LEXICO & GRAMMAR – WORD FORM – OPEN CLOZE TEST with answers (48 pages)

     Tài liệu LEXICO - WORD FORM - OPEN CLOZE TEST with answers (48 pages) là một trong những tài liệu quan trọng và hữu ích cho các bạn học sinh giỏi Anh văn. Được sử dụng trong các kì thi Olympic 30/4, HSG Quốc gia, tài liệu giúp học sinh ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức về các từ vựng, động từ và các dạng bài Open Cloze Test. Với đầy đủ đáp án, tài liệu sẽ giúp các bạn học sinh tự đánh giá kết quả bài làm của mình và nâng cao khả năng làm bài thi của mình.

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1. The money was taken out of the bank in small amounts so as not to ______suspicion. 

A. awake B. arouse gợi sự nghingow C. instigate D. incite 

2. Hopes of a peaceful settlement have been ______ 

A. torn B. tarnished C. dashed làm mất hy vọng D. smashed 

3. The motor industry is ______at the cut in car tax. 

A. cheering B. relishing C. rejoicing vui mừng D. enjoying 

4. He's very understanding: if I'm ______by the middle of the week he'll always let me have a few groceries on tick till Friday. 

A. hard up túng thiếu B. pricey C. indebted D. bankrupt 5. The sales assistants were so rude to me, I decided to take my ______elsewhere. 

A. income B. custom mua hàng ở nơi khác C. capital D. fortune 

6. The police are going to ______down on illegal stock exchange activities in the streets. 

A. dragging B. kicking C. dumbing D. clamping kiểm sotas chắt chẽ 

7. She had a strong desire to be a dancer but failed to make the ______. 

A. grade B. term C. mark đạt tiêu chuẩn D. degree 


8. The sexual scandal will ______from the president's fame. 

A. ruin B. detract làm giảm C. spoil D. impair  9. There isn't a ______of truth in those rumours. 

A. pinch B. grain một tí sự thật C. trace D. speck 

10. Every ______of emotion seemed to have drained from his face. 

A. pinch B. grain C. trace 1 chucts biẻu cảm  D. speck 

11. Here I sit ______ - no food, no money, no anything 

A. high and dry bơ vơ B. thick and thin  

C. huff and puff D. wear and tear 

12. The media regarded Gorbachev as the ______favorite to dethrone the old champ 

A. last-minute B. odds-on chắc chắn C. so-called D. well – earned 

13. The research has ______implications for medicine as a whole. 

A. far-fetched có tác động sâi rộng B. far-reaching 

C. long-winded D. nerve-wrecking 

14. Jacques launched into a ______explanation that left us just as confused as before A. far-fetched B. far-reaching 

C. long-winded dài dòng D. nerve-wrecking 

15. We ______ deny that we have ever cheated or tampered illegally with any match ball in any game during our careers. 

A. Categorically dứt khoát B. fully C. distinctly D. highly 16. All personal details are treated as ______confidential and remain on computer file. 

A. severely B. strictly bảo mật nghiêm ngặt C. sharply  D. harshly 


17. The people in that company always talk ______, even on the weekends. 

A. dirty B. shop bàn việc làm ăn C. turkey D. money 

18. It took me ages to ______up the courage to ask for a promotion 

A. pick B. hurl C. yield D. pluck lấy hết canđảm  

19. They still ______enormous influence in politics. 

A. possess B. utilize C. brandish D. wield có ảnh hưởng 

20. I don't know where he is but I could ______a guess. 

A. Hazard đoán B. conjecture C. expose D. imperil 

21. Don't ______a hard bargain over such a little thing .  

A. make B. push C. drive thương lượng D. bring 

22. His patience began to wear ______ during the long wait. 

A. thin tàn lụi dần B. rusty C. empty D. perished 

23. And undoubtedly, their mysterious, indefinable quality is the source of their ______ power. 

A. Disconcerting làm bối rối B. disembodied  C. dismissive D. discordant 

24. The depths of this understanding - which I had not at all expected - put me in a ______. 

A. doubt B. quandary tromg tình huống khó xử C. hitch  D. complexity 

25. He walked out after a ______row with his wife. 

A. Blazing cuộcn tranh cải dữ dội B. heated C. stormy D. smouldering 


26. I am ______ to listen to your pathetic excuses. 

A. sick and tired B. in no mood ko có tâm trạng C. having enough D. sick to death 

27. Anyone who breaks the law does so at their ______ 

A. peril gây nguy hiểm cho ai B. interest C. stake D. doubt 

28. Thousands of lives will be at ______if emergency aid does not arrive in the city soon. A. peril B. interest C. stake nguy hiểm D. doubt 29. Sandra will be at least 15 minutes late - that's a ______ 

A. must B. definite C. deal D. given điều tất nhiên 

30. The researchers determined that concentration effects are applicable to overrepresented minorities living in ______ impoverished ghettos. 

A. severely B. strictly rất nghèo C. sharply D. harshly 31. She's been told that her husband is being______ treated in prison. A. severely B. strictly C. sharply D. harshly bị bạc đãi 32. Alcohol is ______ forbidden on school premises. 

A. severely B. strictly nghiêm cấm tuyệt đối C. sharply D. harshly 

33. These results contrast ______with other medical tests carried out in Australia. A. severely B. strictly C. sharply đối ngich với D. harshly 34. I felt a bit _______ and seemed to have more aches and pains than usual. A. out of sorts khso chịu ko khỏe C. on the mend B. over the worst D. under the fever 

35. A: ‘Oh, I’m exhausted! I’ve been doing homework all day.’ 

 B: ‘Come and put your _______ up for 5 minutes and I’ll make you a cup of tea.’ A. hands B. hair C. heart D. feet thư gãn 


36. I overslept this morning and caught the last bus to school by the skin of my _______. 

A. mouth B. leg C. neck D. teeth trong gang tấc 

37. If you want a flat in the centre of the city, you have to pay through the _______ for it. 

A. teeth B. head C. nose trả giá giá cao D. arm 

38. You will be putting your life on the _______ if you take up skydiving. A. ground B. line liều lĩnh C. way D. lane 

39. As far as her future goes, Olivia is _______. She hasn't got a clue what career to follow. 

A. on the level B. all at sea bối rối C. behind the scenes D. in the know 

40. Your husband was a bit out of control at the party, to _______ mildly. 

A. take it B. put it nói một cách nhẹ nhàng là vậy C. say D. tell 

41. There is a large effort ________ to rebuild arts education in the New York city public schools. 

A. under way đang tiễn hành B. a long way C. out of the way D. in the way 

42. A woman who appears to be a __________person who lives under bridges, turns out to be has a metamorphose into a princess and has a regal personage.  

A. tumble-down B. downcast tuyệt vọng C. run-down D. down and-cast 

43. It included 105 job losses and a _____________ in shift work, with some of the large staff numbers recruited in the past year expected to be let go first  

A. breakdown B. layout C. cutback sự ctaws giảm D. out-take 

44. I was so tired that I just ______ in the armchair 

A. flaked out ngủ thiếp đi B. broke up C. dropped out D. fell over 5

45. Our teacher tends to ______ certain subjects which she finds difficult to talk about 

A. boil down B. string along C. skate over né tránh bỏ qua D. track down 

46. It’s a good idea to ______ people before taking them into your confidence A. tumble to B. root out C. bank on D. size up đáng giá 47. Some people can just ______ a cold,but my colds seem to linger for weeks 

A. shrug off dễ dàng vượt qua B. cough up C. pull through D. stamp out 

48. The man in the market was selling leather coats very cheaply: they were such bargains that were soon ______ . 

A. cleared off B. done for C. bought out D. snapped up mua một cách nhanh chóng 

49. I couldn’t remember where I had left my car, when it suddenly ______ me that I didn’t have a car any longer! 

A.dawned on tôi chợt nhớ ra B.ran into C.went through D.tumbled to 

50. After years of working together, the partners found themselves _______ linked. 

A. permanently B. indelibly C. perpetually D. inextricably liên quan mật thiết với nhau 

51. The medicine takes one hour to _______.  

A. bear with B. kick in có tác dụng C. make out D. get by 52. Jennifer _______ the invitation to join us for dinner. 

A. called on B. come out C. got out of D. passed on gửi lời mời 

53. It takes a very determined person to achieve results as good as this; you really have to put your______ to it. 

A. Mind đặt tâm trí vào B. head C. brain D. thoughts 

54. There's a______ balance between success and failure.  


A. small B. narrow C. fine sự cân bằng D. light 55. The manager hesitated to assign the job to the newcomer as he was__________ . A. wet behind the ears B. feeling your ears burning  C. ringing in your ears D. keeping your ears open 56..I’m afraid Jennifer’s very ______ . She believes everything she’s told. A. gullible cả tin B. trustworthy C. credible D. honest 57. I slept badly last night and am feeling particularly ______ this morning. 

A. slow-witted B. far-reaching C. off-hand D. top-heavy đau dsaauf  

58. Unanswered, the demands for nuclear deterrents have _______ fears of civil war. 

A. flashed up B. prognosticated C. sidetracked D. stoked up làm dáyy lên 

59. A new computer has been produced, which will ______ all previous models A.overdo B.supersede thay thế C.excel D.overwhelm 

60. My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on television, but she rose to the _____ wonderfully. 

A. event B. performance C. incident D. occasion thực hiện 

61. My decision to drop out of university after a year is one I now _____ regret. 

A. painfully vô cùng tiếc nuối B. harshly C. heavily D. keenly 

62. Both the favourite and then the second favourite pulled out. Naturally, we thought we were ______ a chance.  

A in with có cơ hội tốt B up for C in for D up with 63. Don’t quote me. What I am about to say is ______ the record. 

