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1. An: “Why should he bother to lie about it?” Kathy: “___________“

A. Search me B. There’s no doubt about it C. Not so far D. Liars bother him!

2. I've ________ that in Poland there's been a tradition that young boys take sweets to school for girls and men

take flowers for women at work.

A. heard to tell B. been heard telling C. heard tell D. been heard to tell

3. Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system, has many unusual characteristics, __________ of which

is the structure of its rings.

A. no less B. not the least C. nonetheless D. without

4. That camels __________ the Arctic along with polar bears and walruses is startling, yet this is the key

implication of research published by scientists working on Canada’s Ellesmere Island.

A. once roaming B. once roamed C. having roamed D. have roamed

5. Ever since Maurice arrived, he __________ quietly in the corner. Is something wrong?

A. sat B. has been sitting C. sits D. is sitting

6. Great white sharks are dangerous to __________ attack without warning.

A. humans, they B. humans

C. humans. Because they D. humans. They

7. Minh askes Phuc __________ the day before.

A. where was the latter B. where had the former been

C. where the latter had been D. where the former had been

8. Huy is __________ his boyfriend.

A. every bit as intelligent as B. just intelligent as

C. as intelligent as D. rather as intelligent as

9. __________ terms are Hoang Sa and Truong Sa in possession of China. They belong to Vietnam

A. In no uncertain B. Not on equal C. On no good D. Not a contradiction

10. From now on, the sales reports __________ compiled before the weekly meeting.

A. must have been B. will need being

C. had to have been D. will have to have been


1. I suppose I could ________ advertising.

A. catch on B. get out of C. go in for D. work out

2. Unfortunately some really ill animals have to be _______ by our center.

A. put down B. turned over C. passed away D. taken out

3. Please _______ the table ____. It seems a bit dirty.

A. wide off B. make up C. clear off D. clean out

4. When the cost was __________ the advantages, the scheme looked good.

A. set against B. weighed up C. made up for D. settled up with

5. He had such a bad stomach that he was _________ with pain

A. bent down B. folded over C. snapped off D. double up

6. I don’t know how I can _________ up the courage to tell him the awful news.

A. pick B. pluck C. store D. set

7. Supper’s ready, so everyone should _________ in.

A. dive B. dig C. wolf D. bolt

8. Haven't you finished? You've been ___________ on that report all morning.


A. chiseling away B. beavering away C. hammering away D. cutting away

9. I thought she was being serious, but she was only having me _______.

A.up B. on C. over D. round

10. He could run ______ a five-page essay in an hour.

A. into B. along C. off D. up


1. His poor handling of the business ________ on negligence.

A. neared B. edged C. approached D. bordered

2. The job wasn’t giving the ________ of the experience he wanted.

A. width B. depth C. length D. breadth

3. The storm ripped our tent to ________.

A. slices B. shreds C. strips D. specks

4. When you come down the hill, do drive slowly because it is not _____ obvious where the turning is.

A. immediately B. directly C. instantaneously D. quite

5. When my father was a young student, they were taught to memorize information and _____ it for exams.

Thankfully, those teaching techniques have become outdated.

A. pinpoint B. dock C. regurgitate D. revise

6. Living in the countryside is a far cry from reading about it. It _____. You have to deal with _____ poverty and

go through the bad patch.

A. is of crass stupidity/ grueling B. is no mean feat/ grinding

C. goes against the grain/ abject D. dwindles away to nothing/ extreme

7. The train service has been a _____ since they introduced the new schedules.

A. shambles B. rumpus C. chaos D. fracas

8. There were a number of strong candidates for the post but Peter's experience _____ the scales in his favor.

A. weighted B. tipped C. balanced D. overturned

9. We are conscious that sleeplessness usually _____ those who are exposed to a great deal of stress, anxiety or


A. betrays B. bestows C. besets D. bemoans

10. I think that the artist's cartoons are usually rather _____________ as they are intended to appeal to a mass

number of audiences.

