250 câu Word form khó luyện thi HSG Quốc gia THPT có đáp án – Word form practice test for NEC

     "250 câu Word form khó luyện thi HSG Quốc gia THPT, học sinh giỏi cấp tỉnh môn Tiếng Anh có đáp án - Word form practice test for NEC" là tài liệu cực kỳ hữu ích dành cho những ai đang chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi THPT Quốc gia hoặc các kỳ thi HSG Tiếng Anh.

     Tài liệu này cung cấp cho bạn 250 câu hỏi về word form, giúp bạn rèn luyện và nâng cao khả năng sử dụng từ vựng Tiếng Anh của mình. Trong tài liệu này, bạn sẽ được tập trung vào các từ vựng quan trọng, những từ thường xuất hiện trong các đề thi Tiếng Anh cấp THPT, và các từ mang tính chất khó dễ.

     Với độ khó tăng dần theo cấp độ, tài liệu này đảm bảo sẽ giúp bạn nâng cao trình độ Tiếng Anh của mình và chuẩn bị tốt nhất cho các kỳ thi sắp tới.

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Trích dẫn nội dung tài liệu "250 câu Word form khó luyện thi HSG Quốc gia THPT, học sinh giỏi cấp tỉnh môn Tiếng Anh có đáp án - Word form practice test for NEC":


1. They gave a(n)______performance. Many people regretted coming to see it. (MILL) 

2. Both Matt and I were happy to be riding to the less______path of Mostar, the birthplace of War Child and, therefore,  one of the most significant places we would visit. (TREAD)  

3. Eventually this became independent; now it produces______family shows to entertain the elderly and to raise funds  for charity. (SEEK) 

4. He called the young people shiftless, lazy and_______. (NOTHING) 

5. I'm not afraid of that little______. Under no circumstances will he become skilled enough to beat me in a duel.  (SQUEAK) 

6. Watari's girlfriend accuses him of being a(n)______and having cheated on her. (TIME) 

7. The basis is an inexpensive fresh or frozen______pizza consisting of a thick par-baked base with toppings already  applied. (OVEN) 

8. Kousei wasn't so wrapped up in his performance and his music became______after a while. (TONE)  9. This is no loosely knit group of______spouting off at meetings and gathering signatures on petitions. (ROUSE) 10. It was a(n)______moment for Kousei when he realized he wouldn't have been able to go on but for his friends' sincere  encouragement. (BULB) 






11. This was initially______. You needn't have done this. (NEED) 


oven-ready monotonous rabble-rousers light-bulb 

12. Having participated in many plays, he will______be cast in the lead role of the upcoming one. (DOUBT) 13. Men tend to be expected to play the______role in the family. (BREAD) 

14. Many roads in the village were terribly flooded and______following the heavy rainfall. (PASS) 15. You may accuse me of______as much as you wish, but I still wouldn't take sides in that fight. (COWARD) 16. Hikaru Nara is such a good and catchy song that I get______every time I listen to it. (GOOSE) 17. They threatened him with______from school, but it turned out to be a prank. (EXPEL) 

18. Your Lie In April is a real______. Once you start watching it, you cannot stop. (PIECE) 

19. Is it a falsehood that employees can have four different salads to choose from for lunch in the company______?  (COFFEE) 

20. I______it was a lie, but I couldn't help fall for it. (STAND) 

unnecessary (adj): không cần thiết 

doubtless/undoubtedly/indubitably (adv): không cần  bàn cãi, có khả năng cao sẽ xảy ra 

breadwinner (n): trụ cột trong gia đình 

impassable (adj): không đi qua được 

cowardice (n): sự hèn nhát 

goosebumps  expulsion  masterpiece  cafeteria  


21. She's one of those______people, always putting her hand on your arm while she's talking to you. (FEEL) 22. He has earned the title of Britain's top______, after spending 57 years on the nation's railway platform. (SPOT) 23. Our______experts have once again picked up the top prizes in the gardening competition. (FINGER) 24. The text offers a neutral catalogue of ancient_______structures, prefiguring modern methods of classification by type  used by scientific archaeology. (TYPE) 

25. The media’s______desecration of the great man’s character assassination was completely unwarranted. (HUMUS) 26. It is a Pokémon that appears almost______for me. We are as thick as thieves. (MAKE) 

27. When he said that he, a total newbie, would vanquish the master of dueling, I suspected it was______. (CHEEK) 28. He forsook me when I needed his helps most. Now I know he is a(n)______friend. (WEATHER) 29. Such an argument is misleading, if not wholly______. (FALSE) 

30. Nurse Joy says it is______whether your Pokémon will be okay. So we can't say anything with certainty. (GO) 

touchy-feely (adj.) : kind and loving, especially by  touching and holding people more than is usual, often in a  way that makes other people uncomfortable. Những  người thiên về cảm xúc, hay âu yếm và thể hiện tình cảm  với người khác bằng những hành động thân mật dễ khiến  đối phương khá ngại/không thoải mái 

trainspotter (n.) : someone who enjoys trainspotting  (=watching trains and collecting their numbers) as a  hobby. Những người yêu thích xe lửa 

green-fingered (adj.) : having the ability to make plants  grow. Có tài trồng cây 

archetypal (adj.) : typical of an original thing from which  others are copied.(Thuộc) Nguyên mẫu, nguyên hình  posthumous (adj.) : happening after a person’s death.  Xảy ra sau khi chết 

tailor-made : phù hợp  

tongue-in-cheek: mỉa mai, đùa cợt  

fair-weather : phù thịnh (kiểu khi nào điều kiện bạn tốt  thì mới chơi với bạn)  

fallacious : lầm lạc  

touch-and-go : khó thành công, không chắc được kết quả 

31. Once the news of the assassination of their beloved leader reached the public,______broke out in streets throughout  the country. (DEMON) 

