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Trích dẫn nội dung “656 câu WORD FORMATION (đầy đủ các dạng) – THPT Chuyên Bắc Ninh – For gifted students10E1-K27Word formationntd.cbn“:



1. Democracy died after a period of ________(cease) wars, imperial expansion abroad, and the rise of  demagoguery at home. 

2. The consequences of ________ (compel) gambling are comparable to those of any other addictive disease  and are not simply those of financial loss. 

3. The prison service has the twin goals of punishment and ________ (habit).  

4. The first ________ (conceive) is that legal study at university is exclusively for students who intend  becoming solicitors or advocates. 

5. Too late, she remembered the ________ (settle) effect such comments would have on Johnny. 6. Some economists are now predicting the danger of ________ (run) inflation. 

7. The ________ (narrate) in this book plays second fiddle to the excellent photographs.  8. They were now faced with seemingly________(mount) technical problems. 

9. When you come down on him too hard, you may only intensify his own ________ (critic) 10. Your speech should not have been ________ (lace) with these facts beside the point. 11. Their views lie outside the ________ (stream) of current medical opinion. 

12. The teachers are fair and avoid ________ (favour) and scapegoating. 

13. She has become ________(mesh) in a tangle of drugs and petty crime.  

14. Do not set your goals too high or else you will always be failing and there is nothing more ________  (moral) 

15. The demise of the industry has caused ________(tell) misery to thousands of hard-working tradesmen.  16. Attracting the banks are the ________ (surge) economy and reforms that have opened up industries to  foreign capital. 

17. The ordinary reader is impressed by the tone and manner of publication, and the words chosen to ________  (head) a story. 

18. At all events, it was this group of the ________ (possess) that gave the first successful impetus to the  Revolution. 

19. ________(prey) pricing by large supermarkets was threatening the livelihood of smaller businesses.  20. He is a ________(voice) critic of the president’s stance on abortion.  

21. She made several ________ (par) remarks about the manager she dislikes. 

22. As women we tend to be ________ (face) and make light of what we have achieved. 23. GEW lamp dimming promise uptime at least 1500 hours, raised productivity and reduces ________ (time) 24. Would you mind if I took one of the pictures as a________(keep)? 

25. Mania usually alternates with depression, to form a ________ (pole) disorder. 

26. This was too wide a _______ (hole) for the tax planners: no wonder inheritance tax is called a voluntary tax. 27. The teacher said that he found it difficult to cope with a class of ________ (affect) teenagers.  28. He is ________ (fail) polite and tries desperately to understand other people’s views. 29. The court ________ (turn) that decision on the grounds that the Prosecution had withheld crucial evidence. 30. Some of these statements are misleading and some downright ________ (amend) 31. The state ________ (fast) refused to settle this matter at any time. 

32. What is illustrated by these photographs is as much the culture of shamelessness as the reigning admiration  for ________ (apology) brutality. 

33. The judge found that in her case there were________(mitigate) circumstances. 

34. He impressed his audience by the ________ (profound) of his knowledge. 

35. The causes of social ________(stress) include inadequate housing. 

36. He was in the ________ (envy) position of having to choose between imprisonment or exile. 37. He was ________ (capacity) by old age and sickness. 

38. The bank is ________ (solve) and will be unable to live up to its obligations. 

39. Natalie considered herself very ________ (virtue) because she neither drank nor smoked. 40. Their refusal to ________ (tail) spending plans and to increase the burden on poll tax payers is expected. 41. Rather than a benevolent “socialist” super power China, whose population is made up over 90% Han  Chinese, will ________ (stride) the world as a racially homogeneous, and communalistic “Middle Kingdom”. 

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42. Broadly speaking, on-line shopping experiences can be categorized into two distinct dimensions: ________  (use) and hedonic value. 

43. It encouraged experimenters to propose ________ (beat) or novel approaches to problems. 44. It’s a bustling ________ (eat) where the fishy fare is served in cones of butcher’s paper. 45. Several spoke out against the harshly ________ (right) tone of the original motion. 46. Elections are essential for the ________ (sustain) of parliamentary democracy. 

47. ________ (similar) is consequently difficult, particularly as the minority groups experience considerable  hostility. 

48. Growth and ________ (mature) of vascular plants are often controlled by light, usually in conjunction with  temperature. 

49. The practice of meditation and ________ (temple) is life-long, reflecting this daily process of repentance  and change at heart. 

50. The new policy only serves to ________ (accent) the inadequacy of provision for the homeless. 51. Pressure was applied with cool precision: women had discovered that to ________ (step) male dominance  was to avoid destructive rage. 

52. I found your book absolutely ________ (thrall)! 

53. Listen to both sides and you will be ________ (light), heed only one side and you will be ________ (night). 54. Bertha, exaggerating the seriousness of the affair, thought it ________ (charlatan) to undertake a post  without knowledge and without capacity 

55. I write this down ________ (verb), for much the same reason I took notes in college. 56. She came to the party wearing a(n) ________ (land) costume and blond wig. 

57. Opposition leaders said they would try to stage nationwide protests, but previous opposition rallies have met  only ________ (warm) support. 

58. She gave me some friendly advice without a trace of ________ (descend) 

59. It’s that ________ (patron) tone of hers that I can’t bear. 

60. And then, to the audience’s ________ (mystic), the band suddenly stopped playing. 61. The ________ (conspire) of the assissination of the president was brought to light in time. 62. The report is critical of attempts by________(official) to deal with the problem of homelessness. 63. The system of counties was essential to Frankish government, and a count could wield considerable power,  particularly in ________ (far) regions. 

64. Jaubert had been a reasonable man to work for, had never asked her to do anything illegal or ________  (taste) 

65. Darwin’s theory of evolution was a(n) ________ (shed) dividing the old way of thinking from the new. 68. For twenty-five years he ________ (pain) amassed evidence to support his hypothesis. 69. He felt out of place, a(n) ________ (conform) in a society where conformity was highly prized. 70. She unveiled the picture with a(n) ________ (ceremony) gesture. 

71. Travellers may be ________ (inquire) about the world, but they also travel to make discoveries about  themselves. 

72. Both Hathor and her potential victims became ________ (exceed) drunk and merry, so she failed at her task. 73. Operation Rescue was an organization notorious for its ________ (front) tactics and its implacable  opposition to abortion under all circumstances. 

74. A(n) ________ (face) approach to sustainable construction is required for use by policy – makers,  practitioners and civil society. 

75. Wage control is the ________ (corner) of the government’s economic policy. 

76. She’s ________ (fail) cheerful no matter what the circumstances. 

77. Instead of just ________ (moan) your fate, why not do something to change it? 

78. For users, they are still expensive ____ (add) features and come with their own set of integration problems. 79. Foreign observers also accused the authorities of widespread ________ (practice) 80. ________ (type) images of women are used to legitimise male dominance. 

81. It will ________ (legal) sex – far from helping girls resist pressure, it will help boys bully girls into sex. 82. Mongolia, although poor, has considerable ________ (tap) resources of oil and minerals. 83. Towards the end of the ________(infant) period the child is becoming more perspicacious.

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84. It would be ________ (ingenuity) on our part to pretend ignorance of our book’s impact, both in sales and  controversy. 

