403 câu Word formation revision ôn thi học sinh giỏi THPT có đáp án by Trinh Thanh Trung

     Bài viết giới thiệu tài liệu "403 câu Word formation revision ôn thi học sinh giỏi THPT, thi Chuyên Tiếng Anh có đáp án" sẽ giúp các bạn học sinh đang ôn luyện cho kì thi HSG Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12, kỳ thi Olympic 30/4 truyền thống và thi chọn học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 9 cấp tỉnh/TP có thêm tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích.

       Tài liệu này được biên soạn bởi Trinh Thanh Trung trên Blogchuyenanh và cung cấp 403 câu hỏi về Word formation (tạo từ) để giúp các bạn ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức của mình. Đặc biệt, tài liệu này đi kèm đáp án, giúp các bạn kiểm tra lại kết quả của mình và nâng cao kỹ năng làm bài.

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I. Use the words given in capitals at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits the space.

1.            Safety tests on old cars have been ____________________ throughout Europe. (STANDARD)

2.            We eventually began the ____________________ task of sorting through his papers. (LABOUR)

3.            Children normally feel a lot of ____________________ about their first day at school. (ANXIOUS)

4.            That’s a very ____________________ flower arrangement you have there. (ART)

5.            The engineering sector achieved significant ____________________ last year. (GROW)

6.            He was ____________________ from a wound in his shoulder. (BLOOD)

7.            Her first novel, ____________________ More Innocent Times, was published in 1977. (TITLE)

8.            There is a(n) ____________________ simple explanation of what happened. (SUPPOSE)

9.            Her face showed a(n) ____________________ of fear and excitement. (MIX)

10.         The reports are treated as strictly____________________. (CONFIDENCE)

11.         Watch how she does it and then do ____________________. (LIKE)

12.         The painting consists of four ____________________ blocks of colour. (RECTANGLE)

13.         The magazine offers tips on cutting your house ____________________ costs. (MAINTAIN)

14.         The government has a policy of letting the ____________________ ill be cared for in the community. (MIND)

15.         That staircase of theirs is the most beautiful piece of ____________________. (CARPENTER)

16.         In the exam we had to write one ____________________ essay. (DESCRIBE)

17.         I’m not ____________________ to being treated like this. (CUSTOM)

18.         Hundreds of mature trees were ____________________ in the storm. (ROOT)

19.         How do we know humans ____________________ from apes? (EVOLUTION)

20.         He had grown up in a(n) ____________________ because his mother could not take care of him. (ORPHAN)

21.         A UN force has been sent in to try and ____________________ the area worst affected by the civil war. (PEACE)

22.         I am simply trying to ____________________ the facts of the case. (CERTAIN)

23.         If you come to the ____________________ at 10:30, the doctor will see you then. (SURGICAL)

24.         In his later paintings he used a more ____________________ blend of colours. (HARMONY)

25.         It was a(n) ____________________ of the President’s involvement in secret arms deals that shocked the nation. (REVEAL)

26.         She has that reserve and slight coldness of manner which is ____________________ English. (TYPE)

27.         She is accused of playing a(n) ____________________ part in the plot. (NOBLE)

28.         The company is ____________________ to new ideas at all times. (RECEIVE)

29.         There were complaints that the advertisements were ____________________ to women. (OFFEND)

30.         We are all ____________________ to you for your help. (DEBT)

31.         The company is keen to develop its own ____________________ in the area of computer programming. (EXPERT)

32.         He was ____________________ about his looks, spending hours in the gym. (VANITY)

33.         They knew that a vaccine for the virus was ____________________ possible. (THEORY)

34.         Over 30,000 ____________________ will run in the New York marathon. (COMPETE)

35.         The names of all the dead were ____________________ on the monument. (SCRIPT)

36.         The new director of the TV station is likely to make major changes in ____________________. (PERSON)

37.         They’ve got a model village that you can visit, with all the buildings and roads in ____________________. (MINI)

38.         They claim that the fall in unemployment is based on a(n) ____________________ manipulation of statistics. (FRAUD)

39.         The company was inefficient because it was highly ___________________. (BUREAU)

40.         Gathered all together in the church, they are going to ____________________ those who lost their lives in the Great War.


41.         He is the author of three books and ____________________ articles. (NUMBER)

42.         That was one of the most ____________________ exhibitions I’ve seen. (SPECTACLE)

43.         They’ve got very ____________________ kids, as I remember. (QUARREL)

44.         Kate was driven to the church for her wedding in a horse-drawn ____________________. (CARRY)

45.         There is something wrong with anyone who is so ____________________ rude. (HABIT)

46.         The police have taken the ____________________ of every man in the neighbourhood who matched the rapist’s description. (FINGER)

47.         Plants keep cool during the summer by ____________________ water from their leaves. (VAPOUR)

48.         The streets were ____________________ with strings of coloured lights. (LUMINOUS)

49.         ____________________, the side effects of the drugs were not discovered until many people had been seriously damaged by it. (TRAGEDY)

50.         The ____________________ of old technology has slowed the company’s growth. (RETAIN)

51.         They regarded him as the ____________________ of their country. (SAVE)

52.         She bought a(n) ____________________ about the castle from the tourist office. (BOOK)

53.         It’s impossible to prove ____________________ that the factory is responsible for the pollution. (CONCLUDE)

54.         The ____________________ sounds made by young babies were very similar to those used in early speech. (VOICE)

55.         Children from a(n) ____________________ background are statistically more likely to become involved in crime. (PRIVILEGE)

56.         The line between the real and the ____________________ is very blurred in the film world. (FABLE)

57.         This attack on a defenceless elderly person is an act of purely ____________________. (COWARD)

58.         A UN force has been sent in to try and ____________________ the area worst affected by the civil war. (PEACE)

