450 câu luyện Word form hướng đến Olympic 30-4 có đáp án [WORD] (11 trang)

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     Tài liệu này cung cấp cho bạn 450 câu hỏi Word Formation với độ khó từ trung bình đến cao, giúp bạn tăng cường vốn từ vựng của mình, cải thiện kỹ năng phân tích cấu trúc từ, đồng thời rèn luyện kỹ năng đọc và viết. Bên cạnh đó, tài liệu còn đi kèm với đáp án chi tiết, giúp bạn tự kiểm tra và đánh giá kết quả của mình. Tài liệu "450 câu luyện Word form hướng đến Olympic 30-4" có thể tải xuống dưới định dạng PDF trên trang web Tài liệu diệu kỳ, một trong những website chia sẻ kiến thức và tài liệu Tiếng Anh uy tín hàng đầu hiện nay.

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     Từ khóa: HSG Tiếng Anh THPT; HSG Quốc Gia; bồi dưỡng Đội tuyển HSGQG Tiếng Anh; WORD FORMATION nâng cao; khó, advanced word form.

Tải xuống tài liệu

1.He lay quiet, SOMNOLENT after the day’s exertions.(INSOMNIA)

2.After 2012, the base shifted the event to a BIENNIAL schedule, but budget cuts forced it to cancel the 2014 show.(ANNUAL)

3.He was discovered to have been EXPROPRIATING company funds.(PROPERTY)

4. The LACHRYMOSE British drama “Lilting” pivots on the prickly relationship between two people who are mourning a third.(CRY)

5.They enjoyed a popularity scarcely COMMENSURATE with their actual merits.(MEASURE)

6.At the audition, the actors were asked to give an EXTEMPORE performance. (TEMPORARY) (Alternatively, at the audition the actors were asked toperform EXTEMPORE)

7.Gazprom, whose boss Alexei Miller is a close political ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is almost as OMNIPRESENT in world football.(PRESENT)

8.Blue veins showed through her TRANSLUCENT skin.(LUCID)

9.The machine must be EXPEDITIOUS, executing as fast as a mower is able to cut.(EXPEDITE)

10.Lack of resources has been a PERENNIAL problem since the beginning.(ANNUAL)

11.I'm not against VIVISECTION, but obviously we all want to avoid animals suffering unnecessarily.(SECTION)

12.Among the SINECURES were chiefly the remaining canonries in cathedrals and colleges.(CURE)

13.The administration announced that the U.S. would no longer produce ANTIPERSONNEL landmines or acquire new ones, including replacing expiring munitions in its stockpile. (PERSON)

14.And lastly, it provided the authorities with an opportunity to dispose of troublesome true believers or neighborhood MALCONTENTS (CONTENT)

15.She hopes to PARLAY her success as a model into an acting career. (LAY)

16.China is another vast country which shares a single time zone - but it spans far more LONGITUDES, which has resulted in some quirky schedules. (LONG)

17.Mohammed Zardah, 26, a slim, BESPECTACLED man with an academic mien, studied computer engineering in Damascus, he says. (SPECTACLE)

18.The building's name, El Centro, BESPEAKS this identity, as do its exuberant shape and bright colors. (SPEAK)

19.Some TOFFEE-NOSED commentators poured scorn on this decision, claiming that an actor would not have the right credentials to present an arts programme on TV. (NOSE)

20.Hunger and a SLAP-UP meal did not sit happily side by side.(SLAP) 21. When we catch up on the phone it's to discuss her latest short-lived conquest, the details of which are usually colourful, sometimes TOE-CURLING and always entertaining. (TOE)

22. Not only are employees disenfranchised from most policy decisions, they lack even the power to rebel against EGOCENTRIC and tyrannical supervisors.(EGO)

23. The cold winter has led to a larger-than-expected DRAWDOWN on oil stocks.(DOWN)

24. The residences ENGULFED by the deluge were built in a neighborhood known as El Cambray II near the bottom of a ravine.(GULF)

25. Many architects pay lip service to the idea that good design can and should ENNOBLE the lives of average people not blessed with bountiful wealth. (NOBLE)

26. The government tried to create MAKE-WORK jobs, but unemployment remained stubbornly high, and inflation rose.(WORK)

27. Not everyone is so willing to EXCULPATE the colonial powers.(CULPRIT)

28. Every trace and LINEAMENT of the Massachusetts bird is marvellously exceptional. (LINE)

29 He is selling second-hand or SHOPWORN (AE)/ SHOP-SOILED (BE) goods.(SHOP) (2 possibilities)

30. All around are SNOW-CAPPED mountains which provide the walkers or nature-lovers with magnificent opportunities to savour the Alpine flora. (SNOW)

31.This feminine and ETHEREAL style has reappeared in women’s fashion, from Grecian necklines to flowing floral dresses.(REAL)

32.The car includes such NICETIES as a cassette deck and bucket seats.(NICE)

33.As for them encouraging sectarianism, his letter is a NONPAREIL in its bigotry and insensitivity.(PAR)

34.The investigator said the killings were the result of poor procedure by TRIGGER-HAPPY police rather than premeditated murder.(TRIGGER)

35.He was fined £40, with 28 days’ imprisonment if the money was not produced FORTHWITH (WITH)

36.She answered in her usual FORTHRIGHT manner.(RIGHT)

37.The National Guard was sent in, to FORESTALL any trouble.(STALL)

38.He spent hours PERUSING the catalog.(USE)

39. The (or His) film pays HOMAGE to Martin Scorsese’s ‘Mean Streets’.(HOME)

40.I SUBLET my apartment to my sister, packed my van, and headed west.(LET)

41. Pentecostalism and jazz are undeniably siblings, with all the CONSANGUINITY and rivalry such a blood link always brings with it.(SANGUINE)

