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Băng số: 


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NĂM HỌC 2022-2023 Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH 

Ngày thi: 06/06/2022 

Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút, không kể thời gian giao 

Chữ ký giám khảo 1: 

Chữ ký giám khảo 2: 


Số phách 


– Đề thi gồm 08 trang, thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi. 

Thí sinh không được sử dụng bất cứ tài liệu nào. 

1. LISTENING (20 pts) 

Part 1: Listen to the conversation and complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. You will hear the recording ONCE. (8 pts) 

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Order Form 

Reason for call: 


problems with website 



Title of book: 



Richard Watson 

Type of book: 



4. £ 

Payment method: 


Delivery address: 

62 Green Gardens, London N22 

Delivery type: 


Delivery date: 


Delivery instructions: 

If out leave with a 


Part 2: You will hear a conversation between two friends, Margaret and Larry, talking about a newspaper article on space tourism. Listen to the recording and then check (✔) whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). You will hear the recording TWICE. (6 pts) 


1. Margaret has never heard about space trip happening in reality before. 

2. Anyone can go on the trip as long as they are healthy. 



3. The article describes the three types of training needed for the trip. 

4. The trip will take about one day because there are plenty of things to look at. 

5. Larry assured that he saw a strange flying thing while walking his dog. 

6. The ticket price that Larry guesses is much lower than the real one. 

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Part 3: You will hear an interview in which a businesswoman called Carla Smith is talking about her life and work. Write the letter A, B or C in the given numbered spaces to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. You will hear the recording TWICE. (6 pts) 

1. Why did Carla change the way she worked? 

A. She didn’t enjoy the work she did. 

B. She spent very little time at home. 

C. She had health problems. 

2. What does Carla say about running her own business? 

A. She continues to work a lot of hours. 

B. It allows her to take more holidays. 

C. She earns more than she used to.. 

3. What changes has Carla made to her exercise routine? 

A. She does more exercise than she used to. 

B. She does a new kind of exercise now. 

C. She exercises at a different time of day. 

4. How does Carla feel about her health and eating habits? 

A. guilty about having too many snacks 

B. delighted that she has discovered new foods C. surprised that she now feels so much better 

5. Where does Carla spend time with her sisters? 

A. in her own home 

B. at the cinema 

C. at the local pool 

6. Which time-saving idea does Carla find efficient? 

A. checking emails on the way to work 

B. having a lot of similar clothes 

C. making lists of jobs to do 

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Your answers: 








II. Write the letter A, B, C or D in the given numbered spaces to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. (10 pts) 

passengers that all flights have been cancelled due to bad weather. 

1. We regret 

A. informing 

B. being informed 

2. Our form teacher requires that we 

A. are 

B. will be 

C. to inform 

D. to be informed willing to help each other to make progress in learning. 

C. be 

D. were 

3. I remember you have ever dreamt of becoming a pilot to see the world from above, 

A. don’t I 

B. haven’t you 

C. don’t you 

4. Duong’s parents were really worried about his sudden disappearance; he trip before his departure. 

D. have you 

them of his business 

A. must inform 

C. must have informed 

5. Each of us should be allowed to pursue our own interests 

A. regardless of 

6. Physically, I 

A. run into 

B. although 

B. should inform 

D. should have informed 

what our sex is. 

C. because of 

D. since 

C. take after 

D. hold up 

my mother, but my sister does not look anything like her. 

B. let down 

7. Jack and Rose are on a cruise ship. 

– Jack: “Would you prefer to watch action films or romantic ones?” – Rose: ” 


A. To be honest, it sounds great. 

B. Honestly, romantic films aren’t my cup of tea. 

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D. Why don’t we go for a movie tonight? 

C. As a matter of fact, I’d rather like them. 8. Joni and Jimmy are preparing for their presentation on education. – Joni: “Robot teachers will be widely used in the near future.” 


Jimmy: ” 

They will perform certain tasks to assist human teachers.” 

A. I could agree more 

C. That’s not always the case 9. That poor student went to great Nam. 

A. pains 

10. Nam Cao is a 

A. respective 

B. You can say that again 

D. I don’t see your point 

C. hurt 

to win a place at one of the most prestigious universities in Viet 

B. efforts 

D. hardship author whose works are highly thought of by millions of readers. 

B. respectable 

C. respectful 

D. respecting Shared by Angels of 

Your answers: 





Otto Channel 

با ما 







III. Read the following passage. Use the words given in capitals in the brackets to form words that fit in the numbered blanks. Write your answers in the given numbered spaces (10 pts). 


