Ôn thi học sinh giỏi quốc gia – Word form for NEC

     Tài liệu Word form for NEC - PROJECT EZWORDFORMONDAMIC OF CAO BILL (14 trang) là một trong những tài liệu hữu ích cho học sinh ôn luyện môn Tiếng Anh, đặc biệt là cho những ai đang chuẩn bị tham gia kỳ thi Olympic 30/4 truyền thống, Học sinh giỏi THPT và Học sinh giỏi Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh.

     Tài liệu cung cấp cho người đọc các bài tập về từ loại và hình thái của từ, bao gồm cả những bài tập khó-rất khó, có tính chất phân hóa cực kỳ cao. Với tài liệu này, người đọc có thể nâng cao kỹ năng và kiến thức của mình trong lĩnh vực từ vựng Tiếng Anh. Điều đặc biệt hữu ích đối với những ai muốn đạt được điểm số cao trong các kỳ thi ôn luyện như Kỳ thi Olympic 30/4 truyền thống, Học sinh giỏi THPT, Học sinh giỏi Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh.

     Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm tài liệu ôn luyện từ vựng Tiếng Anh, đặc biệt là tài liệu cho các kỳ thi chuyên nghiệp như trên, bạn có thể tìm thấy nhiều tài liệu khác tại website Tài liệu diệu kỳ. Các tài liệu này đều có chất lượng tốt và đáp ứng được các yêu cầu khắt khe của những kỳ thi đó.

     Từ khóa: Tài liệu Tiếng Anh ôn thi học sinh giỏi; Word form for NEC - PROJECT EZWORDFORMONDAMIC OF CAO BILL; Kỳ thi Olympic 30/4 truyền thống; Học sinh giỏi THPT; Học sinh giỏi Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh; từ loại Tiếng Anh; hình thái của từ.

Tải xuống tài liệu



1. The music industry chiefly blames illegal ____file-sharing____ (FILE) and music copyright  infringement for falls in American sales. 

*Meaning: the activity of putting a file from your computer onto a special  place on your computer so that other people can copy it, or look at it using  the Internet. 

2. Thieves escaped with luxurious garments and jewellery valued at thousands of dollars in a  _______smash-and-grab_______ (GRAB) raid in Manchester yesterday.  

*Meaning: A crime in which thieves break the window of a shop and steal things  before quickly escaping. 

3. Acupuncture can have many unpleasant ______side-effects/aftereffects______ (EFFECT).  Acupuncture (Châm cứu) ˈæk.jə.pʌŋk.tʃər  

4. It was very ______ short-sighted________ (SIGHT) and foolish of the government to  underestimate the value of national technological research. 

*Meaning: A short-sighted person can only clearly see objects that are close to  them. 

5. The man at the garage said your car was not in a fit condition to be driven legally – so it is not  ______ roadworthy________ (ROAD).  

 * Meaning: (Of a vehicle) in good enough condition to be driven without danger 6. The organization has announced _______better-than-expected_______ (EXPECT) second  quarter results.  

 * Meaning: used to describe results, profits, etc. that are higher than it was  thought they would be. 

7. Every company should be trying to achieve a ______better-than-average______ (AVERAGE)  return for their investors.  

 * Meaning: used to describe sth that is above the normal level of performance.  8. However, their _______seat-of-the pants_______ (PANTS) approach is leading to a lot of  confusion.  

 * Meaning: done using only your own experience and trusting your own judgment. 9. My neighbor is a real ______stick-in-the-mud_______ (MUD) who always holds prehistoric and  prejudiced views towards social media. 

 * Meaning: someone who is old-fashioned and too serious and avoids enjoyable  activities.  

10. Yesterday, he gave a fairly ______run-of-the-mill______ (MILL) and long-winded speech in  the conference.  

 * Meaning: ordinary and not special or exciting in any way.  

11. Could you give me a _______cast-iron_______ (IRON) guarantee that you will finish your work on time? 

 * Meaning: a guarantee, alibi (bằng chứng ngoại phạm), etc. that can be trusted 



12. In case the manager is not available here now, I'd like to discuss this problem with the  _____second-in-command______ (COMMAND). 

 * Meaning: someone who is almost as important as the person in charge.  13. If children are _______potty-mouthed_______ (POT) and rude, it's probably owing to the kind  of language they hear everyday at home. 

 * Meaning: using a lot of rude language. 

