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2000 – 2001

1. The shoes were too small for her to wear.

The shoes were not ________________________________________________________________________ 2. This motorbike is cheaper than I thought I would be.

This motorbike is not________________________________________________________________________ 3. Sue is excited about going to Spain on holiday.

Sue is looking ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Hardly_____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I drank such a lot of coffee that I couldn’t get to sleep.

I drank so__________________________________________________________________________________ 6. They couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Nothing ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. She can’t sing as well as she used to.

She used __________________________________________________________________________________ 2001 – 2002

1. The table was so heavy that we couldn’t move it.

The table was too__________________________________________________________________________ 2. My brother can’t run as fast as he used to.

My brother used ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. We had to wait for so long that we got fed up and left.

We had to wait for such____________________________________________________________________ 4. I’m really sorry I didn’t invite her to the party.

I really wish ________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I shut the door, but right after that I realized I’d left the key inside.

No sooner _________________________________________________________________________________ 6. It isn’t necessary to finish your work today.

You don’t _________________________________________________________________________________ 7. The car belongs to Mrs. Edwards.

Mrs. Edwards is the_________________________________________________________________________ 8. I was so tired that I don’t feel like eating.

So tired____________________________________________________________________________________ 2002 – 2003

1. I’m not rich enough to live in such a noise.

I’m too ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I will not come if his friend does not invite me.

Unless _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. You have to pay a lot for this motorbike.

This motorbike _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. You remembered to post the letter, didn’t you?

You didn’t_________________________________________________________________________________

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5. Laurence hasn’t seen his sister since she left for Japan.

Laurence last______________________________________________________________________________ 6. No one has ever used that machine.

That machine _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. Do few students learn Latin nowadays?

Few students ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. Barbara plays tennis better than Mike.

Mike doesn’t ______________________________________________________________________________ 2003 – 2004

1. He sings well and plays the guitar well.

Not only___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. In spite of his serious sickness, he did well in the exam.

Although __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. They came to the concert late, so they didn’t have good seats.

If__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Do your homework first, and I’ll let you play the computer games.

I won’t allow_______________________________________________________________________________ 5. It was a long time ago when I saw a movie.

It has______________________________________________________________________________________ 6. My younger brother was finally able to get a job.

My younger brother finally succeeded______________________________________________________ 7. They have just sold the old house at the end of the road.

The old house _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. You don’t have to finish the work today.

It__________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Liz is a better pianist than Mai.

Mai does __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. He was annoyed because his son often came home late.

He objected_______________________________________________________________________________ 2004 – 2005

1. The prices have increased considerably in the past weeks.

There has__________________________________________________________________________________ 2. We don’t ever know whether she’s still wealthy.

For all we know ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Please don’t talk so loudly while I’m studying.

I’d rather __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. All my friends disagreed with me.

None _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. May I borrow your car tonight, Dad?

Would you mind ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. If you have finished your homework by midnight, you can go to the party. Unless _____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. He never has any successful results even though he tries hard.

However __________________________________________________________________________________ 8. The teacher made her students work hard for the exam.

The students _______________________________________________________________________________

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9. People donate a lot, so the victims of the tsunami are now able to overcome difficulties. But for_____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. He was unable to paint the gate of his house because of the heavy rain. The heavy rain_____________________________________________________________________________

2005 – 2006

1. “That’s a lovely new dress, Jean,” said her mother.

Jean’s mother complimented ______________________________________________________________ 2. Under no circumstances should you phone the police.

The last____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I wasn’t a bit surprised to hear that Karen had changed her job.

It came ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The cost of living has gone up considerably in the last few years.

There _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I’m absolutely sure he took the money on purpose.

He couldn’t possibly _______________________________________________________________________ 6. He had no idea how difficult the task would be until he was half way through it. Not until ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. They had such a fierce dog that nobody would visit them.

So ________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. His disabilities didn’t prevent him from sailing around the world.

Although __________________________________________________________________________________ 9. The presidential visit attracted such an enormous crowd that all traffic came to a standstill. So ________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. You can use it as long as you like, and it won’t t wear out.

No matter _________________________________________________________________________________ 2006 – 2007

1. He says he will help me, but I don’t believe him.

Although he promises ______________________________________________________________________ 2. “Go ahead and use my computer,” said he.

He gave __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I could not help laughing at his blundering effort.

I couldn’t stop _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. You’ll find the map useful because you may get lost.

