Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy, cô giáo và các bạn học sinh tài liệu BÀI TẬP + ĐÁP ÁN TRẮC NGHIỆM NGỮ PHÁP, TỪ VỰNG (LEXICO & GRAMMAR) - Advanced Vocabulary NÂNG CAO BÀI 3 (161 CÂU) CỰC KỲ HAY có thể tải xuống (download) ở dạng pdf.


Trích dẫn nội dung "BÀI TẬP + ĐÁP ÁN TRẮC NGHIỆM NGỮ PHÁP, TỪ VỰNG (LEXICO & GRAMMAR) - Advanced Vocabulary NÂNG CAO BÀI 3 (161 CÂU) CỰC KỲ HAY":


 1. I don’t like to ask people for help, but I wonder if you could do me a _________. A. offer B. favor C. pleasure D. hand  2. I haven’t seen Peter for a long time. I will visit him this weekend. A. call for B. call in C. call off D. call on  3. It’s high time we _______ hard for the coming exam. 

A. study B. studied C. are studying D. must study.  4. The escaped prisoner is still _____________. 

A. at hand B. at will C. at large D. at last  5. The examination was by no __________ easy, and I doubted if I have passed it. A. way B. case C. means D. road  6. We rarely have our luggage _______________ by porters. 

A. carry B. to carry C. to be carried D. carried  7. You can’t get through on the phone, the number you want is ______ A. spoken B. occupied C. engaged D. used  8. As the game ________ to a close, disappointed spectators started to leave. A. led B. neared C. approached D. drew   9. Can you lend me $ 20 ? I’m a bit ______ of money. 

A. lacking B. little C. short D. small   10. It turned out that we ____________ rushed to the airport as the plane was delayed by  several hours. 

A. hadn’t B. should have C. needn’t have D. mustn’t  11. The picnic was cancelled __________________ bad weather. 

A. in case of B. on condition C. because D. on account of  12. We couldn’t ____________ him by telephone because we had lost his phone number. A. approach B. reach C. address D. access   13. I hate being taken care of __________ I were a child. 

A. if only B. provided C. as though D. only if  14. I give her my phone number _________ she can’t find my house. A. whether B. in case C. perhaps D. unless  15. We must go shopping today. There is nothing ______ in the fridge. A. still B. left C. remained D. stayed  16. _____________ your effort and talent, we wonder if you can work full-time for us. A. Regarding B. In regard of C. With respect to D. On behalf of  17. He made a number of ____________ remarks about my cooking which upset me. A. chopping B. cutting C. heated D. burning  18. Would you please _______ this letter to the post office ? 

A. send B. post C. bring D. take  19. He acts _________ he were my boss. 

A. as if B. if only C. such as D. look like   20. __________ has never worked is not entitle to unemployment benefit. A. Who B. Whoever C. Those who D. Men who  21. As we liked the beauty of the beach, we decided to _____ our holiday. A. stretch B. extend C. stay D. remain  22. Martin stands ____ in a crowd because of his red hair. 

A. by B. off C. out D. over  23. The money collected for the flood victims _______ one million dollars. A. amounted B. counted C. totaled D. came  24. He retired early _________ his ill-health. 

A. in case of B. in spite of C. on account of D. in charge of  25. He didn’t have ______ in his suitcase for all the things he had bought on holiday. A. room B. space C. vacancy D. area

 26. I have only two days to finish this book. I am ___________ of time. 

A. running away B. running off C. running out D. running over 

 27. The kitchen is rather small and _________ for my mother to prepare meals every day. A. crowded B. tiny C. compact D. minute 

 28. A person with a _________ is unable to pronounce some certain sounds. 

A. deafness B. blindness C. mute D. lisp 

 29. Air, food, and water are ____________ to human beings. 

A. indebted B. undeniable C. invisible D. indispensable 

 30. He promised to fix the dripping faucet next day without ________. 

A. default B. trouble C. fail D. failure 

 31. I’d rather _____________ to the party with my parents because there was nothing interesting there. A. not be invited B. haven’t been invited 