A. on B. off chưa chĩnh s thiucs C. without D. above 

64. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but I’ll try to ___________ahead with it anyway. 7

A. drive B. bang C. touch D. press continue 65. We all have to follow the rules, and none of us is ________ the law. 

A. beyond B. over C. above ngaoif vong pháp luật D. onto 

66. He wants to pay the bill himself, but I won’t hear _________ it. 

A. from B. about C. of ko chấp nhận D. for 

67. When his manager went on a business trip, Smith stepped into the _____ and chaired the meeting. 

A. hole B. pool C. breach thay thế D. crack 68. James didn’t take _____ to your suggestion that she was mean with money. A. kindly niền nở B. pleasantly C. cheerfully D. agreeably 69. We need a more _______ assessment of the chances of ending this war. 

A. moral B. sober đánh giá chính xác C. plain D. vivid 

70. Mark Stringly is rarely interviewed as he hates being in the ______. 

A. flashlight B. limelight đc mọi ngừi chó ý C. headlight D. floodlight 

71. I tried to push my way through the standing passengers to get to the door and, failing to keep my ____ about me. 

A. head B. soul C. wits giữ bình tĩnh D. mind 72. Steve used to be easy to work with, but since his promotion he’s begun to______ .  

A. throw his weight around cửư xử 1 cách kiêu canw B. throw in the towel  

C. throw him off balance D. turn up trumps 

73. The new regime determined to ________ compulsory military service. A. stop of B. end up C. phase out xóa bỏ dần D. break off 

74. As their bookshop wasn’t doing well, they decided to branch ______and sell compact discs and cassettes as well. 


A. out mở rộng kinh doanh B. over C. down on D. out for 

75. I’d been cooped ______in my office all morning so I went out for a walk and a spot of fresh air. 

A. over B. by C. down D. up bị giữ lại 

76. Why don’t you get your homework ______with so you can enjoy the rest of the evening? 

A. around B. over làm xon bt C. by D. away 77. Morag is very good at ______off the teacher in her school. 

A. sending B. calling C. taking bắt chước D. putting 

78. The class went to see the performance of Macbeth because it ______in well with the project they were doing on Scottish history. 

A. crammed B. stood C. tied có mối liên hệ chặt chẽvới D. booked 

79. I was sitting in a train looking out of the window, when my mind suddenly ______back to that amazing trip we made to India. 

A. put B. flashed nớ về C. stirred D. associated 80. Roberto should try not to let his regrets for what he has done ______away at him. A. come B. eat hủy hoại C. stick D. flood 81. I wish he wouldn’t make such unkind and ______remarks. 

A. lapse B. disparaging khiếm nhã C. inconsolable D. rough 82. Could you lend me some money to ______ me over to the end of the month? 

A. hand B. tide giúp ai vượt qua khó khăn C. get D. make 

83. Lisa attempted to ______ herself with her new boss by volunteering to take on extra work. 

A. ingratiate lấy lòng ai B. please C. gratify D. command 

84. Before they open the new factory, a lot of the young people round here were ________the dole. 


A. in B. under C. on sống nhờ vào tiền trợ cấp  D. at 

85. The factory paid ________nearly a million pounds to their employees who were injured in the explosion. 

A. off B. out trả tiền bảo hểm C. for D. into 

86. Harry blew a ________ when his holiday was cancelled. 

A. switch B. fuse bực mình C. plug D. socket 

87. I know you have a good voice and have ambitions to be an opera singer but don’t give up your day________ yet. 

A. situation B. work C. job mơ mộng D. place 

88. Not only is little Johnny's grammar incoherent and his spelling atrocious but alsohis punctuation ______ 

A. slothful B. sluggish C. hazard D. haphazard cẩu thả 

89. The media are always keen on reporting ______ 

A. mishaps B. calamities tai họa C. reverses D. hardships 90. They continued fighting despite all the ______they met with. 

A. adversities khó khăn B. amenities C. properties D. liabilities 91. I was informed by the police officer that he would be forced to take me into______ A. guardianship B. bail C. custody bắt giữai D. protection 92. By being rude to his superiors he is considered to have __________ the mark. 

A. transcended B. outrun C. surpassed D. overstepped qua s trớn 

93. I have been back to the doctor three times and he still hasn't ____________ the reason for all the pain I have been suffering from recently. 

A. indicated B. highlighted C. pinpointed chỉ ra lý do D. looked up  

94. As soon as the bomb was discovered by one of the cleaning staff, the police had the area ___________ off and no-one was allowed within two blocks of the cafe. 


A. fenced B. cordoned phong tỏa C. walled D. isolated 95. A couple of boys were _____________ in the pool. 

A. impinging on B. larking about đùA nghịch C. ploughing ahead D. floating out 

96. We were ____________ the task of writing a report of the college´s games. 

A. assigned to B. taken over C. run up D. saddled with bận rộn  

97. Anti-terrorist squad officers _________ the area to search for possible bombs. A. sealed off phong tỏa B. set off C. come through D. split up 98. The secretary dashed ___________ the weekly report to his director A. up B. off làm nhanh C. of D. for 99. I __________ an important deal yesterday and she was so thrilled! 

A. came across B. mucked up làm hỏng việc C. shot down D. gunned for 

100. There’s been a slight improvement in his heallth, but he’s not out of the _______ yet. 

A. bush B. wood thoát khỏi nguy hiểm C. hand D. reach 



1. Be realistic! You can’t go through life looking at the world through _______. A. rosed-coloured spectacles nhìn qua lăng kính B. bright sights C. magnificent spectacles D. green fingers 

2. I realized ______ that he was a thief.  

A. sooner of later B. all along ngay từ đầu C. at the beginning D. eventually 

3. The minister made no _______ of any further negotiations. 

A mention ko đề cập đếnB. comment C. indication D. remark 

4. I don't think Jones and Marlowe should work together on this project. They have shown us before that they are quite _________ as partners. 

A. rebellious B. disinterested C. disagreeable D. incompatible ko hợp nhu 

5. Let me ______ over the matter and give you my decision in a few days. A. bite B. munch C. chew nghiền ngẫm D. gnaw 

6. Find someone who will let you talk things through, or _____ that, write down your thoughts. 

A. except B. failing nếu ko C. for all of D. given 7. They will need time to _________ the proposals we have submitted. 


A. lash out B. scroll over C. shrivel up D. mull over ngẫm nghĩ 

8. Karen was terribly nervous before the interview but she managed to pull herself ________ and act confidently. 

A. through B. over C. together giữ bình tĩnh D. off 9. I don't agree with his policies but I'm going to ______ them for now. A. play along with tạm thời làm theo B. play cat and mouse with 

C. play havoc with D. play down 

10. His promise is as good as ______. We can rely on him. 

A. gold có thể tin tu B. gem C. diamond D. jewel 11. These days the castle is swamped with ________ of tourists. 

A. hordes du khách B. cliques C. mobs D. assemblies 

12. His flat looks so ______ that it is difficult to believe he just had a party last night.  

A. spick and span sạch sẽ B. by and large C. safe and sound D. sick and tired  

13. I am not able to go anywhere this weekend because I am up to my ______ in work. A. neck B. nose C. waist D. ankle 14. Brain cancer requires ______ treatment such as surgery. 

A. aggressive điều trị khắc ngiệt B. confrontational C. malignant D. rigorous 

15. He praised his wife for her dignity under the ______of the tabloid press.  

A. onslaught dưới sựép buoojc của B. assault C. onset  D. offensive 

16. The old man led a _______ existence after she left and refused even to see his children.  

A. reclusive sống ẩn đạt B. deserted C. remote D. vacant 17. I thought I had made it_____ that I didn’t wish to discuss this matter. 


A. distinct B. plain nói rõ C. frank D. straight 18. We work too much. Our teacher keeps our noses to the ________ . 

A. stone B. mill stone C. stonemill D. grindstone bắt ai làm việc cật lực 

19. He is a simple fellow. He usually wears his heart on his _________ . A. arm B. sleeve chấc phác C. face D. brow 20. This is the straw that breaks the _________ back. 

A. horse’s B. mule’s C. donkey’s D. camel’s ko còn sức chịu đựng 

21. The juvenile delinquent was place on ___________ for a year. 

A. trial B. charge C. probation án tù treo D. surveillance 

22. I soon got the ____________ of the new machine. 

A. hang hiểu nắm bắt đc B. sway C. string D. drift 

23. Harry was offered a scholarship to study in Japan and he _____ the opportunity with both hands.  

A. grasped nắm bắt cơ họi B. grabbed C. held D. passed 

24. A full scholarship to Harvard and you are worried about leaving your job? You’d be a fool to _____ up a chance like that. 

A. turn B. brush C. pass bỏ lỡ cơ hội D. cast 

25. He admitted taking a bribe and he doesn’t think he’s _______ his chances of getting re-elected? 

A. pulled B. wiped C. thrown D. blown bỏ lỡ cơ hội 

26. Given the appalling weather conditions on top of the mountain, I’d say the chances of their finding any survivors are very _______ indeed.  

A. narrow B. lean C. remote cơ hội nhỏ nhoi D. shallow 


27. I suppose there is a _______ chance that he could win, but I can’t see it happening, myself.  

A. thin B. slim cơ hội mỏngmmanh C. meagre D. short 

28. If someone offered me a posting in South Africa, I’d _______ at the chance. 

A. bound B. jump chớp lấy cơ hội C. grab D. seize 

29. During winter the shelters are full of people of no fixed _______. A. residence B. abode vô gia cư C. home D. domicile 30. Until your finances are in the _______, it is not a good idea to take out a loan. A. credit B. funds C. profit D. black nhiều tiền 31. The matter has been left in _______ until the legal ramifications have been explored.  A. recess B. suspension C. abeyance bịhoanx D. waiting 

32. It was an extremely hostile article which cast _______ on the conduct of the entire cabinet. 

A. criticism B. aspersions vu khống C. disapproval D. abuse 33 Could I pick your _______ on the subject before the meeting? 

