B2 Word Formation excercises (26 pages)

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Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a negative word that fits into each gap. 

1. It was ______________________ of you to laugh at him when he showed us his costume  (KIND). 

2. The headmaster ______________________ of the way his teachers talk with parents (APPROVE). 

3. The departure of the plane was delayed again, which made us even more  ______________________ (PATIENT). 

4. It is ______________________ to smoke in public places. (LEGAL) 

5. He got very ______________________ and made many mistakes (CARE). 6. He was fired because of his ______________________ behaviour. (PROFESSIONAL) 7. She failed at the test because she probably ______________________ the instructions  (UNDERSTAND). 

8. It was another ______________________ attempt to become Prime Minister. (SUCCESSFUL) 9. Mary is an ______________________ person. She doesn't seem to care about the trouble  she causes (RESPONSIBLE). 

10.I normally don't ______________________ with him , but this time I think he's wrong.  (AGREE) 

11.It's ______________________ for the team to win three championships in a row. They aren't  that good . (POSSIBLE) 

12.The suspect was ______________________ to think that he could get away with murder so  easily (SANE). 

13.We are ______________________ to help him. (ABLE) 

14.It's ______________________ to use your cell phone while talking to someone else. (POLITE) 15.Fast food is not only ______________________ , it also leads to obesity. (HEALTHY) 16.He seemed to have ______________________ . Nobody has seen him since last week. (APPEAR)



Prefixes and Negative Words 


Change the words using the prefixes from the box so that they have a negative  meaning. 


1. correct - ______________  2. adequate - ______________  3. rational - ______________  4. like - ______________  

5. fashionable - ______________  6. attractive - ______________  7. trust - ______________  8. limited - ______________  9. certain - ______________  10.guide - ______________  11.polite - ______________  12.acceptable - ______________  13.believable - ______________  14.fair - ______________  

15.behave - ______________  16.obedient - ______________  17.even - ______________  18.logical - ______________  19.personal - ______________  20.continue - ______________  

21.regular - ______________  22.honest - ______________  23.competent - ______________  24.legal - ______________  25.qualified - ______________  26.possible - ______________  27.lock - ______________  

28.perfect - ______________  29.responsible - ______________  30.agreeable - ______________  31.understand - ______________  32.connect - ______________  33.avoidable - ______________  34.complete - ______________  35.accurate - ______________  36.welcome - ______________  37.mature - ______________  38.conscious - ______________  39.patient - ______________  40.cover - ______________ 



Crossword – Word Formation 


1 2 3 

4 5 

6 7 

8 9 

10 11 









1. We don't know the reason for their  ______________ . (SUCCEED) 

5. There is too much ____________ in today's world  (VIOLENT) 

6. Many people think money is more important  than _________ . (HAPPY) 

9. The weather forecast for the next few days is a  bit ________ . It might rain. (CERTAIN) 

10. He offered the police a detailed ______________  of what had happened. (CONFESS) 

13. All committee members must put their  __________ on the document. (SIGN) 

14. The skier had a lot of ____________ because he  had won the last two races (CONFIDENT) 15. They gave us _____________ to leave early. (PERMIT) 

16. ___________ has gone up over the past years.  There are so many people out of work. (EMPLOY) 

17. It has been a __________________ to meet you. (PLEASE) 


2. Children in kindergarten can be very ________ .  (CREATE) 

3. The building reaches a ___________ of 340  metres. (HIGH) 

4. He doesn't have much ____________ with  children (PATIENT). 

7. The Queen scheduled an important ___________  for this evening. (ANNOUNCE) 

8. I hope she won't ___________ with me. We often  share the same opinion. (AGREE) 

11. The ______________ starts at 8.30 this evening. (PERFORM) 

12. It is ____________ to suspend him from school.  He hasn't done anything wrong. (LOGICAL) 


Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. ____________ are warning about the effects global warming will have on us. (SCIENCE) 

2. Matt quickly came to the _________________ that Jane was not telling the truth. (CONCLUDE) 

3. The _________________ of our flight was delayed due to fog. (ARRIVE) 4. Both teams gave a wonderful _________________ in the match. (PERFORM) 5. Easter Island is famous for its _________________ statues. (ASTONISH) 6. The woman was hit so hard that she lost _________________. (CONSCIOUS) 7. For their own _________________ the visitors of zoos are kept at a distance. (SAFE) 8. You should take the antibiotics for a whole week so that it is _______________. (EFFECT) 9. Jane has been suffering from headaches _________________. (LATE) 

10.Most people believe that it is _________________ that UFOS exist. (PROBABLE) 11.Chris accepted the doctor’s news although it was very _______________ to hear. (PAIN) 12.The first settlers came from _________________ islands of the Pacific. (DISTANCE) 13.This area is very dry, and _________________ is very difficult. (FARM) 

