3000 câu Word Form Chuyên Anh TP HCM có đáp án


Dạng bài tập Word form/ Word formation là một dạng bài tập phổ biến trong các kỳ thi chọn học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh cấp tỉnh/TP, tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh, Olympic truyền thống 30/4, và kỳ thi chọn HSG Quốc Gia THPT (NEC).

Nếu thầy cô và các bạn học sinh đang tìm kiếm các tài liệu khó và nâng cao về chủ đề này thì không thể bỏ lỡ tuyển tập "3000 câu Word Forms Chuyên Anh TP HCM có đáp án". Bộ tuyển tập được bạn Trí Nhân (nhanxxx1@gmail.com) biên tập lại và gửi về Tài liệu diệu kỳ.

Tải xuống: 3000 câu Word Form Chuyên Anh TP HCM (BẢN ĐỀ THI)

1. Xác định đúng Từ loại và Sắc thái từ

- Việc đầu tiên cần lưu ý khi xử lý câu hỏi là bạn cần đọc kỹ ngữ liệu để hiểu rõ cần phải sử dụng từ loại nào (động từ, danh từ, tính từ hay trạng từ). 

- Đồng thời, cần tìm ra sắc thái của từ sao cho phù hợp với nghĩa của câu hỏi (tích cực hay tiêu cực, kém hay quá...).

2. Học các tiền tố và hậu tố

- Việc nắm vững các tiền tố (prefixes) và hậu tố (suffixes) là vô cùng quan trọng. Đây chính là phần biến đổi chính của từ, do đó một khi hiểu rõ chúng, bạn có thể dễ dàng nhận diện và biến đổi từ loại cũng như nghĩa của từ.

  • Tiền tố: anti-, auto-, de-, dis-, down-, extra-, hyper-, il-, im-, in-, ir-, inter-, mega-, mid-, mis-, non-, over-, out-, post-, pre-, pro-, re-, semi-, sub-, super-, tele-, trans-, ultra-, un-, under-, up-…
  • Hậu tố:

- Noun suffixes: -age, -al, -ance/-ence, -dom, -ee, -er/-or, -hood, -ism, -ist, -ity/-ty, -ment, -ness, -ry, -ship, -sion/-tion/-xion…

- Adjective suffixes: -able/-ible, -al, -en, -ese, -ful, -i, -ic, -ish, -ive, -ian, -less, -ly, -ous, -y…

 3. Luyện tập thật nhiều

Để xử lý tốt các câu hỏi Word Formation đặc biệt trong các Kỳ thi HSG Tiếng Anh, Chuyên Anh thì nắm được các quy tắc cơ bản là chưa đủ. Với các cuộc thi này, thí sinh cần tích cực mở rộng vốn từ nâng cao thông qua thử sức với các đề thi Olympic 30/4, nghiên cứu thêm các tài liệu Tiếng Anh như báo, tạp chí.

Website tra cứu Word Form

Để thuận tiện trong quá trình làm các bài tập về Word Formation, hãy ghé thăm website Etymology Online. Từ điển Ngữ gốc Trực tuyến sẽ cung cấp cho bạn những thông tin hữu ích về nguồn gốc và lịch sử của từ.

Một lần nữa, Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin gửi lời cảm ơn chân thành tới bạn Trí Nhân. Sự đóng góp của bạn là nguồn tài nguyên quý giá cho cộng đồng học sinh và giáo viên, giúp họ có thêm công cụ học tập và luyện thi hiệu quả.

Trích dẫn các câu hỏi trong 3000 câu Word Forms Chuyên Anh TP Hồ Chí Minh

1. Liskeard and Callington are basically _______ from here, so it’ll take about the same time to get to either of them. (DISTANT)

2. The bride was _______ dressed in white. (STYLE)

3. His methodical _______ was a point of divergence from the Impressionists and he devoted many studies to creating the composition. (PAIN)

4. It’s _______ when people won’t believe things that are obviously true. (FURY)

5. _______ of East and West Germany began in 1900 when the Berlin Wall came down. (UNITY)

6. In Scotland, there is greater emphasis on _______ by individual schools. (VALUE)

7. Eighty percent of people interviewed _______ declared that the use of endangered wild animals such as elephants and tigers as a form of entertainment should be prohibited. (VOICE)

8. Don’t believe what they said. I think they are _______ witnesses. (TRUST)

9. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called the hanging an act of _______ which is deeply repugnant to all civilized people. (BARBARIC)

10. The _______ vigor of man-made things, as suggested by these metaphors, is at the same time ungainly and unnatural. (HUMAN)

11. Don’t judge the matter by my opponent’s _______ statement, but wait till you have heard the other side. (LATERAL)

12. In my opinion, this book is just _______ rubbish. (INTELLECT)

13. Jim is one of the most _______ members of the committee. (SPEAK)

14. She found the idea deeply _______. (REPEL)

15. He was discovered to have been _______ company funds. (PROPERTY)

16. If you can respond calmly and _______ then I think that would be the best way forward. (AGGRESSIVE)

17. Most of the errors were corrected at the _______ stage before the copies were finally printed. (READ)

18. The other team completely _______ us and we lost 6-0. (PLAY)

19. Some species feed primarily on fruit and so aid in seed _______ (DISPERSE)

20. Any actor who becomes known for one role is in danger of becoming _______ (TYPE)

21. If the cabin _______, oxygen masks will automatically drop down. (PRESS)

22. The museum’s collection includes _______ dating back to prehistoric times. (FACT)

23. You won’t persuade him to change his mind. His decision is _______. (REVOKE)

24. They were divorced because there was nothing she could do to make her husband change. He was such a _______ flirt. (RIGHT)

25. The slight _______ in his left hand was corrected by surgery. (FORM)

26. You and he were so close about the project; it was an _______ obsession of his. (PERVADE)

27. The candidate made an _______ speech that incensed all those who heard it. (FLAME)

28. These shoes are very nice, but they are terribly _______. (PRICE)

29. It was _______ of him to leave the children on their own in the pool. (RESPONSE)

30. He refused to say anything on the grounds that he might _______ himself. (CRIME)

31. _______ has left a lot of workers with the risk of losing their jobs, as they were recruited on a temporary basis. (CASUAL)

32. The restaurant’s dress code is _______. (CASUAL)

33. The rumours are completely _______ and I would urge everyone not to believe them. (SUBSTANCE)

34. The boats surrounded the whales, drove them into nets, where they became _______ and were rendered helpless by harpoon thrusts. (MESH)

35. There is evidence to indicate that most animals face _______ on a daily basis. (TREAT)

36. I am looking for a flatmate so I am going to put an ad in the _______. (CLASS)

37. New immigrants have been successfully _______ into its community. (SIMILAR)

38. This school was once _______ as a military hospital during the war. (REQUIRE)

39. The church is the site of a number of _______ manifestations. (NATURE)

40. Steroids often help reduce the _______ and itching in the skin. (FLAME)

41. _______ value of quinine in treating malaria has been proved by science. (THERAPY)

42. _______ fans crowd near the stage the moment the pop star appears. (AWE)

43. Niagara Falls really is an _______ sight. (AWE)

44. The business is _______ as it can no longer meet the repayments on its debt. (SOLVE) 

45. Mohammed Zardah, 26, a slim, _______ man with an academic mien, studied computer engineering in Damascus, he says. (SPECTACLE)

46. She stood there completely _______ so I had no idea at all what she was thinking. (EXPRESS)

47. According to the government figures, the _______ of jobs in the next century will be in service-related fields, such as health and business. (PONDER)

48. Scientists are convinced that, because crocodiles have such a long _______, they must have a natural ability to combat infection. (LIFE)

49. There are very few _______ places on earth today. Man has been nearly everywhere. (EXPLORE)

50. Do you think these children are _______? They look very thin. (NOURISH)

51. Constant correction by a teacher is often _______ as the student may become afraid to speak at all. (PRODUCE)

52. He is currently standing trial for alleged _______. (PRACTICE)

53. We all go out for a _______ meal after the two-week project. (CELEBRATE)

54. Some _______ members left to form a new party. (AFFECT)

55. The boss ordered his staff to be _______ with each other in dealing with the company’s end-of-year burden. (LABOR)

56. A lot of farming techniques have been abandoned because they were too _______. (LABOUR)

57. When technology works, it’s a wonderful _______ device. (LABOUR)

58. Tax exemption only applies to those with _______ status. (RESIDENT)

59. _______ pain is the reason for around 5% of all emergency department visits. (ABDOMEN)

60. We often forget we are inextricably linked to nature, and by doing so, _______ contribute to its slow destruction. (ADVERT)

61. Six-core processor is one of the most _______ technologies yet invented to revolutionise the way computers work. (CUT)

62. I must admit that it is time the organizers did away with the _______ computer system and bought a new one. (ANNUAL)

63. Workers are fully exposed to chemical toxins and hazardous machines, and suffer sickness, _______, and death at the highest rates in world history. (FIGURE)

64. What a terrible film! It’s really _______ in my view. (RATE)

65. They were now faced with seemingly _______ technical problems. (MOUNT)

66. There are various myths surrounding bats, those _______ creatures of the night. (ENIGMA)

67. She looked absolutely _______ when I told her what had happened. She could hardly say a word. (DUMB)

68. When they announced her name, the winner just sat there, _______. (AGHAST)

69. I was completely _______ by his reply. (PLUS)

70. What a _______ nuisance! (FOUND)

71. He was completely _______ when he won the award. (SMACK)

72. She is hoping to get a loan from her bank to help her out of her financial _______. (DICTION)

73. Campaign leaders were caught _______ when the opinion polls suddenly started to swing the other way. (FOOT)

74. _______ tourists stared at the famous painting. (GOGGLE).

75. Each time they asked him a question he was like a deer caught in the _______. (LIGHT) 

76. They stared _______ at the extent of the damage. (OPEN)

77. They expressed _______ horror that she was an unmarried mother. (PEARL)

78. Anthony and Doc stared _______ at the intruders for a moment. (JAW)

79. "He’s doing something for me," Matt replied _______. (COMMIT)

80. His state of alarm seemed such a _______ to the interpreter. (CONCERN) 

81. We are left _______, suddenly unable to believe, yet repelled by the spectacle in front of us. (RUDDER)

82. Was he crazy or just temporarily _______ by jealousy? (MOOR)

83. The robber _______ carried the stolen painting to the getaway car. (BRASS)

84. Her _______ attitude is what made her our choice for the job. (CAN)

85. It’s important that girls feel _______ and in control of what happens to them. (POWER)

86. They are happy to support him _______ because they know that he’s going to win. (THROAT)

87. We are not sitting back in _______; we will continue to strive. (CONGRATULATE)

88. Everything in the film was done with absolute conviction and _______. (FOOT)

89. "I’m not a good person," Stephen tells Molly, whom he has treated _______. (RAKE)

90. I was led _______ by an out-of-date map. (STRAY)

91. The audience behaved _______, as if the concert were an informal rehearsal. (DÉCOR)

92. Brawling on and off the field has sparked a debate about increasing _______ by sports figures. (LOUT)

93. He demonstrated a worrying _______ about political issues. (NAÏVE)

94. Companies that _______ themselves soon find themselves in debt. (REACH) 

95. You’ve _______ the mark this time, Simpson - you’re fired! (STEP)

96. The way he spoke to his brother was _______. (FORGIVE)

97. The Transformer is quite intriguing. It is _______ one of the best movies of the year. (DOUBT)

98. The station quickly fell into _______ after it was closed. It is now in very bad condition. (REPAIR)

99. The amounts of radioactivity present were _______ small. (FINITE)

100. The _______ appearance of the building has not changed at all in 200 years. (OUT)

101. I am not against _______, but obviously, we all want to avoid animals suffering unnecessarily. (SECTION)

102. Hundreds of sailors and Marines yesterday loaded supplies and equipment aboard the _______ ships. (AMPHIBIAN)

103. Prices may rise and consumption may fall as individuals refrain from purchasing new cars, computers and other _______. (ESSENCE)

104. In some countries, women can sue their husband for having _______ affairs and opt for one-sided divorce. (MARRY)

105. Home-made ice cream is one of our _______. (SPECIAL)

106. I cast my eyes _______ and saw the geese flying in V-line. (HEAVEN)

107. Since most important problems are _______, there are several alternatives to choose from, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. (FACET)

108. The organization insists that it is _______ and does not identify with any one particular party (POLITICS).

109. If you can afford it, and still have lots of money left, buy it _______. (RIGHT)

110. The project was subject to the usual _______ of exploratory research. (VICIOUS)

111. A _______ species is a plant or animal that plays an indispensable role in the way an ecosystem functions. (KEY)

112. For many people, social networking offers them a feeling of _______ from the real world. (ESCAPE)

113. Time and again, the club has been _______ on the brink of selling off their antiquated ground. (SUPPOSE)

114. My mother will have _______ when she sees my new boyfriend. (PALPABLE)

115. All around are _______ mountains which provide the walkers or nature lovers with magnificent opportunities to savor the Alpine flora. (SNOW)

116. The cargo was _______ for safe and efficient shipping. (CONTENT)

117. Some data showed vitamin D had a protective role against _______ diseases such as type 1 diabetes. (IMMUNE)

118. The leader’s second _______ on the matter of the keynote presenter met with strong disapproval from other group members. (TURN)

119.Some people wake up every morning with a sense of ease, quiet, and spaciousness in their mind, while others tend to feel anxious, fearful, and _______ toward the day ahead. (PATHETIC)

120. _______ candidates who actively contribute to the development of the company stand a better chance of being recruited. (GET)

121. Police gave the apartment a thorough _______ but failed to find any evidence. (GO)

122. Hallo, here come two more of the Colonel’s _______ boys laughed the officers of our new battalion the first time we came into their view. (HAIR/EYE)

123. What we need at the moment is specialist knowledge and implementation rather than _______ thinking. (SKY)

124. After years of restructuring, Japanese _______ were posting record profits. (CHIP)

125. In the cou farmers try to _______ their land with a view to keeping out their neighbours’ cattle. (MARK)

126. The majority of infected people are _______ and unaware of their condition. (SYMPTOM)

127. The government stressed it was not abandoning its tough _______ policies. (INFLATE)

128. I was late because I _______ how much time I would need. (ESTIMATE)

129. A _______ is a popular place for tourists and travellers to send and receive emails. (CAFÉ)

130. A crowd of curious _______ soon gathered to see what was happening. (LOOK)

131. Sadly, some economists think that full employment in Europe is an _______ goal. (ATTAIN)

132. By pausing for a moment or two before speaking you will simply be _______ a nervous tendency to rush headlong into everything. (ACT)

133. Many MBA courses are highly theoretical, esoteric, and impractical, instead of being _______ as they should be. (BUSINESS)

134. At college, I became a social _______ because I didn’t like going out in the evenings. (FIT)

135. These remote areas are still _______ to the Internet. (ACCESS)

136. "Villa was something of a _______. The place was no more than an old farmhouse. (NOMINATE)

137. He must be drunk. He is making _______ remarks. (SENSE)

138. We have to learn good examples, look at our behavior, and to stop being _______. (RIGHT)

139. We had the phone _______ because we are moving tomorrow. (CONNECT)

140. "P" is a _______ consonant. (LIP)

141. Passwords should also contain both _______ characters. (ALPHABET)

142. Switzerland is a _______ confederation of 26 self-governing cantons. (GENE)

143. University professors both teach and _______ research. (TAKE)

144. One of the United Nations’ earliest successes was to promote a largely peaceful process of _______. (COLONY)

145. Are all those _______ they put in food really necessary? (ADD)

146. The mountain roads are often _______ in winter. (PASS)

147. He gets _______ whenever he hears that song. (MIST)

148. They _______ a small inheritance into a vast fortune. (PAROLE)

149. If this theory is correct, then it is _______ that we will be able to cure diseases in the foreseeable future. (VISION)

150. Mickey Mouse made his screen debut on November 18, 1928 and has been a _______ ever since. (CROWD)

151. William Shakespeare is probably the most famous _______. (PLAY)

152.The scandal surely _______ the end of his political career. (SIGN)

153. The only slight _______ in the painting is a scratch in the corner. (PERFECT)

154. The new regulations will be _______ for small businesses. (BURDEN)

155. Catholic leaders have not _______ themselves from the ambivalent statement emanating from last week’s funeral. (SOCIAL)

156. _______ conditions can be diagnosed from the early stage. (CANCER)

157. The government’s _______ approach has brought criticism. (COMPROMISE)

158. Nowadays people may no longer suffer from lifetime physical _______. (NORMAL)

159. The strike was engineered by a handful of _______ who whined about the smallest issues. (CONTENT).

160. It is not possible for everyone to put their own _______ on the law. (INTERPRET)

161. His workmates were very _______ and selfish. (OPERATE)

162. Hunger and a _______ meal did not sit happily side by side. (SLAP)

163. The distribution of nonideal fish communities can be roughly calculated by the _______ of suitable variables. (METER)

164. An NGO is helping to make ozone-friendly natural _______ designed to replace R-22 in existing air conditioning systems. (FRIDGE)

165. I could not get much work done as I was _______ being interrupted by people telephoning me. (CONTINUE)

166. The _______ of those mountainous villages is the greatest achievement of this government. (ELECTRIC)

167. The MP’s speech was dismissed by her opponents as crude _______. (ELECT)

168. Trading Standards officers say anyone using the mower risks _______. (ELECTRIC)

169. Like all tyrannical leaders, he demanded _______ obedience from his followers. (QUESTION)

170. Environmental quality will be the _______ for the 21st century. (WORD)

171. “ITV” is the _______ for “Independent Television”. (BRIEF)

172. Their products are a _______ for good value. (WORD)

173. In education, ‘quality’ is the _______. (WORD)

174. The expression "boy band" is a 1990s _______. (COIN)

175. The word ‘professional’ has _______ of skill and excellence. (NOTE)

176. Social history and folklife studies are becoming increasingly interchangeable as disciplinary _______. (NOTE)

177. It’s an interesting _______ on an unusual writing career. (COURSE)

178. The doctor gave him an injection to _______ the pain. (DIE)

179. After several threatening calls, we decided to go _______. (DIRECT)

180. It was just _______ that I met my high school friend on my second day visiting Paris. (HAPPEN) 

181. Matt says you must be good at _______ to take responsibilities of a restaurant owner. (TASK)

182. Children of school age are very _______ and tend to believe what they are told. (IMPRESS)

183. His _______ talent was already clearly evident. (ORDINARY)

184. The effects of alcohol misuse spill over from private life into the workplace, causing inefficiency and accidents as well as _______. (ABSENT)

185. The little boy dreams of being a sports _______ for the TV station. (COMMENT)

186. With the great achievement of Vietnam’s U-23 football team, many international newspapers wrote _______ praising our heroes. (COME)

187. I’d complain to the manager but it’s not worth the _______. (GRAVE)

188. The company seems to have been involved in some rather dishonest _______. (CARRY) 

189. To make a gross _______, the younger teachers are the most adventurous. (SIMPLE)

190. As Tet holiday is coming, we’ve got an _______ weekend ahead of us. (ACTION)

191. The new teacher explains his lessons so quickly that I sometimes find them _______. (COME)

192. Beckham clearly felt his _______ performance on Wednesday night was the right moment to quit on a high. (BARN)

193. I thought the movie had a disappointing and _______ ending. (CLIMAX)

194. "We need to go now or we’ll be late," he said _______. (EDGE)

195. A desolate sensation overcame the _______ of the afternoon. (HILARITY)

196. Sara Hughes gives a _______ performance in one of the most exciting plays to hit London this year. (VOLTAGE)

197. They experienced the _______ power of the mob. (TOXIC)

198. Almost every hill is crowned with a _______ village. (PICTURE) 

199. The red carpet can turn into a competition for the stars to _______ each other with expensive gems. (DAZZLE)

200. These yoga postures are _______ and good for balance. (VIGOUR)

201. What gives the debate extra _______ is that the governor of the bank has been on opposite sides to his chief economist. (PIKE)

202. Still, he has delivered a _______, vigorous and frequently masterful take on a well-worn genre. (PACE)

203. The box didn’t look very _______, but the necklace inside was beautiful. (POSSESS)

204. The comics featured stories that dealt _______ with the environment, racism, and sex. (PROVOKE)

205. He gave a _______ performance. (SPELL)

206. He is taking a break from his _______ boy band after an argument with their manager. (HOT)

207. It’s not the best series I’ve ever seen but it’s very _______. (WATCH)

208. Gigi is a _______ young girl growing up in turn-of-the-century Paris. (COLT)

209. The _______ mood of those works has been recaptured here, with a surprising overlay of Americana. (BOIL)

210. How can this be reconciled with the market-driven, _______, modernising spirit of the new millennium? (OCTANE)

211. Apparently, it was talent, determination, and an _______ optimistic spirit that won this vivacious young woman the role. (PRESS)

212. You can _______ tired sections of the garden simply by installing a lovely pot, or grouping of pots, in them. (ENERGY)

213. The increasing cost of oil is harming _______ industries such as steel and shipbuilding. (ENERGY)

214. The company has fitted _______ lighting throughout the building. (ENERGY)

215. He has decided to _______ the team by bringing in a lot of new, young players. (YOUNG)

216. They have been _______ honest with us. (FRESH)

217. The economy has expanded at a _______ pace. (CHARGE)

218. Paul is a good employee and is very _______. (CONSCIENCE)

219. He was standing in the middle, in the _______ of the picture. (GROUND)

220. The identity of the girl who lay closest to his heart remains _______ to this day. (ELUDE)

221. Globalization is the ongoing process that deepens and broadens the relationship and _______ among countries. (DEPEND)

222. Its _______ makes food distribution difficult. (ACCESS)

223. You’ll need to be a little more _______ if you want to hold their attention to your writings. (IMAGINE)

224. The organization works in many war-torn and _______ countries. (POOR)

225. As an environmentally aware consumer, it is important for you to know in what way you can help to make sure that less _______ is left on the planet. (GRADE)

226. For many people, Ludwig van Beethoven is the most _______ in the history of Western classical music. (INFLUENCE)

227. It was going to take some deft political _______ to save the situation. (WORK)

228. This remote region in China suffers an annual _______ outbreak of cholera. (VIRUS)

229. He grew up in an _______ place in South Dakota. (WAY)

230. I try to _______ an occasion when I might be 600 feet below a level. (VISION)

231. The cottage has no _______ access but can be reached by a short walk across the moor. (VEHICLE)

232. She complained _______ about his rudeness. (CEASE)

233. The reason for Bruce Lee’s death was sleeping pill _______. (DOSAGE)

234. The sprawling factory compound, all grey dormitories, and _______ warehouses blend seamlessly into the outskirts of the Shenzhen megalopolis. (WEATHER)

235. Tiles and window frames will also have to be replaced to make the structure _______. (WEATHER)

236. Astronomers at the _______ have announced that they have discovered a new comet. (OBSERVE)

237. At least in theory, this should make the region increasingly attractive to foreign investment from further _______. (FIELD)

238. The sun and the moon are often _______ in poetry. (PERSON)

239. She worked _______ to help homeless people. (STINT)

240. A sense of guilt was deeply _______ in my conscience. (BED)

241. There’s something _______ thrilling about seeing that much passionate male energy on a stage. (ELEMENT)

242. The new movie is just the tip of the iceberg for what is about to become a _______ assault of American army flicks. (FRONT)

243. New technology can create a _______ shift in a market. (GAME)

244. Only someone who’s lost a child can understand the _______, _______ grief. (LIFE, CONSUME)

245. The plan was a _______ success. (SOUND)

246. When we saw the footage on TV, it looked _______. (REAL)

247. One aspect involves _______ support for the police. (FALTER)

248. She was blessed with an _______ belief in her own abilities. (SHAKE)

249. I have been an _______ advocate of that approach for many years. (SWERVE)

250. We’d like to thank George for his _______ efforts on our behalf. (TIRE)

251. His life offered me no hope of _______. (GOOD)

252. Parents have deep _______ about allowing business values to be schools. (GIVE)

253. Workers and employees shared deep _______ about the wisdom of the government’s plans for the industry. (SERVE)

254. New full-time students from lower-income households will be able to apply for a(n) _______ maintenance grant offered by the government, but have to work in public sectors after they graduate. (PAY)

255. He was charged with causing a _______ after the game. (DISTURB)

256. Physicians must exercise caution when prescribing _______. (DEPRESS)

257. Two people have been arrested for illegal possession of _______ in a police raid. (ARM)

258. He could be _______ frank. (ARM)

259. She gave her son quite a few _______ for playing truant. (TELL)

260. What children need is more encouragement in their _______ years in order not to succumb to feelings of depression later on. (FORM)

261. It’s very difficult to tell the _______ difference between the identical twins. (MEASURE)

262. I don’t care if you’ve had too much to drink. Your behaviour last night was quite _______. (DEFEND)

263. First, its solution to the existence of disagreements, namely giving precedence to the right to political participation, seems _______. (DEFEAT)

264. She _______ questions about whether she plans to run, saying she’s focused on her voter registration and campaign finance initiatives. (STEP)

265. ‘Thank God you’re here’ has attracted excessive favorable publicity thanks to the imaginative and unorthodox plays, tailored to whet the _______ appetite for originality from the audience. (SATISFY)

266. Apart from some _______ efforts, the government has not yet made a serious attempt to effectively address the Scottish fisheries issue. (HEART)

267. He gained _______ for being difficult to work with as an actor (NOTORIOUS)

268. Her hip has been _______ for quite a while, and she’ll probably need surgery on it. (TROUBLE)

269. The instruction manual includes a section on _______ to help you with any simple problems you might have with the TV. (TROUBLE)

270. We were both realising how _______ complex our interactions had become. (TROUBLE)

271. While short on personality, the ES promises many miles of comfortable and _______ motoring. (TROUBLE)

272. They agreed to let us live there _______. (RENT)

273. Many banks are now offering _______ overdrafts to students. (INTEREST)

274. A _______ product is one that contains almost no traces of lead, if any at all. (LEAD)

275. Spieth thought it would be a nice, _______ day out on the course. (STRESS)

276. Travelling by coach is the _______ way of discovering cities from Vienna to Vancouver, Moscow to Rome. (HASSLE)

277. Different jurisdictions have had more or less inclusive definitions within their _______ ordinances. (SMOKE)

278. By forgoing a tax break now, you’ll get _______ income when you retire. (TAX)

279. In Europe, most of the biggest internet companies are _______ from established firms. (SPIN)

280. All the judges gave her ten out of ten for her _______ performance. (FLAW)

281. Politicians and academics pointed to the building’s _______ contours as a cautionary tale of architectural overreach. (BECOME)

282. He pointed out that e-books were not only cheaper, because of the lack of wear and tear and thefts, but they also offered great opportunities for older _______ readers. (HOUSE)

283. Recently divorced, Foster is now _______ with her teenage daughter and appears to be seeking a hotel rather than a humble abode. (HOUSE)

284. Police are making _______ enquiries. (HOUSE / DOOR)

285. Both areas under consideration Tuesday are _______ beaches with very different biological profiles. (TRAFFIC)

286. People don’t report wildlife crime the way they do _______ or car theft. (HOUSE)

287. We’ve got a _______ of visitors at the moment. (HOUSE)

288. He was a _______ name in the 1950s. (HOUSE)

289. The teachers’ meeting deals mostly with _______ issues such as lunchtime supervision duties. (HOUSE)

290. She was _______ and kept her home clean and bright. (HOUSE)

291. We’re having a _______ on Friday if you’d like to come. (HOUSE)

292. There’s a shortage of cheap _______ in the region. (HOUSE)

293. She’s a _______ girl who likes playing with computers and watching television. (HOME)

294. I’m a _______, so I knew traveling would be tough. (HOME)

295. We were all eagerly awaiting my brother’s _______ from the war. (HOME)

296. Vietnam is my _______. (HOME)

297. Sai Gon is my _______. (HOME)

298. Farmers’ markets are a traditional way of selling _______ products effectively. (HOME)

299. According to a recent survey in Britain, more women than men emphasized _______ and trust. (CONFIDENCE)

300. The private school feared losing its _______ with the state’s university system. (CREDIT)

301. Evidence of links with drug dealers has _______ the mayor. (CREDIT)

302. Slaves were subject to a life of degradation and _______. (BASE)

303. Most of us are familiar with the Holocaust’s unspeakable brutalities and _______. (GRADE)

304. It was very _______ to be criticized in front of all my colleagues. (MEAN)

305. These small faults, however, do not _______ from the overall quality of the book. (TRACT)

306. He brought _______ on the whole team by falsifying the results. (GRACE)

307. They are corrupt, _______, and untrustworthy. (HONOUR)

308. I’m in the _______ - I broke Sara’s favourite vase this morning. (DOG)

309. People seem to have raised concerns about what would become an _______ defeat. (NAME)

310. There is also a strong message that vengeance is _______, and sacrificing oneself for any higher cause is honorable. (NOBLE)

311. They were subjected to various _______ and discomforts, including having to get dressed and undressed in public. (DIGNITY)

312. We felt it would be _______ to respond to the criticism in the press. (DIGNIFY)

313.  For the first night’s performance, the _______ had to be called in to take the part because the leading lady was ill. (STUDENT)

314. Groucho Marx was set to have a brief _______ role in one episode. (WALK)

315. _______ programs are offered to those who want to do professional training while being paid to work. (SERVICE)

316. It was a very idea _______, completely impractical and unworkable. (FAR)

317. The drinking water had a _______ oily taste. (AGREE)

318. Her latest novel is a _______ thriller, set some time in the late 21st century. (FUTURE)

319. It sees restructuring of Urenco as the means to convert a _______ business into one with potential for growth and profit. (LOSS)

320. I used to try to get him to do some exercise but then decided he was a _______ cause. (LOSS) 

321. The pharmaceutical company has been charged with _______ from the AIDS crisis. (PROFIT)

322. The _______ opened the bidding at £300. (AUCTION)

323. I am the fourth of the four _______. (MUSKET)

324. Ranuji had trained as a _______ from the age of eleven and learned his craft from his father. (PUPPET)

325. He now faces 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and _______ charges. (RACKET)

326. The miracle of the movie is that, like Toni, it transcends blunt, reductive categorisation partly because it’s free of political _______, finger-wagging, and force-fed lessons. (SLOGAN)

327. After 2012, the base shifted the event to a(n) _______ schedule, but budget cuts forced it to cancel the 2014 show. (ANNUAL) 

328. People are increasingly becoming _______ to violence on television. (SENSE)

329. Students carried out a _______ at the governor’s office to protest higher tuition costs. (SIT)

330. You look rather _______. Are you worried about something? (OCCUPY)

331. Many newspapers today gave very sensational _______ about the private life of that Hollywood star. (CLOSE)

332. The decision to close the local hospital caused such a public _______ that the authorities decided to re-examine their options and keep it open. (CRY)

333. Barack Obama is the first president of the United States with _______ background. (RACE)

334. He grunted a _______ reply. (SYLLABLE)

335. Its universe was limited to the solar system and revolved heavily around _______ travel and terraforming. (PLANET)

336. Though many parties regarded his behavior as a(n) _______, the public still had much faith in his ability to become a leader. (ERR)

337. Do you know that exceptionally successful entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, used to be academically _______ by their peers when they were at school? (SHINE)

338. Copernicus justified his innovation by citing _______ authorities. (PEACH)

339. Despite these _______ advantages, critics have objected to the land tax on the following grounds. (EXCEPT)

340. “You didn’t have to say that,” she said _______. (REPROACH)

341. He did not enjoy social occasions, though he was _______ welcoming to visitors. (REPROACH)

342. Eddie, who graced many hurling fields with his _______ skills in the 1960s and 70s, is truly one of the hurling ‘greats’ and a fine gentleman too. (SUM) 

343. Based on a true story it may be, but it is drama rather than documentary, an accurate _______ of collective experience rather than a meticulous detailing of one personal history. (SUM)

