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Tải xuống tài liệu

SỞ GIÁO DỤC – ĐÀO TẠO KÌ THI CHỌN ĐỘI TUYỂN OLYMPIC VÒNG 3 CẤP CỤM 1 TP HỒ CHÍ MINH KHÓA THI NGÀY: 17-1-2021 – NĂM HỌC: 2020-2021 Trường THPT Lê Quý Đôn MÔN: TIẾNG ANH – LỚP 10 Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút 


Đề này gồm 7 trang 

I. Choose the correct answer to full in each blank. (40pts) 

1. My Math teacher tries to tell me how to work out a thorny geometry problem, but  A. it’s all Greek to me B. it’s in double Dutch 

C. it fiddles while Rome burns D. it’s the Chinese whispers 

2. 75 miles off the southeast of Hanoi, , a popular spring destination. 

A. lies the province of An’s boyfriend’s hometown 

B. the provinces of An’s boyfriend’s hometown lies there 

C. does the province of An’s boyfriend’s hometown lie 

D. where the province of An’s boyfriend’s hometown lie 

3. Since he became a geologist, Fred’s yearly income has 

A. nearly tripled B. got almost three times bigger C. almost grown by three times D. just about gone up three times 4. My grandma gave me some money to put a new coat. 

A. toward B. forward C. down D. into 5. She agreed to go with him to the football match although she had no interest in the game at all. A. apologetically B. grudgingly C. shamefacedly D. discreetly 6. Banh Chung and Banh Day are the most food of Vietnamese cuisine. 

A. tantamount B. diaphanous C. quintessential D. colloquial 7. Layla has got to idioms and phrasal verbs for the forthcoming school-team selection test. A. enlarge upon B. swot up C. rub off D. mull over 8. The new manager’s rude behavior numerous protests among his colleagues and he had to resign. A. called forth B. called in C. called on D. called off 9. The students were until they got the exam results. 

A. in edge B. on edge C. over edge D. at edge 10. I must now. I think I can smell something burning in the kitchen.  

A. hang about B. cut off C. ring up D. ring off 11. I’ve just introduced to some  

A. many energetic nice boys B. nice boys very energetic 

C. boys nice and energetic D. energetic and nice boys 

12. Helene often watches TV to her about the COVID-19 pandemic. A. keep/ in the picture B. put/in the picture 

C. get/marching orders D. keep/guessing 

13. , my exam results equaled Lan’s exam results. 

A. On purpose B. By design C. By happenstance D. By degrees 14. Minh and Truong had a romance – they met and married within two years. A. typhoon B. whirlwind C. cyclone D. hurricane 15. Up high in the sky . 

A. is a pigeon flying past B. is flying past a pigeon 

C. past flew a pigeon D. the pigeon is flying

16. She is now in the public after her appearance in the film series. 

A. notice B. attention C. arm D. eye 17. From now on, the sales reports compiled before the weekly meeting. 

A. will need being B. must have been C. had to have been D. will have to have been 18. A –“ “ B –“OK, I’ll take it” 

A. Nobody wants to say anything B. That portion of fruit is going to begging C. Please don’t take it to heart D. Old habits die hard! 

19. Tigers are good swimmers, can climb trees and eat 23 kilos of meat . 

A. night-long B. on a night C. in a night D. at night 20. My sisters had . She should have been a teacher instead of being a nurse. A. ball and chain B. bags under her eyes C. drop-dead gorgeous D. the gift of (the) gap 

II. Write the appropriate form of the word given in brackets to fill in each blank. (30 pts) 1. is the activity of using the Internet to harm or frighten another person, especially by sending  them unpleasant message. (BULLY) 

2. People from the Southern Vietnam always enjoy home cooking, especially the catfish done slowly in  pots over fires then served with rice and vegetable. (EARTH) 

