1002 câu Word form cấu tạo từ khó-rất khó, hay luyện thi học sinh giỏi THPT, HSG Quốc gia có đáp án

     Tài liệu "1002 câu Word form cấu tạo từ khó-rất khó, hay luyện thi học sinh giỏi THPT, HSG Quốc gia có đáp án" là một tài liệu luyện thi Tiếng Anh hữu ích cho các bạn học sinh đang chuẩn bị cho kì thi học sinh giỏi THPT và HSG Quốc gia.

      Với 1002 câu hỏi về cấu trúc từ khó-rất khó, tài liệu này sẽ giúp bạn rèn luyện và nâng cao kỹ năng về cấu trúc câu và từ vựng, từ đó giúp bạn tự tin hơn khi đối diện với những bài thi sắp tới. Tài liệu này được chia thành nhiều chủ đề khác nhau, bao gồm cấu trúc từ cơ bản, từ loại, thành ngữ và thành phần câu.

     Ngoài ra, tài liệu cũng cung cấp đáp án chi tiết để giúp bạn kiểm tra và cải thiện kỹ năng của mình. Với tài liệu "1002 câu Word form cấu tạo từ khó-rất khó, hay luyện thi học sinh giỏi THPT, HSG Quốc gia có đáp án", bạn sẽ được trang bị kiến thức và kỹ năng cần thiết để đạt điểm cao trong kì thi học sinh giỏi THPT và HSG Quốc gia. Từ khóa: luyện thi, học sinh giỏi, Tiếng Anh, cấu trúc từ, từ vựng.

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Trích dẫn nội dung tài liệu "1002 câu Word form cấu tạo từ khó-rất khó, hay luyện thi học sinh giỏi THPT, HSG Quốc gia có đáp án"

1. A _____________ (ZOO) can defend himself against a dangerous animal, even if the zookeeper's negligence caused the animal's escape. ZOOKEEPER 

2. A _____________ (BOOK) is a book that is published annually by a school or other organization to give facts about the events and achievements of the previous year. YEARBOOK 

3. It would be unexpected, therefore, tofindincisions placed across the anticipated site of the sinus node, but this was a feature of some autopsies of _____________ (YEAR). YESTERYEAR 

4. He will just agree with her. I don't want you to be just a _____________ (MAN) but rather have your own views on things as well. YES-MAN 5. He is a _____________ (BELLY) traitor. YELLOW-BELLIED 6. The only valid _____________ (STICK) for measuring traffic safety is deaths per mile driven. YARDSTICK 

7. Some commentators predict a "_____________ (YOUTH)" in the coming elections. YOUTHQUAKE 

8. The scheme is for _____________ (YOUNG) between the ages of ten and 16. YOUNGSTERS 

9. To perpetuate racism and _____________ (PHOBIA) (the fear of strangers or foreigners) through our media is not only antisocial and grossly irresponsible, it is well nigh criminal. XENOPHOBIA 

10.He admitted that the party had followed policies now considered _____________ (WRONG). WRONG-HEADED 

11. Many operating systems include a command to _____________ (WRITE) files to make it impossible for a computer user to write information onto a computer disk. WRITE-PROTECT 

12. The latter response is reinforced in us by our obligation to stand in solidarity with victims of _____________ (DO) against those who have wronged them. WRONGDOINGS / MISDEEDS 

13. Early on he was recognized as a _____________ (WONDER), officiating at the pulpit with a choir by the age of nine. WUNDERKIND 14. Moreover, in a liberal democracy with a well-developed private sector, _____________ (WOULD) hegemonic efforts to extend the party's influence through society can have unexpected results. WOULD-BE 15.It has been argued that the _____________ (CASE) scenario often fails to reflect realistic diagnosis situations. WORST-CASE

16. Brazil has thrown up many _____________ (WORLD) footballers. WORLD-FAMOUS / WORLD-RENOWNED 

17. The problem could escalate into _____________ (WORLD) dimensions, with our own beloved country standing condemned in the eyes of people everywhere. WORLD-SHATTERING / WORLD-SHAKING 

18. Usain Bolt is a _____________ (WORLD) sprinter - he is widely considered as the greatest sprinter of all time. WORLD-BEATING 19.And theatre was leading the way by letting the _____________ (WORLD) culture vultures in all of us have a taste of the tragic, even at this late date. WORLD-WEARY 

20. In the new digital _____________ (WORK), employers are finding it difficult to recruit individuals with experience in growing e-businesses. WORKPLACE 

21. My father stated that he thought my boyfriend was a _____________ (WORK) layabout, who was living off my earnings and trying to avoid working when possible. WORKSHY 

22. Teachers are always complaining about their heavy _____________ (WORK). WORKLOADS 

23. A self-confessed _____________ (WORK), Tony Richardson can't remember when he last had a holiday. WORKAHOLIC 

24. When reading great cheerleading quotes, remember that the silly tongue-in-cheek _____________ (WORD) functions as a cheerleading accessory, worn on top of sheer athleticism and heart. WORDPLAY 

25. A _____________ (WORK) is seen as a way to protest against low pay or bad working conditions. WORK-TO-RULE 

26. The paper didn't give the show a very good _____________ (WRITE). WRITE-UP 

27. His mother rehearsed his lines with him and by the time the play opened he was _____________ (WORD). WORD-PERFECT 

28. The food was nice enough but the service was somewhat _____________ (LACK). LACKADAISICAL 

29. When he wants to go for a walk, the dog sits by the door with a _____________ (WOE) expression. WOEBEGONE 

30. He made some _____________ (CRACK) about my lack of culinary ability. WISECRACK

31. This section of the book is potentially the most controversial but, overall, and apart from the _____________ (WISH) front cover, this is a stimulating and valuable book. WISHY-WASHY 

32. If he suspected an employee of dishonesty, he was not above _____________ (TAP). WIRETAPPING 

33. Strait was more than the " tongueless _____________ (WIRE) " that one enemy labeled him. WIREPULLER 

34. We drove along the _____________ (WIND) coast of Big Sur in Southern California. WINDSWEPT 

35. She threw her clothes _____________ (WILL) into a drawer. WILLY-NILLY 

36. Full employment is the _____________ (WILL) that politicians have been chasing for decades. WILL-O’-THE-WISP 

37. Some _____________ (WIDE) enthusiasts attempted to pave entire streets with rubber. WIDE-EYED 

38. My first encounter with this volume left me somewhat bemused at how to respond to such an absorbing and _____________ (RANGE) collection of essays. WIDE-RANGING 

39. The candidate's _____________ (STOP) tour chugged through Missouri, Kansas and Colorado before winding down in Arizona. WHISTLE-STOP 40. They married three months after they met - it was a real _____________ (WIND) romance. WHIRLWIND 

41. Some health clubs have _____________ (POOL) and steam rooms. whirlpools 

42. We usually have a _____________ (WHIP) at work for people who are leaving. WHIP-ROUND 

43. On the other hand, data from the report showed that _____________ (HOLD) tax rates on interest were often considerably reduced under Irish treaties and its competitors, in some instances leaving source states with no residual taxing rights. WITHHOLDING 

44. There is a _____________ (SPREAD) belief that addiction to illegal drugs is the cause of a significant proportion of acquisitive crime. WIDESPREAD 

45. Inside the fog, one's normal spatial references are lost when immersed within an optical _____________ (WHITE), and the white noise of hissing nozzles. WHITEOUT

46. Initial concern was expressed over school-leavers entering towns who displayed a reluctance to engage in anything other than scarce _____________ (WHITE) work. WHITE-COLLAR 

47. He marveled at Westlake's lack of concern, but as a first time visitor to the heart of nature's fury it was still a _____________ (KNUCKLE) trip as lightning flashes and near-simultaneous thunderclaps erupted in every direction. WHITE-KNUCKLE 

48. I'm not going to have some young _____________ (SNAPPER) tell me what to do! WHIPPERSNAPPER 

49. I'd like to buy a bigger house, but I don't have the _____________ (WITH). WHEREWITHAL 

50. He was a _____________ (WHEEL) who bought and sold items at flea markets. WHEELER-DEALER 

51. He was _____________ (WHACK) on speed, jabbering a mile a minute and making no sense at all. WHACKED-OUT 

52. I need a - a _____________ (WHAT) - one of those things that you can caramelize sugar with. WHATCHAMACALLIT 

53. He was clutching the award he had just won for Best Newcomer, surrounded by fans and _____________ (WISH). WELL-WISHERS 54. But what he describes, by his own admission, is the gradual ' _____________ (WEST) ' of the world, which surely provides what he claims is not possible, namely a ' global ' explanation for globalization. WESTERNIZATION 

55. The survey showed that people become managers by _____________ (TREAD) paths. WELL-TRODDEN 

56. She describes herself as a "_____________ (ROUND) individual" who works hard but has a varied social life. WELL-ROUNDED 57. It is a _____________ (DOCUMENT) fact that music is the most popular form of art. WELL-DOCUMENTED 

58. It's important to give your kids healthy _____________ (BALANCE) meals, including all the food groups. WELL-BALANCED 59. Our ethicist in this case would be _____________ (ADVICE) not to consider this as basically a case of research ethics. WELL-ADVISED 60. The work is proceeding as rapidly as funds and circumstances permit and every effort is being made to make the houses _____________ (WEATHER). WEATHERPROOF

61. Farmers can operate as historical _____________ (WEATHER), observing yesterday's data either by purchasing weather stations or spending more of their time in the field observing temperature, cloud cover, and soil moisture. WEATHERMEN 

62. It was a _____________ (DO) neighborhood of large, single-family homes with big backyards. WELL-TO-DO 

63. Despite a century of research, statistical and computational methods for authorship attribution are neither reliable, _____________ (REGARD), widely used nor well-understood. WELL-REGARDED 

64. The young players all seemed very _____________ (GROUND) in the rich history of the music they were performing. WELL-GROUNDED 65. The two were _____________ (MATCH) opponents and their last game ended in a stalemate. WELL-MATCHED 

66. The city is _____________ (ENDOW) with modern medical facilities. WELL-ENDOWED 

67. People doing yoga benefit from an increased feeling of _____________ (BE). WELL-BEING 

68. This 'reformulation' of criminality resulted in a campaign amongst a section of penal professionals for the segregation of _____________ (WEAK) criminals into specialised institutions. WEAK-MINDED 

69. While he appreciated chemists' labor and skill in harnessing nature, he could not endorse the discourse of chemical philosophy that was open to _____________ (WAY) interpretations. WAYWARD 

70. He and I seem to be operating on a different _____________ (LENGTH). WAVELENGTH 

71. All these functional, ecological and economic linkages of _____________ (WATER) rice agroecosystems have made the rice-fish farming technique a sustainable component of small-scale rural aquaculture. WATERLOGGED 

72. Canvas boots are all right but they're not as _____________ (WATER) as leather. WATERPROOF / WATER-RESISTANT 

73. _____________ (WATER) clothing or material does not absorb water when it is raining lightly. WATER-REPELLENT 

74. The Countryside Commission was set up as the government's official _____________ (DOG) on conservation. WATCHDOG

75. He then spent two years in the workshops of a big firm of electrical engineers pioneering electric lighting, and then _____________ (WANDER) gripped him. WANDERLUST 

76. Their _____________ (WORD) was corporate privilege; correspondingly, their dominant disposition was exclusion. WATCHWORD 

77. James Madison, who was burdened with the War of 1812, was branded as both a _____________ (WAR) and a coward. WARMONGER 78. It is a long-term task to rebuild the infrastructure of a _____________ (WAR) and _____________ (DISASTER) country such as Angola. WAR-TORN / DISASTER-STRICKEN 

79. She's a good, _____________ (WARM) woman. WARM-HEARTED 80. The firm built a model of the laboratory, so that the lab's future users could do a _____________ (WALK) and make suggestions. WALK-THROUGH 

81. One may say that on a vehicle which makes its own electricity this is not so important, but it is all-important on the man-borne set, the "_____________ (WALK)". WALKIE-TALKIE 

82. The Beatles also appeared in two wildly successful and _____________ (WAG) films directed by Richard Lester. WAGGISH 

83. He _____________ (VOUCH) the information that the meeting had been postponed. VOUCHSAFED 

84. Famous actors often provide _____________ (VOICE) for ads. VOICE-OVERS 

85. _____________ (CULTURE) is the growing of grapes, or the science or study of this. VITICULTURE 

86. Besides their recommendations about treatments of the existing grapevines and _____________ (VINE), the commission recommended only small, carefully undertaken experiments to test grafted vines. VINEYARDS 

87. As a result of this misunderstanding, the author criticises _____________ (POINT) that are not expressed in our paper. VIEWPOINTS 

88. The notebook comes with a built-in webcam for _____________ (CONFERENCE). VIDEOCONFERENCING

89. Before photography, and later _____________ (VIDEO), art provided the only visual record of history. VIDEOGRAPHY 

90. The two skyscrapers were connected by a _____________ (VERTIGO) walkway. VERTIGINOUS 

91. For this reason, even though such studies can confirm that humans and nonhumans have similar perception-action adaptation to prisms, their relevance to the _____________ (VENTRAL) effect can be only conjectural. VENTRILOQUISM 

92. She has included photographs in the book to lend _____________ (SIMILITUDE) to the story. VERISIMILITUDE 

93. Knowing they wouldn't welcome too much _____________ (VERB), he simplified his talk. VERBOSITY 

94. _____________ (VEHICLE) emissions include a number of pollutants with varying health and other impacts. VEHICULAR 

95. A standard home contents policy covers events such as fire, storm, flood, and theft of _____________ (VALUE) from the home. VALUABLES 96. In this case, he objected to his portrayal as a _____________ (GLORY) 

coward and to the imitation of his voice. VAINGLORIOUS 97. Workers were regarded as distinct from _____________ (VAGUE) and the state abolished trucks for most industrial workers, instead of granting special dispensations for certain groups. VAGABOND 

98. Writing that is _____________ (VALUE) or hypocritical is one-sided arguments. VALUE-LADEN 

99. _____________ (UTILITY) is the doctrine that an action is right insofar as it promotes happiness, and that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle of conduct. UTILITARIANISM 

100. By definition, _____________ (USER) content is any form of content - text, posts, images, videos, reviews, etc. - created by individual people (not brands) and published to an online or social network. 