14.Divers went down to a _________________ of over 50 metres. (DEEP) 

15.The book contains a ________________ of anecdotes from the past decades. (COLLECT) 16.Jack, who was an excellent shooter, _________________ missed his target. (REPEAT) 

17.My teacher has been putting together _________________ articles for the yearbook. (INTEREST) 

18._________________ farmers in Japan have figured out a way to produce square-shaped  watermelons. (INNOVATE) 

19.We had _________________ in deciding who would be the best for the job. (DIFFICULT) 20.Even _________________ people can’t buy everything. (WEALTH) 

21.If you plan your trip carefully you will have an _________________ time in China. (FORGET) 

22.There have been _________________ sightings of the Loch Ness monster over the past  decades. (MYSTERY) 

23.European _________________ arrived in Asia in the 15th century. (SAIL) 

24.Imagining all the places you can visit will add a _________________ touch to your  journey. (MAGIC) 

25.The hotel offers a _________________ view of the sea. (SPECTACLE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. You should always take special care with your __________________ when you go for an  interview (APPEAR). 

2. The children’s __________________ at the party was dreadful (BEHAVE). 

3. There’s a great __________________ of houses in most major cities. (SHORT) 4. It is my __________________ that we will fly to Mars some day. (BELIEVE) 5. There is no __________________ between his latest and his earlier books (COMPARE). 

6. Is there any _________________ in the rumour that the Prime Minister is planning to resign? (TRUE) 

7. We nearly died of __________________ when we went to see the new opera. It was so  dreadful (BORING) 

8. Einstein sometimes came to the __________________ that he was wrong about a few things.  (CONCLUDE) 

9. She was extremely intelligent and passed all her exams with __________________. (EASY) 

10.They say that ________________ between companies helps to keep prices down.  (COMPETE) 

11.Their __________________ was delayed because of bad weather. (DEPART) 12.Holiday camps usually provide free __________________. (ENTERTAIN) 

13.We had to get special __________________ to leave early (PERMIT). 

14.Although she was poor, her __________________ wouldn’t allow her to accept any form of  charity (PROUD) 

15.Goodbye. It’s been a __________________ meeting you. (PLEASE) 

16.He was filled with __________________ when he saw the neighbour’s new car (ENVIOUS). 17.The __________________ at the hotel was excellent (SERVE). 

18.The president made his __________________ on prime -time television. (STATE) 19.His __________________ to comment on the allegations made him look guilty. (REFUSE) 20.If you want to lose __________________ you'd better eat less. (WEIGH) 

21.The prisoner escaped to __________________ by hiding in the boot of the car. (FREE) 22.What started out as __________________ soon turned into real love (FRIENDLY). 

23.People watched in __________________ as the helicopter crashed into the nearby TV mast. (HORRIBLE) 

24.He received __________________ from his father after the tragic accident. (ASSIST) 25. Freedom from __________________ should be a human right. (POOR)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. Many families lost their homes and all of their _______________________. (POSSESS) 

2. _______________________will be provided for the first two weeks of your stay. (ACCOMMODATE) 

3. Many __________________countries have failed to catch up with industrial nations. (DEVELOP) 

4. _______________________went on throughout the night. (CELEBRATE) 

5. They were able to resolve the problem through careful ________________. (NEGOTIATE). 6. Some people tend to look down on those who are less ___________________. (FORTUNE) 7. After a few ____________________difficulties they decided to cancel the project. (EXPECT) 8. Most people will take a _______________________job if they get well-paid. (STRESS) 

9. He was so surprised that he was _______________________to make the speech. (ABLE) 10.The _______________________is currently on display at the new gallery. (EXHIBIT) 

11.Unfortunately, travelling by plane also has some _______________________. (ADVANTAGE) 

12.There are several run-down districts in the city where _______________________is in a  bad state (HOUSE). 

13.In _______________________to many complaints by residents, we decided to make the  area a no-parking zone. (RESPOND) 

14.He works for a company that imports diving _______________________. (EQUIP) 

15.He wrote an _______________________, in which he describes how he had gone through  his troubling days as an adolescent. (BIOGRAPHY) 

16.A limited _____________________of the author’s works will be published next year. (EDIT) 

17.The _______________________that banks charge for borrowing money has gone up.  (PERCENT) 

18.Many men believe that bringing up children is the _______________________of women.  (RESPONSIBLE) 

19.The judge sentenced the boy to two weeks of community ___________________ (SERVE). 

20.Up to now the government’s _______________________programme has been very  successful. (CONSERVE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. Make sure you have something ________________________ to say before you stand up and  speak (CONSTRUCT). 