3. A team from Hai Phong has a next week against Ha Noi. (FRIEND) 

4. Three of the tried to escape through the window. (CAPTURE) 

5. There is always a of visitors at the museum. (HOUSE) 

6. Greece last month, Vietnam next month, you have become a regular , haven’t you? (GLOBE) 7. Students hate their classmates who get treatment from their teachers. (PREFER) 8. My children are quite ; they always look happy to play a certain game. (FROLIC) 9. The success of the smartphone and other electronics have been a sword for wireless carriers.  (EDGE) 

10. Stabbing his close friend in the back earned the movie star . (FAME) 

11. After a farewell at the station, we went our separate way. (TEAR) 

12. The opening ceremony ended with fireworks. (SENSE) 

13. When I was young, my grandmother used to tell me an ordinary, , mystery story about my  village. (GARDEN) 

14. My father who is a true-blue fan of Scotland’s football club, was when it won the  championship. (COCK) 

15. Winter is coming, so the local are trying to sell summer clothes at a discount. (CLOTHE) 

III. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that is incorrect and correct it. (20pts) 

1. (A) A million (B) of tourists (C) from all over the world (D) visit Vietnam every year.  2. (A) Although Mike claims (B) to be bilingual, his Spanish is (C) not better, if not worse, (D) than me. 3. (A) Without the (B) alphabetical order, (C) it is impossible for (D) us all to use dictionaries.  4. Both (A) the boys are trying (B) to be the best person in the class, and John seems to be (C) the one to get (D)  the highest score.  

5. A team of researchers has found a (A) six-feet-long sea scorpion which is believed to (B) have existed (C) some  467 (D) billion years ago.  

6. Modern zoos act as (A) centers of education and are designed (B) to make learning about animals (C) an  interesting and (D) enjoying experience 

7. In 1903, Marie Curie (A) was introduced to Pierre Curie and their marriage in 1895 marked a start of a  partnership that (B) was soon to achieve (C) results of (D) world’s significance.

8. (A) Mike’s son broke (B) the most valuable vase in his home (C) so he shouted at his son, but he was (D) sad  more than angry. 

9. (A) One out of (B) every eight balloons (C) in the world (D) are launched at Albuqueque, New Mexico. 10. He (A) says he is (B) too much busy to come to (C) his mother’s birthday on (D) the afternoon of July 30th. 

IV. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank. (20 pts) 


Xôi (sticky rice) is (1) , and the most popular late night-early dawn snack or meal. It is sold by vendors in  early morning markets and it can be found in fanciest restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese food. There are  any number of specialty Xôi restaurants, as well as push carts that stand on street corners or bicycles that go around  the streets (2) , long after restaurants and other (3) have closed. Xôi, as the name suggests, is  made with glutinous rice, steamed or cooked. There are those who love having this regularly for breakfast and  those who have it at any time of the day or night, but almost every Vietnamese will have it at least once a month.  On full moon days, New Year holidays, weddings, death anniversaries and other occasions, Xôi is a (4) 

dish on the feast’s platters. The ways to make sticky rice depend on the variety, family recipes or individual  creativity that housewives (5) . However, the most popular method is to soak the glutinous rice in warm  water for many hours until it expands; wash and mix the rice with a little salt and other ingredients separately;  place them in an steamer (called chõ in the north and xửng in the south); pour boiling water into the bottom of the  steamer and place it on a pot so that the ingredients are steamed without (6) the water. Later, the  steamer and the pot are placed on a stove and boiled (7) low heat until the sticky rice is (8) 

and limber. Now, busy women use electric rice cookers with the steaming function, but the majority preference is  for xoi cooked the traditional way. Xôi ngũ sắc (five-colored sticky rice) is usually made by several ethnic minority  communities, in the northern region. The five colours of the dish symbolize five elements: yellow is the color of  land; green the color of wood; red the color of fire; white the color of metal; and black the color of water. These  communities have their own secrets, using different herbs and wild vegetables to dye the sticky rice and (9) 

these colors. In the past, Xôi ngũ sắc was only served on important occasions like festivals, ceremonies and  weddings. It has become a very popular daily dish now, and a marker of the host’s (10) . For making the  red-colored sticky rice, the bright red flesh of the ripe Gac fruit is used. Turmeric is used to make the yellow sticky  rice, magenta plant for purple, the ash of burned ginger leaves for black, and the pandan leaf for green. The  glutinous rice is soaked in water mixed with the above ingredients. 