344. Weather can be extreme, the climate producing _______ still hot days and abrasive howling winds. (IDYLL)

345. She argued that a _______ solution was required with a balance between both personal and impersonal points of view. (TOPOS)

346. Initially innocent, _______, and holy, he was in a right relationship with God, to woman, to himself, and the natural world around him. (SIN)

347. Another thing that I cannot stand are the other kids my age who are the _______ image of what perfect is supposed to be. (STORY)

348. Mr Hebblethwaite is believed to be highly regarded for his clinical skills and had previously held an _______ employment record. (BLEMISH)

349. The new policy only serves to _______ the inadequacy of help for the homeless. (ACCENT)

350. If the officer can reasonably _______ the arrest with non-deadly force, he must do so. (EFFECT)

351. Some phones can recognize your voice and be _______ by it. (ACT)

352. Preparations are _______, measurements are made, and ground is staked out. (FOOT)

353. _______ in wealth causes a great number of social problems. (EQUAL)

354. Dozens of _______ are injured on the city road each year. (CYCLE)

355. To the technical philosophers, who strictly confine themselves to the logical collation and criticism of scientific methods, he has, _______ not seemed philosophic enough. (CONTRARY) 

356. The _______ woman did not utter a single word when her husband abused her. (SUBMIT)

357. They won the case because of the _______ in court of the defendant. (APPEAR)

358. She finally left her husband because of his _______. (ADULT)

359. Airport officials said there had been no hint of trouble until radio contact was suddenly lost three minutes from _______. (TOUCH)

360. The two pairs of twins make a pleasant _______ during the game of golf. (FOUR)

361. She’s such a _______ that she notices even the tiniest mistakes. (PERFECT)

362. By sheer luck, the gas released in Oklahoma City was blown into a mostly _______ area. (HABITAT)

363. You can raise your hand to show that you need _______. (ASSIST)

364. Everyone marveled at his _______ idea of organizing more field trips for students. (OBJECT)

365. Insidious 4, albeit a horror movie, has some _______ scenes that stem from two auxiliaries, whose lines are particularly conducive to uproarious laughter. (SIDE)

366. Bill Gates is a _______ millionaire he started his own business with no financial help at all. (MAKE)

367. So far, the United States has said it cannot agree to _______ all types of antipersonnel mines. (LAW)

368. Look! I know you’ve lost your wallet, but there’s no use in keeping on _______ the fact. Someone has stolen it and that’s all there is to it! (MOAN)

369. The problem often _______ in a situation where occupants of such a household rise from bed at different times each morning. (RISE)

370. The popularity of email stems largely from its user-friendliness, efficiency, and versatility in facilitating _______ communication. (SYNCHRONOUS)

371. Despite the disgrace and humiliation which eventually _______ him, he never wavered from his beliefs. (FALL)

372. The report should be published _______ with the letter. (INCIDENT)

373. This downtime is simply not acceptable to businesses wanting to stay competitive in today’s _______ business environment. (DATA)

374. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is accelerating a technological isolation in Russia that doesn’t inflict the immediate pain of frozen bank accounts or skyrocketing prices, but could fundamentally change the way that Russians get their information and connector fail to connect - with the rest of the world. It’s bringing Putin’s Russia many steps closer to so-called _______ in which the West and Russia operate in different online spheres. (SPLINTER)

375. Analysis from Ofcom shows that TikTok is the most popular platform among the youngest users, who have been nicknamed _______. (TIKTOK)

376. In order to halt the decline in swift numbers, a new call to arms is launching this week urging homeowners across the country to encourage the birds back before it is too late… Forget rewilding, this is hoped to be the beginning of a vital _______ of the nation’s back gardens. (BIRD)

377. _______ is when a company does not mention how sustainable or environmentally friendly its products or services are in case doing so leaves it open to criticism. (GREEN)

378. The campaign was little more than _______ to improve the oil company’s image. (GREEN)

379. _______ is when rogue breeders or scammers attempt to sell people pets that have been reared in poor conditions. (PET)

380. Accusations of so-called _______ could be further harming already vulnerable children and young people with mental health problems. (SAD)

381. The unintended result is “_______”: rising prices for metals and minerals such as copper, aluminium, and lithium that are essential to solar and wind power, electric cars, and other renewable technologies. (GREEN) 

382. _______ jewellery is made from precious metals like gold and silver but is not as expensive as fine jewellery. (FINE)

383. If you’ve ever tried Meatless Monday, vegan before 6, or any other not-vegan-all-the-time method in an effort to reduce your meat consumption, you’re probably on your way to becoming a _______. (PLANET)

384. Some football players become like _______ to their fans. (GOD)

385. The air pollution has become so severe in India’s capital city that schools have been closed indefinitely, and work-from-home guidelines were implemented in the nation’s first pollution _______. (LOCK)

386. Whether you’ve been out of work for 18 months or 18 years, “_______” can be challenging - but it’s not always as difficult as it might seem. (RETURN)

387. The _______ refers to your unique collection of screens that you see on an hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly basis, ultimately culminating in the collection of screens you see over your entire lifespan. (SCREEN) 

388. Dubbed a ‘_______’ series, Highlife combines documentary-style elements with some reality TV and provides insight into the lives of a very hardworking and glamorous group of friends. (DOCUMENT)

389. While the US recycling rate worryingly hovers around an at best estimate of 35 percent, _______ might be a well-intentioned habit in an increasingly confusing and incomplete recycling system. (CYCLE)

390. It is possible that Aboriginal separate development _______ in a way totally different from what those who feared ‘a nation within a nation’ thought. (EVENT)

391. With that, he _______ once again and disappeared, obviously happy that he didn’t have to hide any longer. (MATERIAL)

392. There is a _______ between the things that you perceive and the things that I perceive, which must always be different. (INCIDENCE)

393. Most manuscripts _______ the stories that have circulated by word of mouth for centuries. (DATE)

394. The project is already _______, with work due to be completed by early next year. (WAY)

395. The dialogue was mostly improvised yet feels natural and _______. (FORCE)

396. Cricket is meant to be played on a perfect summer’s day in front of a pavilion full of retired, _______ old inbreeds. (CHIN)

397. The huts were _______ constructed and did not keep out the rain. (FILM)

398. The elderly and vulnerable can feel _______, which prevents people from living their lives to the full. (DEFEND)

399. The artists evince a political frustration apparently inseparable from a sense of personal _______. (POTENT)

400. She writes about the limitations and _______ of human memory. (MALL)

401. The border in this region is _______ and many refugees have simply walked across. (PORE)

402. This well-intentioned but _______ law will do nothing to improve the situation. (TOOTH)

403. Bookish and _______, she hated games lessons. (ATHLETE)

404. Small businesses are the soft _______ of the economy, and they need as much government support as possible. (BELLY)

405. Engaging in _______ sexual intercourse puts women at risk not only for STDs including HIV but also for unintended pregnancy. (PROTECT)

406. For much of the day, the market moved _______ rising initially but then dipping lower before recovering in the afternoon. (STEADY)

407. Instead of defending traditional values, the church frequently seems _______ and irresolute. (KNEE)

408. I ought not to have tolerated his _______. (FIDELITY)

409. Rather, it only contains the usual bans on _______ or incestuous marriage. (GAMETE)

410. He was cited as _______ in the divorce. (RESPOND)

411. They had _______ broken the terms they agreed to. (FAITH)

412. Confidence in the economy has been rising and falling with dizzying _______. (CONSTANT)

413. I ended the relationship when I found out he was _______ me. (TIME)

414. I’ve never been a _______ and I’ve always been open and upfront, and all the managers I have worked with will say the same. (STAB)

415. But though a _______, I have not quite forgotten the service in which I was enlisted. (DESERT)

416. The diamond thief _______ his partners and gave them only worthless fake jewels. (CROSS)

417. The political establishment was looking for a _______ to attack. (COLUMN)

418. I believe our great councillor before him would never have defected and become a _______. (COAT)

419. The report is viewed as a _______ for economic trends. (BELL)

420. Buying those shares was a very _______ move - they must be worth ten times their original value now. (SEE)

421. There’s a sense of _______ in the capital, as if fighting might at any minute break out. (BODE)

422. If God’s _______ be certain, it seems to exclude the possibility of man’s free will. (KNOW)

423. The recent outbreak of violence was _______ by isolated incidents in the city earlier this year. (SHADOW)

424. He was fast gaining his strength and the increased fulness and color of his countenance _______ returning health. (TOKEN)

425. I went into the kitchen and found him lying _______ still on the floor. (OMEN)

426. Miller had the advantage of having seen the play in the early 90s when it was momentous and _______. (TEND)

427. His paintings _______ the development of perspective in Renaissance art. (FIGURE)

428. Of course, it’s easy to _______ the management of the election campaign, but I do think serious mistakes were made. (GUESS)

429. In the meantime, the public bases its opinions upon prejudice and _______ fears. (REASON)

430. In a culture beset by _______ or luxury fever, many hard-working people who are employed full-time nonetheless don’t earn enough to pay the security deposit necessary to rent an apartment. (FLUENT)

431. Many small businesses are struggling to stay _______. (FLOAT)

432. _______ has become of overriding importance in both film and sport. (BANK)

433. For an initial _______ of $2,000 to buy the equipment, you can earn up to $500 a month if the product sells well. (LAY)

434. The bank refused to give him a loan, saying that he wasn’t _______. (CREDIT)

435. He refused to get involved in a friend’s unrealistic _______ scheme. (RICH)

436. I’ve never been very _______ - I leave all my business affairs to my financial adviser. (MONEY)

437. They see their bosses as _______ robots and not as coworkers. (MONEY)

438. The film tells the _______ story of a young street performer. (RAGS)

439. Nurses are overstretched and the hospital is seriously _______. (SOURCE)

440. The idea is for local communities to manage the land, wildlife, and natural resources so they are profitable, and ultimately, _______. (SUPPORT)

441. He was charged as an _______ to murder. (ACCESS)

442. There are plenty of _______ out there, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting senior citizens. (LIFE)

443. Such actions against _______ citizens will not be tolerated. (LAW)

444. He was 15 when he first ran _______ of the law. (FOUL)

445. “You always walk too fast for me,” she said _______. (COMPLAIN)

446. Observations show that parents who are constantly distracted are at risk of producing _______ toddlers. (COMPLY)

447. Offending is part of a broader pattern that usually starts with disruptive _______ behaviour. (DELINQUENT)

448. The younger you are when you commit a crime, the more likely you are to _______. (OFFEND)

449. A witness can legally refuse to give evidence to avoid _______. (CRIME)

450. The northern district of the city was once seen as an _______ stronghold for the anti-government group. (BREACH)

451. The state must ensure the independence and _______ of the justice system. (PART)

452. Determination must be made by _______ trustees or independent legal counsel. (INTEREST)

453. The jury’s role is not to express moral indignation or outrage, but to look fairly and _______ at the evidence. (PASSION)

454. Dreadlocks symbolise rebellion - being unconventional and _______. (ALIGN)

455. A return to the traditional conservative values of _______ and prudence is called for. (INTERVENE)

456. The terms of this agreement are _______. (NEGOTIATE)

457. Working during study is a fact of life for most _______ students. (CASH)

458. He admits that his newspaper was not an _______ observer in the conflict. (BIAS)

459. After the Second World War, there was indeed a/an _______ of developing nations that were able to think up political institutions with a view to achieving independence from their prior colonial and sustain mass engagement thereafter. (RISE)

460. She has an _______ temper and is destitute of any feelings of modesty. (GOVERN)

461. People also read these papers for their reviews of new books, films, and plays and for their _______. (EDIT) 

462. Very soon, “Third World” came to _______ poverty. (NOTE)

463. I am scanning my gran’s photos onto my computer because they’d be _______ if anything happened to them. (PLACE)

464. A wide range of options means your mortgage can be _______ for you. (CUSTOM)

465. Well, that’s the _______ excuse I’ve ever heard! (DAMN)

466. The keyboard was fitted with a _______ plug. (STANDARD)

467. The museum has a _______ collection of Rembrandt etchings. (MATCH)

468. Because the data is _______, it is going to be very hard to derive any insights from it. (UNIQUE)

469. A tour of Australia is a _______ experience. (LIFE)

470. Free jazz has been described as the last _______ of modernism. (POST)

471. It is already an industry that is _______ in terms of following research and development and implementing it. (PEER)

472. The book reveals the story of how the couple tore up the _______ and created completely new methods of brewing beer. (RULE)

473. His defense of US intentions sits _______ with other things he says. (EASY)

474. Though small, this restaurant offers a range of fish dishes _______ anywhere else in London. (EQUAL)

475. They enjoyed success on a scale _______ by any previous rock band. (PARALLEL)

476. The museum boasts an _______ collection of French porcelain. (RIVAL)

477. He sprang to the phone with _______ eagerness. (WONT)

478. One of the aims of the organization is to provide _______ aid to the refugees. (HUMAN)

479. By apparently giving alms we are being _______, but we are also doing a good bit of business, thank you very much. (BIG)

480. Thanks to a large gift from an anonymous _______, the charity was able to continue its work. (DONATE)

481. I’m not interested in government _______ - all I want is a job. (HAND)

482. The medical foundation will be the main beneficiary of the millionaire’s _______. (LARGE) 

483. A former student has donated a _______ sum of money to the college. (MUNICIPAL)

484. Armed with this knowledge that the museum is such _______ lender, I intend to drop by sometime myself to see what’s on offer. (OPEN)

485. You pick litter up in the park? That’s very _______ of you! (PUBLIC)

486. The documentary went through all the graphic details of the operation in _______ detail. (SPARE)

487. Their three outstanding attitudes - obliviousness to the growing disaffection of constituents, primacy of _______, illusion of invulnerable status - are persistent aspects of folly. (GRAND)

488. ‘Bring him to me,’ she commanded, her voice _______ and _______. (AUTHORITY, WAVER)

489. The Italian designer’s presence has angered some who claim London Fashion Week should be a showcase for British design. One said: “He has _______ British fashion.” (FOOT)

490. The museum decided to do an exhibition on “The Art of Rock Music” and he was invited to _______ it. (CURE)

491. The _______ of “Casablanca” are Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. (STAR)

492. I thought he was arrogant and _______. (DOMINANT)

493. The new censorship laws are serious _______ on freedom of expression. (CROOK)

494. We are increasingly _______ by technology. (SLAVE)

495. The stage is his personal _______. (FEE)

496. This smacks of authoritarianism and of a _______ approach to state affairs, again reinforcing the notion that there is no real or sufficient balance of power. (HAND)

497. His death left the Alliance _______ at a crucial moment. (LEAD)

498. Once she became a prosecutor, she quickly established herself as a _______ trial lawyer. (MASTER)

499. He’s believed to have _______ the attacks. (MASTER)

500. His decision to change the team’s formation for the final game was a _______. (MASTER)

501. Problems will only be resolved by workers acting together, not through constant interference and _______. (MANAGE)

502. She was beginning to find her _______ role unrewarding and had applied for a management post. (SUPERVISE)

503. The president used his veto to _______ the committee’s decision. (RIDE)

504. Making use of his _______ powers, he dispatched the necessary order. (POTENT)

505. He has already demonstrated composure and _______ beyond his years. (COMMAND)

506. John is the _______ of the team this year. (SHIP)

507. Analysts say it is crucial for the government to step in and _______ certain aspects of the way airlines operate. (REGULATION)

508. Last year, I vowed to _______ my grocery money away from big processed food companies. (CHANNEL) 

509. In the US, a school _______ is in charge of the schools in a particular area. (INTEND)

510. The group argues that many of the proposed reforms will have _______ consequences. (INTEND)

511. Young children should not be left alone with animals _______. (SUPERVISE)

512. Would the outspoken and stupendously wealthy woman he married be _______? (TAME)

513. He has overcome the problem he says many people encounter that of ending up in _______, badly-paid jobs. (DEMAND)

514. Under the country’s _______ laws, it is illegal to abandon animals. (CRUEL)

515. There’s a lot of _______ and disarray among key officials. (BITE)

516. She _______ paying so much for an ice cream cone. (GRUDGE)

517. Her _______ compliments annoyed everyone. (HAND)

518. Forgetting all the principles for which they were fighting in their endless war against their enemy, they have become savage barbarians teetering on the very edge of _______. (BEAST)

519. On the gallows, Bury confirmed his reputation for sneering _______ by saying to the hangman: ‘I suppose you think you are clever to hang me.’ (NUT)

520. The advertising world can be a very _______ business. (THROAT)

521. There are no _______ rules governing the size of companies in the portfolio. (FAST)

522. This particular murder case was so horrific that it shocked even the most _______ of New York police officers. (BITE)

523. People who’ve worked with the new superintendent used words like “_______” and “driven” to describe him. (CHARGE)

524. People feel they are being cheated out of their _______ cash. (EARN)

525. Each game was very _______, the toughest tournament ever, perhaps. (FIGHT)

526. The committee published a _______ report on the bank’s management. (HIT)

527. The deportations are drawing cheers from immigration _______. (LINE)

528. She came out with some _______ story about never having been loved by her mother. (LUCK)

529. His _______ business approach is combined with a very real concern for the less fortunate in society. (NOSE) 

530. Because of shortages, the emergency services were _______ to deal with the accident. (PRESS)

531. He took _______ delight in making them wait. (FIEND)

532. They were accused of _______ in their treatment of the hostages. (HUMAN)

533. He was virtually _______ after drinking half a bottle of whisky. (SENSE)

534. Louis was teased _______ by his schoolmates. (MERCY)

535. He was sacked for cruelty by a regime that prided itself on its _______. (PITY)

536. For years Ali taunted him _______. (REMORSE)

537. She _______ removed his name from the invitation list. (SPITE)

538. The _______ explanation is that she’s too afraid to ask. (CHARITY)

539. He said that it would be _______ to refuse to help the refugees. (CHRIST)

540. She accused me of being _______ because I didn’t cry at the end of the film. (FEEL)

541. I believe that our society treats its aged in a callous, _______ way. (PASSION)

542. To the _______, most computer systems seem complex and difficult to understand. (INITIATIVE) 

543. The proposal was a _______ from the beginning because there was no possibility of funding. (START) 

544. She felt her husband constantly _______ her achievements. (LITTLE)

545. There is concern that the judges might _______ their power. (USE)

546. Through her lighting business, she shares her love of _______ and sustainable design. (CYCLE)

547. She_______ on her knowledge and experience to get a better job. (CAPITAL)

548. The investigation found evidence of a serious _______ of funds. (APPLY)

549. Being a good pool player is usually a sign of a _______ youth. (SPEND)

550. He said that some speakers _______ the word “thee” for “thou”, perhaps believing it to be less formal. (EMPLOY)

551. Her house had been declared safe to _______ after the floods. (OCCUPY)

552. The company’s role is to _______ print data for use on the Web. (PURPOSE)

553. When one’s fate is in the hands of another who is thought of as maliciously or contemptuously unjust, _______ bitterness is the result. (CONSUME)

554. The Gulf of Guinea has some of the world’s greatest _______ oil reserves. (TAP)

555. Copyright is the _______, legally secured right to publish, reproduce, and sell the matter and form of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. (ALIEN)

556. The vigorous exercises are designed to be _______. Participants will feel energetic and lifelike after taking them. (TENSE)

557. In _______ talk that is, talk in which the participants do not have equal power, status, responsibility, or control, we should apply the ‘one rule for one and one for another’ principle consistently. (SYMMETRY) 

558. Women who are slimming can never enjoy a meal without being afraid of _______ their diet. (ORGANISE)

559. The administration announced that the U.S. would no longer produce _______ landmines or acquire new ones, including replacing expiring munitions in its stockpile. (PERSON)

560. A cost of $5,000 was on Monday imposed by a court in New Delhi on Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in a _______ case lodged by her against BJP leader Vijender Gupta. (FAMOUS)

561. His collection of plants contains many _______. (RARE)

562. ”Help!” she cried, waving her arms _______ in an attempt to attract someone’s attention. (DISTRACT)

563. The conference touched on many things, but one more deeply than the fragile environment that still exists around the very concept of _______. (TOUR)

564. This use of dialogue underscores the _______ of the film itself and thus its humor. (ABSURD)

565. The man was later charged with _______ a police officer. (PERSON)

566. There is an _______ of menace and barely suppressed violence that gives the picture of symbolic edge. (CURRENT)

567. He climbed out, leaving the car _______ on its roof. (END)

568. Efforts have been made to recover disaster-stricken and _______ areas of the country, hope fading day by day. (WAR)

569. The Prime Minister warned the people of his country that they must be ready for any _______ - even the possibility of war. (EVENT)

570. After ten matches, we had the _______ record of played ten, won none, lost ten. (ENVY)

571. The _______ answer to my question was ~no~. (VARY)

572. For some young people, online games have become _______ addictive to the extent that is threatening their mental and physical health. (RESIST)

573. Gazprom, whose boss Alexei Miller is a close political ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is almost as _______ in world football. (PRESENT)

574. He gave a _______ shrug. He is always making his own achievements seem unimportant. (DEPRECATE)

575. I found the last scene extremely moving and particularly _______. (DIRECT)

576. He stood at the door to make sure that no one _______ the party. (GATE)

577. The president visited a local community on the outskirts of Da Nang in the immediate _______ of Typhoon Damrey. (MATH)

578. The bar has an _______ buffet lunch for $10. (EAT)

579. There is a strong smell of _______ in the hospital. (INFECT)

580. _______ are medicines that lower the chance of blood clotting. (COAGULATE)

581. We must value that reputation and work together to nurture it and remove any _______ that will put it at risk. (CONCEIVE)

582. When we re-examined the regulations, we realised that we had _______ them. (INTERPRET)

583. A baby leopard has been pictured suckling a lioness in the wild, in the ever documented example of _______ parenting of its kind. (SPECIES)

584. The meeting has been _______ arranged for 3 p.m next Friday. (PROVIDE)

585. His _______ whether poets, novelists, producers, or scholars, tailored their books to his minutely worked-out requirements. (LIBRARY)

586. And lastly, it provided the authorities with an opportunity to dispose of troublesome true believers or neighborhood _______. (CONTENT)

587. Don’t you think it’s a bit early to _______ blame? (PORTION)

588. Cattelan himself, tall and _______ in slim jeans and a salmon-colored shirt, was on hand for last-minute activities on the day before the press opening. (SATURN)

589. Students mustn’t be _______ and illiterate when they leave school. (NUMBER)

590. The attorney’s rambling _______ in court proved that he was unprepared for the trial and was flying by the seat of his pants. (TEMPORARY)

591. _______ and overpopulation are two of the most difficult problems in Third World countries. (FOREST) 

592. Likewise, _______ birds don’t rely on fancy plumage that might not be seen. (FOREST)

593. While the restaurant’s kitchen is not overly attractive, its _______ layout allows the cooks to prepare meals quickly and competently. (UTILIZE)

594. The cat is _______ in the sunshine. (LUXURY)

595. Can’t believe her car can be so _______ refuelling once every two days, how costly! (PETROL)

596. The mayor was determined that he would do everything in his power to _______ the murder case. (MYSTERY)

597. He was in such a haste to return home that he left at _______ by the first bus. (DAY)

598. The board of directors pour scorn on the _______’s dereliction of duties, causing the company to suffer catastrophic quarterly losses. (SEE)

599. There is a craze for _______ foods in our country these days. (CANCER)

600. He _______ fell in love with a number of society women. (APPEAR)

601. With free-market globalization, investment funds can move _______ from the rich countries to the developing countries. (IMPEDIMENT)

602. The positive relationship between a business and a customer, often referred to as “_______”, is difficult to quantify financially. (WILL)

603. The act of _______ should be prohibited under any circumstances. Everyone has equal rights to vote. (FRANCHISE)

604. Many people think that the famine was a result of the civil war, but it is _______. (TRUTH)

605. A _______ is a person who writes a book, etc. for another person, under whose name it is then published. (WRITE)

606. It is concluded from the tale The Magic Crossbow: The Story of My Chau and Trong Thuy that the rights of individuals should be _______ to those of society as a whole. (SERVE)

607. The recent factory closures and job losses are just a _______ of the recession that is to come. (TASTE) 

608. It is inhumane to sell _______ limbs of the animals, such as rhinoceros or elephants, in the marketplace. (MEMBER)

609. The _______ project has just been launched in that university. (DEPARTMENT)

610. At first, we thought the plan would be a flop, but it turned out to be a(n) _______ success. (DREAM)

611. There was far too much light and all my photos were _______. (EXPOSURE)

612. Native speakers of all written languages use context to _______ homophone pairs that have a single written form. (AMBIGUOUS)

613. Avid descriptions of sophisticated technologies gave the science-fiction novel “The War of the Worlds” a sense of _______. (SIMILAR)

614. Britain’s nuclear power program began with a lie: it was a _______ for the nuclear weapons program. (SCREEN)

615. Not sick, Mai guessed, but probably _______ now that she drank a lot at the party last night. (HANG)

616. At the beginning of the 19th century, Britain’s _______ was France. (ENEMY)

617. You should avoid those journalists. They are just _______ only distressing and prying into your private life. (CHIEF)

618. I think saying that all black people are lazy is a very _______ remark, to be honest. (RACE)

619. We _______ how long it would take us, so the ceremony was over by the time we arrived. (JUDGE) 

620. You can accuse me of _______, but I still wouldn’t volunteer to fight in a war. (COWARD)

621. Sales of _______ meals have risen sharply over the past few years. (COOK)

622. The waitress came round with a tray of _______ cream cakes. (MOUTH)

623. The company was completely _______ by the dollar’s sudden recovery. (FOOT)

624. Insurance companies are already _______ with similar claims. (BURDEN)

625. The Board of Health issued a _______ order giving the company seven days to stop operating at the site. (CEASE)

626. When it became clear that Stockwell tube was his possible destination, a team of armed police officers in _______ were alerted. (CLOTH)

627. The children in the picture look delicate and _______, as though they had never run or played. (WORLD)

628. We employed her on a _______ contract, for two years. (TERM)

629. We’re proud to keep playing a role in _______ all aspects of reproductive health. (STIGMA)

630. Let the word dissociate from the literal Biblical meanings and instead focus on its mystical intent - a name for the _______. (NAME)

631. She loves fashion, and her dream is to be a fashion designer, so she is usually creating _______ outfits for herself and her friends. (FASHION)

632. He’s been nominated for _______ thanks to his diligence and professionalism. (PREFER) 

633. It’s a _______ article which is fair to both sides of the dispute. (ROUND)

634. Behavior, such as _______ and cooperation is not bred in the bone. (RECIPROCATE)

635. The machine must be _______, executing as fast as a mower is able to cut. (EXPEDITE)

636. That the child behaved _______ made the couple happy. (DEAR)

637. At that time, package holidays to tropical resorts were pretty much _______. (HEAR)

638. Mark, a _______ commentator, was often featured on state television explaining government policy. (TELEVISION)

639. _______ at this school is severely punished, so remember to mind your manners both during the lessons and outside the classroom. (OBEY)

640. Every attempt is being made to ensure that these works of art are preserved for _______. (POST)

641. The splendid onomatopoeia of “hoary roaring sea” reminds us how well _______ and alliteration work throughout the poem. (SOUND)

642. Patrician and charming, he controls his empire with quiet _______ from his office in St Rémy, his native town. (PATERNAL)

643. After the cup final, the _______ team bussed back to the hotel parading the cup as they went. (TRIUMPH)

644. The new law represents a/an _______ intrusion into the privacy of the individual. (JUSTIFY)

645. Inside the American Museum of Natural History were _______ preserved specimens of wild animals, which beckoned every tourist to enter and take photographs. (TAXI)

646. The draft law was passed by 134 votes to 19, with 5 _______. (ABSTAIN)

647. Sometimes the way we view life seems to be determined not by what really happens to us, so much as by our perception of what happens, which is sometimes called _______ thinking. (FACT)

648. They are on a(n) _______ mission to gather all data, surveys, and specialist reports to oppose the no smoking ban in Ireland. (FACT)

649. Beethoven, despite not winning any prize during his time, was awarded _______. (HUMUS)

650. Many innocent _______ were killed in the crossfire. (STAND)

651. The rocks appear to be stationary but in the high winds that whip across this desert landscape, they are in reality moving _______. (PERCEIVE)

652. Babies affected by the disease will be born small, _______ and brain-damaged. (FORM)

653. Jim’s _______ of the crime only made matters worse. (DENY)

654. I’ve never heard such _______ nonsense in my life! (ADULT)

655. The doctor prescribed _______ drugs to reduce the old man’s arthritis. (FLAME)

656. Of course, there were some _______ problems along the way but eventually, we got the project finished. (LOOK)

657. _______, there are black holes in space. (THEORY)

658. We all take pride in our _______ friendship. (DESTROY)

659. Treat them with this kind of spray to make them _______. (WATER)

660. The terrible scenes were indelibly _______ on his mind. (PRINT)

661. His day-to-day _______ with people invariably turned out rather turbulent. (RELATE)

662. Perhaps _______, recent computer modeling studies predict fewer tropical cyclones if the ocean heats up further as a result of global warming. (INTUITION)

663. He left us with the _______ impression that we had been speaking to a future leader. (ERADICATE)

664. In my heart of hearts, I think _______ laws such as these are abominations that bring the entire legal system into disrepute. (FORCE)

665. He shows his own _______ racism by being afraid to discuss historical racist attitudes rationally. (GROUND) 

666. This recipe is _______. It works every time. (FOOL)

667. Low income and little administrative support make teachers _______ with their profession. (HEART)

668. She survived the crash with minor injuries, but the car was a _______. (WRITE)

669. The comedy Bringing Up Baby presents practically non-stop dialogue delivered at _______ speed. (NECK)

670. Janet had to _______ from the team because of injury. (DRAW)

671. The students ranged from people who already had some expertise in the kitchen, to totally _______ people like myself. (SKILL)

672. Blinking to _______ herself to the darkness, Lexa already had her hands over her ears when the deafening blast of thunder reached her. (CUSTOM)

673. I would say that you’d be _______ to resign without having found a new job. (ADVICE)

674. Paul is a good employee, and is very _______. (CONSCIENCE)

675. Sadly, the Vietnamese U-23 team’s tireless efforts to win the AFC Championship were _______. (AVAIL)

676. Those who made this dress are going to be _______ designers. They are nothing but awesome! (TREND)

677. He was fined $500 and _______ from driving for three years. (QUALIFY)

678. He has abandoned all ambition to become president and is now _______ wholly by altruism. (ACTUAL) 

679. She also points out that mandatory _______ fuel pumping creates jobs for all the people who pump the fuel. (SERVICE)

680. Girls are almost invariably expected to express their feelings, but it would be _______ to believe that they are born weaker, more sensitive, or with a greater natural inclination to cry. (ERROR) 

681. The editors are to be congratulated for an _______, genuinely erudite text. (ERROR)

682. He was regarded as a _______ winner as he beat his opponents in three straight sets. (RUN)

683. In order to raise funds for impoverished musicians, an auction of Beatles _______ is to be held next week. (MEMORY)

684. Ever since she was a child, she has had a _______ for spicy food. (DILIGENT)

685. He failed to _______ himself to his team-mates when he departed early from England’s tour of Bangladesh with a back injury. (AMOUR)

686. Young people felt locked out of politics, which led to apathy and _______. (CHANT)

687. George’s _______ for fishing was well known. (FOND)

688. “I love working at weekends.” “Well, there’s no _______ for taste!” (ACCOUNT)

689. I’m a _______ when it comes to skiing. (HORN)

690. In the country of the blind, the _______ man is king. (EYE)

691. You possess greater knowledge than I do; I am but a poorly educated _______ eking out an existence. (LAY)

692. No, fancy stuff like that was for the _______, the good-for-nothings, the dreamers, those who didn’t have a clue as to what was what. (LAY)