101. Please enter your _____________ (NAME) and password into this website to log in. USERNAME 

102. The notebook's _____________ (USER) features allow fast and simple document conversion. USER-FRIENDLY 

103. BBC can provide you with a whole bunch of _____________ (MINUTE) and hard-hitting news. UP-TO-THE-MINUTE

104. We could walk _____________ (TOWN) or we could take the train. UPTOWN 

105. Don't get _____________ (TIGHT) about the exam - just do your best. UPTIGHT 

106. Many analysts are predicting an _____________ (SWING) in the economy. UPSWING 

107. An _____________ (SURGE) in violence in the district has been linked to increased unemployment. UPSURGE 

108. Counterfeit documents make it easier for _____________ (SCRUPLE) employers to knowingly hire illegal workers. UNSCRUPULOUS 109. She is highly regarded as an _____________ (STAND) citizen in the local community. UPSTANDING 

110. Yesterday's coup brought further _____________ (HEAVE) to a country already struggling with famine. UPHEAVAL 

111. In newspaper articles she consistently _____________ (BRAID) those in authority who overstepped their limits. UPBRAIDED 

112. What was the final _____________ (SHOT) of that affair? UPSHOT 113. Hundreds of mature trees were _____________ (ROOT) in the storm. UPROOTED 

114. It's a very amusing play with an _____________ (ROAR) final act. UPROARIOUS 

115. _____________ (MAN) are students in the last two years of high school or college. UPPERCLASSMEN 

116. The _____________ (KEEP) of larger old properties is very expensive. UPKEEP 

117. It was a way for young, _____________ (COME) performers to showcase their work and develop a following and a reputation. UP-AND-COMING 

118. Is it right to say all the crimes he committed were simply the result of his _____________ (BRING)? UPBRINGING 

119. _____________ (WIT), I may have given a misleading impression in my interviews. UNWITTINGLY 

120. We avoid alcohol, tobacco, and other _____________ (WHOLE) things. UNWHOLESOME

121. The hyperbole indicates vehement, _____________ (WAVER) feelings of love, the persona is almost saying 'without you, nothing matters, when you are there, nothing can be wrong'. UNWAVERING 

122. The robot follows only logic, and it is its _____________ (SWERVE) adherence to logic that prevents it from moving towards one haystack or the other. UNSWERVING 

123. The economist showed an _____________ (YIELD) commitment to tough financial stability. UNYIELDING 

124. The impossible forms, by definition, are not uttered for they are _____________ (UTTER) and may never be found anywhere. UNUTTERABLE 

125. He believed the police would never arrest him, that he was _____________ (TOUCH). UNTOUCHABLE 

126. He is an utterly _____________ (TRUST), unreliable source. UNTRUSTWORTHY 

127. Self-governing schools are _____________ (TRAMMEL) by education authority rules. UNTRAMMELLED 

128. It was this passion for fast cars that led to his _____________ (TIME) death at the age of 43. UNTIMELY 

129. He sees a huge _____________ (TAP) market for cutting-edge green exports. UNTAPPED 

130. I know that we all share the sense of acute loss of a man who worked _____________ (REMIT) for peace. UNREMITTINGLY 131. The band has enjoyed a seemingly _____________ (STOP) rise in popularity. UNSTOPPABLE 

132. Companies can be punished for making _____________ (SUBSTANCE) claims about their products. UNSUBSTANTIATED 133. Only a fortnight ago there was published in the newspapers the details of a most disgraceful and _____________ (SPORT) case. 


134. Performance is _____________ (REPEAT) and it is fascinating because it is unique and ephemeral. UNREPEATABLE 

135. He would also emerge as an _____________ (RIVAL) photographer and film-cameraman - he is the best among the best. UNRIVALLED 136. It is hard to imagine that it would be otherwise-only a thoroughly _____________ (CONSTRUCT) neoliberal economist would suppose

that wage differences between the two economies explain this migration. UNRECONSTRUCTED 

137. This century has witnessed environmental destruction on an _____________ (PRECEDE) scale. UNPRECEDENTED 138. They may be utterly _____________ (PRETEND) or expressively sophisticated. UNPRETENTIOUS 

139. "Was it a good read?" "Oh, totally _____________ (PUT) - I finished it in two days." UNPUTDOWNABLE 

140. We were disappointed at the _____________ (POSSESS) exterior of the hotel. UNPREPOSSESSING 

141. The whole venture has been an _____________ (MITIGATE) disaster. UNMITIGATED 

142. I won't hang my _____________ (MENTION) out on the clothesline to dry! UNMENTIONABLES 

143. He needed a shave and his hair was _____________ (COMB). UNKEMPT / UNCOMBED 

144. For this purpose, likely outcomes under _____________ (CAMERA) and multicameral arrangements are calculated. UNICAMERAL 145. Many of her achievements went _____________ (SING) until after her death. UNSUNG 

146. It is _____________ (LAW) for any investment adviser to engage in fraudulent or manipulative practices. UNLAWFUL 

147. But to achieve the intended results even partially will be a plus, and not all the _____________ (LOOK) results may be bad and unfavourable. UNLOOKED-FOR 

148. It was _____________ (HEAR) for an unmarried couple to live together. UNHEARD-FOR 

149. Stocks have risen _____________ (INTERRUPT) for the last three months. UNINTERRUPTEDLY 

150. The prime minister, he said, had the party's _____________ (VOCAL) support. UNEQUIVOCAL 

151. These countries were facing a very grave crisis with _____________ (SEE) consequences. UNFORESEEABLE 

152. It is a brave and _____________ (FLINCH) account of prison life. UNFLINCHING

153. An _____________ (PURGE) book is a complete one containing everything, including parts considered likely to cause offence. UNEXPURGATED 

154. _____________ (DOUBT), stress has contributed to her health problems. UNDOUBTEDLY 

155. The insurance _____________ (WRITE) quietly agreed to settle the claim. UNDERWRITER 

156. The food was good but unfortunately we found the rest of the experience distinctly _____________ (WHELM). UNDERWHELMING 157. "It didn't go well? " "That's the _____________ (STATE) of the year. It was a complete disaster." UNDERSTATEMENT 

158. The facility is chronically _____________ (STAFF) and short of supplies. UNDERSTAFFED 

159. And what might be the _____________ (LIE) significance of these supposedly random acts? UNDERLYING 

160. The book is valuable to _____________ (GRADUATE) students, but it can also be a quick refresher on the topic for some graduate students. UNDERGRADUATE 

161. Criticism just _____________ (MINE) their confidence. UNDERMINES / UNDERMINED 

162. Rebel soldiers and civilians believed Lee's army was _____________ (CONQUER). UNCONQUERABLE 

163. Children from an _____________ (PRIVILEGE) family background are statistically more likely to become involved in crime. 


164. The enormous stock of gold has been deliberately _____________ (VALUE) at about one-quarter of the market price. UNDERVALUED 165. Many of the children are _____________ (NOURISH) and suffering from serious diseases. UNDERNOURISHED / MALNOURISHED 166. His teachers consistently describe him as an _____________ (ACHIEVE), despite his artistic talents. UNDERACHIEVER 167. There's no reason to make personal comments - that was completely _____________ (CALL). UNCALLED-FOR 

168. One almost despaired about the apparent _____________ (BRIDGE) gap between the developed and the developing countries. 


169. No one can match our _____________ (BEAT) prices! UNBEATABLE 

170. He was shy and _____________ (ASSUME) and not at all how you expect an actor to be. UNASSUMING 

171. People injecting drugs can never be sure that they're using _____________ (ALTER) substances. UNADULTERATED 172. I noticed that this usually social young man was _____________ (CHARACTER) silent. UNCHARACTERISTICALLY 

173. _____________ (KNOW) to me, he had rented out the apartment while I was away. UNBEKNOWNST 

174. He was charged with conduct _____________ (BECOME) to an officer. UNBECOMING 

175. She's _____________ (FAIL) cheerful no matter what the circumstances. UNFAILINGLY 

176. She soon found herself _____________ (CAST) as a dizzy blonde. TYPECAST 

177. The most conservative position is that which somehow or other represents the weak hand separately in all _____________ (HAND) cases. TWO-HANDED 

178. I ended the relationship when I found out he was _____________ (TIME) me. TWO-TIMING 

179. A _____________ (SEAT) is a vehicle which can provide seats for two people. TWO-SEATERS 

180. 'Ok, I really need to get over being so freaking _____________ (TWITTER) and clean this apartment, write an article, work on a proposal, and turn off the TV. ' TWITTERPATED 

181. Of course, hindsight is always _____________ (TWENTY) and putting a specific number on fuzzy abstractions like “stealth” is far more art than science. TWENTY-TWENTY 

182. I find it extremely difficult to follow that convention in respect of the rather nauseating _____________ (COAT) performance to which we have just listened. TURNCOAT 

183. They are uncomfortable, _____________ (TUMBLE) places, and certainly not places for us to visit for a holiday. TUMBLEDOWN

184. It is no good making _____________ (THUMP) speeches as though employees will not have their interests best protected by worthy and responsible employers. TUB-THUMPING 

185. He also conducted an investigation of the police department, shining a light on racial discrimination and _____________ (TRUMP) criminal charges against blacks. TRUMPED-UP 

186. The movie tells the _____________ (LIFE) story of two divers who discover a sunken ship. TRUE-LIFE 

187. Here you have an acute controversy between two lots of dyed-in-the-wool, _____________ (BLUE) planners about what is and what is not good planning. TRUE-BLUE 

188. I was worried that I would be regarded as a _____________ (TROUBLE) if I complained about the safety standards. 


189. A _____________ (TROUBLE) is a person helping to resolve issues in a company. TROUBLE-SHOOTER 

190. The Horites, their predecessors in Mount Seir, were _____________ (TROUT) or dwellers in caves. TROGLODYTE 

191. Moreover, many people consider that they face a _____________ (TRIGGER) police force, acting with impunity under the government 's anti-terrorist laws. TRIGGER-HAPPY 

192. A cup of warm milk is my _____________ (TRUE) remedy for insomnia. TRIED-AND-TRUE 

193. I hope this is a public footpath and we're not _____________ (PASS) on someone's land. TRESPASSING 

194. This is the flagship product of a company that is increasingly a _____________ (TREND) in wireless networking. TRENDSETTER 195. By the end of this second song, he has left the lights of the city behind and wanders down a dark, _____________ (TREE) street. TREE-LINED 196. The plagiarism that frequently occurred in travel accounts may add to the writers' anxiety regarding the fictionalization of _____________ (TRAVEL). TRAVELOGUES 

197. I don't want any _____________ (TRASH)out of either one of you! TRASH-TALK 

198. He now needs a heart _____________ (PLANT), nine months after marrying. TRANSPLANT

199. Almost overnight, that sweet, little child had _____________ (MODIFY) into an antisocial monster. TRANSMOGRIFIED 200. Each _____________ (ACT) at the foreign exchange counter seems to take forever. TRANSACTION 

201. He has earned the title of Britain's top _____________ (TRAIN), after spending 57 years on the nation's railway platforms. 