59.         The program will take a detailed and ____________________ look at the problem of homelessness. (PROVOKE)

60.         He became editor of the ____________________ Irish journal “The Bell”. (LEGEND)

61.         Vitamin C increases the ____________________ of iron from food. (ABSORB)

62.         The players were ____________________ by the referee’s decision. (FURY)

63.         If you are sweating a lot you should wear a(n) ____________________. (ODOUR)

64.         They executed Russia’s ____________________ family in 1918. (EMPIRE)

65.         The window-dresser has arranged the clothes very ____________________ in the windows of the department store. (ART)

66.         She scooped up a(n) ____________________ of sand and let it truckle through her fingers. (HAND)

67.         It is ____________________ for companies to provide details of their industrial processes. (OBLIGE)

68.         The seller usually pays a commission to the ____________________ or auction company based on a percentage of the final sale price. (AUCTION)

69.         The main ____________________ of pension equality so far have been men. (BENEFIT)

70.         Falling coffee prices have ____________________ many Third World economies. (POOR)

71.         The first inhabitants of Iceland were a group of ____________________ families who settled on the island in AD 874.


72.         There was disagreement about whether the country needs to maintain a ____________________. (DETER)

73.         Hundreds of ____________________ from the war zone have arrived in the city and we are trying to find homes for them.


74.         ____________________ patients are often given exercises to help prevent their muscles from becoming stiff. (BED)

75.         It was this passion for fast cars that led to his ____________________ death at the age of 33. (TIME)

76.         Every effort is made to ____________________ any errors before the book is printed. (RIGHT)

77.         In a recent opinion poll, a majority of ____________________ were against nuclear weapons. (RESPONSE)

78.         Her mouth is ____________________ lipsticked and her eyes are wide open with anticipation. (SEDUCE)

79.         The script has a refreshing ____________________ and sparkle. (SPONTANEOUS)

80.         It’s better to be a(n) ____________________ and eat a variety of plant and animals in case there is a shortage of one particular kind of food. (VORE)

81.         The band performed very ____________________ in the concert last night. (IMPRESS)

82.         Teenagers always try to be ____________________ of their parents. (DEPEND)

83.         The advantage of living in the countryside is that the air is ____________________. (POLLUTE)

84.         Her boring essay is the ____________________ one that I have ever read. (LENGTH)

85.         My opinion is that ghosts are ____________________. There are no ghosts in this world. (EXIST)

86.         At the end of the concert, the audience gave the young pianist a(n) ____________________ ovation. (STAND)

87.         The university has ____________________ the use of dictionaries during language examinations. (AUTHOR)

88.         A dilemma is a situation where a difficult choice has to be made between two, sometimes unpleasant, ____________________ (ALTERNATE)

89.         It is very difficult to find Mrs. Burton’s shop, for it was ____________________ from all others in the street.


90.         When we arrived at the hotel, we were amazed at the ____________________ hospitality of the fans. (COMPARE)

91.         The teacher’s criticism has ____________________ Tom’s interest in learning. (DIE)

92.         The staff’s bad behaviour has brought ____________________ to the whole company. (GRACEFUL)

93.         Panda is ____________________ to China only. (NATION)

94.         Traditional ____________________ are a good source of fun and entertainment. (CELEBRATE)

95.         The public were angry with the Minister’s ____________________ to tell the truth about the bribery. (REFUSE)

96.         Young children should be well aware of their ____________________ manner. (BEHAVE)

97.         Please put the books back to where you took them. Don’t ____________________ any of them. (PLACE)

98.         The ____________________ are scheduled to take off at 15:00 and 15:30. (FLY)

99.         I’ve never met such a strong man. His energy seems ____________________. (EXHAUST)

100.       Those rose bushes need protection. Spray them with ____________________. (INSECT)

101.       Don’t you know that your good result will make your parents ____________________ proud of you? (MEASURE)

102.       Be careful. You may be ____________________ to put all your eggs in one basket. (ADVICE)

103.       The boy watched the performance of the tigers, ____________________ with amazement. (BREATHE)

104.       I would like to express my admiration for his ____________________ of knowledge. (PROFOUND)

105.       The cancellation of the case resulted from the ____________________ in court of the defendant resulted in. (APPEAR)

106.       The ____________________ of the Ministry of Education announced the date of the graduation exam. (SPEAK) 107. Mercedes is a very ____________________ car. (DEPEND)

108.       There should be ____________________ staff in case someone is absent and needs to be replaced. (STAND)

109.       You’ll be punished for all your ____________________. (DO)

110.       With all the modern facilities, doing housework is still very ____________________. (CONSUME)

111.       As ____________________ as he is, it’s not surprising that he believed their lies. (IMPRESS)

112.       Our factories, cars and power stations may poison the environment with ____________________ gases and chemical waste.


113.       The monument was erected in ____________________ of the fallen soldiers for posterity. (REMEMBER) 114. Being a career woman, Angelina devoted herself exclusively to ____________________ her career. (FAR)

115.       Hopefully, patients infected with influenza A/H1N1 can be treated with ____________________ drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza. (VIRUS)

116.       Urban sewage and industrial waste that man discharges into the sea have a(n) ____________________ effect on marine life.