693. He used to be known for working late but is now a dedicated _______. (CLOCK)

694. He’s a real _______ who’s never had a proper job. (BEAT)

695. The people feel trapped between the _______ and apathy of the authorities and fear of the criminals. (DOLEFUL)

696. Many teachers were reluctant to use computers in their classrooms simply out of _______. (ART)

697. Hey _______, get up from the sofa and help me with the dishes! (LAZY)

698. Ennui would set in, as we sophisticated consumers became modern-day _______, hooked on channel surfing and material comforts. (LOTUS)

699. Japan last month, New York next month - you’ve become a regular _______, haven’t you? (GLOBE)

700. He called the young people _______, lazy and good-for-nothing. (SHIFT)

701. He is a _______ who loves sleep and hates work. (SLUG)

702. The enchanting ten-year-old becomes a _______, rude, idle teenager who fails exams. (SLOB)

703. The melancholic is inherently suspicious, as is the _______ when trying constantly to hide his laziness. (SLOTH)

704. These _______ workers are not delivering improved standards. (TIME)

705. Most of the unemployed are not _______ and genuinely do want jobs. (WORK)

706. He was _______, spending at least a decade in the United States and Europe, before settling in Dublin. (TRAVEL)

707. This month _______ on the Chicago subway went down again. (RIDE)

708. There’s been a _______ in the value of the stock. (PICK)

709. He also realised that a growing number of _______ were travelling independently and would need transport. (HOLIDAY)

710. We let the two _______ out at the border. (HIKE)

711. The theme park is hoping to attract people for longer stays, rather than catering almost exclusively to _______. (DAY)

712. Many in the US regarded him as too _______ to become the IMF’s managing director. (WEIGH) 

713. The interviews and well-informed background give the reader a _______ insight into these campaigns. (LEVEL)

714. I was treated like a _______, even though I’d lived on the square for years. (COME)

715. Too many lessons are being taught by poorly qualified or _______ teachers. (SPECIAL)

716. Any major confrontation with security forces would be likely to end in a _______. (BLOOD)

717. He heard _______ screams, sounds of unspeakable horrors. (BLOOD)

718. EWS carried out further _______ by sacking some senior employees. (BLOOD)

719. He suffered a nervous _______ in his twenties. (BREAK)

720. Please accept my _______ apologies. (HEART)

721. Chelsea look a _______ flush at this point in the season. (BUST)

722. So it was delivered to the wrong place? What a _______! (COCK)

723. In _______ of any better alternative, we will have to proceed with the original plan. (FAULT)

724. After two spectacular _______ in two decades, it looked as if the company’s antidiabetes program was finished. (FLAME)

725. This investigation has been mismanaged right from the start - I’ve never seen such a _______. (FOUL)

726. The last few months have seen the progressive _______ of the country’s political system. (MELT)

727. He made a real _______ of the sales figures. (MESS)

728. Counterfactual history - the history of _______ - then becomes much more than an exercise in subjective speculation. (MIGHT)

729. He’s a total _______ - he’ll never achieve anything. (HOPE)

730. The implementation of the new policy was branded an "_______" by the Opposition spokesperson on education. (SHAMBLE)

731. I think of it more as a no-system system with the same _______ and _______ as every other system, due to human involvement more than anything. (PIT, PRAT)

732. Share prices went into a _______ when the CEO resigned. (TAIL)

733. His teachers consistently describe him as an _______, despite his artistic talents. (ACHIEVE)

734. As a politician, her sympathy was always for the _______ in society. (DOG)

735. Greed has been the _______ of many a businessman. (DO)

736. The party was a _______ - hardly anyone came. (WASH)

737. He regarded the comments as an _______ to his dignity. (FRONT)

738. The members of parliament hurled _______ at the minister. (BAT)

739. Despite the media’s _______ of the leader, he remains popular. (PEER)

740. She had no memory of the incident and thought he was trying to _______ her. (GAS)

741. A taxi driver wound down his window and gave the cyclist a _______. (MOUTH) 

742. She _______ ignored me and walked on. (INSULT)

743. His friends began to laugh _______ when his car broke down and wouldn’t start again. (JEER)

744. It gets to be quite fun, in an awful kind of way, to spot the childish _______, the insult words that don’t mean anything. (NAME)

745. Their enthusiasm for political _______ reflects badly on their integrity. (POINT)

746. The need for fire detectors in cargo bays was _______ by some accidents in the 1980s. (SCORE)

747. One of the big _______ of the presidential election campaign was the comment that he was "no Jack Kennedy". (PUT)

748. Calling out actual injustice, or being offended by something that is actually offensive doesn’t mean you’re a _______. (SNOW)

749. Our tools change but our inner selves remain _______ the same. (PLACATE)

750. Some have warned that labelling children in this way can be counterproductive, perhaps proving to be a _______ prophecy. (FULFIL)

751. Due to adverse weather conditions, the trains were _______ delayed. (AVOID)

752. This may be the most _______ sentimental piece of theatre you’ll see this year. (BASHFUL) 

753. The band has enjoyed a seemingly _______ rise in popularity. (STOP)

754. I’m so tired, my poor _______ brain can’t absorb any more. (FUDDLE)

755. He scratched his head in _______ as the figures were read out. (MUSE)

756. As he walked through the door, she stared at him in utter _______. (WILD) 

757. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me _______. (BLUR)

758. The news had thrown his plans into _______. (ARRAY)

759. She was shaking, unable to cope with the _______ events of the evening. (ORIENT)

760. She finds herself _______ twirled around by two of the male dancers. (DIZZY)

761. She was paid the _______ sum of ten million dollars for that film. (BOGGLE)

762. Don’t have a _______ approach - calling everyone you know to see if there is a job going - but work out what you want from different people. (SCATTER)

763. _______, the lawyer never called this supposed witness. (ACCOUNT) 

764. He was shot dead earlier this year in _______ circumstances. (EXPLAIN)

765. The newspaper was critical of governmental _______, urging the prime minister to clarify her position. (WOOL) 

766. Anyone who tests positive with a rapid test must get a _______ blood test. (CONFIRM)

767. This seems to imply that the ‘validity’ of a belief is found in its empirical or logical _______. (DEMONSTRATE)

768. Given the thoroughness of the author’s research, the burden rests on critics to _______ the facts he presents. (PROVE)

769. It’s not the job of a paper to _______ the utterance of every person quoted. (FACT)

770. Their terrible behaviour has led to the _______ of any argument they make. (VALID)

771. The architect said they could _______ the track to have eight sprint lanes instead of six. (FIGURE)

772. She went door to door, slowly _______ voters to have faith in the party once again. (CONVINCE)

773. Rapid price escalation might lead the public to expect higher inflation, an expectation that ultimately could become _______. (CONFIRM)

774. People should not stop eating fish because of some _______ risk of cancer. (DOCUMENT)

775. Take the highway that _______ Richmond to avoid heavy traffic. (PASS)

776. I’m not one of those people who think that personal topics should only be approached after long _______. (NAVIGATE)

777. The coroner recorded a verdict of death by _______. (ADVENT)

778. He muttered a quiet _______, tugged off his gloves, and dug his dagger point into the soft lead that sealed the pane beside the latch in place. (DICTION)

779. Self-assessment would also provide a _______ opportunity to rid the nation of estate agents while increasing our wealth. (HEAVEN)

780. If by some _______ our attempt fails, we’ll try again next year. (CHANCE)

781. ‘The history has been unfortunate but the history of humanity is full of _______ lovers who have found life difficult,’ he said. (STAR)

782. Ruth was looking for an envelope in a drawer when she was _______ by some old letters. (TRACK)

783. What in the _______ world are you doing? (LOVE)

784. He found the text generally weak, with many errors, omissions, and _______. (EMPHASIZE)

785. An _______ on correctness can be damaging to young writers. (EMPHASIZE)

786. For the last few years, nobody said much about the issue of gambling, but now there’s been a _______ on it. (EMPHASIZE)

787. The government has been trying to _______ the crisis. (PLAY) 

788. The shareholders seem to think that the executive board is _______ the case for a merger. (STATE)

789. The two leaders are likely to _______ the fact that it is better to go down the route of cooperation. (STRESS)

790. The government has dismissed newspaper reports of 200 dead as being _______. (ALARM)

791. Most women agree with this, but they don’t feel the need to _______ about it on the internet. (BLOW)

792. He was a much more complex character than your _______ description suggested. (CARTOON)

793. There is too much _______ in some newspapers. (DRAMA)

794. She’s been in the _______ recently, following the release of her controversial new film. (LIGHT)

795. He is a _______ expert on food safety. (RENOWN)

796. World Music is now _______ and popular with mass audiences. (ESTABLISH)

797. By the middle of the 18th century, Philadelphia was _______ the second most populous English-speaking city in the world. (VERB)

798. Marlene Dietrich was _______ through her roles in films like "The Blue Angel". (MORTAL)

799. He hit the _______ two years ago when he was arrested for selling drugs to the mayor’s nephew. (LINE)

800. He resigned from a _______ job as economic adviser to the president. (PROFILE) 

801. The news was given bluntly and plainly, without _______. (BELLE)

802. I don’t think there’ll be more than six people eating, so I wouldn’t go _______ with the food. (BOARD)

803. We heard one fan praise him _______. (GUSH)

804. I think we’ve _______ the pudding with the amount of technology we’ve crammed into our daily lives one knows how to have a quiet moment anymore. (EGG)

805. After a heart attack, you have to be careful not to _______ it. (DO)

806. He thought he was irreplaceable, and in asking for an absurdly high raise with the threats of quitting, he may have _______ his hand. (PLAY)

807. Stop _______! Nothing’s that perfect. (ROMANCE)

808. Her book _______ parenthood and completely ignores the disadvantages of it. (SENTIMENT)

809. This is a sensitive issue - I think we’d better _______ it for the moment. (PEDAL)

810. Don’t _______ yourself - you have a lot to offer a company. (SELL)

811. I don’t want to _______ the problem, but I do think there are more important matters to discuss. (TRIVIAL)

812. This theft of data was _______ different than anything we’ve ever seen before. (QUALITY)

813. She was _______ brave too. (COMMON)

814. I’m not carrying that _______ great thing around with me! (THUMP)

815. Despite a _______ speech at conference, he has proved himself lazy and self-regarding in the race so far. (THUMP)

816. My garden had become a _______ jungle by the time I came back from holiday. (VERY)

817. Almost all of the guests are _______ self-obsessed. (TERMINATE)

818. Not only are they among the largest and most stately trees on earth, but they thrive in settings of _______ scenic beauty. (PASS)

819. At times the writing is _______ funny. (LIMIT)

820. She is _______ bored by many aspects of motherhood. (STUPID)

821. Ethel Merman is remembered for her _______ performances in Annie Get Your Gun and Call Me Madam. (SHOW)

822. He usually wore a mask in which the features were made _______ repulsive. (HIDE)

823. I’m _______ sorry about the noise last night. (FRIGHT)

824. His spine is destroyed, but still hurts _______. (CRUX)

825. Sung by the world’s greatest tenor, this aria is _______ beautiful. (ACHE)

826. He’s _______ gorgeous! (DEAD)

827. That’s a _______ difficult question. (DEVIL)

828. She discovers that the publication is bankrolled by a _______ wealthy advertising mogul. (COSMOS)

829. I think the way she was treated is a _______ disgrace. (RIGHT)

830. He was clever, handsome, and _______ rich. (EXCEED)

831. This explosion bears all the _______ of a terrorist attack. (MARK)

832. This film appears to have the _______ of a classic. (LINE)

833. The song was perfect for the soft vocals that are her _______. (STOCK)

834. The president’s trip had all the _______ of a state visit. (TRAP)

835. The man who helped him was _______ with the church. (FILIAL)

836. It was a comedy act with an _______ of cruelty. (TONE)

837. He told stories about _______ and civil rights demonstrations, according to his obituary. (WAR)

838. The government has turned a minor local problem into a full-blown regional _______. (FLAGRANT)

839. Neighborhood voices have become _______ damage on the road to a worthy end. (LATERAL)

840. They have long been involved in a _______ for racial equality. (CRUX)

841. The country was on a war _______ last night after the most devastating terrorist attack in history. (FOOT)

842. This _______ with its neighbour, which has raised anxiety levels in the country, has been damaging for the government. (WAR)

843. He responded with a _______ apology, tweeting ‘sorry I didn’t bow down to you’. (APOLOGY)

844. Investors are still _______ from the last crash. (BATTLE)

845. At school, he was what they call a _______. He would always make sure everyone was getting along. (PEACE)

846. It has often been said, perhaps unfairly, that they are a _______ nation. (WAR)

847. He is a _______ politician who was one of the signers of a model peace treaty. (DOVE)

848. We tried to _______ our plans with theirs. (DOVE)

849. They serve _______ coffee and iced water throughout the day. (BOTTOM)

850. Perhaps this _______ will, over time, deprive the opposition of its support and erode the appeal of democracy. (CHECK)

851. It’s easy to blame Mark Zuckerberg for making this situation worse and for every other _______ problem, but that won’t stop me. (WORLD)

852. The Soviet Union became anxious to withdraw its soldiers from the Afghan _______. (BROIL)

853. The dispute had reached an _______, as neither side would compromise. (PASS)

854. Her life is a constant _______ act, coping with career, family, and home life single-handed. (JUGGLE)

855. When I told her the secret, I let the _______ out of the bottle. (GENE)

856. The weather delivered a _______ punch to farmers with unseasonal freezing temperatures and strong winds. (TWO)

857. The system to apply for benefits is _______ complex. (NIGHT)

858. The book was an _______ success. (NIGHT)

859. The report states that vandalism is a _______ that must be stamped out. (PEST)

860. The road to economic recovery is full of _______. (POT)

861. Since the coup, the country has sunk deeper into a _______ of violence and lawlessness. (MIRE)

862. I seemed to be floundering deeper and deeper into the most lethal of social _______. (SAND)

863. They were selling the goods at _______ prices. (ROCK)

864. Demand and the weak dollar are driving the peaks and valleys of oil prices, creating uncertainty about when the _______ ride will end. (COAST)

865. Despite long discussions, the workers and the management remain locked in _______. (STALL)

866. She locked herself in the house, but after a brief _______, police convinced her to come out. (STAND)

867. He watched us _______ for a while, then came over to join us. (STAND)

868. The study concludes that in a _______ scenario there might be 80,000 cases of the disease. (CASE)

869. She has _______ energy and enthusiasm. (BOUND)

870. The archive was an _______ important addition to the library’s collections. (ESTIMATE)

871. Their animals are _______ and able to roam. (CONFINE)

872. Their four children are _______ well-behaved. (ANGEL)

873. I didn’t find the prospect of a house with no electricity very _______. (LURE)

874. The design of the car is _______ distinctive. (APPEAL)

875. The house has an _______ view of the river. (ARREST)

876. Beauty is in the eye of the _______ and this stock has its fans. (HOLD)

877. That’s a _______ argument, but I’m not convinced by it. (GUILE)

878. Once kids step inside a circus tent, they’re _______. (WITCH)

879. We stayed at a _______ old-fashioned hotel. (CHARM)

880. I know of no one more warmhearted or more fair; his attitude on all occasions is _______, and almost angelic. (CHERUB)

881. The _______ image of Mozart as a little miracle can be promptly banged on the head. (CHOCOLATE)

882. Shall we not at long last spare this good and _______ woman from further degradation? (COME)

883. Her boyfriend Alex is 21 years old and _______ handsome. (DASH)

884. He was _______, yet there seemed a sense of fun about him, as though he wasn’t bound by the strict rules of his society. (AIR)

885. She has created an _______ theatre piece. (ENTRANCE)

886. The two girls were _______ dressed in red skirts and white boots. (FETCH)

887. The sheer elegance and _______ appeal have ensured the popularity of vinyl boards to traders. (EYE)

888. He was an _______ figure on stage. (IMPOSE)

889. A stack of fresh bread sat _______ on the table. (INVITE)

890. Already out of training, the latest illness has dealt her hopes of a gold medal a _______ blow. (KNOCK)

891. Look, I don’t want to get into a _______ fight with you over this, so let’s forget it. (DRAG)

892. Isn’t her husband _______ and generous? (NICE)

893. Television at the moment is confined very largely to those who are _______. (PHOTO)

894. He started to speak _______ about how wonderful it was to build a family life together. (POET)

895. We were disappointed at the _______ exterior of the hotel. (POSSESS)

896. I need to have a wash and make myself _______ for our guests. (PRESENT)

897. Critics hailed her as the ultimate animate artwork: _______ and permanent. (STATUE)

898. It would simply be a cat were it not for its powers of flight and _______. (SHAPE)

899. Businesswomen are wearing _______ suits. (SHAPE)

900. The procession moved through the streets at a _______ pace. (STATE)

901. Maria brought along her eldest daughter - a _______ girl with brown eyes and a ready smile. (WIN)

902. I usually find that my partner is not _______ in suggesting different options. (BACK)

903. He didn’t maneuver through Washington’s corridors of power by being a _______. (MILK)

904. He looked uncomfortable, like a _______ adolescent. (CONSCIOUS)

905. He was generally content to devote himself steadily _______ and to the community. (FACE) 

906. Sooner or later someone would take pity on the poor _______ and ask her to dance. (FLOWER) 

907. Following her son’s death, she became quiet and _______ and rarely went out. (DRAW)

908. Headaches are an _______ of this sort of accident. (EFFECT) 

909. Chemotherapy can have some very unpleasant _______. (EFFECT)

910. The economic and political _______ of the war is still being felt. (WASH)

911. Buttermilk is a _______ of making butter. (PRODUCT)

912. While the government does not have the power to remove him, the damaging claims may persuade them to cast him _______. (DRIFT)

913. In good condition, dolls from this period sell for £500 _______. (PIECE)

914. The political _______ of the revelations has been immense. (FALL)

915. _______, these technological tools that were supposed to liberate us have left us working longer hours than ever. (IRON)

916. If one or two trains run late, it has a _______ effect on the entire rail service. (KNOCK)

917. It’s an _______ of a much larger company based in Sydney. (SHOOT)

918. It’s too early to predict the _______ of the meeting. (COME)

919. This policy is just an _______ of earlier decisions. (GROW)

920. The _______ for years of research is a microscope that performs better than all of its competitors. (PAY)

921. We are now witnessing a _______ of the war into neighbouring regions. (SPILL)

922. The _______ of the discussions is that there will be no layoffs. (SHOT)

923. When retailers are not selling goods, there is a _______ effect, and we will see a broader slowdown across many sectors. (TRICKLE)

924. They’re talking at _______ without realizing it. (PURPOSE)

925. Most industrialists labour under a _______ that unrestrained economic growth can be achieved without damaging the environment. (APPREHEND)

926. The conspirators’ plot failed because they made two fatal _______. (CALCULATE)

927. A spokeswoman blamed the confusion on _______ between the company and its customers. (COMMUNICATE)

928. His mother gave me a look of complete _______. (COMPREHEND)

929. The plan to build the road through the forest is wholly _______. (CONCEPT)

930. It is a _______ to consider this policy as counter to human rights principles. (CONSTRUCT)

931. She said it was the _______ custom of the villagers to have a feast after the harvesting. (MEMORY) 

932. There’s an _______ bus service into town. (HOUR)

933. So how do you pick four notes that sound good no matter what order or _______ they’re played in? (PERIOD) 

934. The weblog explores the convergence of the _______ with the real life practice of architecture. (VERSE)

935. She wrote a thriller about a brutal _______ killer. (SERIES)

936. She _______ a stamp to the envelope an hour ago. (FIX)

937. The entire nation will sit _______ in front of TV sets. (FIX)

938. “Housing _______ is probably the last struggle of the civil rights movement,” he said. (SEGREGATE)

939. The fates of both countries seem somehow _______. (TWINE)

940. The artist is interested in the _______ culture of contemporary society. (HYBRID)

941. The story _______ folklore and history. (FOLD)

942. It’s clear that unemployment and crime are _______. (LINK)

943. The fish has strong jaws and sharp _______ teeth. (LOCK)

944. Local governments across the region have signed an _______ agreement to reduce nitrogen pollution. (LOCAL)

945. The town’s prosperity is inextricably _______ with the fortunes of the factory. (TWINE)

946. The author skillfully _______ fiction and history in her novel. (WEAVE)

947. There are plans for a _______ between the two companies. (LINK)

948. These are words that have become phonologically distorted, for instance, because the syllabic segments have been _______. (ASSEMBLY)

949. Smoke will be piped through the sewers to show any possible breaks in pipes or _______. (CONNECT)

950. Peter Gerard was one of the era’s _______, having written, starred in, and directed two hit movies. (HYPHEN)

951. Gonzalez is doing his job _______ well. (COMMEND)

952. His tact was _______, especially considering the circumstances. (EXAMPLE)

953. The developers dealt with the problem in the _______ way, burying the industrial waste in landfill sites. (TIME)

954. The association was formed by the _______ of several regional environmental organizations. (AMALGAM) 

955. Craig doesn’t have a car as a part of his _______ stance. (CONSUME)

956. The incident led to a sharp increase in the number of companies adopting _______ defence measures. (TAKE)

957. The government introduced measures on price _______ and privatization. (NATION)

958. We have just bought our biggest competitor: we are an aggressive, _______ company. (GROW)

959. He was shot as he made a _______ attempt to stop the robbers single-handed. (GUIDE)

960. His _______ of the situation could have serious consequences. (READ)

961. At the new _______ restaurant that has appeared in the neighborhood, diners pay what they think the meal is worth. (POP)

962. The subject was mentioned only _______. (FLEET)

963. He got angry easily, but his anger was always _______. (LIVE)

964. We might have to employ someone temporarily as a _______ measure until we can hire someone permanently. (STOP)

965. The _______ to the election has already begun. (COUNT)

966. ‘Essentially, the decision to remove business as a stand-alone section and put it inside the book was about reducing _______ costs,’ said Schmidtke. (PAGE)

967. Whether or not you approve of same-sex relationships, it doesn’t help anybody to _______ or to misrepresent. (COUNT)

968. There was a lot of cheerful _______ amongst the people on the trip. (HOMIE)

969. When you’ve been climbing alone for hours, there’s a tremendous sense of _______ when you meet another climber. (COMRADE)

970. They have recently launched a chain of _______ restaurants. (FAMILY)

971. The walkers were _______ despite the bad weather. (HUMOUR)

972. Interaction at the ground or at ground-related events is supposed to be jovial and _______. (NATURE)

973. He was greeted with the usual _______ slap on the back and handshake. (FELLOW)

974. He’s a very _______ sort of bloke. (LIKE)

975. It was very _______ of you to do her shopping for her. (NEIGHBOUR)

976. A festival of _______ faces, sparkling costumes, and the sound of steel band drummers created a sunshine atmosphere. (SMILE)

977. She is intelligent, hard-working, and _______. (PERSON)

978. If you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to feel _______ towards other people. (DISPOSE)

979. I’m sure she’ll help you - she’s always very _______. (ACCOMMODATE)

980. Can I give you some _______ advice? (BROTHER)

981. I felt _______ towards him, but I couldn’t marry him. (SISTER)

982. He laughed _______ at nearly all my jokes. (OBLIGE)

983. The court agreed that she had behaved _______ in contacting him. (MALICE)

984. _______ development projects can have unintended negative effects on population control. (INTEND)

985. I know he’s _______, but I wish he’d leave us alone. (MEAN)

986. He’d like to see a fundamental _______ of the way unions operate. (PRAISE)

987. The historian was able to identify the perseverance and _______ of medieval practices. (APPROPRIATE)

988. He’s in the law’s _______ now. (HAIR)

989. She’d had the _______ to sell her apartment just before the housing market collapsed. (SEE)

990. I’m glad I had the _______ to make a copy of the letter, as proof of what had been promised. (THINK)

991. The Administration said it was _______ a new policy for the Middle East. (FORM)

992. At present, he is fighting a legal battle over a life ban imposed on him by Indian cricket authorities for his alleged involvement in _______. (MATCH)

993. The theatre company has several new productions in the _______ for next season. (PIPE) 

994. Even on informal occasions, his speech contains several _______ features. (CASUAL) 

995. You don’t want to be _______ your schedule at such a busy time of year. (PLAN)

996. At a _______ signal, everyone started moving forward. (ARRANGE)

997. Because the jury did not think there was _______, it convicted him of a lesser crime. (MEDITATE)

998. A _______ of guilt denies the rights of defendants who are entitled to their day in court. (DETERMINE) 

999. She had had a _______ of what might lie ahead. (PRESENT)

1000. We have to approach fundraising _______. (PROGRAMME)

1001. They work hard, live _______, and manage their financial resources prudently. (PROVIDE)

1002. Some of these new designs have made people want to completely _______ their interiors. (PLOT)

1003. People might _______ their trips to less congested times, or change to public transport. (TIME)

1004. The organization was accused of _______ deleting incriminating files. (SYSTEM)

1005. He said that a reopening of the economy has to be _______. (THINK)

1006. The attorney accused the witness of _______ toward his client. (AGONY)

1007. Although he was a Protestant, he did not have any _______ prejudice. (CATHOLIC)

1008. The factions withdrew their pickup trucks mounted with _______ guns and dismantled checkpoints. (AIRCRAFT)

1009. Most residents don’t have _______ views and welcome the positive contribution students make to our city. (STUDENT)

1010. He still felt the same horror and _______ of his ancient enemy. (TESTAMENT)

1011. She sat down, regarding the plate in front of her with _______. (FAVOUR)

1012. Many people found the image _______ voyeuristic. (TASTE)

1013. Some critics praised the acting, but all condemned the _______ plot. (SACRED)

1014. She denied any personal _______ towards him. (ENEMY)

1015. Excessive managerial control is _______ to creative expression. (ENEMY)

1016. As soon as she had left, Edward was overwhelmed with _______. (CONTEMPT)

1017. He was full of anxiety and _______. (LOATHE)

1018. Even _______ will find this new software simple to use. (TECH)

1019. These are the top-ten gadget gifts under $50 for the _______. (TECH)

1020. The state needs more _______ workers for its hi-tech industries. (TECH)

1021. We are witnessing racism of a _______ that we haven’t seen in Europe since the 1940s. (VIRUS)

1022. Initial treatment of _______ involves preventing further toxin release by removing any remaining tentacles or other retained animal parts. (VENOM)

In the book, the author gives a thinly

1023. From the clerk of the kitchen, I required the buttery accounts without varnish or _______. (CONCEAL)

1024. In the book, the author gives a thinly _______ account of his own early teaching experiences. (GUISE)

1025. It is important to manage moisture _______ into buildings. (FILTER)

1026. A dozen officers had been lying _______ for hours. (DOG)

1027. She has _______ her identity in the role of photographer’s wife and muse. (MERGE)

1028. As well as being almost _______, these remotely-operated cyber attacks offer a low-risk way of conducting espionage. (ATTRIBUTE)

1029. As an _______ officer in the Miami police department, your job is to track down an international gang of car thieves. (COVER)

1030. He deals with subjects more _______ filmmakers would stay away from. (FAINT)

1031. This government is too _______ to take on the big long-term problems such as pollution. (GUT)

1032. As we listened to those young carers, our response was not one of pity but of admiration for their _______ determination. (GUT)

1033. It’s one thing, in the time-honoured way of _______ journalists the world over, to tear someone apart when they’re not there to defend themselves. (LILY)

1034. He’s too _______ to stand up to his opponents. (ANIMUS)

1035. I have never known anything so cowardly and _______ in my life. (SPINE)

1036. Her jam was _______, syrupy with honeyed fruit, and scented with elderflower. (AMBROSIA)

1037. Pickled cauliflower, baby carrots, beets, and celery (top left) retain their crunch and gain subtle, _______ spice. (LIP)

1038. These peanuts are very _______, aren’t they? (MORE)

1039. Then indulge in a plat de côtes de boeuf braisés, tender braised short ribs flanked by potato mousse and drizzled with cabernet syrup or the equally _______ mushroom and gruyere omelet. (TEETH)

1040. Let’s discuss this like _______ people. (CIVIL)

1041. Giuliani campaigned aggressively for President Bush and proved a huge _______. (CROWD) 

1042. Life has been _______ since she got out of the hospital. (DUCK)

1043. The audience was _______ by the young soloist’s performance. (RAPTURE)

1044. With consumer spending picking up, it appears that the _______ factor has returned. (FEEL)

1045. Although he writes _______, some readers may struggle to keep things straight in their mind. (ENTERTAIN)

1046. Often forecasts are _______ accurate, but sometimes they do fail. (GRATIFY)

1047. The travel company offers _______ trips that won’t damage the environment. (GUILT)

1048. He’s just trying to _______ you into paying him more. (GUILT)

1049. Put the food on the platter and arrange it _______. (PLEASE) 

1050. They serve juices, bottled waters, and other _______ drinks. (THIRST)

1051. The play is described as “a _______ tale about love and lust.” (ROLL)

1052. For me, it was a marvellously _______ performance. (LIFT)

1053. The movie is a _______, with input from Disney and the Children’s Film Foundation. (PRODUCE)

1054. The Battle of Kangwha Island was to be just a _______ for the sad event that took place eight years later. (CURTAIN)

1055. The day offered a compelling _______: they saw the Pollocks at the McMullen Museum of Art and then headed to Alumni Stadium to watch a football game. (HEAD)

1056. Visitors enjoyed a musical _______ on the first night of ensembles organised by Bolton Music Service. (EXTRAVAGANCE)

1057. After about 1906, the touring companies with their _______ stands declined precipitously. (NIGHT)

1058. Click here for an exclusive _______ of our forthcoming new products. (VIEW)

1059. Although it’s a _______ cast, the actors seem content to step back and make the characters take over. (STAR)

1060. The media still regards women’s sport as a _______ to the main event. (SHOW)

1061. This weekend’s game was his _______ as the team’s captain. (SWAN)

1062. I was persuaded to act in some amateur _______. (THEATRE)

1063. I don’t understand why a ballet company can’t perform fresh new material instead of just bringing out the same old _______ year after year. (HORSE)

1064. The proposed _______ cuts for all state agencies will total $84 million. (BOARD)

1065. The famous indictment of the generalist, or _______, has some substance. (ROUND)

1066. Health and education are the kind of _______ issues that people vote on. (BREAD)

1067. The new law should allow more disabled people to enter the _______ of American life. (STREAM)

1068. The Official Secrets Act was described as a piece of _______ legislation, covering everything from weapons to army boots. (PORT)

1069. I shouted and he was gone in _______ time. (DOUBLE)

1070. A _______ management style is about coming in and issuing demands, without bothering to provide details or context. (DRIVE)

1071. These are tasty, healthy _______ foods that use only certified organic and raw ingredients. (GRAB)

1072. Families _______ prepared for the storm, boarding up windows and finding shelter. (HURRY)

1073. I was about to ride by _______ when a soldier came out from the bushes and stopped me. (CONCERN)

1074. You’ll have to run like the _______ if you want to catch your train. (CLAP)

1075. By this system purchasers receive their parcels with _______, and the immense business of the day is entirely finished. (PATCH)

1076. I heard through the _______ that he was leaving - is it true? (GRAPE)

1077. The court cannot accept evidence based on _______ and rumor. (HEAR) 

1078. New York is _______ a very exciting place to live. (REPORT)

1079. Don’t just believe it on my _______ - find out for yourself. (SAY)

1080. We hear _______ that a minimum wage will destroy jobs. (SCARE)

1081. The success of the product led many firms to try to jump on the _______. (WAGON)

1082. The precious metals market is about to go _______. (GANG)

1083. _______ in the industry typically earn 25 percent more than their colleagues. (FLY)

1084. Now we’re going live to our reporter in Washington for _______ news on the crisis. (MINUTE)

1085. Instead, tap into the cool-kid consciousness by reading Rubin and his cohorts - classic _______ obsessed with gadgets, T-shirts, and of course, Puma and Nike. (COOL / TREND)