2. A new ________________________ centre is being built outside the town. (INDUSTRY) 3. Trees are being cut down to provide ________________________ parking space. (ADD) 4. The school is located in a quiet ________________________ area (RESIDENT) 5. I don’t think your demands are very ________________________. (REASON) 6. She was a very ________________________ woman (AMBITION). 

7. She became the ________________________ owner of a gigantic estate. (WEALTH) 8. An ________________________ thing happened to me yesterday (AMUSE) 9. Exercise can be ________________________ provided you do not overdo it (BENEFIT). 10.We had an ________________________ time at the party (ENJOY) 

11.Swimming is an ________________________ way of keeping fit (EFFECT) 

12.Our town library is facing serious ________________________ problems (FINANCE). 13.Some people remain ________________________ well into their eighties (ACT). 14.She was very ________________________ about her bad behaviour (APOLOGY) 15.The police became ________________________ when he started telling lies (SUSPECT) 16.Writing a book can be a very ________________________ experience (SATISFY) 17.He had lost so much weight it was hardly ________________________ (RECOGNISE) 18.My cousin is very ________________________ and loves doing sports (COMPETE) 19. ________________________ people are often said an uncommunicative (CREATE) 20.The management think they will succeed, but I am rather _____________________ (DOUBT) 21.It was a very ________________________ film (DISAPPOINT) 

22.British weather can be very ________________________ (CHANGE) 

23.He must have ________________________ me and brought me the wrong book  (UNDERSTAND). 

24.The troops’ ________________________ were monitored closely in the command room.  (MOVE) 

25.Details of the examination have not been ___________________ to the public. (CLOSE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. I love listening to people speaking Italian. It’s a very ___________________ language. (POET) 2. My ___________________ salary tripled in the last 5 years. (MONTH) 

3. He founded the company at the age of 22 and became a very ___________________  entrepreneur. (WEALTH) 

4. It was a ___________________ device, so I threw it away. (USE) 

5. I just like to go for a Sunday walk in the park. It’s very ___________________ there. (PEACE) 6. She is ___________________ that she can pass the exam. (CONFIDENCE) 7. All the buildings in the town centre are ___________________ to disabled people. (ACCESS) 

8. The weather in England is not very ___________________. It can change very quickly.  (PREDICT) 

9. Due to bad weather, the ___________________ will be delayed for about an hour. (FLY) 10.I couldn’t do anything with the ___________________ he gave me. (ADVISE) 

11.He ___________________ told himself that there had to be some solution to the problem. (REPEAT) 

12.If you want to go on an ___________________ holiday, try backpacking and staying at  youth hostels. (EXPENSIVE) 

13.Philipp showed his ___________________ at not having been nominated for the match.  (DISAPPOINT) 

14.___________________ is an important virtue in life. (HONEST) 

15.Duke Ellington was a famous jazz ___________________. (MUSIC) 

16.Maria found a ___________________ job right after she had graduated. (SUIT) 

17.The president’s ___________________ speech was broadcast all over the country.  (ACCEPT) 

18.Florence Nightingale made nursing a very ___________________ profession. (RESPECT) 19.Some patients cannot be cured by ___________________ medicine. (CONVENTION) 

20.Many actors suffer from ___________________ when they go out on the stage for the first  time. (NERVOUS)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The submarine had gone down to a __________________ of 3,000 metres before communications broke off. (DEEP) 

2. The woman received many medals for her __________________. (BRAVE) 

3. __________________ not only destroys trees but also releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. (FOREST) 

4. Mozart is one of the most famous __________________ of classical music. (COMPOSE) 5. The television series was __________________ popular all over the world. (IMMENSE) 6. The exhibition aims at raising public __________________. (AWARE) 

7. The __________________ of coral reefs is one of the biggest problems of the world’s oceans. (DESTROY) 

8. I was having a serious __________________ with my sister when mom came in. (CONVERSE) 

9. Abraham Lincoln was a very __________________ president. (ORDINARY) 10.The fee is not __________________. It’s what everyone has to pay. (NEGOTIATE) 

11.Illegal hunting __________________ the __________________ of certain animal species. (THREAT, SURVIVE) 

12.Parrots are admired for their __________________ and __________________. (BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT) 

13.The ballet dancer moved __________________ across the stage during her __________________. (GRACE, PERFORM) 

14.The software must be installed by a __________________ employee. (QUALIFY) 15.Cities are much too __________________ for me to live in. (NOISE) 

16.He received __________________ from all the major companies. (DONATE) 17.__________________, not enough is done to fight global warming. (FORTUNATE) 

18.Luggage and other bags must not be left __________________ for security reasons. (ATTEND) 

19.I am writing to express my __________________ with the notebook I bought at your shop a few days ago. (SATISFY) 