32. Customers were often confused after asking a question to the______new store clerk Richard because the clerk’s  explanation never made any sense. (BRAIN) 

33. Some______slowed down their vehicles with a view to peeking into the fatal accident. (NECK) 34. How can you stand living in this_______town? (GOD) 

35. Typically, those concerned with protecting the earth and its resources have been dismissed and branded as overly  emotional and irrational “______.” (HUG) 

36. The Day-Care Couple needs to invest in______technologies in order to provide better conditions for their Pokémon.  (CUT) 

37. Years of extreme duelling have turned his hair______. (SALT) 

38. This______Slowpoke Tail Curry was carefully prepared with the best of the best ingredients. (WATER) 39. Tristan is quite a(n)______guy. If you hang out with him, he will never foot the bill for luxurious food. (TIGHT) 40. Another prominent explanation of North Korea's behaviour is that its nuclear______is meant for a domestic audience.  (RATTLE) 


feather-brained/scatter-brained/rattle-brained  rubberneckers  

godforsaken/god-awful/...goddamn(ed)  tree-huggers 


salt-and-pepper/pepper-and-salt  mouth-watering  

tight-fisted/tight-arsed/tight-assed sabre-rattling 

41. You'll get to witness Egyptian Gods' descent______since Yugi and Kaiba always have a duel every two weeks. (NIGHT) 42. Mordecai and Rigby held a(n)______party last night and somehow their boss was unaware of it. (ROAR) 43. Téa is very______. She always manages to look good in photographs. (PHOTO) 

44. James was originally______but he decided to leave his wealthy family and then joined Team Rocket. (BLOOD) 45. This______Bell Tower is particularly notable not only for its antique looking but it's also the only place connecting  people with Ho-oh. (BOX) 

46. ______is the activity of using the Internet to harm or frighten another person, especially by sending them unpleasant  messages. (BULLY) 

47. Ash's group decided to go for______rather than stay in a hotel or a Pokémon Center. (CATER) 48. The decision to catch this legendary Pokémon with Master Ball is a______. Just do it right away! (BRAIN) 49. Marik tried to______Joey by telling him it was a waste of time struggling to save Mai. (HEART) 50. Lavender Town is a real______at night. It is rumoured to be a ghosts' lair yet worth exploring. (CHILL) 

fortnightly  uproarious  photogenic  blueblooded  

chocolate box 

cyberbullying  Self-catering  no-brainer  dishearten  spine-chiller 

51. Yubel's feeble attack and defence stats are______by her overpowered effects. (BALANCE) 52. By constantly challenging himself, Ash Ketchum has exceeded his limits and eventually won the______championship.  (DREAM) 

53. If you're up to see the new Doraemon Movie, bring a pile of tissues with you - it's a real______. (JERK) 54. Team Rocket was caught______while trying to steal the Pokémon. (HAND) 

55. To some, Joey's dueling style, such as his attempt at utilizing useless cards, appeared quite a(n)______one. (LAND) 56. Jaden Yuki is a reckless,______guy, but when it comes to dueling, he will always be ready to take the game on. (LUCK) 57. By the age of 16 Muto Yugi had possessed the three Egyptian God cards and reached the______of dueling skills and  couldn't go any further in this field. (PIN) 

58. I think Kaiba should quit being so______about his loss against Yugi. (DRAMA) 

59. The overwhelming tension in this duel makes it a(n)______ready to ignite. (BOX) 

60. A(n)______is someone who writes a book or article, etc. for another person to publish under his or her own name.  (WRITE)

counterbalanced : đối trọng  

undreamt-of / undreamed-of = unbelievable : không  thể tưởng tượng được  

tear-jerker : truyện/phim bi luỵ 

catch red-handed : bắt tận tay  

outlandish / Alice-in-wonderland : kỳ quặc, khác thường  happy-go-lucky (adj): vô ưu vô lo, không bận tâm về tương lai  

pinnacle (n): dink kout  

melodramatic/overdramatic (adj): phản ứng thái quá,  bi kịch hóa một điều gì đó 

tinderbox (n): một tình huống mà có khả năng trở nên  nguy hiểm  

ghostwriter (n): người viết sách thay cho người khác 

61. Team Rocket came up with an idea that by cultivating a(n)______appearance they can make an easy living out of a  generous-hearted pedestrians. (GO) 

62. Pink Panther lives in a(n)______house, which is a house that is joined to another similar house on only one side.  (ATTACH) 

63. Khang was a(n)______, overbearing tyrant, and he was not a last ruler we want to tangle with. (OPINION) 64. We can then expect these robot aircraft to have the capability of carrying scientific______and other experiments into  the stratosphere. (PAY) 

65. This young duelist is considered___a)___(COME) for having drawn up some most___b)___(KIND) and efficacious  strategies. 