42. She said she had assisted in MIDWIFERY , accident and surgical cases.(WIFE)

43. There is a GUT-WRENCHING description of life in the war zone.(WRENCH)

44. In the woman, however, adulthood is punctuated by the MENOPAUSE , which can have a deep psychological effect.(PAUSE)

45. She just hoped she would be spared a pressing invitation to his OBSEQUIES .(OBSERVE)

46. From that moment, it was doomed to become a huge, sprawling, one-story CONURBATION, hopelessly dependent on the automobile.(URBAN)

47. Around 250,000 REFUSENIKS have not paid the tax.(REFUSE)

48. The priest is a representative of his people, making ATONEMENT for their sin.(TONE)

49. It will be WELL-NIGH impossible to raise that amount of money.(NEAR)

50. We had a double-page spread with a statue of one of the leaders across the CENTERFOLD (AE)/CENTREFOLD (BE), which is absolutely forbidden.(FOLD)

51.But during this season, which has failed to turn up one BONA FIDE breakaway hit, it seems harder than ever.(FIDELITY)

52. Commercials BRAINWASH consumers into buying things they don’t need.(WASH)

53. The official report into the cause of the fire was labeled a WHITEWASH.(WASH)

54. It was funny surely, because it dissolved that secret source of female power into a double ENTENDRE (TEND)

55. The saddle and TENDERLOIN can also sometimes be found, and they provide very succulent meat.(TENDER)

56. Due to TRANSNATIONAL industrialization the export capacity of both countries increased.(NATION)

57. The charity is backed by staff from the GRASS ROOTS to directorate level.(ROOT)

58. Byron was the PROTOTYPICAL Romantic hero.(TYPE)

59. His LIBRETTISTS whether poets, novelists, producers or scholars, tailored their books to his minutely worked-out requirements. (LIBRARY)

60. The American landscape is being HOMOGENIZED by malls and fast-food restaurants.(GENE)

61.Despite its ROUGH-HEWN reputation, the street is not a particularly dangerous spot these days, according to Merrill.(HEW)

62. Louise had many alliances, a PANTHEON of friends.(THEIST)

63. The system in Britain is not as dominated by PLEA-BARGAINING, but it is certainly present.(BARGAIN)

64. POLYMORPHOUS tools, machines and even structures could redefine how humans live and work.(MORPH)

65. John is the QUINTESSENCE of good manners.(ESSENCE)

66. A few minor inconsistencies and divergences would give the appearance of VERISIMILITUDE.(SIMILAR)

67. The monarchy is something of an ANACHRONISM these days.(CHRONOLOGY)

68. The second actor, the accused, immediately begins a SOLILOQUY of defence.(SOLO)

69. The sports program was INTRAMURAL softball in a little courtyard.(MURAL)

70. The NOMENCLATURE of science does not refer to definitive concepts: It is ceaselessly adjusted, completed, varied.(NAME)

71. The COMPENSATION/COMPENSATORY DAMAGE, should it not be fixed by agreement, shall be settled by arbitration.(DAMAGE)

72. They are on the UNILLUMINATED black waters of the lake (most of Voyager's observations were on the sunlit side), and are in the same region as spokes that have previously observed.(LIGHT)

73. Inspired by Theodorus's works on INCOMMENSURABILITY, he came up with a theory.(MEASURE)

74. The number of buffaloes born this year was reported to be low following two feeding seasons which were shortened by ANOMALOUSLY/ABNORMALLY cold winters with extensive ice coverage.(NORM)

75. Most MALOCCLUSIONS can be corrected by extractions and removable appliance therapy.(OCCLUDE)

76.A(n) ill-omened/ominous wind hailing, the breathless void of the sea was wantonly rousted out.(OMEN)

77. His self-assurance in his own rightness appears to be IMPREGNABLY complete.(PREGNANT)

78. Any case of MALPRESENTATION should be monitored during the delivery episode in case it causes obstruction.(PRESENT)

79. The plaintiff doesn't submit that the conduct is PUGILISTIC/PUGILANT otherwise than under the law.(PUGNACIOUS)

80. There would be a fixed list of relationships covered by the statutory duty of care, creating a(n) REBUTTABLE presumption that there was a close tie of love and attraction.(REBUT)

81. The thieves, however, were soon punished for the SACRILEGE.(SACRED)

82. A MAGNANIMOUS gesture from the founders of the Open Software Foundation is needed now to heal any lingering breeches in the industry.(ANIMUS)

83. We’ve built our reputation on searching out obscure ethnic restaurants, GASTROPUBS, cutting-edge bars, and superlative food venues. (PUB)

84. For certainly, once the chapel is built and CONSECRATED, there will be pilgrims coming from all over Normandy.(SACRED)

85. Ozone in the STRATOSPHERE forms a natural shield to filter harmful ultraviolet light.(SPHERE)

86. The adjective that forms part of the SYLLOGISM is one that has come to form a sort of collocation with the noun.(LOGIC)

87. The monarch and VICEROY look alike.(ROYAL)

88. Efficient layouts, EPICUREAN dining, and luxe shopping are just a few of the features turning the airport experience on its nose.(CURE)

89. Finally, hidden under a guide to hotel services in the desk drawer, we found a LOOSE-LEAF binder with instructions.(LEAF)

90.The regional companies rely on customer service rather than on marketing NEWFANGLED products.(NEW)

91. Their home was decorated with Elvis Presley PARAPHERNALIA .(PERIPHERY)

92. We've lots of theatre MEMORABILIA saved from old music halls and theatres.(MEMORY)

93. The Austrian PLENIPOTENTIARIES were thunderstruck by this decision, and immediately agreed to the terms which Napoleon demanded. (POTENT)

94. The third member of the TRIUMVIRATE, and, as it developed, the most important, was William Mackenzie. (VIRILE)

95. Over the millennia, cultures have changed very substantially as they have learned to cope with environmental VICISSITUDES. (VICIOUS)

96. The problem with any such GUESSTIMATE is that, of course, we are basing our calculations on a statistical sample of one.(GUESS)