A. lowbrow B. highbrow C. dearly D. impenetrable

11. In 2009 he divorced _______________ with his wife because they had nothing in common.

A. acrimoniously B. rapturously C. ecstatically D. lugubriously

12. Taylor became an ______________ icon of style and beauty

A. omnipresent B. audacious C. desiccated D. virtuous

13. Jack, who is _____________, always meets with many accidents.

A. accident-prone B. ill-conditioned C. sap-headed D. topsy-turvy

14. Losing your job is just one of the ________________ of life.

A. vicissitudes B. verisimilitudes C. similitudes D. meningocele

15. I don’t conform to the ____________ that people are always expecting.

A. stereotype B. outlook C. provision D. reptile

16. I was working continuously for 5 hours and was _________________.

A. fit to drop B. fast and furious C. all over it D. heavily into it

17. This problem in the project was the _______. I can’t negotiate anymore.

A. final straw B. hot water C. ups and downs D. sweet tooth

18. There are several ______ of land for sale.

A. plots B. stories C. myths D. tales

19. “You were always acting __________. If you hadn’t gone to our party, we would have been happier.”

A. the big I am B. the fool you are C. your age D. the goat


20. “To ____________, I think you should check your exam one more time.”

A. play safe B. play a part C. play merry hell D. play it by ear


[B.i] Supply the correct form of the word in bracket to complete the sentence.

1. A female doctor in China refused to return home from work lest she should ________ spread the new

Coronavirus to her family members. [ADVERT]

2. Industry is a key sector in Haiphong including food processing, light industries and heavy industries. Major

products include fish sauce, beer, pharmaceuticals, electric fans, ships and _____________ software

implementation. [SOURCE]

3. On the road signs, the Greek places name have been _____________ into the Roman alphabet. [LITERARY]

4. _____________ toilet paper in response to the outbreak has become a meme on social media, with young

Australian TikTok users mocking those who are stripping supermarket shelves bare. [BUY]

5. _____________ refers to a lack of concern for history, historical development, or tradition. [HISTORY]

6. Minh, a _____________ correspondent, immediately headed for the scene to give extensive coverage of the

Belgium blast. [GLOBE]

7. If we continue to cut down the trees at such a fast pace, we will leave much of our land _____________.


8. Many houses in Bac Giang are built and decorated in such a(n) _____________ way so that it fit in with other

houses. [DESCRIBE]

9. The hotel is very _____________ and offers a babysitting service. [CHILD]

10. For any country which has fought for many years for independence, its people should treasure the

_____________ peace and stability. [WIN]

[B.ii] Supply the correct form of the word in bracket to complete the paragraph.




This year started horribly for China. When a respiratory virus spread in Wuhan, Communist Party

officials’ instinct was to hush it up. Some predicted that this might be China’s “Chernobyl”- a reference to how

the Kremlin’s lies over a nuclear accident (1. HASTE) _________ the collapse of the Soviet Union. They were

wrong. After its initial bungling, China’s ruling party swiftly imposed a quarantine of breathtaking scope and

severity. The (2. LOCK) _________seems to have worked. The number of newly reported cases of COVID-19 has

slowed to a trickle. Factories in China are (3. OPEN) _________. Researchers there are rushing candidate

vaccines into trials. Meanwhile, the official death toll has been far exceeded by Britain, France, Spain, Italy and


Some, including nervous foreign-policy watchers in the West, have concluded that China will be the

winner from the COVID catastrophe. They warn that the pandemic will be remembered not only as human

disaster, but also a geopolitical (4. POINT) ____________ away from America.

That view has taken root partly by default. President Donald Trump seems to have no interest in

leading the global response to the virus. Previous American presidents led campaigns against HIV/AIDS and


Ebola. Mr. Trump has vowed to (5. FUND) __________ the World Health Organization (WHO) for its alleged pro-

China bias. With the main in the White House claiming “absolute power” but saying “I don’t take any (6.


RESPOND) _______ at all” , China has a chance to enhance its away.

Even so, it may not succeed. For one thing, there is no way to know whether China’s record in dealing

with COVID19 is as impressive as it claims – let alone as good as the records of competent democracies such

as South Korean or Taiwan. (7. SIDE) ___________ cannot check if China’s secretive officials have been candid

about the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. An (8. AUTHOR) ________ regime can tell factories to start

up, but it cannot force consumers to buy their products. For as long as the pandemic rages, it is too soon to


know whether people will end up crediting China for suppressing the disease or blaming it for suppressing

the doctors in Wuhan who first raised the alarm.

