Đề thi Olympic truyền thống 30-4 lần thứ XXVI – năm 2021 THPT Chuyên Lê Hồng Phong, TP Hồ Chí Minh môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 có đáp án

     Tài liệu đề thi Olympic truyền thống 30-4 lần thứ XXVI - năm 2021 THPT Chuyên Lê Hồng Phong, TP Hồ Chí Minh môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 có đáp án tại website Tài liệu diệu kỳ là nguồn tài liệu hữu ích dành cho học sinh Chuyên Anh và các bạn đang bồi dưỡng ĐT dự thi HSG Quốc Gia Tiếng Anh. Đề thi được thiết kế với độ khó nâng cao, giúp học sinh nâng cao kỹ năng và kiến thức của mình.

      Bên cạnh đó, tại website Tài liệu diệu kỳ còn có rất nhiều tài liệu học tiếng Anh khác, từ vựng nâng cao và các đề thi thử để các bạn tham khảo và rèn luyện kỹ năng. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm các tài liệu học tiếng Anh chất lượng, đa dạng và miễn phí, thì đây là địa chỉ đáng tin cậy.

      Từ khóa: Tài liệu đề thi Olympic truyền thống; 30-4; lần thứ XXVI; năm 2021; THPT Chuyên Lê Hồng Phong; TP Hồ Chí Minh; Tiếng Anh lớp 11; đáp án; học sinh Chuyên Anh; bồi dưỡng ĐT dự thi HSG Quốc Gia Tiếng Anh; từ vựng nâng cao.

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Ngày thi: 03/04/2021 

Môn thi: Tiếng Anh 11 

Thời gian làm bài : 180 phút 

Đề này có 08 trang. 

Thí sinh làm phần trắc nghiệm (MULTIPLE CHOICE) trên phiếu trả lời trắc nghiệm và  phần tự luận (WRITTEN TEST) trên phiếu trả lời tự luận.  

Trên phiếu trả lời trắc nghiệm, thí sinh thêm 2 số 00 vào trước số báo danh  (bằng bút chì). 

Phần mã đề thi trên phiếu trắc nghiệm, thí sinh tô vào ô 002


I. GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURES (5PTS): Choose the best options to complete the following  sentences. 

1. Let me know about your decisions before putting them into practice, ______? 

 A. shall you B. would you C. will you D. have you 2. You’d better start looking for a new job, so ______ your friends. 

 A. would B. did C. had D. do  3. -"Will you ______ with the equipment by 12:30 pm?" 

 -"Possibly, but I'll let you know beforehand." 

 A. finish B. have been finishing C. be finishing D. have finished 4. -"It's a pity she had to pull out of the competition." - "Yes, especially since she ______ such excellent  progress." 

 A. is making B. made C. had been making D. has been making 5. -“Before, she didn’t know how to do the paperwork.” -"She ______ how to do it.”  A. could have been shown B. might show C. can have shown D. will show 6. Not only does Jack speak Spanish, ______.  

A. but he is also able to work as an interpreter 

B. but is also able to work as an interpreter 

C. but he is also able to work as an interpreter as well 

D. is he able to work as an interpreter 

7. In the eastern part of New Jersey ______, a major shipping and manufacturing center.  A. lies the city of Elizabeth B. the city of Elizabeth lies there 

C. around the city of Elizabeth lies D. there lies the city of Elizabeth around 8. Her hair ______ in a bun, the bride looks superficially attractive. 

 A. styling B. styled C. was styled D. has been styled 9. ______ I dislike Winston, I have to admit that he came up with some brilliant suggestions at the  management meeting. 

 A. Much as B. No matter C. However D. For all 10. Aren’t you the last person ______ the documents before they disappeared? 

 A. seeing B. to have seen C. having seen D. to see 

II. PHRASAL VERBS AND PREPOSITIONS (5 PTS) Choose the best options to complete the  following sentences. 

11. The area has been smartened ______ by the arrival of yuppy residents. 

 A. out B. off C. over D. up 12. Apart from one or two flashes of brilliance from Messi, Argentina put __ a rather poor performance.  A. on B. up C. in D. through 13. The success of the peace plan hinges ______ their willingness to disarm. 