97. Just think of it as a LOSS LEADER and keep your fingers crossed. (LEAD)

98. Actually, scientists say that cloned animals will not be exact replicas of their PROGENITORS.(GENE)

99. We cannot ride ROUGHSHOD over the concerns of the local community.(ROUGH)

100. Some companies in the industry are in trouble, but there are COUNTERVAILING forces that will help others survive.(AVAIL) 

101. Cindy looked a little SHELL-SHOCKED after her driving test.(SHELL)

102. What is said in a letter or MEMORANDUM is partly how it is said.(MEMORY)

103. The tobacco companies got a severe DRESSING-DOWN.(DOWN)

104. Ronald Reagan was deplored as a FIREBRAND who might bring on a nuclear war.(BRAND)

105. They were open to a FIXER-UPPER that they could convert into a California contemporary-style place.(UP)

106. Small companies are the MAINSPRING of the British economy.(SPRING)

107. When the kids leave home, you’ll be FOOTLOOSE and FANCY-FREE.(FOOT/FANCY)

108. And any attempt to live a righteous life with an evil conscience is FOREDOOMED to failure.(DOOM)

109. The FAIL-SAFE method of dealing with a software problem was to make another copy of the disk that came with the application.(SAFE)

110. A housewife soul must METAMORPHOSE into a FULL-BLOWN housewife.(MORPH/BLEW)

111. I've never heard such UNADULTERATED nonsense in my life! (ADULT)

112. The common DENOMINATOR was that we had all worked for the same company. (NOMINATE)

113. Dependent children are not usually covered by SUPERANNUATION, although you should notify your employer if you are the sole BREAD WINNER.(ANNUAL/WIN)

114. Her heart did a complete SOMERSAULT when she saw him.(ASSAULT)

115. I looked down on PARISH-PUMP politics.(PUMP)

116. Britain's nuclear power programme began with a lie: it was a SMOKESCREEN for the nuclear weapons programme. (SCREEN)

117. Fortunately, the newly constructed GRANDSTANDS held up under the stress of several hundred fans. (STAND)

118. Food that is traditionally grown and free from the intrusion of technology will become increasingly desirable among the COGNOSCENTI. (COGNITIVE)

119. This masculinity was emphasised by her uncompromising COIFFURE, her grey hair drawn tightly back and screwed into a straggling bun.(FUR)

120. Sometimes charming, he could also be egocentric to the point of MEGALOMANIA.(MANIA)

121. The HYDRAULIC specialists were organized in the same manner, as were the aircraft mechanics, and so on.(HYDRO)

122. All civil servants, however, have the very valuable privilege of an INDEX-LINKED pension.(INDEX)

123. Studio executives were busy GLAD-HANDING each other after the awards ceremony.(HAND)

124. It counts on the JET-PROPELLED feel of its bicycles' ride to appeal to the youthful dreams of potential buyers.(JET)

125. I suddenly saw her as the shuttlecock in the game her husband is playing with his INAMORATA.(AMOROUS)

126.You are so BRAINDEAD/FEATHER-BRAINED! Surely you checked when you book the holiday?(BRAIN)

127. She gave the room a quick ONCE-OVER before the guests arrived.(OVER)

128. There was a clean but THREADBARE rug on the floor beside the bed.(BARE)

129. In private he bitterly UPBRAIDED Brown for seeking to stymie his program.(UP)

130. The Good Friday agreement was equivocal on DECOMMISSIONING of PARAMILITARY weapons.(COMMIT/MILITARY)

131.Individual CONSTELLATIONS of these requirements are infinitely varied, of course.(STAR)

132.The HUMANOID vigour of man-made things, as suggested by these metaphors, is at the same time ungainly and unnatural.(HUMAN)

133.He belonged to a family of LITERATI.(LITERATE)

134.Heroes represent individuals of exceptional PROWESS and courage.(PRIDE)

135.The chances of getting the disease are MINUSCULE.(MINOR)

136.The 1932 election represented a WATERSHED in American politics.(SHED)

137.It has been a forgotten BACKWATER.(WATER)

138.If nuclear NON-PROLIFERATION is good enough for the rest of the world, why is not it good enough for us? (PROLIFERATE)

139.After seven years of training she’s now a FULL-FLEDGED doctor.(FLY)

140.Even the botanical garden's OMNISCIENT botanist couldn't explain the meaning of the flower's name.(SCIENCE)

141.Kids these days are much more STREETWISE than we ever were at their age.(WISDOM)

142.The release, looking like your BOG-STANDARD application form, detailed the new appointee's biographical details.(STANDARD)

143.My vacation plans DOVETAIL nicely with Joyce’s.(TAIL)

144.Then we went in to face this perfectly OLEAGINOUS and crepuscular little registrar. (OIL)

145.Despite a PLETHORA/CORNUCOPIA of changes, the new models are just £295 more than the cars they replace.(PLENTY)(2 possibilities)

146. Families were therefore nuclear and patriarchal and only one son inherited the PATRIMONY.(MONEY)

147. No other event in sport, except possibly a PRIZEFIGHT, is as punishing, as demanding of the mind and body.(FIGHT)

148.The occasion will be a STAR-STUDDED affair, a day when red joins with blue to take on the pride of Manchester.(STAR)

149.The predicted backlash from TRUE-BLUE supporters has never materialised (BLUE)

150.If you can not tell long jokes without getting lost, stick to ONE-LINERS.(LINE)

151. Bob Hope would keep his audience laughing with an endless stream of jokes and WISECRACKS. (CRACK)

152. She had been on TENDERHOOKS all night, expecting Joe to return at any moment.(HOOK)

153. We are still waiting for the result of the GUBERNATORIAL election in New Jersey.(NATION)

154. The big firms pump out a LETTER-PERFECT product.(PERFECT)

155. Unless you are a DIPSOMANIAC, triumphing over temptation, I fail to see why you should order wine which you have no intention of drinking.(MANIA)