14. In the _____Alice-in-Wonderland______ (WONDERLAND) world of England agriculture,  farmers are paid more to grow more even when not a single one wants to buy their products.  * Meaning: not logically explicable or predictable. 

15. I was _____ press-ganged_____ (GANG) into taking the kids to the swimming pool.  * Meaning: to force or strongly persuade someone to do sth they do not want to  do.  

16. Finding it difficult to savour his newly acquired wealth, Jimmy felt that he was being led down  the _____primrose_____ (ROSE) path to destruction. 

 * Meaning: the pursuit of pleasure, especially when it is seen to bring disastrous  consequences.  

17. This programme offers people to train in basic ___problem-solving___ (PROBLEM) strategies  and is suitable for all levels. 

 * Meaning: the process of finding solutions to problems.  

18. The work of art that he created is ____preternaturally____ (NATURAL) and exquisitely  beautiful. 

 * Meaning: in a way that is not usual or natural  

19. People called Jack a _____race-baiting_____ (BAIT) demagogue /ˈdem.ə.ɡɒɡ/ (mị dân) who  always tried to fan racial hatred.  

 * Meaning: the act of intentionally encouraging racism or anger about issues  relating to race, often to get a political advantage.  

20. The police are making strenuous efforts to tackle car thefts and subsequent __________ram raiding_______ (RAM). 

 * Meaning: /ˈræm.reɪ.dɪŋ/ the act of driving a car, usually a stolen car, through the  front window of a shop so that the contents of the shop can be stolen. 21. Company profits are handsomely growing and it looks as though this year is going to be a  _______record-breaking_______ (RECORD) one. 

 * Meaning: bigger in value, amount, or number, or better than anything that has  happened before. 

22. The weakest members of this community can easily suffer from ____rip-roaring_____ (ROAR)  inflation.  

 * Meaning/ˌrɪpˈrɔːr.ɪŋ/: wild, noisy; and exciting. = riotous /ˈraɪ.ə.t̬əs/: very loud and  uncontrolled, and full of energy. = uproarious /ʌpˈrɔː.ri.əs/: extremely noisy and  confused OR extremely funny.  

23. Last week, Kevin struck and killed a pedestrian in a ____hit-and-run____ (RUN) accident.

 * Meaning: a road accident in which the driver who caused the accident drives  away without helping the other people involved and without telling the police 24. Drunk drivers may be asked by a police officer to take a ___breathalyzer___ (BREATH) test.  * Meaning /ˈbreθ.əl.aɪz.ər/: a brand name for a device like a small bag, with a tube at  one end, that the police can ask a driver to blow into to see how much alcohol the driver has drunk.  

25. Theoretically, the cloak would slow down light coming into the robbery scene while the  _______safecracker/safebreaker_______ (SAFE) is at work. 

 * Meaning: name someone who opens safes using force and steals the valuable  things from inside. (người phá két) 

26. This was a small man, very pale and dark, with ____coal-black ____ (COAL) eyes.  * Meaning: of a pure black color.  

27. The door to the old stable was always shut but was _____ill-fitting_____ (FIT).  * Meaning: do not fit well. 

28. Following a ____tip-off___ (TIP) from a friend, we sold all our shares in the company.  * Meaning: a secret warning or piece of secret information. 

29. The fighters fired a barrage of _____rocket-propelled_____ (ROCKET) grenades at the  advancing American forces. 

 * Meaning: a weapon that fires an exploding rocket (=  

an object that flies very fast through the air) towards a target, usually a tank (=  a military vehicle with wheels that turn inside moving belts). 

30. The film had an ____overstuffed____ (STUFF) storyline that was filled with plots,  counterplots, and betrayals.  

 * Meaning: used to describe films, books, etc. that contains too many different  things. (DISAPPROVING) 

31. Talk is ___evanescent___ (VANISH), writing leaves footprints. 

 * Meaning: /ˌiː.vəˈnes.ənt/ lasting for only a short time, then disappearing quickly and being forgotten. 

32. The difficulties concerning the ___job-share___ (JOB) have been worked out.

 * Meaning: to divide the duties and the pay of one job between  two people who work at different times during the day or week. 

33. The ambassador has offered to act as a ____go-between____ (GO) for the two countries  involved in the conflict. 

 * Meaning: someone who takes messages between people who  are unable or unwilling to meet. 