20.He is __________________ to be on time. He always shows up late. (LIKE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. He had lost his ___________________ card so he couldn’t get into the restricted area.  (MEMBER) 

2. ___________________, the team had never won an important game. (SURPISE) 3. The ___________________ of the team cost him millions of dollars. (OWNER) 

4. When the woman accused him of sexual ___________________, the politician quickly issued  a ___________________. (HARASS, DENY) 

5. The boss demanded an ___________________ as to why I was late for work (EXPLAIN). 

6. People use internet shopping ___________________ to find out where they can buy the  cheapest products. (DIRECT) 

7. He is often ill because of his ___________________ lifestyle. (HEALTH) 

8. The police are looking into the ___________________ of five young people. (APPEAR) 9. The new hotel at the beach offers a ___________________ view of the seaside. (SPECTACLE) 10.People with sleeping ___________________ should go and see their doctors. (ORDER) 

11.The boss promised a bonus to all the ___________________ at the end of the year. (EMPLOY) 

12.The new jumping suit was designed to reduce wind ___________________. (RESIST) 13.Her business is very __________________. She has made a lot of profit this year. (SUCCEED) 14.There was a _________________ man outside my house, so I called the police (SUSPECT) 15.Watching quiz shows can improve your general ___________________ (KNOW). 

16.The spray is very effective for the ___________________ of burns and similar injuries.  (TREAT) 

17.The manager of the shop promised to send me a ___________________ for the broken  Bluetooth speakers. (REPLACE) 

18.The new supermarket has a wide ___________________ of organic products. (VARY) 19.Mum, you must remind me of my dentist _________________ this afternoon. (APPOINT) 

20.Although chess is a very ___________________ sport, it can be boring sometimes.  (CHALLENGE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. What the politician did was thought to be very _________________ . (HONEST) 

2. The headmaster received _________________ from the school authorities to open up a second class. (PERMIT) 

3. The way people dress shows the kind of _________________ they possess. (PERSON) 

4. I haven’t got the _________________ to go to the headmaster and tell him what I think. (CONFIDENT) 

5. The building has a special _________________ for _________________ people. (ENTER, ABLE) 

6. The _________________ told me which room I had to go to. (ASSIST) 

7. In my _________________ it was the right thing to do. (JUDGE) 

8. The _________________ in the hotel was fantastic. Everyone was so _________________. (SERVE, FRIEND) 

9. I’m in a _________________ with a wonderful woman I met a few months ago. (RELATION) 

10.I am really _________________ for your help. Maybe I can help you too sometime. (GREAT) 

11.He turned out to be a big _____________. I’ll never believe him again. (LIE) 

12.A _________________ of men's salaries with those of women shows that females still get ________________ pay. (COMPARE, EQUAL) 

13.An automatic driving assistant can be _________________ in certain situations. (USE) 

14.The _________________ halls of major airports are always full during the holiday season. (DEPART) 

15.I had an _________________ at the dentist’ so I had to call off everything else. (APPOINT) 16. He has physical _________________ you can’t even dream of. (ABLE) 

17.The coach made the _________________ to discipline three players of his team. (DECIDE) 

18.I had no idea that the jewellery was so _________________. (VALUE) 

19._________________ hardly ever tell the _________________. (POLTICS, TRUE) 

20.The children had a _________________ _________________. Look at what they drew! (LIVE, IMAGINE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. They suffered great ___________________ on the expedition because the temperatures  were almost ___________________. (COMFORT, BEAR) 

2. There is absolutely no basis for the ___________________ against him. (ACCUSE) 3. The vacuum cleaner had a ___________________ switch, so I sent it back. (FAULT) 

4. The envelope had a “___________________” stamp on it, so nobody else was allowed to  open it. (CONFIDENT) 

5. The new invention has already been used ___________________ in tests. (EXTEND) 

6. The ___________________ force of the earthquake led hundreds of people being killed.  (DESTROY) 

7. Although he is a good student, he ___________________ disrupts the lessons. (CONTINUE) 

8. He can’t stand having nothing to do. He’s simply not used to being __________________.  (ACT) 

9. The scientists have to improve the ___________________ of the engine, otherwise it won’t go  into mass production. (EFFICIENT) 

10.The police saw that there were ___________________ leading to the car. (FOOT) 11.Stalingrad was one of the ___________________ battles of World War II. (DECIDE) 12.The ___________________ is accused of shoplifting. (DEFEND) 

13.To “brexit” has become a ___________________ word so everyone knows what you mean. (HOUSE) 

14.It was ___________________ to blame the boy for breaking the window. It wasn’t his fault.  (JUST) 

15.People shouldn’t’ be judged by their ___________________, but by what they have to say.  (APPEAR) 

16.The authorities don’t know where the terrorists got the _________________. (EXPLODE) 