(Adapted from: Vietnamtourism) 

1. A. a favorite breakfast B. a breakfast favorite 

 C. a favour of breakfast D. a favoured breakfast 

2. A. past well the midnight B. well past through the midnight C. well past midnight D. went through midnight well 

3. A. eateries B. must-eats C. banquets D. lacarte 4. A. all-important B. uncalled-for C. indispensable D. must-have 5. A. make a play for it B. bring into play 

C. put into practice D. bring into existence 

6. A. touching B. reaching C. meeting D. fondling 7. A. down B. over C. onto D. upon 8. A. pulverizableB. over-done C. well-cooked D. well-boiled 9. A. create B. make C. build D. trump up 10. A. benevolence B. good-naturedness C. gregariousness D. hospitality 


Culture shock refers to the feelings of discomfort experienced as a person adjusts to a new culture. It is  caused by having to (11) _______ many new and unfamiliar situations and traditions. Newcomers feel helpless  because they cannot understand all the new things they experience. However, understanding the stages of culture  shock - and knowing that it is only (12) ______ - can help new comers make the transition. 

There are four stages of culture shock, although the length of time each stage lasts will differ for each  person. The first stage is the honeymoon stage. During this time, when you first (13) _______ a new culture,  everything is interesting and exciting. You are (14) ______ about the new culture and eager to learn. Everything  seems interesting, the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and you are eager to explore your new  surroundings. However, after some time, the (15) ______ stage begins. The newcomer starts to feel uncomfortable  and unhappy in the new culture. Everything seems very difficult: shopping, getting around, and making friends (16)  _____ confusing. You may begin to feel homesick and want to return home. Feelings of anger and sadness are  common, and you may (17) _______ be overwhelmed by small problems. However, these feelings don’t last long.  Gradually, the newcomer becomes more comfortable in the culture and enters the (18) _______ stage. The new  customs seem clearer, and (19) ______ seem(s) rather easier. You begin to enjoy the new culture once more.  Finally, the stability stage begins. Life becomes more normal, and your sense of humor returns. You may not like  everything about the new culture, but it doesn't make you so unhappy. You begin to feel (20) ______ home in the  new culture. 

11. A. prevail upon B. slot in C. attend to D. tussle with 12. A. for good B. temporary C. contemporary D. ephemeral 13. A. set foot on B. hammer out at C. commit yourself to D. make way for 14. A. interrogative B. inquisitive C. interested D. intermingling 15. A. distress B. agony C. hardship D. jeopardy 16. A. to seem B. seemingly C. seems D. seem 17. A. like B. well C. also D. both 18. A. regeneration B. resurrection C. recovery D. regain 19. A. interactions of everyday B. everyday interactiveness 

C. everyday interections D. being interactive everyday 

20. A. as B. similarly C. like D. at 

V. Write ONE suitable world in each blank to make a meaningful passage. (40 pts) 


On the afternoon of July 30th, 2020, on a social network (1) many accounts sharing photos (2) a  brilliant Phoenix-like cloud that appeared on the sky of HCMC. Netizens said that that the strange celestial object  disappeared 2 or 3 minutes. Before this marvelous event, people in northern Vietnam were fascinated by the image  of an S-shaped cloud (3) dragon-like wavy lines that appeared on the sky of Hanoi (4) 

the sunset on June 4th. Photos of the majestic spectacles were shared on social media at an astonishing pace. Many  people throughout Vietnam were very surprised by the wonders of nature and this interesting coincidence.  Everyone felt a rising sense of (5) pride when witnessing the cloud that represented the (6) 

shape of Vietnam. According to Vietnamese tradition, the Phoenix and the Dragon are the (7) of peace  and prosperity. (8) , netizens believed that this was the motivation to help Vietnam (9) accomplishments in the fight against COVID-19. Images of the phoenix-like and S-shaped clouds are considered  as a way for people to remind and encourage each another that the difficulties caused by the pandemic will soon  be eliminated and a (10) future soon comes to us.