C. not have been invited D. hadn’t been invited  

 32. They had a terrible row _______ who should do the housework. 

A. on B. about C. over D. with 

 33. You are late again! Please, try to be _____________ in future. 

A. accurate B. efficient C. punctual D. reliable 

 34. It took me 10 years to _________ enough money to travel around the country. A. .set out B. put away C. put by D. save aside  35. Because of rapid technology progress, the computers made today will be ______ in five years’ time.  A. outdate B. extinct C. retired D. obsolete 

 36. When the electricity failed, he _______ a match to find a candle. 

A. rubbed B. struck C. scratched D. started 

 37. “That drama is the worst I have ever seen”. - “ ______________________ “ A. Not completely true B. I don’t agree all 

C. Sorry to interrupt you D. I couldn’t agree more  38. The writer got on the bus but he didn't know where to ________  

A. get down B. get off C. get out of D. get over 

 39. The sunset is so beautiful that it takes our __________ away. 

A. breath B. head C. mind D. soul 

 40. ______ your step when you go in. 

A. Consider B. Look C. Attend D. Mind 

 41. I’d rather you ________it to her why we can’t go. 

A. explain B. to explain C. will explain D. explained 

 42. __________________ that she burst into tears. 

A. Such her anger B. So angry was she 

C. She was so anger D. Her anger was so 

 43. Are you going to repair your car, or are you going to ___________________ ? A. ask it to repair B. get it to repair C. have it repaired D. take it to repair  44. The national football team refused to _____ itself to be defeated by the visiting team. A. retire B. resign C. dismiss D. withdraw  

 45. After he had broken leg, Henry could go up and down stairs ___________. A. difficult B. in difficulty C. with difficulty D. hardly 

 46. The man gave his listeners a vivid ___________ on his journey through Peru. A. account B. story C. report D. tale 

 47. As soon as you hear the alarm, you all have to leave the building ______________. A. on the verge B. under law C. at no time D. without delay 

 48. _________ playing professional basketball, she also enjoys tennis. 

A. Owing to B. In addition to C. In spite of D. Thanks to 

 49. Get him to sign the contract before he has second ___________. 

A. ideas B. opinions C. thoughts D. intentions 

 50. When she came _________, she found herself in a hospital. 

A. off B. round C. over D. out 

 51. Bill ate an enormous breakfast. ___________, he still feels hungry now. 

A. Even though B. Nevertheless C. Moreover D. Besides

 52. It costs about sixty dollars to have a tooth _________ in the US. 

A. fill B. to fill C. to be filled D. filled 

 53. Laura: “What a lovely house you have!’ - Maria: “_____________________.” A. Of course, it’s not costly. B. I think so. 

C. Thank you. Hope you will drop in. D. No problem. 

 54. It is sometimes difficult to tell the twins __________. They look so alike A. away B. apart C. alike D. out 

 55. I received two job offers. _________________ I accepted. 

A. none of them B. none of which C. neither of them D. neither of which  56. Hard-working ________ he was, he couldn’t support his large family. 

A. likely B. however C. as D. though  

 57. Everyone is ready for the picnic, _________________ ? 

A. is he B. isn’t he C. are they D. aren’t they  58. Susan’s doctor insists ______________ for a few days. 

A. her resting B. that she rest C. her to rest D. that she is resting  59. I am considering ______________ my job. Can you recommend me a good company ? A. to change B. changing C. to move D. moving 

 60. __________________ he arrived at the bus stop when the bus came. 

A. No sooner had B. Hardly had C. No longer than D. Not until had  61. Do you think it will rain ? - “__________________” 

A. I don’t hope B. I hope not C. It’s hopeless D. Hope it not  62. _____________ different in character we are, we have been close friends since our childhood. A. Although B. However C. Whatever D. Whether 

 63.”How was your visit to the dentist ?” - “ It was painless, I ______________ worried too much” A. mustn’t have B. wouldn’t have C. didn’t need to be D. needn’t have  64. What __________________ ! Shall we go for walk in the park ? 