202. We are already encouraging other units of delivery to adopt for their own gateways the successful aspects of the _____________ (TRAIL) approach. TRAILBLAZER 

203. Theatrical representations often encompassed several works; they began with a comic prologue, then a tragedy or _____________ (COMEDY), then a farce and finally a song. TRAGICOMEDY 

204. Variants include a _____________ (TRAIL) truck, a dump truck, a fuel truck, and a 6x6 for towing a 4-wheeled powered trailer. TRACTOR-TRAILER 

205. The retail giant has taken action against a number of small businesses over _____________ (TRADE) infringement. TRADEMARK 206. For some car buyers, lack of space is an acceptable _____________ (TRADE) for a sporty design. TRADE-OFF 

207. The _____________ (TOWN) have embraced the summer music festival. TOWNSPEOPLE 

208. _____________ (TOW) zone is an area where parking is not allowed and where a parked car will be towed 

209. Learning to _____________ (TYPE), the way to type without looking at the keyboard, has made my work much quicker. TOUCH-TYPE 210. Until relatively recently, the Japanese car industry was the _____________ (STONE) of international success. TOUCHSTONE 211. Focusing on the share price would force CEOs to become more _____________ (TOUGH) about how they run their businesses. TOUGH-MINDED 

212. Russia's most decorated synchronized swimmer, Anastasia Davydova, sets off as the first _____________ (TORCH) of the route through the rest of Moscow on Monday. TORCHBEARER 

213. This is a _____________ (HEAD) book with a small glimmer of a golden heart somewhere at its core. HARD-HEADED

214. The doctor says that it's _____________ (GO) whether Mary will be okay. TOUCH-AND-GO 

215. She's one of those _____________ (TOUCH) people, always putting her hand on your arm while she's talking to you. TOUCHY-FEELY 216. It’s a _____________ (TOSS) between going to India or China. TOSS-UP 

217. The government's _____________ (TOP) priorities mean that spending on education remains low. TOPSY-TURVY 

218. She attended a _____________ (RANK) business school in France, which provided students with high studying facilities. TOP-RANKING 219. The invasive cardiac set up of the department has 2 fully equipped _____________ (LINE) flat panel catheterisation labs with hemodynamic recorders. TOP-OF-THE-LINE (TOP-OF-THE-RANGE, TOP-NOTCH, STATE-OF-THE-ART, TOP-HOLE, TOP-LEVEL, TOP-FLIGHT, TOP-END, TOP-CLASS) 

220. If they sacked a few senior managers, the company would be less _____________ (HEAVY). TOP-HEAVY 

221. Despite its historical inaccuracies, the film was one of the _____________ (GROSS) films of the year. TOP-GROSSING 222. Staff were not happy with the _____________ (TOP) approach to management of the new CEO. TOP-DOWN 

223. They cannot express what they want to say and become _____________ (TONGUE) and inhibited. TONGUE-TIED 224. He would be fortunate indeed to escape with no more than a _____________ (TONGUE); he might well end up being demoted in rank. TONGUE-LASHING 

225. The walls are wainscoted with vertical beaded _____________ (TONGUE) boards on the first story, and plain white plaster above. TONGUE-AND-GROOVE 

226. ‘She sells sea shells on the seashore’ is a _____________ (TONGUE). TONGUE-TWISTER 

227. He made some _____________ (CHEEK) comment about being very busy cleaning his house.. TONGUE-IN-CHEEK 

228. By that time, each family had its own burial zone where there were _____________ (STONE) for couples and individuals. TOMBSTONES / GRAVESTONES

229. Did you ever hear such awful _____________ (ROT). TOMMYROT 230. It is the ordinary people who are unemployed and who want houses who are being harmed by this _____________ (FOOL). TOMFOOLERY / FOOLERY / FOOLISHNESS 

231. There is nothing to be "_____________ (NOSE)" about: it is common sense so far as keeping an allotment is concerned. TOFFEE-NOSED 232. So you've got the great food, you've got the friendly service, you've got the relaxed atmosphere and _____________ (TOE) music. TOE-TAPPING 

233. We don’t have to go _____________ (TOE) with our competitors in every market. TOE-TO-TOE 

234. I saw the worst comedy act I've ever seen last night - it was absolutely _____________ (TOE)! TOE-CURLING 

235. There was a _____________ (TOLL) telephone line that allowed more than 6,000 individuals to transmit their viewpoints. TOLL-FREE 236. _____________ (TOAD) is a British dish made with sausages cooked in a mixture of eggs, milk, and flour. TOAD-IN-THE-HOLE 237. I therefore object to any _____________ (TATTLE) which suggests that this great movement will be destroyed because of the influences within it. TITTLE-TATTLE 

238. The French team is the _____________ (TITLE) in the tournament. TITLE-HOLDER 

239. Following a _____________ (TIP) from a friend, we sold all our shares in the company. TIP-OFF 

240. An anonymous _____________ (TIP) has leaked confidential government information to the press. TIPSTER 

241. The referee rightly booked that football player for _____________ (TIME). TIME-WASTING 

242. The alternative to buying outright is some form of _____________ (TIME). TIMESHARE 

243. Police officers are trying to construct the _____________ (TIME) of events leading up to the murder. TIMESCALE 

244. Washing machines and vacuum cleaners are _____________ (TIME) devices. TIME-SAVING 

245. The school uses old, _____________ (TIME) techniques for teaching children to read. TIME-TESTED

246. They are introducing products for customerS who are _____________ (TIME) but _____________ (CASH). TIME-POOR / CASH-RICH 247. Authors, instrument makers, public lecturers, and opportunists set their plans to solve the problem of longitude in published books or with displays of accurate _____________ (TIME). TIMEPIECES 248. Methoprene is frequently distributed in _____________ (TIME) briquette form in breeding areas. TIME-RELEASE 

249. George wants to have a career rather than a few years of _____________ (TIME). TIMEPASS 

250. Another interesting finding is that male embryos, unlike female embryos, suffer when exposed to the _____________ (TIME) environment. TIME-LAPSE 

251. Analysts looked at _____________ (TIME) and attendance records as part of the investigation. TIMEKEEPING 

252. The video begins in the _____________ (TIME) manner of seemingly all manufactured bands' first singles: by introducing the members of the band by name. TIME-HONOURED 

253. Producing a dictionary is a very _____________ (TIME) job. TIME-CONSUMING 

254. Many manufacturers have to walk a _____________ (ROPE) between pricing their goods too high and not selling them, and pricing them low and losing money. TIGHTROPE 

255. He's been very _____________ (LIP) about what happened at the meeting. TIGHT-LIPPED 

256. For social primates, safety from predators was primarily accomplished through a _____________ (KNIT) protective social group. CLOSE-KNIT / TIGHT-KNIT 

257. Don't wait for Gillian to buy you a drink - she's too _____________ (FIST). TIGHT-FISTED 

258. As an army man yourself you'll appreciate that when one is dealing with security matters everything has to be _____________ (BOO). TICKETY-BOO 

259. Smith’s _____________ (THUMB) was on the rifle magazine and his DNA was on the grip area, records said. THUMBPRINT 

260. In some ways the new applet technology was a _____________ (THROW) to the old pre-PC days. THROWBACK

261. Analysts warned that expecting to buy hi-tech products at increasingly _____________ (THROW) prices would eventually cause us all problems. THROWAWAY 

262. The environment of our society, relative to others of its kind, looks _____________ (BARE). THREADBARE 

263. This certainly is the most interesting and _____________ (PROVOKE) dimension of this volume, which according to the compilers was originally not planned as a publication. THOUGHT-PROVOKING 

264. A _____________ (CRIME) is an Orwellian neologism used to describe an illegal thought. The term has also been used to describe some theological concepts such as disbelief or idolatry, or a rejection of strong philosophical or social principles. THOUGHTCRIME 

265. But nevertheless the considerations raised in that chapter militate in favor of a much more _____________ (THOROUGH), largely nondetachable theistic account. THOROUGHGOING 

266. As a moderate crowd of _____________ (THEATRE) gathered, the performers started to roll huge empty barrels, while punk music blared from loudspeakers. THEATREGOERS 

267. Stock can _____________ (THEORY) be bought from one market maker and sold to another at an immediate profit. THEORETICALLY 268. If we did this, if the teachers had home rule, the evils of the _____________ (RATE) money-making independent school would pass away immediately. THIRD-RATE 

269. Surely we have not become so mealy-mouthed or _____________ (SKIN) in this place that the word "wild" is out of order. 


270. You do need to be _____________ (SKIN) to survive as a politician here. THICK-SKINNED 

271. He was stiff with mud and _____________ (THICK) with tiredness as 272. He was stiff with mud and _____________ (THICK) with tiredness as he and Isay trooped back through the gatehouse to the Manse. THICK-HEADED 

273. Whiteness in the form of illuminated or phosphorescent body parts and clothing became a common feature of many seances by the 1870s or _____________ (ABOUT). THEREABOUTS

274. _____________ (FORTH) it could be invoked without being argued for, at least until the major reassessment of strategy provoked by the failure of the 1848 revolutions. THENCEFORTH / HENCEFORTH 

275. In _____________ (SPEECH) systems, the linguistic context of a word or phrase must be obtained through linguistic analysis of the input text. TEXT-TO-SPEECH 

276. I see one more example of the influence which a determined band of assassins can exercise over a _____________ (TERROR) community. TERROR-STRICKEN 

277. During _____________ (TERM) there is a surgery each morning and every afternoon except Wednesday. TERM-TIME 

278. We were on _____________ (HOOK) all morning waiting for the phone to ring. TENTERHOOKS 

279. He was honest, independent, ambitious, _____________ (WILL), and _____________ (TENDER), someone who refused to drink or smoke with the men, and someone who would attend to a bird with a broken wing. STRONG-WILLED / TENDER-HEARTED 

280. She found lipstick on his shirts - the _____________ (TALE) sign that he was having an affair. TELLTALE 

281. He gave me a good _____________ (TELL) for forgetting the meeting. TELLING-OFF 

282. They can also be used at home, for supporting daily living tasks or for assisting _____________ (WORK). TELEWORKING 

283. Teleworking, _____________ (SHOP), teleconferences are all activities which will utilize the new technologies and the new infrastructure. TELESHOPPING 

284. He himself was a non-smoking _____________ (TOTAL). TEETOTALLER 

285. They drove once again, the marble tombstone rocking in the trunk, the lid slamming against it like an unbalanced _____________ (TEETER). TEETER-TOTTER 

286. The state needs more _____________ (TECH) workers for its hi-tech industries. TECH-SAVVY 

287. Between moments of throat-clearing referentiality and _____________ (TEAR) crooning, there is much fun to be had. TEAR-STAINED

288. Very often, she'd be in his office for a long time, emerge _____________ (TEAR), and be difficult to work with for the rest of the day. TEARY-EYED 

289. Bring a pile of tissues with you when you see that film - it's a real _____________ (TEAR)! TEARJERKER 

290. I do not suggest that it will be a _____________ (TEACH) in the sense of those attending having to contribute. TEACH-IN 291. It’s a disgraceful waste of _____________ (TAX)’ money. TAXPAYERS 

292. The poorest families pay no tax on food because their food stamp purchases are _____________ (TAX). TAX-EXEMPT / TAX-FREE 293. This range of contributions is fully _____________ (TAX), and we assume corporations always have the capacity to make contributions unless they are in bankruptcy. TAX-DEDUCTIBLE 

294. With this plan, your contributions are _____________ (TAX), so that your savings grow faster than they would if some of the earnings went to pay taxes. TAX-DEFERRED 

295. The party has to resist returning to the _____________ (TAX) policies of the past. TAX-AND-SPEND 

296. Many parents rely on _____________ (TAX) college savings accounts to put aside money for their children's education. TAX-ADVANTAGED 297. She is a tomboy, and somewhat of a _____________ (TATTLE), often getting her siblings into trouble but still cares very much for them. TATTLETALE 

298. Peel was a _____________ (TASTE) who introduced at least four generations of listeners to sounds outside the mainstream. 