17.I value his ___________________ and ___________________, but this time he showed a lack of  ___________________. (FRIEND, LOYAL, JUDGE) 

18.The promises that the politicians made were simply ___________________. Nobody really  believed anything. (LAUGH) 

19.It is ___________________ for such a person to be in a high office. (FIT) 

20.The plane crashed into the mountains and, ___________________, caused several fatalities.  (FORTUNE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. We have to __________________ the pressure or otherwise the object will break. (LIGHT) 2. CNN showed exclusive __________________ of the incident. (FOOT) 

3. There has been an argument about the __________________ of the island for several  decades. (OWN) 

4. The __________________ of the air in the mountain regions is much better than at sea  level. (PURE) 

5. She attended __________________ classes because it was her first baby. (MOTHER) 

6. Many people in the Third World cannot even buy the __________________ of life.  (NECESSARY) 

7. They went on a __________________ tour of Asia. (PACK) 

8. Please come to my office at the end of the week, __________________ on Friday afternoon (PREFER) 

9. The whole committee was impressed by the __________________ of the plan (ORIGIN). 

10.He fell behind with his __________________, so they took away almost everything he  had. (PAY) 

11.The dictator showed his __________________ by locking up the dissidents. (PLEASE) 

12.The prosecutor did not make any __________________ to what the defence had to say.  (OBJECT) 

13.The suspect was __________________ without getting a fair trial. (PRISON) 14.It was a __________________ attempt of the opposition party to gain power. (SHAME) 

15.The trade unions made __________________ demands that were rejected in the  negotiations. (REASON) 

16.The travellers received __________________ compensation for the delayed  __________________. (PART, DEPART) 

17.She dyed her hair and wore new, fashionable clothes, so she was almost  __________________. (RECOGNISE) 

18.The book cost $26 plus $5 for __________________. (POST) 

19.The average __________________ in this part of the country is about 80 inches a year.  (RAIN) 

20.It’s a good plan in theory but probably __________________ in practice. (WORK)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The ____________________ from the Department of Education gave a press conference.  (OFFICE) 

2. It was a great ____________________ to meet such a famous ____________________. I had  never met one before. (PLEASE, POLITICS) 

3. When I came to the city after 20 years it was completely ____________________.  Everything was so different. (RECOGNISE) 

4. Young people who grew up in the 1960s lived in a ____________________ society. Almost  everything was allowed. (PERMIT) 

5. The mountains in Central Asia reach _________________ of over 8,000 metres. (HIGH) 6. My dad always has to take sides. He is never ____________________. (OBJECT) 7. I have been ____________________ of him since the day I met him. (SUSPECT) 8. Phil got a ____________________ job at a kiosk selling morning newspapers. (PART) 

9. The weather is going to turn bad in the next few days and we're in for some  ____________________. (RAIN) 

10.I have a ____________________ for old cars. I already have a few in my garage. (PREFER) 11.He is studying ____________________ at the local university. (MECHANIC) 

12.Some people are so poor they can't even buy the basic ____________________ of life.  (NECESSARY) 

13.There were many ____________________ for the job, but only two of them had the  necessary ____________________. (APPLY, QUALIFY) 

14.Could you empty the ____________________ on your way out ? (DUST) 

15.My brother is such an ____________________ young man. He never does any exercise  and seldom goes out of the house. (ACT) 

16.The driver was ____________________ because he crossed one of the side-lines.  (QUALIFY) 

17.She is such a ____________________, friendly and honest person. (TRUST) 

18.The school staff is making the last ____________________ for their Open Day on Saturday. (PREPARE) 

19.You finger is ____________________. What have you done? (BLOOD) 

20.John made some ____________________ points against a strong opponent. (DECIDE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. Happiness and misery are two values that are hardly __________________. (MEASURE) 

2. City authorities invested in better street __________________in order to reduce crime. (LIGHT) 

3. __________________, the car got out of control and crashed into the tree. (FORTUNE) 4. People who are __________________often get benefits from the state. (EMPLOY) 5. My __________________told me that my rent was due next week. (LAND) 6. The __________________came to the house and fixed the faulty wires. (ELECTRIC) 7. It was not my __________________to embarrass him in front of everyone. (INTEND) 8. Technicians are trying to keep the reactor from __________________ (HEAT). 

9. Michael is __________________on his father and always has to ask him for financial support. (DEPEND) 

10.The law proved to be __________________. Nobody cared about it. (EFFECT) 

11.When a rescue team arrived at the site they found that a few passengers were still  __________________ (LIVE). 

12.We have had a few __________________lately, but on the whole, we are getting along  fine. (AGREE) 

13.She came from a __________________middle-class family. (RESPECT) 

14.He is __________________to be a teacher. He simply can't manage a class. (FIT) 

15.She surprised her coaches with a __________________performance. Everything she did  was perfect (FAULT). 