A. Brains thao khảo ý kiến B. mind C. head D. intellect 

34. Simon's business has been on the _______ for some time and I understand he's going into liquidation. 

A. fire B. rocks gặp khó khă C. wave D. clouds 35. She wouldn’t have heard anything. She is _______ deaf. 

A. Stone điếc B. rock C. post D. bat 

36. We've made some great improvements over the past three months, but we're still not out of the _______ . 

A. jungle B. bush C. dark D. woods thoát khỏi ngu hiểm  

37. We need a process that ______ corrupt police officers. 


A. tides over B. beats about C. barks up D. weeds out loại bỏ 38. If you had never seen a telly ad, you would be all at ______ with popular culture. A. crossroads B. distance C. sea bối rối D. length 39. Kristina felt on top of the ______ when she won the beauty pageant. A. world vui B. earth C. sky D.universe 40. Mary is the black ______ of the family. She's always in trouble with the police. 

A. dog B. cat C. sheep người bị bỏ rơi D. horse 

41. His fee is a drop in the ______ compared with the real cost of broadcasting. A. bucket B. ocean nhỏ nhoi C. lake D. sea 

42. I'd been living in this country for a few years, but it wasn't until I had kids that I felt like I had really put down ______ here. 

A. roots sống cố công việc ổn điinhjB. seeds C. nuts D. fruits 

43. I'm absolutely ______ under with work at the moment. 

A. snowed vùi đầu vào công ciệc B. iced C. rained D. fogged 

44. I have been ______ by ill health ever since I left university.  

A. hounded B. wormed C. ducked D. dogged bị bệnh 45. It was a very wild winter. I think we had one ______ of snow and that was it.  A. gust B. flurry tuyết rơi nhẹ C. drop D. patch 

46. I always clean the flat before my mom comes round, but she always find at least one ______ of dust and says it’s filthy. 

A. scrap B. gust C. speck hạt bụi D. blade 47. As winter ends, I always seem to feel a ______ of energy. 

A. charge B. spring C. revival D. burst tràn đầy năng lượng 


48. The entire staff was thrown off ______ when the news of the takeover was announced. 

A. composure B. disarray C. stable D. balance bối rối 49. Gavin will ______ to the challenge of his new promotion. 

A. raise B. rise đối mặt với changllenge C. ride D. arise 

50. I know you have a good voice and have ambitions to be an opera singer but do not give up your day ______ yet.  

A. situation B. work C. job mơ mông xã hội D. place 

51. I am in the ______ as to where Chris was last night. 

A. shade B. dark ko buieet gì C. pink D. black 52. Breaking his leg dealt a ______ to his chances of becoming a professional footballer.  

A. thump B. strike C. hit giáng một đòn mạnh D. blow 

53. Let’s make a dash for the train now as the rain seems to be ______ off. A. easing giảm bớt B. slowing C. reducing D. running 54. Our firm is so successful because it is at the cutting ______ of compoter technology.  

A. limit B. fringe C. verge D. edge lợi thế về một lĩnh vực nào đó 

55. Monsoon Wedding was described as a cinematic jewel when it hit the _____________ screen. 

A. golden B. silver ngành điện ảnh C. bronze D. diamond 

56. For busy people in today’s society, lifestyle management is gaining ______ . A. points B. speed C. ground phổ biến D. terrain 

57. We at Buyrite throw down the ______ to competitors to match us for price, quality and service.  

A. mitten B. gauntlet thách đấu C. sword D. hat 17

58. This time she's leaving for ______. She will never return. 

A. all B. always C. good mãi mãi D. once 59. The old house was ______furnished and we had to buy almost everything new. A. thinly B. sparsely thiếu dụng cụ C. mildly D. rarely 

60. Sometimes, we don't appreciate the ______ pleasures of life such as a beautiful sky, a cup of coffee with a friend or seeing a good film at the cinema. 

A. sheer B. simple hạnh phúc bình dị C. normal D. plain 

61. That old house hasn't been lived in for nearly thirty years, hence the fact that it looks so ______ .  

A. decrepit B. trashed C. rotten D. derelict bị bỏ hoang 

62. Despite harsh criticism, she's sticking to her ______ on this issue. 

A. weapons B. guns giữ vững lập trường C. thumb D. neck 

63. If traffic increases beyond a certain level, the city grinds to a ______ A. halt bị tê liệt B. stop C. pause D. end 

64. Various ecological issues have come to the ______ since the discovery of the hole in the earth's ozone layer.  

A. front B. back C. side D. fore trở nên nghiêm trọng 

65. I've seen her perform on television, but never in the ______ 

A. meat B. flesh gặp nhau ngoài đời C. blood D. vein 

66. The full horror of the war only hit ______ when we started seeing the television pictures of it.  

A. base B. down C. home trở nên rõ rằng D. back 

67. She's always ______ to me about how badly she's treated at work. 18

A. grumbling càu nhàu B. whining C. objecting D. complaining 

68. I didn't mean to leave her name off the list; it was a(n) ______ .  A. neglect B. disregard C. insult D. oversight sơ suất 

69. The most important parts of your job may seem difficult now but they will become second ______ to you within a couple of weeks. 

A. instinct B. thought C. nature trở nên quen thuộc D. mind 

70. The winning team were roundly criticised by the local media for the way in which they had ______ over the losing team. It was considered very unsporting. 

A. gloated cười hả hê B. relished C. showed up D. dominated 

71. Jack was disappointed not to be promoted as he was given to ______ that the job would be his. 

A. know B. understand tin là C. realize D. say 

72. I retired three years ago and didn't know what to do with myself. Getting this dog has given me a new ______of life. 

A. burst B. loan C. lease mơ ra 1 new life D. extension 

73. I found the last scene extremely ______ and particularly well - directed.  

A. pathetic B. sympathetic C. pitiful D. moving càm động 

74. I'm about to start my long-planned swimming regime. But I've got really terrible cellulite, which makes me feel rather ______ 

A. self-assured B. self - centred  

C. self-conscious xấu hổ D. self-evident 75. What can we do to persuade drivers that alcohol can turn a car into a ______weapon?  

A. lethal vũ khí chết người B. fatal C. mortal  D. venal 

76. Large UK-owned companies are ______ their European rivals when it comes to creating wealth, a study has concluded.  


A. outstripping vượt xa nổi trội hơn B.. catching up C. overruning D. exceeding 

77. Donald Trump’s pledge to rip up existing trade deals with Mexico would ______ substantial damage on the US economy and kill the region’s competitiveness on the world stage, according to the Mexican economist who led the country’s trade talks with the US.  

A. induce B. inflict gây ra C. impose D. wreak 

78. Another, perhaps inspired by the nursery rhyme, is that a(n) ______ for sweet things during pregnancy makes you more likely to be having a girl, while a boy will make you crave savoury, salty foods, meat and cheese in particular.  

A. inspiration B. affinity C. predilection sự ưa chuộng D. propensity 

79. The inconsiderate driver was ______ for parking his vehicle in the wrong place. A. inflicted B. harassed C. condemned D. confined bị bắt 80. The proposal would ______ a storm of protest around the country  A. spark khuấy động 

 B. sparkle C. ignite D. trigger 81. She refused to answer questions that ______ her private affairs 

A. infringed on B. imprinted in C. impinged on xâm phạm D. indulged in 

82. The book is such a ______ that I can not put it down 

A. page-turner 1 cuốn sách thú vị B. best-seller C. duvet-cover D. mind-reader 

83. The European Parliament has called for a humanitarian conference to be ______ to discuss how to tackle the growing crisis.  

A. gathered B. collected C. assembled D. convened triệu tập 

84. The rates of extreme poverty have halved in recent decades. But 1.2 billion people still live ______ 

A. on the house B. on the tenterhooks  20

C. on the breadine sống trong sự nghèo khổ D. on the cards 

85. From football to fashion, from TV to stage, we name the ______ stars whose careers are likely to rocket in the future.  

A. out and about B. up and coming có tiềm năng  C. down and out D. in and out 

86. Obama expressed regret as a US drone strike has______ killed innocent hostages. 

A. incongruously B. vehemently C. inadvertently vô tình D. graciously 

87. You never know whether to take Vic seriously or whether his remarks are tongue in ______ . 

A. cheek mỉa mai B. mouth C. tooth D. face 88. Applications for the course are coming in thick and ______. 

A. thin B. quick C. fast dồn dập D. skin 

89. Mike ______ the tone of the formal dinner by appearing in a pair of ripped jeans and an old T-shirt.  

A. set B. lowered làm giảm sự trang trọng C. degraded  D. put 

90. The exercise routine works in ______ with the diet. 

A. tandem B. league C. hand D. cooperation 91. The audience were in ______ as they watched the latest Aykebourne comedy. A. stitches cười ko ngớt B. pleats C. tears D. shreds 92. Do not mention work to Ray, as it is a sore ______ with him at the moment. 