117.       We should make young people realize that drug-taking is ____________________. (DESTROY)

118.       Good jobs are in short supply these days and you need to be on the ____________________ for them as a result.


119.       The invention of software by Bill Gates brought ____________________ wealth to him when he was 25. (TELL)

120.       Mind your language, you guys. It is ____________________ rude. (EXCUSE)

121.       One of the most studied of all ‘kitchen cures’, ginger has been used ____________________ for millennia. (MEDICINE)

122.       Whenever examination is in progress, I often see parents, family members and ____________________ waiting anxiously outside the exam sites. (WISH)

123.       There was a(n) ____________________ in the arrangements so I missed my flight. (SLIP)

124.       ____________________ skill is the one skill that can grant you the opportunity to get a good job. (LEAD)

125.       Bill Gates is a(n) ____________________ story of an entrepreneur. (SUCCEED)

126.       Such a kind man would never ____________________ hurt his friend’s feelings. (INTEND)

127.       The scenery along the coast was ____________________. (BREATHE)

128.       Because of a car ____________________, she didn’t get to the airport in time for her flights. (BREAK)

129.       The ____________________ need assistance from the whole society. (POVERTY)

130.       Her bedroom is ____________________ decorated with her favourite souvenirs from her trips. (PLEASE)

131.       We are offering many special price ____________________ on printers this month. (REDUCE)

132.       Students hate their classmates who get ____________________ treatment from their teachers. (PREFER)

133.       Explosives are ____________________ weapons. (DIE)

134.       Three of the ____________________ tried to escape through the window. (CAPTURE)

135.       We were all surprised at her ____________________ to help. (REFUSE)

136.       Health care was ____________________ in ancient time. There was no hospital or doctor then. (EXIST)

137.       What the teacher does first is to check ____________________ of the students. (ATTEND)

138.       The company went bankrupt on account of inefficient ____________________. (MANAGE)

139.       ____________________ are built to entertain and educate people about marine life. (AQUATIC)

140.       The educational program we are launching is to ____________________ teenage girls in rural areas. (POWER)

141.       The clothes we wear, like a(n) ____________________ language, can give out message. (SPEAK)

142.       After months of surveillance, the police could take the criminals ____________________. (AWARE)

143.       They won the case because of the ____________________ of the defendant. (APPEAR)

144.       Some country lanes are ____________________ to cars in rainy seasons. (PASS)

145.       The mechanic ____________________ fixed our car, which really upset us. (PROFESSION)

146.       His ____________________ of his opponent led to his biggest failure. (ESTIMATE)

147.       Most tourists are amazed at the  ____________________ splendours of the Rocky Mountains. (SCENERY)

148.       Circumstances have ____________________ a change of plan; otherwise, things would become worse. (COMPULSORY)

149.       On its ____________________, your passport may be renewed for a further five years. (EXPIRE)

150.       The interior decoration of the hotel presents ____________________, which is just one of the drawbacks. (TASTE)

151.       We all take pride in our ____________________ friendship. (DESTROY)

152.       He arrived, as if in answer to her ____________________. (PRAY)

153.       She travels to different parts of the world as part of her job in that ____________________ company. (NATION)

154.       The little boy dreams of being a sports ____________________ for the TV station. (COMMENT)

155.       He proposes closing down all the ____________________ factories in the area. (ECONOMY)

156.       Managers should be more ____________________ to the needs of their staff. (RESPOND)

157.       She felt ____________________ by her classmate’s arrogant behaviours. (LITTLE)

158.       Let’s join us for a(n) ____________________ drink at the pub! (CELEBRATE)

159.       The winners of the two ____________________ are to compete for the trophy at the end of the month. (FINAL)

160.       The song always brings back her lovely ____________________ memories. (CHILDREN)

161.       To my surprise, they treated me ____________________ enough. (PLEASE)

162.       The Red Cross is sending emergency aid to the ____________________ country. (FAMINE)

163.       Since the ____________________, we have had all the locks changed. (BREAK)

164.       The article failed to ____________________ the unemployment issue. (PUBLIC) 165. The volcanic lava ____________________ as it cools. (SOLID)

II. Use the words given in capitals at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits the space.

1.            Their first public ____________________ was not very successful. (PERFORM)

2.            She found her job ____________________. (BORE)

3.            I can’t understand the ____________________ of fishing. (ATTRACT)

4.            She showed ____________________ self-control. (ADMIRE)

5.            ____________________, I won’t be able to attend the meeting. (FORTUNATE)

6.            Japan was very rapidly ____________________ in the late nineteenth century. (INDUSTRY)

7.            This is a project to help the ____________________ people. (HOME)

8.            The meal was ____________________ cheap. (AMAZE)

9.            The new car goes at a(n) ____________________ speed. (AMAZE)

10.         Most of the students are making good progress, but Michael is a(n) ____________________ case. (HOPE)

11.         You may have some ____________________ during the first few days but you’ll soon get used to it. (COMFORT)

12.         He drives so ____________________ that he often has accidents. (CARE)

13.         ____________________, the accident was not serious. (HAPPY)

14.         The British government ____________________ the railways in 1948. (NATION)

15.         I often get ____________________ when I travel by boat. (SEA)

16.         It is more ____________________ to travel by train than by car. (ECONOMY)

17.         I find it ____________________ to go camping. I like it very much. (INTEREST)

18.         Ours is not one of the most ____________________ countries in the world. (INDUSTRY)

19.         We should do something to help ____________________ people. (HOME)

20.         He is very ____________________ and powerful. (WEALTH)

21.         I won’t let him use my motorbike because he rides very ____________________. (CARE)

22.         Thanks to the ____________________ of the soil, there’s plenty of food on the Island. (FERTILE)

23.         ____________________, they were unable to make his dream come true. (FORTUNE)

24.         I find your magazine very ____________________. (INFORM)

25.         The kids found the show ____________________. (FASCINATE)

26.         The school is now very ____________________. That’s why the quality of teaching and learning is much better. (EQUIP)

27.         Teenagers always try to show that they are ____________________ of their parents. (DEPEND)

28.         But more ____________________, learning gives us the pleasure of discovery. (IMPORTANCE)

29.         Their attempt to reach the top of the mountain was ____________________ because of the severe weather. (SUCCEED)