 A. to B. on C. by D. with 14. He says he knows nothing about the missing documents but I'm sure he's holding ______ me.  A. back for B. out on C. on with D. up for 15. Don't keep ______ me about the door; I'll fix it. 

 A. up with B. on for C. on at D. out against 

16. The naughty boys went on making terrible noise in the park though they had been ______ off by the  annoyed constable. 

 A. laid B. broken C. ticked D. thrown 17. He put his failure in the exam ______ bad luck. 

 A. back on B. up with C. in for D. down to 18. His jokes set the whole class ______ laughing. 

 A. off B. out C. up D. about 19. You can't talk me ______ giving you more money. I've given you enough already.  A. with B. on C. into D. about 

20 When Sue has had a row with someone, she works it ______ by going for a long walk.  A. out B. up C. away D. off 

III. VOCABULARY (10 PTS): Choose the best options to complete the following sentences. 21. "He ______ my rubber, miss!" shouted the boy. 

 A. acquired B. ripped off C. abducted D. swiped 22. Patrick is too______ a gambler to resist placing a bet on the final game. 

 A. instant B. spontaneous C. compulsive D. continuous 23. Mr. Henson's bitter comments on the management's mistakes gave ______ to the conflict which has  already lasted for four months. 

 A. cause B. ground C. goal D. rise 24. This shoe repairer is so quick that he can sole and heel your shoes in a(n) ______.  A. moment B. hurry C. jiffy D. instant 25. All the inhabitants in the area have been asked to ______ at home if the storm returns.  A. settle B. dwell C. remain D. occupy 26. At one moment, the teacher got nervous seeing that whatever he said was ______ on the students  who weren't paying any attention to the lecture. 

 A. missed B. lost C. failed D. slipped 27. My young nieces kept ______ me to buy them sweets. 

 A. teasing B. pestering C. getting on at D. harassing 28. If it hadn't been for the hint that the professor ______ nobody would have found out the correct  answer. 

 A. dropped B. cast C. threw D. flung 29. Teaching high school students is relatively easy. Teaching majored students, on the other hand, is a  different _______ of fish. 

 A. kettle B. pot C. pan D. bowl 30. The cat slept peacefully, ______ in the long grass. 

 A. huddled B. nestled C. snuggled D. cuddled 31. Their relationship had been on the ______ for years before they finally broke up.  A. stones B. rocks C. pebbles D. marbles 32. He couldn't have been in his right ______ saying that he can fly. 

 A. minds B. brains C. senses D. thoughts 33. Julia's work is not a ______ on Natalie's. 

 A. spot B. patch C. scratch D. scrap 34. You say that this small spare part cost you £100? I'm sure you paid through the ______ for it.  A. eye B. nose C. ear D. lips 35. It was the______ warning from the seismologists that helped save the lives of the island inhabitants  before the volcano erupted. 

 A. preliminary B. hasty C. cursory D. advance 36. Rosie the kitten ______ playfully around with a ball. 

 A. slunk B. strutted C. slithered D. scampered 37. The comforting news from my sister was a real ______ off my mind. 

 A. stone B. deal C. load D. mass 38. The first amusement park in our city was a ______ success for its owners. Everybody would go there  to have a good time. 

 A. cracking B. ringing C. sparking D. roaring 39. The exercise routine works in ______ with the diet. 

 A. tandem B. league C. hand D. co-operation 40. I didn't really feel like memorizing all these definitions. It was only the risk of getting another bad  mark that made me ______ myself.