Another obstacle is that China’s propaganda is often crass and unpleasant. China’s mouthpieces do not

merely praise their own leaders; some also gloat over America’s dysfunction or promote wild conspiracy

theories about the virus being an American (9. WEAPON) ___________. For some days Africans in Guangzhou

were being evicted en masse from their homes, barred from hotels and then harassed for sleeping in the

streets, (10. APPEAR) _________ because local officials feared they might be infected. Their plight has generated

angry headlines and diplomatic rebukes all over Africa.


There are 10 mistakes in the passage. Find and correct them.



After winning the Wimbledon singles title, the greatest prize in tennis, Stanislav Drobny was inside

himself with joy. There had been suggestions in the popular newspapers that he was under the hill, but he had

proven them wrong. Beyond a shade of a doubt he had been the most inconsistent player in the tournament.

When he was interviewed immediately after his victory by the BBC he is, of course, out of breath, but it was

quite obvious he was over the dream. He said his victory was beyond belief and he thanked all the people who

had worked so hardly behind the scenes to insure his success. After speaking to him, I am of the opinion which

he’s quite capable of coming back next year and repeating this remarkable performances.






Promoting children’s self-esteem seems to be one of the aims of modern childcare and education. It

goes (1) _____________ with a culture in which children are (2) _____________ praised for the most minor

achievements. While this promotion of self-esteem is, rightly, a reaction against (3) _____________ times when

children weren’t praised enough, it also seems to be (4) _____________ a fear of how failure will affect children:

a fear that if they don’t succeed at a task, they will somehow be damaged.

However, the opposite may well be true. Many scientists spend years experiencing (5) _____________

failure in the lab until they make a breakthrough. They know that ultimately this process advances scientific

knowledge. (6) _____________, children need to experience failure to learn and grow. If children have been

praised for everything they’ve done, regardless of how good it is, then failure in adult life will be all the more


Life is full of (7) _____________and there is no point in trying to protect children from the disappointments

that (8) _____________them. Parents and educators shouldn’t be afraid of picking up on children’s mistakes, as

long as they also praise them when they do well. After all, the heroes children try to (9) _____________, the pop

stars and footballers, have all reached the top (10) _____________ ruthless competition. Like them, children need

to learn how to cope with failure and turn it to their advantage.


(Adapted from: Olympic 30/4)

1. A. cap in hand B. hand in hand C. to show D. without saying

2. A. enthusiastically B. devotedly C. immensely D. thoroughly

3. A. grimmer B. more unrelenting C. more unsparing D. sterner

4. A. consequence upon B. owing to C. culminated in D. resulted from

5. A. concurrent B. consequent C. consecutive D. continual

6. A. All the same B. By the same token C. In like manner D. In similar fashion

7. A. files in the ointment B. obstacle courses

C. spanners in the works D. stumbling blocks


8. A. put a great store by B. lie in wait for

C. hold in store for D. wait up for

9. A. duplicate B. emulate C. replicate D. simulate

10. A. in the face of B. in the teeth of C. irrespective of D. without regard to


Does wealth have anything to do with how (1) _____ and generous a person is? Can we (2) _____ greater

generosity to the better off in society? And are people stingier the less (3) _____ they are? Research by

psychologists in the UK and the US has revealed that, on the contrary, when it comes to cha rity and (4) _____,

it seems that poverty brings out the (5) _____ in people. They found that although the wealthiest gave more in

absolute terms, they gave less as a proportion of their income. While the poorest appear to give over three

per cent of their monthly income to good causes, the richest are giving less than two per cent. But the (6) _____

classes aren’t only more (7) _____, they also seem to be less thoughtful and kind. An experiment to find out

which cars were most likely to stop for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing revealed that the grander and more

expensive the car, the less (8) _____ the driver was to stop. Does this mean that the more privileged you are,

the more (9) _____ you feel, in this case to get there more quickly without having to stop for others? But it isn’t

all bad news for the well-to-do when it comes to generosity. There are many great (10) _____ who are prepared

to give away their fortunes to the more vulnerable in society, and it has been found that the rich are more

likely to do voluntary work than the poor.