1086. She had a very _______ look. (DIRECT)

1087. It also made the brilliant deduction that children were becoming more _______ at an earlier age. (FASHION)

1088. Ask Caroline - she knows all the _______ clubs in town. (HAPPEN)

1089. He was rather _______ in his behaviour. (FOP)

1090. Fashionable _______ and art patrons mingled in the boxy gallery tucked in New York’s chic Chelsea district. (HIP)

1091. The restaurant’s interior as well as its food is _______, with walls of wine bottles displayed behind glass. (MODERN)

1092. This is a very important, _______ project. (LEAD)

1093. Away from the radio studio, Antony Collins looks every part the young, trendy media _______. (TOWN)

1094. For years, Stockholm has had the reputation of being _______ cool. (MODE) 

1095. Affecting this sort of nonchalant style seems, ironically, to involve more work than putting together a seasonally _______ ensemble. (TREND)

1096. Nowadays we’re used to football officials _______ around in every conceivable colour, but back then people were utterly shocked. (COCK)

1097. DNA testing gives investigators a _______ tool to tackle crimes. (SPACE)

1098. The control panel uses all the newest technology and is considered _______. (STATE) 

1099. The company specialises in creating productions that are hard-hitting and _______. (STREET)

1100. In winter, the town is home to a _______ hotel made entirely of ice. (CHIC)

1101. A lot of experimental theatre is too _______ for me. (WAY)

1102. For him this is a _______ campaign - he will become either vice president-elect or a much stronger presidential contender for the next election. (LOSE)

1103. He is a _______ poet and children’s book author. (PRIZE)

1104. Company profits are rising and it looks as though this is going to be a _______ year. (RECORD)

1105. He was in trouble with the police a lot when he was younger, but now he’s a _______ character. (FORM)

1106. Next week there will be an _______ march through the area to tell dealers to move out. (CRACK)

1107. There have always been drugs problems here - _______ and things like that. (GLUE)

1108. This medication is not _______, and does not cause a high feeling. (HABIT)

1109. He is a _______ who demands as much from his employees as he does from himself. (ACHIEVE)

1110. The film was a _______ because of its music and songs. (HIT)

1111. Everything went _______ until Peter started talking about money. (SWIM)

1112. She is a physically _______ teenager with the mental level of a four-year-old. (DEVELOP)

1113. They’ve taken on some financial _______. (KID)

1114. The right solutions will equip Europe with _______ communications infrastructure and services. (WORLD)

1115. The 37-year-old retail _______ regularly receives job offers to head some of Britain’s biggest companies. (WONDER)

1116. I really didn’t mean to offend her - I just said it _______. (THINK)

1117. The charity criticized the city for its “callous, _______ attitude” to the homeless. (CARE)

1118. After only ten minutes they were three goals down, but they staged a spirited, _______ and finished 3-3. (FIGHT)

1119. A decent lawyer would have made _______ of them in court. (MEAT)

1120. The demand for food in the war zone now far _______ supply. (STRIP)

1121. The company _______ their nearest business competitors by a long way. (DISTANCE)

1122. The company has consistently _______ its rivals this season. (PERFORM)

1123. The company’s latest mountain bikes _______ all the competition. (CLASS)

1124. Societies that do not organize themselves effectively are _______ by societies that do. (COMPETE)

1125. He tried to use facts and figures to _______ his opponents. (FOX)

1126. The Democrat is doing well in the polls in most states, but he seems to be _______ in Florida. (GUN)

1127. In the negotiations, he _______ his rivals by offering a higher price. (MANOEUVRE)

1128. Johnson _______ his nearest rival by 30 points. (SCORE)

1129. His _______ laugh made him immediately identifiable, even in a crowded room. (POWER)

1130. The Court of Appeal _______ the earlier decision. (TURN)

1131. They suffered an away defeat and a _______ at home. (PUMMEL)

1132. The Dodgers took a _______. (SHELL)

1133. Does the fact that Connor received a _______ mean he will back off? (SMACK)

1134. This win has given the team an _______ lead. (ASSAIL)

1135. Manchester United remain _______ this season so far. (BEAT)

1136. The team managed to remain _______ in the final weeks of the season. (DEFEAT)

1137. The semifinal should be a _______ for France. (WALK)

1138. House prices fell and thousands were left facing _______. (POSSESS) 

1139. I go see a film to be entertained, not enlightened; I leave the _______ to others. (BEARD)

1140. I _______ myself to open the window. (THINK)

1141. This complex issue needs some _______ thinking from department heads. (JOIN)

1142. Thankfully, though, I believe that the Scottish art world has wider horizons than such _______, self-pitying introspection. (NAVEL)

1143. Collaborating on the project has allowed them to _______ their friendship. (EXPLORE)

1144. They are calling for a serious _______ of the national drinking age. (CONSIDER)

1145. Gun laws need to be _______. (VISIT)

1146. The court cannot _______ the evidence and set aside the verdict simply because it feels some other result would be more reasonable. (WEIGH)

1147. To tackle the root of the problem, some kind of _______ or psychotherapy is required. (TEMPLE)

1148. It is only in quiet moments of _______ that we can really address such problems. (REFLECT)

1149. After much _______, he decided it was wrong to vote in the elections. (SOUL)

1150. These rumours of a new political party are obviously a _______ exercise. (KITE)

1151. Children are encouraged to take an _______ approach to learning. (INVESTIGATION)

1152. The investigation put the company’s financial accounts under the _______. (SCOPE)

1153. The works were originally published as Bach’s; the _______ was corrected early in the last century. (ATTRIBUTE)

1154. There is a growing body of _______ research. (PEER)

1155. The researchers ended up with a large amount of _______ recorded data. (ANALYSIS)

1156. Heart disease in women has been _______ for years. (STUDY)

1157. He expertly _______ the significant features of each painting. (PICK)

1158. He has a reputation as a _______ operations executive. (CRACK)

1159. She’s quite an _______. (EYE)

1160. This machine is the _______ in our new range of computers. (FLAG)

1161. The company’s _______ fashion features items like $500 shirts. (END)

1162. My brother and sister had a _______ of a row last night. (DINGER)

1163. That new car you bought is a real _______. (DANDY)

1164. While all the desserts are pretty good, the clear _______ is the lemon pie. (STAND)

1165. The next day, his wife filed for divorce. This is the _______ on the mayor’s string of recent difficulties. (TOP)

by the extensive industrial development in the country. (MAR)

1166. We had the perfect holiday - two weeks of _______ bliss. (ALLOY)

1167. The national park remains _______ by the extensive industrial development in the country. (MAR)

1168. His academic reputation remains _______ by deeds that would have seen him fired in any other establishment. (SULLY)

1169. We have become accustomed to regarding the romantic child as an image of _______ perfection. (TAINT)

1170. I am pleased Opposition members seem to think I am such a threat that they need to damage my _______ reputation in the House. (TARNISH)

1171. She was waiting for him in a bed of an obscenely _______ white lace and satin. (VIRGIN)

1172. We must adjust to newly harsh climates caused by our own _______. (PROVIDE)

1173. Many nurses said they needed to work overtime, sometimes _______. (VOLUNTEER) 

1174. The general was happy to allow _______ guerrilla troops to continue to disrupt the enemy’s activities in remote regions. (STRATEGY)

1175. The policy has been a failure because of the _______ implementation of its key principles. (SYSTEM)

1176. The presenter went _______ from the script, with hilarious consequences. (PISTE)

1177. I worked the last hour of my shift on _______. (PILOT)

1178. You should not work out the entire mock interview beforehand or you will lose the element of _______. (SPONTANEOUS)

1179. Some will be capable of filling in the identities of the consistently _______ first names; others less so. (NOTE)

1180. She appeared _______ and took control of the meeting. (ANNOUNCE)

1181. This was yet another _______ event that upset the administration’s plans and expectations. (ANTICIPATE)

1182. The government was obviously caught _______ by the criticism. (AWARE)

1183. He forthrightly claimed that any implication that he disagreed was _______. (MEAN)

1184. I will never be able to justify what I did, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the _______ pregnancy. (PLAN)

1185. The extreme cold weather caught them _______. (PREPARE)

1186. Jim was remarkably charming this evening - he even said, _______, how nice Margot looked in her dress. (PROMPT)

1187. The train made an _______ stop. (SCHEDULE)

1188. The point of weblogs is their off-the-cuff nature, their _______, up-to-the-minute commentary. (SCRIPT)

1189. He is modest, quietly spoken, and the most _______ of champions. (STAR)

1190. A few days before my baby was due, ultrasonography showed a previously _______ breech presentation, and attempts to turn the baby were unsuccessful. (SUSPECT)

1191. Unless anything _______ happens we should arrive just before midday. (TO)

1192. _______, I may have given a misleading impression in my interviews. (WIT)

1193. It’s a _______ dental clinic. (WALK)

1194. She enjoyed the privileges _______ to the office of chairman. (PERTAIN)

1195. By way of _______, the author provides a brief history of German songs. (CONTEXT)

1196. The study found that weather conditions were not _______ with joint pain. (RELATE)

1197. Journalists and politicians often have a rather _______ relationship. (CASTE)

1198. Our personalities result from the complex _______ between our genes and our environment. (PLAY)

1199. _______ analysis raises critical questions about gendered exclusions and gendered forms of power. (SECTION)

1200. We recognized each other as _______ spirits as soon as we met. (KIN)

1201. A rise in interest rates may be the only way to _______ the housing market with reality. (COUPLE)

1202. This _______ between the two sites was not the only error. (RELATE)

1203. In 1998 regulations were introduced banning _______ between holiday offers and travel insurance. (TIE)

1204. I missed my flight because of a _______ on the interstate. (TIE)

1205. How many different, apparently _______ factors might come together in one of those blinding flashes of inspiration? (ASSOCIATE)

1206. In the last decade, _______ travel increased 37 percent, but miles of public roads increased only 5 percent. (STATE)

1207. At this time, literary criticism was decidedly _______ and subjective. (THEORY)

1208. Body language is a potent form of _______ communication. (VERB)

1209. Before we go any further, let’s do a quick, _______ assessment of where things stand. (SCIENCE)

1210. I carried out a highly _______ study of several friends who had recently become parents. (SCIENCE)

1211. He believes it would be irrational and deeply _______ to deny these differences. (SCIENCE)

1212. She tried a form of massage therapy that slowly improved her _______. (SUPPLE)

1213. The training program helped him _______ his skill set. (TUNE)

1214. Retirement is a _______ - no question about it. (ADJUST)

1215. After months of being weightless, they were _______ to the pull of gravity. (CLIMATE)

1216. Such people might be conservative in temperament and be generally _______. (ADAPT)

1217. In addition to disparities among ethnic groups, improper aggregation also masks significant differences based on migrant status and _______ level. (CULTURE)

1218. Aquinas takes a rather dim view of discursive reason or _______ as compared to sheer understanding. (RATIO)

1219. She’s absolutely determined to go and there’s just no _______ with her. (REASON)

1220. It is _______ possible. (THEORY)

1221. Prices are falling and are obviously _______ high in many parts of the country. (REAL)

1222. He’s very sick and needs _______ care. (CLOCK)

1223. These playwrights are three of the strongest, most individual, and most _______ relevant voices in theatre. (ABIDE)

1224. Not exactly _______ prose, but David was happy with it. (DEAD)

1225. Contamination of organic or conventional crops is an _______ risk. (PRESENCE)

1226. Their contributions to science have earned them an _______ place in history. (LAST)

1227. Their name will live on _______. (MORE)

1228. There was an _______ news bulletin because of the plane crash. (EXTEND)

1229. Taylor was staring _______ at her. (FIX)

1230. The old rugged cross is not venerable because it is old - that is, because of a traditional or historical meaning - but because the truth it embodies is _______. (PERISH)

1231. The links between the two nations are _______. (SOLVE)

1232. Some experiences in early life have _______ effects. (ERADICATE)

1233. Behind the cheery facade of constitutional government lurks the _______ specter of legally unregulated power. (EXTINGUISH)

1234. They performed an _______ long set of love songs. (TERMINATE)

1235. Their advertising campaign includes _______ coverage on television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. (MEDIA)

1236. He’s had a _______ interest in science. (LIFE)

1237. Such a warm, _______ book! (LIFE)

1238. It felt like we travelled _______ for the entire week. (STOP)

1239. A combination of brilliant imagination and dogged _______ enabled them to triumph. (SEVERE)

1240. The intention is to achieve a _______ transition with a continuity of management. (SEAM)

1241. The rain continued to fall heavily outside, rattling the windows _______. (CEASE)

1242. He pledged _______ love. (DIE)

1243. It is _______ sad you have lost your child in such a cruel way. (END)

1244. The regime has held power _______ for 27 years. (INTERRUPT)

1245. Trading conditions have remained _______ tough. (RELENT)

1246. She does not disguise how _______ grim life is for the villagers. (RELIEVE)

1247. It was a cold night in late autumn and the rain lashed down _______. (REMIT)

1248. I went away to college thinking it would be _______ parties and all the freedom I wanted. (WALL)

1249. The wages of full-time, _______ workers adjusted for inflation went up, after three years of decline. (YEAR)

1250. She’s nearly 86 and still takes a _______ every morning. (CONSTITUTE)

1251. They claim the television company breached _______ when it used some of the footage on one of their DVDs. (COPY)

1252. The committee set out its opposition to the _______ of abortion. (CRIME)

1253. The England team had two goals _______. (ALLOW)

1254. The goal of the legislators was _______ of a tax bill. (ACT)

1255. The empire, torn by internecine warfare, surrendered many of its essential prerogatives to foreigners, and by accepting the principle of _______ prepared the road to ultimate collapse. (TERRITORY)

1256. In those rocks may lie the best chance of finding _______ life. (TERRESTRIAL)

1257. This writer and several of her Russian _______ now live in New York. (PATRIOT)

1258. The government _______ him because he had no visa. (PATRIOT)

1259. A large community of _______ has settled there. (PATRIOT)

1260. Is it a sign of a new _______ cooperation when it comes to policing and the passing on of intelligence? (BORDER)

1261. The _______ of the new president will take place this evening. (INVEST)

1262. Protestants reacted by embracing _______. (RITUAL)

1263. Would passengers please turn off their mobile phones before the _______ of the flight. (COMMENCE)

1264. The exhibit included the dress worn by the Queen during her crowning and _______. (THRONE)

1265. There was tight security along the _______ route. (PROCEED)

1266. There must be a _______ to public education on the national, state, and community level after a long time we gave energy to the private one. (DEDICATE)

1267. She had a good seat at the president’s _______ ceremony. (SWEAR)

1268. Can Parliament dictate how the celebration or the _______ of marriage will be done? (SOLEMN)

1269. He holds joint _______ in Sweden and Peru. (CITY)

1270. She’s a _______ talent. (HOME)

1271. _______ adoptions are often more expensive than domestic adoptions. (COUNTRY)

1272. As a _______, she cannot get a job without a work permit. (CITY)

1273. Some companies are cutting costs via outsourcing and _______. (SHORE)

1274. There is no place for a _______ press in a democracy. (STATE)

1275. Norway put forward the proposal to control emissions of sulphur dioxide and thereby reduce _______ pollution. (BOUND)

1276. More large companies nowadays operate on a _______ basis. (NATION)

1277. Since the disintegration of the USSR, there has been only one _______ - the US. (POWER)

1278. Bells are _______ used to convey the joy of weddings and the sorrow of funerals. (CUSTOM)

1279. There were schools where more than half the students were _______ late. (HABIT)

1280. I never trust anything he says - the man’s an _______ liar. (VETERAN)

1281. When asked about crime, the mayor’s _______ reaction is to call for longer prison sentences. (KNEE)

1282. _______ mulled wine and eating vast quantities of cheese, bread, and chocolate are all part of the pleasure of skiing. (LINE)

1283. The survey showed that people become managers by _______ paths. (TREAD)

1284. It was an act of _______ that made him ask his boss to resign. (BRAVE)

1285. The helicopter crews are not _______, indifferent to danger. (DARE)

1286. The game can be played from a number of perspectives including that of the Indians, Mexicans, Americans, or a gang of _______. (DESPAIR)

1287. He has a _______ attitude to life. (DEVIL)

1288. The media world, in which we are at home, is fleeting and _______; today, already, other images are making the news. (HAPPY)

1289. Some have accused the police of being _______. (TRIGGER)

1290. The emphasis placed on achieving a high score had a very _______ effect on students. (MOTIVE)

1291. There is increasing _______ with the government. (ILLUSION)

1292. After all, I’d heard about the movie, it turned out to be a bit of a _______. (LET)

1293. The party turned out to be a _______ - barely anybody showed up. (EVENT)

1294. The version of the play that I saw had been horribly _______. (BOWDLER)

1295. _______ is the new parenting trend that is ruining children’s lives. (SNOW)

1296. We bought the laptop to replace our 5-year-old desktop that we have never _______ after moving. (BOX)

1297. I was so stressed out, I just needed to _______. (LOAD)

to pay attention to warnings about climate change. (CLOTH)

1298. He came up with a _______ scheme to sell champagne to the French. (BIRD)

1299. They are too _______ to pay attention to warnings about climate change. (CLOTH)

1300. He had a gentle, slightly _______ expression. (BULL)

1301. Simon’s washing his car again - that man’s _______! (CERT)

1302. This sounds like another _______ conspiracy theory to me. (CRACK)

1303. People _______ assume that he is telling the truth. (CREED)

1304. Marilyn was portrayed as some sort of _______ blonde. (DIM)

1305. Restless, dissatisfied, _______, he was the despair of his father. (EMPTY)

1306. _______, there will be four Britons claiming to be champion. (FARCE) 

1307. No one expected their _______ with each other to last. (FATUOUS)

1308. Then, with the rather bitter cynicism of the old, he wondered for a second whether it was not _______ love that made Irene put up with him. (CUP)

1309. The _______ comments were posted on his official website. (FAT)

1310. That sounds like another of his _______ schemes! (HARE)

1311. The whole project was _______. (CONCEIVE)

1312. The government has come up with a _______ scheme for training teachers on the job. (BAKE)

1313. The report criticizes the banks for being _______ in their lending. (PRUDENCE)

1314. Her _______ father spent most of his adult life in prison. (GET)

1315. The title character is a nerdy, _______ teenager in a small town in Idaho. (MOUTH)

1316. She left her _______ second husband and moved to Oregon. (ACCOUNT)

1317. What _______ idiot has made him think that? (PEA)

1318. A painter and decorator, Derrick Gregory was mentally _______ as a result of childhood illness. (NORM)

1319. We do not think the claims should be accepted _______. (CRITICS)

1320. People think he hasn’t got much _______ but in fact he is very intelligent when it comes to computers. (STAIR)

1321. He’s a little slow on the _______, so you may have to repeat the instructions a few times. (TAKE)

1322. Some of my favorite books are old, gorgeously illustrated _______ and atlases. (CYCLE)

1323. Before discussing this a short historical _______ will be necessary to explain how it all came about. (EXCURSION)

1324. _______ is booming on websites where amateur writers continue their favourite stories. (FAN)

1325. She made some _______ in the margin of the book she was reading. (JOT)

1326. There were problems with data _______ from sources in the literature. (TRANSCRIBE)

1327. The agreement between the warring parties to talk may be a _______ to peace. (AMBLE)

1328. They have to _______ legislation that is no longer compatible with current rules. (DRAFT)

1329. The commentaries consist chiefly of _______ and expositions of the classic text. (SCHOOL)

1330. How accurate is his _______? (PORTRAIT)

1331. The paper didn’t give the show a very good _______. (WRITE) 

1332. Disaster and terrorism make us feel vulnerable and _______. (POWER)

1333. With success in eradicating smallpox, there was a _______ of immunizations. (CONTINUE)

1334. So why does one company survive a recession while its competitors fall by the _______? (WAY)

1335. The proceeds of such foreign bribery offences became directly _______. (FORFEIT)

1336. Do not _______ me! (SAKE) 

1337. Its members would have to _______ their national allegiances. (SWEAR)

1338. _______ should not be called for political purposes. (ROGATION)

1339. She was brought up to be virtuous and _______. (DENY)

1340. People say this is a selfish society, but frankly, I’ve seen too much kindness, _______, and generosity to believe that. (SACRIFICING)

1341. Extra funding would be targeted on _______ households. (FUEL)

1342. In the skin test, tiny amounts of _______ substances are placed on the patient’s arm or back. (ALLERGY)

1343. Caterpillars eat cherry leaves containing cyanide, but they rapidly _______ them. (TOXIC)

1344. Acute _______, resulting in vomiting or diarrhoea, can be a reaction to allergies to foods such as nuts or shellfish. (SENSE)

1345. An estimated three-quarters of the world’s people are _______ to some degree. (LACTOSE)

1346. She received a nasty snake bite, but fortunately, the snake was identified as being a _______ variety. (VENOM)

1347. Although they are _______, they can still give you a painful bite. (POISON)

1348. An environmental _______ said weeds naturally develop resistance to a pesticide. (TOXIC)

1349. Some types of bacteria release poisons called _______ while they are multiplying in food. (TOXIC)

1350. The more successful you become, the more publicity you get, and that publicity generates sales. It’s a kind of _______ effect. (SNOW)

1351. During our conversation, he sometimes giggles _______. (EXPLODE)

1352. Home sales could be threatened by the sudden _______ of the financial crisis last month. (INTENSE)

1353. You can take advantage of this _______ power of networks. (MULTIPLE)

1354. Peter walked into the room and her heart _______. (QUICK)

1355. There have been fewer outbreaks of new conflicts or _______ of previously settled ones. (ESCALATE)

1356. The creation of independent states has led to a _______ of nationalism. (SURGE)

1357. Measures should be taken to halt the _______ in population growth. (SPEED)

1358. The National Center for Policy Research for Women & Families said the _______ of breasts suggests that society’s standards of beauty are becoming unattainable naturally. (SIZE)

1359. The deal propelled his business career into the _______. (SPHERE)

1360. Join the _______ to help the campaign take a massive step forward! (TWITTER)

1361. You may eye the wealth and success of your former workmates and yearn to _______ again. (SHIFT)

1362. An _______ in once-struggling areas could make a significant difference to voters’ perceptions of the economy. (TICK)

1363. At that point some readers may abandon books altogether - or they may start to seek out more distinct avenues of _______. (DISCOVER)

1364. For some _______ reason they built the toilet next to the kitchen. (FATHOM)

1365. Too many scholarly books are written in an _______ jargon. (PENETRATE)

1366. There are too many _______ to make an accurate forecast. (PONDER)

1367. You would think that his _______ and lack of social graces would exile him from polite society. (ART)

1368. I felt defeated by the _______ of the study material. (DIGEST)

1369. The objects looked identical, although there were _______ small differences between them. (DISCERN)

1370. Common sense and creativity are some of the _______ we’re looking for in an employee. (TANGIBLE)

1371. It takes a fair amount of concentration to follow the movie’s _______ plot. (LABYRINTH)

1372. It is a _______ simple, episodic tale - despite its intriguing, children’s capacity to learn anything. (CIRCUS)

1373. ‘It truly is a _______ circus in here,’ says Pollock, shouting directives to couriers between phrases, as Youn scrambles through faxes and emails. (RING)

1374. “That was amazingly generous of you!” “Well, that was a _______ comment - are you saying I’m usually mean?” (EDGE)

1375. The government’s programme to grow cash crops for export is a _______ sword because it has created a local food shortage. (EDGE)

1376. In economic terms, the need to reduce inflation is _______. (ANSWER)

1377. I found James Joyce’s “Ulysses” to be totally _______. (READ)

1378. He was a notoriously _______ after-dinner speaker. (VERB)

1379. She is the most _______ person who ever lived, throwing tantrums at the least provocation. (MAINTAIN)

1380. This kind of high school movie is _______ to teenagers. (CAT)

1381. They, too, write viral headlines, post _______, and compete for mindshare. (CLICK)

1382. Digital downloads are now a major _______ to cinemagoing. (ATTRACT)

1383. A stagehand announced that _______ would not be allowed. (CROWD)

1384. Successive fashion events like the India Fashion Week held this time in Mumbai, have come to be major _______, attracting people even from foreign countries. (CROWD)

1385. Advertising agencies believe _______ can be a valid way for a company to discover marketing ideas. (CROWD)

1386. Today’s cellphones can be _______, making them safer for driving and accessible to the disabled. (VOICE)

1387. There are ways to eat healthy, _______ food on a budget. (PROCESS)

1388. Never email to _______ or reply to spam, because then they know yours is a live email address. (SUBSCRIBE)

1389. The DX6225 offers multi-format _______ of HD video. (CODE)

1390. The move would break up the firm, leaving its corporate consultancy as a _______ entity. (STAND)

1391. They came _______ close to winning. (TANTALISE)

1392. With her UNICEF platform and legion of engaged followers, she has cemented her position as a _______ of Gen Z rights to be heard and, crucially, respected. (FLAG)

1393. It also involves dismounting to clear bridges, under bridges, _______, signs, culverts and guard rails. (PASS)

1394. The company has withdrawn the drug as a _______ measure. (CAUTION)

1395. The party went like _______. (CLOCK)

1396. Over 10,000 refugees were _______ out of the region. (AIR)

1397. What a _______ - they were losing 3-0, they came back to win 4-3. (TURN)

1398. These days he plays to audiences of a hundred or fewer which is a bit of _______ after Wembley Stadium. (COME)

1399. These commercials are just _______ imitations of earlier TV ads. (WARM)

1400. Clearly they have run out of ideas and are _______ old ground. (TREAD)

1401. The method produces statistically reliable and _______ results. (PRODUCE)

1402. There should be a _______ that the umpire’s decision is final and binding. (ASSERT)

1403. She followed in her mother’s _______, starting her own business. (FOOT)

1404. These are only small acts of vandalism but the concern is what he might do for an _______. (CORE)

1405. She’s trying to make a _______ with her first album for 20 years. (COME)

1406. We _______ an entire season of “Breaking Bad” on Sunday. (WATCH)

1407. What makes the problem worse is that Howard and Tina are not on the same _______ about how to deal with it. (WAVE)

1408. At the start of the competition, the three teams looked extremely _______. (MATCH)

1409. We were a seemingly _______ couple with a potentially disastrous future. (MATCH)

1410. She’s a Marilyn Monroe _______. (LOOK)

1411. At four o’clock every day she did a _______ tidying up. (WIFE)

1412. A dedicated football fan herself, she started the magazine for _______ women. (LIKE)

1413. During the next 500 years, many printers in many lands invented better presses and designed new _______, many of great beauty. (FACE)

1414. She _______ sensitive areas of the report so that it wouldn’t be so controversial. (WORD)

1415. The _______ to the new taxation system has created a lot of problems. (CHANGE)

1416. He was _______ and selfish, but undeniably clever. (OPINION)

1417. Stop eating _______ foods if you want to get rid of belly fat. (CALORIE)

1418. We took off our shoes and socks and walked _______ along the beach. (FOOT)

1419. And what might be the _______ significance of these supposedly random acts? (LIE)

1420. She herself says that her _______ family has actually weirdly helped her career. (FUNCTION)

1421. Coalfields were _______, however, and therefore developed slowly at first, with family operations working shallow seams for purely local demand. (LAND)

1422. Losing several games in a row had completely _______ the team. (MORAL)

1423. Many _______ were subjected to verbal and physical attacks. (STRIKE)

1424. It was the certainty of retaliation that kept the actual war a cold one - a war of provocation and trickery and _______, but not of mutual extermination. (SPY)

1425. They believe in the idea that internet censorship and _______ allow repressive governments to adapt their tactics to respond to threats by using technology against dissenting movements. (SOVEREIGN)

1426. She’ll get her _______. (COME)

1427. She claims she has _______ abilities and can foresee events. (COGNITION)

1428. That was the worst film I’ve ever had the _______ to see. (FORTUNE)

1429. The whole project seemed _______ to failure from the start. (DOOMED)

1430. The grant was a real _______, especially considering the theatre was going to be shut down next month. (GOD)

1431. It happens that _______ perception means as much to me as history does to you. (SENSE)

1432. It’s difficult to _______ hard fact from myth or truth from lies. (TANGLE)

1433. She spoke in a low voice, leaning towards him _______. (CONFIDENCE)

1434. A _______ effort has been made by both parties to settle. (FAITH)

1435. There are laws prohibiting _______ conduct by insurers. (FAITH)

1436. Part of her appeal was that she was _______ and straightforward. (PLAIN)

1437. Journalists have been trying to discover if the senator really is as _______ as he claims to be. (SQUEAK)

1438. He said voters value the governor as a _______ who is more believable than traditional politicians. (TRUTH)

1439. People who have “character” are often described as having honor, integrity, _______, and moral fiber. (RIGHT)

1440. More than half of his _______ during the election campaign came from Texas. (BANK)

1441. My advice for others is don’t be _______ and _______ when it comes to technology. (PENNY, POUND) 

1442. The recovery was achieved in the old-fashioned way, with _______ and price increases. (COST)

1443. The SEC is seeking _______ of the misappropriated funds. (GORGE)

1444. The school is attended by _______ students from many countries. (FEE)

1445. Readers of the books are forced to differentiate between facts and _______. (FICTION)

1446. He dabbled in _______, acting, and producing. (SCREEN)

1447. With no experience, I couldn’t even get an interview, let alone a _______. (CALL)

1448. I had to jump into the _______ machine and call up my incredibly rusty and outdated geek lingo. (WAY)

1449. He accused the president of surrounding himself with _______, rewarding only sycophancy and punishing dissent. (YES)

1450. He was clutching the award he had just won for Best Newcomer, surrounded by fans and _______. (WISH)

1451. She joined the police force and became an _______ of law and order. (HOLD)

1452. He had been a known IRA _______. (SYMPATHY)

1453. The bill faces opposition from a number of key _______, including the California Chamber of Commerce. (STAKE)

1454. I’ve been his _______ for long enough - it’s time I found myself something better to do. (KICK)

1455. She started out in the world of opera as a _______. (PATRON)

1456. There was a certain _______ about the way that votes were cast. (PARTY)

1457. Technique is the _______ of art. (MAIDEN)

1458. She sees herself as a _______ of the public’s morals. (CUSTODY)

1459. He was a _______ for the new economic plan. (CHEER)

1460. It’s much too late for you to be visiting _______. (CHAPERON)

1461. She was a _______ member of the Party in the 1930s. (CARD)

1462. _______ approached pedestrians, asking them to sign a petition. (CANVAS)

1463. There was a party after the ceremony where much drinking and _______ went on. (SLAP)

1464. One of the most important ways to practise _______ is just to listen. (ALLY)

1465. If he thinks we can get this done by next week, he’s living in _______ land. (NEVER)

1466. The ideal of a perfectly fair society is just _______. (BELIEVE)

1467. Christmas is often a _______ time for smaller retailers. (BREAK)

1468. Senior State Department officials took the decision to divert $286 million to short-term “_______” projects. (WORK)

1469. Thousands of refugees are living in _______ camps. (SHIFT)

1470. The customer shall fully _______ the company against any costs or expenses. (DAMAGE)

1471. The bank has recently closed its _______ pension scheme. (CONTRIBUTE)

1472. She argued that people living in _______ apartments should be entitled to other benefits. (SUBSIDY)

1473. The hospital has already _______ on its budget. (SPEND)

1474. Democratic candidates tend to _______ Republicans. (SPEND)

1475. The bureaucrats, widely regarded as under-worked and _______, did not get much public sympathy for their demands for a pay rise. (PAY)

1476. The Commission felt the company was _______ and gave the franchise to their competitors instead. (BID)

1477. Services such as gas and electricity are provided on a _______ basis. (PAY)

1478. Admission tickets are $20 _______, $25 at the door. (PAY)

1479. They filled in the amount on the cheque but left the _______ ‘s name blank. (PAY)

1480. The government is awarding small, _______ grants to single mothers who are starting their own businesses. (PUMP)

1481. Fees would have to triple to make the courses _______. (FINANCE)

1482. Children who leave school unable to read and write and are being tragically _______. (CHANGE)

1483. I’m not a _______, although sometimes if I see something on sale, I’ll get three because it’s a good deal. (SPEND)

1484. We have to address the government’s persistent _______ of state education. (FUND)

1485. A major sign that you’re feeling overworked and/or _______ is that you don’t look forward to going to work each day. (PAY)