 A. exert B. absorb C. endeavour D. deploy 

IV. GUIDED CLOZE (10 PTS): Read the texts below and decide which answer best fits each  space. 

Passage A 

Business was bad. Sales were non-existent. I was (41) ______ at the bank. I'd (42) ______ up huge  debts and the man who sold me the shop was threatening to (43) ______ me because I hadn't paid him.  I had expected (44) ______ troubles when I took over the shop – all new businesses have problems in  the beginning – but in the eleven months I had been open I had never had a customer. I'd tried  everything to (45) ______ up business – ads in the local newspaper, mid-season sales, sponsoring the  local football team – but nothing I'd tried had worked. I was at my (46) ______ end. A friend suggested I  seek professional advice. He reassured me that his friend, Mr. Stott, would help me (47) ______ the  problem of disappointing sales. So there I was in the city, sitting across from Mr. Stott, a management  consultant. "Now you live here in Willonga, a desert town, and you bought the local bakery, but you didn't  keep it on as a bakery," he said. "No, I saw a (48) ______ in the market and changed the focus of the  business." I replied. "And things aren't going as well as they could be," he continued, sitting back in his  chair. "Don't worry, Mr. Redston, it's not unusual to (49) ______ into difficulties on first setting up a  business. I'm sure we'll be able to (50) ______ everything out." He put on his glasses. "So what is it that  you sell?" he asked. "Sand," I replied. "I sell sand." 

41. A. overspent B. overtaken C. overdrawn D. overdone  42. A. put B. run C. stepped D. eaten  43. A. sue B. condemn C. claim D. charge  44. A. balancing B. teething C. growing D. opening  45. A. draw B. work C. drum D. bring  46. A. brain's B. wits’ C. nerves' D. mind's 47. A. tarnish B. tackle C. sort D. drum up  48. A. gap B. space C. opening D. opportunity  49. A. walk B. come C. bump D. run  50. A. bring B. iron C. smooth D. sort 

Passage B 

Those who (51) ______ for a vegetarian diet must usually weigh up a variety of aspects concerning  the nutritional (52) ______ of vegetables and the adequacy of vegetarian meals in terms of the number of  nutrients provided to the body. Vegetarianism is not a new concept, rather an ancient custom which  evolved in the Far East cultures on ethical or religious grounds.  

In today's world, it has been undertaken by many followers who for a variety of reasons believe the  vegetarian diet more preferable to that containing meat. For example, there's the theory that animal meat  wasn't originally a component of the staple human diet as mankind evolved from foragers who later (53)  ______ a taste for flesh. Hence, our primeval ancestors are alleged to have had a substantial intake of  proteins and vitamins from natural vegetation rather than from the meat of hunted (54) ______. What’s  more, human teeth don’t (55) ______ much resemblance to those of animal carnivores, and neither is our  digestive system equivalent to the meat eaters' one. 

Apart from the enforced vegetarianism of underdeveloped communities where populations deprived of  animal protein (56) ______ the natural vegetation, there's a rising acceptance of the vegetarian diet  which (57) ______ to be regarded as an eccentricity. (58) ______ from animal food, be it for religious,  economic or humanitarian reasons, has been a quickly spreading custom as, surprisingly, the vegetarian  diet needn't be dull or deficient. Yet, it does involve taking good (59) ______ to supply the body with a  sufficient quantity of nutrients (60) ______ from corn, seeds and cereals.  

51. A. prefer B. opt C. select D. favour 52. A. profit B. rate C. value D. esteem 53. A. generated B. acquired C. instituted D. accustomed 54. A. load B. game C. toll D. beat 55. A. infer B. assume C. bear D. pertain 56. A. play down on B. come in for C. fall back on D. get on for 57. A. terminates B. ceases C. concludes D. finishes 58. A. Resistance B. Defiance C. Hindrance D. Abstention 59. A. precautions B. resolutions C. proceeds D. measurements 60. A. comprised B. derived C. procured D. provided

V. READING COMPREHENSION (10 PTS): Read the texts below and choose the best answer  to each question. 

Passage A 

Recognized as having the largest “green roof” in the world, the new Ford Truck Assembly Plant in  Dearborn, Michigan, serves as a model for the 21st century. In this time of growing concern for  environmental issues from global warming to urban sprawl, the Ford plant shows it’s possible to reduce  these concerns by means of well-designed “green architecture.” 

