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(Đề thi có 9 trang) 

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Otto Channel. 


Thời gian: 150 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) Ngày thi: 18/3/2023 


There are two parts in the listening section. You will hear each part twice. After each part, you will have a ten-second pause to do. 

Part 1. Questions from 1 to 10. (2 point - 0.2/ each) 

Listen to the recording twice. Complete the notes below. Write no more than ONE word or number for each answer. 

Advice on surfing holidays 

Jack's advice 

Recommends surfing for (1)...............holidays in the summer 

Need to be quite (2)............ 

Irish surfing locations 

• County Clare 

- Lahinch has some good quality (3).............and surf schools 

- There are famous cliffs nearby 

⚫ County Mayo 

- Good surf school at (4). 


- Surf camp lasts for one (5). 

- Can also explore the local (6)....... 


• Best month to go: (7)........ 

by kayak 

• Average temperature in summer: approx. (8)......... 


• Equipment 

Wetsuit and surfboard: (9). 

euros per day. 

Also advisable to hire (10). 

.....for warmth. 

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Part 2. Questions from 11 to 15 (1 point - 0.2/ each) 

You will listen to five dialogues or talks, each dialogue or talk, followed with a question. Choose the correct answer from A, B or C for each question. 

11. You will hear two friends talking about a hotel. 

They agree that 

A. the staff are very friendly. 

B. the rooms have good views. 

C. the food there is excellent. 

12. You will hear two friends talking about an art exhibition. 

Why was the woman disappointed with it? 

A. There weren't many paintings. 

B. The gallery was too dark. 

C. It was very expensive. 

13. You will hear two friends talking about a book they've read. 

They both think it would be better if it had 

A. a more original ending. 

B. more interesting characters. 

C. more action in the story. 

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Otto Channel. Cảm ơn 

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14. You will hear a woman telling a friend about a visit to the hairdresser's. 

What does she say about it? 

A. The haircut wasn't good value. 

B. The place wasn't very tidy. 

C. The hairdresser wasn't very friendly. 

15. You will hear a woman telling a friend about her singing class. 

What is she surprised about? 

A. the size of the group. 

B. how confident she feels about singing. 

C. the attention she gets from the teacher. 


Part 1. Pronunciation: Questions from 16 to 18 

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 

16. A. mouths 

B. physics 

C. celebrates 

17. A. official 

B. occasion 

C. occur 

18. A. explorer 

B. extinct 

C. exist 

D. laughs 

D. ordinary 

D. expand 

Part 2. Stress: Questions from 19 to 20 

Choose the word whose main stress pattern is placed differently from the others. 

19. A. economic 

B. encourage 

20. A. objection 

B. opinion 

C. embroider 

C. community 

D. experience D. optional 

Part 3. Synonyms: Questions from 21 to 23 

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following sentences. 

21.It has been a long time since he last came up trumps in such a thrilling 


A. failed unwisely 

B. made mistake 

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C. shined brightly 

Shared by Angels of 

Otto Channel. Cảm ơn 

bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy 


D. succeeded unexpectedly 

22. "Are you sure you want him to join us?" Rachel asked incredulously. 

A. irritatingly 

B. discontentedly C. skeptically D. impatiently 

23. The principal's disappearance last Monday morning caused consternation among students. 

A. distaste 

B. dismay 

C. discourage 

D. distract 

Part 4. Antonyms: Questions from 24 to 25 

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following sentences. 

24. The employee's claim of being out with the flu did not seem very plausible because he returned from sick leave with a dep tan. 

A. tactful 

B. unreasonable 

C. inattentive 

D. vulnerable 

25. When I suggested he was mistaken, John got hot under the collar and stormed out of the room. 

A. got emotional B. became furious C. remained calm D. felt anxious 

Part 5. Lexical & Grammar: Questions from 26 to 55. 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 

26. I'm afraid we got our 

crossed. I thought my husband would be picking up 

the children and he thought I was doing it. A. minds 

B. purposes 27. As well as being a good cook, my 

B. capable 

A. gifted 28. He is very good at 

C. wires grandmother was 

D. fingers 

with a fine voice. 