1486. The trucks have _______ radar - sensors that detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. (COLLIDE)

1487. He narrowly averted crashing into another car after the _______. (BLOW)

1488. He was back on the set of Country Club the following day, tired and _______, and in a thoroughly bad temper. (JET)

1489. She is prepared to risk _______ by tackling social issues of concern. (POPULAR)

1490. Such an approach is likely to make the architect a pariah figure, _______ of society. (LOVE)

1491. After many years, the song was _______ in the 1944 movie, "Meet Me in St. Louis", starring Judy Garland. (POPULAR)

1492. The iPod quickly established itself as a _______ device. (HAVE)

1493. Being awfully _______ in his politics, he was not likely to be very popular in his personality. (POPULAR)

1494. Sitting _______ on a city plaza, the spruce structure encloses a windowless cylinder of silence. (ASSUME)

1495. She describes herself as an _______ feminist. (CONSTRUCT)

1496. The joke shocked her _______ parents. (STRAIT)

1497. Litter and broken bottles had been left all over the park by _______ festival goers. (THINK)

1498. Their actions have led to accusations of _______ or arrogance. (ISLE)

1499. This man was clearly a _______ bigot, and there wasn’t much I could do to encourage him to keep an open mind. (CLOSE)

1500. This is the kind of step that is quite often made in science by a junior researcher, not yet _______ by tradition. (HIDE)

1501. The report provided a _______ for relieving the county’s crowded jail facilities. (PRINT)

1502. The aim of the company’s _______ policy is to protect consumers from potentially dangerous fake products. (COUNTERFEIT)

1503. The company sells _______ software to the film and television industries. (PIRATE)

1504. In the future, moderators will be given the ability to _______ users without their knowledge. (BAN)

1505. Is that the real thing or a _______? (KNOCK)

1506. The idea behind _______ is that nature has already solved the challenges that we are trying to solve. (MIMIC)

1507. File-sharing isn’t a crime, trading the _______ is. (BOOT)

1508. Whether they liked it or not, local people were _______ into the victory parade. (OPT)

1509. At the market, you can buy affordable _______ versions of expensive perfumes. (CAT)

1510. _______ bosses are still getting salaries that look like telephone numbers. (CAT)

1511. The application sometimes has to be completed in _______, with the original being kept by the bank and the two other copies going to the customer and the tax office. (TRIPLE)

1512. The scribes sometimes _______ numbers or made other mistakes. (COPY)

1513. He’s one of those sportsmen who _______ themselves as TV presenters. (INVENT)

1514. He had published an article on the _______ of everyday life. (VIRTUAL)

1515. It has been shown through research the world over that there are huge social benefits from _______ elementary education. (UNIVERSE)

1516. Mary went into one of the _______ windows and peered through the crack. (BOARD)

1517. Kids sit around _______ watching music videos. (LIST)

1518. All that changed in 1918 when, like two _______ boxers, the belligerents began finally to land blows which had effect. (PUNCH)

1519. No one wants to be looked after by an exhausted and _______ doctor. (SLEEP)

1520. After the crash, the passengers were _______ but there were no serious injuries. (SHELL)

1521. Mystery still surrounds the airliner’s _______ at Camden Town. (LAND)

1522. New fears over Tube safety have emerged following the _______ at Camden Town. (RAIL)

1523. The car crossed the road and hit a truck _______. (HEAD)

1524. He struck and killed a pedestrian in a _______ accident. (HIT)

1525. The plane _______ the runway and finished up in the water. (SHOOT)

1526. Among the crashes was a large _______ on the M62 near Goole, in which eight people were hurt - four seriously. (PILE)

1527. My new car was _______ while it was parked outside the station. (REAR)

1528. There are delays due to _______ at the scene of the accident. (NECK)

1529. During her lecture on her discoveries, she took several _______ at the leaders of the expedition. (SWIPE)

1530. He hasn’t driven since his _______ two years ago. (SMASH)

1531. Do we fix it all now, or do we approach it _______ over time? (MEAL)

1532. She gave him a _______ stare. (COLD)

1533. College athletes share a feeling of _______ from the other students. (STRANGE)

1534. The ocean can also be _______ cold. (FORBID)

1535. Some leadership techniques can tend to create an _______ atmosphere in the office. (HARMONY)

1536. He always tried to keep the discussions _______ so that no one would be offended. (PERSON)

1537. “Did you see him?” she asked her mother _______. (HAND)

1538. She’s very _______ and isn’t at all worried about moving to a big city where she won’t know anybody. (CONTAIN)

1539. After years of careful study and _______, in 1925, Claude Heman Barlow determined its life cycle in humans. (EXPERIMENT)

1540. As a boss, I found him rather _______. (APPROACH)

1541. Unfortunately, I found him almost as _______ as his sister. (CONGENIAL)

1542. I have no idea why he is behaving in such an _______ fashion - he must be in a bad mood. (LIKE)

1543. The house was damp and _______. (WELCOME)

1544. The press has been presenting the conflict in _______ terms. (BLACK)

1545. She has _______ evidence that the company cheated her. (CUT)

1546. Can you give me a _______ guarantee that the work will be completed on time? (IRON)

1547. Organizations must invest in people and offer flexible, _______ career paths. (DIRECT)

1548. After three hours of cycling, we decided to turn _______. (HOME)

1549. He embarked on a _______ journey that took him from Houston to New York. (COUNTRY)

1550. The risks detailed here are not _______. (COMPASS)

1551. Physicists are searching for one _______ theory that covers matter, energy, radiation, and gravity. (EMBRACE)

1552. Both of them said that they’d never have an abortion, but they don’t want to go back to the days of _______ abortions and women dying. (ALLEY)

1553. If she’s so _______ smart, why does she have to study so much? (FIRE)

1554. Lack of parking space is affecting the town’s _______ tourist industry. (IMPORTANCE)

1555. The _______ holiday includes fares, full board, and entrance to museums. (IN)

1556. Our trips are _______ there are no hidden costs. (INCLUDE)

1557. Top executives _______ denied that the bank was in trouble. (CATEGORY)

1558. It is impossible to prove _______ that the factory is responsible for the pollution. (CONCLUDE)

1559. We need a _______ decision by the end of the week. (DRY)

1560. An agreement is looking _______ difficult according to the newspapers. (DECIDE)

1561. It would be overly _______ to say that if the party did change its leader, the new one would continue to make the same mistakes. (DETERMINE)

1562. He was _______ one of the greatest bandleaders in the history of rhythm and blues. (TEST)

1563. Your assertion is _______. (CONTROVERT)

1564. Everyone has an _______ right to protection by a fair legal system. (VIOLATE)

1565. The Prado Museum _______ holds the world’s greatest collection of Spanish paintings. (DISPUTE)

1566. The leaves _______ are good food for pigs. (REPUTE)

1567. The claim cannot be _______ proven. (REFUTE)

1568. The new contract provides employees with _______ job security. (IRON)

1569. She is _______ one of the country’s finest athletes. (ARGUE)

1570. He is, _______, an excellent player. (DENY)

1571. We apologize _______ for any offence we have caused. (SERVE)

1572. The case has to be made _______. (WATER)

1573. After the incident, the company reminded its employees of its _______ policy. (BIAS)

1574. Several broadcasters have been criticized for failing to give _______ treatment to all the parties during the election campaign. (EVEN)

1575. Sally’s _______ exquisite beauty sets her apart from others. (NATURE)

1576. The human resources team ensures that all applications are reviewed using _______ data. (SUBJECT)

1577. The problems she was experiencing felt like _______ for her past mistakes. (PAY)

1578. He has a reputation for fair play and good _______. (SPORT)

1579. She is acting _______ by denying people their right to vote on this issue. (DEMOCRACY)

1580. He won the award for best actor, and _______ so. (SERVE)

1581. It seemed that he had _______ passed an examination in which he hadn’t even known he was taking. (SERVE)

1582. His reputation as being a person who is difficult to work with is totally _______, and really he is just a bit shy. (MERIT)

1583. We need to consider the merits and _______ of the plan. (MERIT)

1584. This house would have looked _______ modern when it was built. (DARE)

1585. With the _______ courage of people of his kind - whom we should encourage - he qualified as a solicitor, in active practice, and has been ever since he qualified. (LION)

1586. The actors struggled _______ with some of the worst lines of dialogue ever written. (MAN)

1587. Even the most _______ of hikers would have had to turn back in this weather. (STOUT)

1588. The players displayed a _______ confidence. (SWASH)

1589. _______ by the cold and the rain, people danced until 2 a.m. (DAUNT)

1590. The film takes an _______ honest look at an issue that faces us all. (FLINCH)

1591. He has become more _______ this season with dress designs that incorporate a variety of ethnic influences. (VENTURE)

1592. The new schools were accused of _______ the best students in the area. (CHERRY)

1593. It’s an _______ situation - we can buy a new car this year or we can go on holiday, but we can’t do both. (EITHER)

1594. Why should it be necessary for a _______ committee led by a clergyman to supervise the medical department? (CONSTITUTION)

1595. Online surveys are notoriously biased because respondents are _______. (SELECT)

1596. We were _______ by a guy dressed in a gorilla suit. (PHOTO)

1597. Washington Irving’s Knickerbocker History of New York _______ begins with the creation of the world. (FACE)

1598. She is known for _______ in her dealings with the press. (JOKE)

1599. I can share personal memories and _______ with him, and compliment him on his fine choice of tattoo. (JOKE)

1600. There are some very witty _______ in the play. (ONE)

1601. You really have to be from here to get the final _______. (PUNCH)

1602. A _______ story or joke is very funny. (RIB)

1603. I felt _______, so I went up on deck for some fresh air. (SEA)

1604. I was so _______ I had to ask them to stop the bus. (TRAVEL)

1605. At times the book was _______ funny, at times I was moved to tears. (ROAR)

1606. The piece, as one _______ writer put it, “begins like Beach and ends like Offenbach”. (WAG)

1607. Contrasting greatly with the often-brooding _______ of Tristeza, LaValle manages to inject an uplifting aspect into his solo work. (MELANCHOLY)

1608. In his most famous stage work, he took a _______ affectionate voyage around his father. (RUE)

1609. He should be forced to wear _______ and ashes and apologize for his lies. (CLOTH)

1610. These bloody terror attacks forged a bond of _______ between the inhabitants of Paris and London. (VICTIM)

1611. Some British public figures have indulged in _______ about colonialism. (BREAST)

1612. The _______ of the hotel was matched by the dreary weather. (CHEER)

1613. But the kinder he was to her the more _______ she felt. (CONSCIENCE)

1614. _______ among junior ranks was rapidly spreading. (CONTENT)

1615. She writes about the joys and _______ of bringing up children. (HEART)

1616. He cried out for his brother with such pitiable _______ that even the criminals were moved. (MOURN)

1617. People are becoming _______ from the democratic process. (ENGAGE)

1618. He was portrayed as a _______ drunk. (FECK)

1619. He picked up a deck of cards and _______ counted them. (LACK)

1620. “It happened, and now it’s over,” she said _______. (LIFE)

1621. Her proposals got a _______ response. (WARM)

1622. It is the organised, _______, intolerable, mechanical noise which does not permit one solitary syllable to be uttered. (PASSION)

1623. 15 years in the teaching profession had left him _______ and cynical. (WORLD)

1624. The lyrics are _______ and uninspiring. (PLATE)

1625. Electric cars are increasingly _______. (PLACE)

1626. Your _______ responsibilities will include sorting the mail and making appointments. (DAY)

1627. Being seen with billionaires does not fit the _______ image he is trying to project. (MAN)

1628. The text was dull and _______. (FORMULA)

1629. I pulled into a nearby car wash and told the attendant to fill it with Super Unleaded and to give me the plain, _______, no-frills, no Spraywax or ArmorAll wash. (GARDEN)

1630. Already famous as the inventor of the lightning conductor, his _______ philosophizing and simple style charmed the world of the Court and the intellectual salons alike. (HOME)

1631. This is much more effective than any _______ realism could ever be. (KITCHEN)

1632. They adopted a sensible, _______ policy on defence spending. (ROAD)

1633. It’s a _______ store selling only basic goods at affordable prices. (FRILLS)

1634. _______ who go on the show have an enormous amount to lose. (CELEB)

1635. Smoking was once thought to be _______. (CANCER)

1636. The building is a refreshing place of concrete and _______ buildings found in the city. (DESCRIBE)

1637. I’ve never been a fan of the out-of-town shopping experience, with its huge, _______ soulless warehouses and dodgy trading ethics. (CHARACTER)

1638. Increased association with _______ peers may help reduce disruptive behaviour across adolescence. (DEVIANT)

1639. He gave a fairly _______ speech. (MILL)

1640. Being hard-nosed and aggressive are characteristics _______ associated with men. (TYPE)

1641. Compared to the extravagance and glamour of last winter’s clothes, this season’s collection looks simple, almost _______. (WORK)

1642. Television has become part of our _______ existence. (QUOTE)

1643. The RAC estimates that video audio conferencing, _______, and other uses of information technology could cut traffic by 45% in a decade. (SHOP)

1644. His first long-distance car trip resulted in _______. (CAR)

1645. The soft-spoken Congressman has carried out his duties in _______ fashion. (WORK)

1646. Visitors described the parish as ‘naked and _______’, with large clusters of trees found only on the landlord’s personal estate. (ADORN)

1647. Are we _______ near finishing yet or is there still some way to go? (WHERE)

1648. Hamilton is celebrating _______ victories in the German and British Grands Prix. (BACK)

1649. There’s a lovely park right on our _______. (DOOR)

1650. I’m up to my _______ in reports. (EYE)

1651. The CEO refused our request for a _______ interview. (FACE)

1652. Any trouble _______ is swiftly dealt with by the police. (HERE)

1653. He asked me to work at the weekend, but I refused _______. (POINT)

1654. Experts there said teens are more likely to engage in risky driving habits such as _______ and speeding. (GATE)

1655. The shop is within walking distance of both my house and my work, so it’s _______. (CONVENIENCE)

1656. Jack’s mind was made up in a flash, but even in the brief instant, he hesitated, the stranger’s keen, _______ glance had taken in everything. (CLOSE)

1657. There was a distinct lack of _______ names in the show. (BOLD)

1658. Voters want solutions to economic and social ills that are _______ apparent on their streets. (GLARE)

1659. Eye-witness accounts of the fighting differ _______ from police reports of what happened. (MARK)

1660. Any growth in unemployment is _______ a matter of extreme seriousness. (EVIDENCE)

1661. That’s enough _______! You do as you’re told. (CHAT)

1662. They felt they had been treated with _______. (COURT)

1663. He was silent all through the meal and then had the _______ to complain that I looked bored! (FRONT)

1664. Perhaps he thought his family’s _______ might put me off him. (BREED)

1665. His son, however, was notorious as the most _______, evil-living man in London, whose very contact was a pollution. (FOUL)

1666. Impassivity is often a yardstick of social status, displays of pain sensitivity being considered both vulgar and _______. (MANNER)

1667. I hope he didn’t think I was being _______ when I asked him about his private life. (PERTAIN)

1668. Her outwardly _______ appearance camouflages her inner radiance. (GRACE)

1669. Tourists of other nationalities have been equally subjected to this extraordinary display of bad manners and _______. (CIVIL)

1670. She could not bear the thought that Jane had been deprived of happiness by the folly and _______ of her own family. (DECOROUS)

1671. He writes _______ about science for a general audience. (REVERE)

1672. My family loves this show because it is not violent, drug-filled, _______, or “reality” television! (POT)

1673. He let out a torrent of abuse, none of it _______ in a respectable daily newspaper. (PRINT)

1674. She’s an experienced politician with a _______ style. (ROUGH)

1675. The receptionist asked _______ whether he could read. (SNEER)

1676. He was _______ removed from the list of members, for gross misconduct. (CEREMONY)

1677. The playwright _______ upset the cast with his harsh comments and picked a book off the shelf! (DIPLOMA)

1678. That’s twice now he’s just walked in here without so much as a _______ and picked a book off the shelf. (LEAVE)

1679. There has been a quiet revolution in standards of care for those with _______ illnesses and those near the end of life. (LIFE)

1680. In the case of food intolerance, certain foods are avoided, or _______ therapy is provided. (NEUTRAL)

1681. The infection is usually _______ if the patient gets treatment right away. (FATAL)

1682. She got a reputation as being an _______ secret agent, having escaped from many seemingly impossible situations. (KILL)

1683. He is best known as an _______ essayist. (BIOGRAPHIC)

1684. He was the director of photography behind the _______ Indiana Jones movies. (BLOCK)

1685. The term _______ is now considered offensive to many in the romance industry. (BODICE)

1686. The war between these two countries has been long-drawn-out and _______. (EPISODE)

1687. “Hannah Takes the Stairs” is directed by Joe Swanberg, one of the leading practitioners of _______. (CORE)

1688. This drill type of _______ study should be particularly convenient for improving visual identification skills. (COMPUTER)

1689. Although the line between fiction and _______ in this book is thin, there is nothing wrong with that. (FICTION)

1690. They may as well have called it deep six, because the film plummeted into a predictable pastiche of previous _______. (POT)

1691. Modern television sitcoms are often ironic and _______. (REFER)

1692. “Revolver” is the latest Guy Ritchie _______. (SHOOT)

1693. The movie is a _______, romantic comedy. (CENTRE)

1694. Her first _______ success was in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”. (SCREEN)

1695. Children often copy what they see _______. (SCREEN)

1696. His first job was _______ as a “voice artist” dubbing films. (SCREEN)

1697. Bring a pile of tissues with you when you see that film - it’s a real _______! (TEAR)

1698. Twelve Angry Men began life in 1954 as a 60-minute _______, written by Reginald Rose. (TELEVISION)

1699. It was a bit too clean and _______ to be really considered an evil lair. (SEPSIS)

1700. They argued that germs were a peculiar sort of chemical agent that played the role of independent biochemical agents in processes of fermentation and _______. (PUTRID)

1701. You can help the victims of the disaster by making a donation of _______ food. (PERISH)

1702. The company has new machines that print _______ dates onto packaging. (BEFORE)

1703. The book is as dull as _______. (WATER)

1704. She was impervious to his _______. (BLAND)

1705. Our lives are so _______ normal here that it’s hard to find anything to blog about. (BORE)

1706. I wondered whether there might, after all, be some truth in the old _______ that one’s school days are the happiest of one’s life. (NUT)

1707. Some obligatory _______ dialogue and effects make for fun viewing - could have used a bit more pointless carnage, however. (CORN)

1708. How well will Landman’s laid-back attitude merge with the more _______ style at Hughes Electronics Corp.? (BUTTON)

1709. The mother agreed to _______ rights for the boys’ father. (VISIT)

1710. She is a veterinary technician who recently became a _______ mom. (HOME)

1711. Young children in _______ felt more frightened and alone than supervised children. (CARE)

1712. _______ can lead to anxiety and depression in young people. (PARENT)

1713. A _______ parent often has very limited access to his or her children. (CUSTODY)

1714. Around 12% of _______ children were in residential homes. (LOOK)

1715. _______ care, especially for grandparents, presents its own challenges. (KIN)

1716. Have you tried _______? That could save you a lot of problems at night, and you can still feed him. (SLEEP)

1717. Some people think that _______, or babysitting, is an easy job, but if they spent just half a day doing it they would soon be ready for bed! (CHILD)

1718. The already demanding job of mothering has been extended to not just _______ but also teaching, entertaining, and coaching babies. (CARE)

1719. New mothers are taught all about the benefits of _______. (BREAST)

1720. Her babies are being _______. (BOTTLE)

1721. Congratulations and welcome to your little Jacob! Hope you enjoy the _______! (BABY)

1722. Seeing the condition of _______ children made her cry; she felt for them. (ADOPT)

1723. Her family included two _______, aged 3 and 2. (ADOPT)

1724. Her music crosses a lot of lines _______. (STYLE)

1725. I don’t know anything about the _______ of other departments or about the organization as a whole. (WORK)

1726. They’ve set up a plan _______ you can spread the cost over several months. (WHERE)

1727. He had injured his left hand and was typing _______. (HAND)

1728. She followed the company’s _______ to the letter. (PLAY)

1729. All the party seems to have to offer is the same _______ old ideas. (SICCATIVE)

1730. There’s something about a starry night that allows us to escape the reaches of our _______ reality. (EARTH)

1731. I fall asleep almost immediately, fading into a grayness where _______ people surround me. (FACE)

1732. The result is that, on some pages, the reader faces a _______ sea of grey print without the benefit of navigational aids. (FEATURE)

1733. She seems pulsingly alive in a way that the grand, _______ singers sometimes did not. (MARBLE)

1734. What a conventional, _______ attitude he has to life! (MIDDLE)

1735. It’s a workload management solution to manage large, _______ environments. (SYSTEM)

1736. The user interface is _______ in that it includes voice messages and e-mail messages in a single unified interface. (MODE)

1737. Many people accept the principles of evolution within the _______ of their religious beliefs. (FRAME)

1738. It’s a _______ world out there. (DOG)

1739. The kids take a _______ through the parking lot to get to school. (CUT)

1740. There are delays on the M4 because of _______. (ROAD)

1741. Many of these tasks manage to be both _______ boring and difficult to do. (NUMB)

1742. Everyone has read the disheartening stories of young urban kids who turn to coke as a source of contrast to their _______, dreary existence. (CHROME)

1743. The idea of spending his workdays _______ entering data for the company doesn’t appeal to him. (TONE)

1744. The characters in his novels tend to be a little _______. (DIMENSION)

1745. They might have to hire more front-line staff, cut the _______, and be prepared to work closer with the unions. (PEN)

1746. This parable on the dialectic of isolation is also a double monodrama, set in a no-man’s land of_______. (PLACE)

1747. His bag of tricks is so small, and so _______, it’s almost as if he’s writing the same column every week. (SHOP)

1748. His paintings all look a bit _______. (SAME)

1749. It is just a painted face, pretty in a way, shallow and _______. (SOUL)

1750. Repetitive work can become _______ after a while. (SOUL)

1751. The clever, jazz-tinged arrangement of New Bond Street makes up for its _______ lyrics. (THREAD)

1752. Characters thus afflicted may be realistic but they are also _______ predictable in their cravenness. (TIRE)

1753. This system may provide a powerful tool for adults who find computers a _______ yet need to learn to use them. (TURN)

1754. Simple repetitive tasks can be very _______. (WEAR)

1755. The newspaper made damaging _______ of management incompetence. (CLOSE)

1756. He’s got a very _______ manner. (FEMINE)

1757. Running into the street like that is a _______ way to get hurt. (FIRE)

1758. He was _______ in modern history. (VERSE)

1759. The young players all seemed very _______ in the rich history of the music they were performing. (GROUND)

1760. I wouldn’t be too concerned with what he thinks of you. For all his money and education, he’s hardly setting the world _______, is he? (LIGHT)

1761. But the _______ security policy has made more enemies than friends. (IRON)

1762. Because of the army’s presence, the city is seen to be the _______ of the area. (FLASH)

1763. She has an _______ chance of reaching the final. (SIDE)

1764. A lot of men would feel _______ if they stayed at home while their wives went out to work. (MASCULINE)

1765. There is still a huge proportion of the gay population who will not _______. (IDENTITY)

1766. New cars are to carry a _______ label which alerts buyers to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. (COLOUR)

1767. His letter _______ his willingness to help. (SPEAK)

1768. He said he’d given up smoking, but the empty packs in the bin were a dead _______. (GIVE)

1769. He gave a _______ in political showmanship at his first-ever press conference in Paris. (MASTER)

1770. He’s a _______ expert on national defence. (CLAIM)

1771. She’s a _______ supporter of prison reform. (PROFESS)

1772. The _______ guardians of law and order held a press conference. (DECLARE)

1773. Since its _______ in fall of 1999, the online service has gained millions of members. (ROLL)

1774. There are better ways of overcoming a psychological injury than _______ the victim to his trauma. (EXPOSE)

1775. All these foods are rich in fibre to balance your blood sugar and _______ your cells to insulin. (SENSE)

1776. Hispanics are _______ in U.S. political institutions. (PRESENT)

1777. You can’t just shout down any disagreement from a man as “_______”. (EXPLAIN)

1778. Thank you for your input Mr Walters - I’ll take what you’ve said under _______. (ADVICE)

1779. I _______ him to his responsibilities for his children. (WAKE)

1780. Some flowers have pollinator _______ that are visible to human eyes; the yellow stripe on an iris is one example. (GUIDE)

1781. The exhibition is an annual _______ for British design and innovation. (SHOW)

1782. The suspicion, as yet _______ in court, is that he may have withheld important information. (PROVE)

1783. Aren’t you going to _______ your presents? (WRAP)

1784. An _______ group released the recordings. (SECRET)

1785. They were accused of paying a businessman to act as a secret _______ to top officials. (CHANNEL)

1786. The President has ordered the _______ of all documents that shed light on human rights abuses. (CLASS)

1787. The two were chattering loudly and _______ about their husbands. (DISCRETION)

1788. Wolves were _______ into Yellowstone Park in 1995 after being moved away in 1928. (INTRODUCE)

1789. _______, she became emotional when her work was revealed. (REVEAL)

1790. We have a long way to go before we _______ the secrets of genetics. (RAVEL)

1791. At the end of the play, the villain is _______. (MASK)

1792. As the country begins to open up, the _______ has moved from social media to in-person confrontations. (MASK)

1793. _______ activists considered themselves to be defenders of literature and art. (CENSOR)

1794. Only a tiny minority of law enforcement officers ever face the ultimate disciplinary action of _______. (CERT)

1795. They persisted in employing the same arguments even after they had been shown to be _______. (VALID)

1796. A few minor factual errors should not _______ the theory. (VALID)

1797. It is _______ for meat and dairy products to be eaten as part of the same meal. (KOSHER)

1798. Patients must be protected from _______ drugs that could be unsafe. (APPROVE)

1799. At the _______ with a deadline looming, you sometimes feel under a lot of pressure. (COAL)

1800. Some interfering _______ had rung the police. (BUSY)

1801. I’m not going to have some young _______ tell me what to do! (WHIP)

1802. Our new teacher is a hard _______. (TASK)

1803. That last question was a real _______. (TOUGH)

1804. There are guards on the door to keep out _______. (DESIRE)

1805. How can she go out with him? He’s such a _______! (SLIME)

1806. I may be _______, but I’m lovable. (UGLY)

1807. I don’t have the technical _______ to repair a computer. (KNOW)

1808. Buks played the _______ tough guy, which seemed to make them only more suspicious. (KNOW)

1809. He was labelled a _______ and a bigot. (HATE)

1810. They are looking for ways to put an end to _______ by public officials. (LOAD)

1811. He can chatter away _______ for hours. (EGO)

1812. Richard inherited from his uncle the family _______ business. (IRON)

1813. I’ll stop at the _______’s on my way home from work. (FISH)

1814. _______ allows a company to have significantly smaller premises. (DESK)

1815. I don’t think I could live the rest of my working life being _______. (DESK)

1816. He paid for his studies by working the _______ shift as a hospital cleaner. (GRAVE)

1817. The bracelet was _______ with his name and date of birth. (GRAVE)

1818. The city council is encouraging _______ to make it easier for parents of young children to work. (JOB)

1819. It does not include welfare payments such as income support, working tax credit, or ________________’s allowance. (JOB)

1820. The agreement, by the very fact that it is _______, has some effect on employer competition. (EMPLOY)

1821. _______ are only allowed admission to the factory if accompanied by a member of staff. (WORK)

1822. In an age of blogs written by _______ amateurs, there is much debate over what constitutes journalism. (CREDENCE)

1823. This is not the sort of job I would ask a _______ to do. (PROFESSION)

1824. He looks completely different when he’s _______ and in his normal clothes. (DUTY)

1825. Many people like the flexibility of _______. (EMPLOY)

1826. Researchers claim that irregular schedules and _______ can damage health. (WORK)

1827. _______ and virtual organizations emerged out of these developments and also helped force the development of more flexible work organizations and the changes in management practices. (WORK)

1828. The album was praised by critics but it heralded the start of the band’s _______ years. (WILD)

1829. Middle and senior managers have been the main casualties of downsizing and _______. (LAYER)

1830. She was called into the boss’s office and given her _______ orders. (MARCH)

1831. In _______, central government may seek to limit the total expenditure of all local governments for economic stabilization. (TRENCH)

1832. There has been a _______ of inefficient corporations. (SHAKE)

1833. Oil, natural gas, and coal are _______ fuels. (NEW)

1834. I am naturally left-handed but was not allowed to write with my left hand, with the result that I became _______. (DEXTERITY)

1835. It sounds as though you’re _______ for the job. (TAILOR)

1836. The construction work is causing _______ in the city centre. (BOTTLE)

1837. Many roadworks have been suspended to avoid further _______ on the motorways. (SNARL)

1838. A car breaking down at rush hour could cause _______ across half the city. (GRID)

1839. Yesterday there was a four-mile _______ on the main road into the city after a crash. (TAIL)

1840. The bill for dinner was _______. (ORB)

1841. $20 for two drinks? That’s _______ robbery! (WAY)

1842. $300 for that shirt? - That’s a complete _______. (RIP)

1843. The price of oil went _______ when war broke out. (SKY)

1844. We want people who understand that e-commerce is _______ - it’s got to work. (BUSINESS)

1845. Saying that water is best among all food articles, he adds that pure water is _______ and always helpful to human body. (LIFE)

1846. For many old people living on their own, the phone is their _______ to the outside world. (LIFE) 

1847. The _______ nature of the healthcare chain’s products helped it survive the economic downturn. (DISCRETION)

1848. The bridge had a _______ design that meant that the entire span came down when one section failed. (REDUNDANCY)

1849. He opened a newspaper and began to _______ the personal ads. (USE)

1850. It takes time for a child to make connections between the pictures and the story, and that’s why _______ is important. (READ)

1851. After a cursory _______, he said the essay needed a lot of revision. (READ)

1852. The book is a _______ for anyone interested in Cold War diplomacy. (READ)

1853. The main entry also _______ you to the appendix on page 259. (REFER)

1854. Any modern understanding of the history of the region must _______ rely on the oral traditions. (FORCE)

1855. It’s one thing to release facts on a _______ basis; it’s another to withhold information just for the sake of it. (KNOW)

1856. There was _______ by House Republicans, who boasted that they had blocked the Democrats at nearly every opportunity. (CHEST)

1857. When I got my first job I was just a _______ teenager. (COCK)

1858. I wish Jon would make some constructive proposals instead of just making _______ remarks. (CLEVER)

1859. I hate the way he’s so _______ to his staff! (DESCEND)

1860. Babies are entirely _______, concerned only with when they will next be fed. (EGO)

1861. Viewed in this light, his _______ rhetoric about the timeless values of freedom and democracy can seem an abstraction fit only for university debating halls. (FLY)

1862. He is a constant _______, but that’s because those names are the only people he knows. (DROP)

1863. He’s just a _______ office boy. (JUMP)

1864. The man is ambitious, arrogant, _______, and has a blinkered vision that he alone is right, and that everyone else is wrong. (OPINION)