Green roofs are, as the name implies, gardens that are placed on the roof of a building. These  roofs are composed of a waterproofing and root-repellant system designed to protect the underlying  building structure, a drainage system, a lightweight growing medium, and plants selected based on  characteristics such as drought tolerance. The gardens are designed to be self-sustaining, requiring little  upkeep except for occasional weeding or fertilization. 

In addition to supporting plant growth, the growing medium absorbs water. Experts cite the latter  as the single most important advantage of green roof technology, because the plants store rainwater and  return it to the atmosphere. It is predicted that the Ford Plant green roof will retain 447,000 gallons of  water per year, conserving 50 percent of the rain that falls on the roof each year. Less rainwater also  means less water that must pass through the city’s water sewage treatment facilities. 

What runoff there is has been filtered by the roof system. In addition, green roofs improve air  quality by filtering the air above them and encouraging the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen  through photosynthesis. Furthermore, they reduce the “heat island” effect in cities caused by the ever increasing amount of hard surfaces that absorb solar radiation. Finally, green roofs are aesthetically  appealing: they improve the appearance of barren urban and industrial sites. 

61. What is the main idea of this passage? 

A. Green roofs have a variety of environmental benefits. 

B. Green roofs can solve the problem of global warming. 

C. Green roofs need less maintenance than regular roofs. 

D. Green roofs are becoming more common on automotive plants. 

62. How often do roof gardens need to be planted? 

A. annually each spring B. when there is below-average rainfall C. every time it rains D. only once when created 

63. According to the passage, what is the most significant benefit of a green roof? A. It cools the building it is on. B. It retains rainwater. 

C. It supports plant life. D. It absorbs solar radiation. 

64. According to the passage, what is one way in which green roofs improve air quality? A. by promoting gas exchange B. by reflecting solar radiation 

C. by reducing air temperature D. by absorbing rainwater 

65. How do green roofs reduce the “heat island” effect? 

A. They retain a lot of rainwater. B. They capture less heat from the sun than traditional roofs. C. They reflect the sun’s heat. D. They increase the movement of air around the building. 

Passage B 

A map created by Martin Waldseemüller in 1507 and acquired by the United States Library of  Congress for ten million dollars is the most expensive one in its collection. Out of the one thousand copies  originally produced, it is the only copy of this twelve-panel woodcut map known to exist. Its rarity is a  significant factor contributing to its value. More important though, the map is special because it is the first  to depict the Pacific Ocean as a separate body of water, the first to depict a separate Western  Hemisphere, and the first to name that mass of land “America.” Waldseemüller christened the new lands  America in recognition of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who was the first to identify the New World of  North and South America as separate from Asia. 

More than naming the continents, the map challenges established beliefs. In the map, America is  represented as a long and slender piece of land. This appears to support the contention that the western  edge of the continents had not been explored until after 1507. However, the Americas only appear to be  narrow because the mapmaker used a technique that visually distorted the Earth’s surface on the edges  of the map. Moreover, using the longitude and latitude lines on the map to measure the width of the  continents, one comes up with measurements that match those done by satellite today. Thus, the western  edges of the Americas must have been reached earlier than presently thought.

Another mystery associated with the map is how Waldseemüller received the knowledge that he  needed to make the map. Waldseemüller was the canon, a high-ranking priest, of a monastery in the  mountains of France, and to this day scholars have no idea how discoveries an ocean away found their  way to this legendary mapmaker. 

66. What is remarkable about the measurement accuracy of the map? 

A. It accurately measures the width of the American continents. 

B. It distorts the width of the American continents. 

C. It is more accurate than the maps constructed today. 

D. There is nothing remarkable about the measurement accuracy. 

67. According to the passage, how did Waldseemüller get the information to accurately depict important  geographic discoveries in his map? 

A. He studied other maps. B. He was visited by Amerigo Vespucci at his monastery. C. No one knows. D. He corresponded with the explorers. 68. How does the map contribute to our understanding of world exploration? 