66. To______ your Pokémon you can use Antidote, Full Restore, Full Heal or bring it to the nearest Pokémon Center.  (TOXIC) 

67. ______are an half-eaten apple used as an in-battle effect item that gradually restores the holder's HP. (LEAVE) 68. In Pokémon games, you will have to pay a fair to ruinous amount of money______you when failing in a battle against  not only trainers but wild Pokémons as well. (POOR) 

69. I have a bizarre______that I might not be capable of bringing down the Sinnoh-region champion's ace Pokémon.  (BODE) 

70. Friends that always stay by your side and support you, especially when you're______are your true friends. (OUT) 

woebegone (adj): trông rất pùn, thảm thương  semi-detached (adj): chung tường, liền vách (thường  dùng nói về nhà)  

self-opionated (adj)/opinionated (adj): cả 2 từ đều là  bảo thủ 

payloads - payload (n): lượng chất nổ hoặc trọng tải  (được chất trên phi thuyền, vệ tinh)  

a) up-and-coming (adj): có triển vọng b) one-of-a-kind (adj): độc đáo 






71. I regret to inform you that authorizing your entry to the Hall of Fame is beyond my______. (JURY) 72. It is unpardonable for a trainer to inflict______punishment on their Pokémons. (DRAGON) 73. While Nicole is engaged with her______job, all her husband, Richard, ever does is staying at home and vegging out.  (FIVE) 

74. You can’t lose your temper with your Pokémon like that and then expecteverything to be______. (HUNK) 75. Loosing your Life Points in a Shadow Game will leave your body substantial damage and______agonies. (NIGHT)  76. Ninjask moves so fast that its______sometimes become unseeable. It also congregates around tree sap. (IMAGE) 77. Since my son's behavior is______, he might be grounded for a week. (CORRECT) 

78. Overtraining your Pokémon may turn out______ and end up that Pokémon totally beat. (PRODUCT) 79. The belief in The Winged Dragon of Ra being the mightiest Egyptian God has been so______that it can hardly be  changed. (ROOT) 

80. This Pokéball really needs______(LIVE). You should start off with polishing it up with this______(HAND). 

jurisdiction (n): thẩm quyền, quyền hạn  draconian (adj): hà khắc  

nine-to-five (adj): giờ hành chánh  

hunky-dory (adj): không có vấn đề gì cả và mọi người  đều vui vẻ hong quạu  

nightmarish (adj): cực kỳ kinh khủng hoặc khó chịu after-images -after-image (n): dư ảnh  

incorrigible (adj): dùng để nói về một cái điều mà ko  thể nào sửa hay bù đắp được  

counter-productive (adj): phản tác dụng  

deep-rooted (adj): ăn sâu bắt rễ (thường dùng để nói về một quan niệm hay tục lệ)  

enlivening -enliven (v): làm cho hấp dẫn hơn, chấn hưng  handkerchief (n): khăn mùi soa, khăn tay 

81. Some people believe that if they reach the pinnacle of meditation, they can live a(n) ______life after death. (LAST) 82. Komurasaki, whose beauty can destabilize the whole country, is one of the most gorgeous and splendid______in  Wanokuni. (COURT)

83. It is rumoured that drinking juice from Shuckle can______people's both beauty and strength. (JUVENILE) 84. On Halloween, American people are prone to decorating their houses with______, which is a large pumpkin with a  face carved into it and the candle put inside to shine through the holes. (JACK) 

85. An individual's______is another individual who looks or gestures exactly like them. (GANG) 86. A______is an arrangement which involves three people live together and have sexual relationships with each other.  (TROIS) 

87. They designed______academies that could ensure young duelists would meet state standards and their dueling needs,  then calculated the costs of those facilities. (TYPE) 

88. The______answered that it was an ill omen for it meant the destruction of the city and the death of many. (SAY) 89. Rare candies, which help increase your Pokémon's level, cannot be found in any PokéMarts nor in any other______.  (CONFECT) 

90. ______is a spray-type medicine for poisoning which can be used once to lift the effects of being poisoned from a  Pokémon. (DOTE) 

everlasting (vĩnh hằng, trường tồn)  

courtesans (gái điếm hạng sang, ở đây còn có thể áp  dụng cho các geisha)  

rejuvenate (làm trẻ lại, hồi xuân)  

Jack-o'-lantern (bí ngô Halloween) 

doppelganger (song trùng) 

ménage-à-trois (n): threesome  

prototypical (adj): (thuộc) hình mẫu để dựa vào đó mà  phát triển 

soothsayer (n): tiên tri  

confectioneries (n): cửa hàng bánh kẹo  

Antidote (n): thuốc giải độc 

91. Perry the platypus is a______, egg-laying mammal of action. (AQUA) 

92. Behold! My plane-inator is my greatest invention which uses______navigation equipment. (ART) 93. The battle against the Elite Four has been long reckoned to be______. (DOG) 

94. Kneel before the______of my god card! Descend, Obelisk the Tormentor! (SUPREME) 

95. Despite being just the 3rd Gym leader in the Johnto region, Whitney is notorious for her ______, Milktank! (JUGGER) 96. He classed himself among the theosophists, and claimed to be a convinced and happy_____in a scientific age.  (NATURE) 

97. Melanie felt that it was important to know what every character was thinking, so she wrote her novel from  an_____point of view. (SCIENCE) 

98. My lecturer holds several advanced degrees and is the______of the ideal scholar. (BODY) 99. Many people will be exceedingly angry if what looks like a modest increase in money available turns out to be______.  (MOON) 

100. In earlier times,______and malformation were associated with evil. (FIGURE) 

semi-aquatic  state-of-the-art  dog-eat-dog  supremacy  


supernaturalist  omniscient  

embodiment  moonshine  


101. The beggars in the city also indicate that there are thieves, ..., robbers and the like lurking around. (PICK) 102. What sounded like a ... of wild rhinoceroses roused her from her sleep. (STAMP) 

103. We are now seeing the resurgence of shoe polish brands in advertising, a practise few marketers could afford when  cheap Chinese ... flooded the Continent a decade back. (BOOT) 