1865. She is driven by _______ ambition. (WEEN)

1866. The newspaper has become the _______ guardian of public morals. (POINT)

1867. She was very smug and _______ about getting the promotion. (SATISFY)

1868. The guard was marching _______ down the platform. (OFF)

1869. I didn’t know how to mention it without sounding _______. (SWELL)

1870. He’s a _______ git - take no notice of him! (NOSE)

1871. In Britain, he is regarded as a _______ fool. (GLORY)

1872. Jonathan keeps _______ around the problem, instead of confronting it. (TIP)

1873. Many criticized the films for _______ sentimentalism and distorted views of nature and animals. (CANDY)

1874. He takes a long time to realize that his _______ fears are groundless. (VOICE)

1875. It is not our job to _______ the rise of hate crimes. The statistics are real. (SUGAR)

1876. All my attempts to question the authorities on the subject were met by _______. (VARUS)

1877. He asked me, in a _______ way, if he could have a salary increase. (ROUND)

1878. He began in a _______ way, but eventually had to be fairly blunt. (LOCUTION)

1879. It is _______ to realize how many people believe these lies. (MAY)

1880. It’s an _______ that so much public money should have been wasted in this way. (RAGE)

1881. That flu really knocked me _______. (SIDE)

1882. We are deeply _______ by this devastating tragedy. (SAD)

1883. The scandal has shaken the Democratic Party to its _______. (FOUND)

1884. He scored an _______ during the closing minutes of the game. (EQUAL)

1885. It was a _______ secret that the old system was biased in favour of homeowners. (KEEP)

1886. ‘We will not recognize or _______ student organizations based upon their viewpoints’ he told the Daily newspaper. (RECOGNITION)

1887. Not everyone is convinced by the group’s _______ of criminality and violence. (AVOW)

1888. It’s a story set in the last century about a girl whose parents _______ her when she married a foreigner. (OWN)

1889. I always had to wear my sister’s _______ as a child. (CAST)

1890. The _______ reminded viewers that the movie is a drama, not a documentary. (CLAIM)

1891. The leader’s aggressive stance seems to have _______ any chance of diplomatic compromise. (CLOSE)

1892. Most of the audience seemed _______ towards the speaker. (DISPOSE)

1893. He knows that I want to give him the _______. (KISS)

1894. These children are not just being _______ for no reason. (OPPOSE)

1895. A federal appeals court in Washington has _______ the decision of the lower court. (RULE)

1896. Don’t tell granny we made the cake or she’s not going to touch it with a _______. (BARGE)

1897. So she gave you the _______, did she? (BRUSH)

1898. Her grandfather is _______ with palsy and dementia. (FEEBLE)

1899. The book is a well-researched and witty _______ of conservatism. (VISCERA)

1900. “There’s something you ought to know”, she began _______. (FALTER)

1901. They have returned with a _______ version of the proposal. (WATER)

1902. In the case of food intolerance, certain foods are avoided, or _______ therapy is provided. (NEUTRAL)

1903. It was _______ the way that she always knew what he was thinking. (CANNY)

1904. He was _______ enough to realize he was not particularly talented. (CLEAR)

1905. The players like the coach because he’s _______ and honest with them. (EARTH)

1906. I summon all honest men, all patriotic, all _______ men to my side. (FORWARD)

1907. In _______, it would have been better to wait. (SEE)

1908. It is only possible to achieve all this at the same time if all parties first remain calm and _______. (LEVEL)

1909. He _______ worked his way through his pile of documents. (METHOD)

1910. Barnes has a quiet, _______ manner of doing business. (NONSENSE)

1911. This eruption could be included just to trigger Channel 4 viewers, but listen to what’s coming out of the mouths of babes and _______ these days and shudder. (SUCKLE)

1912. The _______ approach to these problems is no longer an option. (SOFT)

1913. McDonald was as _______ as any of the criminals he had investigated. (STREET)

1914. Tyler is remarkably _______ for such a young girl. (WORLD)

1915. His name was _______ linked with the environmental movement. (EXTRICATE)

1916. The country’s constitution guarantees from the first line the unity and _______ of the state. (DIVIDE)

1917. The equipment should be tested _______. (PERIOD)

1918. There is an _______ divide between the country’s two main political camps. (BRIDGE)

1919. His handwriting is very poor, and his letters are still all _______. (JOIN)

1920. My dad’s such a _______ that he cuts his hair himself. (SKATE)

1921. He would read the papers and discuss the _______ policy of the Government with some of his old chums, have lunch at the club, play a game of dominoes or draughts, and return home in time for dinner. (PARING)

1922. This _______ has enabled the airline to slash ticket prices and still turn a profit. (PENNY)

1923. They have been called _______ who are always trying to reduce taxation. (SKIN)

1924. Don’t wait for Gillian to buy you a drink - she’s too _______. (TIGHT)

1925. There’s no point in asking Joe to pay for it - he’s a real _______. (TIGHT)

1926. If this trend continues, there is a risk that the whole sector will _______. (ATOM)

1927. The _______ between friendship and intimacy is often hard to define. (BORDER)

1928. They take unwanted computers and TVs for _______. (ASSEMBLE)

1929. She formed a political group which _______ a year later. (BAND)

1930. What I was looking for was a very ethereal, mystical, _______ sound. (BODY)

1931. The ministry is too big and cries out for _______. (MEMBER)

1932. It was all part of our enemies’ plans to sow _______ in our society. (UNIFY)

1933. The government has taken these measures in an attempt to _______ the conflict. (ESCALATE)

1934. They were alarmed by the _______ hot summers and drastic events such as super-hurricanes. (FREAK)

1935. An _______ approach to life and learning is a virtue throughout the college. (IDIOM)

1936. The soldiers had roses _______ stuck behind their ears. (CONGRUENT)

1937. The _______ superstar’s habits include watching TV with his chimpanzee. (BALL)

1938. It’s _______ she’ll be late and I’ve rushed for no reason! (ODD)

1939. She did ask her dad if she could have a big party, but the old _______ refused. (SPOIL)

1940. He’s just some _______ writer trying to get a book published. (SACK)

1941. This is not a matter of austerity; there is no need for any of us to become _______. (JOY)

1942. I went to the station on the _______ that she’d be there. (CHANCE)

1943. This quirky, _______ blog has a beautiful, poetic quality that really stands out from the crowd. (BEAT)

1944. He was wearing an _______ colourful suit. (LAND)

1945. He has been behaving with great _______. (SINGLE)

1946. The company discovered accounting _______ going back three to four years. (REGULAR)

1947. He was _______ charming and especially warm with children. (WHIMSY)

1948. For example, in the book this phrase is “and its ancient tombs” but is corrected in the _______ to “and our ancient tombs”. (CORRECT)

1949. _______ has set in to our prison system and new initiatives are stifled. (FOSSIL)

1950. This investigation has been mismanaged right from the start - I’ve never seen such a _______. (FOUL)

1951. This is a poorly written rule, full of contradictions and _______. (PRECISE)

1952. The president was better known for his verbal _______ than his policymaking. (CUE)

1953. A _______ can mean a nasty and possibly fatal fall. (STEP)

1954. There was a _______ at the office and we all received the wrong forms. (MIX)

1955. Because of a bank _______, the money had not been credited to my account. (SEE)

1956. The company employed lawyers to find _______ in environmental protection laws. (HOLE)

1957. Some of them even resisted it when the “critique” went to the extreme of absurdity and _______. (POSE)

1958. Sending the wrong message to the wrong group is a _______ error you will avoid with the help of our app. (BOY)

1959. There’s been a _______ with our hotel reservation. (SCREW)

1960. They weren’t sure if the dress was an unusual fashion creation or an embarrassing _______ malfunction. (ROBE)

1961. How much does the humiliation of a _______ really matter in the real world of politics? (OWN)

1962. He considers himself to be a very conservative person - _______ and resistant to change. (PROGRESS)

1963. It’s not “left-wing or right-wing” - political opinion is a long _______. (CONTINUE) 

1964. They developed a new method for transforming the _______ gas into ammonia. (REACT)

1965. The easy changes have all been made. All the _______ fruit has been picked. (HANG)

1966. The company uses ordinary consumers to determine the _______ of products. (USER)

1967. The Python code is quite straightforward and _______. (EXPLAIN)

1968. You get a very _______ view of things living on a college campus. (RARE)

1969. The interview was an absolute _______. (PUSH)

1970. Our lawyer thinks that we have an _______ case. (OPEN)

1971. The decision was a complete _______. (BRAIN)

1972. Credit card balances are growing beyond _______. (MANAGE)

1973. The DVD player comes with _______ instructions. (IDIOT)

1974. It would be _______ to try and predict the outcome of the talks at this stage. (FOOL)

1975. We need completely _______ trade, without tariffs or border checks. (FRICTION)

1976. We need more certainty about bias, some dependable, _______ test. (FAIL)

1977. She runs so _______, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. (EFFORT)

1978. Their music seems to suit the _______ way of life in Montana. (BREEZE)

1979. Rayon blended with polyester makes some wonderful _______ fabrics. (CARE)

1980. The Superbowl was a _______ for the Forty-Niners. (CAKE)

1981. Braces can help in _______ of the joints for treating fractures. (MOBILE)

1982. He was unwavering in his _______ and devotion to science. (FAST)

1983. The museum has remained _______ for a very long time. (ALTER)

1984. These days I don’t feel the need to preach to the _______; I just quietly think of them as fools. (CONVERT)

1985. Anna has a _______ summer ahead of her. (CARE)

1986. It is difficult to think _______ when you are being attacked by mosquitoes. (COMPOSE)

1987. She’s a generous and _______ boss. (EASY)

1988. Yoga is said to restore one’s inner _______. (EQUAL)

1989. There was _______ champagne at the party. (FLOW)

1990. I admired his youthful _______. (SOLICIT)

1991. In his _______ polite way, he ignored his opponent’s taunts. (PERTURB)

1992. I’ve never seen her worried or anxious in any way - she’s so _______. (LAY)

1993. She played _______ and produced her second win of the season. (NERVE)

1994. My wedding was the most _______ thing I’ve ever experienced. (NERVE)

1995. He sees an actor who looks _______ like him. (NERVE)

1996. In the beginning, the series was mostly comedic in mood but in the latter episodes it became increasingly dramatic, adventurous, and _______. (SUSPEND)

1997. Germany won the championship after a _______ final. (NAIL)

1998. He looked up and, rather _______, found the professor’s eyes fixed on him. (CONCERT)

1999. The cost of housing has risen _______ in the past few years. (ALARM)

2000. I congratulate her on the elegance and _______ with which she stood on her head. (FRIGID)

2001. She struck me as an extremely _______ young woman with a lot of presence. (POSSESS)

2002. I came back from my trip to California feeling _______ and rejuvenated. (REST)

2003. She seems _______ by her sudden success and fame. (FAZE)

2004. She’s totally _______ - you have to be when working in such a high-pressure environment. (FLAP)

2005. The students we spoke to were surprisingly _______ in talking about sex. (INHIBIT)

2006. For a man in danger of losing his job, he appeared fairly _______. (RUFFLE)

2007. She said that she was feeling completely _______ about the wedding. (STRESS)

2008. Sometimes he was _______ childish. (CONTEMPT)

2009. He suffered a serious, permanent, and _______ head injury. (ABLE)

2010. He said that prisoners had been _______ abused. (GRACE)

2011. I have never seen anything so _______ large in my entire life. (GROTTO)

2012. It’s a _______ difficult job. (HELL)

2013. He was _______ on revenge. (BEND)

2014. Korea is _______ in its demands for a new treaty. (YIELD)

2015. He has earned a reputation as a stern and _______ politician. (BEND)

2016. The strikes were confined to a few traditionally _______ factories. (MILITANT)

2017. The political street brawler made it clear in a recent interview that he has no regrets about his _______ tactics. (SMASH)

2018. The country is fortunate to have a leader who is so _______ focused on making things better for the people. (MIND)

2019. For the grey-haired, being young is often equated with being hot-headed, turbulent, _______, obstinate, and too hot to handle. (WILL)

2020. Landowners’ _______ about land reform helped precipitate the reaction against them. (CALCANEUS)

2021. Tonight he faces the most _______ opponent of his boxing career. (DOUBT)

2022. If you’re determined to be so _______ stubborn and blind to the truth, so be it. (PIG)

2023. In the film, when the medication runs out his _______ alter ego is unleashed. (AGGRESSION) 

2024. The rock weighed over a ton and was completely _______. (MOVE)

2025. She was a _______ child, always getting into trouble. (STRONG)

2026. He’s _______, he smokes and drinks, he’s too wrapped up in his work to have satisfying relationships. (BOIL)

2027. He’s _______ traditionalist where cooking is concerned - he doesn’t allow any modern gadgets in the kitchen. (WOOL)

2028. He bowed to her _______ will. (ADAMANT)

2029. This has quietly and _______ grown into a big problem. (SIT)

2030. Its agenda is as broad as it is deep, touching personal nerves and _______ prejudices. (SEAT)

2031. Smoking has caused _______ damage to his lungs. (VERSE) 

2032. The couple separated on the grounds of _______ breakdown. (RETRIEVE)

2033. The human cell is _______ complex. (REDUCE)

2034. There are _______ flaws in the logic of the argument. (REDEEM)

2035. The belief that you should own your house is deeply _______ in our society. (GRAIN)

2036. Are you too _______ to buy tickets online? (COMPUTER)

2037. The amount due was a simple matter of mathematical _______. (COMPUTE)

2038. A _______ portion of the fee will be refunded. (RATE)

2039. He gained a reputation as a smart _______ who could turn data into policy. (NUMBER)

2040. We can imagine cases where there is little divergence in the values yet _______ still occurs. (COMMUTE)

2041. This poses a problem for complex algebraic _______ approaches. (GRID)

2042. Students will be expected to represent problem situations _______. (ALGEBRA)

2043. Services will include a fast, 24/7, _______ connection to the Internet. (ON)

2044. _______ are adopting innovative security measures to protect valuable information in the virtual world. (ACT)

2045. Messages encrypted using the public key can be _______ only by someone with the private key. (CRYPT)

2046. _______ your computer overnight. (FRAGMENT)

2047. Choose Properties from the _______ menu and select the Device Manager tab. (DROP)

2048. The value of the new television technology to the company is that it is highly _______. (EXPORT)

2049. Unfortunately, the _______ buyer had hit the wrong buttons on his computer keypad, before clicking the send button. (FINGER)

2050. _______ is one of the key threats that organizations face today. (HACK)

2051. He received praise for the ability to make _______ adjustments to compensate for days when he was not at his best. (GAME)

2052. If a doctor _______ a drug chart, they could put the patient’s life at risk. (WRITE)

2053. Make sure you _______ your essay before you hand it in. (SPELLING)

2054. There is great potential for _______ if working in an IT-based industry. (COTTAGE)

2055. After you have _______ the file, click on the ‘Start’ button. (ZIP)

2056. Learning to _______ has made my work much quicker. (TYPE)

2057. Until relatively recently, the Japanese car industry was the _______ of international success. (TOUCH)

2058. The system has a _______ control panel. (TOUCH)

2059. All he ever talks about is football. He’s got a _______ mind. (TRACK)

2060. The researchers discovered that moving among certain social groups involves participating in constant _______. (UP)

2061. For the first six years of its life, the company was a _______ pony. But what a trick! (TRICK)

2062. Duggan, a TV personality and _______ journalist made the announcement last week. (TIME)

2063. It was _______ whether they’d allow him into the country or not. (TOUCH)

2064. He delivers a funny, poignant and _______ dignified performance. (TOUCH)

2065. Hand dryers are available with a push button or _______ automatic operation. (TOUCH)

2066. He needs to persuade the _______ in the cabinet. (LINE)

2067. It’s very difficult to change attitudes that have become so deeply _______ over the years. (TRENCH)

2068. We have been left with an almost _______ difficult set of problems to solve. (SUPER)

2069. _______ offices function well for people who need to be communicating with each other all the time. (PLAN)

2070. The referendum was the first major vote in the era of _______ politics. (TRUE)

2071. Not being one of the _______, I failed to understand the ballet’s subtler points. (COGNITION)

2072. The reduction of crime levels is the _______ of the president’s domestic policies. (CENTRE)

2073. Tourism is the _______ of Hawaii’s economy. (LIFE)

2074. He’s slightly aggressive, which a lot of people find _______ when they first meet him. (PUT)

2075. They used a _______ excessive amount of violence. (SICK)

2076. I hate the ads that use _______ cute children and animals. (NAUSEA)

2077. We were treated to the _______ spectacle of Congressmen fighting like children. (EDIFICE)

2078. The novel, while almost _______ sad, is still a joy to read. (BEAR)

2079. I had to get up at some _______ hour in the morning to take her to the airport. (GOD)

2080. Against this background was an _______ fact: the poverty of the suburbs where the immigrants were concentrated. (PALATE)

2081. He described fox hunting as _______ cruel. (SPEAK)

2082. The safety precautions taken by large resort hotels are often _______ inadequate for the number of people who stay there. (WOE)

2083. The children are _______ unhappy because of some social or economic factor in their background. (WRETCH)

2084. My daughter is so _______; her eyes are always riveted on her phone. (SCREEN)

2085. She never thinks about anyone else - she’s completely _______! (OBSESS)

2086. Don’t mention tax or Bernard’ll get on his _______ again. (HORSE)

2087. He became _______ with his best friend’s wife. (FIX)

2088. These people are caught in a toxic _______ of what they call “the Old Way”. (FETISH)

2089. Troops crossed the border _______. (OPPOSE)

2090. It was a _______ thing and Millar had to endure a five-minute wait before the judges decided that he had won. (RUN)

2091. The hopeless _______ and fools who populate the book are no reflection upon those who know the author. (CHANCE)

2092. “South London” is a _______ term for anywhere south of the river. (CATCH)

2093. They raced ahead into new markets, leaving other companies to play _______. (CATCH)

2094. Some _______ threatened Helen with the video they secretly made. (MAIL)

2095. Is editing your profile pic to make yourself look better really so different from _______? (CAT)

2096. The local business community has been destroyed by corruption, cheating and _______. (DEAL)

2097. He _______ his way into a powerful job. (FAST)

2098. If you feel your insurance was _______ and would like to know how to get a refund, then follow the simple steps below. (SELL)

2099. The university was divided into those people who thought he was a genius and those who thought he was a _______. (MOUNT)

2100. You think you can _______ me? (SMART)

2101. He talks about his passion for cricket and his days as a _______ fond of practical jokes. (PRANK)

2102. Two policemen gave his place a real _______. (SHAKE)

2103. He grinned _______ at her. (WOLF)

2104. Builders who annoy residents by smoking, swearing, or _______ face similar sanctions - and so they should. (WOLF)

2105. She was imprisoned on _______ corruption charges. (TRUMP)

2106. The security guards gave me the _______ but they didn’t ask me for any identification. (ONE)

2107. As a child, she took friends down there to go _______ at low tide. (MUD)

2108. The police have launched a _______ after the body of a six-year-old boy was found last night. (MAN)

2109. He left no stone _______ in his search for his natural mother. (TURN)

2110. The discovery of artefacts from a 17th-century whaling site has fuelled excitement among historians, archaeologists, and even casual _______. (BEACH)

2111. Their conscript army stood no chance against the allies’ _______ veterans. (BATTLE)

2112. He criticised the _______ of a religious minority for America’s recent economic failures. (GOAT)

2113. She raised an _______ finger at me. (ADMONISH)

2114. She’s so lazy - she needs a good boot up the _______. (BACK)

2115. She gave me a _______ for being late. (DRESS)

2116. In the US, where _______ Fridays have been common for years, bosses noted that productivity rose with the relaxed atmosphere. (DRESS)

2117. I got an _______ from Sam for being late. (EAR)

2118. A forward-looking, problem-solving investigation needs to foster a climate in which officials can be self-critical without undue fear of being prosecuted or _______. (KEEL)

2119. He showed no respect for his deputy and treated him as a _______. (PUNCH)

2120. She got a sharp _______ for being late. (PROVE)

2121. He certainly does not shy away from _______, taking full responsibility for his part in the failure. (CASTIGATE)

2122. I gave her a real _______ yesterday. (TICK)

2123. I finished my affair because my sister gave me a serious _______ and made me see what I was doing. (TALK)

2124. He got a real _______ after the game. (TONGUE)

2125. “She sells seashells on the seashore” is a well-known _______. (TWIST)

2126. The word can be considered as an _______ variant which is made up of many different dialects. (DIALECT)

2127.  The study of _______ deals with the non-verbal qualities of speech, which include pitch, amplitude, rate, and voice quality. (LANGUAGE)

2128. Not only is this _______ incredibly long and weird looking, it has many parts-of-speech in one word! (JAW)

2129. Speak with expression, not _______. (TONE)

2130. The idea of spending his workdays _______ entering data for the company doesn’t appeal to him. (TONE)

2131. It is hard for our car to move in this _______ street. (TRAFFIC)

2132. Her light, _______ voice was lovely to hear. (SONG)

2133. The programmes served as an eye-opener for many on the _______ aspects of the State’s history and heritage. (KNOW)

2134. After the Wall Street crash, the American economy moved into _______ waters. (CHART)

2135. The business is attempting to gauge how large a share of a new and largely _______ market it can seize. (DEFINE)

2136. Many of her achievements went _______ until after her death. (SING)

2137. Patterson discovered the previously _______ animal in 1999. (RECORD)

2138. I hate this song - I’ll _______ to the next one. (FAST)

2139. _______ were born when someone posted videos that swapped the faces of celebrities with porn performers. (FAKE)

2140. This was not a _______ event but the dreaded homework was instrumental in curtailing many of my activities. (SHATTER)

2141. Living in another country can be a real _______. (OPEN)

2142. Despite taking an _______ pay cut, he has no regrets about his career change. (WATER)

2143. She complained of _______ media accounts based on false information. (SENSE)

2144. The news of the layoffs was a _______ that left us all reeling. (THUNDER)

2145. Well, that’s a _______ for the books - I never thought he’d get the job. (TURN)

2146. Ruth was _______ when he presented her with an engagement ring. (THUNDER)

2147. Initiating change relies on confidence in one’s ability to enact it, and failure to do so can result in frustration and _______. (CONDEMN)

2148. There has been a wave of _______ statements by rival leaders. (CRIME)

2149. The organization protested that it was the victim of a politically motivated _______. (FRAME)

2150. There’s the usual _______ when mistakes are made. (FINGER)

2151. Her mother was in the final stages of senile _______. (DECREPIT)

2152. They made no answer, but when they returned for the empty dishes they left a couple of _______ magazines. (DOG)

2153. I’m not going to stay in that _______ old place. (FLEA)

2154. She suffers from _______ vision. (PAIR)

2155. I found some _______ old sweaters in the back of the wardrobe. (MOTH)

2156. It’s time we got rid of that _______ car. (SMASH)

2157. They lived in a _______ old cottage near the railroad tracks. (TUMBLE)

2158. Obviously, many people have read that manifesto recently because it was _______. (THUMB)

2159. An _______ to the contract stated that the buyer would be responsible for all transportation costs. (ADD)

2160. All the _______ in the book has been done by the author. (ART)

2161. Don’t forget to _______ this page. (BOOK)

2162. A new invention, “_______”, promises to remove the discomfort of reading books on a computer monitor. (PAPER)

2163. A photograph of the author forms the _______ to the book. (FRONT)

2164. He is overly gentle and _______, perhaps Roman Catholic and perhaps a man with Portuguese blood. (PEACE)

2165. They believe it is the duty of women to live for others in complete _______ of themselves. (NEGATE)

2166. She refused to _______ from her criticisms of the proposal. (TRACK)

2167. Her _______ posts include a useful reminder that the Bestseller List is NOT directly based on sales. (MYTH)

2168. The real line of the state government is the _______ one of “clean coal”. (MORON)

2169. She published a _______ in the newspapers two days later. (REFUTE)

2170. He is described as a Texas oil millionaire and environmentalist, which might appear to be _______. (CONTRADICT)

2171. The script was _______ and hard to follow. (JOIN)

2172. Without human society, we remain _______ individuals, isolated and alone. (ATOM)

2173. I was working in the _______ between human geography and physical geography. (ZONE)

2174. The goats wandered _______ down the rough tracks. (TETHER)

2175. We have extraordinarily broad and _______ networks of contacts, friends, and family that span the globe. (RANGE)

2176. Suggestions from the survey have been _______ into the final design. (CORPUS)

2177. A lot of memories are _______ in this photograph album. (SHRINE)

2178. You shouldn’t expect immigrants to _______ into an alien culture immediately. (SIMILAR)

2179. Balancing the minimal effective dose and a _______ dose can be difficult. (THERAPY)

2180. The hotel complex was a _______ of rooms and courtyards. (HONEY)

2181. The photograph shows three _______ robin chicks waiting to be fed. (HAND)

2182. Many _______ have been victims of devastating famines. (PASTOR)

2183. Another problem is erosion of stream banks caused by _______, a situation in which there are too many cows or other animals eating grass in an area. (GRASS)

2184. There is no evidence that _______ eggs are affected any differently from battery hen eggs. (RANGE)

2185. _______ animals are often fed on high doses of growth stimulators and antibiotics. (FACTORY)

2186. For some people _______ is just a hobby that they enjoy. (BEE)

2187. Farming finfish, shellfish, and aquatic plants, known collectively as _______, is one of the world’s fastest-growing food sectors. (CULTURE)

2188. _______ has pushed the mentally ill out of hospital beds and into the streets. (INSTITUTE)

2189. A mentally _______ old lady with totally messed up hair walked around shouting at everybody else. (RANGE)

2190. He is not very good at snooker but makes up for this with almost _______ competitiveness. (PSYCHE)

2191. The bridge is one of several said to be structurally _______. (SOUND)

2192. The apparent _______ of the markets’ reactions is completely understandable. (RATION)

2193. You shouldn’t leave your bag _______ like that. (GUARD)

2194.  The house was _______, and the flames and smoke could be seen for miles around. (BLAZE)

2195. _______ with desire, he took her in his arms. (FLAME)

2196. I’m all _______ about meeting him after so long. (FLUTTER)

2197. She’s a _______ health freak. (BORN)

2198. She walks whenever she can, uses public transport, switches things off, and is _______ about recycling. (ANGEL)

2199. The hotel specializes in _______ luxury. (ON)

2200. It’s the story of a _______ young girl who goes to Hollywood to make her fortune. (STAR)

2201. After four years of injury problems, Thomas remains _______. (DETER)

2202. She’s been in the music business for three decades but still sounds fresh and _______ in interviews. (JADE)

2203. He plunges _______ into editorial projects that interest him. (ZEST)

2204. Even the most amateur of _______ psychologists will detect a whiff of over-analysis here. (CHAIR)

2205. For an _______ the quality of streamed music is sometimes inadequate. (AUDIO)

2206.  There are movie fans; there are film lovers; and then there are _______. (CINEMA)

2207. You don’t necessarily need these new releases unless you are a _______ who has to have everything Hendrix ever produced. (COMPLETE)

2208. He is a great _______ of the prime minister. (DEVOTE)

2209. Whatever they like to be called, be it _______ or gourmet, bon viveur or epicure, tell them. (GASTRIC)

2210. That decline affects many individual beekeepers, both professional and _______. (HOBBY)

2211. The site is more of a browsing expedition than a tool for linguists and _______, but then the first word in the name is fun and not research. (LOGO)

2212. He has earned the title of Britain’s top _______, after spending 57 years on the nation’s railway platforms. (TRAIN)

2213. They resisted all the _______ who told them that they should not settle for second best. (ZEAL)

2214. He was _______ by gunmen on his way to work. (BUSH)

2215. When the pop star tried to leave her hotel, she was _______ by waiting journalists and fans. (SIEGE)

2216. The number of _______ deaths has risen steadily during the present campaign. (BLUE)

2217. In the heat of the election campaign, charges and _______ are flying. (CHARGE)

2218. Activists are becoming overconfident because they have not yet seen a _______ emerge. (FORCE)

2219. Should the enemy penetrate the defense, a _______ can be mounted. (OFFEND)

2220. The government has _______ the opposition by cutting taxes. (FLANK)

2221. The project is _______ overdue. (EXCUSE)

2222. Initial assessment was often _______, and key features in investigation and initial management were often lacking. (OPTIMUM)

2223. If this shows an _______ large error, say greater than 10 mm, then it should be corrected. (ACCEPT)

2224. A word of apology might not go _______. (MISS)

2225. There have been charges of financial _______. (PROPER)

2226. I think this campaign is a _______ of energy. There are lot of other issues that are more important right now. (DIRECT)

2227. She was young and hopelessly _______. (WORLD)

2228. Success in a _______ business comes from hiring the right people. (PEOPLE)

2229. As agriculture became more _______, many farm labourers moved to the towns and cities to look for work. (CAPITAL)

2230. In their latest production, they have reworked “King Lear”, _______ it to pre-colonial Africa. (POSE)

2231. The space will allow _______ works by these artists to be always on view. (CANON)

2232. The landscape is in perfect tonal and _______ balance, where the dark shapes balance the light. (COMPOSE)

2233. I’m not quite _______, but a singing career has never been something I’ve considered. (TONE)

2234. The birds are not noisy but most of their notes are harsh and _______. (MUSIC)

2235. Although the 3D design looks pretty, it doesn’t add much to the _______ of the game. (PLAY)

2236. The sheer _______ of this young woman is breathtaking. (MUSIC)

2237. The static from a _______ radio has a fairly constant loudness. (TUNE)

2238. The book cover had a picture of a dove _______ on a battle scene. (IMPOSE)

2239. The engineers say that by combining three wheels in a mutually perpendicular arrangement, it should be possible to build a ball-shaped, _______ robot. (STEER)

2240. The exhibition _______ Picasso’s early drawings with some of his later works. (POSE)

2241. Power-assisted steering improves a car’s _______. (MANOEUVRE)

2242. Three slices of toasted bread were _______ with pieces of chicken. (LAY)

2243. Please excuse any _______ or grammatical errors in what follows. (TYPE)

2244. They were looking for a strong leader who would _______ central government’s authority on the regions. (STAMP)

2245. The recording has been _______ to celebrate the conductor’s 80th birthday. (ISSUE)

2246. All regulations must be _______ so that people can see them and make comments before they take effect. (PUBLISH)

2247. The statue still inspires numerous _______ tourists. (SNAP)

2248. At my back, a _______ crowd in baseball caps prepares for the big reveal. (CAMERA)

2249. The other classmates apparently _______ or otherwise engaged. (CAMERA)

2250. She _______ left her umbrella on the bus. (ABSENT)

2251. Paul gazed _______ up at the ceiling. (ABSTRACT)

2252. “We had a wonderful evening sitting on the beach and looking at the stars,” she said _______. (DREAM)

2253. This was a very odd and _______ debate, the consequences of which will remain for some years. (FOCUS)

2254. The music was deafening and _______. (EAR)

2255. The opera is a _______ entertaining piece of theatre. (TUNE)

2256. He began to sing loudly and _______ against the roar of the engine. (TUNE)

2257. For me, this kind of hard rock with its screeching guitars is just _______ noise. (LISTEN)

2258. When driving on wet roads at high speed, a wedge of water can build up between the tire and the road surface and cause _______. (PLANE)

2259. Why does my car’s ventilation system _______ the windscreen more quickly when I turn on the air cooling? (MIST)

2260. After several years of strong growth, the laptop market is _______ to a slower, but hopefully steady, pattern of growth. (SHIFT)

2261. He was jailed for four months for _______. (DRINK)

2262. _______ cars could possibly help ease traffic congestion, lower pollution, and prevent accidents. (DRIVE)

2263. Vehicles are not stolen for parts but by _______ who abandon them later. (RIDE)

2264. Companies want lower interest rates to _______ the nation’s weak economy. (JUMP)

2265. The ugliness of the resort is _______ by the excellence of the skiing. (BALANCE)

2266. The stories _______ a young recruit with an old-timer. (POISE)

2267. There is in the artist’s landscapes a delicate _______ between the natural and the man-made. (POISE)

2268. If they sacked a few senior managers, the company would be less _______. (TOP)

2269. She said that she’d had to make a _______ between her job and her family. (TRADE)

2270. Of these dormice, eight were the _______ animals released into the wood. (CHIP)

2271. _______ commentators choose to ignore the wonderful work being done by church members in many areas of society. (CHURCH)