85. I think I must have known ________(conscience) that something was going on between them. 86. If evolution has________ (wire) into us a belief that there are objective moral obligations, then we will  believe that there are 

87. You want clothes that are stylish as well as practical, versatile, ________ (task) and low maintenance. 88. His failures ________ (line) the difference between theatre and film direction. 

89. In other words, subcultural cleavage has attenuated and cultural ________ (homogeneous) has extended  from structural orientation into policy orientation. 

90. As the inspector and others came in, she regarded them ________ (disdain), seemingly unconcerned about  her capture. 

91. The concert hall itself reminds one ________ (play) of reproduction art deco and is also acoustically first class and adaptable. 

92. She didn’t want to confront the ________ (escape) fact that she would have to sell the house. 93. He made a fortune buying ________ (run) houses and fixing them up to sell. 

94. Business schools, who currently dominate entrepreneurship teaching and research, ________  (compartment) knowledge into functional boxes. 

95. Idealism was deeply________ (credit) by the failure to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War 96. We will reform principal local councils into a(n) ________ (unit) system based on natural communities and  the wishes of local people. 

97. Since ________ (regulate), banks are permitted to set their own interest rates. 

98. These years witnessed the ________ (integrate) and destruction of the English peasantry. 99. This was really a(n) ________thought, and I reproved myself often for the simplicity of it. (whim) 100. There seems to be a(n )________ (satisfy) demand for more powerful computers 



1. A portion of the proceeds will be ________. for providing school fees for poor children for the coming  academic year. (mark) 

2. The administration ropes in all educational institutions, government offices, public sector ________ and  universities for the purpose of mobilising funds. (take) 

3. Contraception is less ________ or affordable in South America. (cure) 

4. Both toxic and ________ potentials are properties of all drugs. (cure) 

5. While learning has changed for students in this new century, we are ________ by the boundless opportunity  presented in our lifetime. (bold) 

6. It does not become an economic ________ but it does become a „newly industrialized country‟, like  Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea. (power) 

7. We believe that the most effective enforcement tool is self-policing and ________ (strain).  8. It is possible to humanely raise and slaughter a variety of food animals, including ________ poultry and beef  cattle. (range) 

9. Most of this feature includes behind-the-scenes video ________ of the crew working and goofing off. (foot) 10. Together they forged a(n) ________ intellectual climate that has profoundly shaped my career. (vigour) 11. We will investigate the tradeoffs among data ________, data hiding capacity, and probabilities of extraction  errors in different applications. (perceive) 

12. This is a(n) ________ thriller that promises to deliver. (page) 

13. Death, from this perspective, seems unproblematically universal, a simple, irreducible fact of our nature,  ________ the same across all societies and throughout time (yield) 

14. Of course there is a(n) ________ between such advantages of large cells and the disadvantages of slower  cell multiplication. (trade) 

15. Today we look at claims that in Queensland, the regime that looks after the most vulnerable people, the  infirm elderly, and ________ adults, is failing. (capacity)

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16. Scholars have tried to make a case for ________, competitiveness, and selfishness as innate human trait.  (acquire) 

17. The judge ruled that Newman’s comments were not a(n) ________offense. (act) 

18. She was a very selfish, ________ bad-tempered little girl. (agree) 

19. Before creating this sculpture, she studied all the masterpieces of classical ________ (antique) 20. He claims that the laws are ________ and have no contemporary relevance. (antique) 21. I fretted and sweated as they stalked in and stared around with that ________, accusatory look of all cops  everywhere. (approve) 

22. A good teacher can encourage ________creativity. (art) 

23. She’s ________ and knows how to get round her parents. (art) 

24. Most ________ or totalitarian regimes are nonconstitutional. (authority) 

25. One encouraging feature of period-instrument performances in recent decades has been a growing concern  with reliable and ________editions. (authority) 

26. It is essential that there is a(n) ________ (author) use of the confidential information. 27. He thought back to the ________ days of his childhood. (care) 

28. They gave him a(n) ________ assurance that he would not be hurt.(category) 

29. They are taking ______ measures to safeguard their forces from the effects of chemical weapons. (caution) 30. Their ________ greetings did not seem heartfelt. (ceremony) 

31. The full costume is only worn on important ________ occasions. (ceremony) 

32. Utilitarian notions in the social sciences are not enough for even providing a(n) ________ framework for  grasping what actually happens. (concept) 

33. It once seemed ________ to everyone that men should travel to the moon. (conceive) 34. The procedure is in strict ________ with standard international practices.(conform) 35. The present economic policy is a(n) ________ of the earlier one. (continue) 

36. An historical awareness also imparts a sense of________(continue).  

37. Last month’s elections saw a ________ in power of the country’s socialist party. (continue) 38. It’s very ________ to find out that your own team members have been lying to you. (courage) 39. Do you believe in the ________ powers of the local mineral water? (cure) 

40. She has an artist’s ________ eye. (discriminate) 

41. The government enacted laws to protect women from ________ employment practices (discriminate) 42. Maria loved both the children. There was never a hint of ________ (favour) 

43. They often are involved in the hiring and dismissal of employees but generally have no role in the ________  of personnel policy. (form) 

44. An agreement on the ________ of a new government was reached on June 6. (form) 45. There are people who want to ________ you and grind you down. (humble) 

46. The discussions reached a new level of ________ and by lunchtime the exchanges were becoming very  heated. (intense) 

47. ________ and specialization in agriculture, especially in the vineyards, gave rise to commercial exchange  and opportunity for profit and saving. (intense) 

48. Areas near the frontier were rough and ________ in the old days. (law) 

49. It is ________ for a teacher to inflict corporal punishment on pupils. (law) 

50. The relation of politics and economy is a ________ of historical gradual progress. (master) 51. A builder from South London, McAvoy was the ________ of the robbery (master) 52. Photographs and ________ that cover the walls and fill several display cases chronicle the foods this area is  famous for. (memory) 

53. The three countries have signed a(n) ________ pledging to work together. (memory) 54. Olympic gold medalist Ekaterina Gordeeva is writing a(n) ________ about her life with Sergei Grinkov, her  late husband and figure-skating partner. (memory) 

55. Her first defeat was an early lesson in ________ (humble).  

56. They cannot forget the ________ they suffered at the hands of their oppressors. (humble).  57. Sales have slowed down quite ________ (mark).  

58. To the untrained eye, the two flowers look ________ similar. (mark) 

59. Always check the ________ before you buy a secondhand car (mile)

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60. The invention of the wheel was a(n) ________ in the history of the world. (mile) 

61. One ________ lapse in concentration could prove fatal. (moment) 

62. It was in Glasgow, however, that many ________ events were taking place. (moment) 63. Guy was greedy, ________, obsessed with power and self-gratification. (moral) 

64. Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and ________ (moral) 

65. Since their interest in the past was primarily ________, precise knowledge of actual events and when they  happened was not required. (moral) 

66. A couple of victories would improve the team’s ________enormously. (moral) 

67. You become ________ when things are not going your way and you can’t really see a way out of it. (moral) 68. To the audience’s ________, the band suddenly stopped playing. (mystical) 

69. Electric-powered cars are still something of a ________ (novel) 

70. Comparisons are simpler to make when ________ data is presented in diagrammatic form and conclusions  are easier to draw from it. (number) 

71. ________ pictures have been deemed to contribute to a hostile environment (object) 72. Personal disinterest in a programme content will help your ________ in assessing its potential for your  public relations purposes. (object) 

73. To say that the ________(observe) of this custom or law is sacrilegious or illicit must be regarded as  ________ (error).  