156. Between 1805 and 1860, traders built posts at every major CONFLUENCE along the river.(FLOW)

157. It may be very difficult to GAINSAY the claim.(SAY)

158. The President feels he is HAMSTRUNG by Congress.(STRING)

159. CO-OP shops take many forms - from the small corner shop to the department store or HYPERMARKET. (MARKET)

160. The thought of TERGIVERSATING crossed his mind several times but like a true soldier he continued with the War, against the enemy and against himself.(VERSA)

161. But despite its drawbacks, PRIMOGENITURE did offer a rule of thumb that commanded widespread respect.(GENE)

162.MISCEGENATION of blacks and whites was extremely common before emancipation (GENE)

163.One must be realistic about the goal of PROPHYLACTIC therapy. (PROPHESY)

164.For much of the past week I have had this dreadful, STOMACH-CHURNING feeling of imminent disaster.(CHURN)

165.The salt solution helps COAGULATE the soy milk into clumps.(COGENT)

166.We recited poems PARROT FASHION. (FASHION)

167. A number of Republican congressmen were elected on Bush’s COATTAILS.(TAIL)

168."That caused conjecture and huge public debate, and frankly produced an unsatisfactory situation," admitted the FA's chief PENPUSHER.(PUSH)

169.The PROVENANCE of the paintings is unknown.(PROVINCE)

170.In major life changes such as adolescence, for successful growth opportunities both active and QUIESCENT periods are needed.(QUIET) 

171.We supply basic, NO-FRILLS tractors at low prices.(FRILL)

172.Inflation is still a MILLSTONE round the neck of British businesses.(STONE)

173.Soames was getting impatient with his daughter’s constant NIT-PICKING.(PICK)

174.They wasted their nominations on a NO-HOPER.(HOPE)

175.Union leaders allegedly received huge PAYOFFS from the company’s bosses.(OFF)

176.He is still addressing rallies in his usual TUB-THUMPING, arrogant way.(THUMP)

177.Her shoes were of RAWHIDE with an inner sole of lambskin.(HIDE)

178. Watching the children together gave reassurance that childhood is not all ONE-UPMANSHIP and go-for-the-jugular.(MAN)

179.The studios SOFT-PEDAL the rivalry between their animation departments.(PEDAL)

180.Don’t think you can SOFT-SOAP me!(SOAP)

181. Don’t you think that’s a rather UNILATERAL argument? What about the other point of view? (LATE)

182. He talks INCESSANTLY (CEASELESSLY) about how he passed the exam, which makes me annoyed. (CEASE) ( 2 possibilities)

183. High school students should not be SPOON-FED with too much facts and figures. (FEED)

184. My friends started going out late to nightclubs so I decided to DISSOCIATE MYSELF from the group. (SOCIAL)

185. She looked absolutely DUMBSTRUCK/THUNDERSTRUCK (when I told her what had happened. She could hardly say a word. (STRIKE) (2 possibilities)

186. Some critics say that 21st modern Vietnamese literature portraits a generation of ANGST-RIDDEN youth. (ANGST)

187. The number of DROPOUTS from junior high school is increasing in a worrying way. (DROP)

188. While she was a high school student, she BEFRIENDED her best friend. (FRIEND)

189. Years of caring for her aging parents had EMBITTERED her. (BITTER)

190. I don’t think Tom’s getting too much sleep lately. His eyes are terribly BLOOD-SHOT. (BLEED)

191. As regards the production of enlightenment, the gains from experience with the process should cancel out any potential negative REPERCUSSIONS of BUREAUCRACY.(PERCUSSION/BUREAU)

192. Chinese have a number of COMMONWEALTHS and territories, most of which were acquired through military conquest, much as they generally do not consider themselves an imperial or colonial power.(WEALTH)

193. County MAYORALTY of townships and municipalities would become appointed positions under the AMENDMENT.(MAYOR/MEND)

194. Domestic markets in Vietnam suffer from a(n) MISALLOCATION of resources lowering consumption and standards of living, wasting human talents, and leaving many potential productivity gains unrealised.(LOCATE)

195. He was notorious for his UNSTATESMANLIKE dirty tricks when dealing with people who failed to toe his line.(STATE)

196. It is envisaged the draft being submitted today will make for a(n) ANTI-CORRUPTION administration free of such potential problems.(CORRUPT)

197. Managing and promoting this INTERDEPARTMENTAL program with faculty from four departments needed an academic PARADIGM shift.(DEPART/DICTION)

198. Much of the time local rulers were more or less free from the rule of kings: they were SEMI-AUTONOMOUS but they were not fully independent either.(AUTO)

199. On account of the higher numbers, the policy will promote better use of the youth centres by attracting more people and will be SELF-POLICING (POLICE).

200. Recent studies show that women in the tribe maintain close bonds with their family of origin NOTWITHSTANDING it is predominantly PATRILINEAL.(WITH/PATER)











211. Paying children too much attention when they misbehave can be SELF-DEFEATING (DEFEAT)

212. Recent financial scandals have NECESSITATED changes in parliamentary PROCEDURES.(NEED/PROCEED)

213. If you are worried about wrinkles, use a MOISTURIZING cream every day.(MOIST)

214. They lost the battle, despite OUTNUMBERING the enemy by two to one.(NUMBER)

215. Few active steps were taken to measure, understand or manage the occurrence of ABSENTEEISM.(ABSENCE)

216. The police sergeant grabbed the startled robber and UNCEREMONIOUSLY marched him back inside.(CEREMONY)

217. She stood there completely EXPRESSIONLESS so I had no idea at all what she was thinking.(EXPRESS)

218.That news conference was UNSPEAKABLY boring.(SPEAK)

219. Advertising is particularly effective on people who are highly SUGGESTIBLE. (SUGGEST)

220. Jack strode MASTERFULLY into the room.(MASTER) 

221.At the age of 17 she is already one of Hollywood's most SOUGHT-AFTER actresses.(SEEK)

222.He always gets TYPECAST as the villain.(TYPE)