34. “Freedom fighter” is a ____value-laden____ (VALUE) word. 

 * Meaning: + Presupposing the acceptance of a particular set of values.   + Influenced by personal opinions.  

35. Her story about being chased away from school by wolves seems pretty far-fetched (FETCH). 

 * Meaning: very unlikely to be true, and difficult to believe. 

36. Their son has been diagnosed with a ___hyperactivity___ (ACTIVITY) disorder. 

 * Meaning: (of a person) the state of having more energy than is  normal, becoming excited easily, and being unable to stay still or think about  work.  

37. A car breaking down at rush hour could cause _gridlock_ (LOCK) across half the city. 

 * Meaning: a situation where roads in a town become so blocked by cars that it  is impossible for any traffic to move. 

38. The seemingly unending cycles of war and peace, negotiations and stalemates, are a  testament to the _____deep-seated_____ (SEAT) and long-held feelings about the region. 

 * Meaning: strongly felt or believed and very difficult to change or get rid of. 

39. Three years after Diana’s birth the _____longed-for / long-awaited_____ (LONG) son  arrived. 

 * Meaning: having been expected for a long time.

40. These are large, _____heavy-duty_____ (DUTY) bags for those who buy a lot of groceries.  * Meaning: strong and designed to be used for a long time. 

41. It’s __touch-and-go__ (TOUCH) whether the missing crew will be found alive.  * Meaning: having an uncertain, and possibly bad result. 

42. Covering three hundred thousand square miles, which is approximately the size of Japan, the  eastern steppes of Mongolia are the last ____unspoiled____ (SPOIL) and continuous grassland  ecosystem in the ____hemisphere____ (SPHERE). Somewhere between the forests of Siberia  and the Gobi desert, the Mongolian steppes are home to a proud race of traditionally ____semi nomadic____ (NOMAD) people who stand at the ____crossroads____ (ROAD) between old  and new.  

semi-nomadic: Bán du cư 

43. The organizer was arrested with ___back alley ___ (ALLEY) bribery and corruption.   * Meaning: 

44. A ___backbencher___ (BENCH) is a member of the UK parliament who does not play any  vital role in the government.  

 * Meaning: a member of the UK parliament who does not have  any official position in the government or in one of the opposing parties. 

45. I do get annoyed if my friends ___backbite___ (BITE) me.  

 * Meaning: to say unpleasant and unkind things about someone who is not there. 46. I do not have any ___backbone___ (BONE) to confess that I injured him.   * Meaning: the part of something that provides strength and support. 

47. A ___backbreaking___ (BREAK) work demands you to put physically abundant energy  into it.  

 * Meaning: needing a lot of hard, physical effort and making  

you feel extremely tired. 

48. Living in a ___backcountry___ (COUNTRY) means that you are living in a mountainous  and desperate remote area. 

 * Meaning: a rural or mountain area that is away from cities and has few people. 49. He deceitfully completed the exam with a high score through the ___backdoor___ (DOOR).  

 * Meaning: relating to something that is done secretly or in a way that is  not direct or honest. 

50. Our plan to develop the city seems to ___backfire___ (FIRE).  

 * Meaning: (of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you intended. 

51. He paid me a sarcastic ___backhanded___ (HAND) compliment on my English  achievements. 

 * Meaning: A backhanded remark seems pleasant but may really be  a criticism or mean something unkind. 

52. Unfortunately, my horse had a broken leg so he was a ___backmarker___ (MARK) in the  race - he ended with the last position.  

 * Meaning: A racer who holds a poor rank or is lapped in a race. 53. The law-maker was made to ___backpedal___ (PEDAL) on the new regulation.  

 * Meaning: to change an opinion that you had expressed before, or do something  different from what you had said you would do. 

54. A ___backseat___ (SEAT) driver is a passenger in the back of a car who gives the driver  unwanted advice on how to drive. 

 * Meaning: the seat behind the front seat of a car. 

55. A fair weather friend is the one who pretends to be your best friend but when you are not  there, he will be full of dishonesty and ___backstabbing___ (STAB). 

 * Meaning: the act of saying harmful or unpleasant things about a person when  they are not present. 

56. His friends gathered around last night to celebrate his ___back-to-back___ (BACK) victory  in the competition. 

 * Meaning: happening one after another, without interruption. 57. I need you ___backup___ (UP) to complete this intricate task. 