B. getting 

C. competent people singing with his guitar. 

C. having 

D. talented 

D. accompanying 

at midnight. 


turned up but disappointingly he C. stood up 

D. came off 

on his word. 

D. sat down 

A. making 29. We expected her at nine but she finally A. came to 30. He promised her an Oxford dictionary, 

A. turned over 

31. I'm so 

A. snowed 

B. turned out 

B. went back 

under with work at the moment - it's awful! 

B. iced 

C. rained 

32. The hotel was terrible, but the wonderful beach 

A. faced up to 

D. fogged our disappointment. 

B. came down with C. got through to 

33. The new manager is 

easy-going. He is always very B. by means of C. by all means 

A. by no means 

34. The hotel room 

over a very 

beautiful park. 

B. faced up 

A. viewed out 

35. In 1870, 

C. opened up 

D. made up for serious about the work. D. in the mean time 

D. looked out 

John D. Rockefelle and others created the Standard Oil Company. 

A. that oil prices fluctuated 

C. but the oil prices fluctuated 

36. You should pay 

A. attendance 

B. despite fluctuating oil prices D. oil prices were fluctuating 

to what the instructor is saying. 

B. intention 

37. My teacher arrived after I 

A. waiting 

B. was waiting 

C. convention 

for her ten minutes. 

C. had waited 

D. attention 

D. have waited 

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A. Many a student goes 

to school by bus. 

B. Many the students go D. Much students goes 

can play today. 

C. Many of students go 

39. Peter and his friend were badly injured in the last match, so 

A. both of them 

C. neither of them 

B. either one of them D. not any of them 

40. Unfortunately, the ring I had thought was gold turned out to be A. valuable 

B. priceless 

41. The president refused to make any judgement 

B. with 

C. invaluable 

C. for 

C. decide 

D. worthless the situation. 

D. of 

D. memorize 

A. on 42. I must think that matter over carefully before I answer you. 

B. consider 

A. remember 


is not clear to researchers. A.Why dinosaurs having become extinct C. Did dinosaurs become extinct 44. We didn't 

Shared by Angels of Otto Channel. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy nhé! 

B.Why dinosaurs having became extinct D. Dinosaurs became extinct 

to the station in time to catch the train. 

B. reach 

A. arrive 45. We enjoy the hams and coffee at this 

A. family-owning 

C. owning-family 


same time. 

C. get 

D. leave 


B. family-owned 

D. owned - family 

one after another, parallel computers perform groups of operations at the 

A. Conventional computers, by handling tasks 

B. Since tasks being handled by conventional computers 

C. Whereas conventional computers handle tasks 

D. While tasks handled by conventional computers 

47. His success can be put 

A. up to 

48. She came 

A. up with 

his cleverness and good luck. 

C. up with 

D. forward to 

D. up against 

B. down to 

a lot of problems at work. 

B. down with 

C. in for 

49. As we've been discussing for 2 hours without any solution, I'd like to 

own solution to this problem. 

B. bring down 

C. put forward 

B. Never mind! 

50. - Tom: "Mary's the best pianist in the school." - David: " 

A. come up 

A. That's that 

C. That's Ok! 

51. Hardly 

D. take in 

D. You can say that again 

the captain of the team when he had to face the problems. 

A. had he been appointed 

C. was he being appointed 52. 

B. did he appoint 

D. was he appointing 

our children may be, we cannot go picnicking in this weather. 

A. Though excited 

C. Because of excitement 

B. Excited as D. Exciting 

her and helped her solve 

C. up against 

D. out of 

53. While the boss was away, her assistant stood 

any problems arising. 