A. finger B. point điều làm đau lòng C. place D. thumb 

93. It is hard to get back into the ______ of things after a long holiday. 

A. pace B. way C. swing trở lại bình thường D. rhythm 

94. The trouble with socializing with colleagues is that they usually end up talking ______ 


A. sense B. shop bàn việc kinh doanh C. back D. safe 

95. Take your mobile phone with you just to be on the ______ side. 

A. sunny B. secure C. straight D. safe cho chắc chắn 

96. Dealing with the failed waste incinerator project is a ______ issue in west Norfolk 

A. Burning vấn đề nóng B. heating C.boiling D. firing 

97. With the amount of traffic nowadays, even a trip across town is ______ with dangers. 

A. Beset đầy giận dữ B. surrounded C. assaulted D. devoid 

98. He was forced to ______ control of the company. 

A. discard B. relinquish give up C. quit D. surrender 99. Getting up at 8 o’clock was early by her ______  

A. reasons B. standards thói quen C. limits D. levels 100. He kept telling us about his operation, in the most ______ detail. 

A. elaborate B. knotty C. graphic thông tin chi tiết D. burning 



1. Democracy died after a period of ________(cease) wars, imperial expansion abroad, and the rise of demagoguery at home. 

2. The consequences of ________ (compel) gambling are comparable to those of any other addictive disease and are not simply those of financial loss. 

3. The prison service has the twin goals of punishment and ________ (habit).  

4. The first ________ (conceive) is that legal study at university is exclusively for students who intend becoming solicitors or advocates. 


5. Too late, she remembered the ________ (settle) effect such comments would have on Johnny. 

6. Some economists are now predicting the danger of ________ (run) inflation. 7. The ________ (narrate) in this book plays second fiddle to the excellent photographs.  8. They were now faced with seemingly________(mount) technical problems. 

9. When you come down on him too hard, you may only intensify his own ________ (critic) 

10. Your speech should not have been ________ (lace) with these facts beside the point. 11. Their views lie outside the ________ (stream) of current medical opinion. 12. The teachers are fair and avoid ________ (favour) and scapegoating. 13. She has become ________(mesh) in a tangle of drugs and petty crime.  

14. Do not set your goals too high or else you will always be failing and there is nothing more ________ (moral) 

15. The demise of the industry has caused ________(tell) misery to thousands of hard working tradesmen.  

16. Attracting the banks are the ________ (surge) economy and reforms that have opened up industries to foreign capital. 

17. The ordinary reader is impressed by the tone and manner of publication, and the words chosen to ________ (head) a story. 

18. At all events, it was this group of the ________ (possess) that gave the first successful impetus to the Revolution. 

19. ________(prey) pricing by large supermarkets was threatening the livelihood of smaller businesses.  

20. He is a ________(voice) critic of the president's stance on abortion.  21. She made several ________ (par) remarks about the manager she dislikes. 22. As women we tend to be ________ (face) and make light of what we have achieved. 

23. GEW lamp dimming promise uptime at least 1500 hours, raised productivity and reduces ________ (time) 

24. Would you mind if I took one of the pictures as a________(keep)? 23

25. Mania usually alternates with depression, to form a ________ (pole) disorder. 

26. This was too wide a ________ (hole) for the tax planners: no wonder inheritance tax is called a voluntary tax. 

27. The teacher said that he found it difficult to cope with a class of ________ (affect) teenagers.  

28. He is ________ (fail) polite and tries desperately to understand other people's views. 

29. The court ________ (turn) that decision on the grounds that the Prosecution had withheld crucial evidence. 

30. Some of these statements are misleading and some downright ________ (amend) 31. The state ________ (fast) refused to settle this matter at any time. 

32. What is illustrated by these photographs is as much the culture of shamelessness as the reigning admiration for ________ (apology) brutality. 

33. The judge found that in her case there were________(mitigate) circumstances. 34. He impressed his audience by the ________ (profound) of his knowledge. 35. The causes of social ________(stress) include inadequate housing. 

36. He was in the ________ (envy) position of having to choose between imprisonment or exile. 

37. He was ________ (capacity) by old age and sickness. 

38. The bank is ________ (solve) and will be unable to live up to its obligations. 

39. Natalie considered herself very ________ (virtue) because she neither drank nor smoked. 

40. Their refusal to ________ (tail) spending plans and to increase the burden on poll tax payers is expected. 

41. Rather than a benevolent "socialist" super power China, whose population is made up over 90% Han Chinese, will ________ (stride) the world as a racially homogeneous, and communalistic "Middle Kingdom”.  

42. Broadly speaking, on-line shopping experiences can be categorized into two distinct dimensions: ________ (use) and hedonic value. 

43. It encouraged experimenters to propose ________ (beat) or novel approaches to problems. 


44. It's a bustling ________ (eat) where the fishy fare is served in cones of butcher's paper. 

45. Several spoke out against the harshly ________ (right) tone of the original motion. 46. Elections are essential for the ________ (sustain) of parliamentary democracy. 

47. ________ (similar) is consequently difficult, particularly as the minority groups experience considerable hostility. 

48. Growth and ________ (mature) of vascular plants are often controlled by light, usually in conjunction with temperature. 

49. The practice of meditation and ________ (temple) is life-long, reflecting this daily process of repentance and change at heart. 

50. The new policy only serves to ________ (accent) the inadequacy of provision for the homeless. 

51. Pressure was applied with cool precision: women had discovered that to ________ (step) male dominance was to avoid destructive rage. 

52. I found your book absolutely ________ (thrall)! 

53. Listen to both sides and you will be ________ (light), heed only one side and you will be ________ (night). 

54. Bertha, exaggerating the seriousness of the affair, thought it ________ (charlatan) to undertake a post without knowledge and without capacity 

55. I write this down ________ (verb), for much the same reason I took notes in college. 56. She came to the party wearing a(n) ________ (land) costume and blond wig. 

57. Opposition leaders said they would try to stage nationwide protests, but previous opposition rallies have met only ________ (warm) support. 

58. She gave me some friendly advice without a trace of ________ (descend) 59. It's that ________ (patron) tone of hers that I can't bear. 

60. And then, to the audience's ________ (mystic), the band suddenly stopped playing. 

61. The ________ (conspire) of the assissination of the president was brought to light in time. 

62. The report is critical of attempts by________(official) to deal with the problem of homelessness. 


63. The system of counties was essential to Frankish government, and a count could wield considerable power, particularly in ________ (far) regions. 

64. Jaubert had been a reasonable man to work for, had never asked her to do anything illegal or ________ (taste) 

65. Darwin's theory of evolution was a(n) ________ (shed) dividing the old way of thinking from the new. 

68. For twenty-five years he ________ (pain) amassed evidence to support his hypothesis. 

69. He felt out of place, a(n) ________ (conform) in a society where conformity was highly prized. 

70. She unveiled the picture with a(n) ________ (ceremony) gesture. 

71. Travellers may be ________ (inquire) about the world, but they also travel to make discoveries about themselves. 

72. Both Hathor and her potential victims became ________ (exceed) drunk and merry, so she failed at her task. 

73. Operation Rescue was an organization notorious for its ________ (front) tactics and its implacable opposition to abortion under all circumstances. 

74. A(n) ________ (face) approach to sustainable construction is required for use by policy - makers, practitioners and civil society. 

75. Wage control is the ________ (corner) of the government's economic policy. 76. She's ________ (fail) cheerful no matter what the circumstances. 77. Instead of just ________ (moan) your fate, why not do something to change it? 

78. For users, they are still expensive ________ (add) features and come with their own set of integration problems. 

79. Foreign observers also accused the authorities of widespread ________ (practice) 80. ________ (type) images of women are used to legitimise male dominance. 

81. It will ________ (legal) sex - far from helping girls resist pressure, it will help boys bully girls into sex. 

82. Mongolia, although poor, has considerable ________ (tap) resources of oil and minerals. 


83. Towards the end of the ________(infant) period the child is becoming more perspicacious. 

84. It would be ________ (ingenuity) on our part to pretend ignorance of our book's impact, both in sales and controversy. 

85. I think I must have known ________(conscience) that something was going on between them. 

86. If evolution has________ (wire) into us a belief that there are objective moral obligations, then we will believe that there are 

87. You want clothes that are stylish as well as practical, versatile, ________ (task) and low maintenance. 

88. His failures ________ (line) the difference between theatre and film direction. 

89. In other words, subcultural cleavage has attenuated and cultural ________ (homogeneous) has extended from structural orientation into policy orientation. 

90. As the inspector and others came in, she regarded them ________ (disdain), seemingly unconcerned about her capture. 

91. The concert hall itself reminds one ________ (play) of reproduction art deco and is also acoustically first-class and adaptable. 

92. She didn't want to confront the ________ (escape) fact that she would have to sell the house. 

93. He made a fortune buying ________ (run) houses and fixing them up to sell. 

94. Business schools, who currently dominate entrepreneurship teaching and research, ________ (compartment) knowledge into functional boxes. 

95. Idealism was deeply________ (credit) by the failure to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War 

96. We will reform principal local councils into a(n) ________ (unit) system based on natural communities and the wishes of local people. 