104. Compulsive shopping also refers to compulsive buying or being a ..., and it is a serious problem that can have many  implications. (SHOP) 

105. Having your phone at the ready or tapping away constantly gives rise to what experts are calling ... (INFORMATION) 106. To preserve your eyesight, you should avoid looking directly at the...sun. (DESCEND) 

107. It happened one morning - a boy with...powers awoke in bed transformed into KADABRA, a psychic type Pokémon.  (SENSE) 

108. The beach is safe for swimming and also popular for windsurfing and kite-surfing, with spectacular...for the  spectators. (BAT) 

109. Even though we were all different, we established a sense of...while taking a class together. (COMRADE) 110. During World War II battle, the soldier used his...to project a long stream of fire at his enemies. (THROW) 


INFOMANIA incandescent  extrasensory aerobatics 

comradery flamethrower 

111. He was not a...player and tended to shun publicity. (FLAME) 

112. Insurance companies with an almost...attitude call such events "Acts of God". (BLAME) 113. The sexual and emotional attraction to members of the opposite sex is called... (SEX) 

114. You must turn the cap...to remove it. (CLOCK) 

115. One interesting feature of...is its economy, and its emphasis on certainty rather than conceptual completeness.  (PHRASE) 

116. In the last few years, most of us - even instinctive ________ like me - have become practised in the dark art of  surveillance. (TECHNOLOGY) 

117. It was during ________ that someone suggested the film be in color and luckily it worked. (PRODUCE) 118. While journalists generally consider themselves ________ , working with numbers has become an inescapable part of  their profession. (WORD) 

119. There is a final ________ that strikes me as needlessly flashy. (THEATRE) 

120. The leader of the quorum-calling ________ happened to be on the board the year that quorum was changed to 500  students. (NEVER) 






technophobes (noun) people who fear, dislike, or avoid new technology -> người ghét công nghệ mới post-production (noun) work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place-> sản xuất hậu kỳ (thuật ngữ trong ngành làm phim) 

wordsmiths (noun) skilled users of words->chuyên gia ngôn từ 

coup de théâtre (noun) a dramatically sudden action or turn of events, especially in a play-> biến cố (trong kịch) ne'er-do-wells (noun) people who are lazy and irresponsible-> bọn vô tích sự 

121. ________ responses are effective, which reduces the rate at which hypothermia can be induced. (REGULATE) 122. They remain convinced the cause was ________ in sheep dip. (ORGANISE) 

123. Another good news is that the ________ in the country is witnessing a measured shift in its upkeep. (PRISON) 124. A lot of emerging companies find themselves in a kind of ________ when it comes to financing their future growth.  (LAND) 

125. Those pictures later served as ________ for the decorative panels. (MEMORY) 

126. James is such a/an _____ (FASHION) person. He knows all about the latest trends of fashions. 127. Kaito kid will be punished for all of his _____ (DO). 

128. The log cabin beside the river looked very ______ (PICTURE). I can't wait to go back there next summer. 129. All the workers here are very _______ (INDUSTRY). They work all day very efficiently. 

130. I wish you both health and _____ (LONG). 

thermoregulatory  organophosphates prison-without-bars no man's land  


Fashion-conscious: là 1 người luôn luôn bắt  kịp được các xu hướng thời trang hiện tại Wrongdoings: những việc làm sai trái Picturesque: đẹp như 1 bức tranh Industrious: siêng năng 

Longevity: sự trường thọ 

131. Do you see that light over there? I think it's one of those rare ______ (WORM). 

132. There has been a ______ (SCUTTLE) about James cheating on Jessie with her best friend, Veronica. 133. Many fighters like to practice their skills before the match by _____ (BOX).  

134. I really feel bad for people who are born with ______ (FORM). It's really just unfair for them. 135. My hobby is ______ (PONY). I like to ride on my horse around the countryside on a peaceful evening. 136. I have finished the weekly article, but I'm not sure if there are any typos, we need to go through a/an _______(READ)  before publishing it. 

137. Harry made a gesture of courtesy and extreme politeness, he cuddled Herminone's right hand and gave a/an  ______(MAIN). 

138. Even though we tried our best to accomplish this work, Maria didn't give a damn about it! In that lofty appearance,  she must be a/an _______(FLIP), I swear.

139. After being placed in the oven and baked for 20 minutes, my two bread got the_______(KISS). 140. Hey dude, this concert is terrible and boring! I lack the _____(SIT) needed to keep staying in here till the eventide. 

Glow-worms: 1 loài ấu trùng phát ra ánh sáng ở đuôi 

Scuttlebutt: từ đồng nghĩa với gossip, nghĩa là tin đồn 

Shadow-boxing: boxing bằng cách tưởng tượng ra 1 đối thủ nhằm mục đích để tập luyện 

Deformities/Malformations: Sự dị dạng/ biến dạng của 1 người có từ bẩm sinh, tai nạn hoặc bênh tật Pony-trekking: Cưỡi ngựa đi vòng quanh các vùng quê 

proofreading (n): việc check text văn bản 

baisemain (n): = handkissing, cái hôn tay (baiser là hôn, main là tay theo tiếng pháp) 

flibbertigibbet (n): người láu cá, vô trách nhiệm, chỉ biết quan tâm bản thân, ** flip là root của flippant, fleipa (có gốc từ flip) + geipa (khoe khoang) = fleipra-geipa, flibbergib là biến thể của nó, flibbertigibbet để chỉ người nịnh hót, láu cá, vô  trách nhiệm 

kissingcrust (n): phần bánh mì mà lúc nướng, vì để gần với một cái bánh khác nên nó thiếu nhiệt độ tại phần đó, thế nên lúc ra lò thì phần đó sẽ mềm hơn, ít cháy hơn. 

sitzfleisch (n): khả năng ngồi chịu đựng một thứ gì đó nhàm chán, nhạt nhẽo. 