You’d better keep _________________________________________________________________________ 5. It is almost two years since I started playing tennis.

I took _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. He can’t express his ideas in English. (HIMSELF)

He can’ make_____________________________________________________________________________ 7. The area is so polluted that it is hard to live there. (POLLUTION)

People find________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Why were you so impolite to my guests? (ACTED)

You shouldn’t______________________________________________________________________________ 9. All my friends disagreed with me. (SHARED)

None _____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. May I borrow your car tonight, Henry? (LENDING)

Would you ________________________________________________________________________________

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2007 – 2008

1. The police towed away my car.

I __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Her parents moved to Hanoi ten years ago.

It is ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. He can’t have known anything about the murder, I suppose.

I’m absolutely _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. There are more tourists in the city this year than ever before.

Never _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Are you fed up with having nothing to do?

Don’t you wish_____________________________________________________________________________ 6. We could see him in the crowd. (MAKE)

We could _________________________________________________________________________________ 7. The area is so polluted that it is hard to live there. (POLLUTION)

Such ______________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Why were you so impatient in such a situation? (SUPPOSED)

You are ___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. He is likely to arrive late again. (PROBABLY)

He ________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. I don’t mind if you leave now. (OBJECTION)

I have_____________________________________________________________________________________ 2008 – 2009

1. Public opinion was so strong that the Prime Minister had to resign.

Such ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I wouldn’t tell her the true story if I were you.

You’d _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. “Don’t forget to give me a ring tomorrow, Peter,” said Wendy.

Wendy reminded __________________________________________________________________________ 4. “I think you’d better not come to class for a few days, Helen.”

My ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Mandy wasn’t always so unfriendly.

Mandy did not ____________________________________________________________________________ 6. We’ll have to leave immediately at the end of the film.

The moment_______________________________________________________________________________ 7. The meeting will end before we reach the school.

By the_____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. It is said that the robber was caught while climbing up a fence.

You are ___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. If he asked me to go out with him, I would agree.

Were______________________________________________________________________________________ 10. As soon as the teacher left, the students started shouting again.


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2009 – 2010

1. They forced him to tell the truth. (MADE)

He ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. It was true I felt bored with the concert. (DOUBT)

The concert _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. I’m sure it was Tom who made all this mess. (MUST)

All this mess________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I wish you would stop all the noise. (LONGER)

I can’t put_________________________________________________________________________________ 5. She left without saying anything. (SINGLE)

Not _______________________________________________________________________________________ 6. They intend to abolish that rule. (DO)

They are___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. We share the same hobby – pop music. (LISTENING)

All ________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Come on! You didn’t do the work at home again. (SHOULD)

You _______________________________________________________________________________________ 9. I’m afraid he is not likely to pass the driving test. (POSSIBLY)

He ________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Will you please turn down the volume a bit? (MIND)

Would_____________________________________________________________________________________ 2010 – 2011

1. His charming manners deceived several people, including me. (TAKEN) I, as well___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. As I listened to the music on repeated occasions, my respect for the composer increased. (RESPECTFUL)

The more__________________________________________________________________________________ 3. In spite of her initial reluctance to take the job, she’s got on very well. (FIRST) Reluctant _________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I think the hardware of that computer was infected with viruses. (OPINION) That computer ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Your warning helped prevent my failure in the test. (FAILED)

Had it _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. His last letter to me was written 3 months ago. (HEARD)

It is ________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far. (ACCOMPLISHMENTS) Take ______________________________________________________________________________________ 8. He’s not a professional singer, but he sings expressively. (EXPRESSION)

Though no_________________________________________________________________________________ 9. The teacher may ask why I’m absent, so tell him I’m ill. (REASON)

Should ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Roger was defeated one more time by Novak in the Indian Wells tournament. (ONCE) Novak beat _______________________________________________________________________________

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2011 – 2012 

1. Ann is proud of her ability to speak five languages fluently. (PRIDES)

Being _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Please come as early as possible. (BETTER)

You should ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. “You have done an excellent job, Lucie,” said the teacher. (CONGRATULATED) The teacher _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. They say that the computer is playing important part in modern life. (ROLE) The computer _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Shortly before my eighteenth birthday, I will go to university. (STUDENT)

By the _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. You can get the best discounts at our shop. (OFFERED)