299. Satprem is a harsh _____________ (TASK) whose edicts result in conflict between the residents of Auroville and its governing body at an ashram in Pondicherry. TASKMASTER 

300. Read through the _____________ (SCRIPT) of the interview and answer the questions below. TAPESCRIPT 

301. Her refusal to answer was _____________ (AMOUNT) to an admission of guilt. TANTAMOUNT 

302. We are calling for government action to improve the _____________ (TAKE) of state benefits. TAKE-UP

303. McGraw is actually famous for his blunt, _____________ (PRISONERS) style of therapy. TAKE-NO-PRISONERS 

304. Luanne was the outgoing, _____________ (CHARGE) kind of woman that Nanci needed in her life. TAKE-CHARGE 

305. It is a job that appears almost _____________ (TAILOR) for her. TAILOR-MADE 

306. I gave her a good _____________ (TALK) about doing her homework on time. TALKING-TO 

307. In hostile _____________ (TAKE), the employees of the target firm are often concerned about losing their jobs. TAKEOVERS 308. Non-mortgage debt payments shouldn't exceed 10 to 15% of monthly _____________ (HOME) pay. TAKE-HOME 

309. Yesterday there was a four-mile _____________ (TAIL) on the main road into the city after a crash. TAILBACK 

310. He would portray the teen as a _____________ (TAG), talked into the burglary with no idea someone would be hurt. TAGALONG 311. Everything went _____________ (SWIM) until Peter started talking about money. SWIMMINGLY 

312. A _____________ (SYLLABLE) language is a language whose syllables take approximately equal amounts of time to pronounce. SYLLABLE-TIMED 

313. It must not be thought that all operational aircraft in a modern air force need to have _____________ (SWEEP) wings. SWEPT-BACK 314. One livestock disease detected in several Nebraska _____________ (SWINE) is pseudorabies. SWINEHERDS 

315. The oil magnate accused the state-owned oil company of overpaying for a smaller company in a _____________ (HEART) deal. SWEETHEART 

316. The tear she dropped in secret over his death, was for her own youth, out of her timid, clumsy, _____________ (SWEET) feelings. SWEET-AND-SOUR 

317. The report claims many toy companies only worry about _____________ (SWEAT) conditions during periods of bad publicity. SWEATSHOP

318. Its necessary, though not sufficient, character is illustrated by the haste in which vice-presidential successors arrange a _____________ (SWEAR) ceremony after the death of a president. SWEARING-IN 

319. The _____________ (BUCKLE) sense conveyed by the term 'sovereign artificer' may have to be softened somewhat. 


320. They persuade _____________ (SUSCEPT) teenagers to part with their money. SUSCEPTIBLE 

321. If you were _____________ (RAPID) checking football scores on your cell phone during Thanksgiving dinner, you're just the sort of person the company is looking for. SURREPTITIOUSLY 

322. Driving through the total darkness was a slightly _____________ (REAL) experience. SURREAL / SURREALISTIC 

323. Fortunately the company's bank account is currently in _____________ (PLUS). SURPLUS 

324. His time for the 100 metres _____________ (PASS) the previous world record by one hundredth of a second. SURPASSED 325. As the election returns came in, it was clear that his opponent had an _____________ (MOUNT) lead. INSURMOUNTABLE 

326. During the course of this _____________ (SURE) and captivating novel, they will finally be forced to do so. SURE-HANDED 327. Given this enormous range, it would be remarkable if the treatment did not appear more _____________ (FOOT) in some places than in others. SURE-FOOTED / FOOTSURE 

328. Running into the street like that is a _____________ (FIRE) way to get hurt. SUREFIRE 

329. A _____________ (CHARGE) may be made for deliveries outside normal hours. SURCHARGE 

330. The vision, which now seems distinctly _____________ (LAPSE), was of the Web as a bottom-up phenomenon, with no bosses, and no rewards other than the satisfaction of participating in successful innovation. PRELAPSARIAN 

331. I’ve been down to the south of England where _____________ (SUPPOSE) King Arthur’s castle was. SUPPOSEDLY 

332. Since the disintegration of the USSR, there has been only one _____________ (POWER) - the US. SUPERPOWER

333. She is said to have _____________ (NATURE) powers and to be able to communicate with the dead. SUPERNATURAL 

334. _____________ (NUMBER) teeth often are found in the upper jaw just behind the front teeth. SUPERNUMERARY 

335. That hardly applies to the prisoners held in America's _____________ (MAX). SUPERMAXES 

336. In the US, a school _____________ (INTEND) is in charge of the schools in a particular area. SUPERINTENDENT 

337. Apart from the regulatory environment, network infrastructure and equipment are indispensable for driving on the information _____________ (HIGHWAY). SUPERHIGHWAY 

338. The _____________ (CENTER) offers a full line of groceries, an optical department, a tire and oil-change department, a grill, portrait studio, hair salon, photo-processing lab, plus yogurt and cookie shops. SUPERCENTER 

339. Since the _____________ (ANNUAL) fund returns are also gross of fees, index returns are comparable. SUPERANNUATION 340. The term "_____________ (SPREAD)" has been used to describe certain individuals who have been implicated in spreading Covid-19 to numerous other individuals. SUPER-SPREADER 

341. Cursed as I am with a _____________ (ABUNDANT) of self-consciousness, I spend a lot of time loathing my own inability to do anything useful. SUPERABUNDANCE 

342. Gain skills and _____________ (CHARGE) your CV - even before you leave school! SUPERCHARGE 

343. _____________ (CONDUCT) means the complete absence of electrical resistance. SUPERCONDUCTIVITY 

344. The white and tender sands and warm waters of these resorts will suit the ardent _____________ (SUN). SUN-WORSHIPPER 

345. Someone who is suffering from _____________ (SUN) feels dizzy and has a high temperature, but does not sweat. SUNSTROKE 346. For example, _____________ (SUN) skin comes from the interaction between a person's genotype and sunlight; thus, suntans are not passed on to people's children. SUNTANNED / SUNKISSED / SUNBURNED 347. The candied peel is _____________ (SUN) or put up in jars for future use. SUN-DRIED

348. There is always that point in the Mediterranean when the weather changes and _____________ (SUN) summer turns to warmish autumn. SUN-DRENCHED / SUNKISSED / SUNBAKED 

349. The failure of the trial judge to put this defence before the jury in his _____________ (SUM) was the major ground for upsetting the conviction. SUMMING-UP 

350. It is a calorie-free, fat-free, _____________ (SUGAR) thirst quencher that is essential to the body's metabolic functions. SUGAR-FREE 351. The book tells the story of a woman escaping from a _____________ (FAUCET) marriage. SUFFOCATING 

352. There's a shop in the hospital where they sell flowers and magazines and _____________ (SUCH). SUCHLIKE 

353. The study of the physiological characteristics of microorganisms under conditions of _____________ (ZERO) temperatures is complicated due to the low rate of metabolic processes. SUBZERO 

354. _____________ (URBAN) benefit from this redistribution because many work in and enjoy visiting city centers that would not be sustainable on their own tax revenues. SUBURBANITES 

355. In most tropical and _____________ (TROPICAL) regions, potential yields are projected to decrease for most projected increases in temperature (medium confidence). SUBTROPICAL / SEMITROPICAL 

356. A _____________ (STANDARD) social position is created for these women when they lack knowledge about life beyond that of their families. SUBSTANDARD 

357. In the past, women were viewed as _____________ (SERVE) to men. SUBSERVIENT 

358. In the retrial, witnesses could be _____________ (PENAL), and the whole matter could be properly threshed out. SUBPOENAED 359. She has _____________ (MERGE) her identity in the role of photographer's wife and muse. SUBMERGED 

360. Before reaching the level of head chef, there was the hard work and _____________ (ORDER) positions in kitchens. SUBORDINATE 361. The tenant cannot _____________ (LET) without the owner's permission and cannot charge more than the regulated rent. SUBLET 362. There are concerns that downsizing companies might put too much office space up for _____________ (LEASE). SUBLEASE

363. Headlines and _____________ (HEADING) should be liberally employed in the methods, results, and discussion sections. SUBHEADINGS 

364. As a _____________ (EDIT) you will work closely with the chief sub to maintain our high standards of factual accuracy, good grammar, clarity and consistent house style. SUB-EDITOR 

365. I think I must have known _____________ (CONSCIOUS) that something was going on between them. SUBCONSCIOUSLY 366. He ran up _____________ (STUPID) debts through his extravagant lifestyle. STUPENDOUS 

367. She says he has become conceited and _____________ (STICK). STUCK-UP 

368. She's very _____________ (WILL) and if she's decided to drop out of school, nothing will stop her. STRONG-WILLED 

369. You'll have to be _____________ (STRONG) if you're going to push the changes through. STRONG-MINDED 

370. Police resorted to _____________ (ARM) tactics to break up the protest. STRONG-ARM 

371. _____________ (STRIP) is a form of entertainment in which a performer takes off his or her clothes in a way that is sexually exciting to the people who are watching. STRIPTEASE 

372. Many _____________ (STRIKE) were subjected to verbal and physical attacks. STRIKEBREAKERS 

373. He's obviously not _____________ (STREET), so she takes special care to determine a safe route back for him, and she makes sure that he understands her directions. STREETWISE / STREETSMART 

374. Tuition at many colleges has soared into the _____________ (SPHERE). STRATOSPHERE 

375. Her _____________ (STRATEGY) for dealing with her husband's infidelities was to ignore them. STRATAGEM 

376. The two major companies have been tightening their _____________ (STRANGLE) on the beer market. STRANGLEHOLD 

377. The national curriculum must be a guide, not a _____________ (STRAIT). STRAITJACKET 

378. My aunt's very _____________ (STRAIT) - she'd be shocked if you mentioned sex. STRAIT-LACED

379. Roz is _____________ (STRAIGHT) and lets you know what she's thinking. STRAIGHTFORWARD 

380. Two points about this social or demographic type of outsider need to be noted _____________ (STRAIGHT). STRAIGHTAWAY 381. The crew discovered the _____________ (STOW) about two days into their voyage. STOWAWAY 

382. _____________ (STOUT) and indomitable, he had yielded his own chance of survival that his comrades might live to carry on the relentless battle against a fanatic enemy. STOUTHEARTED 

383. You have a vivid imagination that can assist you in becoming a good writer or _____________ (STORY). STORYTELLER 

384. If you're looking for a _____________ (STORY) romance, you're always going to be disappointed. STORYBOOK 

385. He phoned his _____________ (STOCK) with instructions to sell portions of his portfolio. STOCKBROKER 

386. The artisans and _____________ (SHOP) who represented a lower middle class felt threatened by the new middle class and foreign interests. SHOPKEEPERS 

387. Why use _____________ (SHOP) pastry when it's so easy to make your own? SHOP-BOUGHT 

388. The President made a brief _____________ (STOP) in Moscow on his way to the summit. STOPOVER 

389. We rejected this because we are totally committed to a period of continuous growth instead of _____________ (STOP). STOP-AND-GO 390. If you refuse to be interviewed, or _____________ (STONE) and make it difficult for us to do our job, you might face punishment later. STONEWALL 

391. Behind them all walked Bishop Corrada, who sat in the sanctuary, solemn and _____________ (STONE), throughout the liturgy. STONE-FACED 

392. The nasty feedback she got about the painting killed her ambition _____________ (STONE). STONE-DEAD 

393. The challenge is to feel all those things when you are _____________ (STONE) sober. STONE-COLD

394. Clearly, a computer would be of great value for _____________ (STOCK), processing, and anticipating sales developments and the like. STOCKTAKING 

395. On seeing us, the deer stood _____________ (STOCK) for a moment, then turned and retreated into the forest. STOCK-STILL 

396. They have a _____________ (STOCK) of weapons and ammunition that will last several months. STOCKPILE 

397. The song was perfect for the soft vocals that are her _____________ (STOCK). STOCK-IN-TRADE 

398. I've been laid up for two weeks with this broken leg and I'm beginning to go _____________ (STIR). STIR-CRAZY 

399. The very purpose of segregation was to _____________ (STICK) people of color -to declare them unfit to share facilities with whites. STIGMATIZE 

400. His repression is caused by his _____________ (STIFF), stifled upbringing. STIFF-NECKED 

401. Two men ran into the bank, shouting "This is a _____________ (STICK)!" STICK-UP 

402. To ensure success in any of the above lines requires pluck, energy, _____________ (STICK), a determination to secure desired results, and some capital. STICK-TO-ITIVENESS 

403. Mike’s dad is a _____________ (MUD), so he is never allowed to go to any of the fun events at school. STICK-IN-THE-MUD 

404. _____________ (STEEVE) is a person whose job is to load and unload ships at a port. STEVEDORE 

405. He doesn't conform to the national _____________ (TYPE) of a Frenchman. STEREOTYPE 

406. The course will be a _____________ (STONE) to another career. STEPPING-STONE 

407. It achieves this by describing the _____________ (STEP) construction of the various models which ultimately lead to a full description of the soil-plant-atmosphere system. STEP-BY-STEP 

408. The group remained _____________ (STEAD) in its support for the new system, even when it was criticized in the newspapers. STEADFAST 409. She is a veterinary technician who recently became a _____________ (HOME) mom. STAY-AT-HOME

410. The intensity of the work is increased by the presence of two female figures, whose _____________ (STATUE) appearance closes the image. STATUESQUE 

411. The control panel uses all the newest technology and is considered _____________ (ART). STATE-OF-THE-ART 

412. He transformed the business from a _____________ (START) into one of the world's biggest mobile phone companies. START-UP 413. The importance of this book is the breadth and quality of the perspectives by a _____________ (STAR) cast. STAR-STUDDED / ALL-STAR 

414. Now Reeves will seemingly do anything to avoid similar meetings with _____________ (STAR) fans. STARSTRUCK 

415. Those of us who are strong advocates of small businesses do not support them because of some _____________ (STAR) sense of nostalgia. STARRY-EYED 

416. _____________ (STAR) with small telescopes may be able to spot the comet on Monday night. STARGAZERS 

417. From childhood, Britney Spears seemed destined for _____________ (STAR). STARDOM 

418. Once they were, they were written as _____________ (STAR) true loves with multiple obstacles to overcome. STAR-CROSSED 419. Again, the exemption for big-screen entertainment and _____________ (STAND) comedy exposes the weakness of that argument. STAND-UP 