 * Meaning: (someone or something that provides) support or help, or something  that you have arranged in case your main plans, equipment, etc. go wrong. 

58. Three years of huge losses forced the bank to seek a government ___bailout___ (BAIL). 

 * Meaning: the act of helping a person or organization that is in difficulty, usually  by giving or giving or lending money. 

59. ___ Bait-and-switch ___ (SWITCH) is a method of selling in which a product is advertised  at a very low price to attract customers, who are then persuaded to buy a different product at a  higher price. 

60. He had told a lot of ___bald-faced___ (BALD) lies to me. 

 * Meaning: showing no shame or embarrassment about doing something bad. 61. The last trip was a disastrous ___balls-up___ (BALL). 

 * Meaning: something that is done wrong or badly. 

62. Fortunately, she was recruited for a ___bang-up___ (BANG) job. 

 * Meaning: very good or excellent. 

63. A ___bantamweight___ (BANTAM) is a wrestler who weighs between 52 and 57  kilograms. 

 * Meaning: a boxer weighing between 51 and 53.5 kilograms. 

64. Technologists are now producing many kinds of ___bar code___ (CODE) readers which can be used in supermarkets. 

 * Meaning: là cái này nèeee 

65. People usually take off their shoes and walk ___barefoot___ (FOOT) along the seaside.  * Meaning: not wearing any shoes or socks.

66. ___Bare-knuckled___ (KNUCKLE) boxing is the original form of boxing, where a boxer  fights with another one without gloves, and vice-versa. 

 * Meaning: without boxing gloves. 

67. Brad Pitt had done an exquisitely ____barnstorming____ (STORM) performance in  ‘Seven’. 

 * Meaning: exciting and energetic. 

68. This hotel has a _____grandstand_____ (STAND) view of the beach. 

 * Meaning: a set of seats arranged in rising rows, sometimes covered by a roof,  from which people can easily watch sports or other events. 

69. She was ___bamboozled___ (BAMBOO) into telling them her credit card number.  * Meaning: to trick or deceive someone, often by confusing them. 70. Teenagers today enjoys going to _____discotheque_____ (DISCO) at the weekend.  * Meaning: a disco. 

71. _____Hot-tempered/ Ill-tempered/ Temperamental/ Bad-tempered/ Short-tempered/  Quick-tempered_____ (TEMPER) though he may appear to be, John is a very _____ Good natured/ Even-tempered/ Sweet-tempered _____ (NATURE) person.  

72. ____Inasmuch____ (MUCH) as you are the Chief Executive Officer, you have to handle  with the problems of your staff. 

 * Meaning: used to show why or in what limited way the other part of  the sentence is true. 

73. Johnny is such a _____copycat_____ (CAT). He is always imitating his older brother’s act. 

 * Meaning: someone who has few ideas of their own and does or says exactly the  same as someone else. 

74. Do we have enough _____ firewood _____ (FIRE) to make a _____ bonfire _____ (FIRE)?  * Meaning: firewood: wood used as fuel for a fire. 

 bonfire: a large fire that is made outside.

75. In the past, _____highwayman_____ (WAY) often stopped travelers on road and robbed  them. 

 * Meaning: kẻ cướp đường.  

76. We had to check the ____heartbeat____ (BEAT) of the man who was fainted. 

 * Meaning: the regular movement or sound that the heart makes as  it sends blood around your body. 

77. Turn left at the third _____roundabout_____ (ROUND) and then drive toward the bridge. 

 * Meaning: a place where three or more roads join and traffic must go around  a circular area in the middle, rather than straight across. 

78. Everyday, Mr Simpson gets up very early at _____ daybreak _____ (BREAK).  * Meaning: dawn. 

79. I was laid off last week so that’s why I’m no longer on the company’s ___ payroll ____  (PAY). 

 * Meaning: the total amount of money paid to the people employed by  a particular company. 

80. Anthony has a job as a _____middleman_____ (MAN). He buys goods from people and  sells them to his clients. 

 * Meaning: a person who buys goods from the company that has produced them  and makes a profit by selling them to a shop or a user. 

81. The extra classes helped Lisa a lot. She made a remarkable ____headway____ (WAY) this  semester. 

 * Meaning: to make progress or get closer to achieving something. 


82. My dad always told me, 'Son, be ____forewarned____ (WARN), women are fickle. One  day they love you, the next day you are yesterday's news. I don't get them at all.' 