A. Amerigo Vespucci must have gone to Asia. 

B. The American continent used to be a different shape. 

C. It confirms that the Pacific was not explored until after 1507. 

D. Western America must have been explored before 1507. 

69. What do measurement calculations suggest about the mapmaker? 

A. He knew the size of the American continent. 

B. He would have done better with a satellite. 

C. He did not understand latitudes and longitudes. 

D. He thought the Americas were long and narrow. 

70. What is the main purpose of this passage? 

A. to explain the characteristics of a valuable map B. to show how to create an accurate map C. to discuss the significance of a particular map D. to discuss early explorers 

Passage C 

Lights on, lights off. Just the quick flick of a finger on a simple switch brightens or darkens the room. That power is the envy of geneticists. They long for similar ease in activating and de-activating genes  in cultured cells and transgenic animals. In recent years, these scientists have gained some measure of  control by using chemical compounds, including the antibiotic tetracycline, to govern genes in cells and  mice. 

The insect hormone ecdysone may provide the most effective gene switch yet, suggest investigators  from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif., and  the University of California, San Diego. To support that contention, the group has made mammalian cells  and strains of mice with genes that are activated when ecdysone reaches them. 

With such a system, researchers should be able to examine the importance of the timing of gene  activity, particularly during an organism's development. Since the hormone has no adverse effect on  mammalian cells, ecdysone-based switches may ultimately provide a non-toxic way to control the  therapeutic genes inserted into humans. 

"It looks pretty promising. It seems to work as well as, if not better than, the tetracycline system,"  says Janet Rossant, a developmental biologist at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. 71. The opening paragraph provides an example of an application of ______.  

A. lights B. rooms C. electricity D. darkness 72. In recent years chemical compounds have helped scientists ______. 

A. to measure cultured cells B. to control gene activity to a certain extent C. to train mice D. to switch from genes to mice 

73. What have investigators managed to do with ecdysone? They've managed to______. A. affect the metabolism of special mice B. produce mammalian cells 

C. change the strains of ordinary mice D. activate ordinary mice 

74. What is an apparent advantage of ecdysone? 

A. It helps make mammalian cells. B. It does not harm mammalian cells. C. It is therapeutic. D. It will become non-toxic. 

75. According to the last paragraph, scientists are______. 

A. promising miracles B. clearly in favour of tetracycline instead C. looking for more promising alternatives D. optimistic about the potential of ecdysone

Passage D 

 Soybeans or cereal grains, such as wheat or corn, usually make people think of food. However, some  agricultural researchers are now working to make plastics out of such foods. The type of plastic products  researchers say can be made from plant material is limited only by the imagination.  Depending on how it’s formulated, the plastic can be either thin or thick, malleable or hard. Uses for  this new material could range from bottles to plastic-coated paper or car parts. For example, one  prototype plastic is made in a lab with a machine that mixes and heats the material and then squeezes it  out like giant spaghetti strands. Researchers speculate that anything now made from traditional  petroleum-based plastic could, in the future, be produced from compounds using plant material. They are  already developing some plastics using both grain starches and soybean proteins, the latter of which  seems to make stronger, more elastic products than grain starches do. Researchers hope that eventually  all the petroleum in plastics can be replaced with bio-based materials that are environmentally friendly.  These plastics would join other new bio-based products such as adhesives, fiberboard, diesel fuels, and  soy-oil based inks. Utilizing bio-based plastics would also create a new use for agricultural products, thus  benefiting farmers. 

 An important factor in the fate of bio-based plastics is their cost. For industry, cost is the principal  driving force that determines whether a new technology is adopted. If soy-based plastics can be made  more inexpensively than petroleum-based plastics, they are more likely to be considered a viable  alternative. 

 Though this is not the case yet, scientists hope that with time, bio-based plastics will become more  common. As a result, the cost will come down, as is the case with most new products such as computers  and cellular phones. 

76. What is the main purpose of this passage? 

A. to demonstrate the manufacturing process of bio-based plastics in a lab 

B. to explain how the cost of computers and cellular phones can be reduced 

C. to illustrate a new application of plant products 

D. to argue that bio-based products are more durable than petroleum-based products 77. Why does the author use the example of spaghetti strands? To illustrate ______. A. one form bio-based plastic can take 

B. possible uses of bio-based plastics 

C. how strong bio-based plastics can be 

D. how many different products can be made from bio-based plastics 

78. Why does the author mention computers and cellular phones?  

 As an example of products that______. 