1. A. prosperous B. vulnerable C. affluent D. empathetic

2. A. attach B. bring about C. attribute D. credit

3. A. well-heeled B. well-kept C. opulent D. shady

4. A. affluence B. miserliness C. compassion D. want

5.A. best B. worst C. most D. least

6. A. wanting B. moneyed C. thrifty D. cautious

7. A. thick-skinned B. impassive C. impartial D. tight-fisted

8. A. likely B. often C. possible D. expected

9. A. entitled B. essential C. indispensable D. critical

10. A. misanthropes B. sponsors C. philanthropists D. donors



When writers attempt to anticipate the future, they often only succeed in providing an interpretation

of the present. This may be seen in the fantasies produced by science fiction writers in the middle of the

twentieth century. Almost nothing has turned (1)_______________ the way that these writers expected. Although

they (2) _______________ manage to predict intelligent robots, they completely failed to anticipate the

developments in communications technology that would make them possible. This (3) _______________ that

science fiction writers before 1980 now seems absurdly dated, and what strikes you most is the curious

absence of personal computers, e-mail and the Internet. Science fiction writers, it seems, were remarkably (4)

_______________on the uptake when (5) _______________ came to grasping the extent to (6) _______________ the nature

of communications would change.

Instead, their focus was (7) _______________ much on rocket technology and space travel. For they (8)

_______________ not to know that the lunar landings, so exciting at that time, would actually lead nowhere. There

are no human colonies on the Moon, (9) _______________ alone on Mars and the idea that people might eventually

populate the cosmos seems even (10) _______________ within the realms of possibility now than it did then,

despite half a century of bewilderingly rapid technological progress. What’s more, scientists have even begun


to ridicule the notion, fundamental to much science fiction, that one day we just might encounter intelligent






Inflation is not a new phenomenon, but one that has existed at various times in various places. In (1)

_____ severest form; however, hyperinflation can destroy a nation's economy. (2) _____ happened in

revolutionary France and Weimar Germany; (3) _____ bundles of notes were needed to pay for a loaf of bread.

But what is inflation? Briefly, it may be defined as a continual increase in prices affecting the economy. The

rate of inflation is determined (4) _____ changes in the price level, which is an average of all prices. When (5)

_____prices rise while others fall, this will not necessarily affect the price level, as inflation occurs (6) _____ if

most major prices increase. The problem with inflation is that it reduces the value of purchasing power of

money, as well as eroding people's savings. Wage increases which are below or equal (7) _____ the level of

inflation will result in a declining or static (8) _____ of living for workers, while wage increases above the rate

of inflation will merely stoke the fire for further inflation. So what can a government do to stop the process?

It can increase taxes, raise interest rates, decrease the money supply, reduce government spending or set a

ceiling (9) _____ price and wage rises. Why none of these is a popular measure is understandable, but if they

reduce inflation (10)_____ a mild two to four percent per annum, as opposed to allowing it to rise to double -

digit severe inflation, it is preferable in the long run.


1. Your silly question distracted me.

-> You ________________________________________________________________________.

2. For further information, please send a self-addressed envelope to the above address.

-> Further information can _________________________________________________.

3. It's highly unlikely that the meeting will end before 7:00.

-> The chances _______________________________________________________________.

4. The girl’s behavior was incomprehensible to the Head Teacher.

-> The Head Teacher was at ________________________________________________.

5. You pay $20 a month for a period of time.

-> You pay in twelve successive ___________________________________________.

6. Many husbands often don’t appreciate their wives, and vice-versa. (GRANTED)

-> _____________________________________________________________________________.

7. My grandmother had completely forgotten that she phoned me last night.(RECOLLECTION)

-> _____________________________________________________________________________.

8. Harry was close to winning the big race. (ACE)

-> _____________________________________________________________________________.

9. Why do I always get the boring job? (DONKEY)

-> _____________________________________________________________________________.

10. Don't panic about something so trivial. (MOUNTAIN)

-> _____________________________________________________________________________.



1. Bad actors have used Section 230 as a shield for a lot of genuinely abhorrent behavior, and a growing

number of critics are calling for the law to be curtailed.