30.         They had a chance to take part in a lot of ____________________ activities. (CULTURE)

31.         Honesty is a(n) ____________________ quality. (ADMIRE)

32.         The computer can help us to get a lot of useful ____________________ from the Net. (INFORM)

33.         What a nuisance! The Internet is sometimes ____________________ at peak hours. (REACH)

34.         Parents sometimes complain about teachers giving a great number of ____________________ to their children. (ASSIGN)

35.         There’s an international ____________________ between Vietnam and Laos this evening. (FRIEND)

36.         The ____________________ of the bird flu is worrying. (BREAK)

37.         Those remote areas are still ____________________ to the Internet. (ACCESS)

38.         He made quite a number of ____________________ in his career as a footballer. (SUCCEED)

39.         The ____________________ of knowledge for the young is a policy to follow. (RICH)

40.         No ____________________ details about the celebration have been given. (FAR)

41.         He feels ____________________ because of the teacher’s voice. (SLEEP)

42.         Things in this shop are ____________________ cheaper than those in other shops. (COMPARE)

43.         Would you like to go ____________________ with us this Sunday? (PICNIC)

44.         The principal said some ____________________ words to the pupils before the exam. (COURAGE)

45.         The teacher’s knowledge and care win her pupil’s ____________________. (ADORE)

46.         All the dancers performed ____________________. (ATTRACT)

47.         It is ____________________ to live in the country than in the city. (HEALTH)

48.         Junior high school is ____________________ in most countries. (COMPEL)

49.         Farmers have to use ____________________ to protect their crops. (HERB)

50.         He gave some very ____________________ explanations, and was not punished. (PERSUADE)

51.         He is a(n) ____________________ scientist although he is still young. (KNOW)

52.         Winning a game is sometimes not so important as ____________________ in it. (PARTICIPATE)

53.         The ____________________ his father created in him helps him to be a good doctor. (INSPIRE)

54.         Using electricity to cook is ____________________, I’m afraid. (ECONOMY)

55.         He is a(n) ____________________ person who directly says what he thinks. (SPEAK)

56.         Another problem is the ____________________ of rivers and lakes in the area. (DIRT)

57.         Smoking does ____________________ harm to human lungs. (REPAIR)

58.         His ____________________ attitude toward the teachers deserves punishment. (RESPECT)

59.         That plan can, I hope be ____________________ realised. (PRACTICE)

60.         She is one of our greatest ____________________ to appear in the play. (PERFORM)

61.         ____________________ is what he takes up as a hobby. (COOK)

62.         Take them to the ____________________ centre, please. (CYCLE)

63.         He seems ____________________ about life and everything. Just like a happy child, really! (CARE)

64.         She is always ____________________ and polite in front of the elders. (DRESS)

65.         He is a music ____________________; he has a good collection of songs. (ENTHUSIASM)

66.         Our teacher is a(n) ____________________ person. It seems as if he is always ready to shout. (HOT)

67.         Drinking will ____________________ your ability to perform well on the stage. (BAD)

68.         He had his phone ____________________ because he is going away for some time. (CONNECT)

69.         That ____________________ should be stopped at any rate. (PRACTICE)

70.         Michael Jordan is one of the greatest ____________________ of all times. (BASKET)

71.         ____________________ is what he takes up as a hobby. (CARPENTER)

72.         I wish I had her ____________________ hair. (MANAGE)

73.         The fire was ____________________, and the loss was high. (CONTROL)

74.         She is always ____________________ and polite in front of the elders. (BEHAVE)

75.         I don’t think the students are ____________________; they did their best. (BLAME)

76.         I didn’t know about John’s ____________________. (DEPART)

77.         I didn’t, in the ____________________, enjoy my holiday. (LITTLE)

78.         There will be no extra-curricular activities in the ____________________ future. (SEE)

79.         The idea that the sun ‘rises’ is a popular ____________________. (CONCEIVE)

80.         After a six-month course, his English ____________________ is really something. (ACQUIRE)

81.         He accepted the offer ____________________. He didn’t want the job very much. (VOLUNTEER)

82.         Most people agree that celebrations have become too ____________________. (COMMERCE)

83.         Going swimming every day would have very ____________________ effects. (BENEFIT)

84.         The fuel ____________________ of this car is rather high. (CONSUME)

85.         Local people assembled to welcome back their ____________________ army. (TRIUMPH)

86.         A(n) ____________________ figure suddenly appeared in front of us. (GHOST)

87.         They exchanged the usual ____________________ before getting down to discussing business. (PLEASURE)

88.         Professor Jackson has joined the company, working in the ____________________ section. (ADVICE)

89.         The company was hit by a(n) ____________________ of crisis. (SUCCESS)

90.         He incurred her ____________________ by refusing her invitation. (PLEASED)

91.         Thousands of African children are ____________________; they suffer from malnutrition. (NOURISH)

92.         I could see several ____________________ in your performance today, Roddick! (DRAW)

93.         We are grateful to him for his ____________________ in teaching career. (HEART)

94.         You have to find a(n) ____________________ person to ask for an objective judgement. (INTEREST)

95.         As a result of her good ____________________, she’s made a lot of achievements in her life. (BRING)

96.         His success in the field of mathematics is ____________________. (PHENOMENON)

97.         ____________________, this TV program should be carefully censored. (EDUCATE)

98.         Several ____________________ have been eliminated so far. (CONTEST)

99.         ____________________ is the study of animals and their behaviours. (ZOO)