A. are environmentally friendly B. can be made from bio-based materials C. created whole new industries D. became cheaper as they became more widely used 79. What are the advantages of bio-based plastics? 

A. They will reduce the costs of computers and cellular phones. 

B. They will replace petroleum as a fuel. 

C. They benefit the agricultural industry. 

D. They benefit the petroleum industry. 

80. According to the passage, what must happen to make industry adopt plant-based plastics?  They must become ______. 

A. more environmentally friendly B. more durable C. less malleable D. less expensive 


I. CLOZE TEST (20 PTS): Read the texts below and complete each space with ONE  suitable word. 

Passage A 

The British are widely considered to be a very polite nation, and in some respects this is true. An  Italian journalist once commented that the British need no (1) ______ than four “thank yous” (2) ______  to buy a bus ticket. The first, from the bus conductor means, “I am here”. The second accompanies the  handing (3) ______ of the money. The third, again from the conductor, means “(4) ______ is your  ticket”, and then the passenger utters a final (5) ______ as he accepts the ticket. Such transactions in  most other parts of the world are usually conducted in total silence. 

In sharp (6) ______ to this excessive politeness with strangers, the British are strangely lacking in  ritual phrases for social interaction. The exhortation “Good appetite”, uttered in (7) ______ many other  languages to fellow diners before a meal, does not (8) ______ in English. The nearest equivalent - Enjoy  your dinner! - is said only by people who will not be partaking of the meal (9) ______ question. What's 

more, the British wish happiness to their friends or acquaintances only at the start of a new year and at  celebrations such as birthdays, the Greeks routinely wish (10) ______ and sundry a “good week” or a  “good month”. 

Passage B 

Each generation of British men has worked for a shorter period than its predecessor. This state of  affairs may be considered desirable when it is a matter of choice, (11) ______ recently many people in  their fifties have had their working lives curtailed through redundancy. Nowadays almost a third of British  men over 50 but below pension age have (12) ______ paid work, and most have given up (13) ______ it. 

This fast growing trend of early retirement or redundancy risks creating a group of two million men  who are (14) ______ little with their lives and whose sedentary lifestyle may jeopardise their well-being.  Men aged 50-64 are (15) ______ two and three times as likely to die of a heart attack or stroke as (16)  ______ women of the same age. They also consume less fruit and vegetables than women do, (17)  ______ taking sugar in drinks and eating sweets. Those who did not elect to become economically  inactive frequently (18) ______ face the problem of loss of self-respect. 

The (19) ______ also indicates there will soon be at least as many women past 50 at work as men. A  major cause of the differing employment patterns (20) ______ men and women is structural change:  while many manufacturing jobs have disappeared, there has been rapid growth in areas of largely female  employment such as hotels, catering and cleaning. 


PART 1: Complete each sentence, using the correct form of the word in parentheses. 1. Television can create deep dissatisfaction by portraying lifestyles that are ______. (ATTAIN) 2. This ______ country is not dependent on any of the powerful countries in the world. (ALIGN) 3. The trend in many companies is towards ______ and allowing junior employees to take personal  initiatives. (POWER) 

4. After this grueling contest, we are going to treat ourselves to a ______ holiday in Da Lat. (EARN) 5. Having to do this kind of ______ task every day really gets on my nerves. (MIND) 6. He could be a severe ______ but he was not a rigid man. (DISCIPLINE) 

7. From the experiences gained from the SARS outbreak in 2003, Vietnam has been ______ in treating  COVID-19 patients. (ACT) 

8. Generally, social ______ are presumed to be justified, often in terms of tradition. (EQUAL) 9. In the process, many ______ secrets of nature are being lost for ever. (COVER)  10. Human ______ will disappear, for modern machines powered by steam and electricity will take over.  (SERVE) 

PART 2: Complete the passage with the appropriate forms from the words given in the box. 