A. up to 54. 

B. in for 

B. Knew not 

where to find the key, the boy could not open the safe. A. Knowing not 

C. Not knowing D. Didn't know 

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55. Daisy: "What a lovely house you have!" - Mary: 

A. Lovely, I think so. 

C. Of course not, it's not costly 

Part 6. Questions from 56 to 65. 


B. Thank you. Hope you will drop in D. No problem 

Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete each sentence. 

56. We should make young people realize that drug-taking is 

57. As 

for years. 

as he is, it's not surprising that he believe their life. 58. Don't worry about the volcano. It's been 59. He examined the parcel 

as he had no idea what it could be. 

60. Hopefully, patient expected with influenza A/H1N1 can be treated 

drugs like Tamiflu and Releza. 


61. How do you 

62. Gas and oil 

63. They frequently. 


the real painting from the fake one? always increase in cold weather. 

the traffic as they march through the 

64. The end of the film really disappointed me. It was totally. 65. This word is very difficult to say. I always 

Part 7. Questions from 66 to 75. 











Each of the following sentences has an error. Find the errors and correct them. 

66. I bought a computer which screen was not very good. 

67. The harder you learn, the most knowledge you get. 

68. When she switched the bathroom light, she was horrified to glimpse of cockroaches crept around. 

69. The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week. 

70. I looked all over the house for her, but I couldn't find her nowhere. 

71. Hardly had he entered the office than he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. 72. All the applicants for the post are thoroughly vet for their suitability. 

73. Simon finds it hard making friends with other children. 

74. Among all birds, penguins are the most fully adapted to water and extreme cold. 75. She must have lose her way; otherwise, she would have arrived by now. 

Part 8. Questions from 76 to 85. 

Fill in each of the following blanks with a correct preposition or particle. 76. We quarreled 

the choice of a house. 

77. Using your cell phone while driving is 

78. I'm afraid, we have run 

79. The camera is 

80. I got 

the law. 

of apple juice. Will an orange juice do? guarantee, so Mr. Bob brings it back to the shop. 

the habit of living in a big city. 

81. Parents are responsible 

82. The bomb went 


education their children. 

in a crowded street and people started screaming and 

83. I believe that Diana has recently come 84. The advertising campaign resulted 


85. We haven't heard any news 

a lot of money. 

hundreds of new customers for 

John since 2003. 

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Shared by Angels of Otto Channel. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy nhé! 


Part 1: Question from 86 to 95 (2 points-0.2/each) 

Read the text and fill in one word which best fits each gap. 

Can you imagine what life would be like if there were no telephone? You could not call (86) 

your friends on the phone and talk to them. If fire (87) 

out in 

your house you could not call the fire department. If somebody was sick, you could not call a doctor. 

In our daily life we need to (88) 

with one another. We need do this they have to say to 

mostly by speaking to other people and listening to (89) us, and when you are close (90) 

them you can do this very easily. However, 

our voices will not travel very far even when we shout. 

The man who (91) 

this possible was Alexander Graham Bell, a 

Scotsman, born in Edinburgh in 1847. Bell, a teacher of visible speech who later moved 

to Canada, (92) was he in his research for a means of sending speech (94) 

all his spare time experimenting. (93) 

left much time for his day-to-day work and at one time was (95). 

86. A. up 

B. on 

B. went 

enthusiastic electricity that he 


D. in 

C. for 

C. broke 

D. got 

C. address 

D. tell 

C. this 

C. on 

87. A. burst 

88. A. communicate 

89. A. that 

B. contact 

B. what 

B. out 

B. made 

C. did 

C. cost 

90. A. from 

91. A. had 

92. A. took 

B. wasted 

93. A. Such 

B. Very 

C. So 

94. A. in 

B. with 

C. by 

95. A. almost 

B. hardly 

C. most 

Part 2. Questions from 96 to 105 (2 points-0.2/each) 

Read the 

passage below and choose the best answer to each question. 