97. Since ________ (regulate), banks are permitted to set their own interest rates. 

98. These years witnessed the ________ (integrate) and destruction of the English peasantry. 

99. This was really a(n) ________thought, and I reproved myself often for the simplicity of it. (whim) 


100. There seems to be a(n )________ (satisfy) demand for more powerful computers 


1. A portion of the proceeds will be ________. for providing school fees for poor children for the coming academic year. (mark) 

2. The administration ropes in all educational institutions, government offices, public sector ________ and universities for the purpose of mobilising funds. (take) 

3. Contraception is less ________ or affordable in South America. (cure) 4. Both toxic and ________ potentials are properties of all drugs. (cure) 


5. While learning has changed for students in this new century, we are ________ by the boundless opportunity presented in our lifetime. (bold) 

6. It does not become an economic ________ but it does become a ‘newly industrialized country’, like Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea. (power) 

7. We believe that the most effective enforcement tool is self-policing and ________ (strain).  

8. It is possible to humanely raise and slaughter a variety of food animals, including ________ poultry and beef cattle. (range) 

9. Most of this feature includes behind-the-scenes video ________ of the crew working and goofing off. (foot) 

10. Together they forged a(n) ________ intellectual climate that has profoundly shaped my career. (vigour) 

11. We will investigate the tradeoffs among data ________, data hiding capacity, and probabilities of extraction errors in different applications. (perceive) 

12. This is a(n) ________ thriller that promises to deliver. (page) 

13. Death, from this perspective, seems unproblematically universal, a simple, irreducible fact of our nature, ________ the same across all societies and throughout time (yield) 

14. Of course there is a(n) ________ between such advantages of large cells and the disadvantages of slower cell multiplication. (trade) 

15. Today we look at claims that in Queensland, the regime that looks after the most vulnerable people, the infirm elderly, and ________ adults, is failing. (capacity) 

16. Scholars have tried to make a case for ________, competitiveness, and selfishness as innate human trait. (acquire) 

17. The judge ruled that Newman's comments were not a(n) ________offense. (act) 18. She was a very selfish, ________ bad-tempered little girl. (agree) 

19. Before creating this sculpture, she studied all the masterpieces of classical ________ (antique) 

20. He claims that the laws are ________ and have no contemporary relevance. (antique) 

21. I fretted and sweated as they stalked in and stared around with that ________, accusatory look of all cops everywhere. (approve) 


22. A good teacher can encourage ________creativity. (art) 

23. She's ________ and knows how to get round her parents. (art) 

24. Most ________ or totalitarian regimes are nonconstitutional. (authority) 

25. One encouraging feature of period-instrument performances in recent decades has been a growing concern with reliable and ________editions. (authority) 

26. It is essential that there is a(n) ________ (author) use of the confidential information. 27. He thought back to the ________ days of his childhood. (care) 

28. They gave him a(n) ________ assurance that he would not be hurt.(category) 

29. They are taking ________measures to safeguard their forces from the effects of chemical weapons. (caution) 

30. Their ________ greetings did not seem heartfelt. (ceremony) 

31. The full costume is only worn on important ________ occasions. (ceremony) 

32. Utilitarian notions in the social sciences are not enough for even providing a(n) ________ framework for grasping what actually happens. (concept) 

33. It once seemed ________ to everyone that men should travel to the moon. (conceive) 34. The procedure is in strict ________ with standard international practices.(conform) 35. The present economic policy is a(n) ________ of the earlier one. (continue) 36. An historical awareness also imparts a sense of________(continue).  

37. Last month's elections saw a ________ in power of the country's socialist party. (continue) 

38. It's very ________ to find out that your own team members have been lying to you. (courage) 

39. Do you believe in the ________ powers of the local mineral water? (cure) 40. She has an artist's ________ eye. (discriminate) 

41. The government enacted laws to protect women from ________employment practices (discriminate) 

42. Maria loved both the children. There was never a hint of ________ (favour) 30

43. They often are involved in the hiring and dismissal of employees but generally have no role in the ________ of personnel policy. (form) 

44. An agreement on the ________ of a new government was reached on June 6. (form) 45. There are people who want to ________ you and grind you down. (humble) 

46. The discussions reached a new level of ________ and by lunchtime the exchanges were becoming very heated. (intense) 

47. ________ and specialization in agriculture, especially in the vineyards, gave rise to commercial exchange and opportunity for profit and saving. (intense) 

48. Areas near the frontier were rough and ________ in the old days. (law) 49. It is ________ for a teacher to inflict corporal punishment on pupils. (law) 

50. The relation of politics and economy is a ________ of historical gradual progress. (master) 

51. A builder from South London, McAvoy was the ________ of the robbery (master) 

52. Photographs and ________ that cover the walls and fill several display cases chronicle the foods this area is famous for. (memory) 

53. The three countries have signed a(n) ________ pledging to work together. (memory) 

54. Olympic gold medalist Ekaterina Gordeeva is writing a(n) ________ about her life with Sergei Grinkov, her late husband and figure-skating partner.(memory) 

55. Her first defeat was an early lesson in ________ (humble).  

56. They cannot forget the ________ they suffered at the hands of their oppressors. (humble).  

57. Sales have slowed down quite ________ (mark).  

58. To the untrained eye, the two flowers look ________ similar. (mark) 59. Always check the ________ before you buy a secondhand car (mile) 60. The invention of the wheel was a(n) ________ in the history of the world. (mile) 61. One ________ lapse in concentration could prove fatal. (moment) 62. It was in Glasgow, however, that many ________ events were taking place. (moment) 63. Guy was greedy, ________, obsessed with power and self-gratification. (moral) 


64. Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and ________ (moral) 

65. Since their interest in the past was primarily ________, precise knowledge of actual events and when they happened was not required. (moral) 

66. A couple of victories would improve the team's ________enormously. (moral) 

67. You become ________ when things are not going your way and you can't really see a way out of it. (moral) 

68. To the audience's ________, the band suddenly stopped playing. (mystical) 69. Electric-powered cars are still something of a ________ (novel) 

70. Comparisons are simpler to make when ________ data is presented in diagrammatic form and conclusions are easier to draw from it. (number) 

71. ________ pictures have been deemed to contribute to a hostile environment (object) 

72. Personal disinterest in a programme content will help your ________ in assessing its potential for your public relations purposes. (object) 

73. To say that the ________(observe) of this custom or law is sacrilegious or illicit must be regarded as ________ (error).  

74. Recent developments in biology have made it possible to acquire more and more precise information concerning our genetic ________ . Scientists can even today identify a number of genetic disorders that may cause illness and disease. (make)  

75. Since 1990 the price of sugar has tended to fluctuate more wildly than any of the other four commodity groups, and has almost ________ been the most expensive relative to 2002-2004 prices. (vary) 

76. A dozen international poverty and development organizations published a report last week on the impact of building new coal power plants in countries where a large percentage of the population lacks access to electricity. The report’s conclusions are strikingly ________: on the whole, building coal power plants does little to help the poor, and often it can actually make them poorer. (intuition)  

77. The scandal surely ________ the end of his political career. (sign)  78. He gained ________ for being difficult to work with as an actor. (notorious) 

79. Tre Transformer is quite intriguing. It is ________ one of the best movies of the year. (doubt)  


80. Her hip has been ________ for quite a while, and she'll probably need surgery on it. (trouble)  

81. Her latest novel is a(n) ________ thriller, set some time in the late 21st century. (future)  

82. The new policy only serves to ________ the inadequacy of help for the homeless. (accent)  

83. Successful candidates will be required to ________ an induction programme. (take)  

84. Radio 4 also announced a new ________ of Primo Levi’s short story collection The Periodic Table, starring Henry Goodman and introduced by Janet Suzman, to be broadcast in 12 episodes of varying lengths this spring. (drama)  

85. In the UK, the ratio of people of working age to people over 65 could fall from 3.7 to 1 in 1999 to 2.1 to 1 in 2040. This suggests a very big increase in the ________ ratio and is consequently a cause for concern because with current spending pension commitments, it will place a higher burden on the shrinking working population. (depend)  

86. The UK government has already made tentative steps to raise the retirement age and increase the role of private sector pensions. These policies will make an ageing population more ________ (manage).  

87. Ian Darkin of One Traveller, which specialises in offering holidays for mature single travellers, says: “The new generation of ________ (retire) aren’t sitting at home knitting. Their keenness to experience other countries and cultures is ________ (diminish) with age.”  

88. The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a(n) ________ calling for a halt to hostilities. (solve)  

89. Environmental degradation is ________ (character) as any change or aggravation to nature’s turf seen to be pernicious or ________ (desire).  

90. The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction describes environmental degradation as the ________ of the limit of the earth to meet social and environmental destinations, and needs (less).  

91. Humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth’s remaining ________ in the last 25 years and there may be none left within a century if trends continue, according to an authoritative new study. (wild)  

92. Technology has been lauded as a way to free up time for us, yet the reality of an all consuming medium often does the reverse. New innovations bring with them a host of 


________ consequences, ranging from the troubling to the downright depressing. Social media makes us lonely. Too much screen-time makes teenagers fall behind their peers. And at the more feeble end of the spectrum, many of us have walked into an obstacle while texting. (intend)  

93. Zombies are archetypal monsters from the bottom of the uncanny valley, with their dead eyes and ________ faces (express).  

94. The terrible scenes were indelibly ________ on his mind (print).  

95. Phyllis Schlafly, the ________ conservative activist who helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, has died. (speak)  

96. The results ________ poor hygiene as one cause of the outbreak. (imply) 97. The country’s economic crisis had a(n) ________ effect on world markets. (settle) 

98. The piece, which had been affected by centuries of ________ and grime, was brought back its former glory by seven conservators from the museum's Hamilton Kerr Institute. (colour) 

99. The company has established total ________ over its rivals. (supreme) 

100 Despite fighting between the government and SPLA rebels, citizens will be allowed ________ (hinder) access to humanitarian aid via "tranquility corrid. 


Part 26.  

A few countries, mainly in the south, have large herds of elephants that are growing in number and are rapidly exceeding the (1)________ of game reserves to sustain them. In most other countries, mainly in the centre of the continent, elephants are (2)________ but extinct. The lines of conflict are (3)________ by this division. Countries with big and growing herds push for culling and trade in elephant products. Those (4)________ favour a ban on trade in ivory. 

For environmentalists, the answer is to (5)______ elephants from overpopulated to underpopulated areas, can help to ease the pressures to cull and stops the bitter clashes (6)________ what to do. However, this is often just too expensive. 