141. Harry, the trumpeter, waited awhile to join the ______(WAIT) for the solstice carols. 

142. Fifty years ago, Professor Dumbledore was the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, he taught a student how to turn  into a/an ________(DUMBLE). 

143. My energetic walking buddies oblige me toward a pace of _________(DRIFT). 

144. Hey girl, you should throw away the food you have taken and leave this forest now, or else the _____(DICK) will  capture you! 

145. Wow! They're using the ______(COCK) to catch those birds. 

146. I'm irritated with John, he can't do anything, he's a/an ______(BOTTOM) in our company. 147. Giving someone a peek into the inner workings of your nightmares, that is ________(CRITIC). 148. Staying in the freezing weather, Ron continues to use his heavily encrusted sleeve as the _______(DROP) remover. 149. Tom chooses to invest his money in a right way rather than _________(CUM).Hint: Relate to money. 150. In the midnight, I see a/an _____(VINUM) man accosting a woman in front of a bar, his hand holds a costly bottle of  wine, it must be Macallan. 

waits (n): những người đi vòng vòng thành thị, cầm nhạc cụ và biểu diễn, hát hò, thường là trong đêm giáng sinh dumbledore (n): con ong vò vẽ 

fluckadrift (n): sự mau vội, gấp gáp 

melsh-dick (n): là một con yêu tinh trong rừng chuyên canh giữ hạt dẻ, trẻ em thường là đối tượng bị hù dọa khi mà lén  phén vào rừng hái lượm hoa quả, người lớn thường dùng câu đại loại như :"Melsh-dick 'll catch thee, lad !" để hù dọa trẻ em khi vào rừng 

cockshut (n): một loại lưới để bắt loài chim woodcock 

throttlebottom (n): kẻ vô dụng trong môi trường văn phòng 

oneirocriticism (n): nghệ thuật diễn giải giấc mơ 

meldrop (n): nước mũi 

quomodocunquizing (danh động từ): sự kiếm tiền bằng mọi cách có thể. 

động từ là quomodocunquize /kwoʊmoʊdɑkjunkwaɪz/: to make money in any possible way Từ "cum" là root "cumque" hoặc "cunque" nghĩa là "however, whenever, howsoever, whensoever" trong tiếng Latin. Từ "quomodo" là tiếng Anh bắt nguồn từ "quōmodo" trong Latin, nghĩa là "how". 

quomodocunque nghĩa là "in whatever way possible" 

Nguồn gốc của từ tiếng anh quomodocunquize bắt nguồn từ quomodocunque của Latin 

Vinomadefied (adj): cũng mang nghĩa là say rượu nhưng làm rõ hơn cái cảm giác đắm chìm vào rượu và thúc đẩy dục  vọng trong người, tận hưởng cảm giác đó 

151. As a/an _____(PLUVIUS), I always excited about unseasonal rains. 

152. To fully preserve the shipwreck, it is vital that the team take measures, one of which is ______(sand).  153. I heard that inside the Artic _________(freeze) there exist many ancient viruses so if it actually melts, the pathogens  will be released, posing a serious threat to mankind.  

154. But for the _______(note) attached to the book, I wouldn’t have understood the whole meaning of the story.  155. World War II has witnessed some of the most notorious ________(grim) in the world. 

156. During social distancing, I help my family by doing some _____(do) chores, such as sweeping the floor and washing  the dishes.  

157. To be honest, I belong to the ________(ware), scorpions and spiders always creep me out! 158. ______ who want to fund the restoration of a derelict arts centre in Cheltenham have pleaded with other bidders to  let it become community-run (benefit) 

159. These wonderful books ______ (capsule) moments in history in truly unforgettable ways  160. When Emma was widowed in 1879, she decided to leave her home in Koblenz, Germany, to start ______ (new) in  Glasgow, and settled in the city by 1881. 

Pluviophile (n): người yêu thích mưa 

Sand-bagging: the act of surrounding something with sandbags to protect it.  

Permafrost: A subsurface layer, usually in the Artic areas, that remains frozen all year round.  Annotatation(s): A note or a short explanation added to a text.  

Pogrom(s): A massacre, typically aiming at the Jewish people, done because of religious or racial purposes. 

Doable: Practical.  

Arachnid-wary: Arachnid: a group of animals including spiders, scorpions Wary: cautious, careful Sth-wary: you are  cautious against sth. 

Benefactor(n): người quyên góp tiền, nhà hảo tâm  

Encapsulate(v): tóm lược, gói gọn (nội dung, cuốn sách, câu chuyện)  

Anew(adv): từ đầu/ làm lại việc gì đó theo 1 cách khác  

161. The refugees slept in ______ (shift) tents at the side of the road  

162. He has a(n) ________(can) knack of being able to see immediately where the problem lies 163. Most men behave(gain)........when they meet a beautiful girl. 

164. Mr Garry(vote)..........other candidates in the general election. 

165. When a person feels the vibration of his phone but it is not vibrating.It is call(cell,vibrate)....... 166. If you keep(hand)..........with the tasks I gave you,I will not sign a contract with you. 

167. Ms Linh fell in love with a(wise)......... man,who used to be a notorious gangster of this market. 168. This game is very(proof)..........Even a child can play it. 