A. nice weather B. nice weather is it C. a nice weather D. weather it is nice  65. “That drama is the worst I have ever seen”. - “ ______________________ “ A. Not completely true B. I don’t agree all 

C. Sorry to interrupt you D. I couldn’t agree more 

 66. It’s rude to _______________ people when they are speaking. 

A. interact B. interrupt C. stop D. prevent 

 67. How long _______________________ here by the end of this year ? 

A. will you work B. you will have worked 

C. are you working D. will you have been working 

 68. When I told her the joke, she _____________ laughing. 

A. burst into B. burst out C. broke out D. broke into  69. “ ____________________ “ – Thanks. I’ll write to you when I arrive there. A. Good luck B. Have a go C. Have a good trip D. Good bye  70. They live in a very _________populated area in Italy.  

 A. sparsely B. scarcely C. barely D. hardly   71. A lot of people who live in the outskirts have to ____________ to work every day by train or tube. A. cycle B. go C. move D. commute  72. The company offered me a job, but I haven’t ________________ my mind yet. A. made of B. made for C. made up D. made from  73. I telephoned the station to make ___________ of the time of the train. 

A. real B. true C. sure D. certain 

 74. He said that __________________ the painting cost, it would be worth it. A. whatever B. however C. how much D. whether  75. Radar ____________ pilots to land safely in bad weather conditions. 

A. lets B. enables C. helps D. makes 

 76. He asked __________ we would agree to share the room. 

A. if B. whether C. as long as D. A and B are correct   77. _______________ had she heard the news when she fainted. 

A. No sooner B. Scarcely C. Not until D. No longer

 78. They held ________________ party that they really surprised their neighbors. A. too big B. such big C. so big D. so big a  79. The two friends always back ________________ up in everything they do. A. one another B. every other C. each other D. themselves  80. I don’t believe a word he said. I think he just make ______ that story. 

A. up B. out C. of D. with  81. The company has just got a big order and the workers are working around the _________. A. night B. day C. hour D. clock  82. Please drop me a _______ when you get there. 

A. word B. sentence C. message D. line 

 83. Nowadays, most people purchase their things in supermarkets. 

A. buy B. trade C. exchange D. want 

 84. There is no __________ in applying for that job, as you are not qualified enough. A. case B. point C. use D. good 

 85. It’s difficult to find _________________ in tourist attractions at busy time. A. houses B. homes C. flats D. accommodation  86. Her sister’s coughing kept her __________for half the night. 

A. conscious B. aware C. awake D. wakening  87. Is the city center ________ walking distance from here ? – Yes, you just walk in 10 minutes. A. in B. within C. among D. between  88. He was __________ a job in my company even though he had hardly any experience. A. suggested B. recommended C. admitted D. offered  89. Films on TV are boring. Shall we go to the concert for a / an ____________ ? A. exchange B. change C. difference D. variety 

 90. __________ you to work for that company, you would have the opportunity to promote. A. If B. Were C. Had D. Unless 

 91. I’m not sure, but _____________ I know, he decided to accept a new job in London A. as soon as B. as much as C. as far as D. as well as  92. I cannot help ___________ anxious about the exam result. 

A. feel B. fall C. feeling D. falling 

 93. When the weather became colder and colder, the school advised _______________ heavy sweater. A. them to wear B. wearing C. to wear D. A and B are correct  94. Because the first pair of shoes did not fit his feet, he asked for ____________. A. another pair B. another shoes C. other shoes D. the other shoes   95. Don’t start the next page ___________ you have finished the last test question. A. when B. while C. until D. since 

 96. I don’t mind ___________________ my car, provided you drive carefully. A. you use B. you to use C. you using D. your using  97. Some snakes lay eggs, but ___________ give birth to live offspring. 