The only real (7)________ lies in the opening up of large new elephant rangelands by dropping the fences of game reserves and joining them up with other protected areas, including those in adjacent countries. This would create new homelands for thousands of elephants at a (8)________ of the cost. In fact, one such trans-frontier park was opened early this year. between South Africa and Botswana in the Kalahari. The governments of 


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique have agreed to (9)________ up two more trans- frontier parks in areas (10) ________ high elephant congestion. 

Part 27.  

The advertising industry is suffering from a brain drain because an increasing number of senior executives find the strains of the job (1)_______ with family life, a survey shows. Stress counsellors say more mature staff are voting with their (2)_______ because they are disillusioned by poorer pay and less fun since the spendthrift heyday of the late Seventies. Rather than pursue a place on the board, many choose alternative but less lucrative jobs as (3)_______ as furniture-making and alternative medicine, which enable them to spend more time with their children. 

Experts from the institute say their 2001 census of the 14,000 advertising employees in Britain raises (4)_______ over a lack of experience in senior positions. There was a danger that unless companies made greater efforts to retain experienced staff, they may lose (5)_______ with the "grey market" as the population grew older. 

Hamish Pringle, the institute's director general, says: "It bothers me that by definition this means the industry has very few people with any significant business experience. There are people advising clients on multimillion-pound decisions who are really very wet behind the (6)_______. You've got to ask yourself whether that is really good for the business." 

He says increasing numbers of men and women tired (7)_______ by the dual demands of desk work and essential socialising in the London-dominated industry are leaving around the age of 40 to achieve a healthier balance between work and home life. 

Part 28.  

Sports psychology is the science of behaviour (1)_______ to exercise and sport participation. With levels of competition rising ever higher and differences between competing athletes being measured in fractions of a second, increasing numbers of sportsmen and women are using sports psychologists to help them gain a competitive (2)_______. During the past decade major national organizations addressing the area of sports psychology have emerged. Parallel increases have been apparent in the number of books on the topic, but there is a (3)_______ between the large amount of publicity about the field and the relatively few trained professionals around. Until now it has been a comparatively unknown area academically, however, in the (4)_______ of the next few years, with a rising number of universities offering specialist training, this (5)_______ of affairs will be resolved as more and more people take up the profession in earnest.  

Part 29. 


The research in the University of Leicester Department of Media and Communication examines interest in celebrities and gossip about them. It was carried out by Dr Charlotte De Backer who (1)_______ in her study to explain interest in celebrity culture. 

She said: “Life is about learning, (2)_______ experience and in that process we have a tendency to observe and mimic the actions of others. Ideally we mimic what makes others successful and (3)_______ unsuccessful actions others have trialed (and paid for). 

“In reality, humans seem to have the tendency to mimic the overall behavior pattern of higher status or more successful others.  

“This explains why celebrities act as role models for broad (4)_______ of behaviour they display - good or bad.” 

Dr De Backer also examined another theory for interest in celebrity, known as the Parasocial Hypothesis. In this (5)_______, the bonds are parasocial, or one-way because the celebrity reveals private information (often involuntary), and the audience members respond emotionally to this, but there is no feedback of the private life of the audience going to the celebrity (or hardly ever), and (6)_______ do celebrities display emotions towards their audience 

Her study of 800 respondents and over 100 interviews confirmed that younger participants showed greater interest in celebrity gossip, even if it was about celebrities who were a lot older than them and even when they did not know the celebrities. They showed greatest interest in internationally (7)_______ celebrities, because they considered those as more prestigious. 

Her study also found that older people were interested in celebrity gossip not because they wanted to learn about the celebrities, but because it helped them to (8)_______ social networks with other people. 

“We did find in the interviews that older people do not gossip about celebrities as (9)_______ because they want to learn from them or feel befriended with them, but they use celebrity gossip to (10)_______ with real - life friends and acquaintances. 

Part 30.  

How far should members of the public have to run the risk of personal harm where scientific or technological innovation is (1)_______? In some legal systems, incuding European Union law, the (2)_______ of the precautionary principle is a statuory requirement. The precautionary principle advises society to be cautious about a technology or practice where there is scientific uncertainty, ignorance, gaps in knowledge or the likelihood of (3)_______ outcomes. 


This runs (4)_______ to the optimistic notion that any adverse effects that arise unintentionally can be addressed. (5)_______, some claim these may provide an opportunity to develop new solutions, and in this way contribute to economic growth. For this reason, the US Chamber of Commerce dislikes the precautionary approach and prefers the use of sound science, cost – benefit (6)_______, and risk assessment when assessing a particular regulatory issue. Its strategy is therefore to : ‘Oppose the domestic and international adoption of the precautionary principle (7)_______ a basis for regulatory decision making.’ Yet history (8)_______ us that asbestos, halocarbons and PCBs seemed like miracle substances at first, but turned out to be highly problematic for human and environmental health. 

Part 31.  

Our biological clocks govem almost every aspect of our lives. Our sensitivity to stimuli (1)_______ over the course of the day, and our ability to perform certain functions is subjects to fluctuations. Consequently, there is an (2)______ time for tasks such as making decision: around the middle of the day. Anything that (3)_______ physical co ordination, on the other hand, is best attempted in the early evening. What is more , there is a dramatic drop in performance if these activities are carried out at other times. The risk of accident in a factory, for example, is 20% higher during the night (4)________. Primitive humans lived their lives in (5)_______ with the daily cycle of light and dark. Today we are firmly convinced that we can impose schedules on our lives at (6)_______. Sooner or later, however, we pay a price for ignoring our natural rhythms. A good example is jet lag, caused when we confuse our body's biological clocks by (7)_______several time zones, people suffering from iet lag can take several days to (8)_______ to new time zones, and have a reduced ability to make decisions, which is a wonying thought, as serious (9)_______ of judgment can be made, And this may be just the tip of the iceberg. An increasing number of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression that can be triggered by living in artificial conditions. SAD can be serious, and sufferers, may (10)_______ need to take antidepressant drugs. 

Part 32.  

In cities around the world a wide range of schemes is being instigated to promote environmental awareness. ‘It’s just as easy to (1)_______ of litter properly as it is to drop it on streets’, says the city councillor, who has called on the government to mount a concerted campaign to deal with the problem of litter. It’s just a question of encouraging people to do so as a (2)_______ of course. Once the habit is ingrained, they won’t even (3)______ they are doing it. After all, think what we have achieved with recyclable waste in the home. People have become accustomed to doing this, so it doesn’t (4) ______ to them that they are spending any additional time in the process. Only if they have to carry 


this waste for some appreciable distance to find a suitable container do they feel they are (5) ______. Most people know they should behave in a responsible way and just need (8) (6)_______ to do so. So a quirky, light – hearted gimmick might be enough to change behaviour. With this in (7) _____, the city of Berlin is introducing rubbish bins that say ‘danke’, ‘thank you’ and ‘merci’. It might just (8)_______ the trick in this city, too. 

Part 33.  

One of the strongest influences on teenagers today is that of their peers. What their friends think, how they dress and how they act in class and out of it (1)_______ the behaviour of nearly every teenager. In their (2)_______ not to be different, some children go so (3)_______ as to hide their intelligence and ability in case they are made fun of. Generally, teenagers do not want to stand out from the (4)_______. They want to fit in, to be accepted. In psychological terms the importance of peer pressure can not be overemphasized. There is a lot of evidence that it has great (5)_______ on all aspects of their lives, from the clothes they wear, the music they listen to and their (6)_______ to studies, to their ambitions in life, their relationships and their (7)_______ of self-worth. However, as adolescents grow up into young adults, individuality becomes more acceptable and in their (8)_______ for their personal style, the teenager and young adult will begin to experiment and be more willing to (9)_______ the risk of rejection by the group. Concern about intellectual ability and achieving good exam results can dominate as the atmosphere of competition develops and worries about the future (10)_______ any fears of appearing too brainy. 

Part 34.  

As medical science progresses, we are becoming an increasingly elderly (1)_______ and, although living to a ripe old age can only be a good thing, it brings with it a large number of problems that we have yet to deal with properly. One (2)_______ problem is that the burden of financing care for the elderly seems to be (3)_______ on a reduced percentage of the working population. The gradual but steady trend (4)_______ smaller families is likely to result in a smaller number of people to pay for the requirements of an increasingly elderly population. The services needed by the elderly appear to have stretched to breaking (5)_______. Nursing homes, homecare, meals on (6)_______ and so on all need more investment if we wish our elderly to live as fulfilled and independent a life as possible. Young people today are encouraged to start saving with personal pension (7)_______ as early as possible to ensure an adequately financed retirement, since it is predicted that state pension levels in the future will not be enough to guarantee a (8)_______ of the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. But we still have to cope with an expanding older population who are discovering too late that the (9)_______ they had taken to guarantee an income for their later years were not sufficient. Obviously, the (10)_______ on public funds to subsidize this shortfall is enormous. 


Part 35.  

Our ultimate escape from whatever life has thrown at us during our waking day is sleep. Nature’s healer lowers our eyelids and (1)_______ us with the comforting blanket of unconsciousess. Every night we are given a period in which our bodies and minds can recuperate and (2)_______ us for the trials and demands of the following day. As we all know, our subconscious controls our quiet periods, taking our (3)_______ on journeys consisting of events and half-remembered thoughts from our conscious hours. Our journeys are usually fragmented patterns of sensations and pictures, sometimes pleasant, sometimes harrowing.  

