when the cat's away, the mice will play.
Wise as a serpent Very cunning, shrewd, or wise Khôn ngoan như một con rắn The detective used his wisdom, wise as a serpent, to solve the complicated case.
Wise as an owl Very wise, knowledgeable, or intelligent Khôn ngoan như một con cú Grandma is wise as an owl. She always gives great advice.
Wolf in sheep's clothing Someone who appears harmless or friendly but is actually dangerous or deceptive Chó trong áo cừu He seemed trustworthy, but he turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Work like a beaver To work very hard and diligently Làm việc chăm chỉ như con hải ly The team worked like beavers to meet the project deadline.
Work like a dog To work very hard or diligently Làm việc chăm chỉ, siêng năng She worked like a dog to finish the project before the deadline.