74. Recent developments in biology have made it possible to acquire more and more precise information  concerning our genetic ________ . Scientists can even today identify a number of genetic disorders that may  cause illness and disease. (make)  

75. Since 1990 the price of sugar has tended to fluctuate more wildly than any of the other four commodity  groups, and has almost ________ been the most expensive relative to 2002-2004 prices. (vary) 76. A dozen international poverty and development organizations published a report last week on the impact of  building new coal power plants in countries where a large percentage of the population lacks access to  electricity. The report‟s conclusions are strikingly ________: on the whole, building coal power plants does  little to help the poor, and often it can actually make them poorer. (intuition)  

77. The scandal surely ________ the end of his political career. (sign)  

78. He gained ________ for being difficult to work with as an actor. (notorious) 

79. Tre Transformer is quite intriguing. It is ________ one of the best movies of the year. (doubt)  80. Her hip has been ________ for quite a while, and she’ll probably need surgery on it. (trouble)  81. Her latest novel is a(n) ________ thriller, set some time in the late 21st century. (future)  82. The new policy only serves to ________ the inadequacy of help for the homeless. (accent)  83. Successful candidates will be required to ________ an induction programme. (take)  84. Radio 4 also announced a new ________ of Primo Levi‟s short story collection The Periodic Table, starring  Henry Goodman and introduced by Janet Suzman, to be broadcast in 12 episodes of varying lengths this spring.  (drama)  

85. In the UK, the ratio of people of working age to people over 65 could fall from 3.7 to 1 in 1999 to 2.1 to 1 in  2040. This suggests a very big increase in the ________ ratio and is consequently a cause for concern because  with current spending pension commitments, it will place a higher burden on the shrinking working population.  (depend)  

86. The UK government has already made tentative steps to raise the retirement age and increase the role of  private sector pensions. These policies will make an ageing population more ________ (manage).  87. Ian Darkin of One Traveller, which specialises in offering holidays for mature single travellers, says: “The  new generation of ________ (retire) aren‟t sitting at home knitting. Their keenness to experience other  countries and cultures is ________ (diminish) with age.”  

88. The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a(n) ________ calling for a halt to hostilities. (solve)  89. Environmental degradation is ________ (character) as any change or aggravation to nature‟s turf seen to be  pernicious or ________ (desire).  

90. The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction describes environmental degradation as  the ________ of the limit of the earth to meet social and environmental destinations, and needs (less).  91. Humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth‟s remaining ________ in the last 25 years and there may be none  left within a century if trends continue, according to an authoritative new study. (wild) 

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92. Technology has been lauded as a way to free up time for us, yet the reality of an all-consuming medium  often does the reverse. New innovations bring with them a host of ________ consequences, ranging from the  troubling to the downright depressing. Social media makes us lonely. Too much screen-time makes teenagers  fall behind their peers. And at the more feeble end of the spectrum, many of us have walked into an obstacle  while texting. (intend)  

93. Zombies are archetypal monsters from the bottom of the uncanny valley, with their dead eyes and ________  faces (express).  

94. The terrible scenes were indelibly ________ on his mind (print).  

95. Phyllis Schlafly, the ________ conservative activist who helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in the  1970s, has died. (speak)  

96. The results ________ poor hygiene as one cause of the outbreak. (imply) 

97. The country‟s economic crisis had a(n) ________ effect on world markets. (settle) 98. The piece, which had been affected by centuries of ________ and grime, was brought back its former glory  by seven conservators from the museum’s Hamilton Kerr Institute. (colour) 

99. The company has established total ________ over its rivals. (supreme) 

100 Despite fighting between the government and SPLA rebels, citizens will be allowed ________ (hinder)  access to humanitarian aid via “tranquility corrid. 



1. With increasing numbers of people choosing to teach English as a foreign language, the need to gain a(n)  ________ (credit) qualification has never been more important. 

2. A campaign is calling for the reversal of a decision to scrap A-level archaeology – saying it would cause  _______(revoke) harm to the development of future archaeologists.  

3. Sir Adrian was a true gentleman. He was ________ (fail) polite to everyone he met within the business and  was on first name terms with many of them, regardless of where they worked.  

4. An eight-month inquiry by the all party group on ________ (mind) found frontline public servants could be  less likely to fall ill with stress, or quit altogether, if they engage in the increasingly popular meditation practice. 5. ________ (absent) is an issue of growing concern among employers in the UK owing to changing  legislation, but there is virtually no robust data on its direct or indirect costs.  

6. A decision to allow ________ (hear) evidence in disciplinary proceedings against a doctor linked to child  abuse claims was ________ (law). 

7. Slavoj Žižek was born in communist Yugoslavia in 1949, and received a thorough grounding in Marxism  and the principles of ________ (dialect) materialism. 

8. Can you make up a(n) ________ (four) for tennis tomorrow?  

9. These wonderful books ________ (capsule) moments in history in truly unforgettable ways . 10. Proposals to protect the right of mentally ________ (capacity) people to be involved in important  decisions about their life have been published by the government.  

11. Authorities in the US state of Michigan have charged a taxi driver with six counts of murder after he went  on a random shooting spree on Saturday. Jason Brian Dalton, 45, remained ________ (express) as the charges  were read in court on Monday. 

12. Around 40% of jobseekers have been without work for more than one year, the report says, running  “significant risks of ________ (moral), loss of self-esteem and mental health problems”  13. A former migrant has returned home to Senegal after becoming ________ (heart) with life as an illegal  migrant in Spain. After six years, Babacar Dialor Faye never got his legal documents and had to live on  ________ (hand) from the Red Cross. 

14. Kids have become ________ (sense) to violence. Someone’s been shot, and kids are playing up and down  the streets on their bikes, because they’re used to seeing it and that’s also what you see in a war zone. 15. Parents often favour one child over another and, at its worst, parental________ (favour) can be one of the  most profound and damaging emotional dynamics a child ever encounters. It can affect the rest of their lives. 

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16. When Emma was widowed in 1879, she decided to leave her home in Koblenz, Germany, to start ________  (new) in Glasgow, and settled in the city by 1881  

17. Anti-terrorism police patrol units are to be introduced across London boroughs. This tactic was endorsed by  Lord Harris in his review of London’s ________ (prepare) for a terror attack, commissioned by the mayor.  18. Reports of memory loss with long-term cannabis use are nothing new, and an influential paper published  last year provided evidence that smoking marijuana has a(n) ________ (delete) effect on intelligence.  19. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis and is what causes the  subjective “high”. This includes changes in ________ (perceive) sensations, a feeling of ________ (content)  and increased appetite . 

20. Cyanide ________ (toxic) is experienced by humans at doses of around 0.5–3.5 milligrams per kilogram of  body weight . 

21. She has become increasingly ________ (opinion) and verbalises her opinions forcefully without any insight  into their effect on others.  