Although situated in the center of the Red River Delta, in the past, Thai Binh was considered an island bounded by  three larger rivers, and is the only province never to have been merged or (11) . This position (12) the people of Thai Binh a quite distinct culture. Thai Binh is the homeland of hát chèo opera. Thai Binh people  are (13) for their practical and clever character. Thái Bình is the homeland of the most prolific and famous  Vietnamese savant in the Middle (14) : Le Quy Don. Tran Thu Do, the founder of the Tran Dynasty. Bui Vien,  the founder of Haiphong city, was a famous reformer in the 19th century. He was the first Vietnamese known to  have visited the United States and also served as ambassador to the United States under the Nguyen Dynasty. The  first Vietnamese to travel into (15) space was the cosmonaut Pham Tuan, a native of Thai Binh. Several  famous Vietnamese political dissidents and humanitarians were born in Thai Binh. Thich Quang Do is a Vietnamese  Buddhist leader and critic of the Vietnamese government. In 2006, he was (16) the Thorolf Rafto  Memorial Prize, and was also a (17) for the Nobel Peace Prize. Duong Thu Huong, arguably the most  famous postwar Vietnamese writer, (18) novel Paradise of the Blind - became the first Vietnamese  novel ever (19) in the United States in English. Some Thai Binh people are (20) the richest in  Vietnam, including Vu Quang Hoi who is the founder of Bitexco group (who owns Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi  Minh City). Son Tung MTP – one of the most well-known singers in Vietnam was also born and grown up in this  province.  

VI. Read the following passages and choose the correct answer to each question. (20 pts) Passage A. 

We recently put out a call to our readers and YouTube viewers asking them who they want to perform at the debut Eurovision  Asia Song Contest. Amid all the talk of Korean and Japanese pop stars, the name of one Vietnamese artist has continually cut  through: Son Tung M-TP. In recent years the 23-year-old has cut a path from the underground to the mainstream, racking up  more than 600 million YouTube views in the process. In January he became the very first Vietnamese artist to earn one million YouTube subscribers (he’s now up to 1.8 million). His music video for “Lac Troi” suggests even bigger things are yet to come.  Released on December 31 of last year, the glossy video earned 38 million views in its first ten days online. That made it one of  the top trending YouTube videos globally and it now counts nearly 155 million views. Those are numbers many Eurovision  stars can only dream of.  

Read the passage above and decide if each statement is TRUE or FALSE or NOT GIVEN 

1. Son Tung M-TP is overwhelmed by other stars as far as Eurovision Asia Song Contest is concerned.  2. There has been a change in his performing style over the past few years.  

3. He was reputed as the first Vietnamese artist to earn well more than 1 million subscribers in January 2017.  4. He is envied by other stars in his country.  

5. Lac Troi” witnessed an auspicious start but things haven’t always been plain sailing recently.  6. There are some Eurovision stars who passed Son Tung- MTP’s record.  

Passage B. 