It is ________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. People who haven’t seen his performances are in no position to be critical. (PERFORM) Nobody ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. She didn’t try very hard to get to know other people in the course. (EFFORT) Little ______________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Staying on late at work is becoming less of a problem for me. (USED)

I __________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. These two brands of ketchup are almost the same. (HARDLY)

There’s ____________________________________________________________________________________

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2003 – 2004

1. Internet / be / very fast and convenient way / get information

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. It / be / cheap / way / communicate / friends and relatives

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. They / get in touch / each other / by means / e-mail / or chat

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. You / can check / weather conditions / before / go / camp / or fish

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. You / also book / tickets / film shows, concerts, or soccer matches

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Now / you can sit / comfortable / home / do / shopping

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Internet / be / also / source of entertainment

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. You / listen / music / watch videos / play games

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Internet / be also / use / teaching and learning / foreign language

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. fact / it / be / hard / imagine / modern life / without / Internet

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2004 – 2005

1. Along / jogging and swimming, / cycling / be / all-round form / exercises ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. It can help / increase / strength and energy, / give / you / strong heart ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. But / it / not / only advantage / cycling

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. It / good exercise / people / painful feet or backs

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. However, / It / important / start slowly / and build / gently

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Doing too much / too quick / can do / damage / muscles

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. You have / doubts / take / cycling / health reasons?

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. You / talk / your doctor / and ask / his or her advice

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Follow / your doctor / advice / strict / and you / have / good result

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. If you start / cycle now, / you / be / forever fit


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2000 – 2001

1. The shoes were not large enough for her to wear.

2. This motorbike is not as expensive as I thought it would be.

3. Sue is looking forward to going to Spain on holiday.

4. Hardly can I keep my eyes open.

5. I drank so much coffee that I couldn’t get to sleep.

6. Nothing could be done to stop it.

7. She used to sing better than now.

2001 – 2002

1. The table was too heavy for us to move.

2. My brother used to run faster than now / he does.

3. We had to wait for such a long time that we got fed up and left. 4. I really wish I had invited her to the party.

5. No sooner had/did I shut the door than I realized I’d left the key inside. 6. You don’t have/need to finish your work today.

7. Mrs. Edwards is the owner of that car.

8. So tired was I that I don’t feel like eating.

2002 – 2003

1. I’m too poor to live in such a house.

2. Unless his friend invites me, I will not come.

3. This motorbike is very expensive/costly.

4. You didn’t forget to post the letter, did you?

5. Laurence last saw his sister when she left for Japan.

6. That machine has never been used.

7. Few students learn Latin nowadays, do they?

8. Mike doesn’t play tennis so/as well as Barbara (does).

2003 – 2004

1. Not only does he sing well but he also plays guitar well.

2. Although he had his serious sickness / his sickness was serious, he did well in the exam. 3. If they had come to the concert early/earlier, they would have had good seats. 4. I won’t allow you to play the computer games unless you do your homework first. 5. It has been a long time since I last saw a movie.

6. My younger brother finally succeeded in getting a job.

7. The old house at the end of the road has just been sold.

8. It is not necessary for you to finish the work today.

9. Mai does not play the piano as well as Liz (does).

10. He objected to his son(‘s) coming home late often.

2004 - 2005

1. There has been a considerable increase in the prices in the past weeks. 2. For all we know she used to be wealthy.

3. I’d rather you didn’t talk so loudly while I’m studying.

4. None of my friends agreed with me.

5. Would you mind lending me your car tonight, Dad?

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6. Unless you have finished your homework by midnight, you can’t go to the party. 7. However hard he tried, he never has any successful results.

8. The students were made to work hard for the exam by the teacher.

9. But for people’s (big) donation / a lot of money people donated, the victims wouldn’t now be  able to overcome difficulties.

10. The heavy rain prevented them from painting / made it impossible for them to paint the gate  of his house.

2005 – 2006

1. Jean’s mother complimented her on her lovely new dress.

2. The last thing you should do is (to) phone the police.

3. It came as no surprise to me to hear that Karen had changed her job.

4. There has been a considerable increase in the cost of living in the last few years. 5. He couldn’t possibly have taken the money by mistake.

6. Not until he was half way through it did he know how difficult the task would be. 7. So fierce was the dog they had that nobody would visit them.

8. Although he was disabled, he sailed around the world.

9. So many people were attracted by the presidential visit that all traffic came to a standstill. 10. No matter how long you use it, it won’t wear out.