2272. Teaching children _______ bigotry also teaches them intolerance and hatred in other areas of their lives. (RELIGION)

2273. An overly zealous clergyman set her against religious people and she developed a lifelong _______. (CLERICAL)

2274. Karma regulates the reincarnation and _______ of the soul, and Sikhism links Karma with the doctrine of Grace. (MIGRATE)

2275. A third of all state schools in England are religious - wildly out of step with this _______ nation. (BELIEF)

2276. General _______ views in the legislature mean that approval of the ban is not assured. (REGULATE)

2277. A majority of the justices said that the _______ law violated the privacy rights of consenting adults. (SODOMY)

2278. The trust wants to ensure that housing remains affordable by using _______ clauses to limit the purchase and resale prices. (SPECULATE)

2279. The government is expanding its _______ investigation against Microsoft. (TRUST)

2280. Under the conservation _______, he will continue to own the ranch but has sold his rights to develop it. (EASE)

2281. The owners will begin three days of meetings on Tuesday in Orlando, Fla., and must find a way to re-engage a union that rejected the idea of a _______ federal mediator last week. (BIND)

2282. The human body is an amazing _______ organism until you start to mess with it. (REGULATE)

2283. What he stands for is summed up in the _______ slogan “compassionate conservatism”. (LITERATE)

2284. An _______ is a central character who lacks the characteristics an audience associates with a conventional hero. (HERO)

2285. Although many denounced him, the press _______ him as a new “American hero”. (CANON)

2286. His characters are cardboard _______ who express whichever motive the writer decides is necessary. (CUT)

2287. We should _______ the Western myth of human rights. (CONSTRUCT)

2288. It’s fairly satisfying in both its conventional and _______ aspects. (FICTION)

2289. The ruling party viewed _______ literature with suspicion. (CANON)

2290. Apart from the two heroes, everyone else in the play is essentially a _______. (CHARACTER)

2291. I have never seen mountains so _______ beautiful. (POET)

2292. A fictional world is like the actual world in that it has its own _______. (WORLD)

2293. The critics called his new collection of poetry bland, cold, and _______. (LYRICS)

2294. It’s one of the most _______ spectacular films we’ll see all year. (PICTURE)

2295. The _______ in some of these animal documentaries is fantastic. (CAMERA)

2296. Her last movie was a surprise _______ hit. (OFFICE)

2297. He was wearing the kind of trainers that would suggest he jogged here, were they not quite so _______. (BOX)

2298. The _______ is what makes this film as wonderful as it really is. (CINEMA)

2299. She took a stunning _______ of him. (CLOSE)

2300. Paramount executives are banking on the _______ strategy of serving up sophisticated fare to adult audiences when they are tired of frivolous shows. (PROGRAMME)

2301. She was best known for her _______ roles but was keen to return to the stage. (THEATRE)

2302. A _______ was done to ensure there were no problems, such as a criminal record. (SCREEN)

2303. The TV channel had to _______ parts of the production after receiving hundreds of complaints from viewers. (SHOOT)

2304. The diaries document the _______ of his sense of identity. (SPOOL)

2305. At normal retirement age, all benefits payable under this pension plan are _______. (FORFEIT)

2306. She is of _______ age. (PENSION)

2307. The neighborhood is a mixture of _______ and single professionals. (RETIRE)

2308. Many students who graduate are _______ to join the world of work. (PREPARE)

2309. I will take such good care of them, I promise, and if you like, I will pick the tenderest grass for old _______, he added grudgingly. (PATCH)

2310. A very few of the _______ are still around to reminisce about those harsh days. (TIME)

2311. She suffered from a long list of _______. (FIRM)

2312. Young deaf people expect to use speech and _______ with hearing people. (LIP)

2313. The books are second-hand but all in _______ fresh condition. (MINT)

2314. I really don’t understand these _______ computer games that my grandchildren play. (FANGLE)

2315. He must either abandon or _______ his thesis. (FORM)

2316. She is expected to announce officially her _______ for president early next week. (CANDIDATE)

2317. He protested at what he considered the _______ of younger voters during the election campaign. (FRANCHISE)

2318. In Missouri, only a few _______ candidates have benefited so far from the end of donation limits. (BALLOT)

2319. He was the most _______ successful leader in the party’s history. (ELECT)

2320. There should be _______ lectures in nutrition for all trainee doctors. (ELECT)

2321. The popular will as expressed in a society’s political culture need not coincide with whatever would be reflected in an opinion poll or a _______. (PLEBEIAN)

2322. There was a marked _______ of views among the people attending the meeting. (PLURAL)

2323. Until the _______ is held, the Election Secretariat has suspended the release of the district result. (POLL)

2324. Her stance on taxes could be a big _______ in this election. (VOTE)

2325. The candidate’s _______ tour chugged through Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado before winding down in Arizona. (WHISTLE)

2326. The United States Constitution requires a _______ of two-thirds of both houses of Congress to propose a constitutional amendment. (MAJOR)

2327. It was a _______ documentary series, seen by many as the precursor to reality television. (FLY)

2328. _______ programmes are available to everyone and they can be watched for free. (AIR)

2329. We interrupt this programme to bring you a _______. (NEWS)

2330. BBC THREE, the BBC’s new digital channel, will launch with an evening’s _______ on BBC TWO and with some temporary support from the residents of Albert Square. (CAST) 

2331. Jack began to _______ his belt and pull his shirt over his head. (BUCKLE)

2332. He was _______ a fine claret. (CORK)

2333. She _______ the sweater that was tied around her waist and put it on to hide her arms. (KNOT)

2334. Build the house so that the top lifts off or _______ for easy cleaning. (SCREW)

2335. She said it would be foolish to take an _______ position. (DEVELOP)

2336. Although in their early _______ stages, these new methods show significant promise. (DEVELOP)

2337. You may be fortunate enough to work in a company where you are encouraged to seek _______. (DEVELOP)

2338. If he does not take part in the election, it would _______ the entire electoral process. (LEGITIMATE)

2339. One of the documentary’s many _______ images is of a child playing with her father’s gun. (SETTLE)

2340. Under the new editor, the magazine has undergone a _______. (MORPHOSE)

2341. As a part of the _______ process, they hoped to reposition the brand as the “original” travel company. (BRAND)

2342. No other scientist has come close to his degree of fame and mythic _______. (FIGURE)

2343. He writes that the _______ of the 1960s pulled down social barriers and overthrew elitism. (YOUTH)

2344. The characterisation of _______ medicine and the broader movement are contested. (AGE)

2345. Botox had a brief life as America’s favourite _______ treatment. (WRINKLE)

2346. If you prefer to “tan” at home, there are several _______ products available. (TAN)

2347. This is the senator’s second _______ on the issue. (FACE)

2348. She returned to the United States to find a country that seemed almost _______ from the one she had left as a young woman. (RECOGNITION)

2349. Some of the bank’s lending operations come within the _______ of the deputy manager, and some are handled directly by the manager. (VIEW)

2350. The mortgage on his house had become a _______ around his neck. (STONE)

2351. Soldiers who obey orders to commit atrocities should be _______ for their crimes. (ANSWER)

2352. We looked out of the aircraft window down onto the _______ of fields below. (PATCH)

2353. It will remove the grievous hardship imposed by the _______ and unhappy marriage, extending throughout the very lifetime of an injured or aggrieved partner. (SORT)

2354. The problem was that 3,233 part-time students were included in the list because the query failed to recognize their _______. (ELIGIBLE)

2355. He was charged with conduct _______ to an officer. (BECOME)

2356. It is a pity she is rather tomboyish and _______ in her appearance. (LADY)

2357. Popular movies often have a kitschy _______ that can be irresistibly entertaining. (VULGAR)

2358. The _______ and filth of the poor cottage was too disgusting for his family. (SEEM)

2359. There are cities, towns, and villages with open spaces which are _______, and derelict buildings which give an area a depressing environment. (EYE)

2360. We may be in a _______ backwater, and this may be a tent, but it is my operations center, and I will have silence. (GOD)

2361. I came across a sign the other day, _______ scrawled on cardboard and stuck to a telephone pole. (ELEGANCE)

2362. The building is an architectural _______. (MONSTER)

2363. Mr. Chen laughed in his quiet, _______ way. (REPTILE)

2364. Love is the salt of life and without it, life would be tasteless and _______. (APPETITE)

2365. Humans are discussed as arrogant and blundering, an _______ contrast to the innocent and compassionate chimps or gorillas. (FLATTER)

2366. He had undone the buttons of his shirt, exposing an _______ expanse of white flesh. (SEE)

2367. Competitors’ snugly-fitting, _______ silk stockings responded better to the post-war changes in women’s dress and made deep inroads into the sale of traditional circular knit hosiery. (FASHION)

2368. Nail-biting in children, shaving in men and _______ shoes in adults have all been blamed for making warts more likely. (FIT)

2369. The containers are available in a variety of sizes or _______. (MEASURE)

2370. The journalist also does _______ work when required. (EDIT)

2371. Loose-fitting jeans and sneakers: the perfect _______ outfit. (NORM)

2372. There are plenty of _______ solutions that have been tried and tested elsewhere. (PEG)

2373. The _______ interest rate applied across the eurozone. (SIZE)

2374. I am wearing black jeans, a black _______ suit jacket, and a black silk tie. (PIN)

2375. The disappearance of bespoke tailoring has been offset by better _______ clothes and the coming of certain designer labels only the more discerning will recognise. (WEAR)

2376. This shirt is _______ when it’s wet. (SEE)

2377. Have you read McClelland’s _______ account of his life? (VOLUME)

2378. Either way, it seems he’s a dirty _______, y’know? (FLEA)

2379. At one time, I actually never even thought I would work anywhere but at that _______ of a chicken plant. (HELL)

2380. The police department was a _______ of corruption. (BED)

2381. Sections of many US cities are violent urban _______. (WASTE)

2382. Your bedroom is a _______! (PIG)

2383. _______ sentiment in the country has fostered online attacks against journalists. (PRESS)

2384. His son joined the rebels, and this seems to have been the solution adopted by many _______ families. (BARON)

2385. They are buying out smaller firms by offering them _______ prices. (CAR)

2386. There need to be solutions to _______ abortion. (STREET)

2387. Planners are committed to developing the city’s _______ sites before granting permission to build on the rural outskirts. (BROWN)

2388. A resident had voiced concerns over the parks becoming _______ areas for the public at night but the police have responded quickly with the extra patrols. (GO)

2389. Suddenly _______ themes were replaced by defences of the monarchy. (ROYAL)

2390. The world champion was _______ by a young Swedish challenger. (THRONE)

2391. However, we are talking big money – or _______, as they say. (BUCKS)

2392. Invest in a waterproof, _______ camera case. (SHOCK)

2393. The candidate launched yet another _______ at the president. (BROAD)

2394. Given the small number of major incidents, officials cannot rely on _______ analysis for cues on safety. (CRASH)

2395. The effort to _______ opposing views does not produce constructive dialogue. (THEME)

2396. She was being critical, but her _______ were mild. (ANIMUS)

2397. Methane gas will drive cars and heat houses - but there is no need to _______ that point at this moment. (LABOUR)

2398. The star was _______ when she didn’t lose weight immediately after having her baby. (BODY)

2399. The former president said he isn’t a huge fan of the online _______ culture. (CALL)

2400. The fall of seventeenth-century art into critical _______ was not soon remedied. (PROBE)

2401. People who were _______ as kids are actually more likely to be obese as adults. (FAT)

2402. The president _______ the Western press for their biased views. (CORIUM)

2403. If you spent less time _______, you’d get more work done. (NIT)

2404. The recent criticism of his leadership has included _______ from several leading political journalists. (POT)

2405. I sighed, gave him the _______, and told him he was lying. (EYE)

2406. A girl who was _______ by her boyfriend has been praised for her response to the slur. (SLUT)

2407. Years of confrontation had reduced the appeal of _______. (UNION)

2408. The town is a sort of _______, with no real central area and only superstores. (CITY) 

2409. They were granted _______ rights to protect their investment. (DILUTE)

2410. Traders said that overseas _______ were buying the stock in London in the hope of selling it at a profit in Johannesburg. (ARBITER)

2411. _______ is not generally illegal, but many regard it as immoral, as it does little to benefit the economy. (ASSET)

2412. The bonds were not _______, meaning the organization could not refinance when interest rates dropped. (CALL)

2413. Thousands of _______ have invested in the building society, hoping that it will become a public company. (CARPET)

2414. He can keep quiet and hope Tony will repay loyalty on this occasion - but that has not proved a _______ guarantee on any issue in the past. (COPPER)

2415. After this _______, the Government’s shareholding in the company would come down to 80%. (INVEST)

2416. Banks began to widen the range of services they offered to include _______, merchant banking, and insurance. (STOCK)

2417. The overall oil price outlook is expected to remain _______. (BEAR)

2418. This has had the effect of _______ UK exports. (CHEAP)

2419. There was considerable activity ahead of the September share price index futures _______ on Monday. (CLOSE)

2420. The bank is likely to need further capital during the current economic _______. (CYCLE)

2421. Retailers have been forced to take big _______ to lure shoppers concerned about the economy. (MARK)

2422. The demand pushed union leaders into an even more aggressive negotiating posture, believing they were faced with a _______ measure that was intended to crush the union. (ROLL)

2423. They claim to _______ their competitors by at least five percent. (CUT)

2424. _______ of the environment is destroying hundreds of species each year. (PREY)

2425. The company spent much effort in avoiding takeover bids from _______ competitors. (PREY)

2426. There are a few voices that speak of the anxiety and the uncertainty that lurk just beneath the surface of our _______ culture. (DEVOUR)

2427. Nearly 100 years old, the home was an ideal _______ candidate, preservationists feared. (TEAR)

2428. Actors’ reputations have been made and _______ on this London stage. (MAKE)

2429. They were _______ off the coast of Newfoundland. (SHIP)

2430. A true _______ curriculum would give pupils the courage to break away from conventional gender stereotypes. (SEX)

2431. This catalogue has gone _______ since the last time I bought something from it. (MARKET)

2432. Empty _______ shampoo and conditioner bottles into small, squeezable ones that are easier for a child to hold. (ECONOMY)

2433. Ministers should end _______ pensions and replace them with a single payment of £105 a week. (MEANS)

2434. Most women were _______ and compared prices of products in different shops. (PRICE)

2435. He spent weeks _______ the program. (BUG)

2436. He thinks that wearing uniforms at school _______ children. (PERSON)

2437. This power is _______ and impersonal, and its gender bias has hitherto been invisible. (OBJECT)

2438. It took a professional trapper to _______ a family of raccoons from my cottage. (LODGE)

2439. This part of town is a _______ area. (TOW)

2440. The swamp has poor _______ throughout. (DRAIN)

2441. The _______ of the waters that once flooded the marshes has damaged this environment irrevocably. (EXTRACT)

2442. He has converted a large, _______ gallery in the West Wing into a light-filled and minimal showcase for contemporary art. (CHAMBER)

2443. Each zone is divided into two _______. (ZONE)

2444. As a society, we _______ ourselves when we hurt our own members. (BRUTAL)

2445. It’s a totalitarian regime that reduces and _______ its population. (HUMAN)

2446. Do you think the _______ and the disadvantaged got rights just by asking the wealthy and powerful really nicely? (TREAD)

2447. _______ human activity based in utilitarianism is not crass or all so obviously wrong, especially in today’s context. (EXPLOIT)

2448. No one would have guessed how alienated I felt, how _______ and adrift. (LOCATE)

2449. He is not bound to keep out an immigrant because he has been convicted of an _______ offence. (TRADITION)

2450. Clever _______ can persuade you to buy things you don’t really want. (SALE)

2451. He had superb _______ and was a great dancer and excellent marksman. (PEN)

2452. We are determined to encourage international bodies to raise the existing standard of _______ and navigational competence. (SEA)

2453. He hates flashy _______, which he says is all about the pianist and has nothing to do with the music. (SHOW)

2454. The _______ that went into some of these pieces of furniture was truly remarkable. (WORK)

2455. In the matter of _______, few men have so sure a hand, an instinct so unerring. (DRAW)

2456. The art of excellent _______ is that one must always be adaptable to change. (MANAGE)

2457. The Congress and Senate have twice now resorted to _______ in a bid to get the controversial tax packages passed. (BRINK)

2458. Last year, the firm spent almost 60% of its revenue on _______ and direct mail. (SALE)

2459. The competitors display their _______ at targets along the ski route. (MARK)

2460. Over the years, she has grown from performing simple magic tricks to more elaborate and _______ ones. (DEATH)

2461. Thirteen performers showcase mind-boggling skills, taking terrifying risks on stage, including some true _______ performances. (GRAVITY)

2462. He said he wouldn’t pay up so I sent my brother round to put the _______ on him. (FRIGHT)

2463. Black clouds gathered _______ over the hills. (MENACE)

2464. The fact is that employment law is now a legal _______. (MINE)

2465. She showed us the new _______, _______ graphics software she’d bought for her computer. (SING, DANCE)

2466. This distribution is usually run by software developers who participate in a project and need the latest libraries available, and by those who prefer _______ software. (BLOOD)

2467. Their _______ meant that they couldn’t come to an agreement in the best interest of the child. (TRACT)

2468. These _______ acts of violence were perpetrated with a total disrespect for the person. (AXIS) 

2469. A _______ character, he wrote poetry and was an active sportsman. (SIDE)

2470. The research explores the _______ of social-psychological influences within and across hierarchical levels of children’s environments. (DIMENSION)

2471. The film’s _______ plot was difficult to follow. (SERPENT)

2472. “Maybe he will come out tomorrow,” she added _______. (CRYPT)

2473. We have gone through the evidence with a _______ comb. (TEETH)

2474. The novel _______ examines the friendship between two women. (FORUM)

2475. The marketing analysis offers a high level of _______. (GRANULAR)

2476. This is a well-written and _______ text as well as a valuable resource. (DEEP)

2477. The cruise company does not want to risk alienating the other passengers who don’t get the _______ treatment. (GLOVE)

2478. Foreign banks had been unwilling to assist the troubled group without some kind of _______ underwriting. (PLATE)

2479. How do I know if my computer is performing _______? (OPTIMUM)

2480. She brought together a team of _______ designers and engineers. (DRAW)

2481. Most notably, it perfectly replicated the characteristic colonial disregard of the _______ ideas and experiences of rural people. (TIME)

2482. There are several ways to view the data, including _______. (DRILL)

2483. Over several days, here and at other companies, I hear this _______ repeated like a campaign talking point. (FACT)

2484. It’s important for children to be taught the _______ of science. (FUNDAMENT)

2485. According to the WHO, the COVID-19-related _______ is just as dangerous as the virus itself. (INFORM)

2486. The piece is a massive, unenlightening _______, containing paragraph after paragraph of brain-bending detail. (DUMP)

2487. The offer will not commence until the _______ documents are mailed to shareholders. (INFORM)

2488. The three countries have signed a _______ pledging to work together. (MEMORY)

2489. Digital cameras can tag images with useful _______. (DATA)

2490. An important component of _______ is the investigation of the consistency of treatment effects across studies. (ANALYSE)

2491. Invoices sent electronically can’t get lost in the post or _______. (FILE)

2492. Your Facebook _______ will show you the posts and pages your friends like or find interesting. (NEWS)

2493. The centre was awarded a grant for _______ to the homeless. (REACH)

2494. The _______ of the case have not been revealed. (PARTICULAR)

2495. What he said cast an interesting _______ on what had happened. (LIGHT)

2496. Our fashion editor gives you the _______ on winter coats for this season. (LOW)

2497. The committee studied the _______ of the report for hours. (MINUTE)

2498. I think we shall have to wait and see whether these gloomy _______ are borne out by the facts. (TIDE)

2499. He arrived ten minutes before the press conference, _______, claiming he had overslept. (BRIEF)

2500. She put some pesos into the little girl’s _______ hand. (STRETCH)

2501. His tumultuous triumph five years ago now seems like little more than a _______ in history. (FOOT)

2502. We’ll have to observe the _______. (FORMAL)

2503. He was disqualified from the competition on a _______. (TECH)

2504. I _______ that no one could overhear us before I told Otto the news. (CERTAIN)

2505. Emergency workers at the site are still unable to _______ the cause of the explosion. (PIN)

2506. _______ represents a significant threat to traditional “bricks and mortar” retailers. (SHOW)

2507. _______ refers to a shopping process that starts with online browsing and then leads to buying in-store. (WEB)

2508. Because we’re such a large family, we find it cheaper to _______ foods we eat a lot of. (BUY)

2509. _______ items such as groceries and petrol should be paid for with cash or a debit card. (CONSUME) 

2510. It’s a pity he _______ the takeaway food. (ORDER)

2511. Passengers get _______ deals on future cruises so they are cheaper for them to afford. (MONEY)

2512. The company has such large cash reserves that it thinks it can always _______ any competitors. (BUY)

2513. They are all clamouring for turkey. So out I go to _______ one and freeze it. (BUY)

2514. The success of the Jews in driving Rome from Jerusalem sent _______ throughout the Roman Empire. (SHOCK)

2515. The mayor foresaw no political _______ against his proposal. (LASH)

2516. If he tried to control immigration, there would be _______ from farmers who could not get workers to pick produce. (BLOW)

2517. The Chancellor’s _______ against inflation have been completely ineffective. (MEASURE)

2518. He has a _______ temper, and as such can cause a lot of trouble without thinking about it. (HAIR)

2519. No selling company will survive with an inferior product, unjustifiably high prices, or a _______ supply chain. (RESPONSE)

2520. Saccades are _______ triggered by a suddenly appearing visual target and are also under volitional control. (REFLEX)

2521. This leaves me with the _______ job of explaining to Debbie that she is not invited. (TICKLE)

2522. When they could not find the car, they assumed they had merely _______ the parking space. (REMEMBER)

2523. Memories of his childhood _______ when he saw the photographs. (FACE)

2524. This trail is not circular, so you have to _______ your steps back to the start. (TRACE)

2525. The council is in dispute with the _______ named restaurant chain. (SUGGEST)

2526. The Glasgow-based company is to launch a stock market _______ this summer. (FLOAT)

2527. An iceberg sank the “Titanic” - a ship they claimed was _______. (SINK)

2528. Water the plants regularly but do not allow the soil to become _______. (WATER)

2529. I never buy clothes that aren’t _______. (MACHINE)

2530. Officials are worried that allowing these refugees into the country will open the _______ to thousands more. (FLOOD)

2531. _______ wetlands have a crucial role to play in guarding against flooding. (TIDE)

2532. Warnings about terror attacks sent a _______ of anxiety through the nation. (RIP)

2533. Many children have become _______ disturbed as a result of the abuse they have suffered. (EMOTE)

2534. His tone is always precise rather than _______ passionate. (EMOTE)

2535. Bell’s curiosity was _______, encompassing geography, ethnography, archeology, history, politics, poetry, and more. (QUENCH)

2536. Like many pregnant women, she is distilling all of society’s _______ anxiety about exposure to toxic chemicals into nine months of serious worrying. (FLOAT)

2537. They serve juices, bottled waters, and other _______ drinks. (QUENCH)

2538. Personhood isn’t actually vested in something material but resides in something _______ soul. (MATERIAL)

2539. “I’m so sad that I missed you,” he said _______. (SOUL)

2540. She assured me that my fears were _______ and unfounded. (BASE)

2541. He was a much more complex character than your _______ description suggested. (CARTOON)

2542. As if the real world weren’t scary enough, _______ threats are everywhere. (CHIMERIA)

2543. There’s a _______ quality to the final stages of the movie. (DREAM)

2544. The show is an _______ of America rooted in small businesses that magically sustain themselves. (IDEA)

2545. He was popular during the early part of the 20th century, but today his work seems dated and _______. (SUBSTANCE)

2546. In the _______ age, politicians sometimes get what they want by getting the narrative right and the facts wrong. (FACT)

2547. She said the case against her used _______ evidence. (ROBUST)

2548. In elections, one method of good auditing is end-to-end _______ that allows you, as a voter, to see whether your vote has been changed. (VERIFY)

2549. This research seems to lend some _______ to the theory that the drug might cause cancer. (VALID)

2550. He seems to be running for election on a platform of _______: you can have your cake and eat it, too. (CAKE)

2551. The debate about Britain’s drinking culture should be linked to the absurdity and _______ of our drug laws. (THINK)

2552. She doesn’t seem to understand the difference between truth and _______. (FALSE)

2553. The couple was charged with _______ of documents. (FALSE)

2554. This is _______ and this isn’t true. (HOG)

2555. Is it not necessary to adopt criteria for trueness to _______ potentially violent and destructive experiences of the past? (MYTH)

2556. Don’t believe a word of what he says. It’s just a load of _______. (TRAP)

2557. It relies on _______, uncertainty, lies, and keeping your opponent unsure of just how crazy you are. (TALK)

2558. Statins are _______ drugs that can help protect against heart attack and stroke. (CHOLESTEROL)

2559. Are these guys just spouting _______ that they have no real basis for believing? (EYE)

2560. It’s hard to accept that disease can afflict anyone, randomly and _______. (MEAN)

2561. If your trip is _______, you are advised to stay at home. (URGENT)

2562. It won’t make a _______ of difference to me. (PENNY)

2563. He was proposing some _______ increase. (PENNY)

2564. The police are arresting the _______ when they should be going for the ringleaders. (TIME)

2565. He failed to show the battlefield bravery that is _______ expected of men. (VESTIGE)

2566. That country has a long, _______ record of dealing harshly with political prisoners. (GLORY)

2567. The glorious thing about Almodóvar’s movies is their unashamed _______. (MORAL)

2568. He gave a convincing stage performance as the unpleasant young _______. (DEBAUCH)

2569. He wrote about the moral _______ that accompanies the accumulation of wealth. (GENERATE)

2570. She was imprisoned by her family but was _______ possessed by a desire to escape. (DEMON)

2571. The government has blamed the protests on a handful of _______. (EVIL)

2572. In times of great _______, one of the striking signs that things are not right is disobedience to parents. (GOD)

2573 Those who shun the great sins and _______, and whenever they are angry, they forgive. (DECENT)

2574. We would not be so keen on freedom of information if the information were used in a _______ way. (ETHIC)

2575. Their treatment of prisoners is _______ and morally bad. (HUMAN) 

2576. They are a bunch of self-interested individuals who have _______ abused their power. (CONSCIENCE)

2577. It is unpalatable that a company should behave in such an _______ way and not tell us what more we are to suffer. (PRINCIPLE)

2578. As it plays out in the context of the film, this metaphorical scenario leads Alex into troublesome emotional territory with friends, colleagues, and more _______ characters. (SAVOUR)

2579. It is a problem when corporations wield market power _______. (SCRUPLE)

2580. ‘We must crack down on _______ operators who set up premium-rate line services, only to disappear days later before the regulator has a chance to investigate complaints,’ he said. (NIGHT)

2581. He deposited his _______ gains in foreign bank accounts. (GET)

2582. The _______ preacher is a stereotype of black pop culture. (JACK)

2583. He _______ and wrongly suggested that his health care plan would provide health care for “all Americans.” (LEAD)

2584. Such _______ conduct drew international ire and led to the formation of a strong protest movement. (SPORT)

2585. It’s an interesting proposal but it’s simply economically _______. (VIABLE)

2586. It was no great surprise when the manager was sacked after a disastrous, _______ season. (WIN)

2587. It was in the third round of the championships that they came _______. (STICK)

2588. He wrote her a letter when he was on his _______. (BED)

2589. The _______ shot her mother before killing herself. (CEASE)

2590. More of the baby boomer generation are now facing _______ decisions. (LIFE)

2591. A local non-profit foundation is offering people battling _______ cancer alternative options and financial support. (STAGE)

2592. She remembered her dead brother without _______. (MORBID)

2593. The hospital had to decide to _______ non-terminal patients. (PRIOR)

2594. By the time the paramedics got to him, he was _______. (STONE)

2595. A man was wandering barefoot along the railway tracks, perhaps _______. (SUICIDE)

2596. The pillars seem to have been added to the entrance as an _______. (THINK)

2597. He stressed that the research was _______ and focused on single buildings. (THEORY)

2598. The foil makes _______ devices clamped onto clothing in stores useless. (THIEF)

2599. Many countries have little or no effective _______ legislation and no legislation to protect and support the victims and families or to prosecute the perpetrators. (TRAFFIC)

2600. She believed that sociology was a _______ field which must study social action using purely subjective means. (EMPIRE)

2601. His _______ on everything from sex to religion are profound. (MUSE)

2602. Senior officers are confident that the _______ team will make an impact. (BURGLAR)

2603. The trust’s conservation work includes running _______ teams in national parks. (POACH).

2604. Pharmaceutical companies are accused of pillaging the natural world for new lucrative treatments, a trend known as _______. (PIRATE)

2605. A _______ suddenly pushed the women aside, jumped behind the wheel, and sped off. (CAR)

2606. Action peaks during the visit of a circus - complete with elephants, tigers, and _______ pickpockets. (FINGER)

2607. Lockable cabinets provide protection against _______. (PILFER)

2608. The patient presented with a typical MRI pattern including cerebral and cerebellar white matter abnormalities, and facial _______. (MORPH)

2609. He suggests that children of alcoholics are prone to behavioural _______. (REGULATE)

2610. She was told that she was _______ ill. (CURE)

2611. Doctors need to figure out how to help _______, whose symptoms persist for months. (HAUL)

2612. Hepatitis can have _______ causes, for example, alcohol and drugs. (VIRUS)

2613. His _______ anger and frustration burst forth. (PEN)

2614. The study looked at the ongoing symptoms of patients receiving different types of _______ drugs. (SCHIZOPHRENIA)

2615. He was considered _______ and dropped from the team. (EXPEND)

2616. It was only a small country, _______ situated, with an indifferent soil. (FAVOUR)

2617. When the secret plans came _______, the president was revealed to have ordered the burglary. (GLUE)

2618. Under the old regime, black _______ would buy almost anything from Western tourists and resell it at an enormous profit. (MARKET)

2619. The leader of the _______ did not make any reply, but coolly drew a pistol from his belt. (BUSH)

2620. We have recently experienced attacks on our network from highly organized, professional _______. (INTRUDE)

2621. He was the kind of _______, or arsonist, who would nonchalantly light his cigarettes with $5 bills. (FIRE)

2622. The _______ was barred from posting or carrying posters or paste in the city centre for two years. (POSTER)

2623. Indonesia and the Philippines have immensely long coastlines, making their waters especially difficult to guard against pirates, drug traffickers, _______, and other criminals. (GUN) 

2624. Arnold agrees to use Buster’s services as a _______ provided Buster pays him £500 immediately. (SAFE)

2625. He has an _______ chance of winning the race. (MONEY)

2626. This has come very _______ when we most need it. (FORTUNE)

2627. We have been accused of being too process-oriented, but one of the problems we had in the past was that we did things _______. (HAZARD)

2628. The trains are often late, so getting to work on time is a fairly _______ affair. (HIT)

2629. Cows are known to select the more palatable grasses for grazing, which might introduce an element of _______ into the data. (RANDOM)

2630. He compounds overweening ambition with quite extraordinary arrogance and _______ incompetence. (UTTER)

2631. Sorry to call you at such an _______ hour. (CIVIL)

2632. I was woken up at some _______ hour of the morning by someone knocking on my door. (EARTH)

2633. The stage set shows his home as a symbolic _______ - a comfortable armchair on a strangely-shaped rug on a floating floor. (DREAM)

2634. Supercombinators repeatedly copy the same _______ of what originally were free variables into function calls. (INSTANT)

2635. He was _______ for one of the regular TV sportscasters, and was a great success. (PINCH)

2636. Devious websites could pull a _______ on your home page and install spyware. (SWITCH)

2637. I took the old starter to Autozone and they _______ it. (BENCH)

2638. We may even be _______ vehicles on similar road conditions for braking power. (ROAD)

2639. The system was still being _______ for practical music applications. (BETA)

2640. Each model was then _______ with specific test patterns. (ALPHA)

2641. _______ products belong to the safest and cheapest foods and have an impressive global economic value. (WHEAT)

