(200 câu) Ôn luyện Word forms cho học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 9

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     Tài liệu bao gồm 200 câu hỏi ôn tập về các dạng từ trong Tiếng Anh, giúp các bạn nắm vững kiến thức và rèn luyện kỹ năng. Đối với các bạn đang tìm kiếm tài liệu mới nhất và cực hay để ôn tập cho kỳ thi Tiếng Anh, tài liệu "Ôn luyện Word forms cho học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 9" tại website Tài liệu diệu kỳ chính là một sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời.

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Tải xuống tài liệu

Trích dẫn nội dung tài liệu "Ôn luyện Word forms cho học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 9":

Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits in the space: 



Nearly all the (0) discoveries (DISCOVER) that have been made through the ages can be found in books. The (1)  (INVENT) of the book is one of humankind’s greatest (2) (ACHIEVE), the  importance of which cannot be overestimated. Books are very adaptable, providing us with both (3)  ( ENTERTAIN). The (4) (PRODUCE) of books began in Acient Egypt, though  not in a form that is (5) (RECOGNISE) to us today. The books read by the Romans, however,  have some (6) (SIMILAR) to the ones we read now. Until the middle of the 15th century, in  Europe, all books were (7) (WRITE) by hand. They were often beautifully illustrated and always  rare and (8) (EXPENSE). With printing came the possibility of cheap, larze-scale (9) (PULISH) and distribution of books, making knowledge more (10) (SPREAD)  and accessible.  


Nowadays it is becoming (INCREASE) popular for students to go on an exchange programme.  This is (SPECIAL) popular in Europe. In such programmes, students can go abroad and (STUDIOUS)  at a forein university for a term or two, and these studies count towards their agree. This (ARRANGE)  has several advantages. Students have the opportunity to practise the forein languages they have  (LEARN) in school. They meet different cultures and experience in a different ways of life. In (ADD) , they learn about different ways of (THINK) in their own subject and get a broader view of the  issues. For example, one Austrian student who was studying agriculture found different types of (FARM)  in England interesting. Finally, they also meet exchange students from other countries, so they experience a really  (NATION) environment. This experience will (HOPE) result in a better understanding  between nations. 


Judo is a sport that has achieved great (0) in many parts of the world POPULAR – popularity It was (1) developed in Japan in the late 19th century based on ancient ORIGIN methods of self-defence. There are two (2) . Although they use FIGHT physical (3) against each other, they are respectful to their VIOLENT (4) and bow to each other before and after each contest. OPPOSE Judo is an (5) sport to take up because the only equipment you EXPENSE need is the special loosefitting suit. It is very suitable for (6) if YOUNG they join a club where the (7) are properly qualified and pay INSTRUCT enough attention to safety. Although Judo is a physically (8) sport DEMAND which requires a lot of (9) , practice and skill, there are many STRONG people who find it (10) as a means of relaxation in their spare time. ENJOY 



Throughout history have had (0) – responsibility – RESPONSE for healing the sick. Howerver, it is only in (1)  COMPARE recent times that they have been allowed to train as doctors at (2) MEDICINE  schools in Britain. Yet in that short time, they have made an enormous (3) CONTRIBUTE to modern  medicine. 

The first female doctors were priestesses who gave (4) ADVISE about diseases and (5) INJURE prepared medicines. In ancient Roman, women healers were considered (6) SKILL and respected. In Britain, for centuries male doctors were (7) SUSPECT of women and who practised medicine (8) 

 PROFESSION and in 1512 a law was passed making it (9) LEGAL for them to do so. Women  couldn’t study medicine at universities until the 19th century and they only began to gain (10) EQUAL  with male doctors in the 20th century. 


1. Our next door neighbour is a who is studying marine life BIOLOGY 2. Laura has been very during my illness. SUPPORT 3. My main at home is to wash the dishes. RESPONSIBLE 4. Tam usually helps her mother with chores. HOUSE 5. Ms.Hunltley is a very warm and person. CARE 6. If you are worried about their put your jewels in the hotel safe. SECURE 7. What I am telling you is strictly CONFIDENCE 8. They’ve enough toys to keep them out of for a while. MISCHIVOUS 9. We were relieved that Tom had arrived at the wedding dressed. SUIT 10. Remember you are in the army! If you orders you’ll get a court martial. OBEDIENT. 11. By doing well at school, he hoped to win his parents’ . APPROVE 12. The Western people are very concerned with phisical when choosing a wife or a husband.  ATTRACT 

13. Vienna is a real centre for music lovers. CULTURE 14. Would you like to go to our wedding? The takes place at St John’s church. MARRY 15. David and Mary have been in for five years. PART 16. The police are intrerested in the sudden of the valuable painting. APPEAR 17. In our country it is for the bridegroom to make a speech. TRADITION 18. Micheal has just got to a girl he’s has known since he was a boy. ENGAGE 19. Almost young Americans want to lead lives. DEPEND 20. Each member of our group has a of opinion. DIVERSE 21. The restaurant manager was very and said we could have APOLOGY our meal for free. 

22. They were having an about the children. ARGUE 23. Julia dances a lot more than all of her friends. MARVEL 24. The of the heating system requires several days. INSTALL 25. He was very pupil and seemed to spend most of the time ATTEND looking out of the windows.  