223.On average, not surprisingly, marriages last longer and are more stable than unmarried COHABITATION.(HABITAT)

224.Kazumi is a(n) ECO-WARRIOR on a mission to protect the environment.(WAR)

225.The majority of infected persons are ASYMPTOMATIC and unaware of their condition.(SYMPTOM)

226.Despite opposition from Kiev and the West, Crimea moved forward with a REFERENDUM in which voters overwhelmingly backed seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia.(REFER)

227.Australian voters are naturally very RISK-AVERSE and will not rush HEADLONG into a change of government.(RISK)

228.He's just trying to GUILT-TRIP you into paying him more.(GUILT)

229.Britain set the pattern with three classes of travel and the CONCOMITANT gradation of station facilities.(COME)

230.For about the hundredth time, I cursed whatever kleptomaniac CURMUDGEON had walked off the train with my bag.(MUD)

231. The pilot did manage to get the plane AIRBORNE.(BEAR)

232. He was still rumbling DISCONTENTEDLY when Pike returned bearing a folder of FOOLSCAP sheets.(CONTENT/CAP)

233. PRECANCEROUS conditions can be diagnosed from the ONSET.(CANCER/SET)

234. I've finally figured out why soap operas are, and logically should be, so popular with with generations of HOUSEBOUND people who are too old to go out.(BIND)

235.Dozens of police motorcycles have been taken off the road in London after routine inspections found them not to be ROADWORTHY.(WORTH)

236.The boat had been freshly repainted in bright colours for the occasion, and beside it stood 5 NERVOUS WEATHERBEATEN sailors.(NERVE/BEAT)

237. The two-year course in art and design has turned him into a WELL-GROOMED young man, interested in fashion and photography.(GROOM)

238. I had no choice but to cut back to a HANDS-OFF style - getting involved in exceptions only.(HAND)

239. The boats surrounded the whales, drove them into nets, where they became ENMESHED and were rendered helpless by harpoon thrusts.(MESH)

240. The economy appears to have begun recovering, but businesses don't expect consumers to return to SPENDTHRIFT ways anytime soon.(EXPENDITURE)

241. Few of us are naturally AMBIDEXTROUS but in terms of karate technique this can be achieved through training.(DEXTERITY)

242. Jay was given to GRANDILOQUENT rambling, and had to check herself.(LOQUACITY)

243. Regrettably, this illogical and ANTEDILUVIAN attitude still persists even when we are dealing with nations substantially richer than ourselves.(ANCESTRY)

244. Maybe wrestling with the love / hate, personal / political DICHOTOMY is why he killed himself.(TERMINATE)

245. Agassi's victory speech had more than a touch of VALEDICTION.(DICTUM)

246. No aromatic oils, vapour rubs, smelly nasal DECONGESTANTS like menthol or eucalyptus etc.(CONGEST)

247. There isn’t a SCINTILLA of evidence.(SCANT)

248. Then we get a PEREMPTORY phone call telling us we've got twenty-four hours to arrange a local arrest squad.(PERIMETER)

249. His PEREGRINATIONS of the islands at election time were always diverting public entertainments.(AGRICULTURE)

250. As Ethel grew older, she became more CANTANKEROUS.(TANK)

251. Sometimes she EXASPERATED herself with the stupid ideas she had.(ASPERITY)

252. Talk is EVANESCENT but writing leaves FOOTPRINTS.(VANISH/PRINT)

253. The story's fascinating CONVOLUTION were inspired by real events.(REVOLVE)

254. Their stories were taped and transcribed VERBATIM.(VERBAL)

255. The governor was usually CIRCUMSPECT when dealing with the media.(SPECTACULAR)

256. Education was once the PREROGATIVE of the elite.(INTERROGATE)

257. As if that quest were not macabre enough in itself, I went as if under some sort of MALEDICTION.(DICTATE)

258. Prosecutors, grand jurors, marshals and court STENOGRAPHERS are legally compelled not to reveal what happens in the grand jury room.(GRAPH)

259. He also published papers on social topics and had a great interest in historical METALLURGY.(METALLIC)

260. The Senator was a gifted DEMAGOGUE, with particular skill in manipulating press and television(PEDAGOGY)

261. (This word fits both blanks.)

a. A television announcer with a WELL-BRED voice was reading the news. b. She is a WELL-BRED woman, who comes from a family of high social position.

262. (This word fits both blanks.)

a. It’s a WELL-ROUNDED article which is fair to both sides of the dispute. b. She describes herself as a “WELL-ROUNDED person” who works hard but has a varied social life.

263. A colleague described him as WELL-LIKED and respected by all.

264. He gave a SELF-DEPRECATING shrug. He is always making his own achievements seem unimportant.

265. He grew more SELF-ASSURED/SELF-CONFIDENT as he got older, that is to say the older he got, the more confidence he had in himself and his abilities. (2 possibilities)

266. He watched the joggers with their SELF-ABSORBED faces.

267. Make sure you are WELL-INFORMED about the laws at your local before setting up a business.

268. On the whole, the visitors were too WELL-MANNERED/WELL-BEHAVED to complain. (2 possibilities)

269. Parents should teach their children to be independent or SELF-RELIANT.

270. She was not at all the SELF-IMPORTANT celebrity I’d read about. She never thought that she was more important than other people.

271. Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is speaking now. He says the attack (Paris attack) “appears to have all the HALLMARKS of a Daesh exercise”.(MARK)

272. The union flag has been lowered to HALF-MAST over Downing Street with the French TRICOLOUR alongside as a “clear demonstration of our solidarity with the French.(HALVE/COLOUR)

273. Obama offered CONDOLENCES to Hollande for the lives lost in the attacks and promised U.S. assistance in France's response.(DOLOR)

274.On behalf of Belgium people, King Filip said he was FLABBERGASTED by the Paris attacks and added that Belgium is standing together with France.(AGHAST)

275. IS struck at the heart of Parisians’ Paris, diverse Paris, working class and modest BOURGEOIS Paris.(BOROUGH)

Note: Bourgeois is a French term referring to the Middle Class and not a place.