These periods of (4)_______ and dreams are essential for our health and well-being but an increasing number of people today suffer from an inability to enjoy this necessary form of escape. Insomnia affects a high proportion of us and this frustrating, debilitating malady can have dire results. The insomniac wades (5)_______ his waking hours in a fog. Creative thought can be deadened, reflexes slowed and sensations dimmed. If this ability to sleep lasts for more than a week or two, what is known as chronic insomnia (6)_______ in, sometimes causing severe depression and leaving the sufferer unable to cope with daily life.  

Part 36.  

Throughout history people of all cultures have (1)_______ to their dreams as a means of finding solutions to problems or answers to specific questions. Nowadays it may seem to be a forgotten art, but controlled dreaming is increasingly being advocated as a means of tapping (2)_______ the causes of deep – rooted problems. The procedure, known as “incubating a dream”, is not difficult and almost anyone can develop the habit of focusing on a specific question before (3)_______ off, in the hope that the subconscious will provide enlightment. Answers may come in the (4)_______ of symbols or events and may not be immediately obvious, but with guidance and practice, almost anyone can do it.  

Many dream enthusiasts have gone a step (5)_______ and perfected a technique known as ‘lucid dreaming’. This (6)_______ training your mind to stay awake while dreaming in order to coherently experience the dream and even control it. Most of us are familiar with the kind of dream where we know we are dreaming, but being able to do it at (7)_______ and having the capacity to influence events in the dream is a subtle art. This technique has been shown to be a useful way of facing up to one’s fears, insecurities, doubts or negative (8)_______. Conversely, lucid dreaming can be a kind of wish fulfilment, opening up unlimited (9)_______ within the imagination, empowering the dreamer in a way that can be carried over into waking life as an additional (10)_______ to one’s self-esteem or feelings of well-being.  


Part 37.  

Some current evidence (1)_______ that dreams may serve no useful psychological or physiological function, and perform no adaptive role in maintaining our psychological health. In fact, some researchers believe that dreams are merely an evolutionary by product of sleep (2)_______ with a gradually awakening consciousness in human beings – a developmental cognitive achievement assigned to the healthy functioning of a complex neural network located in specific (3)_______ of the forebrain. 

Nevertheless, the way dreams reflect our emotional preoccupations or run (4)_______ to our awakened states of consciousness may explain why, throughout history, dreams have been (5)_______ to various uses. For example, in many societies dreams would be used by shamans or witch doctors as a means to diagnose or cure illnesses, or to (6)_______ off evil spirits. Occasionally, dreams would be used to predict the weather or (7)_______ prophecies. In modern times dreams have been used by psychotherapists as a means of understanding the patient’s (8)_______ of mind, or simply to induce him or her to talk about repressed feelings. Dreams may (9)_______ be used socially, as an ice-breaker, or as a way for some people to express fantasies. But there are emergent functions, coming (10)_______ as a result of dreams rather than causing them. 

Part 38. 

A few generations ago, a university education could only be aspired (1)_______ by an elite minority. In the last few decades, however, a change has slowly but (2)_______ been taking place and prospective students who, a century ago, would have known that even a basic education was beyond their (3)_______, can now look forward to gaining a degree in higher education. Universities have been (4)_______ into places not only of learning, but also of business and are (5)_______ out on a regular basis their finished product – the graduate.  

However, degree – holders are still faced with a problem. What used to be a passport to employment is no longer a (6)_______ of success. And (7)_______ so: there are so many graduates on the job market these days that it would be impossible to employ them all. Were employers able to do (8)_______, everyone would surely be a great deal happier. Consequenty, a number of schemes have been set up in order to help and advise those (9)_______ who have been unable to find work. The matter of further education is still (10)_______ that needs attention.  

Part 39.  

There has been a significant (1)_______ in entertainment trends over the last twenty years or so. Entertainment used to be public; now it is becoming more and more 


(2)_______. Formerly, people wanting to amuse themselves did so in groups; these days, people (3)_______ entertain themselves on their own. 

Long, long ago, there were storytellers. They used to travel around the country and their (4)_______ was awaited with eager anticipation. In the more (5)_______ past, people used to have musical evenings, they used to play games together, or simply sit around the fire and chat.  

Nowadays, instead of playing board games in a group, children play video games alone or with one (6)_______ person. People of all ages spend their evenings alone watching televisions, videos and DVDs. And large numbers of young (and not so young) enthusiasts spend their free time surfing the net, which, by its very (7)_______, tends to be a solitary activity.  

Forms of entertainment have always been changing of course, but it could be said that these recent changes – all products of technological development – (8)_______ a more fundamental shift. One could (9)_______argue that this shift is symbolised by the earphones that are in evidence everywhere. Can this deliberate attempt to (10)_______ out the rest of the world really be called entertainment?  

Part 40.  

An Italian academic, Giorgio Stabile, has (1)_______ to light the fact that the ubiquitous symbol of Internet era communication, the @ sign used in email addresses, is (2)_______ a 500-year-old invention of Italian merchants. He claims to have stumbled on the earliest known example of the symbol’s use, as an (3)_______ of a measure of weight or volume. He said the @ sign (4)_______ an amphora, a measure of capacity based on the terracotta jars (5)_______ to transport grain and liquid in the ancient Mediterranean world. The first known (6)_______ of its use occurred in a letter written by a Florentine merchant on May 4, 1536. The ancient symbol was uncovered in the (7)______ of research for a visual history of the 20th century. Apparently, the sign had made its (8)_______ along trade routes to northern Europe, where it took on its contemporary accountancy (9)_______: “at the price of”. According to Professor Stabile, the oldest example could be of great value as it could be used for publicity (10)_______ and to enhance the prestige of the institution that has it in their possession. 

Part 41.  

These days, there is a growing band of 'shoestring renovators' who, in a (1)_______ where finance is hard to come by, are scaling (2)_______ their refurbishment plans and coming up with imaginative ways to transform their homes. Extra money is in short (3)_______ so things are done (4)_______ the cheap - not in a nasty way but in a way that makes use of materials that other people don't want. Sarah and her husband are an 


example of this way of a (5)_______ budget: the loan on an old cottage they bought was reduced by the bank so they had no choice but to do most of the work themselves. 

Sarah spent every spare minute for a year painting and decorating. She sourced materials and furniture from eBay and recycled friends' unwanted possessions. Do-It-Yourself, however, is not (6)_______ its hazards: Steve, Sarah's husband, (7)_______ himself out cold for two hours by hitting his head on a low beam above the front door. Another time, they only just (8)_______ to save their new kitchen furniture from being ruined after a mains water pipe burst. However, the upside is that the project has opened up a new (9)_______ for Sarah - people have seen her work and have suggested she start up her own home-styling business. And the cottage next door is for sale so more creative furniture sourcing could lie just around the (10)_______ ! 

Part 42.  

Many students in the UK consider doing a gap year before going to university. Critics (1)_______ whether it is a just a long glorified holiday or if it's really worth doing. Does it actually help students in their careers? Some educational establishments (2)_______ encourage students to take a gap year and recommend that students take advantage of the opportunities (3)_______. However, most of them would prefer it if the students did some (4)_______ of voluntary work instead of just having a holiday. There are numerous organisations which organise these trips for students and it's a good idea to (5)_______ them out online. One of the main advantages is that it's a great way to get to know more about different cultures and, for many, it is also a painless way to learn another language by speaking to local people. Volunteers who stay in local homes say that they get the chance to experience local culture and customs and, in (6)_______, to try a variety of food which they wouldn't (7)_______ have tried. When I was 18 years old, I had set my (8)_______ on going to work in Africa for a year, but unfortunately my parents wouldn’t let me go and (9)_______ that I went to university immediately. I'm 49 years old and still haven’t had my gap year! Maybe one day I'll get (10)_______ to doing it. 

Part 43. 

Violence is alive and well on television. Yet there appears to be a difference in the quality, variety, and pervasiveness of today’s televised violence. Some observers believe that, as a result of more than three decades of television, viewers have developed a kind of (1)_______ to the horror of violence. By the age of 16, for example, the (2)_______ young person will have seen some 18,000 murders on television. One extension of this phenomenon may be an appetite for more varied kinds of violence. On the basis of the amount of exposure, certain things that initially would have been beyond the (3)_______ have become more readily accepted. 


Violence on TV has been more prevalent than in recent years, in (4)_______ measure because there are fewer situation comedies and more action series. But also because some 25 million of the nation’s 85 million homes with television now receive one of the pay cable (5)_______ which routinely show uncut feature films containing graphic violence as early as 8 in the evening. 

The evidence is (6)_______ so overwhelming that just as witnessing violence in the home may contribute to children learning and acting out violent behavior, violence on TV and in the movies may lead to the same result. Studies have shown that a steady diet of watching graphic violence or sexually violent films such as those shown on cable TV has caused some men to be more (7)_______ to accept violence against women. Not only actual violence, but the kind of violence coming through the television screen is causing concern. One of the principal developments is the increasing sophistication of the weaponry. The simple gunfight of the past has been augmented by high-tech crimes like terrorist bombings. Programs in the past used the occasional machine gun, but (8)_______ weapons as the M-60 machine gun and Uzi semi-automatic have become commonplace today on network shows. 

Many people are no longer concerned about televised violence because they feel it is the (9)_______ of the world. It is high time that broadcasters provided public (10)_______ on TV screens that would warn viewers about the potentially harmful effects of viewing violence. 

Part 44. 