23. ________ who want to fund the restoration of a derelict arts centre in Cheltenham have pleaded with other  bidders to let it become community-run (benefit).  

24. He was a bad influence on the child, who was at a(n) ________ (impress) age.  

25. Membership talks were launched in 2005, but progress has been slow, as several EU states have serious  ________ about Turkish EU membership. (give) 

26. He has such great power and yet talked with such ________(humble). There aren‟t many people in politics  who are as charismatic as President Obama. 

27. For many people Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is the most influential figure in the history of western  classical music. His extraordinary talent was already clearly evident as a young man, ________ (mercy)  surviving a somewhat unconventional upbringing during which his eccentric father would often force him to take music lessons in the middle of the night.  

28. How often have you seen rich people take to the stress, shouting that they are earning too much? Protesters  are typically blue-collar workers yelling that the minimum page has to go up, or that their jobs should not go  overseas. Concern about ________ (fair) is always ________(symmetry), stronger in the poor than the rich.  And the _______ (lie) emotions are not as _______ (loft) as the ideal itself. Children become  thoroughly________ (indignation) as the slightest discrepancy in, say, the size of their slice of pizza compared  to their sibling‟s.  

29. Many teachers expressed serious ________ (give) about the new tests.  

30. The price of property in the city is ________ (prohibit) 

31. ________ is an economic theory which states that a progressively greater level of consumption is beneficial  to the consumers. (consume) 

32. If your credit card debt is mounting and yet you can’t stop spending, you could be a ________(shop).  33. The number of people suffering from shopping addiction has . ________ (take) the number of drug and  drink addicts combined 

34. Everyone has heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; few of his son Franz Xaver. A new CD collection  ________ (title) The Other Mozart celebrates Franz’s music – in all its haunting, ________ (melancholy)  innocence. The 27 songs are brief slivers of ideas, ________ (develop) shadows of what might have been,  reaching a beautiful fulfillment in the later works. But it is clear that the music never reaches the heights of his  genius father. Franz was the youngest of Mozart’s children, and his mother’s hopes and ambitions focused on  him following the ________ (mature) death of his father. The very best teachers were automatically available  to Franz’s, who made his public debut as a singer, aged five. The songs bring to light Franz’s ________. (piano)  accomplishments; the piano parts are extremely demanding. The songs hint at Franz’s love for a woman; they  speak time and again of unattainable love and ________ (fulfil) longing. ________ (realist), however, the fact  remains that this music, had it been written by a composure of any other name, would probably have remained  buried in the archives.  

35. The region has several medium-sized towns and cities, but no major ________ (urban)  36. When you’re on a cross-country flight, it’s tough to tolerate the ________ crying of a baby. (cease) 37. Our ________ mind registers things which our conscious mind is not aware of. (conscious) 38. They were now faced with seemingly ________ technical problems (mount) 

39. The report should distinguish clearly between ________ fact, firm opinion and mere speculation (dispute)

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40. They have become ________, with both sides refusing to compromise any further. (reconcile) 41. Finland‟s metalworkers’ union chief Riku Aalto has criticised government proposals to alter nationwide  labour conditions as ________and unprofessional (amateur).  

42. His interpretation of the figures is far too ________ (simple) 

43. The organization insists that it is ________ and does not identify with any one particular party (politics) 44. The new regulations will be ________ for small businesses. (burden) 

45. Solon replies that birds like peacocks are ________ in their beauty. (compare) 

46. It is ________ to generalize from the results of a single experiment. (advise) 

47. Try not to ________ to criticism. (react) 

48. He was confused and ________ and I didn’t get much sense out of him. (cohere) 

49. Gradually she began to notice one or two little ________ in his character. (perfect) 50. They‟re concerned about the ________ of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (build) 51. Karen has always felt ________ by her famous elder sister. (shadow) 

52. An increasing number of tests are available for detecting foetal ________ (normal).  53. He is currently standing trial for alleged ________ (practice)  

54. All points on a circle are ________ (distant) from the centre. 

55. The worsening situation forced the company to ________ (size) from 39 employees to 7. 56. The new version of the program comes with a much better user ________(face).  

57. Who will be the main ________ of the cuts in income tax? (benefit) 

58. The parents showed remarkable ________ (bear) toward their defiant and unruly son. 59. A(n) ________(mean/menace) has been committed but the offender has not been caught. 60. I keep getting ________ (contrary) advice – some people tell me to keep it warm and some tell me to put  ice on it.  

61. He gazed at her with ________ (smell) eyes, wishing she wasn’t married. 

62. He had a(n) ________ (rival) knowledge of south Arabian society, religion, law and customs. 63. The ship is an exact ________ (reply) of the original Golden Hind.  

64. ________ (provide) and expression as well as musical accompaniment of the exercises plays a central role  in the training programme of the Medau-Schule. 

65. Ariadne herself personifies the passively courageous, endlessly ________(resource), and ________ (love)  restorative element in every psyche. 

66. ______ (brain) on creative tasks has been a major activity in the advertising business where it began in the  1930s. 

67. Abuses of the investigative process may ________ (perceive) lead to abridgment of protected freedoms 68. Their contributions to science have earned them a(n) ________ (last) place in history. 69. She appeared on television to make a(n) ________ (passion) plea for help. 

70. No one will raise moral psychology of the question of obesity, for fear of sounding ________ (passion) and  ________ (reaction).  

71. We should take a more ________ (passion) view and consider the long-term effects of Briant’s work. 72. The solutions ________ (compass) a wide range of options to suit all tastes and pockets. 73. He was known to be a loud-mouthed, ________ (opinion) bigot. 

74. The aim of the report is to ________ (lucid) the main points of the new regulations. 75. Some things are ________ (alien) true: Water is wet, gra is green (kind of), dogs bark and houses prices rise 76. Jack tried to ________ (one) for his rudeness by sending her some flowers. 

77. By 1980 the Republican Party platform had become antiabortion; and a president who pledged to ________  (law) abortion altogether had been elected. 

78. Tootle seems to be essentially a(n) ______ (caution) tale, warning the child to stay on the narrow road of  virtue. 

79. The country’s great influence in the world is ________ (proportion) to its relatively small size. 80. In the US, a school ________ (intend) is in charge of the schools in a particular area. 81. The demonstrators ________ (brand) banners and shouted slogans. 

82. He has a(n) ________(can) knack of being able to see immediately where the problem lies. 83. Mick was stubborn and ________ (dominate) with a very bad temper. 

84. My profession had an important influence in the formation of my character and ________ (temper). 

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 8 

85. The final whistle was greeted with ________ (triumph) cheers from players and spectators. 86. She has never traced back her ________ (line), but believes her grandparents were from Aberdeenshire. 87. She was a devout Catholic and, so far as I am aware, ________ (assail/salient) morally.  88. In the field of ________ (diet), standards of practice have been developed for practitioners in the field. 89. I am afraid I have quite a(n) ________ (incline) to retire on a pension. 

90. A(n) ________ (reach) and comprehensive strategy, carefully integrated with broader plans for health care  reform, is required. 

