Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy, cô giáo và các bạn học sinh tài liệu EXERCISES WITH COLLOCATIONS AND IDIOMS 1 WITH KEY có đáp án có thể tải xuống (download) ở dạng pdf.




Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 

1. It was such a sad film that we all were reduced _________ tears at the end. A. with B. onto C. to D. into - reduce to tears: làm cho ai đó khóc 

2. I assure you that I _________ no hostile feeling toward you. 

A. shelter B. harbor C. embrace D. cover 

3. The opposition will be elected into government at the next election, without a _________ of a doubt. 

A. shade B. shadow C. benefit D. hue - without a shadow of doubt: không chút nghi ngờ gì 

4. The deer_______ for the shelter of the forest when there are people about. A. get B. make C. go D. take 5. It seems that the world record for this event is almost impossible to _________. A. get B. beat C. take D. achieve 6. _________ her fiction describes women in unhappy marriages. 

A. Many of B. A large number of C. A great volume of D. Much of - many of + Ns: phần lớn 

- much of + N( k đếm được ): phần lớn 

7. It________ to reason that he passed the exam with flying colors on account of his working hard during the term. 

A. comes B. gets C. stands D. lays - stand to reason: rõ ràng rằng 

8. You can ask Matin anything about history. He actually has quite a good ________ for facts. A. head B. understanding C. knowledge D. ability 9. Oh! What's the word? I know it on the tip of my________. 

A. mouth B. mind C. tongue D. head 10. I don't like to ask people for help but I wonder if you could ________ me a favour? A. make B. do C. find D. pick 11. This cloth________ very thin. 

A. feels B. touches C. holds D. handles 12. The baby can't even sit up yet, ________ stand and walk! 

A. but for B. let alone C. all but D. rather than 13. _________every major judo title, Mark retired from international competition. 


A. When he won B. Having won C. Winning D. On winning 14. I used to __________ reading comics, but now I've grown out of it. 

A. take a fancy to B. keep an eye on C. get a kick out of D. kick up a fuss about 

15. My friend is good at mimicking people. He __________a great impression of Charlie Chaplin. 

A. made B. did C. took D. gave 

16. Unfortunately, the injury may keep him out of football __________. He may never play again. 

A. for good B. now and then C. once in a while D. every so often 17. Will you be taking my precious experience into _______ when you fix my salary?  A. possession B. account C. mind D. scale  18. We've been together through _______ in our friendship, and we won't desert each other now. A. bad and good B. thick and thin C. odds and ends D. spick and span 19. She was very badly depressed after the car accident. Now she is beginning to think that there could be light at the end of the _______. 

A. tunnel B. subway C. passage D. journey 20. China is one of the most _______populated areas in the world. 

A. wastefully B. perfectly C. densely D. completely - densely: đông đúc 

21. His wife died last year and he still can't _______ to terms with her death. A. come B. go C. get D. contribute - come to terms with: chấp nhận…. 

22. I know him by _______ but I have no idea what his name is. 

A. myself B. heart C. chance D. sight - know sb by sight: biết mặt ai đó 

23. He said he had every _____ in his secretary; she would do the right thing.  A. belief B. dependence C. knowledge D. confidence  - confidence in: tự tin vào 

24. If you have a _____ to make about the food, I am willing to listen.  

A. dislike B. trouble C. complaint D. discontent  25. He gave his listeners a vivid ______ of his journey through Peru.  

A. account B. tale C. communication D. plot  - a vivid account of sth: tường thuật sống động về cái gì 

26. He was full of _______ for her bravery.  

A. energy B. admiration C. surprise D. pride 

27. Science has made great _____ during the past 30 years.  

A. motions B. advances C. advantages D. opportunities  28. When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ______ towards his expenses.  


A. salary B. permission C. allowance D. wage  29. Before you sign anything important, pay careful _____ to all the conditions.  A. notice B. attention C. regards D. reference  30. The two scientists disagreed and a _______ argument developed.  

A. wet B. bitter C. salty D. sour  31. ______ up children properly is mainly their parents’ duty.  

A. Rearing B. Breeding C. Raising D. Bringing  32. Several prisoners _______ from their guards and escaped.  

A. broke away B. broke out C. broke through D. broke down  33. The specialist was under so much stress that he finally ________.  