276. When, ASHEN-FACED and his voice shaking, François Hollande appeared on television, he told the nation that the simultaneous gun attacks and suicide bombings that had killed at least 127 people were “an act of war” by Islamic State.(FACE)

277. The hopes embodied by the 1998 national football team were relegated to a distant, BITTERSWEET memory on Friday night.(SWEET)

278.The Charlie Hebdo is considered by Islamic State as a BLASPHEMOUS magazine.(BLAME)

279. Jihadi fighters in Iraq and Syria reveal the APOCALYPTIC motivations of the militant movement that has hijacked the Syrian uprising – and transformed the Middle East.(LAPSE)

280. The jihadis saw themselves at the VANGUARD of a war that many among them believed had been PREORDAINED in the formative days of Islam.(GUARD/ORDER)

281. World leaders at the G20 summit in Turkey have made fresh OVERTURES to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to reach a deal to unite against Islamic State.(OVERT)

282. He is at LOGGERHEADS with many of his own party over the issue of taxation.(HEAD)

283. In a conflict these would be vital for military communications, RECONNAISANCE and even guiding missiles to their targets.(COGNITIVE)

284. He'd expected a CLANDESTINE rendezvous - curtained windows, locked doors - not a gypsy ENCAMPMENT.(CLAM/CAMP)

285. He is barely alive; his breathing is very slow and shallow, and he is COMATOSE.(COMA)

286. His judgments were also swayed by preconceptions based on past experiences or even personal IDIOSYNCRASIES. (IDIOMATIC)

287. He was mounted on a chestnut THOROUGHBRED who was already becoming over-excited at the thought of the day ahead.(BREED)

288. Tamburlaine's EFFERVESCENT personality and self-confidence are also echoed throughout the play.(FERVENT)

289. Services is simply too HETEROGENEOUS to be an interesting category.(GENE)

290. He thought he might like landscaping and enrolled in a two-year program at a nearby college in HORTICULTURE.(CULTURE)

291. A few days later I found some use-them-once plastic HYPODERMICS in the medicine cabinet.(DERMATOLOGY)

292. I hate it when people use HIGHFALUTIN words when regular ones will do.(FLUTE)

293. But the main and most pleasant surprise was the sense of CAMARADERIE among climbers in the Alps.(COMRADE)

294. Shakespeare's narration has an excess of ARTIFICE and CIRCUMLOCUTION. (ART/ELOQUENT)

295. Apart from CONFLAGRATIONS in buildings, environmental fires can occur.(FLAG)

296. Rather than being DENIGRATED and despised, he was admired for his courage, his STEADFASTNESS, his devotion to family.(NEGRO/FAST)

297. In time, she attained, if not virtue, a MODICUM of EQUANIMITY. (MODERATE/ANIMUS)

298. This kind of legal LEGERDEMAIN is one of the most damaging legacies of the takeover binge of the 1980s.(MANUAL)

299. Holder finds himself marooned in the MAELSTROM, under attack for giving advice he never fully considered.(STREAM)

300. Some children placed on the drug became more SUBDUED, less OBSTREPEROUS.(DUE/STEREO)

301. Today his message is more austere, more profound and more ICONOCLASTIC than ever.(CLASH)

302. The regime has shown its LARGESSE/LARGESS by promising to double monthly state salaries.(LARGE)

303. This EGREGIOUS NON SEQUITUR requires further clarification, if only for your myriad younger readers.(GREGARIOUS/SEQUENCE)

304. Consumer goods industries were the LINCHPIN, and these were overwhelmingly located in the West Midlands and in and around Greater London.(PIN)

305. These considerations ADUMBRATE the argument for the secondary role of consent in the justification of authority.(UMBRELLA)

306. In one APOCRYPHAL story that circulated on trading floors years ago, Black once tried to execute several trades using his model.(SCRIPTWRITER)

307. Careless in some situations, in others he proved PUNCTILIOUS.(POINT)

308. However, the White House has been encouraged by the political SEMAPHORE coming from Capitol Hill.(SEMANTIC)

309. The monarchy established since 1830 was still far from being popular, but opposition to it was INCHOATE and lacking focus.(INTRODUCE)

310. Such SOLIPSISM came to him naturally, but he had applied himself to enhancing it as to an art of self defence.(SOLE)

311. Cellular

312. Implicitly 

313. Negligence

314. Indestructible

315. Picnickers

316. Consolidated 

317. Bestial

318. Diminutive

319. Criminologists

320. Leprosy

321. The events have raised more than $ 900,000 for worthy PHILANTHROPIC organizations throughout greater Los Angeles.(ANTHROPOLOGY)

322. The train has its own telephone exchange and electricity generating car, plus office accommodations and restaurant cars for the royal ENTOURAGE (TOUR)

323. Silver paint coating their exterior reflects heat in warm weather and contributes to the DIAPHANOUS kinetic appearance of the structure.(PHANTASM)

324. IDEOLOGY, the ideas which rationalize a person's class interests, OBFUSCATES scientific analysis.(IDEA/OBSCURE)

325. There was considerable pressure for actions against them from a SANCTIMONIOUS middle class, some of whose members held extraordinary delusions.(SAINT)

326. She was very good at SEMAPHORE and had won the Signaller Badge.(INFER)

Semaphore was already used in another post.