100.       The city council is thinking of building a(n) ____________________ system. (GROUND)

101.       His contribution to the development of sports makes him a(n) ____________________ figure. (REPLACE)

102.       He bought that tie in a(n) ____________________ shop at the airport. (DUTY)

103.       In all ____________________, they will be successful in their project. (PROBABLE)

104.       The composition should be ____________________; there may be spelling mistakes in it. (READ)

105.       It is education that helps with the ____________________ of knowledge for the young. (BROAD)

106.       We need greater ____________________ in how we deal with the problem of traffic congestion. (FLEX)

107.       The principal has placed a great number of ____________________ on picnicking activities. (CONSTRAIN)

108.       Delays at the International Airport are far from ____________________. (NEGLECT)

109.       Several ____________________ have been used, which is environmentally damaging. (REFRIGERATION)

110.       I feel that he is ____________________ helping us this time; he doesn’t seem wholehearted. (RELUCTANCE)

111.       The ____________________ of bird flu can bring about disastrous effects. (BREAK)

112.       The woman stated that she had not ____________________ those street children. (TREAT)

113.       There is every ____________________ that school will be innovated. (LIKE)

114.       This is a famous school for pupils with hearing ____________________. (PAIR)

115.       She is cooking the meal under the ____________________ eye of her mother. (WATCH)

116.       ____________________ of sand can be formed by the action of waves on coastal beaches. (ACCUMULATE)

117.       Many species of bee are almost ____________________ in this area now. (EXIST)

118.       Hundreds of unemployed ____________________ could be pushed back towards crime by the closure of job training programs. (PRISON)

119.       Special attention will be paid to people from ____________________ areas. (ADVANTAGE)

120.       She is a funny, determined and ____________________ woman who laughs at herself more than anyone else does. (DEAR)

121.       I’m looking for my pen which ____________________ vanished from my desk overnight. (ACCOUNT)

122.       The chemical properties of the substance are still ____________________ understood. (COMPLETE)

123.       ____________________ or reduction in the value of the pound may help exports, but it will also increase inflation. (VALUE)

124.       Many women feel ____________________ travelling home at night alone. (PANIC)

125.       She turned away from his ____________________ hands. (STRETCH)

126.       A major ____________________ in peace negotiations has been achieved. (BREAK)

127.       It is not harmful to take that drug because it is ____________________. (ADDICT)

128.       Girls tend to do better academically in single-sex schools than in ____________________ ones. (EDUCATE)

129.       Having made that morally terrible mistake, they are now ____________________. (CONSCIENCE)

130.       ____________________ is the study of crime and criminals. (CRIME)

131.       He is a little ____________________. He should have less fat intake. (WEIGH)

132.       The number of ____________________ from junior high school is increasing in a worrying way. (DROP)

133.       He is said to be a(n) ____________________ person who never stops work until very late. (WORK)

134.       She was very sad because she was ____________________ of talking him into accepting the offer. (CAPABILITY)

135.       You can wear this watch when you swim; it is ____________________. (RESIST)

136.       Among the world famous tennis players is Pete Sampras, who had a(n) ____________________ career. (ILLUSTRATE)

137.       Katherine Hepburn won four Oscar ____________________ in the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role. (STATUE)

138.       The reform project requires an initial ____________________ of $30 million. (LAY)

139.       There are great ____________________ in health care across the country. People in rural areas still suffer more. (EQUAL)

140.       The curriculum is ____________________ developed; therefore, students benefit a great deal. (SYSTEM)

141.       That eligible student always demonstrates high ____________________. (COMPETE)

142.       Do you really think you have enough ____________________ to be in the school’s soccer team? (ATHLETE)

143.       ____________________ should be severely punished. (HUNT)

144.       The bottled water is carefully checked to remove any ____________________. (PURE)

145.       A performance of synchronized swimming is often very ____________________. (EYE)


1.            She may be ____________________, but she seems to end up annoying a lot of people. (MEAN)

2.            Don’t you think that’s a rather ____________________ argument? What about the other point of view? (SIDE | LATE)

3.            I would say that you’d be ____________________ to resign without having found a new job. (ADVICE)

4.            He’s certainly a(n) ____________________ but I don’t trust what he says. (SMOOTH)

5.            Working couples often buy ____________________ meals for the evening. (MAKE)

6.            The students hardly cooked at all, but lived on ____________________. (TAKE)

7.            Finally, we’ll give you some ____________________ on the course and a few suggestions for how it could be improved. (FEED)

8.            We are anxiously waiting for the ____________________ of the negotiations. (COME)

9.            We’ve got for too much rubbish in this house – it’s time he had a(n) ____________________. (CLEAR)

10.         In 1999 there were two major ____________________ in research into spinal injury. (BREAK)

11.         None of the ____________________ took any notice, in spite of his shouts. (PASS)

12.         The ____________________ among the peasants was cruelly put down by the king’s army. (RISE)

13.         The cat had numerous ____________________, all of whom inherited her timid nature. (SPRING)

14.         There were a few ____________________ but in general the project went well. (SET)

15.         The ____________________ of the disease was gradual, and at first they hardly noticed its effects. (SET)

16.         He wrote a very ____________________ report on the need for people to cut back on spending. (HIT)

17.         It was a rather ____________________ account of how they had got into debt. (SIDE)

18.         We have a(n) ____________________ agreement to supply them, which will be renewed after three months. (TERM)

19.         I don’t like working in ____________________ offices – they’re too cold. (CONDITION)

20.         He’s a good man in a crisis – he’s very ____________________. (HEAD)

21.         He doesn’t think you need qualifications because he’s a(n) ____________________ man. (MAKE)

22.         If we focus on selling ____________________ items we can really cut out prices. (PRODUCE)

23.         Traditional banks can be very ____________________ and conservative about who they will lend to. (FASHION)

24.         Our ____________________ financial advisor lost us loads of money by recommending bad investments. (CALL)

25.         They have a(n) ____________________ problem of trying to keep costs down. (STAND)

26.         The relationship between the two groups had suffered a complete ____________________. (BREAK)

27.         She suffered a bad stomach ____________________ after eating some contaminated food. (SET)

28.         I like getting ____________________ on my homework – it’s useful even if not always good! (FEED)

29.         I’ve got far too much stuff in my flat – I need to have a complete ____________________. (CLEAR)

30.         I can’t be bothered to cook tonight – let’s get a(n) ____________________. (TAKE)

31.         The project suffered a severe ____________________ when the main sponsor pulled out. (SET)

32.         There was a great ____________________ for the rock concert, including the country’s number of singer. (LINE)