Never in human history has a population so wilfully and deliberately defied nature as has the  present generation. How have we defied it? We have survived. Life (11) ______ at the start of the 19th  century was scarcely 40 years. Over the course of the last half-century, it has continued to increase  steadily by two years each decade. Our (12) ______ survival has produced a revolution in longevity which  is shaking the (13) ______ of societies around the world.  

The idea that the physical (14) ______ associated with old age is something fixed or (15) ______  has come to be seen in a new and questioning light. The new realization is that science no longer dictates  that our bodies have to wear out and die according to some (16) ______ plan.  

Many of our (17) ______ about why and how we age are beginning to be (18) ______ by recent  advances in genetics and genome research, and it is likely that we will soon understand the ageing  process even better than we do at present. We now realise that our bodies are not programmed with  some (19) ______ sell-by date. Indeed, the more we learn about how we age, the more we come to  realise that we are programmed for survival. It is by understanding why this programming falls short of  allowing us to survive (20) ______ that we may learn deep lessons that we can turn to our advantage.  

III. ERROR CORRECTION: (10PTS) The following passage contains 10 errors. Identify and  correct them. 

Located in the hypothalamus, the biological clock controls every circadian rhythm in the  body from what we eat, sleep and play to hormone levels, body temperature and  immune functions. The settings of our biological clock determine that we are by nature  early-rising “larks” or night “owls”. 

The convenience and instant access of today's society make it tempting to regard the 

biological clock as redundancy, but the costs of ignoring our internal timepiece can be  great. Despite several scientific studies showing that shift work is unhealthy and  disruptive to the biological clock, we are rapidly moving into a 24-hour society which  brings many of the same ills with it. 


Studies have shown that although “owls” prefer late working shifts, their health has a  serious battering. They develop a range of symptoms including indigestion, ulcers,  fatigues and heart problems. Nor have the 'effects only physical: many subjects reported  feelings of depression and anxiety. A farther hazard of keeping unconventional hours is  an increased tendency to accident-proneness. In fact, many of the world's great disasters  15 

have taken place at the early hours of the morning because of the body's inability to  function efficiently at that time. Sleep researchers believe that the pursuer of a 24-hour  society can only lead to more man-made problems, accidents and fatal errors. 

1. _______________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________________ 6. _______________________________________________________________________ 7. _______________________________________________________________________ 8. _______________________________________________________________________ 9. _______________________________________________________________________ 10. ______________________________________________________________________ 

IV. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION: (20 PTS) Rewrite the following sentences using the words  given. 

1. The reason why I was given promotion was that Laurence recommended me. (BUT)  I wouldn't ______________________________________________________________ 2. Before the new manager took over, sales were half what they are now. (DOUBLED)  Sales __________________________________________________________________ 3. The Prime Minister decided to reintroduce the tax, which made people angry. (STORM)  The Prime Minister’s ______________________________________________________ 4. I’m sure that Paul committed the crime. (SHADOW) 

 There’s _________________________________________________________________ 5. He did all the illustrations for the book but no one acknowledged his work. (CREDIT)  He wasn't _______________________________________________________________ 6. My father and I often have the same opinion on politics. (GROUND) 

 When it ________________________________________________________________ 7. Their arguments won’t most likely change her mind. (ICE) 

 There are ______________________________________________________________ her. 8. The ending of this film makes me realize this war is pointless. (HOME) 

 It is ___________________________________________________________________ this war. 9. It was not surprising that Jack got into trouble with the police. (SIDE) 

 It came ________________________________________________________________ law. 10. When the clown fell off the ladder, the children found it extremely funny. (DIED)  On ____________________________________________________________________ 


Họ và tên thí sinh: ............................................................................. Số báo danh: ....................... Trường: ............................................................................................ Tỉnh/TP: ..............................