420. The accident brought traffic to a _____________ (STAND). STANDSTILL 

421. I refer to the tendency at the present time among the new group of officials to be bureaucratic, _____________ (STAND) and almost unapproachable. STANDOFFISH 

422. He had the _____________ (STANDARD) wizard’s hat, along with a long grey beard and half-moon glasses. STANDARD-ISSUE 423. It was perhaps worn by an officer or _____________ (STANDARD) who intended its imposing appearance to intimidate his enemies on the battlefield. STANDARD-BEARER 

424. Valued party _____________ (WORTH) came to expect the reward of a peerage for their loyalty. STALWARTS

425. The market _____________ (STALL) and shopkeepers traded happily all day. STALLHOLDERS 

426. Tomorrow's meeting between the two leaders is expected to break a diplomatic _____________ (MATE) that has lasted for ten years. STALEMATE 

427. Police set up a 24-hour _____________ (STAKE) of her house, and watched her every move. STAKEOUT 

428. It is a snare and a delusion to persuade any more people to become _____________ (STAGE). STAGE-STRUCK 

429. Many people have become cynical about the _____________ (STAGE) debates between politicians which regularly appear on television. STAGE-MANAGED 

430. I love the _____________ (CLEAN) feel of my hair after I've washed it. SQUEAKY-CLEAN 

431. Next time you _____________ (SPRING), take anything someone else might find desirable to a charity shop. SPRING-CLEAN 432. William was lying _____________ (EAGLE) on the grass, blind drunk. SPREAD-EAGLED 

433. The senator has been in the _____________ (SPOT) recently since the revelation of his tax frauds. SPOTLIGHT 

434. My house is _____________ (SPOT) clean now. SPOTLESSLY 435. Their articles and their presentation of countryside matters whet the appetite of people for rural visits and _____________ (SPORT). SPORTSMANSHIP 

436. After the end of each game, a _____________ (SPORT) will give the player a complete wrap up of the action. SPORTSCASTER 437. By giving out printed sheets of facts and theories, the teachers _____________ (SPOON) us with what we needed for the exam. SPOONFED 

438. A _____________ (SPEAK) for the airline said that flights would run as scheduled. SPOKESMAN / SPOKESWOMAN / SPOKESPERSON 439. She did ask her dad if she could have a big party, but the old _____________ (SPOIL) refused. SPOILSPORT / SPOILER 440. We had to make a _____________ (SPLIT) decision because we had little time. SPLIT-SECOND

441. The boat would then descend the hill and _____________ (SPLASH) in the main show building. SPLASHDOWN 

442. This is a _____________ (SPIRAL) book consisting of nine 15x25 cm pages laminated in plastic without the use of any written text beyond the title. SPIRAL-BOUND 

443. The research has had _____________ (SPIN) in the development of medical equipment. SPIN-OFFS 

444. Watching Bolt win the Olympic hundred metres was one of those _____________ (SPINE) moments. SPINE-TINGLING / 


445. We are now witnessing a _____________ (SPILL) of the war into neighbouring regions. SPILLOVER 

446. The park's 25 staff, most of them seasonal, have been busy in the past few weeks ensuring the park is _____________ (SPICK) for the influx of visitors. SPICK-AND-SPAN 

447. I'm not a _____________ (THRIFT), although sometimes if I see something on sale, I'll get three because it's a good deal. SPENDTHRIFT 448. The audience was _____________ (SPELL) as he attempted his daring escape from the water tank. SPELLBOUND 

449. But to reach the top in a great trade union a man needs more than glibness and _____________ (SPELL) phrases. SPELLBINDING 450. I _____________ (READ) a 400-page book in one night. SPEED-READ 

451. Some choose to give up before the contest date while others stand _____________ (SPEECH) on the stage. SPEECHLESS 

452. Joe Walker will be _____________ (SPEAR) our new marketing initiative. SPEARHEADING 

453. He came along to the _____________ (SPEAK) every day asking for more alcohol. SPEAKEASY 

454. Now that the _____________ (SPADE) has all been done, we can start to write the report itself. SPADEWORK 

455. DNA testing gives investigators a _____________ (SPACE) tool to tackle crimes. SPACE-AGE 

456. Cheer up. Don't be such a _____________ (SOUR). SOURPUSS 457. That was the most unscientific and _____________ (SOUP) experiment ever foisted as a breakthrough. SOUPED-UP

458. The hotel is fully _____________ (SOUND) so getting a good night's sleep in such a busy area is easy. SOUNDPROOF 

459. After much _____________ (SOUL), he decided it was wrong to vote in the elections. SOUL-SEARCHING 

460. I detest unemployment, which is _____________ (SOUL) and wasteful. SOUL-DESTROYING 

461. At the age of 17 she is already one of Hollywood's most _____________ (SEEK) actresses. SOUGHT-AFTER 

462. Don't be such a _____________ (SORE) - it was only meant to be a joke. SOREHEAD 

463. The _____________ (SOOTH) answered that it was an ill omen for it meant the destruction of the city and the death of many. SOOTHSAYERS 464. He has a deep, _____________ (SOUND) voice. SONOROUS 465. Occasional use of the drugs to treat night terrors and _____________ (AMBLE) (a synonym for ‘sleepwalking’) may also be justified. SOMNAMBULISM 

466. Both outer movements also begin with a slow and free solo santur _____________ (SOLE) which leads into a more rhythmic movement for the ensemble. SOLILOQUY 

467. He's generally not taken seriously by anyone because of his _____________ (SOFT) nature and his rotund personality, but he's the kind who doesn't take that seriously! SOFT-SPOKEN / 


468. We do not want to _____________ (SOAP) them or to make their life easy—indeed, they do not want that. SOFT-SOAP 

469. This is a sensitive issue - I think we'd better _____________ (PEDAL) it for the moment. SOFT-PEDAL 

470. That is what is put to the bench and, being _____________ (SOFT) people, they very likely agree to the request and give the man back his licence. SOFT-HEARTED 

471. A _____________ (BOIL) egg has been boiled with its shell on and removed from the water while the yellow part is still soft. SOFT-BOILED 472. All the questions in the interview were _____________ (BALL) - they were dead easy. SOFTBALLS 

473. It isn't yet clear how dangerous these _____________ (CALL) "super-rats" are. SO-CALLED

474. Mr Baker was such a _____________ (SO) - he was always really mean! SO-AND-SO 

475. It succumbed to tough competition from the other networks and _____________ (SO) responses from critics and audiences. SO-SO 476. The ground colour is _____________ (SNOW) , often with a creamy tinge and often weakly dusted with brownish grey tips of scales. SNOW-WHITE 

477. Glaciers descending from high _____________ (SNOW) mountains into the bay create spectacular displays of ice and iceberg formation. SNOW-CAPPED 

478. I love listening to _____________ (SNIP) of conversation in restaurants. SNIPPETS 

479. Credit rating agencies provide a _____________ (SNAP) of the risks an investment poses at any one time.SNAPSHOT 

480. Overcrowding and baggage _____________ (SNARL) at Heathrow were beginning to hit the airline's revenues. SNARL-UPS 481. The remainder of the book is a _____________ (SMEAR) of other techniques that extend the scope of reasoning about uncertainty. SMORGASBORD 

482. A _____________ (SMOOTH) person talks very confidently in a way that is likely to persuade people, but may not be sincere or honest. SMOOTH-TALKING 

483. If Los Angeles can reduce the emissions coming from its _____________ (SMOKE), its residents will generally breathe cleaner air. SMOKESTACKS 

484. The whole business stinks of political corruption and decisions made in _____________ (SMOKE) rooms. SMOKE-FILLED 

485. Instead of doing something about the problem, the city council is hiding behind a _____________ (SCREEN) of bureaucracy. SMOKESCREEN 

486. Thieves escaped with television and video equipment valued at thousands of pounds in a _____________ (SMASH) raid in chester last night. SMASH-AND-GRAB 

487. Bogus rules, which proliferate like urban legends and are just as hard to eradicate, are responsible for vast amounts of ham-fisted copy editing and _____________ (PANTS) one-upmanship. SMARTY-PANTS

488. _____________ (MOUTH) kids are quick to remind teachers that their parents can sue them. SMART-MOUTHED 

489. He is a _____________ (SMART) with a fast wit and a deadpan sense of humor. SMART-ALECK / SMART-ARSE / SMART-ASS 490. However, some _____________ (SMALL) food entrepreneurs are not following state regulations and oddly enough, some of the public supports that. SMALL-TIME 

491. Existing _____________ (SCALE) industries are more flexible but often trapped in low innovation competition. SMALL-SCALE 492. He has some very _____________ (SMALL) opinions about immigrants. SMALL-MINDED 

493. I accidentally lost my balance while stepping back and my elbow landed _____________ (SMACK) on her ribs. SMACK-DAB 494. They do not adapt well to change, and are _____________ (WIT). SLOW-WITTED 

495. The economic _____________ (SLOW) has badly affected both public and private sectors. SLOWDOWN 

496. Without a coherent set of policies to persuade the electorate, the Republicans have resorted to _____________ (SLOGAN) and empty rhetoric. SLOGANEERING 

497. He then was a watch officer aboard the schooner until the spring of 1842, when he transferred to the _____________ (SLOOP). SLOOP-OF-WAR 

498. There have been several _____________ (SLIP) in the handling of secret information. SLIP-UPS 

499. However, this chapter also includes _____________ (SLIP) writing, historical inaccuracies, and questionable assertions that, unfortunately, recur in several subsequent chapters. SLIPSHOD 

500. There were many wonderful things there, but as you're all yawning, and we couldn't make _____________ (SLEEP) understand, for that you'll have to wait till another night. SLEEPYHEADS 

501. The meeting house is the locale for important meetings, _____________ (SLEEP), and craft and other cultural activities. SLEEPOVERS 

502. She suffers from _____________ (SLEEP) due to arthritic pain at night. SLEEPLESSNESS

503. She's spending her first summer at a _____________ (SLEEP) camp. SLEEPAWAY 

504. We have felt the whirlwind and the _____________ (HAMMER) impact of the recession. SLEDGEHAMMER 

505. They were seen as a bunch of notorious _____________ (SLEAZE) and liars. SLEAZEBALLS / SLEAZEBAGS 

506. They follow a _____________ (SLASH) method of clearing the soil and use the hoe for cultivation. SLASH-AND-BURN 

507. We went for a _____________ (SLAP) meal on our wedding anniversary. SLAP-UP 

508. We must resolve that never again must we tolerate the pantomime, the irrelevant time-wasting _____________ (SLAP) nonsense of the last few days. SLAPSTICK 

509. If your organization is _____________ (SLAP) it will unnerve candidates and may make them think twice before accepting a job with you. SLAP-HAPPY 

510. A few isolated mistakes in such a wide-ranging compilation could be forgiven, but the large number included simply appears _____________ (SLAP). SLAPDASH 

511. In 1991-95, during demobilisation, ceasefire and the replacement of the old security forces, crime _____________ (ROCKET). SKYROCKETED 

512. He raised his eyes slowly _____________ (SKY). SKYWARD 513. Old-age pensioners usually spend their money only on food and accommodation, the price of which commodities will rise 

_____________ (SKY). SKY-HIGH 

514. It distributes branded spandex costumes, based on the existing _____________ (SKIN) garments, which cover the entire body. SKIN-TIGHT 

515. After the first half-hour she realized that her new-found confidence was no more than _____________ (SKIN). SKIN-DEEP 

516. Students staged a _____________ (SIT) in the university offices as part of their protest campaign. SIT-IN 

517. We're having a _____________ (SIT) meal at our wedding, rather than a buffet. SIT-DOWN

518. It will also certainly involve redirecting the _____________ (SINGLE) pursuit of abstraction promoted by the academy. SINGLE-MINDED 

519. The EU - a _____________ (SIMPLE) naive notion which can only be a disaster for everything that 's good about each member country. SIMPLE-MINDED 

520. Might it not be wise to take some _____________ (SILVER) lawyer who could explain the difficulties? SILVER-TONGUED 

521. In other words, acts and ideas should be seen as interchangeable _____________ (POST) for interpreting historical ideologies. SIGNPOSTS 

522. We prefer walking and looking at scenery and wildlife to big-city _____________ (SEE) and shopping. SIGHTSEEING 

523. In addition to competency in playing an instrument, qualities such as aural awareness, creativity and ability to _____________ (READ) are sought. SIGHT-READ 

524. During her lecture on her discoveries, she took several _____________ (SWIPE) at the leaders of the expedition. SIDESWIPES 525. A small misunderstanding during introductions and progressively bigger lies to cover the initial lies lead to a _____________ (SIDE) laugh riot. SIDE-SPLITTING 

526. What he said cast an interesting _____________ (SIDE) on what had happened. SIDELIGHT 

527. The course will focus on fictional master sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his _____________ (KICK) Dr. Watson. SIDEKICK 

528. Thousands of passengers along the route constantly suffer the _____________ (EFFECT) of the upgrade work. SIDE-EFFECTS 529. There was a _____________ (SICK) thud when the child fell from the tree and hit the ground. SICKENING 