Smoothies are cold drinks made from blended fruit and vegetables to which crushed ice, milk, honey or (1. FREEZE) 

yoghurt is also often added. This gives them a thicker milkshake-like consistency. They have long been a popular (2. ALTER) 

to fizzy drinks and are marketed as a healthy option. For many years now they have been (3. WIDE) 

available in high street coffee shops and supermarkets. 

They are packed with fruit and vegetables, but are smoothies really good for us? One popular brand (4. ADVERT) 

that their drinks contained two of the suggested five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables which we should consume every day. This claim resulted in an investigation into just how healthy these drinks really are. The results were good news for all smoothie (5. LOVE) 

The research found that the brand’s 250ml non-dairy drinks did in fact contain (6. SUFFICE) pulped fruit and fruit juice to count for two of the recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables. As a result health officials have agreed that smoothies are good for us. However, not all smoothies are the same. There is a great diversity of ingredients and (7. CONSUME) 

are advised to check the contents (8. CARE) 

Some may contain as much as a quarter of your recommended daily of saturated fat and up to 40g of sugar. 

(9. ALLOW) 

In conclusion, it seems that although smoothies are a good source of the vitamins and minerals found. in fruit and vegetables, there are also a lot of unhealthy (10. VARY) 

Your answers: 












IV. Read the following passage and write the letter A, B, C or D in the given numbered spaces to indicate the word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. (8 pts) 


Users of well-known social networking sites have been warned they may have to pay more for their house (1) 

This is because there is evidence that burglars use the sites to find out personal details about potential targets and information like when people will be (2) 

Burglars can use the networking sites to (3) 

on holiday. 

relationships with people who they can then. 


as people to burgle. An experiment found that many users accepted complete strangers as followers when they made a friend request. Also about 40% of users of the most popular social networking 

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sites have such low (5) 

settings that their personal information can be seen by anyone. Users of these sites can’t help boasting about their holiday (6) 

or expensive new home gadgets they’ve purchased. Users also give away information about when their house will be empty when they (7) 

about working long hours or how long their journey to work takes. All this information makes life very easy for thieves. Graham Jones who works for an internet security company said he has seen people sending messages about what a wonderful time they’re having on holiday in the Caribbean on a website that has their home address. He says people need to be more aware of just (8) 

has access 

to the information they post on networking websites. 

1. A. assurance 

2. A. gone 

3. A. develop 

4. A. target 

5. A. safety 

6. A. ideas 

B. insurance 

B. away B. find 

C. protection 

D. cover 

D. outside 

D. construct D. decide 

C. out 

C. make 

B. aim 

Shared by Angels of. choose 

B. safe Otto Channel 

C. security 

D. secure 

B. plans 

C. hopes 

D. deals 

B. tell 


C. explain 

D. share 

C. that 

D. who 

7. A. complain 


8. A. the one 

Your answers: 










V. The passage below contains 10 errors. UNDERLINE and CORRECT them, then write your 

answers in the table provided. (10 pts) 








CO2 plays a critical role in maintenance the balance in the Earth’s atmosphere and the air that we breathe. It is also a waste product of the fossil fuels that most every person on the planet uses for transport and other energy requirements. Although we create CO2 every time we drive a car, cook a meal or turn on a light, and because the gas lasts around a century in the atmosphere, a proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere is rapidly increasing. The best evidence indicates that we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70 per cent by 2050. If you own a four-wheel- drive car and replace them with a hybrid car a car that is powered with a combination of electricity and petrol – or a smaller standard-fuel car, you can achieve a reduction of that magnitude in a day other than half a century. Unfortunately, our past history of change is considerately slower than this. Samuel Bowser first invented the petrol pump in 1885 but it wasn’t until 1988 that all new cars manufacturing in the UK were required to use unleaded petrol only. Not only do fossil fuels pose an environmental hazard but there is also a pressing need to find an alternative energy source that is nonrenewable. Many countries are exploring alternative energy sources such as solar energy or wind power, which uses large turbines to capture the energy of the wind. 

Your answers: 













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VI. Read the following passage and think of the word which best fits each of the numbered blanks. Write your answers in the given numbered spaces. Use only ONE word for each blank. (7 pts) 

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Envy: Is It Hurting or Helping You? 