91. They’re making efforts to streamline their normally ________ (cumber) bureaucracy. 92. Trading can be characterized as a pure, ________ (cumber) personal choice with an immediate outcome. 93. He’s ________(centre), ________(manipulate), insensitive; classic signs of a personality problem. 94. Sometimes a sympathetic friend can be a constant source of discouragement, all ________ (know).  95. Some say he was reborn as an undead god, others that he was simply a(n) ________ (body) spirit. 96. This book is about people who claim to have ________ (normal) abilities such as ESP and mind-reading. 97. The refugees slept in ________ (shift) tents at the side of the road. 

98. The inheritance of ________ (mode) company structures from the past, reinforced by further concentration,  produced very rigid company organisation. 

99. In the ________ (mingle) of news and commercials we have a struggle of sorts between two different  orientations. 

100. Two hijackers used fake explosives to _______ (command) the airliner. 



A. There are a myriad of lifestyle issues affecting the youth of today. Such is the pressure heaped on many  school-goers to achieve academic excellence by their parents that these 1_______ (real) expectations are  causing children to become hopelessly depressed. Indeed, some, in their 2_______ (despair) to escape and their  sense of guilt at being unable reach the levels of success demanded of them by their 3_______ (push) parents,  either rebel in what is 4_______ (amount) to a cry for help, or, worse still, engage in 5_______ (harm). It is no  coincidence that suicide rates, expecially amongst young males, have been rising steadily for some time now.  These are tough times to be a teen. 

Then there are those who get hooked on the internet; the 6 _______ (virtue) world becomes their reality. For  these teens, their social circle shrinks 7_______ (drama) until, at last, their friendship sphere is limited solely to  their online 8_______ (bud). Not alone do they commonly suffer from sleep 9_______ (private) on account of  their destructive addiction to game play and net-surfing, their behaviour may become so _______ (err) and  peculiar over time as to be considered 10_______ (social) . And while they sit at their computer screens hidden  away in splendid isolation from the real world, such is the lack of exercise they get that their calorie intake far  exceeds what is necessary for them to maintain a stable weight. In essence, due to their sedentary lifestyle, their  weight 11_______ (rocket) until such time as they become morbidly obese. 

B. The standard of television programming produced in this country is in terminal decline. The 1_______  (shed) has become a meaningless term confined in its 2_______ (apply) to 3_______ (go) days when adult  content felt the full force of censorship and was not allowed to appear on the box until after 9:00 p.m.  Nowadays, however, it seems anything goes any time. And, truth told, whatever anything is, it seldom ‘goes’ for  much longer than a half hour or so at any rate before it is interrupted by a commercial break. And don’t even get  me started on those appalling 4_______ (inform) most of the networks run right the way through the night, one  after another, for up to thirty minutes at a time. lt is truly painful. Terrestrial television is now, as far as I am  concerned, a laughing stock. All the quality has been bought up by the satellite networks, with their big-money  weight behind them, but even here 5_______ (pick) are slim. In protest at the dire state of things, I have  become a converted 6_______ (net). I look to the web now to find good content. There, I can find just enough  7_______ (run) of quality programmes to prevent myself from falling into utter despair and pining for the  good old days of 8_______ (year).

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 9 

C. In January 2001, the 1_______ (govern) Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest report on climate  change. Climate models worked out by giant super-computers had become far more reliable since the previous  report in 1995 and allowed them to 2_______ (praise) the earlier projections for global warming. Their  conclusions were that something very serious is happening and that it cannot be a natural process. The 1990s  was the hottest decade for 1,000 years and the Earth is warming faster than at any time in the last 10,000 years.  According to the report, human activities are 3_______ (equivocate) to blame for the temperature rise. The  burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and, due to deforestation, there are fewer trees to absorb this gas  and recycle it back into oxygen. Methane 4_______ (concentrate) have also gone up dramatically because of  increases in rice culture and 5_______ (cattle), both of which generate methane from 6_______ (compose)  vegetation. These greenhouses gases trap heat in the Earth‟s atmosphere and cause the temperature to rise. In  the worst case, the resulting melting of ice-caps and glaciers would cause sea levels to rise by up to 88 cm,  endangering the homes and 7_______ (lively) of tens of millions of people who live in low-lying regions.  

Unfortunately, there is far greater 8_______ (unanimous) among the world‟s scientists over the issue than  among politicians. As long ago as 1990, the IPCC recommended a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide 9_______  (emit), as the basic level required to return the planet‟s climate to a healthy level. Governments globally failed  to 10_______ (act) these proposals. Now that the dangers have been reaffirmed by the latest report, it is high  time that governments took an active interest in exploring alternative, renewable energy sources.  

D. People intuitively recognize the importance of self-esteem to their psychological health, so it isn’t  particularly remarkable that most of us try to protect and enhance it in ourselves whenever possible. What is  remarkable is that attention to self-esteem has become a(n) 1_______ (commune) concern, at least for  Americans, who see a favorable opinion of oneself as the central psychological source from which all manner of  positive outcomes spring. The corollary, that low self-esteem lies at the root of individual and thus 2_______  (society) problems and 3_______ (function), has sustained an ambitious social agenda for decades. Indeed,  campaigns to raise people’s sense of self-worth abound. Consider what transpired in California in the late 1980s.  Prodded by State Assemblyman John Vasconcellos, Governor George Deukmejian set up a task force on self esteem and personal and social responsibility. Vasconcellos argued that raising self-esteem in young people  would reduce crime, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, school 4_______ (achieve) and pollution. At one point, he  even expressed the hope that these efforts would one day help balance the state budget, a prospect predicated on  the observation that people with high 5_______ (regard) earn more than others and thus pay more in taxes.  Along with its other activities, the task force assembled a team of scholars to survey the relevant literature. The  results appeared in a 1989 volume 6_______ (title) The Social Importance of Self-Esteem, which stated that  “many, if not most, of the major problems plaguing society have roots in the low self-esteem of many of the  people who make up society.” In reality, the report contained little to support that assertion. 

E. An emerging discipline called neuroaesthetics is seeking to bring scientific 1_______ (objective) to the  study of art, and has already given us a better understanding of many 2_______ (master). The blurred  3_______ (image) of Impressionist paintings seems to stimulate the brain’s amygdala, for instance. Since the  amygdala plays a crucial role in our feelings, that finding might explain why many people find these pieces so  4_______ (move). Could the same approach also shed light on abstract twentieth-century pieces, from  Mondrian’s geometrical blocks of colour, to Pollock’s 5_______(seem) haphazard arrangements of splashed  paint on canvas? 6_______ (sceptical) believe that people claim to like such works simply because they are  famous. We certainly do have an inclination to follow the crowd. When asked to make simple 7_______  (perceive) decisions such as matching a shape to its rotated image, for example, people often choose a  definitively wrong answer if they see others doing the same. It is easy to imagine that this 8_______ (mental)  would have even more impact on a fuzzy concept like art appreciation, where there is no right or wrong answer.


F. Pop art was a(n) 1_______ (convention) art style in which 2_______ (common) objects such as comic  strips, soup cans and road signs were used as subject matter, and were often incorporated into the work. The pop  art movement was largely a British and American cultural phenomenon of the late 1950s and „60s. Art critic  Lawrence Alloway, referring to the prosaic 3_______ (icon) of its painting and sculpture, named the movement  pop art. It represented an attempt to return to a more objective and 4_______ (universe) accepted form of art  after the dominance in both the United States and Europe of the highly personal abstract 5_______ (express). 