530. The workshop is ideal for amateur _____________ (SHUT) hoping to learn more about wildlife photography. SHUTTERBUGS 

531. This elderly lady - a _____________ (SHUT) who hasn't left her house for a month - is afraid to see people. SHUT-IN 

532. You look exhausted! Try to get some _____________ (EYE) on the train. SHUT-EYE

533. Release of the figures was delayed by the partial _____________ (SHUT) of federal agencies in December and January. SHUTDOWN 534. Today, the movie matinee has degenerated somewhat into simply a lesser-cost earlier movie _____________ (SHOW), and for newly-released blockbusters, theater chains don't even offer matinee prices. SHOWTIME 

535. It's filled with _____________ (SHOW) and grandstanding, relying on the tried-and-true seasonal classics while offering a couple of new songs almost as an afterthought. SHOWSTOPPERS 

536. He has shown _____________ (SHOW), arrogance, ability, eloquence, humour and industry. SHOWMANSHIP 

537. The president is preparing for a _____________ (SHOW) with Republicans over his plans to reform the economy. SHOWDOWN 538. The exhibition is an annual _____________ (SHOW) for British design and innovation. SHOWCASE 

539. I was the kid in the neighborhood who caught black snakes and took them to school for _____________ (SHOW). SHOW-AND-TELL 540. Jimena's such a _____________ (SHOW), she always wants to be the centre of attention. SHOW-OFF 

541. I passed 30 pieces of legislation that session but I wasn't a _____________ (SHOW), I didn't toot my own horn, I didn't cultivate the press. SHOWBOAT 

542. I would like to give a _____________ (SHOUT) to all the men and women in our armed forces. SHOUT-OUT 

543. _____________ (SHOT) will heave their 16-pound spheres in the very temple in Olympia where the games were founded in 776 B.C. SHOT-PUTTERS 

544. Like her creator, she is _____________ (SHORT) and snippy as well as merciless when she targets a weak spot in her opponent. SHORT-TEMPERED 

545. The work force is so _____________ (STAFF) that people are working long hours and extra days, causing exhaustion. 


546. It's very _____________ (SIGHT) and foolish of the government not to invest in technological research. SHORT-SIGHTED

547. His latest novel has been _____________ (LIST) for the Man Booker prize. SHORTLISTED 

548. I recently received notification of a potential _____________ (FALL) on my low-cost endowment. SHORTFALL 

549. Whatever his _____________ (COME) as a husband, he was a good father to his children. SHORTCOMINGS 

550. The agency _____________ (CIRCUIT) the normal construction process by conducting environmental studies at the same time that preliminary studies were done. SHORT-CIRCUITED 

551. Genuinely successful interdisciplinary scholarship manages not to _____________ (CHANGE) any of the disciplines whose insights it seeks to harvest. SHORT-CHANGE 

552. Many national newspapers, which ought to know better, trot out in their editorials the _____________ (SHOP) clichés about charity beginning at home. SHOPWORN / SHOP-SOILED 

553. John has been jailed three times for _____________ (SHOP). SHOPLIFTING 

554. If that failed to separate the teams, a penalty _____________ (SHOOT) would determine the winner. SHOOTOUT 

555. "Revolver" is the latest Guy Ritchie _____________ (SHOOT), which consists of many fighting and perilous schemes. SHOOT-’EM-UP 556. Tannery was considered something of a _____________ (SHOO); he even began writing his inaugural lecture. SHOO-IN 

557. Almost all the pilgrimages are financed on a _____________ (SHOE); the overwhelming majority of the pilgrims come from the poorer sections of society. SHOESTRING 

558. This tiny restaurant is _____________ (SHOE) between two major banks. SHOEHORNED 

559. Many waterproof digital cameras are _____________ (SHOCK) and resistant to low temperatures. SHOCKPROOF 

560. The builders have gone, but it'll take a while to get things _____________ (SHIP) again. SHIPSHAPE 

561. There have been many _____________ (SHIP) along this dangerous stretch of coastline. SHIPWRECKS

562. The driver concerned did not _____________ (SHILL) about the matter, but said that his mind was on other things at the time. SHILLY-SHALLY 

563. He called the young people _____________ (SHIFT), lazy and good-for-nothing. SHIFTLESS 

564. After the crash, the passengers were _____________ (SHELL) but there were no serious injuries. SHELL-SHOCKED 

565. _____________ (SHELL) of covers has been advocated by some librarians, but it is doubtful if it pays. SHELLACKING 

566. Some of this additional expenditure has been allocated to the provision of _____________ (SHATTER) window film. SHATTERPROOF 567. She was _____________ (SHARP) and _____________ (SHARP), able to skewer an idea or an opponent, a most unwomanly trait he found utterly exciting. SHARP-WITTED / SHARP-TONGUED 568. It is fair to say that it needs a very _____________ (SHARP) individual to capture a cardsharper. SHARP-EYED 

569. Last year, the _____________ (SHARE) of bonuses meant an additional $7 million for each partner. SHARE-OUT 

570. _____________ (SHARE) will be voting on the proposed merger of the companies next week. SHAREHOLDERS 

571. Her absolute _____________ (SHAME) means she can get away with things others simply can't. SHAMELESSNESS 

572. He stood _____________ (SHAME) at the door, looking at the vase he had just knocked to the ground. SHAMEFACED 

573. It represents a huge _____________ (SHAKE) in the industry, compared with today's difficult conditions. SHAKE-UP 

574. Her lawyers say the suit is a _____________ (SHAKE), an attempt to get her to pay them off. SHAKEDOWN 

575. The old man was known for telling _____________ (SHAG) stories that made people groan and scratch their heads when he reached the ending. SHAGGY-DOG 

576. In contrast, when eco-forestry is unsubsidized, groups meeting their own _____________ (SET) costs, the returns per hectare are still positive but very modest. SET-UP 

577. Dad had a bit of a _____________ (SET) with the neighbours about their playing loud music all the time. SET-TO

578. He suffered a _____________ (SET) yesterday in his attempts to take a stake in the mobile phone company. SETBACK 

579. In the past, the majority of women were consigned to a lifetime of _____________ (SERVE) and poverty. SERVITUDE 

580. He is obsequious towards the powerful, arrogant towards the weak, _____________ (SENTENCE) and narrow-minded. SENTENTIOUS 581. The film is ravishing to look at and boasts a _____________ (SENSE) musical score. SENSUOUS 

582. It seems very likely that air pollutants are _____________ (SENSE) people so that they become allergic to pollen. SENSITIZING 583. He was very _____________ (SENSE) about his scar and thought everyone was staring at him. SENSITIVE 

584. It would seem more _____________ (SENSE) to do the research now before we start on the project. SENSIBLE 

585. He possibly would not have acted in the clueless, _____________ (SENSE) manner in which the present holder of the office has acted since then. SENSELESS 

586. Some of the more _____________ (SENSE) newspapers have given a lot of coverage to the scandal. SENSATIONAL 

587. I hope that they will give a good _____________ (SEND) to independence by releasing the detainees or bringing them to trial. SEND-OFF 

588. It was an absolutely brilliant, deadpan _____________ (SEND) of adventure comics, but with a very edgy, modernist kind of approach. SEND-UP 

589. It could lead to accusations of treachery and _____________ (SELL) and a great deal of animosity being directed towards one person. SELL-OUT 

590. That sum is large enough to do away with the great bonanza of the tax handouts that the _____________ (SELL) is intended to create. SELL-OFF 

591. Don't buy goods which have passed their _____________ (SELL) date. SELL-BY 

592. Admittedly, the phrases 'self-esteem' and 'sense of _____________ (WORTH)' are used in a frustratingly wide range of ways. SELF-WORTH

593. Even at that age, Constance seemed perhaps too _____________ (WILL) and wild, like the countryside she roamed so freely. SELF-WILLED 

594. Under terms of the _____________ (TENDER) offer, investors can specify where in the price range they're willing to sell. SELF-TENDER 595. A _____________ (TEACH) artist, who worked in a colliery for only a short period, his experiences there were seared indelibly on his memory. SELF-TAUGHT 

596. For instance, _____________ (SERVICE) has increasingly replaced personal service rituals, through the use of technical devices such as buffets and drinks machines. SELF-SERVICE 

597. There is no future solution to these problems when greed and _____________ (SEEK) of that kind is part of the system of our society. SELF-SEEKING 

598. But, as has already been pointed out, these _____________ (SAME) (exactly the same) young people can be supplied with a drink in a club. SELFSAME 

599. We should honor the courage and _____________ (SACRIFICE) of the brave soldiers who died for our country. SELF-SACRIFICE 600. Those individuals become _____________ (RIGHT) and claim they are being discriminated against when in fact they are not. 


601. One is expected to strive to remain independent and _____________ (RELY) and not place undue demands on others. SELF-RELIANT 602. Despite the occasional flash of irritability, he sounded calm and _____________ (POSSESS). SELF-POSSESSED 

603. He faced his illness bravely and without any trace of _____________ (PITY). SELF-PITY 

604. He was every inch a _____________ (MAKE) man, very positive in his beliefs, in himself and his opinions, very unwilling to listen to arguments of others. SELF-MADE 

605. He was a man with the heart of a lion and a soul filled with compassion and _____________ (SELF). SELFLESSNESS 606. Classical economics assumes that humans are rational, _____________ (INTEREST) individuals. SELF-INTERESTED

607. A fifth, _____________ (INFLICT) injuries, is usually a consequence of mental illness. SELF-INFLICTED 

608. The Roman poet Livy wrote that greed and _____________ (INDULGE) led Romans to dangerous excesses. SELF-INDULGENCE 609. He's a modest, mild-mannered man, without a hint of _____________ (IMPORTANT). SELF-IMPORTANCE 

610. A laissez-faire approach towards _____________ (HELP), in consequence, will merely reinforce rather than reduce the existing socioeconomic and gender inequalities. SELF-HELP 

611. A history of such issues can lead to a _____________ (FULFILL) prophecy in which the person with IED continues to have episodes of uncontrolled aggression because of the belief that he or she cannot overcome the past. SELF-FULFILLING 

612. But the human mind is _____________ (EXPLAIN) as well - in the sense that it presents a simple picture of its own operation to itself. SELF-EXPLANATORY 

613. Crisis in this context describes a period of intensive _____________ (EXAM) in which one's beliefs and values are re-examined. SELF-EXAMINATION / SELF-EXAM 

614. Much of this literature is arid, _____________ (EVIDENCE) and inadequately researched. SELF-EVIDENT 

615. The more flexible mortgage approach benefits those who expect their income to vary, such as the _____________ (EMPLOY). 


616. The captain was typically _____________ (EFFACE) when questioned about the team's successes, giving credit to the other players. SELF-EFFACING 

617. You need a lot of _____________ (DISCIPLINE) when you're doing research work on your own. SELF-DISCIPLINE 

618. Others dismiss it as a wrongheaded notion that enables addicts to continue along the path to _____________ (DESTROY). 


619. He was somewhat _____________ (DEPRECATE) when he categorised some of the work that he deals with in his surgeries as low-level administrative work. SELF-DEPRECATING / 


620. She's very _____________ (CONTAIN) and isn't at all worried about moving to a big city where she won't know anybody. 


621. In this context, musical relations are likely to become more _____________ (CONSCIOUS), and less intimate, than when watching fiction. SELF-CONSCIOUS 

622. Robert is a _____________ (CENTER), ambitious, and bigoted man. SELF-CENTERED 

623. She looked _____________ (ASSURE) and confident, yet, within 30 seconds of sitting down, she had burst into tears. SELF-ASSURED 624. The newspaper has become the _____________ (APPOINT) guardian of public morals. SELF-APPOINTED 

625. You can buy _____________ (SEE) chemises as well as the opaque variety. SEE-THROUGH 

626. He remains confident and _____________ (SEEM) untroubled by his recent problems. SEEMINGLY 

627. Their one chance of a decent education is evaporating, and yet another generation of kids will be served nothing but a _____________ (RATE) education. SECOND-RATE 

628. Well, if the manager isn't available I'd like to speak to the _____________ (COMMAND). SECOND-IN-COMMAND 629. I can waste hours in a record shop - _____________ (HAND) or new. SECONDHAND 

630. To try to _____________ (GUESS) the expertise of business is not a past mistake that we intend to repeat. SECOND-GUESS 

631. In addition, attempts to control size can lead to adaptations that are inefficient or are not _____________ (SEA). SEAWORTHY 632. His may have been the first _____________ (PANTS) presidency, with no organization charts and crucial decisions made in late-night bull sessions. SEAT-OF-THE-PANTS 

633. Taste the soup and adjust the _____________ (SEASON), adding more salt or pepper as desired. SEASONING 

634. The intention is to achieve a _____________ (SEAM) transition with a continuity of management. SEAMLESS 

635. Have you heard any _____________ (SCUTTLE) about the new boss? SCUTTLEBUTT

636. Not just dealers but every _____________ (SCUM) and gunrunner calling nonstop, every Bubba and Bubbette that ever wanted a gun. SCUMBAG 

637. I believe that a large part of the blame for this lowering of standards lies with the _____________ (SCRIPT) and playwrights. 