“Sometimes I’m so envious of my friends, I hate them,” says Kimberly. “I was at dinner a month ago, a friend’s engagement. Suddenly I blurted out that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. I was frustrated about not having a serious relationship myself. My envy took over, and I became a different person. 


Envy is the desire for (2) 

you have a 

someone else has and resentment of that person for having it. Kimberley was envious. That doesn’t mean she is a bad person, (3) 

“Everyone experiences envy – it’s a normal human emotion,” explains psychologist Karen Peterson. Envy doesn’t have to make us feel powerless and sorry for (4) 

Instead, it can motivate us to try to achieve the things we want. There are effective ways for dealing with envy and turning it into something useful. 

Kimberly’s envy caused her to make the unkind remark about divorce. (5) similar desire to express your envy in a negative way, stop yourself. Instead, think about what it is you’re envious of. Kimberly admitted that when her friend announced her engagement, “it made me feel lonely and insecure.” Once you (6) 

out why you’re envious, it’s much easier to eventually grow from the experience. “Envy can be an excellent teacher,” states Peterson, “as long as you are open to learning (7) 


Your answers: 









VII. Read the following passage and write the letter A, B, C or D in the given numbered spaces to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. (8 pts) 


The word ecotourism is a combination of ecology (the study of systems of living things) and tourism. The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people.” This means that walking through a rain forest isn’t really ecotourism unless it benefits the area, perhaps by providing jobs to the local residents or by conserving the wildlife. Countries are slowly recognizing that it is possible to make money while preserving their natural resources. 

Costa Rica has been leading the ecotourism movement for some time, and was voted the most popular ecotourism destination by TripAdvisor.com in April 2012. It developed the Certification for sustainable Tourism (CST) program in 1999, which was then used by the United Nations World. Tourism Organization as the model for the rest of Latin America. Thanks to its conservation efforts, over 25 percent of Costa Rica’s land is covered in lush national parks. Its tourism industry generates over a billion dollars annually and provides jobs to thousands of people. 

Unfortunately, people in the industry sometimes exploit the “ecotourism” label in their drive for profit. This brand of ecotourism isn’t always conducted in the most responsible way, and may damage the very environment it seeks to protect. One concern is that the overwhelming number of visitors to these natural places (especially in the high season) has a negative effect on the ecosystem. Ecotourists tend to seek out places with the rarest animals and plants; even if they take care not to disturb the environment, their presence could put pressure on the most frail of living things. Another problem is the interaction between animals and humans. At one national park in Costa Rica, wild monkeys feed on garbage left by the visitors and even aggressively steal food from tourists. 

Controlling abuses isn’t easy, either. In developing countries where salaries aren’t high, corruption can lead officials to tolerate ecological damage. For example, a large resort facility, normally not allowed near a sanctuary, might be allowed if the company bribes (gives money to) certain people in the government. Limited resources are another issue-areas of forests and beaches that would require an army to protect are often watched by just a few employees. 

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While tourists can have a negative impact on ecosystems, the same areas might have been totally destroyed by industries such as farming, logging, or mining if the ecotourism industry did not exist. Tour guides can also be educators who train people to love and care for the environment. By visiting these beautiful rain forests and seeing rare animals, visitors get a sense of their value and will hopefully take these lessons back with them to their home countries. 

It is easy to be critical of the ecotourism industry, but it is important to be positive as well. Ecotourism can never be “pure”-we can’t expect zero negative effects on the ecosystem. It is also unrealistic to think that humans won’t go anywhere accessible to them. If protection efforts are maintained and intensified, those remaining places of undisturbed nature may be stressed, but at least they won’t be destroyed. 

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1. Which statement best summarizes the author’s point of view? 

A. Ecotourism is a damaging trend that should be discouraged. Otto Channel B. Ecotourism is the best way for countries to earn tourist dollars. 

C. Ecotourism generally benefits ecosystems even if it causes some damage. 

D. Ecotourism will most likely become less popular in the future. 

2. Which change has NOT occurred in Costa Rica since the introduction of ecotourism? 

A. Thousands of ecotourism-related jobs have been created. 

B. New national parks have been established. 

C. Monkeys have started relying on garbage for food. D. The number of corruption cases has decreased. 

3. What does the word “their” in paragraph 3 refer to? 

A. ecotourists 

B. places 

C. animals and plants 

4. According to paragraph 4, why is it difficult to control abuses of ecotourism? 

A. Too many sanctuaries are being created near large resort facilities. 

B. There aren’t enough resources and officials may overlook abuses if bribed. C. Not many people are interested in jobs controlling ecotourism abuses. 