327. HENCEFORTH the NEOPHYTE cadet will not address any Imperial Fist unless said Marine first addresses the cadet.(FORTH/NEW)

328. Rory tried to sneak a SURREPTITIOUS glance at Adam’s wristwatch.(RAPID)

329. The OSTENSIBLE reason for his resignation was ill health.(TENET)

330. Coral growth and the ACCRETION of sediments in coastal MANGROVES will compensate.(CRESCENDO/GROVE)

331. Monarchies have always understood the importance of avoiding INTERREGNUMS : the king is dead, long live the king!(REIGN)

332. Critics of GERRYMANDERING often cite Maryland as having some of the most irrational voting boundaries in the nation.(AMEND)

333. Applying the label often serves as a(n) IMPRIMATUR of management respectability.(PRINT)

334. Others would see the acceptance of this bounded walking environment as timid and PUSILLANIMOUS.(ANIMUS)

335. A new power station is being built much to the CONSTERNATION of environmental groups.(STRATUM)

336. This sense is often identified with nationalism and patriotism which can be dangerously close to racism, chauvinism and XENOPHOBIA. (PHOBIA)

337. The deer had become very numerous by this time in the New Forest, and there were numerous complaints about their DEPREDATIONS.(PREY)

338. Cutting back on any government service is still ANATHEMA to liberals.(THEME)

339. At its worst, the life of faith is portrayed in a way that it is TANTAMOUNT to spiritual repression.(AMOUNT)

340. She had the EFFRONTERY to ask me for more money.(FRONT)

1.The win allowed them to LEAPFROG three teams to gain second place(leap)

2.The more water we use,the more land has to be flooded for PRESERVATION (reserve)

3.He had fallen and been IMPALED on some iron railings(pale)

4.he resigned as Home secretary and become a JUDGE(bench)

Note: should be "became" instead of "become" as both verbs should be in the past tense.

5.The rabbit population was DECIMATED by the disease(decimal)

6.The weather made her SUFFOCATE (lethal)

Note: The weather suffocated her => You can't make someone suffocate.

or The weather made her feel suffocated

7.Homosexual and abortion have been LEGALIZED by the government(legal)

8.Increased ultraviolet radiation may disrupt TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEMS (terrain/system)

9.They walked for miles across steep and INHOSPITABLE terrain(hospitable)

10.Mozart is a PRECOCIOUS child who started his music career at the age of 5 (precocity)

11.He spent his working life in ACADEMIA.(academic)

12.There were fifty-three abstentions and twenty-eight spoilt BALLOTS(ball)

13.He lives alone and says he doesn't have the BANDWITH to handle a steady relationship(band)

14.The kids are sliding down the BANISTERS.(banish)

15.They claimed his campaign had been BANKROLLED with drug money(bank)

16.The vicar read the BANNS (OF MARRIAGE) and they officially got married(ban)

17.We have been waiting on this BANQUETTE for hours and we still cannot enter the restaurant (banquet)

18.Few plants grow under the dense shade cast by the EVERGREENS(green)

19.His concept of justice demanded vengeance against EVILDOERS (do)

20. VENTRICLES are the two lower spaces in the heart that pump blood to the lungs or around the body(ventral)





























































Those people who fear that three decades of significant technological (351) breakthroughs have produced a generation of (352) workshy and unhelpful Internet addicts will be (353) uplifted by a survey showing that some teenagers are better trained than they ever were, domestically speaking. Nearly 60% of parents said that their teenagers were(354) thorough at looking after themselves, agreeing with the statement that ‘My son/daughter can organise a meal and cook it.’ Those parents with children aged 14–18, were most likely to be in agreement with this. The aim of the survey was to (355) evaluate the attitude of parents towards their teenagers.

About 1,000 parents were asked if they agreed with (356) mixed-up views on typical teenage behaviour and lifestyles in the early years of the 21st century. In the analysis of responses it was found that, while teenagers regarded weekends as a time of (357) unwinding, most parents considered them a time for study or family (358) reunion. However, the contention that it’s useful to have a teenager because of their seemingly (359) unbearable ability to know how the TV and computers work was a point that almost everyone (360) subscribes to.

The medieval crusades, when Western European knights and adventurers attempted to seize Jerusalem from the hands of the Seljuk Turks, are widely (361) misunderstood by most people in the West, who think of them as (362) glamorous and heroic (363). True, displays of (364) bravery were occasionally (365) impressive but in fact the crusaders were for the most part (366) ignorant and (367) misguided. For example, they viewed the Byzantine Emperor, through whose lands they had to travel, as an annoying (368) irrelevance, denying him even so much as a (369)consultative role in the (370) proceedings. In reality, his long experience of the Saracens had given him a not (371)inconsiderable knowledge of their fighting methods and politics. His advice, had the crusaders chosen to follow it, would have been absolutely (372) invaluable. Instead, they (373)repeatedly dismissed it as (374) worthless with the result that, despite initial success, the crusaders eventually dwindled to (375) ignominious failure.

376. Harvard has produced a CORNUCOPIA of leaders for the United States in many fields.(COPY)

377. He felt poets there had to demean themselves, flattering their noble patrons by writing PANEGYRICS. (AGORA)

378. Using cutting-edge technologies, we can now scan ancient documents to read the PALIMPSESTwritings (PALAEOGRAPHY)

379.Generally speaking, there are two types of thermodynamic processes, ENDOTHERMIC and EXOTHERMIC ones.(THERM) (One word for both blanks)

380 . The U.S. dollar edged up against several other currencies on Tuesday, supported by a euro that’s under increasing pressure due to the Greek IMBROGLIO.(EMBROIL)


381. I hate doing the DAILY GRIND routine everyday.(GROUND)

382. After questioning by the critics, now hers is a(n) WATERED-DOWN argument inasmuch as it was not strongly worded initially. (WATER)

383. He is in a(n) ANOMALOUS position since Maximark has never assigned a male as receptionist before, though that does no harm to their management. (NORM)

384. If you will treat your colleagues like dogsbodies, you are going to get your COMEUPPANCE. Our boss won’t take to that behaviour and you will be given the sack soon.(COME)

385. It is common knowledge that oil and water are IMMISCIBLE. For example, pouring olive oil into water results in two distinct layers. (MIX)

386. The executives promised the shareholders a(n) BREAKTHROUGH performance in the second quarter regardless of current dire financial situations. (BREAK)

387. There is no comparison between these two bands of cars. They are clearly of IMMEASURABLEdistinctions.(MEASURE)

388. To contrast and relate the two styles of Picasso, you should have his early drawings JUXTAPOSED with his later works in the exhibition. (POSE)

389. When I was younger, I thought my parents’ philosophy of children-raising was so outmoded that it was ANTEDILUVIAN; however, I’ve changed my mind since I’ve become a parent. (DELUGE)

390. I can't see any OUTCOME in continuing negotiation with her over the issue.(BECOME)

391. lily-livered/white-livered.