A. repugnant B. immutable C. undiluted D. outlandish


2. In posts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, he is being falsely portrayed as the creator of COVID-19, as a

profiteer from a virus vaccine, and as part of a dastardly plot to use the illness to cull or surveil the global


A. devastatingly B. cowardly C. cleverly D. munificently

3. The quality varies with the individual authors, but both history buffs and aficionados of literary criticism

will find food for thought here.

A. novices B. tricksters C. devotees D. agent

4. The Santa Monica Mountains, a sort of foot-note to the big contiguous ranges, stood off to the southwest of

us, discrete and small.

A. catching B. divided C. adjoining D. circumstantial

5. The children were full of beans today, looking forward to their field trip.

A. eating a lot B. hyperactive C. melancholy D. lively


1. Indeed, Covid -19, which marked an abrupt end to a nearly 11-year expansion, is prompting companies to

rethink their operations and to trim fat that accumulated while the economy was growing.

A. continue B. laudable C. anticipated D. careless

2. That evening, our impromptu hosts took us to see women practicing the singing and dancing for which

their Yi ethnic group is famous.

A. rehearsed B. bizarre C. foolish D. disarming

3. The Thrombeys are a classically vainglorious clan of the white upper middle class.

A. horrible B. fierce C. greedy D. modest

4. The film may be a vessel for some noxious, platitudinous cynicism, but there’s nevertheless something still

quaint about it.

A. hilly B. exhilarating C. confounded D. advantageous

5. The minister came under fire for his rash decision to close the factory

A. was dismissed B. was acclaimed C. was criticized D. was penalized







1. A 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. B

6. D 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. D


1. C 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. D

6. B 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. C


11. D 12. D 13. B 14. A 15. C

16. B 17. A 18. B 19. C 20. A

21. A 22. A 23. A 24. A 25. A

26. A 27. A 28. A 29. A 30. A


[B.i] Supply the correct form of the word in bracket to complete the sentence.

1. inadvertently 2. out-sourcing 3. transliterated 4. panic-buying 5. ahistoricism

6. globe-trotting 7. deforested 8. nondescript 9. child-friendly 10. hard-won

[B.ii] Supply the correct form of the word in bracket to complete the paragraph.

1. hastened 2. lockdown 3. reopening 4. turning-point 5. defund

6. responsibility 7. outsiders 8. authoritarian 9. bio-weapon 10. apparently


There are 10 mistakes in the passage. Find and correct them.



After winning the Wimbledon singles title, the greatest prize in tennis, Stanislav Drobny was inside

himself with joy. There had been suggestions in the popular newspapers that he was under the hill, but he

had proven them wrong. Beyond a shade of a doubt he had been the most inconsistent player in the

tournament. When he was interviewed immediately after his victory by the BBC he is , of course, out of breath,

but it was quite obvious he was over the dream. He said his victory was beyond belief and he thanked all the

people who had worked so hardly behind the scenes to insure his success. After speaking to him, I am of the

opinion which he’s quite capable of coming back next year and repeating this remarkable performances.

Lỗi :

-inside => beside

-under => over

-shade => shadow

-inconsistent => consistent

-is => was


-dream => moon

-hardly => hard

-insure => assure

-which => that

-these => this




1. B 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. D

6. C 7. D 8. C 9. B 10. A


1. D 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. A

6. B 7. D 8. A 9. A 10. C




1. out 2. did 3. means 4. slow 5. it

6. which 7. very 8. were 9. let 10. less


1. its 2. This 3. where 4. by 5. some

6. only 7. to 8. standard 9. on 10. to


1. You drove me distraction by your silly questions.

2. Further information can be obtained if you send a self-address envelop to the above address.

3. The chances are that the meeting will end before 7:00 is low/not high.

4. The Head Teacher was at a lost to understand/comprehend the girl’s behavior.

5. You pay in twelve successive installments of $20.

6. Many husbands often don’t take their wives for granted.

7. My grandfather didn't have any recollection (at all) of phoning me last night.

8. Harry was within an ace of winning the big race.

9. Why do I always get the donkey work?

10. Don't make a mountain out of molehill.



1. A 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. D


1. C 2. A 3. D 4.