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 10 

The art form was iconoclastic, rejecting the 6_______ (supreme) of the „high art‟ of the past and the 7_______  (pretend) of other contemporary avant-garde art. Pop art became a cultural institution because of its close  reflection of a particular social situation and because its easily 8_______ (comprehend) images were  immediately exploited by the mass media. Although the critics of pop art describe it as sensational and non 

aesthetic, its proponents saw it as an art that was democratic and not 9_______ (discriminate), bringing  together both connoisseurs and untrained inexperienced viewers. Even though public reaction to pop art was  10_______ (favour), it found critical acceptance as a form of art suited to the highly technological, mass  media-oriented society of western countries. 

G. The comedy Bringing Up Baby, on the other hand, presents practically non-stop dialogue delivered at  1_______ (neck) speed. This use of dialogue 2_______ (score) not only the dizzy quality of the character  played by Katherine Hepburn, but also the 3_______ (absurd) of the film itself and thus its humor. The  audience is bounced from gag to gag and conversation to conversation; there is no time for audience reflection.  The audience is caught up in a(n) 4_______ (wind) of activity in simply managing to follow the plot. This film  presents pure 5______ (escape) – largely due to its frenetic.  



1. This place is an ________ zone, which is restricted to people who work in the Parliamentary House only.  (EXCLUDE) 

2. He was ___________ by the darkness and got lost in the forest. (NIGHT) 

3. He was ___________ with intelligence but he tried hard to make up for it. (ENDOW) 4. Any ___________ gimmicks are forbidden in this competition. (MALICE) 

5. Surely all women must have ___________ instinct or the human race would die out. (MOTHER) 6. Putting up with noise coming from the neighbor is probably the most ____________ thing. (TO) 7. The leader was taken into custody, which brought an end to the _____________. (SURGE) 8. The spectacular view of Sa Pa has _____________ many visitors. (RAPTURE) 

9. Andy has received such _____________ fame after he tried himself in the school‟s play. (WONT) 10. The aridity in that area _____________ a poor crop. (TOKEN) 

11. Some people argue that money has _____________ football. (BASE) 

12. This remote village bore the _____________ of the storm. (PREDATOR) 

113. “People” is a ____________ word. (SYLLABLE) 

14. The young boy was _____________ by the two men who then asked the innocent for money. (WAY) 15. Taking that old lady for a ride is _____________. (CONSCIENCE) 

16. To achieve the _____________ logic, you have to employ certain techniques of using connectives like  „and‟, „or‟ in the right place within the sentence. (SENTENCE) 

17. This chair is almost too ____________, so replace it with a new one! (ANNUAL) 18. Underground nuclear _____________ are believed to have been carried out. (NOTE) 19. The opponents of nuclear power may object to the scheme for some _____________ reasons. (MENTION) 20. Every point in his speech is _____________, which allows the audience to follow easily. (PERSPEX) 21. The ______________ is used to measured the smallest things! (MICRO) 

22. His ______________ talking annoys the teachers a lot. (TERMINAL) 

23. Many ______________ policies have come into force to boost the economic development. (BUSINESS) 24. A(n) _____________ schedule assists me in passing the day smoothly. (ARRANGE) 25. Allowing yourself anything you like makes you a ____________ figure. (INDULGE) 26. Mary ______________ with her husband about his budget this month. (POSTULATE) 27. It is impossible to _______________ his excellence at work. (SAY) 

28. People in coastal area live mainy on the ______________, which allows them to earn a great deal of money  from the sea products (CULTURE) 

29. People felt a great pity for the time spent to see such a(n) _____________ film. (ABYSS) 30. Every book has a ______________ including what the authors say about their masterpiece. (WORD)

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 11 

31. I cannot imagine why there are such ______________ people in this world. Don‟t they feel any sympathy  for the homeless? (HEART) 

32. I will bring my unbrella along on the _____________ that it rains. (CHANCE) 

33. The dramatic decrease in the ______________ of this factory can be a direct result of underpayment. (PUT) 34. The contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan can cause ______________ consequences. (LIFE) 35. It is a _____________ fact that the vegeterian sausages were invented during World War I. (KNOW) 36. His recent unpredictable mood ____________ him from his friends. (STRANGE) 37. I was ______________ and fell in love with her immediately at first sight. (LOVE) 38. The camera must be clean with a soft ____________ cloth. Otherwise, the water will permeate and cause  damage. (WRING) 

39. His recent ups and downs made the criminal more ____________ than ever. (BITE) 40. John Cena used to be in his _____________ in WWE but since his dislocation, he had to leave for operation  and it would take him a long time to make a full recovery. (DAY) 

41. Bats use ______________ to navigate in the dark when hunting prey. (LOCATION) 42. He was lying, indicated by the _______________ sign that his hands were shivering. (TELL) 43. Thanks to the _____________ at the bottom of the page, the Chinese-VietNamese poem becomes more  accessible. (NOTE) 

44. The dog seems rather _______________; it must not have been fed for days. (SEE) 45. ________________ injection is the most common way to inject drugs. (VEIN) 

46. _________________ medication brings about a quick relief but it is not recommended for long-term  treatment. (ACT) 

47. Ivan‟s camera now ________________ because he carelessly dropped it into the pool. (FUNCTION) 48. Mary told the doctor about her stomach‟s ______________. It didn‟t seem to work properly. (FUNCTION) 49. A cock roach can continue to live for a few days even if it is ________________. (CAPITA) 50. Their house is decorated in such a ________________ way so that it fit in with other houses. (DESCRIBE) 51. ________________ people are strong and healthy ones who can make a living on their own. (BODY) 52. I spent the whole evening _______________ my messy house. (CLUTTER) 

53. Remember to read every ______________ in the contract because it can be a trap for the unwary. (PRINT) 54. I did my project in my own way, not in a ________________ one. (TREAD) 

55. From six o‟clock _______________, I‟m home! (ON) 

56. Some of the ________________ and __________________ regions in Somalia have adopted distinctive  symbols , including flags, while others continue to use the Somali flag. (DEPEND/AUTONOMY) 57. A(n) _________________ disease is one that will gradually deteriorate the functioning of any one part in  your body. (GENERATE) 

58. It is widely known that judges have _________________ powers. (DISCRETION)  59. The little boy left his hand-made boat _______________ on the river. (DRIFT) 

60. The students are ________________ seperated into differnt classes. (QUALIFY) 61. He suffered from headaches as an _______________ of his accident. (AFFECT) 62. The renown that Michael Jackson gained for himself is almost ________________. (SUPERIOR) 63. Viet Nam used to be _______________ into two seperate areas, with the border being Gianh river. (MASS) 64. The walls were _________________ with colors, which make it so beautiful. (STRIPE) 65. A bottle of cooled water had __________________ effects on us after a long walk. (VIGOR) 66. Hand _____________ is accused of including BBA, which can cause many health problems. (SANITARY) 67. Their trouble is __________________. They themselves made the situation worse. (INFLICT) 68. The _________________ inside our bodies is a complex system. (MUSCLE) 

69. I do not understand why Adriana was so ________________ at last night‟s party. She is usually clever and  tactical when meeting people. (ADROIT) 