33.         The company’s finances suffered a real ____________________ after the chairman resigned. (TURN)

34.         The school leaver waited anxiously to hear the ____________________ of his first job interview. (COME)

35.         Some people can change their attitude and develop a whole new ____________________ on life. (LOOK)

36.         Of course Jim is a(n) ____________________ millionaire. He didn’t inherit a penny. (MAKE)

37.         The President of the United States never goes out in public without wearing a(n) ____________________ vest. (BULLET)

38.         Jim is very disorganised. He’s a bit like a(n) ____________________ professor. (MIND)

39.         I’m afraid we’ve had to call his ____________________ meeting due to the unexpected resignation of Tony, the Sales Manager. (MINUTE)

40.         Who exactly is this ____________________ expert who is going to tell us all what to do? (CALL)

41.         I hate these modern, ____________________ TVs. I want an old-fashioned one with style! (PRODUCE)

42.         Doesn’t he look great in that ____________________ T-shirt. (FIT)

43.         I hate working in ____________________ offices. I always catch colds. (CONDITION)

44.         I can’t come out tonight. I’ve got a(n) ____________________ arrangement to have dinner with my brother. (STAND)

45.         Sarah is a very ____________________ young man. She never acts impulsively. (HEAD)

46.         I wouldn’t describe my family as ____________________ but as children we never had to go without. (GOOD)

47.         Don’t work too hard and let yourself get ____________________. You’ll end up getting ill. (RUN)

48.         He was fined for driving too fast in a(n) ____________________ area. (BUILD)

49.         There was only a(n) ____________________ old wall to protect the secret garden from curious ____________________. (BREAK | PASS)

50.         ____________________ shoppers can get some wonderful bargains on electrical goods in the new discount store. (HARD)

51.         You should get rid of that old tracksuit. It’s almost completely ____________________. (WEAR)

52.         He gave a(n) ____________________ performance at a small jazz club when he was in London. (ONE)

53.         Advertising executives often get ____________________ after a couple of years on the job. (BURN)

54.         Her explanation sounded rather ____________________ and I don't think I believe it. (FETCH)

55.         The minister made a(n) ____________________ visit to the north of the country. (PROFILE)



1.            When their youngest son was released from prison, he was welcomed back home with ____________________ arms. (STRETCH)

2.            Watching those fantasy films is pure ____________________. (ESCAPE)

3.            She could not ____________________ her fear of water and was never able to learn to swim. (COME)

4.            One physical symptom of the disease is quick, ____________________ movements of the body. (VOLUNTEER)

5.            He swayed backwards and forwards, moving in time to the ____________________ beat of the music. (RHYTHM)

6.            Many people are enthusiastic about herbal remedies, regarding them as a(n) ____________________ way of treating illness. (EFFECT)

7.            The car rolled quickly down the hill, propelled by its own ____________________. (MOMENT)

8.            Unfortunately, some bacteria are becoming ____________________ to antibiotics. (RESIST)

9.            The boy was so upset that he couldn't eat and left his meal completely ____________________. (TOUCH)

10.         She was very ____________________ of all his efforts to help her, refusing even to speak to him. (APPRECIATE)

11.         The appearance of the so-called ghost was very ____________________ - many people were fooled into believing that it was real. (DECEIVE)

12.         Proving the existence of beings from outer space is a(n) ____________________ at the moment. (POSSIBLE)

13.         The whole thing was totally ____________________ and a complete waste of time as well. (FARCE)

14.         She never thought of her bad leg as a(n) ____________________ and led a completely normal life. (ABLE)

15.         Performing in public at a young age is a great ____________________. (ACCOMPLISH)

16.         Her response to my success was totally ____________________ and took us all by surprise. (EXPECT)

17.         The rich natural resources of the area have remained ____________________ up to the present. (EXPLOIT)

18.         He felt great ____________________ at having managed to achieve his aim. (SATISFY)

19.         He shouted at the ____________________ but they just ignored him and walked on. (PASS)

20.         If your idea of success is not ____________________ on a gold medal, then it may be easier to achieve. (DEPEND)

21.         He won a very ____________________ award for his contribution to local sport. (PRESTIGE)

22.         Those who expect instant ____________________ of their desires are bound to be disappointed. (GRATIFY)

23.         The honorary title he was given was only ____________________ and carried no power. (SYMBOL)

24.         The athlete strode ____________________ towards the starting line, knowing that he could win the race. (PURPOSE)

25.         The educational system is very ____________________ as the number of university places is limited. (COMPETE)

26.         Training four times a day, seven days a week is ____________________ as it can damage your health. (ADVICE)

27.         She has received ____________________ awards for her services to industry. (NUMBER)

28.         With a new hairstyle and skilful make-up, she was sure she would be absolutely ____________________ to anyone.


29.         It is very important to take steps to reduce energy ____________________. (CONSUME)

30.         The minister was strongly criticised for showing ____________________ to his party. (LOYAL)

31.         They have a system which allows you to take back ____________________ goods to be recycled. (WANT)

32.         Some patients may develop an emotional ____________________ to their nurse or counsellor. (ATTACH)

33.         The live music and the costumes made the festival a very ____________________ occasion. (MEMORY)

34.         Examiners can use their ____________________ over whether to award a pass to unfinished scripts. (DISCERN)

35.         I would like to work freelance but I am worried about the ____________________. (SECURE)

36.         With the increase in our mortgage rate, we will be forced to ____________________. (ECONOMY)

37.         It was a nice bright room, but the furnishings were very ____________________. (ATTRACTIVE)

38.         The current political situation is unstable and ____________________ very dangerous. (POTENT)

A             Use these words with the prepositions below to make compound nouns. Write the nouns in the correct column.

let fall                   draw

take                      lay cut                  set turn                              break

look                      print

put                        come


out         in            back      over       down     through               up







B             Match these compound nouns with their meaning.