D. which 

D. to D. brought D. spent D. Too 

D. on 

D. never 

The air above our head is becoming cleaner. A breath of fresh air has been running right round the planet for the past five years. The planet is apparently purging itself of pollution. Paul Novell of the University of Colorado, the co-author of a report on this phenomenon says, "It seems as if the planet's own cleaning service has suddenly got a new lease of life. Suddenly, there are a lot of changes going on up there." 

Estimates of the death toll from urban smog have been steadily rising, so the new cleaner trend could have significant consequences for life expectancy in cities as well as for the planet itself. The sudden and unexpected reversal of several decades of worsening pollution extends from the air in city streets to the remotest mid-Pacific Ocean and Antarctica. 

Among the pollutants which have begun to disappear from the atmosphere are carbon monoxide, from car exhausts and burning rain forests, and methane from the guts of cattle, paddy fields, and gas fields. Even carbon dioxide, the main gas behind global warming, has fallen slightly. 

There are two theories about why pollution is disappearing. First, that there is less pollution to start with due to laws to cut down urban smog and acid rain starting to 

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Shared by Angels of Otto Channel. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy nhé! 

have a global impact. Second, that the planet may be becoming more efficient at cleaning 


The main planetary clean-up agent is a chemical called hydroxyl. It is present throughout the atmosphere in tiny quantities and removes most pollutants from the air by oxidizing them. The amount of hydroxyl in the air had fallen by a quarter in the 1980s. Now, it may be reviving for two reasons: ironically, because the zone hole has expanded, letting in more ultraviolet radiation into the lower atmosphere, where it manufactures hydroxyl. Then the stricter controls on vehicle exhausts in America and Europe may have cut global carbon monoxide emissions, thereby allowing more hydroxyl to clean up other pollutants. 

96. What is the main topic of the passage? 

Shared by Angels of 

A. The changing pollutants in the atmosphere Otto Channel. Cảm ơn B. The decreasing pollution of the atmosphere bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy 

C. Hydroxyl's influence on the atmosphere D. The oxygenation of the atmosphere. 

97. The word "purging" is closest in meaning to 

A. destroying 

B. ridding 


C. refining 

D. filtering 

98. According to the passage, life expectancy partly depends on people having. 

A. access to details about atmospheric pollution. 

B. changes in their lifestyle 

C. recommendations from university research D. improvement in atmospheric conditions 

99. The word "toll" could best be replaced by. 

A. count 

B. loss 

C. costs 

100. What does the author suggest is the main cause of pollution reduction? 

A. Less impact from burning forests. 

C. A curtailment of chemicals 

101. The word "it" refers to 

A. a clean-up agent B. urban smog 

D. damage 

B. A smaller number of cars D. Fewer cattle and gas fields 

C. acid rain 

D. the ozone hole 

D. surprising 

102. It can be inferred from the passage that the new cleaner trend is 

A. inexplicable B. predictable 

C. confusing 

103. Based on information in the passage, all of the following information referring to hydroxyl is true EXCEPT 

A. the reduction in the ozone layer is beneficial to hydroxyl. B. oxidization of pollutants is carried out by hydroxyl. 

C. there is difficulty in destroying carbon dioxide by hydroxyl. D. ultraviolet radiation increases production of hydroxyl. 

104. The word "reviving" is closest in meaning to 

A. reappearing B. refeshing 

C. reproducing 

D. repeating 

105. The passage supports which of the following conclusions? 

A. The reduction in carbon dioxide has produced a cleaner atmosphere. B. The decrease of methane has enabled ultraviolet radiation to enter the 


C. The beneficial effect to hydroxyl has aided the cleaning process. 

D. An expansion in hydroxyl has enlarged the zone hole 

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Part 3: Questions from 106 to 115. (2.0 points - 0.2/each) 

Shared by Angels of Otto Channel. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ với thầy nhé! 