D. Companies have a lot of power and money to build resorts. 

5. The word “corruption” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to 

A. illegal activity 

C. government control 

B. lack of resources 

D. management 

D. living things 

6. “In this way, the children of future generations can learn respect for nature”. This sentence is best inserted at the end of 

A. Paragraph 3 

C. Paragraph 5 

B. Paragraph 4 

D. Paragraph 6 

7. What does the writer mean by this sentence: “It is easy to be critical of the ecotourism industry”? 

A. Protecting wildlife is not a very daunting task. 

B. Businesses will always want to exploit nature. 

C. People’s expectations for ecotourism are too high. 

D. Ecotourism can’t create enough jobs for local people. 

8. What can be inferred from the passage? 

A. It took a long time for countries to realize the possibility of earning profits while protecting nature. B. Ecotourism industry is considered the biggest contributor to the economy of Costa Rica. 

C. Ecotourism can put the environment under threat if carried out in an irresponsible way. 

D. Ecotourists have such bad impacts on ecosystems that the visited areas can be destroyed completely. 

Your answers: 










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VIII. Read the following passage. Seven sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap 1-7. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Write your answers in the given numbered spaces. (7 pts) 

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The Value of Tears 

Tears can ruin make-up, bring conversation to a stop, and give you a runny nose. They can leave you embarrassed and without energy. However, crying is a fact of life, and tears are very useful. (1) 

.These create a film over the eye’s surface. This film contains a substance that protects your eyes against infection. 


“People worry about showing their emotions. They’re afraid that once they lose control, they’ll never get it back,” explains psychologist Dorothy Rowe. “As children we were sometimes punished for shedding tears or expressing anger. As adults we still fear the consequences of showing emotions.” 

Almost any emotion – good or bad, happy or sad – can cause tears. (3) 

Tears help you when you feel you are ready to explode because of very strong feelings. It may explain why people who are afraid. to cry often suffer more heart attacks than people who cry more freely. 



They may be feeling shock, anger, fear, or grief, but they repress the emotion. “Everyone has the need to cry,” says psychotherapist Vera Diamond. Sometimes in therapy sessions, patients participate in crying exercises. (5) 

Diamond says it’s best to cry in safe, private places, like under 

the bedcovers or in the car. That’s because many people get uncomfortable when others cry in front of them. In fact, they may be repressing their own need to cry. 

In certain situations, tears are improper. (6) 

“But once you are safely behind closed doors, 

don’t just cry,” Diamond says. She suggests that you act out the whole situation again and be as noisy and angry as you like. (7) 

“And,” she adds, “once your tears have released the stress, you can begin 

to think of logical ways to deal with the problem.” 

Tears are a sign of our ability to feel. You should never be afraid to cry. 

A. They practice crying so that they can get used to expressing emotion. 

B. Crying is a way that we release built-up emotions. 

C. There are some helpful things that people can do if it is difficult for them to cry. 

D. Even when you’re not crying, your eyes produce tears. 

E. When some people become very stressed, however, they can’t cry. 

F. It’s good to hold back tears during a tense business discussion. 

G. It will help you feel better. 

H. Tears relieve stress, but we tend to fight them for all sorts of reasons. 

Your answers: 









IX. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. (5 pts) 

1. “Give us the money or we’ll reveal your secret,” the blackmailers said to her. 

The blackmailers threatened 

2. During my travels, I have never visited a more unusual country than Iceland. 

Iceland is by 

3. Our Science teacher never remembers to correct our homework. 

Our Science teacher is 

4. The online store which he launched in 2015 became an immediate success. 


5. People believe that Leonardo da Vinci foresaw the invention of aircraft. 

The invention of aircraft 

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X. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. You must use between THREE and SIX words, including the word given. (5 pts) 

1. John and his father look very similar. 

➡ John is 

Shared by Angels of Otto Channel 



2. She decided to start her own business because she wanted to be independent. 

She decided to start her own 


being independent. DISAPPROVAL the plans for the new shopping center. 4. Jughead soon recovered after the operation and was able to rejoin the team. MADE 

3. The villagers said that they opposed the plans for the new shopping center. 

The villagers 

After the operation, Jughead 

5. He was dismissed for neglecting his work. 


XI. Writing. (10 pts) 

and was able to rejoin the team. 


his dismissal. 

Different people have different ways to express their love for their countries. What are yours? 

In about 130 – 150 words, write a paragraph to answer this question.. 


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