A. other B. others C. the other D. the others  98. You needn’t always _____________ about the pollution. 

A. to complain B. complain C. complaining D. to make complaint.   99. When in Rome, do _____ the Roman do. 

A. as B. like C. such as D. the same 100. We have to go shopping today. There is nothing _________ in the fridge. A. remained B. left C. stayed D. contained   101. The police don’t allow ______________ here. 

A. anyone to park B. parking C. to park D. A and B are correct   102. She never comes on time. It’s ______________waiting for her. 

A. point B. useless C. no good D. no purpose  103. “ATM” _________ for automated teller machine. 

A. accounts B. stands C. sits D. explains  104. It is hard to get __________ him. He is such an aggressive man. 

A. by B. on with C. into D. over to 

 105. “John says he doesn’t like you.” - “ __________________ “

A. I don’t know he isn’t B. It is the same C. I don’t care D. So do I 

 106. The topic ______________ at yesterday’s meeting was of great importance. A. that discussed B. which discussed C. discussing D. discussed   107. He confessed _____________ when speaking in front of a large crowd 

A. to be nervous B. to being nervous C. be nervous D. being nervous  108.The color of the handle doesn’t _____________ as long as it is the right one  A. concern B. worry C. matter D. effect 

 109. __________ the country joined WTO, it has made big economic achievements. A. From B. During C. When D. Since 

 110. I don’t know how you _________ on only 500 thousand VND a month. 

A. get by B. take in C. look down D. get out 

 111. We have bought extra food ______________ our friends stay to have dinner. A. as if B. provided C. unless D. in case 

 112.He says that he works for a big company, but the company is________  

 A. non-existed B. non-existent C. un-existed non-existence  113. Unemployment has risen ____ 5 percent since the beginning of this year. A. at B. to C. by D. through  114. “If you ask me, action movies are great!” - “ ___________________________ “ A. Sure. It’s my pleasure B. Never mind C. That’s that D. You can say it again.  115.I don’t believe a word he says. I think he _____________ 

A. lied B. is lying C. is telling lie D. is talking lie  116. I enjoy my job as a nurse, but it took me a long time to ______________ working at night A. be used to B. get used to C. get accustomed to D. B and C are correct  117. The plumber came yesterday to __________ the burst pipes. 

A. turn down B. look into C. see to D. get over 

 118. We expected her at nine, but it wasn’t until midnight that she ______________. A. turned out B. showed up C. came up with D. put up 

 119. He rode an old bicycle through pouring rain. _________ he had a flat tire and had to push it home. A. As a matter of fact B. Even so 

C. To make the matter worse D. Actually 

 120 He enjoyed playing computer games at first, but after ___________, he got bored with them A. little time B. no time C. a while D. few times 

 121. I would like to rent a house, modern, comfortable, and ___________ in a quiet place. A. before all B. above all C. first of all D. after all 

 122. You thought I wasn’t hard-working, but the result ________ my work. 

A. approved B. recognized C. proved D. supposed 

 123. _______________________ that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. A. Based on medical evidence, it suggests B. The medical evidence we suggest C. Medically, we suggest evidence D. There is no medical evidence to 

 124. I don’t mind ___________________ my car, provided you drive carefully. A. you use B. you to use C. you using D. your using  125. Some snakes lay eggs, but ___________ give birth to live offspring. 

A. other B. others C. the other D. the others  126. When in Rome, do _____ the Roman do. 

A. as B. like C. such as D. the same  127. He says he doesn’t like his new school, because he feel like a ____ out of water there.  A. crab B. shrimp C. fish D. whale  128.If we can’t afford a car, we will ___________ 

 A. have nothing to do B. do away C. do without D. do up   129. Hard work can often bring _________ success. 

A. into B. in C. about D. up 

 130. Total color blindness, ____________________, is a result of a defect in the retina. A. that is a rare condition B. is a rare condition C. a rare condition D. a rare condition that  131. ______________ classified as herbivore, or grass-eating animal, panda only eat bamboo leaves. A. Just as B. Although C. Either D. Because 

 132. Your computer sometimes lets you ________. 

A. up B. down C. out D. off 

 133. Don’t be late for the interview, __________ people will think you are a disorganized person.  A. otherwise B. unless C. provided D. as long as 

 134. Will you ever forget ______________ Maradona, the football star ? 

A. meet B. to meet C. to have met D. meeting 

 135. ____________________a week goes by without road accidents. 