70. Viet Nam went through _________________ process and became an independent country. (COLONY)

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 12 


1. The act of _________ should be prohibited under any circumstances. Everyone all has equal rights to vote.  (FRANCHISE) 

2. The boss ordered his staff to be ________ with each other in dealing with the company’s end-of-year burden.  (LABOR) 

3. It is such a _________ story that the mom lost her child when her family immigrated from Africa into  Europe. (LUCK) 

4. The mayor was determined that he would do everything in his power to _________ the murder case.  (MYSTERY) 

5. The government stressed it was not abandoning its tough __________ policies. (INFLATE) 6. The woman detected her ________ conditions soon after she felt ill in her body. (CANCER) 7. I cast my eyes ________ and saw the geese flying in V-line. (HEAVEN) 

8. ________ programs are offered to those who want to do professional training while being paid to work.  (SERVICE) 

9. It is inhumane to sell ________ limbs of the animals, such as rhinoceros or elephants, in the market place.  (MEMBER) 

10. He was regarded as a _______ winner as he beat his opponents in three straight sets. (RUN) 11. Although some hold out hope for a sea wall and land reclamation programme, it is admittedly nothing more  than a mere ________ (STOP) 

12. A(n) ________ is implanted in the body to prop up the heart. (MAKE) 

13. She is ________ gorgeous in that gown. (DIE) 

14. His behavior at the party was _________, which went beyond everyone’s expectations. (ERR) 15. The advent of computers was one of the _________ milestones in the mankind’s history. (NOTE) 16. His condition was so serious _________ as he had to stay in hospital for a month. (MUCH) 17. Pending the _________ of KFC, the manager had to catch up on a huge number of backlogs. (TAKE) 18. It is __________ to be waken up by the noisy music from the neighbor’s house. (IRK) 19. Like many other __________ of my age, I dread to use hi-tech gears. (TECHNICAL) 20. Bacteria derived from __________ disease can be contagious among people having reciprocal contact.  (MENINGES) 

21. The woman is getting older. She is now in the __________ year of her age. (LIGHT) 22. Chemicals are easily __________ if they are laid open in the atmosphere for a long time. (ACTION) 23. The spectators booed as the referee did not disallow the _______ goal. (SIDE) 

24. The government must work at full tilt to promote the economy and reduce the ________. (EFFICIENT) 25. The Earth is experiencing a major ________ in the climate. (HEAVE) 

26. My ________ is the unique thing that distinguishes me from others. (MARK) 

27. Children who grow up in peace tend to be more ________ than those who grow up in war. (ADAPT) 28. My mother ________ me a great deal of encouragement after I got bad grades in my exam. (VOUCH) 29. He is a(n) ________ man. He does not gain any ground in his family. (WILL) 

30. You can look at the ________ of this Chinese book to see the elucidation of these new words. (ADD) 31. The reaction that occurs within the cell is called _________ reaction. (CELL) 

32. He was ________ from the hustle and bustle of life since he moved to this rural area. (TANGLE) 33. I ________ over whether to go abroad or not. (SHALL) 

34. Many people nowadays want to indulge themselves in ________ industries such as finance and the like.  (KNOW) 

35. Please accept this ________ as a reminder of your stay here. (REMEMBER) 

36. A(n) ________ is the one who turns into wolf during full moon. (WOLF) 

37. Nitrogen oxide is a(n) ________ compound of oxygen and nitrogen. (ATOM) 

38. The story broadens the horizon of the children about their _______. (BEAR) 

39. I met my old friend at the supermarket this morning, which was quite ________. (FORTUNE) 40. The mall has intrigued a great number of visitors since it was ________ last month. (GRAND) 41. She cast her eyes ________ and saw a mysterious man looking at her. (STREET) 42. The girl excelled herself at the exam and came ________ to the two boys. (THREE)

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 13 

43. Scientists from Russia, America and Japan have recently filled the periodic table‟s seventh row with four  _________ chemical elements. (HEAVE) 

44. It is a misconception that _________ human blood is blue. (OXYGEN) 

45. The house is painted in such a(n) _________ style. (SAVOUR) 

46. In this modern day, you have to keep yourself _________ so as not to lag behind others. (DATE) 47. This book is _______. You can find information about the varieties of plants around the world here.  (EMBRACE) 

48. The little rainfall ________ a poor crop for farmers in this village. (BODE) 

49. That word is such a(n) ________. It is not easy to pronouce at all. (JAW) 

50. _________ and disinfectants are widely used in hospital to kill the bacteria. (SEPTIC) 51. Due to the prolonged _________, the goods arrived later than we had expected. (CONTAIN) 52. Found in ________ condition, the house is intended to be demolished. (DOWN) 

53. ________ of violence has been possible by means of television. (DOCTRINE) 

54. He laid his desk _________. It is untidily filled with all kinds of stuff. (HEAP) 

55. It is ________ that he will press ahead with his project. Nothing can prevent him. (ODD) 56. X-rays, known as a form of ________, are widely utilized nowadays to diagnose medical conditions.  (RADIAL) 

57. His misunderstanding of the situation resulted in his _________. Everyone could make out the embarassing  remarks on his face. (COMPOSE) 

58. The minister _________ the fight against hunger in his opening speech. (ACCENT) 59. Even the most _________ equipment cannot replace the role of the teachers in the future. (ART) 60. America is considered one of the biggest _________ in the world. (POWER) 

61. The water ________ in the building is of great concern. It can damage the walls if not managed properly  and timely. (FILL) 

62. He took off his hat and a pigeon flew out. It was ________ a trick. (GUILE) 

63. In a _________ manner, he stepped into the room and shouted at the top of his voice. (DOUBT) 64. You should not assess a situation from such a(n) ________ side. (LATERAL) 

65. The homless woman pleaded for a shelter from the rain in a(n) _________ tone. (PASSION) 66. The man reported than he had seen a(n) _________ object, which might well be a UFO. (EGG) 67. The coal cellar needs to be equipped with _________ system in order to prevent suffocation. (VENT) 68. The advent of Internet is an important __________ in human history. (MARK) 

69. His face showed the remark of _________ even when we were talking about seriously. ( FLIP) 70. What you know is rather __________. And it is unfair to judge just through a cursory glance. (FACIES) 71. Moving _________ is moving in a direction opposite to the direction the hands of the clock moves.  (CLOCK) 

72. Reta is studying animal __________ at the Oxford university. (GENE) 

73. The crews fortuitously dicovered a __________ in the ship‟s cool chamber. (STOW) 74. The man was _________ on a medal for bravely taking a child out of the burning house. (STOW) 75. The report has _________ the cause of global warming in the past decades. (POINT) 76. It may take more than a month to deliver our car from Germany to VietNam as it is _________. (SHIP) 77. “Titanic” is an example of _________ romance. (SHIP) 

78. The machine cannot work properly as a direct result of _________. (ALIGN) 

79. There used to be a __________ in Quang Tri, whose remains now become a historical site. (HOLD) 80. Andy was ___________ from the volunteer group due to his poor attitude. (COMMUNICATE) 81. I was so ____________ that even a spider scared me. (KNEE) 

82. The government ____________ its responsibility in the leakage of confidential information. (NEGATE) 83. Try not to be ___________ even if you are tremendously successful. (VAIN) 