Over the last century the world has become increasingly smaller. Not geographically, of course, but in the (1)_______ that media, technology and the opening of borders has enabled the world’s citizens to view, share and gain access to a much wider range of cultures, societies and world views. In this (2)______ pot that the world has become, today’s child is privy (3)_______ facets of the human experience that his immediate predecessors had no inkling even existed. It (4)_______ to reason that in order to absorb, configure and finally form opinions about this information-laden planet, children must be supplied with certain tools. (5)______ in this list of ‘tools’ are: education, social skills, cultural awareness and the acquisition of languages, the most important of these being the latter. Until recently, a child who had the ability to speak more than one language would have been considered a very (6)______ entity. This one-language phenomenon could be attributed to a combination of factors. One of them is that the monolingual environment in which a child was raised played a strong role, (7)_______ did the limited, biased education of the past. With regard to immigrants, the sad fact was that non-native parents tended to withhold the teaching of the mother tongue so that the child would acquire the ‘more prestigious’ language of the adopted country. Nowadays, the situation has (8)_______ an almost complete reversal. In the majority of North American and 


European countries, most children are given the opportunity to learn a second or even a third language. Children acquire these foreign languages through various and diverse means. In many countries, learning a foreign language is a compulsory subject in the state school (9)_______. Other children rely on language schools or private tuition to achieve their goal. In other instances, children are (10)_______ to bilingual parents, who, if they so desire, may teach the children two languages. 

Part 45.  

Our daily lives are largely made up of contacts with other people, during which we are constantly making judgments of their personalities and accommodating our behavior to them in (1)_______ with these judgments. A casual meeting of neighbors on the street, an employer giving instructions to an employee, a mother telling her children how to behave, a journey in a train where strangers eye one another without exchanging a word - all these involve (2)_______ interpretations of personal qualities. Success in many vocations largely depends on skill in (3)_______ up people. It is important not only to such professionals as the clinical psychologist, the psychiatrist or the social worker, but also to the doctor or lawyer in dealing with their clients, the businessman trying to outwit his rivals, the salesman with potential customers, the teacher with his pupils, (4)_______ to speak of the pupils judging their teacher. Social life, indeed, would be (5)_______ if we did not, to some extent, understand, and react to the motives and qualities of those we meet; and clearly we are sufficiently accurate for most practical purposes, although we also recognize that misinterpretations easily (6)_______ - particularly on the part of others who judge us! Errors can often be corrected as we go (7)_______. But whenever we are (8)_______ down to a definite decision about a person, which cannot easily be revised through his 'feed-back', the inadequacies of our judgments become apparent. The hostess who wrongly thinks that the Smiths and the Joneses will get on well together can do (9)_______ to retrieve the success of her party. A school or a business may be saddled for years with an undesirable member of staff, because the selection committee which interviewed him for a quarter of an hour (10)_______ his personality.  

Part 46.  

Can you feel your anxiety and stress levels increasing every time you get caught in a traffic jam? Do you find it difficult to control your tongue when your boss points out your shortcomings yet again? Do you (1)_______ for state-of-the-art technology in your home that you haven’t had to pay for? If you are shouting an enthusiastic “Yes!” in answer to these questions, then it could be (2)_______ to make a career and life change that may not even require you to quit your job.  

Working from home is a relatively new phenomenon, but is becoming an increasingly popular (3)_______ with both businesses and employees. The technology available to us 


means that we no longer need to be in the same office building as our colleagues to communicate effectively with each other. Companies may choose to employ a proportion of their staff as home-based workers, as, of course, a workforce set up in such a way requires far less office (4)_______ and fewer parking facilities. The fixed costs of a business can be dramatically reduced. Employees can enjoy the added benefits of freedom to schedule the day as they choose and freedom to spend more time at home with their families. We can even go so far as to say that the working-from-home phenomenon could be one of the answers to the pollution problems which the modern world has inflicted upon (5)_______. Fewer people travelling to work every day equals fewer cars. Fewer cars, of course, (6)_______ to lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere. 

But what are the drawbacks to working at home? For many of us, work is a means of (7)_______ our nearest and dearest and making our own mark on the world. The relationships we have with our colleagues are a significant part of our life - after all, full time workers spend a third of their day in their workplace. Some people who work from home feel that they are actually much more (8)_______ and can get tasks done in a much shorter time than in an office environment. Others, however, may be demotivated by the isolation and find it difficult to get down to tasks which have a more intangible deadline. 

As with most aspects of life, a (9)_______ is probably the best solution for the majority of workers – a job based at home which requires regular contact with colleagues at regular meetings. Management surveys show that successful business is easier if we operate as a (10)_______: brainstorming and sharing ideas and offering support and motivation to each other. After all, we are only human and we need others to complain to if we have a bad day at work! 

Part 47.  

Beauty is the (1)_______ of a thing or person that gives you pleasure. Inner beauty refers to psychological factors, such as intelligence, kindness, compassion, and honesty. Outer beauty, or physical attractiveness, refers to factors such as looks, health, youthfulness, and symmetry. 

Is the ability to define physical or psychological attractiveness innate or learned ? Is beauty objective or subjective? There is some (2)_______ that the sense of beauty is subjective and culturally relative. The popular saying “beauty is in the eye of the (3)_______” tells us that different people have different opinions about what is beautiful. For example, most Westerners consider a woman with a wide mouth attractive, while many Chinese regard a woman with a small mouth as beautiful. During part of China’s history, women with big feet were considered to be ugly. Traditional Chinese foot binding was (4)_______ to keep a woman’s feet tiny and thus “beautiful”. To people in 


the modern world, the foot-binding of women was painful, horrible, and ugly. These two examples suggest that some ideas about beauty are learned and (5)_______ to change. 

On the other hand, research indicates that a preference for beautiful faces (6)_______ early in a child’s development. A small child plays with facially attractive dolls longer than with facially unattractive dolls. Children innately pay attention to the beauty of nature. 

People from various cultures and periods of time may have slightly different ideas about beauty. Nonetheless, they usually share many (7)_______ of beauty. A kind, honest, and intelligent individual is attractive. So is a healthy, youthful person with a mathematically (8)_______ face and a well – proportioned body. The appreciation of many aspects of both inner beauty and outer beauty is innate. 

Many aspects of beauty have been valued throughout human (9)_______. Our notion of beauty is innate, though that innate sense may be (10)_______ by the environment. 

Part 48. 

Early civilisations, as (1)_______ to merely primitive early societies, seem to have a common positive characteristic in that they change human (2)_______ of things. They bring together the cooperative efforts of large number of people, usually bringing them together physically in large agglomerations. 

Civilisation is usually marked by urbanisation. It would be a bold individual was willing to draw a precise (3)_______ at the moment when the balance tipped (4)_______ a dense pattern of agricultural villages clustered (5)_______ a religious centre or a market to reveal the first true city. However, it is perfectly resonable to say that more than any (6)_______ institution has provided the critical mass which produces civilisation. 

Inside the city, the surpluses of wealth produced by agriculture made possible other things (7)_______ of civilised life. They provided for the upkeep of a priestly (8)_______ which elaborated a complex religious structure, leading to the construction of great buidings (9)_______ more than merely economic functions, and in due (10)_______ to the writing down of literature.  

Part 49.  

The average citizen is bombarded with TV commercials, posters and newspapers advertisements (1)_______ he goes. Not only this, but promotional material is constantly on (2)_______, with every available public space from shop to petrol station covered with advertising of some kind. People who are foolish enough to drive with their windows open are likely to have leaflets advertising everything and anything thrust in at them. The amount of advertising to which we are (3)_______ is phenomenal, yet 


Wadvertisers are being hurt by their industry’s worst recession in a decade and a conviction that is in many respects more frightening than the (4)_______ and busts of capitalism: the belief that advertising can go no further. Despite the ingenuity of the advertisers, who, in their need to make advertisements as visually as attractive as possible, often totally obscure the message, the consumer has become increasingly cynical and simply blanks (5)_______ all but the subtlest messages. The advertising industry has therefore turned to a more vulnerable (6)_______: the young.  

The messages specifically aimed at children are for toys and games – whose promotional budgets increased fivefold in the 1990s – and fast food, which dominate the children’s advertising market. However the main thrust of advertising in this area is no longer (7)_______ traditional children‘s products. Advertisers acknowledge that the commercial pressures of the 1990s had an extraordinary effect on childhood: it is now generally believed that the cut-off (8)_______ for buying toys has been falling by one year every five years. Research suggests that while not so many years ago children were happy with Lego or similar construction games at ten or eleven, most of today’s children (9)_______ them at six or seven. In effect, the result is the premature (10)_______ of children. 

Part 50.  

The game of solving difficult puzzles has always filled people with the feeling of a profound excitement. No (1)_______, then, that the fascination of treasure hunting has invariably been associated with the possibility of (2)_______ the most improbable dreams. According to what the psychologists claim, there is a little boy in every treasure hunter. Yet, the chase of hidden valuables has recenlty become a serious venture with amateur and professional seekers equipped with highly sophisticated (3)_______ like matal detectors, radars, sonars or underwater cameras. 

What (4)_______ the adrenaline level in these treasure - obsessed fanatics are legends, myths, old maps and other variety of clues promising immeasurable fortunes (5)_______ beneath the earh's surface or drowned in the ancient galleys. 

For many reasure hunters the struggle of hint searching is even more stimulating than digging out a treasure (6)_______ composed of golden or silver objects, jewellery and other priceless artefacts. The job is, however, extremely strenuous as even the most puzzling clues must be thoroughly analysed. Failures and misinterpertations (7)_______ quite frequently, too.Yet, (8)_______ the most unlikely clue or the smallest find is enough to reinforce the hunter's self - confidence and passion.  

Indeed, the delight in treasure finding doesn't always depend on acquiring tremendous amounts of valuables. Whatever is detected, (9)_______ it a rusty sundial or a marble statue, brings joy and (10)_______ after a long and exhausting search.