A.           follow-up            i              something you say suddenly that expresses a strong emotion, especially anger

B.           outburst              ii             the ability to understand and realise what people and situations are really like

C.           upkeep                iii            something that is done to make sure that earlier actions have been successful

D.           rundown             iv            the process of keeping something in good condition

E.            insight   v             a review or summary



C Use one of these words with one of the prepositions to make a compound adjective. Then match each adjective to the nouns they usually refer to.

out         in                           under    over


A.           _____depth        i              chairman / president / MD

B.           _____going        ii             workers / women / profession

C.           _____loaded      iii            study / report / analysis

D.           _____paid           iv            factory / office / project

E.            _____staffed      v             with work / with information / with problems


D Most compound nouns need to split into verb + preposition to become a verb (e.g. to take over, to lay out, to cut back in Exercise A). Some verbs from compound nouns remain as a single word. Fill in the gaps below with suitable single-word verbs and nouns using the word given in capitals.

1.            GRADE

a.            We need to ____________________ the software on the computer every two years.

b.            I’ve booked economy but I wondered if I could have a(n) ____________________ to business class.

2.            DATE

a.            I wondered if you could give me a(n) ____________________ on what’s happening on the project.

b.            I’m sorry, we don’t have your current address – we need to ____________________ our records.

3.            SET

a.            She caused a huge ____________________ when she refused to continue with the project.

b.            I was very ____________________ at the way he spoke to me!

E Complete each gap with a suitable form of one of these words from Exercises A-D.

draw      pay        put         go           come     deep      sight



How can a contemporary football coach expect to make any real impression on the very wealthy young men in elite football teams like Manchester United? The problem is how to motivate people who have enormous salaries; it’s the opposite of many managers, who are trying to motivate their (1) ____________________ workers. One football coach did a(n) (2) ____________________ study in the USA, where million-dollar contracts to sportsmen have been commonplace for years, to see how their coaches solved the problem. He found that looking at this gave him a real (3) ____________________ into dealing with millionaire athletes. He said, ‘It’s a matter of trying to instil selflessness. For the best (4) ____________________, you have to make them feel it’s ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ that matters. When I took over my current job I found that the (5) ____________________ coach had mainly just analysed the opposition and how best to operate against them. But I felt I needed to reassure people and resolve their doubts about themselves and their place in the club. And once the training session is over, what really makes a difference is my personal (6) ____________________ whereby I take a real interest in the players. One (7) ____________________ is that a lot of players now don’t want to start at the bottom. They want an assistant manager’s job at least. But you only get experience through working your way up through the ranks.’

F Match the highlighted expressions in the text above with these meanings.

1.            Learn a job by working in the most low-level position first.

2.            Make somebody feel more confident or sure of themselves.

3.            Normal, usual, typical.

4.            Have an effect on somebody.

5.            Best, most skilled or most experienced.



1.            standardised      35. inscribed      69. beneficiaries               103. breathless 137. attendance

2.            laborious             36. personnel     70. impoverished             104. profundity 138. management

3.            anxiety 37. miniature     71. Norwegian   105. non-appearance     139. Aquariums

4.            artistic 38. fraudulent    72. deterrent     106. spokesman               140. empower

5.            growth 39. bureaucratic               73. evacuees      107. dependable              141. spoken

6.            bleeding              40. commemorate           74. Bedridden    108. standby      142. unawares

7.            entitled                41. numerous    75. untimely       109. wrongdoings            143. non-appearance

8.            supposedly         42. spectacular 76. rectify           110. time-consuming      144. impassable

9.            mixture                43. quarrelsome               77. respondents               111. impressionable                145. unprofessionally

10.         confidential        44. carriage        78. seductively 112. polluting    146. underestimation

11.         likewise               45. habitually     79. spontaneity 113. remembrance          147. scenic

12.         rectangular         46. fingerprints 80. omnivore     114. furthering 148. compelled

13.         maintenance      47. evaporating 81. impressively               115. antiviral      149. expiry / expiration

14.         mentally              48. illuminated 82. independent              116. deleterious               150. tastelessness

15.         carpentry            49. Tragically      83. unpolluted   117. self-destructive       151. indestructible

16.         descriptive          50. retention      84. longest          118. lookout       152. prayer(s)

17.         accustomed        51. saviour          85. non-existent               119. untold         153. multinational /

18.         uprooted             52. booklet         86. standing       120. inexcusably                international

19.         evolved                53. conclusively                87. authorised   121. medicinally               154. commentator

20.         orphanage          54. vocal              88. alternatives 122. well-wishers             155. uneconomic

21.         pacify    55. underprivileged         89. indistinguishable       123. slip-up        156. responsive

22.         ascertain             56. fabulous       90. incomparable             124. Leadership                157. belittled

23.         surgery 57. cowardice    91. deadened     125. success       158. celebratory

24.         harmonious        58. pacify            92. disgrace        126. intentionally             159. semi-finals

25.         revelation           59. provocative 93. native            127. breath-taking          

160. childhood

26.         typically               60. legendary     94. celebrations               128. breakdown               161. pleasantly

27.         ignoble 61. absorption   95. refusal           129. poor            162. famine-stricken

28.         receptive             62. infuriated     96. behavioural 130. pleasantly 163. breakin

29.         offensive             63. deodorant    97. misplace       131. reductions                164. publicise