16.The test was __________________easy. I have done more difficult ones. (COMPARE) 17. The __________________died at once when Sandy came in. (LAUGH) 18.People no longer have confidence in our __________________system. (JUST) 19.All natural minerals contain __________________. (PURE) 

20.The bottles are designed to be __________________up to ten times. (USE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The chairman had made his ____________________ statement before the real proceedings  began. (INTRODUCE) 

2. You can't ____________________ expect to win every game of the season. (REAL) 3. This is a very quiet ____________________ neighbourhood. (RESIDE) 

4. When I finished school, I decided to start a career in ____________________. (JOURNAL) 

5. The ____________________ of getting caught stealing some apples from your neighbour's  garden is very low. (LIKE) 

6. She won a ____________________ from a very prestigious American university. (SCHOLAR) 

7. He's an ____________________ man and very handsome too. So, I guess you could date him. (MARRY) 

8. The two countries agreed to ____________________ in certain sections of the economy. (OPERATE) 

9. The ____________________ came into the stadium and listened to what the players had to  say. (SUPERVISE) 

10.He is a nice child but often ____________________ when it comes to following rules. (OBEY) 11.The rent is ____________________ in advance. (PAY) 

12.There was an ____________________ on his side to cooperate with the authorities. (WILLING) 

13.He has not seen his children since his ____________________. (PRISON) 

14.Our team scored the __________________ goal in the last minute of the match. (DECIDE) 

15.Some ____________________ end up in the atmosphere and ultimately in the air that we  breathe. (POLLUTE) 

16.The government has left many citizens ____________________ about the new tax laws.  (INFORM) 

17. According to the ________________ there will be no more English lessons this week. (TIME) 18.It must be a ____________________. I never intended to offend anyone. (UNDERSTAND) 

19.The President of the United States is ____________________ to appoint justices to the  Supreme Court. (POWER) 

20.Over the years the conflict ____________________, and more and more people were killed. (INTENSE)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. James quickly __________________ and got into the hot bathtub. (DRESS) 2. We made a few __________________ to the design of the car. (ADJUST) 

3. We __________________ the strength of their team. That's why we lost. (ESTIMATE) 4. He is fortunate to have the __________________ to listen to several people at once. (ABLE) 

5. The __________________ of John F. Kennedy was one of the key events of the 1960s.  (ASSASSINATE) 

6. How can you be so __________________ to her feelings? She's just lost her father. (SENSE) 7. Every student must take an __________________ exam. (ENTER) 

8. According to his __________________ of the situation we were facing a major conflict.  (ASSESS) 

9. It was one of the many __________________ they faced on the long journey. (HARD) 10.She has been a __________________ for over 20 years. (LIBRARY) 

11.She was asked if she was taking any __________________ at the moment. (MEDICINE) 12.The police got the necessary information from their __________________. (INFORM) 

13.All civil servants are sworn to _______________ and cannot speak about certain things. (SECRET) 

14.Old people are mostly afraid of __________________. That's why they often keep a pet.  (LONELY) 

15.You can wear your shirt and a pair of jeans. It's an __________________ event. (FORMAL) 16.You have __________________ my name. It's Johnson, not Johnston. (SPELL) 17.He went to the club for __________________. (COMPANION) 

18.The government's actions towards reducing pollution were __________________.  (PRAISE) 

19.Most experts say that the painting is not a __________________. (FORGE) 20.The pain became __________________, so we had to call an ambulance. (ENDURE) 21.The __________________ of the whole country is at stake. (STABLE) 

22.She claimed her __________________ and said she had never been at the scene of the  crime. (INNOCENT) 

23.He never regained __________________ and died a few weeks after the accident. (CONSIOUS) 

24.Edgar Allan Poe was one of the great ________________ figures of his age. (LITERATURE) 25.When I heard what had happened, I was __________________. (SPEAK)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. Real Madrid are expected to win the ___________________ this season. (CHAMPION) 2. She had a rough ___________________. Nobody really cared about her. (CHILD) 3. Leather ___________________ are much cheaper than genuine leather bags. (IMITATE) 4. Causing such a panic in public wasn't a very ___________________ thing to do. (SENSE) 

5. The government has shown no ___________________ to cooperate with the  environmentalists. (WILLING) 

6. We had an ___________________ day at the beach. I'll always remember it. (FORGET) 

7. With the ___________________ of Herbie everyone enjoyed the ___________________. (EXCEPT,  PERFORM) 

8. You can't withdraw from the ___________________ after you have signed the document.  (AGREE) 

9. The soldier ___________________ the orders and was immediately ___________________.  (OBEY, CHARGE) 

10.In her youth she was such a ___________________ dancer. (GRACE) 