Đáp án OLYMPIC 11 (2021) Phần trắc nghiệm (0.5 pt each) 

1. C. will you  

2. C. had  

3. D. have finished 

4. C. had been making  5. A. could have been shown 6. A. but he is also able to  work as an interpreter 7. A. lies the city of Elizabeth 8. B. styled 

9. A. Much as 

10. B. to have seen  

11. D. up 

12. A. on 

13. B. on 

14. B. out on  

15. C. on at  

16. D. ticked 

17. D. down to 

18. A. off  

19. C. into 

20 D. off 

21. D. swiped 22. C. compulsive 23. D. rise 

24. C. jiffy 

25. C. remain 

26. B. lost 

27. B. pestering  28. A. dropped 29. A. kettle 

30. B. nestled  31. B. rocks 

32. C. senses 

33. B. patch  

34. B. nose 

35. D. advance 36. D. scampered 37. C. load 

38. D. roaring 39. A. tandem  40. A. exert 

41. C. overdrawn  

42. B. run  

43. A. sue  

44. B. teething  45. C. drum  

46. B. wits’  

47. B. tackle  

48. A. gap  

49. D. run  

50. D. sort 

51. B. opt 

52. C. value 

53. B. acquired 54. B. game 

55. C. bear  

56. C. fall back on  57. B. ceases 

58. D. Abstention 59. A. precautions 60. B. derived 

61. A. Green roofs have a variety of environmental benefits. 62. D. only once when created 

63. B. It retains rainwater. 

64. A. by promoting gas exchange 

65. B. They capture less heat from the sun than traditional roofs. 66. A. It accurately measures the width of the American continents. 67. C. No one knows. 

68. D. Western America must have been explored before 1507. 69. A. He knew the size of the American continent. 70. C. to discuss the significance of a particular map 71. C. electricity 

72. B. to control gene activity to a certain extent 

73. A. affect the metabolism of special mice 

74. B. It does not harm mammalian cells. 

75. D. optimistic about the potential of ecdysone 

76. C. to illustrate a new application of plant products 77. A. one form bio-based plastic can take 

78. D. became cheaper as they became more widely used 79. C. They benefit the agricultural industry. 

80. D. less expensive

Phần tự luận

OPEN CLOZE (1 pt each) 

1. fewer 

2. merely/just/only 

3. over 

4. here 

5. one 

6. contrast 

7. so 

8. exist 

9. in 

10. all 

WORD FORMATION (1 pt each) 

1. unattainable 

2. non-aligned 

3. empowerment 

4. well-earned 

5. mind-numbing 

6. disciplinarian 

7. proactive 

8. inequalities 

9. irrecoverable 

10. servitude 

ERROR IDENTIFICATION (1 pt each) 1. Line 2: what 🡪 when 

2. Line 3: that 🡪 whether  

3. Line 6: redundancy 🡪 redundant  4. Line 8: into 🡪 toward(s)  

5. Line 10: has 🡪 takes  

6. Line 12: fatigues 🡪 fatigue 

7. Line 12: have 🡪 are 

8. Line 13: farther 🡪 further  

9. Line 15: at 🡪 in  

10. Line 16: pursuer 🡪 pursuit  


11. but/yet 

12. no 

13. seeking 

14. doing 

15. between 

16. are 

17. while 

18. also 

19. trend 

20. among 

11. expectancy 12. unprecedented 13. foundation(s) 14. deterioration 15. immutable 16. preordained 17. preconceptions 18. overturned 19. unavoidable 20. indefinitely 

1. I wouldn't have been given promotion but for a/the recommendation from  Laurence. (but for Laurence’s recommendation) – I wouldn’t have been promoted  but for … 

2. Sales have doubled since the new manager took over. 

3. The Prime Minister’s decision to reintroduce the tax aroused/raised/caused /provoked a  storm of protest. 

4. There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind that Paul committed this crime. 5. He wasn't given any credit for doing all the illustrations in the book. 6. When it comes to politics, my father and I are often on the same ground. 7. There are chances that their arguments won’t cut any ice / (will cut no ice with) her. 8. It is the ending of this film that brings it home to me the pointlessness of this war. 9. It came as no surprise that Jack was on the wrong side of the law. 10. On the clown’s falling off the ladder, the children died laughing.