169. Jenny arrived to the party as a(gate).........because I dis not invite her. 

170. She is very(quiet)........because her son has been missing for 2 weeks. 

Makeshift(a): tạm thời  

Uncanny(a): lạ thường và khó giải thích ungainly 


pseudo-celluler vibrosis 


worldly-wise foolproof 



171. Peter is very generous and hard-working except for his(favour)......... 

172. Being(toxic)...........by a romantic novel,the boy finds it hard to come back to reality. 

173. You are very talented,but,you should respect to Mr Kim.Whatever happens,he is still your(run).......and. 174. ........(Thought),he threw a lighted cigarette into a waste basket,which leaded to a big fire yesterday. 175.

Due to the(admin)..........of the manor,this city has become a terrible place for immigrants. 176. A degree of Chemistry is(require).........for any candidate who wants to pass the interview. 177. Lacking of good human resources is a(annual)..........issue of my company. 

178. Most big companies usually have (conference)............so that the CEO can contact with all directors of subsidiary  companies. 

179. He is a big fan of (real)...........,which depicts odd and unreal things. 

180. Despite their great effort,they have to accept the(reverse)...........of the current status. 

ill-favouredness intoxicated 




prerequisite perennial 

teleconference surrealism 


181. That Mr Johnson established this plant is a big(stone)...........in his business career. 

182. Our home team tried(tire)..................to have a good result against the away team but they were(success)......... 183. Last night,I celebrated a small party to serve my friends but I was very sad due to(arrive)........of Henry-my best friend. 184. Joana is(dexterity)...............She can work with her both hands without any problem. 

185. Most women hate men who are too(forward)...........

186. This machine is covered with a (water)......... material so it can not be wet. 187. (Produce)..............is one of the wastes that usually happen at most manufacturing plants. 188. It is said that the life(expect).............of women is higher than men. 

189. Laura’s children are very(neck)...............That’s why I don’t like to invite her family to any party. 190. Ancient Egyptians used(hour)..............to measure the(pass)........of time. 


tirelessly/untiringly/unsuccessful non-arrival 



overproduction expectancy 


overforward(straightforward ha?huhm,cung tam tam:)) 


191. Most of the employees in my company admire the General Director so much because he is a(visible)..............leader. 192. This town is being(modern).............with upgraded important(structure)......... 

193. I don’t take any side.I am always(road)........ 

194. My family is(religion).............We don’t believe in god and (nature)...........beings. 

195. Buddha’s teachings have been a great(light)...........for humankind for over 2500 years. 196. I am afraid that I can only give a(guide).....for you this time because I also have some training plan for the others. 197. The General Manager asked the purchasing team to buy a new(humid)................for Quality Control Room. 198. My father used to be a(kill).............He had had a lot of girlfriends before getting married with my mom. 199. The enemy claims that their fortress is(destroy)........ 

200. (Mind)............... is really a stressful job unless you love children a lot. 


modernized;infrastructure middle-of-the-road 

nonreligious/supernatural Enlightenment 




indestructible/undestroyable Childminding 

201. 3 days ago,a poor farmer was (thunder)...........while he was standing under a big tree. 202. (Cholesterol)..........will cause some serious cardiac disease,so you should not eat too much meat and fat. 203. She was arrested due to(false).........a lot of certificates. 

204. You can use the(over)............. paint to decorate your room. 

205. The victim’s(member)............body was found in a trunk. 

206. When I watch TV,I can see that a lot of people in Africa are(nourish)............. 

207. “Hey,why are these sugar particles not soluble anymore ?So strange!” Well,because the solution is(saturation)..... 208. The job advert notices that only(list)...............candidates are contacted for an interview. 209. Polyethylene and Polystyrene are examples of(plastic)................ 

210. You have been absent for 20 days until now ,so I am afraid that our teacher will(register).............your name. 

thunderstroke Cholesterolemia falsifying 



Undernourished Saturated 


thermoplastic deregister 

211. The path was so slippery so I(balance).......... and fell onto the pond. 

212. The poor boys looked(mouth)..........at the toys through the glass window.  

213. The inspection equipment of my current company is very(day)............. 

214. Tom(eat).........all members of his family.He can eat 5 loaves of bread for his breakfast. 

215. Danny hit his brother last night when he knew the truth that his mother has been (treat)...........for several months. 216. My closest friend is living in a countryside.At this time,he is(winter).............the straw for the cattle to ear in winter. 217. I think It is bound to rain this afternoon.The weather forecast is quite(ground)........ 

218. “ I wish I were strong enough to protect the(weak).......!the boy said. 

219. An(economy)........... is the one who uses statistic and mathematics to study,model and predict economy principles  and outcomes. 

220. His(behave)...........of (sex)........(harass).......was a serious(base)...................in his life. 


open-mouthed-> ko xai mouthwatering vi toy khong  phai food nhe! 



maltreated/mistreated winterizing 




misbehaviour/sexual harassment/abasement 

221. The(teeth).................of the wild animals are used to lacerate their preys’flesh. 222. The violent(wind)............ gave a lot of difficulties for the Herald Crew. 223. Last night’s Sir Victor’s presentation about his success(breath).............all audience. 224. The(move).................is the most important part of a train.Without it,the rest ones are useless. 225. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are(find).............of the huge Google Corp. 