A. broke off B. broke down C. broke out D. broke in  34. The audience waited until the curtain had risen and then _____ into applause.  A. flooded B. cheered C. started D. burst  - burst into applause: rầm rộ tiếng vỗ tay 

35. When she heard from the hospital the father had died, she ______ into tears.  A. burst B. exploded C. fell D. melted  - burst into tears: bật khóc 

36. If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will ______.  

A. explode B. crack C. burst D. overcrowd  37. I’m afraid you have no _____ but to come along with us.  

A. permission B. choice C. selection D. election  38. I shall never manage to beat John at tennis; we are clearly not in the same ______.  A. set B. band C. class D. order 

39. In the capitalist countries, the rising _______ of living is as hard on country families as on city families.  

A. amount B. cost C. expense D. price  40. Forget it. It is no use crying over spilt _________. 

A. water B. juice C. milk D. lemonade 41. Candidates are advised to dress formally to make a good ________ on job interviewers. A. impression B. permission C. effort D. admission 42. The presenter started his speech with a few_______ jokes to build rapport with the audience. A. whole-hearted B. light-hearted C. soft-hearted D. kind-hearted - whole-hearted: nhiệt tình 

- light-hearted: vui vẻ 

- soft-hearted: mềm lòng 

- kind-hearted: tốt bụng  

43. Many people head for the countryside where the flat _______ of fields helps them escape from the hectic city life. 

A. extension B. expansion C. extent D. expanse 44. Another _______ will be drawn from the experiment. 

A. conclusion B. attention C. contrast D. inference IDIOMS-COLLOCATIONS Trang 3/

45. It is believed that travelling is a good way to expand our _______ of the world. A. knowledge B. mind C. head D. knowing 46. We know that we are at fault for our third consecutive defeat, so there is no need to _______ salt into the wound. 

A. spread B. rub C. apply D. put 

- rub salt into the wound: xát muối vào vết thương 

47. In (an/a) _______ to diffuse the tension, I suggest that we break off for lunch. A. attempt B. collect C. master D. achieve - in an attempt to V: trong một nỗ lực làm gì 

48. Parents often advise their children to study hard in the hope that they will_______ success in the future. 

A. gather B. collect C. master D. achieve 49. No matter how angry he was, he would never_______ to violence. 

A. exert B. resolve C. resort D. recourse - resort to sth: viện tới, nhờ tới 

50. I have a mere _______ of German. 

A. smattering B. knowledge C. acquaintance D. command - smattering: một chút 

51. The house was burgled while the family was _______ in a card game.  A. buried B. busy C. absorbed D. helping  - be absorbed in: very interested in something and not paying attention to anything else 52. I am sorry that I can’t _______ your invitation.  

A. take B. except C. agree D. accept  - accept one’s invitation: đồng ý lời mời của ai 

53. ______ what he says, he wasn’t even there when the crime was committed.  A. Following B. According to C. Hearing D. meaning  54. He has impressed his employers considerably and ______ he is soon to be promoted.  A. nevertheless B. accordingly C. yet D. eventually  55. He gave his listeners a vivid ______ of his journey through Peru.  

A. account B. tale C. communication D. plot  56. Will you be taking my precious experience into _______ when you fix my salary?  A. possession B. account C. mind D. scale  57. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _______ him of speeding.  A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. arrested  58. The ______ of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months.  A. account B. amount C. number D. size  59. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake. it is necessary to be given an ______ as quickly as possible.  

A. analgesic B. antibiotic C. antiseptic D. antidote  - analgesic: thuốc giảm đau 


- antibiotic: thuốc kháng sinh 

- antiseptic: thuốc sát trùng 

- antidote: thuốc giải độc 

60. Let me know if any difficulties _______.  

A. arise B. come C. rise D. happen  61. Could you please _______ an appointment for me to see Mr. Smith?  

A. manage B. arrange C. take D. have  - arrange an appointment: sắp xếp một cuộc hẹn 

62. The police _______ her for helping the murderer to escape.  

A. caught B. searched C. brought D. arrested  63. In the market, the merchants _______ and joked with their friends and neighbours.  A. bargained B. gardened C. bearded D. changed  - bargained: mặc cả 

64. He couldn’t ____ the thought of leaving his home town for ever.  

A. think B. bear C. carry D. hold  65. The room was so quiet that she could hear the _____ of her heart.  

A. beating B. tapping C. knocking D. striking  66. He has adopted three orphans _________his own six children so that, all together, he has nine children to provide for.  

A. besides B. except C. beside D. in place of  67. The weather was ______ the exceptionally poor harvest.  

A. blamed for B. condemned for C. accused of D. criticized for  68. If you are so senseless as to go on long walks in tight fitting shoes, you must expect to get ___ .  

A. scars B. bruises C. blisters D. spots  IDIOMS-COLLOCATIONS Trang 5/