84. Bob is a(n) ___________ of an intelligent student. (TYPE) 

85. The goverment‟s policy to soothe the anger among people was ___________. It should have happened  earlier. (CHRONOLOGY) 

86. Tom‟s collection is such a(n) ___________. There is no connection between things. (MASH) 87. I was completely ___________ by the fact that he was going to get married. (MUSE) 88. Sleeping during day and working when night comes sounds seemingly __________. (SCIENCE)

For gifted students/10E1-K27/Word formation/ntd.cbn Page 14 

89. I question whether a spectacle so fantastic and impressive was ever dealtwith, even in the pages of  __________ fiction. (SCIENCE) 

90. Adam‟s gait is a(n) __________ for his strong personality. (WORD) 

91. The apricot blossom __________ during spring. (GERM) 

92. In an _________ world, people have to change to get into the swing of the environment. (EVOLVE) 93. I __________ the distance from my house to the Ann‟s hospital and arrived there rather late. (RECK) 94. Harry Porter‟s personality is successfully ___________ by J.K.Rowling throughout her series. (LINE) 95. Your __________ saying last night could hurt other people‟s feelings although you might not intend to say  so. (SENSE) 

96. What Thuy Minh said has provoked violent __________ from critics as well as celebrities. (BLAST) 97. You are becoming a(n) ___________. Just go outside and see what happens. (LAY) 98. A ___________ is an instrument that separates light into a frequency spectrum and records the signal using  a camera. (SPECTRUM) 

99. Cindy showed ___________ support at Josh‟s project. She always believes him. (FALTER) 100. This place is an ___________ zone, which is restricted to people who work in the Parliamentary House  only. (EXCLUDE) 



When dealing with sensitive issues such as the atrocities of war and man‟s (1. human) ______ to man,  interpreters of history may try in vain to give an even-handed (2. treat) ______ of the subject. This creates the  danger of “softening” the image to make it a little less (3. horror) ______, a little less (4. shame) ______ and a  little more acceptable to the general audience. This is an injustice to history, with too much emphasis put on the  bland and not enough on the harsh reality of the past. 

Interpreting our heritage is not a soft option where all that is required is a nice, (5. sentiment) ______ view of  the past. It requires a full working (6. perceive) ______ of the issues and the evidence, together with a (7. will)  ______ to be open about the strengths and weaknesses of our ability to interpret in a way that (8. deep) ______  understanding. If (9. provoke) ______ is required to do that, then it should not be avoided for fear of presenting  something (10. agree) ______. 


Gold has several qualities that have made it a commodity of exceptional value throughout history. It is attractive  in colour, durable to the point of virtual ______ (1. destroy) and usually found in nature in a ______ (2.  compare) pure form. The history of gold is ______ (3. equal) by that of any other metal because of its value in  the minds of men from earliest times. 

Because it is visually pleasing it was one of the first metals to attract human ______ (4. attend). Examples of  elaborate gold workmanship, many in nearly perfect condition, survive from ancient Egyptian, Minian,  Assyrian, and Etruscan artisans, and gold has continued to be a highly ______ (5. favour) material out of which  jewellery and other ______ (6. decor) objects are crafted. 

The era of gold production that followed the Spanish discovery of the Americas in the 1490s was probably the  greatest the world had witnessed to that time. The ______ (7. exploit) of mines by slave labour and the looting  of Indian palaces, temples and graves in Central and South America resulted in a(n) ______ (8. precedent)  influx of gold that literally unbalanced the ______ (9. economy) structure of Europe. Until today the world  remains ______ (10. captive) by the allure of gold. 


The essence of flamenco is song, often accompanied by the guitar and improvised dance. Music and dance can  be placed into specific groups. These categories are usually located across a continuum with subjetcs dealing  with the profound to those that are light-hearted. ______ (1. type), the themes of death, anguish and despair, in  contrast to love, gaiety and the countryside are ______ (2. drama). In flamenco dance, the men‟s steps are  intricate, with toe and heel clicking. Footwork in women‟s dancing is of less importance, with the ______ (3.  grace) use of hands and body taking ______ (4. precede). In the dance, the arm, hand and foot movements 

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closely resemble those of classical Hindu dance. Essential to traditional flamenco is the performer‟s  interpretation of the dance ______ (5. hinder) by the emotion of the music. Performances are often  accompanied by rapid hand clapping, finger sanpping and ______ (6. courage) shouts. The dancers themselves  frequently employ finger snapping in complex rhythms including the use of castanets. This dance form was  ______ (7. profession) in the 19th century, when Romany people first began to perform in café. In this  environment, ______ (8. depart) from the traditional form occurred. Unfortunately, the pressures of the ______  (9. commerce) stage meant that rehearsed routines replaced the ______ (10. spontaneous) of the original  flamenco performances. 


Playing is a serious business. Children engrossed in a make-believe world, fox cubs play fighting, or  kitten teasing a ball of string, aren‟t just having fun. Play may look like a carefree and exuberant way to pass the  time before the hard work of ______ (1. adult) comes along, but there‟s much more to it than that. For a start,  play can be dangerous and costs some animals their lives. It is also extremely _______ (2. cost) in terms of  energy. Nature tends not to waste energy so there must be a reason for this dangerous and strenuous actvity. 

Playing is a ______ (3. require) for the development of intelligence. Current theory posits that more of  the brain is involved in play than was previously believed. Play certainly seems to ______ (4. act) higher  cognitive processes because it involves complex ______ (5. assess) of playmates, ideas of reciprocity and the  use of ______ (6. special) signals and rules. 

It is already known that juveniles denied the opportunity for play lose the ability to apply social rules  when they do interact with their peers. Children destined to suffer mental illnesses as adults engage in precious  little social play early in life. The effect of depriving normal children of play is still ______ (7. know), but the  implication is that _______ (8. create) and learning abilities could be adversely affected. With _______ (9.  school) beginning earlier and becoming _______ (10. increase) more exam-oriented, the time afforded to play  is obviously being reduced. What the result will be is likely to cause concern. 


Copyright is the inalienable, legally secured right to publish, reproduce, and sell the matter and form of  literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. Copyright is designed ______ (1. specific) to protect on artist,  publisher, or other owner against any ______ (2. authorise) copying of his works – as by reproducing the work  in any material form, publishing it, performing it in public, filming it, broadcasting it, causing it to be  distributed to ______ (3. subscribe) or making any adaptation of the work. A copyright supplies a copyright  holder with a kind of ______ (4. own) over the created material, which assures him of both control over its use  and the monetary benefits derived from it. ______ (5. history), copyrights grew out of the same system as royal  patent grants, by which certain authors and printers were given the ______ (6. exclude) right to publish books  and other materials. The ______ (7. base) purpose of such grants was not to protect authors‟ or publishers‟ rights but to raise government revenue and to give governing authorities control over ______ (8. public) contents. The Statue of Anne, passed in England in 1710, was a ______ (9. mile) in the history of copyright law  as it recognised that authors should be the ______ (10. prime) beneficiaries of copyright law. Today, the Berne  Convention of 1886 and the Universal Copyright Convention of 1955 protect rights on an international level  recognised in all countries.

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