638. Their relationship sometimes resembles a _____________ (SCREW) comedy minus the romance. SCREWBALL 

639. He was, however, also a _____________ (SCREEN) who specialized in fantasy film and horror film. SCREENWRITER 

640. As in most cases, there is a considerable difference between the novel and the _____________ (SCREEN). SCREENPLAY 

641. This query will generate an error mesBeing repressed both by the feudal disciplines and the ridiculous social rules, they behave the sense of sadomasochism in their minds., as shown in the _____________ (SCREEN). SCREENSHOT 

642. The answer was suddenly _____________ (SCREAM) obvious to me. SCREAMINGLY 

643. Here he treats the reader to a scan through his illustrated personal _____________ (SCRAP) of palynologists. SCRAPBOOK 644. Both starters kept the game _____________ (SCORE) through the first three innings. SCORELESS 

645. The candidate rates highly on the magazine's legislative _____________ (SCORE). SCORECARD 

646. The retreating army adopted a _____________ (SCORCH) policy. SCORCHED-EARTH 

647. It is not just that there is no time in three or four years to turn the _____________ (SCHOOL) into a fully trained professional. SCHOOL-LEAVER 

648. Laura’s _____________ (SCHOOL) achievements won her acceptance into Harvard. SCHOLASTIC 

649. A doomsday _____________ (SCENE) is not out of the question. SCENARIO 

650. She often projects the image of a somewhat _____________ (SCATTER) aunt who can never remember anyone's name. SCATTERBRAINED

651. It is misleading and _____________ (MONGER) to say that inheritance tax affects almost half of the country. SCAREMONGERING 652. However, there is a spider in the bathroom and my kid is a _____________ (SCARE) when it comes to dealing with them. SCAREDY-CAT 

653. Politicians have used the financial sector as a _____________ (GOAT) for the global economic crisis. SCAPEGOAT 

654. A coach’s responsibility is to have the final _____________ (SAY) on any subject. SAY-SO 

655. He claimed he was playing badly because of an injury, but I think he was _____________ (SAND). SANDBAGGING 

656. He's six feet, two inches tall, with dark brooding eyes and _____________ (PEPPER) hair (he can still claim that it's mostly pepper). SALT-AND-PEPPER / PEPPER-AND-SALT 

657. And it was her _____________ (FRIGID) and her absolute refusal to be shocked by this, which immediately silenced all the students. SANG-FROID 

658. I left my watch with Helen for _____________ (SAFE) while I swam. SAFEKEEPING 

659. If I want some peace and quiet, I take _____________ (SAINT) in my study. SANCTUARY 

660. We have just heard a self-serving, self-seeking, _____________ (SAINT) and tawdry little speech. SANCTIMONIOUS 

661. tically, the cloak would slow down light coming into the robbery scene while the _____________ (SAFE) is at work. SAFECRACKER 662. Amidst the military hostilities, officials often viewed the stations as an emergency source of food for _____________ (SANE), military hospitals, and shelters for homeless children. SANATORIUMS 663. Being repressed both by the feudal disciplines and the ridiculous social rules, they have the sense of _____________ (SADISM) in their minds. SADOMASOCHISM 

664. I'm willing to help on any weekday, but my weekends are _____________ (SACRED). SACROSANCT 

665. It feels _____________ (SACRED) to say anything negative about someone who died so young. SACRILEGIOUS

666. He should be forced to wear _____________ (SACK) and ashes and apologize for his lies. SACKCLOTH 

667. He referred to a film made by the hunt _____________ (SABOTAGE), which he said he thought constituted a criminal offence. SABOTEURS 

668. Diplomats say the North miscalculated in its _____________ (SABER) and found even China was more rigorous in implementing sanctions than before. SABER-RATTLING 

669. She _____________ (RUTH) pursued her ambition, letting nothing get in her way. RUTHLESSLY 

670. They want to _____________ (RUST) your car when it doesn't need it. RUSTPROOF 

671. Stock buybacks trigger a _____________ (RUN) in price when common stockholders want cash. RUN-UP 

672. We've got time for one more _____________ (RUN) before the concert. RUN-THROUGH 

673. With the high rates of taxation, there was not much difference between legal aid and the _____________ (MILL) civil work. 


674. Colombians will vote in a _____________ (RUN) election to choose a new president. RUN-OFF 

675. The distance from the input vector to the winner and _____________ (RUN) vectors is approximately the same. RUNNER-UP 

676. Because of the long _____________ (RUN), the decision must be made sooner rather than later. RUN-IN 

677. You look pretty _____________ (RUN) and haggard ; why don't you take a holiday? RUN-DOWN 

678. Her first novel's _____________ (RUN) success came as an utter surprise. RUNAWAY 

679. I'm trying to get a new visa, but the embassy staff keep giving me the _____________ (RUN). RUNAROUND 

680. The government usually blames _____________ (RUMOR) and market manipulators for currency instability. RUMORMONGERS 681. The bank had capital to spare, which they lost in a series of _____________ (RUIN) takeovers. RUINOUS

682. It is one of the most _____________ (RUG) beautiful landscapes in the world. RUGGEDLY 

683. "I wish we'd started six months earlier," he said _____________ (RUE). RUEFULLY 

684. She has only a _____________ (RUDE) grasp of the language. RUDIMENTARY 

685. All his camping gear was packed in the _____________ (SACK). RUCKSACK 

686. The trainer gave him a _____________ (RUB) after the game. RUB-DOWN 

687. Congress is not going to simply _____________ (STAMP) any policy the president proposes. RUBBER-STAMP 

688. Unwary players can hold their hand such that a _____________ (RUBBER) in an adjacent seat can sneak a peek at the cards. RUBBER-NECKER 

689. During the first half of the century in a _____________ (TUMBLE) colony, physical aggressiveness turned out to be a real asset. ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE 

690. He managed to escape two months later by pretending to be a _____________ (ROUST) with a traveling circus. ROUSTABOUT 691. Its indiscriminate _____________ (ROUND) of refugees led to their being lumped together by the press alongside ex-convicts and vagrants. ROUND-UP 

692. The writers will take part in _____________ (TABLE) discussions and read from their works. ROUNDTABLE 

693. It might be that two _____________ (TRIP) tickets that include Saturday stays would cost less. ROUND-TRIP 

694. The routine diagnostic methods have been complicated, painful, or not accessible _____________ (CLOCK). ROUND-THE-CLOCK / AROUND-THE-CLOCK 

695. He had become _____________ (SHOULDER) from years of sitting in front of a computer. ROUND-SHOULDERED 

696. With his first book came the endless _____________ (ROUND) of publicity and interviews. ROUNDABOUT / MERRY-GO-ROUND 697. They accused the government of riding _____________ (ROUGH) over parliamentary procedure. ROUGHSHOD

698. Even so, she wasn't going to last long among the _____________ (ROUGH) in his camp if she didn't toughen up a little. ROUGHNECKS 699. A couple of boys were _____________ (ROUGH) each other in the park. ROUGHHOUSING 

700. She's an experienced politician with a _____________ (ROUGH) style. ROUGH-HEWN / ROUGH-EDGED 

701. Justice was administered in a _____________ (ROUGH) fashion, without using courts or juries. ROUGH-AND-READY 

702. He tends to view the world through _____________ (ROSE) glasses. ROSE-COLORED / ROSE-TINTED 

703. Ethan's moving out next month, so we're looking for another _____________ (ROOM) to share our apartment. ROOMMATE 704. The new broadcasting studio is a large glass-walled room that can occupy a _____________ (ROOM) of people. ROOMFUL 705. They saved about $18,000 in superannuation _____________ (ROLL) funds. ROLLOVER 

706. The _____________ (ROLL) of broadband to every school will open up pupils' access to vast new online resources for teaching and learning. ROLL-OUT 

707. The best metaphor for the method behind her _____________ (ROLL), erudite, street-smart, angst-ridden, encyclopedic paintings is writing. ROLLICKING 

708. The telephone company has asked for a _____________ (ROLL) of leasing rules. ROLLBACK 

709. Children play with dolls and _____________ (ROLE) to learn about empathy and caring. ROLE-PLAY 

710. The Federal Reserve Board has begun lifting short-term interest rates from _____________ (ROCK) levels. ROCK-BOTTOM 

711. It is an autocar which is stoutly built and _____________ (ROAD). ROADWORTHY 

712. Many county residents have probably never spotted a fox, except maybe as _____________ (ROAD). ROADKILL 

713. Police put up _____________ (ROAD) on all roads out of the town in an effort to catch the bombers. ROADBLOCKS 

714. They are _____________ (RISK) who either make a lot of money or lose a lot. RISK-TAKERS

715. If we were to take over now, with an economic system a long way below capacity, we would not envisage a _____________ (RIP) free-for-all, consumption boom. RIP-ROARING 

716. $300 for that shirt? - That's a complete _____________ (RIP). RIP-OFF 

717. They laughed _____________ (RIOT) while watching the fun. RIOTOUSLY 

718. The _____________ (RING) of the plot were arrested and punished. RINGLEADERS 

719. It's a strangely disjointed car to drive, and not exactly a _____________ (RING) endorsement of a switch to hybrid power. RINGING 

720. Over £500 million was _____________ (RING) for improvements to the transport system. RING-FENCED 

721. To ensure the correct output in some cases he requires _____________ (RIGHT) adjunction as an option for head movement. RIGHTWARD 722. A _____________ (LIFE) group, including those who are opposed to abortion, picketed the clinic. RIGHT-TO-LIFE 

723. Every decent and _____________ (RIGHT) man must realise that there is a constitutional wrong which ought to be remedied. RIGHT-MINDED 

724. She says that charging high prices will keep the _____________ (RIFLE) out. RIFFRAFF 

725. A _____________ (ODE), which contains powerful feelings and enthusiasm, was written about this district. RHAPSODY 

726. He intends to _____________ (WORD) it so as to make clear that it means what he thinks that it means already. REWORD 

727. A variety of policy initiatives have been undertaken aimed at _____________ (VITAL) the economy. REVITALIZING 

728. Justices have repeatedly refused to _____________ (VISIT) issues raised by their 1980 decision. REVISIT 

729. He took a _____________ (CHARGE) call from Ferguson in the middle of Malawi later on. REVERSE-CHARGE 

730. The property _____________ (VALUE) is likely to add £100 million to the company's assets. REVALUATION

731. We _____________ (VAMP) the management system, but the business is doing no better than it was before. REVAMPED 732. With a _____________ (UP) on Jones soon-to-come, it'd be interesting to see what the Cowboys do in the second round if Johnson is available. RE-UP 

733. We must also remember that in many asylum cases we are dealing with family _____________ (UNION) of different kinds. REUNIONS 734. To distinguish these from _____________ (ACTIVE) principles of justice such as justice in rectification. RETROACTIVE 

735. Many saw her death as divine _____________ (TRIBUTE) for her crimes. RETRIBUTION 

736. The president had planned to take more lavish offices but was forced to _____________ (TRENCH) amid criticism from Congress and the public. RETRENCH 

737. There's money to be made in _____________ (TREAD) cinematic steps and some studios exploit this. RETREADING 

738. Many major new stadiums around the world have _____________ (TRACT) seating so they can accommodate athletics. RETRACTABLE 739. The auto industry should receive 'substantial incentives' to _____________ (TOOL) factories to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids. RETOOL 

740. At first she was _____________ (TACIT), but later she relaxed and was more forthcoming. RETICENT 

741. The supermarket monitors what it sells prior to Christmas to _____________ (STOCK) shelves immediately afterward. RESTOCK 742. He's a _____________ (REST) type - he never stays in one country for long. RESTLESS 

743. In all those respects, food manufacturers, retailers and _____________ (RESTAURANT) will be careful before utilising the process. RESTAURATEURS 

744. The essay conclusion is not supposed to be a simple _____________ (STATE) of what has gone before. RESTATEMENT 

745. Please _____________ (START) your computer to complete installation. RESTART 

746. I saw Anna at the other end of the room, _____________ (SPLENDID) in a red cocktail dress. RESPLENDENT

747. The remake of the movie was a _____________ (SOUND) success. RESOUNDING 

748. The move has triggered a _____________ (SHUFFLE) of responsibilities among some of the group's most senior executives. RESHUFFLE 

749. Can we _____________ (SCHEDULE) tomorrow's meeting for some time next week? RESCHEDULE 

750. Cities have _____________ (PURPOSE) their former downtown and industrial areas as entertainment districts. REPURPOSED 751. Every time I see you, you're drunk, you old _____________ (PROBATE)! REPROBATE 