 * Meaning: to tell someone that something unpleasant is going to happen. 

83. In an attempt to extirpate all traces of the wart, she made a decision to undergo  ____cryosurgery____ (SURGERY), a process by which the tissue is frozen and removed.

Meaning:the use of very cold temperatures to freeze and destroy diseased tissue. 

84. The con artist ___beguiled___ me out of my money, convincing me to play his game over  and over. (GUILE) 

 * Meaning: to persuade, attract, or interest someone, sometimes  in order to deceive them. 

85. Her speech included ___astringent___ comments about her opponent; we all found them to  be offensive and over the top. (STRING) 

 * Meaning: Astringent remarks are clever but unkind or criticize someone. 

86. The movie ‘The Fugitive’ is about a man who fights to ___absolve___ himself of a crime he  was convicted of but did not commit. (SOLVE)  

 * Meaning: (especially in religion or law) to free someone from guilt, blame,  or responsibility for something. 

87. Doctor Goiter was named ___humanitarian___ of the year in 2008 because he has humbly  been providing free care to children in need both locally and internationally for his entire career.  (HUMAN) 

 * Meaning: (a person who is) involved in or connected with improving people’s  lives and reducing suffering. 

88. Well, Joe, that Energizer bunny certainly does seem ___indefatigable___. He never seems to need rest. He just keep going and going. (FATIGUE) 

 * Meaning: always determined and energetic in trying to achieve something and  never willing to admit defeat. 

89. The ___Demographics___ reveal that Republican candidates typically perform better in  rural areas than in urban areas. (GRAPHICS) 

 * Meaning: the number and characteristics of people who live in  a particular area or form a particular group, especially in relation to their age, how much money they have and what they spend it on. 

90. In an effort to lose weight, James ____curtailed ____ his ice cream consumption. (TAIL) 

 * Meaning: to stop something before it is finished, or  

to reduce or limit something.

91. Jim was hoping he could ___efface___ his past mistakes by pretending they never happened. (FACE) 

 * Meaning: to remove something intentionally.  

92. Sarah was so fascinated by __ genealogy __ that she compiled a three-volume guide to her  family ancestry. (GENE) 

 * Meaning: (the study of) the history of the past and present members of  a family or families. 

93. For those with an extra strong ________ sense, the spray of a shrunk is fantastically pungent. (FACTOR) 

 * Meaning: a person who does bad or illegal things. 

94. Geez, Pedro, those parachute pants and ___ wristband___ you are wearing looked cool in the 1980s, but they are a smidge __outmoded__ now! (BAND-MODE) 

 * Meaning: +wristband: a piece of material that goes around the wrist,  for example to hold a watch. 

 +outmoded: no longer modern, useful, or necessary. 

95. The ___intractable___ student balked when her teacher told her she could memorize the  names of every obscure figure in American history in preparation for AP test and, instead, three  her textbook out her car window. (TRACT) 

 * Meaning: very difficult or impossible to control, manage, or solve. 

96. I like to dig in my backyard and pretend I work in ___palaeontology___ and make  important fossil discoveries. (ONTOLOGY) 

 * Meaning: the study of fossils as a way of getting information about  the history of life on Earth and the structure of rocks. 

97. The house underwent a ___metamorphosis___ on ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ from a ___run-down___ shack into a beautiful estate. (MORPHOSIS-RUN) 

 * Meaning: + metamorphosis: a complete change of character, appearance,  or condition. 

 + run-down: in very bad condition. 

98. Superman found and stopped many a ____malefactor____ before another crime could  actually be committed. (FACTOR) 

 * Meaning: a person who does bad or illegal things. 

99. The politician was a master of __circumlocution__ . When asked a direct question, she  always managed to talk round the question without actually answering it. (LOCUTION) 

 * Meaning: (an example of) an indirect way of saying something, especially  something unpleasant. 

100. The kids in tiny rural town led ___circumscribed___ lives and were shocked by the  diversity of the outside world once they went off to college. (SCRIBE) 

 * Meaning: restricted or limited. 

110. The ___benefactors__ who donated the large sums of money that helped put together this  homeless shelter are generous angels from heaven. (FACTOR) 

 * Meaning: someone who gives money to help an organization, society, or person. 