11.You are such a ___________________ young man. When are you going to grow up? (CHILD) 12.He is so ___________________ and he's handsome too. (ROMANCE) 

13.I ___________________ to call the police if he didn't leave my house. (THREAT) 

14.The ___________________ of the company told us that nobody would lose their jobs.  (MANAGE) 

15.We explained that he wouldn't tolerate any ___________________ from other parties.  (INTERFERE) 

16.It was a ___________________ performance. (MARVEL) 

17.The TV station provided its audience with live _________________ of the event. (COVER) 18.These new cars are much more ___________________ than the older models. (ECONOMY) 19.Despite the poor ___________________ the pilot made a perfect landing. (VISIBLE) 20.She wrote excellent essays, but her __________________ was rather bad. (PRONOUNCE) 21.I had no ___________________ of hurting your feelings. I'm so sorry. (INTEND) 

22.A new survey shows that computers and smartphones do not ___________________ relationships in families. (WEAK) 

23.It came as a great _________________ to us when we found out that he was still alive.  (RELIEVE) 

24.The documents that were stolen were highly ___________________. (CONFIDENCE) 25. It was an ___________________ virus that nobody had ever heard about before. (KNOW)



Word Formation 


Complete the table.
































Word Formation 


Complete the table.
































Word Formation 


Complete the table.
































Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. Leading ______________________ have warned about the danger to animal species around the world. (ZOO) 

2. In her application she emphasized the ______________________ skills she had acquired over the years. (SECRETARY) 

3. The ______________________ effects of losing a job can be very serious. (PSYCHOLOGY) 4. She has received three marriage ______________________ this year. (PROPOSE) 5. The use of dictionaries at the final exam is not ______________________. (PERMIT) 

6. The ______________________ was not convicted because there was no conclusive evidence. (DEFEND) 

7. We live in an ______________________ world, so people and governments make mistakes all the time. (PERFECT) 

8. She is an ______________________ young woman, full of life. (ENERGY) 

9. There are several ______________________ species living in the rainforest, which still need to be categorized. (KNOWN) 

10.I am not willing to accept your ______________________ all the time. You have to behave properly. (RUDE) 

11.The new travel ______________________ opened for business last summer. (AGENT) 

12.The ______________________ was so beautiful that we decided to go there again sometime next year. (SCENE) 

13.She made a large financial ______________________ to the organisation. (CONTRIBUTE) 

14.______________________ has gone down, and the prices of raw materials have increased. (PRODUCT) 

15.The pupils' drawings were a part of the school's art exhibition. (DRAW) 

16.He felt an ______________________ to help the company he had been the CEO of for so many years. (OBLIGE) 

17.If you need any ______________________, please call me. (ASSIST) 

18.I am normally not ______________________, but I felt bad when we saw that our hotel room was on the 13th floor. (SUPERSTITION) 

19.Mom opened the door and ______________________ crept into the room. (CAUTION) 20.The server was offline due to ______________________ issues. (MAINTAIN)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The manager took all the negative effects into ___________________ . (CONSIDER) 2. Not all teenagers behave ___________________. (AGGRESSION) 

3. I forgot about my ___________________ at the dentist's. (APPOINT) 

4. ___________________, nobody was injured in the accident. (LUCKY) 

5. Before his death he transferred the ___________________ of his company to his three  children. (OWN) 

6. My friend is such a ___________________ person. He always lies to the teacher. (HONEST) 7. Driving without a licence is ___________________ in all states. (LEGAL) 

8. My parents say I am ___________________ of having a girlfriend for longer than three  months. (CAPABLE) 

9. Parents lose ___________________ of the fact that most teachers try to do their best. (SEE) 10.In his lessons the history teacher put ___________________ on World War II. (EMPHASIZE) 11.To my ___________________, the bungalow was very ___________________. (AMAZE, SPACE) 

12.___________________ is the most important time in a child's upbringing. (ADOLESCENT) 

13.The shop owner provided me with a free ___________________ because the original  machine was faulty. (REPLACE) 

14.It's an ___________________ to see ___________________ in such situations. (EMBARRASS,  POLITICS) 

15.The apartment was not ___________________, so I got myself a new one. (AFFORD) 

16.The thief entered the house and demanded all the woman's ___________________.  (SAVE) 

17.My parents ___________________ me to go on to university. (COURAGE) 

18.The coach was fired because he didn't reach the ___________________ levels of the club. (EXPECT) 

19.When I looked at the boy's ___________________, I ___________________ saw that he was  very talented. (DRAW, IMMEDIATE) 

20.The secretary handed in his ___________________ and left the office. (RESIGN)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The ___________________ gave us a ___________________ of how the new machine works.  (REPRESENT, DEMONSTRATE) 