2642. The designer’s limited edition collection can be bought _______ only. (STORE)

2643. The skeleton exhibits several _______ features. (DINOSAUR)

2644. The planet Jupiter contains large amounts of the _______ gas and dust out of which the solar system was formed. (ORDER)

2645. He declared himself worried about the _______ effect of reality television. (COARSE)

2646. His _______ personality sets the tone for the show. (FOLK)

2647. The station came equipped with a shower, a standing sleeping station, as well as a _______ bed. (FOLD)

2648. The Yankees won by the _______ score of 17 to 2. (SIDE)

2649. A large brown envelope was sitting _______ in her pigeonhole when she went past it. (SLANT)

2650. There was already an _______ clause within the existing legislation, forbidding prejudice and discrimination against minority religious groups. (FAME) 

2651. His accusations were false, but they served to _______ her reputation. (SMIRCH)

2652. He has tried to _______ and destroy everyone whose opinions differ from his. (CALUMNY)

2653. We reserve the right to edit letters and remove anything potentially _______. (LIBEL)

2654. It was a dirty, _______ political campaign. (MUD)

2655. The protests were accompanied by at least eight cases of _______. (IMMOLATE)

2656. “You’re not afraid of me, are you?” he asked _______. (MOCK)

2657. The attorneys were expensive and their _______ was off-putting. (AMBULANCE)

2658. Don’t be _______ into working more hours than you want. (BEAT)

2659. On the subject of childbirth, she is _______ frank. (AMUSE)

2660. His tie is _______ long and tucked into his pants. (COMIC)

2661. He plays the role of a lovable _______. (GOOF)

2662. In most network sitcoms nowadays, the _______ characters are aware that they’re being funny. (WISE)

2663. Maurice roared with laughter at his own _______. (WIT)

2664. The tribe has the option to dig down several feet and search to uncover an answer key to solve the _______. (BRAIN)

2665. Smoking is a particular _______ of his. (BEAR)

2666. The decision about funding is a _______ one which could have a long-lasting effect. (TRIVIAL)

2667. Sally had been recovering well from her operation, but yesterday she experienced a _______. (SET)

2668. Along with the agitation of opinion went _______ events. (EPOCH)

2669. These new laws will have _______ benefits for all working mothers. (REACH)

2670. We need to educate the public about the wonder and the _______ of nature. (DISPENSE)

2671. The passages of historical exposition need to be spoken slowly and more _______. (MEAN)

2672. A small business may store all its _______ data on one PC. (MISSION)

2673. All of these suggestions are in line with the field’s _______ goal of explaining the nature of interlanguage rules and determining their origins. (ARCH)

2674. Her aim is a _______ of the traditional relationship between women and fiction. (VALOUR)

2675. It wouldn’t be _______ to buy an expensive new computer when all you want to do is store your photos. (COST)

2676. She was aware of her _______. (DESIRE)

2677. This _______ lotion soothes your skin and enriches your tan. (ACT / PURPOSE)

2678. The shoes are slightly worn, but still _______. (SERVICE)

2679. These people glow with health and _______. (WHOLE)

2680. She was a _______ beautiful bride. (RAVISH)

2681. Brokerage websites will often provide a _______ to the broker’s internet trading area. (LINK)

2682. It was a fairly average show - it needed more _______. (COW)

2683. She may be the youngest member of the team, but she’s no _______. (WEIGH)

2684. There’s a shop in the hospital where they sell flowers and magazines and _______. (SUCH)

2685. They’re _______, the people on an opera stage who neither speak nor sing, yet whose presence in the production is crucial. (NUMBER)

2686. Sucralose is just the sort of _______ product the chief executive wants to encourage. (VALUE)

2687. It isn’t supposed to be my life, it’s supposed to be a real view of what it is to be a _______. (BENCH)

2688. Wertheimer acknowledges this in the statement, ‘Some individuals may consider these hormones to be _______ if they interfere with implantation.’ (ABORTION)

2689. Some _______ groups believe that life begins at conception and prevention of implantation is murder. (ABORTION)

2690. President-elect Barack Obama promises to be the most virulently _______ president in history. (ABORTION)

2691. Under _______ laws, firms may not participate in foreign boycotts that are not officially sanctioned. (BOYCOTT)

2692. In her view, elite sports are actually _______ to healthy living. (THESIS)

2693. There was nobody strong enough to lead an effective _______ force against the dictator. (VALIANT)

2694. We don’t have to go _______ with our competitors in every market. (TOE)

2695. This applies in part also to _______ phones because of the nature of the distraction of a conversation. (HAND)

2696. The family is said to take a _______ approach to the day-to-day running of the business they own. (HAND)

2697. We _______ a lot of hope in this project. (PAUSE)

2698. The rest of the class were sick of watching him _______. (NOSE)

2699. Peak usage periods, such as extreme cold weather, have been known to spark _______. (BROWN)

2700. We had a busy weekend so I’m planning to have some _______ tomorrow. (TIME)

2701. The television’s gone _______. (HAY)

2702. There were guidelines about the procedure to follow if any of the voting machines became _______. (OPERATE)

2703. Loading the whole ream of paper rather than just a few pages can help to avoid _______. (FEED)

2704. The package involves eliminating required overtime pay in return for _______ time off. (COMPENSATE)

2705. Sofie tries to leave her fortuneteller life behind by becoming a _______. (ROUST)

2706. The union represents about 9,000 active pilots, with nearly 2,000 more pilots currently on _______. (LEAVE)

2707. Many people find it difficult to face _______ tasks such as unpacking, doing laundry, and changing foreign currency. (HOLIDAY)

2708. Many sign up for conferences just because they feel like an _______. (AWAY)

2709. He writes of ‘simulacrum’ as the ‘of something that is _______ in itself or unrepresentable: literally the phantasm in its obsessional constraint.’ (COMMUNICATE)

2710. Millions of trees in the West have died from insect _______. (INFEST)

2711. Transmission of the disease is greater in pandemic than _______ seasons. (PANDEMIC)

2712. Diabetes is one of the most common _______ diseases globally. (COMMUNICATE)

2713. A few _______ appear to have transmitted the virus to as many as 10 people each. (SPREAD)

2714. The _______ of living here, of course, is that it is expensive. (SIDE)

2715. One of the _______ of living with someone is having to share a bathroom. (DRAW)

2716. She accused the main opposition party of _______ changing its stance. (OPPORTUNE)

2717. The early phases of the Industrial Revolution were closely linked to the _______ of the textile industry. (MACHINE)

2718. The quality of the products produced in the small, _______ workshops that proliferate in this district is incredible. (MACHINE)

2719. Because their _______ are diverse geographically, health visitors have much less detailed knowledge of who is living in a specific local area. (CASE)

2720. The website is a place where people involved in _______ can share experiences and suggestions. (WORK)

2721. Cleaning the oven is sheer _______. (DRUDGE)

2722. The committee will meet today to lay the _______ for inter-party talks next month. (GROUND)

2723. “Is this your _______?” he asked, pointing at the graffiti on the wall. (HAND)

2724. Months of _______ enabled detectives to uncover a new lead. (LEG)

2725. _______ is a reminder to focus on one task at a time. (TASK)

2726. A qualified teacher, he _______ as a cabbie in the evenings to pay the rent. (MOON)

2727. Job insecurity is making _______ increasingly common. (PRESENT)

2728. Some hospitals are so _______ that doctors have to work 20-hour shifts. (HAND)

2729. The facility is chronically _______ and short of supplies. (STAFF)

2730. Now that the _______’s all been done, we can start to write the report itself. (SPADE)

2731. Businesses that have the most _______ accidents and illnesses are construction, logging, and manufacturing. (WORK)

2732. On Thursday the airline had to charter 10 aircraft to counter industrial action by its pilots, who are on a _______. (WORK)

2733. The right software tools can improve _______ and productivity. (WORK)

2734. Students do find that their _______ increases throughout the course. (WORK)

2735. The Johns Hopkins team has identified a genetic change, or _______ that can be measured in the blood of colon cancer patients. (MARK)

2736. His name isn’t anywhere in the film, but his _______ are everywhere. (HAND)

2737. Any political movement can be _______, meaning that it exceeds the individual. (PERSON)

2738. The committee is a mere _______ of the council and has no power of its own. (APPEND)

2739. We used _______ comparisons of performance to assess which hospitals were performing well. (UNIT)

2740. They agreed to my proposal that we hold an _______ meeting to discuss the draft plan. (BRANCH)

2741. They eliminated _______ revenues from the sales figures. (SEGMENT)

2742. Products and services become increasingly _______. (MODULE)

2743. The museums are run by the _______ Ministry of National Heritage. (BRANCH)

2744. This information can be obscured by the blood samples’ complex, _______ composition. (COMPONENT)

2745. Our findings indicate that a _______ assessment system can better inform teachers, students, and parents about student progress. (ELEMENT)

2746. It is the second in a _______ series of articles about ongoing conservation projects. (PART)

2747. They _______ us in the first quarter, causing us to fumble three times. (HUSTLE)

2748. The unions were determined to fight a _______ action against the government’s plans to strip them of their powers. (REAR)

2749. Popular _______ activities include pottery, chess, choir, tennis, and swimming. (CURRICULUM)

2750. Marjory did a lot of her _______ in the rainforests of Brazil. (FIELD)

2751. _______ and collaboration across faculties and between departments are strong features of research activity within the university. (DISCIPLINE)

2752. A noon-time rally was followed by debates, _______, and panel discussions that lasted the entire afternoon. (TEACH)

2753. Companies are increasingly using _______ in order to train their employees. (GAME)

2754. Having a can of corn in a _______ bag is a great idea; you could use it for a hammer too if needed. (BUG)

2755. Today I read that we are facing the biggest _______ of species in the history of the planet. (DECIMAL)

2756. Last weekend we were all in need of a little _______. (COMPRESS)

2757. She predicted that the GDP will fall only moderately during the _______ in the economic cycle. (SWING)

2758. This disadvantaged immigrant with a _______ education grew to be one of Scotland’s top manufacturers. (SHORT)

2759. There was alarm in the markets when the dollar took a _______. (NOSE)

2760. A company that acquires another company usually brings its own systems, processes, and culture to the _______. (ACQUIRE)

2761. Over half the nation’s land area is devoted to farming and approximately 16% of total employment is in _______. (BUSINESS)

2762. Any move to form a _______ of all the UK’s naval shipyard facilities would put jobs at risk. (SORT)

2763. The chief executive has set _______ targets to reduce costs in each of its businesses. (GROUP)

2764. One of the report’s recommendations was that a national security _______ should be set up at the heart of the government. (SECRET)

2765. Government ministers consider _______ industries vital for Britain’s future prosperity. (SUN)

2766. New, high-tech, electronics-based industries are replacing _______ industries or old-style heavy industries. (SUN)

2767. Everyone from solo practitioners to _______ law firms is offering help. (SHOE)

2768. We ourselves circulate as so many signs, carrying on our bodies innumerable minor signs and _______. (SIGN)

2769. He said that the railway _______ were carrying out an investigation into the causes of the disaster. (INSPECT)

2770. He favoured _______ games and hoped that this game would be the forerunner of many more. (ASSOCIATE)

2771. He plays football and hockey and represents his tennis club in _______ tournaments. (CLUB)

2772. Studies of _______ relations have found that similar organizations are more likely to manage potential rivalry by collaborating under reciprocal arrangements. (ORGANISE)

2773. The group is also _______, drawing its members from several colleges in London. (INSTITUTE) 

2774. Create a relaxing bedroom environment to _______ you and help you fall asleep. (STRESS)

2775. It’s a good _______ with people; we talk to them, and it’s a little more personable. (ICE)

2776. Encouraging your baby either to suck their thumb, finger or use a dummy is a great way for them to learn to _______. (SOOTH)

2777. Scented oils can act as a _______ or anti-depressant if inhaled or massaged. (STRESS)

2778. She is known for her glamorous, _______ life. (JET)

2779. No one is in the best of moods after an _______ on a cramped plane. (NIGHT)

2780. In July _______ takes over the whole nation. (WANDER)

2781. _______ with someone who is always late may not work so well. (CAR)

2782. After all her _______ she had come back home to stay. (WANDER)

2783. His watercolours show people in a desolate, ash-grey _______. (CITY)

2784. Strands of early morning mist lingered as the sun tried to break through the patchy _______. (CLOUD)

2785. From our hotel room window, we had a _______ view of the parade. (GRAND)

2786. He described the traditional slaughtering ground as a fetid _______ of flies and foul odours. (HELL)

2787. Most of the island is a _______ of rugged black lava flows and red wind-whipped cinder cones. (MOON)

2788. You need to leave time to see the _______ of the fabulous Elizabethan house. (ROOF)

2789. The administration had made splendid improvements to Chicago’s _______. (STREET)

2790. If she adds a _______ and leaves some of her assets to our children, will the inheritance tax liability be reduced? (CODE)

2791. Soon he’s _______, cast out of his ancestral home and off to live in seclusion in a Paris warehouse. (INHERIT)

2792. I didn’t invest sixteen years of my life and money to raise an ungrateful _______ brat! (HEIR)

2793. Many people die _______ because they thought they were too young to make a will. (TESTAMENT)

2794. Many wondered how the monumental twin towers could be toppled so easily and _______. (CATACLYSM)

2795. Using his daughter’s case as a _______ point, he described a justice system that ignores the rights of the victim. (JUMP)

2796. We need to bear in mind the complex, _______ nature of drug use. (CAUSE)

2797. A series of several persons descended from a common _______ is called a line. (GENE)

2798. It is simply a _______ mixing arising out of the velocity differences already existing. (INDUCE)

2799. The firm’s director is confident that the new project will act as a _______ for further contracts. (BOARD)

2800. We’ve been _______ before, and we’re going to break new ground again. (TRAIL)

2801. Within the plan must be cash flow forecasts that ensure you have _______ to deal with unforeseen shocks such as interest rate rises. (HEAD)

2802. Christmas seems to celebrate materialism and _______. (GRATIFY)

2803. He is a _______ who frequently writes controversial opinion pieces. (CONTRARY)

2804. When I wailed about this to the executive in charge of shepherding the Australian through production and distribution, he was _______. (POSTULATE)

2805. That is why, in our respectful submission, the approach taken in point of principle is _______. (CENTRE)

2806. It is impossible to produce a _______ justification of this principle. (CIRCLE)

2807. They have been secretive, partisan, _______, and lacking in any long-term vision whatever. (CONSENSUS)

2808. All this may be political _______, but it will make it more difficult to reach agreement on important legislation. (BOX)

2809. As long as populations are menaced by banditry, civil war, guerrilla campaigns, and _______ by beleaguered governments, they cannot be secure. (SURGE)

2810. There would be a terrible _______, smirked Winter. (DUST) 

2811. They are _______ that serve to harden the perception of Penn as entirely without humour. (SET)

2812. A couple of boys were _______ in the park. (ROUGH)

2813. _______ blood tests revealed that he had a blood-alcohol level that was three times the legal driving limit. (ACCIDENT)

2814. Sleep-deprived kids are more _______. (ACCIDENT)

2815. “_______!” she called as I dropped the hot plates. (BUTTER)

2816. I’m not a big person, mind you, but next to her daintiness, I’m a _______ with elephantiasis. (CLOD)

2817. The report criticizes the _______ way in which complaints were dealt with. (HAM)

2818. He spent a great deal of time _______ milking complaining cows. (EXPERT)

2819. An artist with the right technology can become a _______. (TRADE) 

2820. The dancers complained about the _______ of their clumsy partners. (ADROIT)

2821. He might not be such a _______ after all - maybe he has talent. (STUMBLE)

2822. Even if you can make sense of the terrible plot, you will hate the _______ dialogue. (TIN)

2823. She nodded _______, her body still numb from the shock. (WOOD)

2824. For years there was a shortage of _______ in engineering. (MAN)

2825. My background was very _______, and there was no expectation from my family for me to read very much or write anything. (BOOK)

2826. To my _______ eye that just looks like a load of random brush strokes, and yet it’s a very valuable painting. (TUTOR)

2827. Feminist _______ Gloria Steinem took to the New York Times op-ed page. (MOTHER)

2828. He was a brilliant _______ with a dry wit and a masterly sense of timing. (PROVIDE)

2829. The Formula 1 team has _______ all their rivals this season with their new suspension. (DESIGN)

2830. Technicians often _______ a product, introducing numerous features that customers do not need. (ENGINE)

2831. The firm and its industrial partners plan this summer to put a _______ of an underwater power platform off the Florida coast. (TYPE)

2832. The party manifesto is no longer the _______ it used to be. (LODE)

2833. The house is a _______ of colonial architecture. (SHOW)

2834. The only valid _______ for measuring traffic safety is deaths per miles driven. (STICK)

2835. Any sci-fi enthusiast will tell you that most films about apocalyptic disease are _______ revenge-of-nature scenarios. (TYPE)

2836. The group’s support is based on the governor’s _______ stance and efforts to stimulate California’s economy. (BUSINESS)

2837. Always late - that’s so _______. (BRAND)

2838. The look and feel of the advertising don’t reflect our promise of 100 percent professional care. The ads were _______! (BRAND)

2839. Emotion is something we think of as _______ human. (ESSENCE)

2840. _______ activists insist that digital billboards contribute to light pollution. (BILLBOARD)

2841. Children are becoming more and more _______ because of advertising. (BRAND)

2842. The _______ generated an estimated $12 million in free publicity for both clients. (PROMOTE)

2843. Its application to several sources of sales data can suggest which products should be _______ with each other. (SELL)

2844. Most software companies understand the benefits of _______. (DOG)

2845. Many consumers are now leaning towards buying _______ products. (BRAND)

2846. The writer recently went on a _______ tour of his homeland. (PROMOTE)

2847. British architect Richard Rogers was a _______ of the Pompidou Centre in Paris, along with Renzo Piano. (DESIGN)

2848. An expert in joint projects, he offers advice on successful _______. (DEVELOP)

2849. In 1948 Joanna’s grandmother on the _______ side won the title. (STAFF)

2850. The family as a whole has been traced _______ by two family members. (GENE)

2851. We offer tangible value to the individuals behind the idea and then, by _______ the concept, we offer investors a very sound proposition indeed. (HOUSE)

2852. Our coach has worked hard to _______ a team spirit into the players. (CALCANEUS)

2853. The programme is an attempt to eliminate _______ and stereotypes. (EDUCATE)

2854. The company was invoiced in advance for _______ training packages before employees had attended the full number of courses available. (COURSE)

2855. The school building is also used for _______ purposes in the evenings and at weekends. (EDUCATE)

2856. Employees at all levels who have provided exceptional leadership in _______ activities within the schools are recognized at an awards ceremony. (INSTRUCT)

2857. The _______ Training is the training method wherein the employees learn their job roles away from the actual work floor. (JOB)

2858. No formal qualifications are required for the work - you’ll get _______ training. (JOB)

2859. _______ occurs when people have more educational qualifications than they need to do their job. (EDUCATE)

2860. _______ refers to the process of discarding former behaviour patterns and accepting new ones as part of a transition in one’s life. (SOCIAL)

2861. At the same time, art as such, the carrier of spiritual value, was seen as _______, a feature of individual genius. (TEACH)

2862. This was a _______ class with a wider range of achievement levels than exists in most classrooms. (GRADE)

2863. The country’s _______ approach to international trade and investment relations has further opened up the economy. (TRACK)

2864. Teachers do not have to stay in the school buildings during _______ time. (CLASS)

2865. Their approach to treating people with substance use disorders is quite different from the traditional “_______” philosophy. (ABSTAIN)

2866. In recent decades, more _______ teaching methods and diverse curricula built around national standards have developed. (CHILD)

2867. It was a melting pot of New Leftists and former communists, and the group engaged in strike support and union organizing, political strategizing, and _______. (CONSCIOUS)

2868. She has also examined closed-head injury with respect to working memory, _______, and reading ability. (COGNITIVE)

2869. Students and _______ youths have very different voting habits. (COLLEGE)

2870. Literacy lessons were more varied than usual with greater use of paired and _______ group work. (ABLE)

2871. _______ courses are better for people who are not committed to a particular career. (VOCATION)

2872. _______ help businesses develop the talented workforce required to succeed. (TRAIN)

2873. I’m trying to learn to drive, but I’m not making much _______ with it. (HEAD)

2874. We ordered a large amount of cakes and _______ them in order to save for future use. (BAKE)

2875. There were just as many _______ among the crowd as there were students. (STUDENT)

2877. In her pictures, she is the embodiment of blonde _______ beauty. (AMAZON)

2878. We’ll show you how to get _______ abs in 9 weeks. (BEACH)

2876. While it is true that the proportion of _______ who enter higher education now is closer to 50% than the figure under 10% when Lord Patten was at Oxford, the issue of class distinction clearly remains unresolved. (SCHOOL)

2879. _______ often experiment in medically related fields, provoked by restricted access to medical care. (HACK)

2880. The school sports field swarmed with _______ young people eager for the day’s events. (LIMB)

2881. This girl has a figure that most of us would die for - tall, blonde, skinny, and _______. (HARD)

2882. Fast bowlers are supposed to be _______ hunks who stride around with a permanent scowl, not cheerful lads with blonde highlights and a good sense of humour. (MUSCLE)

2883. I consider myself an _______ type and couldn’t contemplate the idea of not living an active life. (DOOR)

2884. It is hard for the _______ to understand the difficulties that disabled people encounter in their daily lives. (ABLE)

2885. Elyse posed on the sand in a skimpy abstract bikini that accentuated her cleavage, _______ stomach and lean legs. (BOARD)

2886. For all its heart-thumping glory, it can also come with a _______ helping of awkwardness and anxiety. (DUTY)

2887. In April, the government set out the conditions for foreign and local automobile manufacturers interested in importing key car components _______. (DUTY)

2888. British _______ cigarettes will carry a tax mark to make identification of smuggled tobacco easier. (DUTY)

2889. Someone knows who the culprits are and is _______ to report them before someone is seriously injured or even murdered. (DUTY)

2890. For mass-market, _______ advertising, television used to be the obvious choice. (IMPACT)

2891. Opposition groups fear violence, after weeks of military _______ from the government. (MUSCLE)

2892. Jason owns a _______ Ford with big rear wheels. (SOUP)

2893. She’d come _______ from the palace with the latest news. (FEET)

2894. His _______ jokes were very popular with the audience. (FIRE)

2895. The government has financed the creation of a _______ bus service. (EXPRESS)

2896. He worked in a variety of jobs; in a supermarket, a _______, and a video shop before deciding to go to university. (CASH)

2897. Many national governments formulate _______ policies in order to protect domestic sellers. (DUMP)

2898. They support the idea of free, _______ access to the market for the least developed countries. (TARIFF)

2899. Make sure that you have submitted your _______ tax return and paid your tax for this year by 31 January. (ASSESS)

2900. He is in a good position to _______ on the future of commerce. (PROGNOSIS)

2901. Most writers know that writing is a balancing act between freedom and _______. (CRITIC)

2902. He said they had put a major dent in drug sales in the community with the _______ of the gang. (TAKE)

2903. Now the circle is complete so that every reported imprint has either one of the six rarity ratings or is _______. (RATE)

2904. Even ministers are _______ before a trial. (CHARGE)

2905. His television interviews _______ helped to repair the damage to his reputation. (ARREST)

2906. Items were found from the Norman period, enabling him to conclude that the site was probably _______. (CONQUEST)

2907. Everyone talks about _______, but people have a big problem with letting things go. (CLUTTER) 

2908. Over 64 percent of all tree species have slight to severe _______. (FOIL)

2909. Industrial processes carried out at the depot include painting, _______, sandblasting, and steam cleaning. (GREASE)

2910. Know the difference between _______ and organizing: you need fewer things, not more things to put your things in. (JUNK)

2911. Wipe up the spill with _______ paper and dispose of it in the toilet. (FLUSH)

2912. There are significant penalties for those who _______. (FLY)

2913. I managed to _______ some of our old furniture onto a friend who just bought a house. (LOAD)

2914. He _______ the chair as though it were a horse. (STRIDE)

2915. Would all passengers please _______ by the rear doors. (PLANE)

2916. Their leader _______ and entered the great gate. (MOUNT)

2917. I was escorted off the train and forced to buy a ticket before I was allowed to _______. (BOARD)

2918. The town lies _______ the River Havel. (STRIDE)

2919. It is the bane of many female subway riders, a practice with a name almost as off-putting as the act itself: _______. (SPREAD)

2920. _______ campaigners say that countless animals have died in cruel and unnecessary experiments. (VIVISECTION)

2921. The smartphone version of the software will deliver a _______ video at a resolution the smaller device can manage. (SAMPLE)

2922. We used to _______ the information in the reports and never relied on a single source. (CHECK)

2923. I always _______ to make sure I locked the door. (CHECK)

2924. There was an interval of three seconds between sentences in each language and an _______ interval of five seconds. (TRY)

2925. At park exits vehicles are _______ by an armed ranger. (SPOT)

2926. If you remember these old game titles, many of them have become _______ and can be found and downloaded on the internet. (ABANDON)

2927. Many users have an _______ installed to prevent advertisements from being displayed on a screen. (BLOCK)

2928. I remember back in the day one could set up Microsoft Word to “_______” common misspellings. (CORRECT)

2929. This week, there were red faces at the credit card division, after someone pointed out that customers were able to use an _______ option for their password. (COMPLETE)

2930. You can use _______ to quickly sync audio content from a selected playlist. (FILL)

2931. My system is running faster than ever now that I’ve got rid of some _______. (BLOAT)

2932. If a computer program is _______, it can recognize if a letter is a capital or a small letter. (CASE)

2933. Everyone wishing to enter on the visa-waiver program must have a _______ passport. (COMPUTER)

2934. The thesaurus may be kept in _______ form and sections can be printed only as required. (MACHINE)

2935. They created a _______ of all the artists who had performed on the show. (MASH)

2936. C++ is a common _______ programming language. (OBJECT)

2937. We accomplished this feat by using only commodity hardware and _______ software. (SOURCE)

2938. The map feature is available as an _______ purchase. (APP)

2939. The jet narrowly avoided crashing after pilots _______ their aircraft’s flight computer. (PROGRAMME)

2940. _______ can be used to support virus scanning, file compression, and file encryption software. (PLUG)

2941. That way, previously existing programs can run on totally new hardware without requiring revision and _______. (COMPILE)

2942. _______ protects a system by limiting what an application can do, such as accessing files on disk or resources. (SAND)

2943. I hoped the query was _______ correct. (SYNTAX)

2944. Vintage port is high-quality, _______ wine that has been aged in the bottle for at least 12 years. (BLEND)

2945. Virginia’s 2003 _______ law was the first to make sending spam a felony. (SPAM)

2946. Do not check email constantly. Set up an _______ and check just two or three times daily. (RESPONSE)

2947. He was _______ by an old lady. (FRIEND)

2948. In the _______, if you make a mistake, someone will soon let you know. (BLOG)

2949. Love your blog - I’ll add you to my _______. (BLOG)

2950. They claim _______ rates on this type of ad are up to 3 percent, which is quite high. (CLICK)

2951. She works on the _______ at the local supermarket. (CHECK)

2952. If you have access to the _______, you can ascertain the content of everything that the target has read, viewed, or downloaded. (CLICK)

2953. Not only does _______ inflict losses on the cardholders, but also the merchants, merchants’ banks, and card issuers on the Internet. (FRAUD)

2954. CloudShield is a developer of network traffic analysis tools, specifically aimed at _______. (SECURE)

2955. The amendment also extends the definition to cover what is known in the jargon as _______ - the destruction of electronic systems. (TERROR)

2956. If you’re addicted to _______, try jumping straight out of bed in the morning rather than reaching for your phone. (SCROLL)

2957. I _______ and saw some interesting degrees of separation in my own life. (SURF)

2958. She always does a _______ with embarrassment when her mother starts asking her about boys. (FACE)

2959. Amobee has a proprietary platform that supports existing and emerging mobile ad formats on any mobile, _______ device, including gaming platforms. (INTERNET)

2960. Unlike _______ monitoring companies which monitor just the electronic editions of newspapers, our members rely on subscriptions to the actual publications as resources. (INTERNET)

2961. Its online content is behind a _______ except for one free article every five days. (PAY)

2962. A _______ is a special type of comment that is created when you link to another blog post. (PING)

2963. The rise of smart mobile devices has made _______ content an integral part of today’s marketing mix. (SNACK)

2964. The jokes are told with so much _______ that the actors seem to be performing in some kind of new sign language. (GEST)

2965. This development is counter-intuitive as well as _______. (CREATE)

2966. The clothes they wear are cheap and _______. (PRODUCE) 

2967. The book is a superbly confident and imaginative exploration of the process of writing and the project of _______. (CREATE)

2968. Our _______ centres for refugees are constantly supplying clothing and household items all year round. (DROP)

2969. A _______ field study was conducted in three different provinces. (LOCATE)

2970. Our next meeting will be an _______. It will be at Barneys downtown. (SITE) 

2971. Rural areas have been traditionally thought of as a _______ of old-fashioned attitudes. (HOLD)

2972. It is one of the larger _______ facilities in the United States, making sophisticated pharmaceuticals. (MANUFACTURE)

2973. An awareness of _______ has exploded across the world, with investment in biofuels and renewable energy growing. (TECHNOLOGY)

2974. The photographs show Philadelphia rising up in the industrial age and deteriorating through the post-war years of _______. (INDUSTRY)

2975. The American Institute of Engineers is a _______ association of engineers and scientists. (INDUSTRY)

2976. There’s been a steady decline in _______ industries such as shipbuilding and steel. (SMOKE)

2977. They agree that any _______ measure should include temporary tax cuts. (RECESSION)

2978. What really happened was, and remains to this day, obscure and _______. (CONTEST)

2979. The app holds the promise of limitless growth and _______ potential. (MONEY)

2980. It was a big surprise when a _______ was appointed as the country’s Finance Minister. (ECONOMY)

2981. The President promised to attack wasteful spending in Washington by vetoing _______ spending bills. (PORK)

2982. They said that owning gold prior to the _______ recovery was desirable. (DEPRESS)

2983. Unless global credit markets _______ and start lending again, there will be a recession. (FREEZE)

2984. The war was effectively over, although skirmishing and _______ went on for some time. (MOP)

2985. In some ways, the new applet technology was a _______ to the old pre-PC days. (THROW)

2986. Classes cost from £8 a session, _______ in groups of eight weeks, while studio sessions are upwards of £20 an hour. (BOOK)

2987. All the hospitals in the area have _______ positions right now. (FILL)

2988. Some things are just plain _______: it’s impossible, for example, to find blue fountain pen ink in the standard cartridges around here. (OBTAIN) 

2989. We rented an _______ apartment and shipped over all of our own furniture. (FURNISH)

2990. The First Amendment guarantees the press _______ access to information. (OBSTRUCT)

2991. The chosen shape was a genuine _______ structure impossible to analyze logically. (FORM)

2992. He was very sympathetic to the efforts of working men to achieve _______. (DEPEND)

2993. The state is limited in the amount of money it can pump into the bond bill by a _______ cap on borrowing. (IMPOSE)

2994. Whether _______ or caused by others, physical pain was a way of affirming the boundaries of identity. (INFLICT)

2995. Poets are _______ by the normal rules of sentence structure. (FETTER)

2996. Self-governing schools are _______ by education authority rules. (TRAMMEL)

2997. Politicians and middle-class _______ have interfered with the balance of a vulnerable sociological ecosystem. (GOOD)

2998. Steven described his new job as a _______ for him and his wife Fiona - who has recently given birth to twins. (LIFE)

2999. Housing prices have _______ in recent months. (ROCKET)

3000. Our costs have _______ since we began this project. (STEEP)

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