30.         indebted             64. imperial        98. flights            132. preferential              165. solidifies

31.         expertise             65. artistically    99. inexhaustible             133. deadly

32.         vain       66. handful         100. insecticide(s)            134. captives

33.         theoretically       67. obligatory    101. immeasurably          135. refusal

34.         competitors        68. auctioneer   102. ill-advised 136. non-existent



1.            performance      31. admirable    61. Cookery        91. undernourished /     120. endearing

2.            boring   32. information 62. recycling       malnourished    121. unaccountably

3.            attractiveness    33. unreachable               63. carefree        92. drawbacks   122. incompletely

4.            admirable           34. assignments               64. well-dressed               93. wholeheartedness           123. Devaluation

5.            Unfortunately    35. friendship    65. enthusiast    94. disinterested              124. panicky

6.            industrialised     36. outbreak      66. hot-tempered            95. upbringing   125. outstretched

7.            homeless            37. inaccessible                67. worsen          96. phenomenal               126. breakthrough

8.            amazingly           38. successes     68. disconnected             97. Educationally             127. non-addictive

9.            amazing               39. enrichment 69. malpractice 98. contestants 128. co-educational

10.         hopeless              40. further          70. basketballers              99. Zoology         129. conscience-stricken

11.         discomfort          41. sleepy           71. Carpentry     100. underground           130. Criminology

12.         carelessly            42. comparatively            72. manageable               101. irreplaceable                131. overweight

13.         Happily                43. picnicking     73. uncontrollable           102. duty-free    132. dropouts

14.         nationalised       44. encouraging               74. well-behaved             103. probability                133. workaholic

15.         seasick 45. adoration     75. blameworthy             104. proofread 134. incapable

16.         economical         46. attractively   76. departure     105. broadening               135. water-resistant /

17.         interesting          47. healthier      77. least              106. flexibility    waterproof

18.         industrialised     48. compulsory 78. foreseeable

107. constraints               136. illustrious

19.         homeless            49. herbicide(s) 79. misconception           108. negligible   137. statuettes

20.         wealthy               50. persuasive   80. acquisition   109. refrigerants              138. outlay

21.         carelessly            51. well-known 81. involuntarily               110. reluctantly                139. inequalities

22.         fertility 52. participating               82. commercialised         111. outbreak    140. systematically

23.         Unfortunately    53. inspiration   83. beneficial     112. mistreated                141. competence(s)

24.         informative         54. uneconomical            84. consumption              113. likelihood   142. athleticism

25.         fascinating          55. outspoken    85. triumphant 114. impairment              143. Overhunting

26.         well-equipped   56. dirtying         86. ghostly          115. watchful     144. impurities

27.         independent      57. irreparable   87. pleasantries                116. Accumulation(s)      145. eye-catching

28.         importantly        58. disrespectful              88. advisory        117. non-existent

29.         unsuccessfully   59. practically    89. succession   118. ex-prisoners

30.         cultural                60. performers 90. displeasure 119. disadvantaged



1.            well-meaning     12. uprising        23. old-fashioned             34. outcome       45. level-headed

2.            one-sided / unilateral 13. offspring (offsprings) 24. so-called         35. outlook         46. well-off

3.            ill-advised           14. setbacks       25. long-standing             36. self-made     47. rundown

4.            smooth-talker    15. onset             26. breakdown 37. bullet-proof                48. built-up

5.            ready-make        16. hard-hitting 27. upset             38. absent-minded          49. broken-down ,

6.            takeaways           17. one-sided     28. feedback      39. last-minute passers-by

7.            feedback (feedbacks) 18. short-term        29. clear-out       40. so-called       50. Hard-up

8.            outcome              19. air-conditioned          30. takeaway      41. mass-produced          51. worn-out

9.            clear-out             20. level-headed              31. setback         42. tight-fitting 52. one-off

10.         breakthroughs   21. self-made     32. line-up          43. air-conditioned          53. burnt-out

11.         passers-by          22. mass-produced          33. turndown     44. long-standing             54. far-fetched

55. high-profile

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1.            outstretched      9. untouched     17. unexploited                25. competitive 33. memorable

2.            escapism             10. unappreciative           18. satisfaction 26. inadvisable 34. discernment

3.            overcome            11. deceptive     19. passers-by    27. numerous    35. insecurity

4.            involuntary         12. impossibility               20. dependent   28. unrecognisable          36. economise

5.            rhythmic             13. farcical          21. prestigious   29. consumption              37. unattractive

6.            effective              14. disability       22. gratification                30. disloyalty      38. potentially

7.            momentum        15. accomplishment        23. symbolic       31. unwanted

8.            resistant              16. unexpected 24. purposefully               32. attachment


out         in            back      over       down     through               up

outlet, layout, outbreak, breakout, printout, outlook, lookout,


outset, fallout, turnout, output input, inlet, income, intake, inset, breakin             drawback, comeback, cutback, setback        takeover, turnover, overlay           downfall, breakdown, comedown, downturn, letdown, putdown            breakthrough     setup, let-up, upturn, upset, breakup, uptake, turn-up


A.           iii

B.           i

C.           iv

D.           v

E.            ii


A.           in-depth – iii

B.           outgoing – i

C.           overloaded – v

D.           underpaid / overpaid – ii

E.            understaffed / overstaffed – iv

1.            upgrade

2.            update

3.            upset

Extra: List of some things that can be upgraded or updated:

upgrade: mobile phone, camera, MP3 player, computer, components, insurance cover, etc. update: software, information (e.g. on traffic, weather, etc.), membership, etc.


1.            underpaid

2.            in-depth

3.            insight

4.            outcome

5.            outgoing

6.            input

7.            drawback F

1.            start at the bottom

2.            resolve someone’s doubts

3.            commonplace

4.            make an impression on 5. elite

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