Look at the sentences below about two old ships in the UK. Decide if each statement 

is true or false. 

Ships of History 

If you're interested in history or ships or both, there are two ships you must try to see in the UK - the Mary Rose and the Golden Hinde. 

In 1543, Henry VIII went to war with France (not for the first time), and the next year he took control of the town of Boulogne. In response, in 1545, a large number of French ships set sail for England. The French had over 200 ships in their fleet, and the English about 80, waiting near the town of Portsmouth on the South Coast. The leading ship was the Rose, the biggest and best ship in England at that time. Henry VIII, although getting old and ill, came down to take charge of the battle himself. 

The French ships couldn't get into Portsmouth, because it was defended by towers and a castle, but they started firing at the English fleet. The English ships moved towards the French, but, as the Mary Rose turned, it sank. There are several different ideas about why this happened, and one day we may know for sure. 

Although Henry tried to have the Mary Rose brought up from the seabed, she remained underwater until 1982, when she was lifted by the Mary Rose Trust. Careful work to repair and protect the ship began. After some years, this work was completed. Now visitors can view the special collection of thousands of personal, domestic and military objects in the Mary Rose Museum. With so much to see, you're sure to have an interesting time! 

You could also come to London and see the Golden Hinde. This ship was famous as the flagship of Sir Francis Drake during his three-year voyage around the world, with the Golden Hinde being the only ship to return home safely, having left in 1577. 

Drake captured many Spanish ships during the voyage, and took their gold and money. When Drake came back to England, he became both rich and famous. Queen Elizabeth took a share of the prizes captured, and visited the Golden Hinde with great ceremony. She decided that the ship should be kept so that the general public could come and look at it, making it England's first museum ship. 

The ship you can visit nowadays is a fully working model of the sixteenth-century ship, and has also sailed around the world. If history and sailing interest you, then attend a special workshop on the Golden Hinde. For the afternoon, you can become an officer on board and find out how to navigate the Golden Hinde in the way the original sailors did before modern electronic equipment was invented. Yes, you can travel through the past! 

106. French ships came to England in 1545 because of the English occupation of a part of France. 

107. Henry VIII decided to control the battle at Portsmouth himself. 108. Nowadays, everybody knows the reason the Mary Rose sank. 

109. Henry VIII wanted to rescue the Mary Rose after it sank. 

110. The Mary Rose Museum opened in 1982. 

111. The Golden Hinde was one of three ships Francis Drake took all the way around the world. 

112. Drake returned to England with a lot of money. 

113. Elizabeth wanted people to visit the Golden Hinde. 

114. The ship you can see today is the original Golden Hinde. 

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115. On the Golden Hinde, you can learn about how sailors found their way across the sea. 


Part 1: Questions from 116 to 120. (1 point- 0.2/ each) 

Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. 

116. No decision on the issue has been made yet. 


117. I don't suppose you have change for pounds, do you? 

Do you happen 

118. The realization of what she had sarcrificed for him led him to believe she was all the world to him. 


119. Nowadays I consider taking up a hobby to be far less important than I used to. 

Nowadays I don't attach nearly 

120. Her voice is so beautiful that everyone admires it. 


Part 2: Questions from 121 to 125. (1 point - 0.2/ each) 

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, using the given word. Do not change the given word. 

121. She had completely forggoten him. (MIND) 


122. Peter knew that he had no chance to get a driving lience as it was too hard for him. (WIND) 


123. People admire him more as a guitarist than as a singer. (SUCCESSFULLY) 


124. We are surprised that the man can demonstrate such a mastery of Portuguese. (COMMAND) 


125. You should have visited your grandma when you were in town. (PAID) 

I would rather 

Part 3. Essay writing. (2 points) 

Some people think that students in secondary schools should be allowed to use smart phone when they are at school, but others do not. Write an essay in about 150 - 200 words to express your view points. Use reasons and specific examples to support your ideas. 


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