2. The old man has no ___________________ of what happened yesterday morning.  (RECOLLECT) 

3. The ___________________ team went through to the semi-finals. (WIN) 

4. I had problems coping with the ___________________ in Central Africa. (HUMID) 5. When I started university, I got a monthly ___________________ from my parents. (ALLOW) 6. All major channels provided ___________________ of the inauguration. (COVER) 7. My sister's sudden ___________________ came as a surprise to everyone. (DEPART) 

8. The managers are ___________________ to agree to the workers' demands. It would ruin  the company. (LIKE) 

9. She became the ___________________ director of the largest company in town. (MANAGE) 10.Our success is ___________________ on everyone's hard work. (DEPEND) 11.It was the ___________________ sound of a train coming towards us. (MISTAKE) 12.There is no ___________________ between the two types of virus. (SIMILAR) 

13.I don't understand how she can eat so much without gaining any ___________________.  (WEIGH) 

14.The doctor said that the athlete's ___________________ would take months. (RECOVER) 15.The claims he brought forward were completely ___________________. (BASE) 

16.This tablet will ___________________ you to access your files ___________________ you are. (ABLE, WHERE) 

17.An ___________________ of mine works at the department store. (ACQUAINT) 18.I looked up her number in the phone ___________________. (DIRECT) 

19.I told him to ___________________ his voice. (LOW) 

20.All ___________________ will be instructed about the takeover tomorrow. (EMPLOY)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The _____________________ of the Premier League has been agreed upon by all the  managers. (CONTINUE) 

2. I am so _____________________ with your report. Surely, you can do better. (SATISFY) 

3. Lewis and Clarke were famous _____________________ who explored the Missouri River.  (ADVENTURE) 

4. The faster you drive the less _____________________ your car becomes. (ECONOMY) 

5. The _____________________ lasted for several minutes when the performers came on the  stage. (APPLAUD) 

6. If they hadn't won the _____________________, they would have had to pay the players less.  (CHAMPION) 

7. John was a big _____________________ who spent all his money in casinos. (GAMBLE) 8. You should be proud of your _____________________ over the last three years. (ACHIEVE) 9. She always does her homework with great _____________________. (ACCURATE) 

10.The city displays a relaxed, _____________________ atmosphere that takes you back in time.  (COLONY) 

11.It's _____________________ to say that they lost the game because they defended so poorly.  (NEED) 

12.The books at that shop are so _____________________ even poor people can afford them.  (EXPENSIVE) 

13.He was the right person to fill the _____________________. (VACANT) 

14.The patient has shown a great ____________________ to fight off the disease. (DETERMINE) 

15.PCs and tablets are a part of almost all _____________________ in the industrialised world.  (HOUSE) 

16.A _____________________ of virus strains were found in the water. (VARY) 

17._____________________ progress has been made in the development of tropical medicine.  (REMARK) 

18.Police are examining the _____________________ of the boy next door. (APPEAR) 19.His friend is _____________________ to live on such a low salary. (ABLE) 20.I felt _____________________ during my stay at the hospital. (MISERY)



Word Formation 


Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. 

1. The governor tried to raise some financial __________________ for his humanitarian  project. (BACK) 

2. The government passed a new law that will __________________ stealing passwords  from others. (CRIME) 

3. There was a lot of food left at the party because I __________________ the number of guests who would come. (CALCULATE) 

4. Her behaviour was __________________ and very rude. (CIVIL) 

5. He reacted to the crime in shock and __________________ (BELIEVE). 

6. The evidence against the two accused was __________________, so they were allowed to  leave the courtroom. (CONCLUDE) 

7. The __________________ of electricity was a milestone of modern history. (DISCOVER) 8. I'm responsible for taking care of you in your parents' __________________ (ABSENT). 

9. There is a lack of __________________ in the articles she writes. They are all the same.  (CREATE) 

10.You should take the offer. It's an __________________ price for a two-week holiday in  Spain. (BEAT) 

11.I asked the manager to __________________ a few points in the agreement before we  came around to the signing. (CLEAR) 

12.Karl Marx had the idea of creating a __________________ society. (CLASS) 

13.From the balcony we could see all the __________________ arriving in their shiny cars.  (CELEBRATE) 

14.Allied forces __________________ the enemy lines for several weeks. (BOMB) 

15.Here is the data of three __________________ houses for sale in your neighbourhood. (COMPARE) 

16.The young lady claimed to be a victim of child __________________ (USE). 

17.The plaintiff was present at the trial but there was no sign of the __________________  (DEFEND). 

18.Indian food can be __________________ as hot and spicy. (CHARACTER) 19.When two people split up neither of them is completely __________________. (BLAME) 20.The __________________ of the bank was inevitable. (CLOSE)