The self-assured singer, who parted ways with his label and set up his own entertainment company in December, lives up to  the M-TP in his name. M stands for music; T stands for tai nang (talent); P stands for phong cach (style). He puts all three of  those qualities on fine display in “Lac Troi”, whose title translates roughly as “lost and floating”. Recounting a story of lost  love, Son Tung serves major face in the four-and-a-half minute spectacle that melds Old World Chinese cinema with cutting  edge technology and a splash of fantasy. Warrior, lover, fighter, musician — Son Tung plays all these parts with dramatic flair,  serving a heady mix of sensuality, pain and even anger. Whether sitting on a throne, steering a boat or pining away for his  beloved in a royal jacuzzi, he works avant-garde threads and a variety of hair styles that would make Dolly Style jealous.  Musically the song bridges time and culture. The opening suggests something traditional and Vietnamese. But the sound soon  gives way to a mish-mash of R&B, house, trap and rap. Vietnamese rap, you say? Just watch him break it down — while wearing  a red robe and drinking straight from a tea pot. Dude has ‘tude and it’s strangely irresistible.  

For question 7-10, complete the sentences below with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS  

7. “Lac Troi” is a thread between __________________.  

8. The song is about a man telling the story of ___________________.  

9. The number of views “Lac Troi” receives now has almost __________________ since its first release. 

10.”M-TP” in Son Tung’s name is _________________ with his talent and style in music. 


Following the tragic death of whistleblowing doctor Li Wenliang, which led to an outpouring of anger and grief towards Wuhan  officials who forced him to sign a statement admitting to “illegal behavior” for alerting colleagues over a mysterious disease  that turned out to be the coronavirus, one of Wuhan’s most senior doctors has passed away after contracting it, as authorities  began a sweeping campaign inside the city to seek out patients infected with the deadly virus. Liu Zhiming had taken part in  the battle against the virus from the start and had made important contributions in the work of fighting and controlling it, the  Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said. During that process, “unfortunately he became infected and passed away at 10:54  Tuesday morning at the age of 51 after all-out efforts to save him failed” the commission said. However, there was initial  confusion in China about Liu’s condition. On Monday night, the Communist party the Hubei Health Commission wrote in a  social media post that Liu had died. It then said in a subsequent post that Liu was alive. The deaths came as state media  reported new house-to-house checks in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people at the centre of the outbreak, that aimed to seek  out and round up all infected patients. State media also stated that anyone suspected of having the virus would face  mandatory testing and anyone who had close contact with virus patients would be put under quarantine. According to Chutian  Daily, a Wuhan newspaper, 10 quarantine centres similar to the makeshift Fangcang hospital will be set up across eight districts  in the city, providing over an additional 11,400 beds for people showing mild symptoms. Buildings in factories, industrial  estates and transport centres have also been appropriated for housing patients. The reports said all communities and villages would be placed under around-the-clock “closed-off” management, in effect putting them under lockdowns. From Tuesday,  anyone who buys cough medicine or treatments to bring down a fever in chemists or online will need to use their national ID  card, state funded site The Paper reported. The citywide inspection campaign indicates an escalation of the situation in  Wuhan, where former officials have been blamed for a cover-up that led to the rapid spread of the virus. The draconian  measures come just after two of the city’s top leaders were sacked last week. Officials would carry out the inspection with the  help of big data and artificial intelligence, it said, without giving details. An order on Monday from the Wuhan city legislature  on “winning the coronavirus war” warned that people who refused mandatory measures such as reporting cases of fever and  cough to their local residential committees or going into quarantine if they were sick would be subject to “coercive measures”.  The order also said those who delay reporting cases, deliberately alter information or fabricate and spread disinformation on  the epidemic would be punished. Wuhan residents complained about the draconian lockdown on social media. “We’re not  allowed to go out at all, we’ve lost our most basic human rights. The guards are like prison guards, abusing the little bit of  power they have. We’re guaranteed personal freedoms under the constitution!” said one in a post on microblogging site  Weibo. Another social media user also said “it feels like being in prison” as she was barred from going out, even going out for  a stroll in the neighbourhood.  

11. Why was there “an outpouring of anger and grief across the nation” after doctor Li Wenliang’s death?  (A). He was among the first to warn people of coronavirus (B). He passed away shortly after contracting the virus  (C). He was wrongly accused of breaking the law (D). His death was among the most tragic cases  12. What is a “whistleblowing” person, according to this passage?  