 A. Hardly B. Only when C. Never D. Infrequently   136. It’s high time you ________ to study seriously 

A. begin B. began C. should begin D. would begin  137. I can’t help you now, because I am going to the interview ______ 5 minutes.  A. on B. in C. during D. within  138. Although the exam was difficult, ______________ the students passed it. A. none of B. some C. most of D. a lot 

 139. He can run 20 kilometers in ___________________. 

A. little than an hour B. less than an hour C. few than an hour D. fewer than an hour  140. Don’t worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can _____ you up for the night A. keep B. take C. put D. set 

 141. In recent years, more and more people __________ for things they buy with credit card. A. pay B. are paying C. used to pay D. have been paying .  142. When I cane to the party, some people were dancing, ____________ were drinking. A. other B. others C. the others D. the rest 

 143. Don’t let a good change go _______. 

A. away B. off C. by D. out  144Now that Susan has moved to the countryside, her visits to see the city was _______________. A. far and few between B. few and far between 

C. between far and few D. between few and far 

 145. “What a beautiful dress you are wearing!” - “ ______________________________ “ A. You think it is beautiful ? B. It’s nice of you to think of it 

C. Am I beautiful ? D. Thanks. It’s my mother’s present for my birthday.  146. I can _________ with all that noise going on. 

A. take in B. come up C. keep up D. put up 

 147. ______________ popular opinion, obese people are not healthy. 

A. Opposite to B. Contrary to C. Conflicting D. Reverse 

 148. In his absence, I’d like to thank all concerned on my brother’s __________. A. behalf B. part C. role D. honor 

 149. I didn’t see any _________ in arriving early, if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock. A. aim B. cause C. reason D. point 

 150. I accidentally __________ Mike when I was crossing a street downtown yesterday. A. caught sight of B. paid attention to C. lost touch with D. kept an eye on  151. The curtains have ________ because of the strong sunlight. 

A. lightened B. faded C. fainted D. weakened  152. The scientist did the experiment ____________ alone 

A. on his own B. by him C. by himself D. by his 

 153. ___________________________ is not clear to researchers. 

A. Why dinosaurs having become extinct B. Dinosaurs became extinct why C. Why dinosaurs became extinct D. Why did dinosaurs become extinct  154. Mary _________________ her job because she has just got a pay rise. 

 A. need not change B. don’t need to change C. need not to change D. no needs to change  155. Canada does not require that U.S citizens obtain passports to enter the country, and ________  A. Mexico doesn’t, too B. so does Mexico 

 C. Mexico doesn’t, either D. neither is Mexico  

156. They're staying with us ______ the time being until they can afford a house.  A. at B. for C. in D. during  157. ______ Serbia defeated Germany surprised everyone. 

A. Whether B. Because C. That D. When  

158. Even if you are rich, you should save some money for a ______ day.  

A. snowy B. windy C. foggy D. rainy 

159. Since he failed his exam, he had to ______ for it again.  

A. take B. pass C. sit D. make  

160. The captain as well as all the passengers ______ very frightened by the strange noise.  A. was B. were C. is D. have been 161. Bill: "Can I get you another drink?" - Jerry: "______."  

A. Forget it B. No, I'll think it over C. No, it isn't D. Not just now  162. "You can go to the party tonight______ you are sober when you come home."  

A. as soon as B. as far as C. as long as D. as well as  163. Is it true that this country produces more oil than ______ ?  

A. any other countries B. any another country  C. any countries else D. any country else  

164. As the drug took ______, the boy became quieter.  

A. force B. effect C. action D. influence  165. Mr. Black: "I'd like to try on these shoes, please." - Salesgirl: "_________"  

 A. That's right, sir. B. By all means, sir. C. I'd love to. D. Why not?