2006 – 2007

1. Although he promises to help me, I don’t believe he will.

2. He gave (me) a/the permission to use his computer.

3. I couldn’t stop myself (from) laughing at his blundering effort.

4. You’d better keep the map in case you get lost.

5. I took up (playing) tennis almost two years ago.

6. He can’t make himself understood in English.

7. People find it hard to live in the area with such pollution.

8. You shouldn’t have acted so impolitely to my guests.

9. None of my friends shared (with me) my ideas.

10. Would you mind lending me your car tonight, Henry?

2007 – 2008

1. I had my car towed away by the police.

2. It is ten years since her parents lived in Hanoi.

3. I’m absolutely certain/sure (that) he didn’t know anything about the murder. 4. Never before have there been so/as many tourists in the city as this year. 5. Don’t you wish you had something to do?

6. We could just make him out in the crowd.

7. Such is the pollution of the area that it is hard to live there.

8. You are supposed to have been patient in such a situation.

9. He will probably arrive late again.

10. I have no objection to you/your leaving now.

2008 – 2009

1. Such was the strength of opinion that he Prime Minister had to resign.

2. You’d better not tell her the true story.

3. Wendy reminded Peter to give her a ring the day after.

4. My advice is that Helen should not come to class for a few days.

5. Mandy did not always act in such an unfriendly way/manner.

6. The moment the film ends, we’ll have to leave.

7. By the time we reach the school, the meeting will have ended.

8. The robber is said to have been caught while climbing up a fence.

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9. Were he to ask me to go out with him, I would agree.

10. Hardly had/did the teacher left/leave when the students started shouting again. 2009 – 2010

1. He was made to tell the truth.

2. The concert was no doubt boring to me.

3. All this mess must have been made by Tom.

4. I can’t put up with all the noise you are making any longer.

5. Not a single word did she say when she left.

6. They are going to do away with that rule.

7. All of us enjoy listening to pop music.

8. You should have done the work at home.

9. He can’t possibly pass the driving test.

10. Would you mind turning down the volume a bit?

2010 – 2011

1. I, as well as several people, was taken in by his charming manners.  2. The more I listened to the music, the more respectful to the composer I was / felt. 3. Reluctant to take the job as / though she was / might be at first, she’s got on very well. 4. That computer had its hardware infected with viruses, in my opinion. 5. Had it not been for your warning, I would / might have failed (in) the test. 6. It is 3 months since I last heard from him.

7. Take pride in the accomplishments you have made / gained / attained so far. 8. Though no professional singer, he sings with expression.

9. Should the teacher ask for the reason why I’m absent, tell him I’m ill.  10. Novak beat Roger once more / once again in the Indian Wells tournament.

2011 – 2012

1. Being able to speak five languages fluently is what Ann prides herself on. 2. You should come the sooner, the better.

3. The teacher congratulated Lucie on having done an excellent job. 4. The computer is said to be playing an important role in modern life. 5. By the time I am eighteen, I will have been a university student.

6. It is the best discounts that are offered at our shop.

7. Nobody is in the position to be critical without having seen him perform. 8. Little effort did she make to get to know other people in the course. 9. I am getting used to staying on late at work.

10. There’s hardly a difference between these two brands of ketchup.

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2003 – 2004

1. The Internet is a very fast and convenient way to get information. 2. It is a cheap way to communicate with friends and relatives. 3. They can get in touch with each other by means of e-mail or chatting. 4. You can check weather conditions before going camping or fishing. 5. You can also book tickets for film shows, concerts, or soccer matches. 6. Now you can sit in a comfortable home doing shopping.

7. The Internet is also a source of entertainment.

8. You can listen to music, watch videos or play games.

9. The Internet is also used for teaching and learning a foreign language. 10. In fact, it is hard to imagine modern life without the Internet.

2004 – 2005

1. Along with jogging and swimming, cycling is an all-round form of exercises. 2. It can help (to) increase strength and energy, and (to) give you a strong heart. 3. But it is not the only advantage of cycling.

4. It is good exercise for people with painful feet or backs.

5. However, it is important to start slowly and build up gently.

6. Doing too much (and) too quickly can do damage to your muscles. 7. Do you have (any) doubts about taking up cycling for health reasons? 8. You should talk to your doctor and ask for his or her advice. 9. Follow your doctor’s advice strictly and you will have a good result. 10. If you start cycling now, you will be forever fit.

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