226. The public(bench).............of the new mobile phone models are really impressive. 227. Generally, in most action movies,the(hero)..............are usually very strong and maleficent. 228. (Elephant)............. is a dangerous disease which usually takes place in some African countries. 229. We have been close friends for a long time,so in our free time,we always try to(visit)...... 230. Helena’s classmates like her a lot due to her(society).................. 

eye-tooth dead-wind inbreathed locomotive co-founders 

benchmarks. Anti-heroes Elephantiasis Intervisit 


231. Some(American).............newspapers always try to protect the image of the USA. 

232. Tom’s father is very disappointed with his(achieve)............:.at his school. 

233. I was impressed by my wife at the first time we met each other due to her(sheep)......smile 234. My husband is finding an experienced( baby).............. to take care of our babies at the present time. 235. Why did you quit your previous job? Well,because I don’t like my previous boss. He is  very(nature)........and(content)......... 

236. Sugar can be(solution)..........in water. 

237. A dangerous criminal was(electric).............3 days ago. 

238. In many countries,(marriage).........status is strictly(prohibition)........... 

239. Our bodies produce(body).............to (act)............. diseases. 

240. You must use a (extinguish).............to stamp out the fire then call (fight)...........to come as soon as possible. 


Under-achievements sheepish 

baby sitter 




extramarital-prohibited antibodies-counteract extinguisher-firefighters 

241. We see that you can get angry all the time.Try to improve your(control)........... 

242. Australia belongs to southern(sphere).............. 

243. According to the Bible, Saint Michael is the(angel)...............who can control all junior angels to fight against evil spirits. 244. Tokyo is one of the biggest (city).......in the world with the population around 34 millions. 245. When the police came to the site,they saw an (pack).............suitcase and some bullets around it. 246. I like having (make)...........food to save time because I am very busy everyday. 

247. You are very excellent but quite(temper).......That's why you can not be promoted to a manager. 248. You have to (wind)..........the clock so that everybody can know the exact time. 

249. Last John's defeat(bitter)...................him so much. 

250. Some VIPs of the (Govern)...............forces were arrested by the police yesterday. 

self-control hemisphere archangle megacities unpacked 



Rewind: vặn đồng hồ lại-> Unwind ko đúng nhé các bạn. Embittered: xài tiếp đầu ngữ Em-> tiếc là ko bạn nào giải ra. câu này anh tricky chút,các bạn xài Anti-government nhé:)) 

251. My brother's company went to a (bank)................due to some bad investments on real estate. 252. (Curriculum)....................activities are very important for pupils to know about the surroundings. 253. The colonel ordered his army to make an (camp)..............near a lake. 

254. These processed must be(standard)..............before being put into practice. 

255. Pigs are (omnivore)..............They can eat anything except metals. 

256. The government is propagandizing a movement of(popular)............... 

257. It is a very(time)...............work.I think you can not finish it on your own if you want to meet the deadline. 258. You must keep the (type)................of the product in case the customers need them in the future. 259. The poor kid does not know that he has been being raised for 20 years with the(get)..........properties of his parents.

260. In Viet Nam, it is(legal)..............for a man to marry a girl who is under 18 years old. 

Bankruptcy cái này dễ ha 


Encamping hay encampment đều ok Standardized. 


Depopulation-> bạn nào popularity ko đúng nha. Time-consuming 

Prototypes(cái này bạn nào làm bên ngành xe hơi mới biết :)) ill-gotten-> từ này rất hay,nghĩa là của cải phi nghĩa. illegal-> quá dễ 

261. It is(deny)..................that Laura's husband is a very rich and arrogant guy. 

262. "Where are you going?" Well, I am rushing to the(mother)....................ward to take care of my wife. 263. I think the soup that you cooked last night is (do)............so I am cooking it again now. 

264. As a judge,you should not have any(favor)..........for anyone else. 

265. This symbol in the drawing means(eccentric)...........and you can inspect it with a Coordinating Measuring Machine. 266. In feudal age,if a man was guilty of a serious sin,he would be(head).......... 

267. (Tour)...................destinations are being developed in many remote areas at the present time in Viet Nam. 268. That I get bad marks in English (face)..........my father because he’s a famous English teacher. 269. (Lab)............ must be provided with protective equipment. 

270. My mother keeps considering me as a(good).......... son because I can not do anything to help her. 

undeniable-> quá dễ luôn 

Maternity ward: khoa sản trong bệnh viện nhé các  bạn,có bạn xài motherland cũng rất hay nhé underdone thì mới nấu lại chứ overdone hay well done thì nấu lại làm giề:)) 


271. Could you take 2(bucket)........of sand for me? 272. She (belief)............. in ghosts because she’s a scientist. 



Ecotourism(du lịch sinh thái):)) hehe Defaces 



273. My brother wants to make a(continent)................journey with his sport 274. (Tropical)...........plants are the plants which can be found in Central America. 275. Sometimes,(critic)............may cause a stressful and disheartened feeling to a person. 276. A policeman said that my identity card was (identify).................... because of my(blur)........photo. 277. A(myth).......chimera can be considered as a(breeding)............between a Lion and a Snake. 278. The(appear)............of a white-haired man in the case (mystery)..................the police force. 279. (Violet).......... rays are the enemies of the skin. 

280. The water in this bottle needs to be(pure)...........to remove(pure)............ 



transcontinental Neotropical 


Unidentifiable; blurry 

mythical; interbreeding 

appearance; mystified 


PURIFIED(sau needs to be +V3; IMPURITIES(noun)->câu này đơn giản ha. 

281. My boss has a(competence)..............management.All of the managers in the company must wait for her decisions. 282. In Greek mythology, Hercules is a(god).........who can do(ordinary)..................things 

283. Don’t(add).........the(add)..........into the soup or we will have a(disaster)........dinner 

284. We used to consider him as an(stand)......and(respect)............... professors until his achievements are(proof).............. 285. The(diagnose).........of the doctor was the cause of the girl’s death. 