(A). A person that dies shortly after contracting the coronavirus  

(B). A person who first raise alertness about a particular problem  

(C). A doctor who earns great respect from many people  

(D). An important contributor to virus-controlling work  

13. What is NOT true about doctor Liu Zhiming, according to the passage?  

(A). He is among the most high-ranked doctors of China  

(B). There was a period when information about him caused perplexity  

(C). He is among the first to find a cure for coronavirus  

(D). People have tried every possible method to save him from death  

14. The word “sweeping” in the passage is closest in meaning to  

(A). extensive (B). general (C). unselective (D). indiscriminate  15. Which of the following is a policy of the Chinese government with a view to controlling coronavirus? (A). conducting a selective medical check-up within a particular city  

(B). imposing identity examinations in obtaining medical treatment  

(C). detaining all individuals suspected of having been infected 

(D). bolstering activities in factories and industrial estates  

16. Which of the following is an undesirable by-product of the policies carried out by Chinese government in the effort to  fight the coronavirus?  

(A). intentional concealment (B). vandalism (C). protests (D). power abuse  17. Punishment will NOT be applied upon individuals who 

(A). propagandize misleading information (B). refuse medical treatment when ill  (C). conceal possible contraction of the virus (D). shut down businesses due to the virus  18. What is the overall attitude of Wuhan inhabitants, according to the passage? 

(A). optimistic about the future of the fight (B). sympathizing towards victims of the virus  (C). belittling the seriousness of the situation (D). disdainful towards the government’s policies  19. The word fabricate in the passage is closest in meaning to 

(A). construct (B). falsify (C). invent (D). assemble  20. Where is this passage probably extracted from?  

(A). a newspaper (B). a magazine (C). a scientific journal (D). a novel VI. Rewrite the sentences in such a new way that they mean almost the same as those printed above them. You have to use  the exact words given in brackets in some sentences. (30 pts) 

1. It is not certain that Luca will participate in the beauty contest. (SPECULATION) 

-> It is  

2. Though the doctors had tried had, all of his studies completely failed. (GRIEF) 

-> No matter what  

3. To Huu wrote his last poem called “Tam biet” before his death. (SONG) 

-> To Huu’s  

4. Among all acids, H2FSbF6 is the most destructive. (CAKE) 

-> When it  

5. We bought this beautiful skirt with the condition that we could return it if it didn’t fit my daughter.  -> We bought this beautiful skirt on the  

6. I baked two cakes; they are not done yet. (WHICH) 

-> I baked  

7. My 20-year-old son would prefer to staying at home and playing videos games rather than going outside with his friends. -> My 20-year-old son would just  

8. Many people in Australia are prohibited from setting a fire when they go to the forest for fear of causing wildfires.  -> Lest when they go to the forest. 9. My dad began to think clearly after h drank a glass of lemon juice. (SENSES) 

-> Only when  

10. Greek literature is no exception to the rule that poetry develops before literary prose. (CONFORMS) -> The development of poetry and prose in Greece literary prose.  11. Henry worked too hard at the office, which led to his illness. (TAKING) 

-> Henry’s illness 

12. The kitchen table is also the desk where I work. (DOUBLES) 

-> The kitchen table  

13. They designed the shoes to minimize the possibility of injury. (DOWN) 

-> The shoes  

14. No one else in the class is as good at Physics as Tommy is. (SECOND) 

-> Tommy is  

15. Thanks to her mother’s encouragement, she entered the intelligence competition. (GONE) 

-> But for 


(Đăng cai ra đề: THPT Lê Quý Đôn (160) – Trường dự thi theo cụm 1 (quận 1, quận 3): THPT Chuyên Trần Đại Nghĩa (150),  THPT Marie Curie (120), THPT Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai (150), THPT Lê Thị Hồng Gấm (150), THPT Bùi Thị Xuân (160), THPT Ten lơ  man (100), THPT Trưng Vương(150)