26. The girl sitting next to Mike smiles very doesn’t she? ATTRACT 27. Mr. Andrew enjoys with his students after class. SOCIAL 28. At first he was rude, but later he apologised for his . POLITE 29. The atmosphere was very and everyone was on first name term. FORMALITY 30. The shop seemed to spend most of the time talking rather than attending to the sustomers. ASIST 31. In Britain education is between the ages of 5 and 16. COMPEL 32. Work experience is an important experience for young people. EDUCATION 33. The between public and private school system in many countries is quite clear. DIVIDE 34. The lecturewe heard last night was very . INFORM 35. The written English is not phonetic, which causes difficult for foreigners. SYSTEM 36. The strike caused widespread to train services. DISRUPT 37. It is not always easy to earn a living as an ART 38. The British government the railways in 1948. NATION 39. The whole trip to Africa was planned with precision. MATHEMATICS 40. He talks so much because he is a . POLITICS 41. ! You are offered the position. CONGRATULATE 42. Try not to be too if you do not get the job . APPOINT 43. It can be when preparing for the job interview. STRESS 44. His advice helped me create a good on my interviewer. IMPRESS 45. Remember to bring the letters of form your teachers. RECOMMEND 46. You should show when the job is explained to you. ENTHUSIAST 47. Always show your best side, you to work. KEEN 48. An is the person who answers the questions in an interview. INTERVIEW 49. My cousin has been working as an for over twelve years. ACCOUNT 


50. I want to become a writer so that I can create characters and events. IMAGINE 51. If we don’t on electricity, there will be power cuts. ECONOMY 52. There is not anyone living in the island; it’s an island. INHABIT 53. There used to be a of schools, hospitals in my country. SHORT 54. We believe that we will gain great and build better life for our people. ACHIEVE 55. Only a support the new Enterprises Law. MINOR 56. The new laws have both domestic and foreign private investments. COURAGE 57. Vietnam has substantial changes since Doi Moi. GO 58. The National Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party continued to reaffirm its to Doi  

Moi. COMMIT 59. I couldn’t get much work done as I was being interrupted by people telephoning me. CONTINUE 

60. Every effort was made to return the purse to its owner. RIGHT 61. We are really about the peace process in the region. OPTIMISM 62. People believe that he was killed by a group of . TERROR 63. The earth is being by pollution. THREAT 64. As the child’s head went under the water for the third time, I stood and watched to help. I can’t  

swim. POWER 65. In the future cars can run on anything from to methane gas. ELECTRIC 66. I’m afraid you’ll have to see Mr.Pound. All matters concerning finance are his RESPONSE 

67. Although she arrived , we made her welcome just the same. EXPECT 68. Tom fell into a deep on hearing the news. IMPRESS 69. He was very sad because he was told that his best friend got an disease. CURE 70. I’m sorry I haven’t phoned. I’ve been busy this week. CREDIBLE 71. The desert is in the part of the country. SOUTH 72. They led a expedition across the sand dunes in 1930. SCIENCE 73. The police are still looking into the disappearance of the chief cashier shortly after the bank  

robbery. MYSTERY 74. The Sahara desert is the desert in the world. LARGE 75. It’s the most film I’ve ever seen. FRIGHT 76. There are very few places on earth today. Man has been nearly everywhere EXPLORE 77. The path to the village will be by the local government. WIDE 78. There are types of dunes in the Simpson desert. DIFFER 79. They have decided to organise the election by the end of this year. PRESIDENT 80. Many efforts have been made to the national economy. STABLE 81. Smoking during pregnancy can the baby’s health DANGER 82. My only means of was my driver’s licence. IDENTIFY 83. I have read the guilines on the controlled of ocean resources. EXPLOIT 84. and overpopulation are the two big problems in the developing countries. FOREST 85. Many small towns in our country have been in the past few years. URBAN 86. There are only two in the air crash. All the other passengers were killed. SURVIVE 87. The Red List has been introduced to raise people’s of conservation needs. AWARE 88. Governments have enacted laws to protect wildlife from trade. COMMERCE 89. Scientists have many theories about how the universe first came into . EXIST 90. A is a person who studies plans or animals, especially outdoor. NATURE 91. Vehicles of over 3 metres in pay an additional toll. LONG 92. There is no need tobe so . I just asked how to get to the bus stop. DEFEND 93. Tyson nocked his out in the first round. OPPOSE 94. We stood and watched the dancers’ graceful . MOVE 95. I would like to show you my lastest , which I have called “Sound of Nature”. CREATE 96. The player didn’t agree with the refree’s . DECIDE 97. I hate playing badminton with Tom. He’s too . COMPLETE 


98. I prefer scuba-diving to water polo because it is . ADVENTURE 99. Do you know when synchronized swimming first received major ? PULIC 100. After four hours’ typing I had a terrible headache.  CONTINUE 

101. The show was so that nobody knew who was coming on next. ORGANIZE 102. One of the aims of the organization is to provide aid to the refugees. HUMAN 103. Why don’t you take the and arrange a meeting? INITIATE 104. After some one of the children began to speak. HESITATE 105. International Red Cross has its in Geneva, Switzerland. HEAD 106. After the tsunami many people lost their families, friends and . LIVE 107. The driver of the lorry sustained only minor to legs and arms. INJURE 108. Was the of international Red Cross inspired by a Sweden? FOUND 109. The dotor gave him and injection to the pain. DIE 110. The mother was to see her son eating properly again. RELIEF 111. , there were five countries founding the Association of Southest Asian Nations.ORIGIN 112. The main goal of the association is to promote peace and in the region and all over the world.  STABLE 

113. She was the only visitor into the sick room. ADMISSION 114. The two sides are engaged in the discussion. ACT 115. On my salary we have to live as as possible. ECONOMY 116. Don’t Peter. He’s a skillful campainer. ESTIMATE 117. In the past few years this area has become heavily . INDUSTRY 118. I think there are differences in every country. REGION 119. A of factors may be responsible for the increase in canser. COMBINE 120. They have agreed to provide assistance for countryside schools. FINANCE