111. The ___bombastic___ language in the mayor’s campaign speech made her seem arrogant  and disconnected from the public. (BOMB)  

 * Meaning: using long and difficult words, usually to make people think you know  more than you do.  

112. Although they were exhausted and ____undermanned____, the citizens of the port town  proved to be stalwart souls as they worked through the night to make sure the levees did not fail.  (UNDER) 

 * Meaning: understaffed.  

113. Despite many hardships, the team was ___steadfast___ in its pursuit of the summit.  (FAST)  

 * Meaning: staying the same for a long time and not changing quickly or  unexpectedly. 

114. Although she feared it might __undermine__ her efforts to train him, Sally let her puppy  jump onto the couch with her. (MINE)

 * Meaning: to make someone less confident, less powerful, or  less likely to succeed, or to make something weaker, often gradually. 

115. ___Verisimilitude___ is achieved when details are added to a story that lend an air  authenticity; for example, a teenager pretending to be at the library may complain that a book she needed was checked out (when, in fact, she was at the movies instead). (SIMILITUDE) 

 * Meaning: the quality of seeming true or of having the appearance of being real. 

116. The piece of pottery they found was an ____antediluvian____ bowl that was made more  than four thousand years ago. (DILUVIAL) 

 * Meaning: extremely old-fashioned. 

117. It is amazing that a penny-pincher like Paul is a ___philanthropist___ who has donated  millions to charity. (ANTHROPIC) 

 * Meaning: a person who helps the poor, especially by giving them money. 

118. He is a ____consummate_____ (SUM) master of music - he knows exactly how to play all  types of musical instrument. 

 * Meaning: perfect, or complete in every way. 

119. A bedroom used for both aims: studying and sleeping is called a ___bedroom-cum study____ (BEDROOM).  

120. After 45 years of peace, the scope for multiple war crimes for ____septuagenarians____  (AGE) and octogenarians must be slight.  

 * Meaning: septuagenarian: a person who is between 70 and 79 years old.   octogenarian: a person who is between 80 and 89 years old.  

121. Taxes were drastically cut in an attempt to ___kick-start___ the economy. (KICK)  * Meaning: to make something start to happen, happen more quickly, or improve. 

122. A carefully managed fire could turn impassable barren thickets into prime grasslands  teeming with game. In addition, once the fire died down, Stone Age entrepreneurs could walk  through the smoking remains and harvest ___charcoaled___ animals, nuts and tubers.(COAL)

 * Meaning:  

123. Over the millennia, small, simple cultures gradually ___coalesce___ into bigger and more  complex civilizations, so that the world contains fewer and fewer mega-cultures, each of which  is bigger and more complex.(COALITION) 

 * Meaning: If two or more things coalesce, they come or grow together to form  one thing or system.  

Word Form (trích đề PTNK 2021): 


Even if you are teetotal, you cannot deny that humans, as a species, like to drink. We consume  wine, beer, cider, spirits... in fact, the (0. FERMENT) ___fermented___ product of almost  anything we can turn into alcohol. Our (1. FOND) ___fondness___ for this toxic substance the  cause of so much trouble, is something of a mystery. Maybe it is enough to say that we drink  because it makes us feel good. But to understand our love of alcohol we need a bigger, more (2.  EVOLVE) __evolutionary__, explanation.  

The story of alcohol is one of an intimate relationship between humans and yeasts, an affair that  began millions of years ago and is still playing out today. We like to cast ourselves as the star of  this drama, but in fact yeasts are the (3. SING) ____unsung____ lead character. Ours is a  symbiotic connection – a mutually beneficial (4. PARTNER) ____partnership____. It is also  one in which the balance of power is constantly shifting. If anything, the yeasts seem to have had the (5. UP) ___upper___ hand, at least since our ancestors began brewing their own grog. We  cultivate yeasts, ensuring they survive and thrive, and in return, we get, at best, a good night out  and a (6. HANG) ____hangover____ the next morning. Once upon a time, however, yeast and  alcohol may have offered us more (7.SIGNIFY) ____significant____ rewards.  

Today the costs of our love of alcohol often (8. WEIGH) ____outweigh____ any benefits. But,  being a story of evolution, it doesn’t end there. Already some humans have acquired (9. GENE)  ____genetic____ changes that encourage them to drink less. If this trend continues, it is possible  that one day this long and (10. TEMPEST) ____tempestuous____ relationship will reach a kind  of tenuous truce.