286. (Kinesis)............... is still considered as a(nature)...................power. 

287. Jenny is working for a(nation)............company and she has a great chance to communicate with a lot of foreign  colleagues from many countries in the world. 

288. When we came to the forest,we saw a(use).............mine. 

289. The house has been(occupy)..................for a long time since the host died. 

290. The(expect)..........arrival of the guest gave us a difficulty in setting up the meeting. 

chúng ta có từ OMNI-COMPETENT(sử dụng tiền tố OMNI) có nghĩa là có quyền lực bao quát tất cả,vì thế tất cả quản lý trong công ty phải đợi quyết định của chị này là vậy. 

Bạn nào đọc thần thoại Hy Lạp sẽ biết Hẹc Quyn ko phải 1 vị thần ful dòng máu thần thánh mà chỉ là á thần,nên  ta dùng từ DEMIGOD :)),kế tiếp là EXTRAORDINARY. 

chúng ta có 3 từ lần lượt là SUPERADD,ADDITIVES DISASTROUS. 

OUTSTANDING; RESPECTABLE DISPROVEN...các bạn đều bị sai từ cuối:)) 

MISDIAGNOSE(từ này thi OLympic 30/4 rất hay ra).


Đây là câu khó nhất<3,chúng ta có từ TELEKINESIS tức là năng lực điều khiển vật thể từ xa(sử dụng tiến tố TELE  nghĩa là ở xa),cho nên phía sau là SUPERNATURAL(siêu nhiên). 

MULTINATIONAL thì hay và đúng hơn là INTERNATIONAL nhé các bạn 

DISUSED(từ nay hay có trong Olympic 30/4)nhưng các bạn dùng USABLE anh vẫn nghĩ là ok đó UNOCCUPIED 


291. A(tell)..............can(prediction).........a person’s life but she/he can not(cast).........his/her life. 292. All of us admire his(wise)............... 

293. Generally,a man must(go).............a lot of hard trials in his life. 

294. Gandhi was a former Indian Prime Minister who was famous for his(violent)......... 




Bạn nào đọc lịch sử thế giới sẽ biết Gandhi là 1 cựu thủ tướng của Ấn Độ nổi tiếng với chính sách bất bạo  động,nên ta phải dùng từ NON-VIOLENCE 

295. Amidst A Wash Of Firefly Light 

Setsuko was crunk to see the _______1.(GLOW) nearby the lake. Hence, Seita, her teenage brother, caught and  brought them into the cave of the siblings. Flickering insects lit up a tiny joyfulness. In the next morning, after finding the  bodies of the fireflies, Setsuko asked his brother to build a grave for them. Under the tree, wooden stelae sprouted up in  a ________2.(BLEED) way. 

Fireflies imply the souls of the dead - millions of people died because of the war as well as the graves scattered all  over Kobe. No exceptions, Setsuko took her last breath in a ______ 3.(BONE) night beside a stale doll and an empty fruit  candy box. 

Leaving behind the________4.(TRIBULATE) of the warfare, Setsuko buried herself in the endless sleep. Whereas,  Seita had to stand alone in the dark and might be tormented by a __________5 (CONSCIENTIOUSNESS)  ____________6.(PRESENT). 

GLOWFLIES (số nhiều) (n): GLOWFLY là loài đom đóm có con đực và cái có ngoại hình giống nhau và đều phát ra tia sáng  ngắn, từ đồng nghĩa là FIREFLY. Khác với GLOWWORM (loài sâu phát sáng) khi mà con cái nhìn trông giống ấu trùng hơn  là con đực, không biết bay và phát ra ánh sáng đều hơn.  

BLOOD-CURDLING (adj): gây cảm giác sợ hãi tột độ.  

BONE-CHILLING (adj): lạnh thấu xương  

TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS (n): gian nan và đau khổ 

CONSCIENCE-STRICKEN (adj): cắn rứt lương tâm  

PRESENTIMENT (n): điềm báo, cảm giác về tương lai 

296. During the pursuit of Ash's group, Team Rocket of James, Jessie and Meowth arrived at a seaport and  somehow managed to sneak into a(n)___(1)___(VAGUE) yacht instead of a(n)___(2)___(FRILL) one in an attempt to catch  Ash's Pikachu. There, James ran into a Magikarp salesman who later tried to rip him off, and James, unluckily,  was___(3)___(WIT) enough to fall for his lies that his Magikarp would reproduce at a rapid rate and make the buyer rich.  James looked absolutely___(4)___(DUMB) when Meowth and Jessie told him that he had been taken for a ride.  

After foolishly splashing out on a(n)___(5)___(VALUE) Magikarp, they lived on the___(6)___(BREAD) and were likely  to fall prey to impending starvation. Hence they came up with an idea that they could just eat the Magikarp. But in the  effort to consume it, they found its meat too hard and___(7)___(TASTE) to be eaten and eventually got rid of it.  Unfortunately, the little Magikarp evolved into a(n)___(8)___(DIG) Gyarados and blew them away. 

extravagant: tốn kém  

no-frills: trái nghĩa với extravagant  half-witted/dim-witted/witless ~ stupid  dumbfounded: sốc quá câm luôn  

valueless: ko có giá trị (đừng có lộn với invaluable  nha, nó có nghĩa tương tự valuable) 

breadline: live on the breadline (very poor)  distasteful: kinh tởm/tasteless: vô vị 

indignant: quạu vì bị đối xử tệ11