392. excoriated.

393. proscenium.

394. necromancy.

395. taciturn.

396. supranational.

397. legerdemain

398. supervened.

399. proffer.

400. proclivities.

401)They are blessed with the distinguished provenance of the Pellerin Collection, formed by Auguste Pellerin between 1895 and 1925.(PROVINCE)

402) The room, with its unusual decor and accoutrements, was always kept locked..(COUTURE)

403) The Romantic plays increase the interrogations, apostrophes, abrupt interruptions, exclamations and leaders that were so evident in sentimental comedy.(APOCALYPSE)

404) I can teach, do my creative avant-garde work which I love, as well as dealing with clients and performing on stage..(VANGUARD)

405) The hotel has an attractive bar area, an àlacarte restaurant currently holding a Michelin Star and a brasserie with patio area. (BREW)

406) She turns her back to him to look in the mirror beside the cherrywood armoire.(ARM)

407) . The photographs are linked across the book by fleeting resemblances, oppositions, repetitions, the pictorial equivalents of assonance and half-rhyme. (CONSONANT)

408) In spite of his inane malapropisms, he can talk circles around everyone else in the book.(APPROPRIATE)

409) The isotherm for CO2 at 321 K shows that the gas does not liquefy whatever the pressure or volume at this temperature.(THERMOMETER)

410) A good market patisseries and restaurants can all be found in this pretty town.(PASTRY)

411) The spendthrift government has no policies to make cutbacks in water consumption irrespective of shortage of rainfall this year. (SPEND)

412) The superabundance of grass and plants in the garden has brought about the proliferation of insects and worms. (ABUNDANT)

413) The book was anachronistic. You should chuck it out. (CHRONIC)

414) The committee has stipulated that all antiquated legal procedures should be simplified. (ANTIQUE)

415) The government is looking to promote non-non-proliferation (PROLIFIC) agreement and disarmanent(ARM).

416) The most serious charges entail the regime’s efforts to subdue (DUE) insurgents (SURGE) in the Northern provinces.

417) The situation was further inflamed by the impending arrival of the security forces. (FLAME)

418) The two parties have been leaning over backwards to promote free and unimpeded trade. (PEDAL)

419) Their boycott of the talks constitutes a serious impediment to peace negotiations. (PEDAL)

420) They designed the book in such a way as to make it bewildering. (WILD)

421) St Nicholas' was the first example in Prague of the late Italianate style of Baroque. (ITALY)

422) The researchers irradiated all of the tumor cells to render them incapable of spreading once returned to the patients' bodies. (RADIATION) 

423) The exam is strictly invigilated, and its scoring process is blind. (VIGIL)

424) The Babylonian story begins with an internecine battle between the gods of the sweet and salt-water oceans and their offspring. (NECROPOLIS)

425) The axe of Paleolithic time had had nearly the shape of an almond. (LITHOLOGY) 

426) When the verdict was read pandemonium broke out in the courtroom. (DEMON)

427) He had an infectious sense of humour, and recently scripted an amusing and satirical pantomime.(MIME)

428) He was trying to get a pecuniary advantage for himself. (PENNY)

429) Trump’s penchant for praising Russia’s president,Vladimir Putin, has been linked to his business dealings in Moscow. (CHANT) 

430) There was a window at each of the compass points, and, binoculars in hand, he made his slow perambulation. (AMBULATE)

431) The business has been beset with financial problems. (SET) 

432) Smokers often feel as though they are being treated as social outcasts. (CAST) 

433) Her woebegone eyes spoke of unbearable suffering. (WOEFUL)

434) The duke, with great inquietude, paced up and down his sleeping chamber, situated in the eastern wing of the castle, facing the Viborg lake. (QUIETUDE)

435) He hated being the object of public attention and ridicule like some fairground mountebank. (BANK)

436) Any modern understanding of the history of the region must perforce rely on the oral traditions. (FORCE)

437) They are currently awaiting the decision on a planning submission which, if approved, will send them off to structural engineers post-haste. (HASTE) 

438) The paintings recapture the memory of a grand era amidst the debris of contemporary history. (MIDDLE)

439) The Mac creators are emblematic of a new kind of artist spawned by the protean nature of the computer. (PROTEUS)

440) The streets erupt in a saturnalia of lawlessness, to which the director adds an inspired touch: an escaped elephant from Barnum's circus trumpeting down the rubble-strewn streets. (SATURN)

441) All told, the cradle of civilization has been tearing asunder for some 30 million years. (SUNDER)

442) Regulated, socialised economies trample on human dignity, despoil the natural environment and depress economic performance. (SPOIL)

443) They needed to find the soft underbelly of their opponents. (BELLY)

444) Unfortunately, any attempts to reach him by telephone were unavailing. (AVAILABLE)

445) She was staring outside, at the sun-kissed benches because her mind could not seem to bear her Biology teacher's irritating voice. (KISS)

446) His stentorian approach and his commanding presence have been influential on the good order of the Assembly. (STENTOR)

447) Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play two star-crossed lovers whose future looks bleak after they miss the chance to evacuate. (CROSS)

448) Almost everyone is there - the whole village dressed in its festival finery. (FINE)

449) As in the New York skyscraper photographs that followed, Church Street El features the blank faces of several buildings seen from a steep vertiginous view. (VERTICAL)

450) Her estimation of the revolutionary importance of her ideas was perhaps excessive, but Joyce admired her ambition and her savoir faire. (FAIRNESS)