752. I couldn't make my mortgage repayments so the bank _____________ (POSSESS) my house. REPOSSESSED 

753. She's a _____________ (POSE) of knowledge about our family history. REPOSITORY 

754. New York is _____________ (REPORT) a very exciting place to live. REPORTEDLY 

755. A _____________ (REPLY) envelope has had the cost of posting it already paid for, usually by the person it is sent to. REPLY-PAID 756. The police _____________ (PLAY) the video of the robbery in court. REPLAYED 

757. Similarly, our assumption that ministerial drift takes the form of spending can easily be _____________ (PHRASE) in terms of policy. REPHRASED 

758. Any decrease in tourism could have serious _____________ (PERCUSSION) for the local economy. REPERCUSSIONS 759. The government _____________ (PATRIOT) him because he had no visa. REPATRIATED 

760. The police arranged to _____________ (RENDER) with their informant at a disused warehouse. RENDEZVOUS 

761. The ship was sold, painted, and _____________ (NAME) the Suez Star. RENAMED 

762. This policy preserves the option of _____________ (MUNICIPAL) work for workers with disabilities. REMUNERATIVE 

763. Many borrowers _____________ (MORTGAGE) every three or five years to take advantage of cheap fixed rates. REMORTGAGE

764. It has been taken as a reason for _____________ (MONSTER), for taking strong action, but never for diplomatic rupture in the past. REMONSTRANCE 

765. They are not pristine _____________ (REMAIN) of a prehistoric era but are artifacts of centuries of forest exploitation by humans. REMNANTS 

766. The company is seeking to _____________ (LOCATE) to the Pier 98 Annex. RELOCATE 

767. She and I like to reminisce and _____________ (LIVE) the good old days. RELIVE 

768. The book is, however, _____________ (RELENT) political and wholly underplays the economic aspects. RELENTLESSLY 769. _____________ (RELATIVE) is a two-part theory in physics describing motion and the relationships between space, time, and energy. RELATIVITY 

770. She was looking quite healthy on Friday, but she suffered a _____________ (LAPSE) over the weekend and was taken back into hospital. RELAPSE 

771. For some, an interest in modern sequence was an opportunity to _____________ (KINDLE) the passion of their youth. REKINDLE 772. They can do much to _____________ (YOUNG) old neighborhoods and keep the city from declining again. REJUVENATE 

773. The reviewer’s mistakes were so flagrant that Gove drafted a strong _____________ (JOIN). REJOINDER 

774. Human beings inevitably consider life as something to _____________ (JOY) about and death as something causing misery. REJOICE 

775. We'll have to _____________ (JIG) the shed in order to get the extra chairs in. REJIG / REJIGGER 

776. The government has _____________ (ITERATION) its refusal to compromise with terrorists. REITERATE 

777. The union demanded the immediate _____________ (STATE) of all the workers who'd been sacked. REINSTATEMENT 

778. Shops had to call in _____________ (FORCE) to help with the unexpected rush of customers. REINFORCEMENTS

779. In concert, they besieged the municipal offices to demand _____________ (PURSE) in cash and threatened to withdraw their labour if this was not conceded. REIMBURSEMENT 

780. _____________ (GURGES) of this or any other textbook will cause your essays to be marked down. REGURGITATION 

781. The investment was made knowing that Las Vegas is one of the country's fastest-growing cities and that a _____________ (GENERATE) plan was underway throughout downtown. REGENERATION 

782. _____________ (REGARD) of what you think, I believe she's the best person for the job. REGARDLESS 

783. To sum up, this book is very clearly written and presented throughout, and _____________ (FRESH) free of jargon and conceptual obfuscation. REFRESHINGLY 

784. For the cab holdup, Benny was placed in a _____________ (FORM) for almost two years. REFORMATORY 

785. Here we will focus on the supply side, with emphasis on carbon-sequestration projects involving _____________ (FOREST) or afforestation. REFORESTATION 

786. He is trying to _____________ (FOCUS) the company on its oil and gas operations, and sell unrelated businesses. REFOCUS 

787. A _____________ (REFER) was held on the question of whether the U.K. should remain a member of the European Community. REFERENDUM 

788. Police officers _____________ (ACT) the crime in an attempt to get witnesses to come forward. REENACTED 

789. Most managers, politicians and bosses are men - how can women _____________ (DRESS) the balance? REDRESS 

790. Tonight he faces the most _____________ (DOUBT) and formidable opponent of his boxing career. REDOUBTABLE 

791. The album is a heartfelt cry, _____________ (ODOR) of a time before radio and television. REDOLENT 

792. A _____________ (NECK) is a poor white person without education, especially one living in the countryside in the southern US, who has prejudiced ideas and beliefs. REDNECK 

793. The day I first set foot in America was a _____________ (LETTER) day for me. RED-LETTER

794. The government's labour market and other economic policies still serve to worsen inequality, undermining the _____________ (DISTRIBUTE) effects of the budget. REDISTRIBUTIVE 

795. The news sent the company's _____________ (RED) stock surging upwards more than 21%. RED-HOT 

796. The difficulty arises in regard to those not caught _____________ (RED) who ought not to get off scot-free. RED-HANDED 797. The band were left _____________ (RED) with embarrassment. RED-FACED 

798. Since its beginning, the goal of the tournament has been to provide the same championship experience and _____________ (CARPET) treatment that the best national events around the country offer. RED-CARPET 

799. ‘How could any _____________ (RED) male ignore the message the actress was sending so blatantly?’, she wondered despairingly. RED-BLOODED 

800. For the non-rectangular sheet, even with four _____________ (LINE) edges, five pieces of data are required, and there is no opportunity to reverse the sheet. RECTILINEAR 

801. The peace talks broke down and ended in bitter mutual _____________ (CRIME). RECRIMINATION 

802. Company profits are rising and it looks as though this is going to be a _____________ (RECORD) year. RECORD-BREAKING 803. They were finally _____________ (CONCILIATE) with each other, after not speaking for nearly five years. RECONCILED 

804. Courses have stopped for the summer, but will _____________ (COMMENCE) in September. RECOMMENCE 

805. I have many pleasant _____________ (COLLECT) of the time we spent together. RECOLLECTIONS 

806. On closing the mines they hired a forestry expert to improve their _____________ (CLAIM) plan. RECLAMATION 

807. We try to buy reusable, repairable, and _____________ (CHARGE) products. RECHARGEABLE 

808. To _____________ (CAPITAL), none of the aforementioned non sequitur claims undermines my case for the confiscation of cadaveric organs. RECAPITULATE

809. Tenants petitioned their _____________ (CALCANEUS) landlord to finish repairs to their building. RECALCITRANT 

810. "Don't worry," he said _____________ (ASSURE). "Everything will be all right." REASSURINGLY 

811. They prevented opposition _____________ (ARM) by blocking critical imports. REARMAMENT 

812. He'd like to see a fundamental _____________ (PRAISE) of the way unions operate. REAPPRAISAL / APPRAISAL 

813. Today, faster communications and _____________ (TIME) trading mean that fluctuations in the market in New York travel around the world almost instantly. REAL-TIME 

814. Perhaps that had not been thought necessary given the _____________ (POLITICS) of the situation. REALPOLITIK 

815. The company will not reveal the full scope of its manufacturing _____________ (ALIGN) for several months. REALIGNMENT 816. The innovation is welcomed by _____________ (WEAR) designers, because it presents their creations in the context of everyday life for which they are meant. READY-TO-WEAR 

817. When she married Giles, she acquired a _____________ (MAKE) family - two teenage sons and a daughter. READY-MADE 818. You're currently viewing as a guest, which gives you limited _____________ (READ) access. READ-ONLY 

819. If a computer disk, file, or memory is _____________ (READ), you can read, change, or add to the data in it. READ-WRITE 

820. Below you will find a _____________ (READ) of the President's conference call with his economic team. READOUT 

821. The magazine has a _____________ (READ) of over 250,000. READERSHIP 

822. Most soldiers go through a _____________ (ADJUST) period when they return from war. READJUSTMENT 

823. _____________ (REACT) elements in the industry are preventing its progress towards greater efficiency. REACTIONARY 

824. Amid all the _____________ (DAZZLE) of the party convention, it was easy to forget about the real political issues. RAZZLE-DAZZLE 825. The new car was launched with great _____________ (JAZZ): champagne, food, free gifts, and dancers. RAZZMATAZZ

826. The president won the election by a _____________ (RAZOR) margin. RAZOR-THIN 

827. His brain remained _____________ (RAZOR), he gave thrilling lectures, and his research continued. RAZOR-SHARP 

828. As for the film being racy, _____________ (RANCH) or titillating, there's utterly nothing groundbreaking here. RAUNCHY 

829. The medics were injecting a heart stimulant into him and he was vibrating like a _____________ (RATTLE) car racing over a gravel road. RATTLETRAP 

830. I got completely _____________ (RAT) after the mirth at Kate’s house. RAT-ARSED 

831. The bloke who did it has got to go down as one of the _____________ (RAT) of the year. RATBAGS 

832. The boy turned and blew a _____________ (RASP) at the teacher before running off. RASPBERRY 

833. You get a very _____________ (RARE) view of things living on a college campus. RAREFIED 

834. The play was greeted with _____________ (RAPT) applause. RAPTUROUS 

835. There is talk of _____________ (APPROACH) between the warring countries, but tensions remain. RAPPROCHEMENT 

836. I fully endorse what the _____________ (RAPPORT) has said on that subject. RAPPORTEUR 

837. It is not possible for me to answer such _____________ (FIRE) questions without due preparation. RAPID-FIRE 

838. The word 'cruelty' must be taken in the broad sense, and not in the _____________ (RAPID) physical sense. RAPACIOUS 

839. This isn't an argument, it's just meaningless _____________ (RANTING). RANTING 

840. The burglars _____________ (SACK) the house but found nothing valuable. RANSACKED 

841. The party's _____________ (RANK) members are beginning to question the prime minister's choice of advisers. RANK-AND-FIRE 842. There's a _____________ (RANSACK) old shed at the bottom of the garden. RAMSHACKLE

843. The police are increasing their efforts to prevent car thefts and subsequent _____________ (RAM). RAM-RAIDING 

844. He is known for his _____________ (RAM) and crass sense of humor. RAMBUNCTIOUS / RUMBUSTIOUS 

845. "Workers of the world unite!" was their _____________ (RALLY) cry. RALLYING 

846. Company bosses are already making a large _____________ (RAKE) from executive share options. RAKE-OFF 

847. The average annual _____________ (RAIN) in this region is 750 mm. RAINFALL 

848. They put together a _____________ (TAG) team for a third of the cost of the Yankees and they won it all. RAGTAG 

849. She did not notice the _____________ (RAG) dressed woman who was crossing the road towards her. RAGGEDLY 

850. That is what the people of this country need, and indeed what they expect, and not an expensive _____________ (RAG) of out-of-date irrelevancies. RAGBAG 

851. The vagabonds and _____________ (RAGGED) have had a hand in it, too, and it should be counted unto them for righteousness. RAGAMUFFIN 

852. Production of _____________ (RADIO) nuclides by energetic protons generated from intense laser-plasma interactions. RADIOACTIVE 853. In June, the government indicted him on 16 counts of _____________ (RACKET), bribery, fraud and obstruction of justice. RACKETEERING 854. Punters and _____________ (RACE) have felt only a sense of deprivation through the snow and ice of recent weeks. RACEGOERS 855. They resort to scaremongering and _____________ (RACE) about alleged ballot-rigging. RACE-BAITING 

856. This is no loosely knit group of _____________ (RABBLE) spouting off at meetings and gathering signatures on petitions. 


857. Related, perhaps, to presence are those ostensibly _____________ (QUOTE) moments - when caught unawares we are taken out of ourselves. QUOTIDIAN 

858. Ives is pulling a _____________ (QUIZ) face, as if he had actually learned something today. QUIZZICAL

859. Many think these attempts to make lawyers behave are _____________ (COXA). QUIXOTIC 

860. It sets the scene for some _____________ (ESSENCE) entities such as ' scientifically defined ' social classes, international capitalism, and colonial bourgeoisie. QUINTESSENTIAL 

861. I think a great mistake has been made in the past in concentrating energy and enthusiasm on developing the abilities of the clever and _____________ (QUICK) child. QUICK-WITTED 

862. She is _____________ (QUICK) and prone to screeching when she's upset. QUICK-TEMPERED 

863. He has a _____________ (QUICK) character, cool and willful at one moment, utterly fragile the next. QUICKSILVER 

864. I seemed to be floundering deeper and deeper into the most lethal of social _____________ (SAND). QUICKSANDS 

865. His _____________ (QUICK) jokes were very popular with the audience. QUICKFIRE 

866. Moreover, because all those people will have priority in _____________ (QUEUE), everyone else will have to wait even longer. QUEUE-JUMPING 

867. Visitors to the country have been asked to fill in a detailed _____________ (QUESTION). QUESTIONNAIRE 

868. When she looked _____________ (QUESTION) at her husband, he shook his head to show he had nothing to say. QUESTIONINGLY 869. In a 10-year stint as a Navy _____________ (QUARTER) he got used to six-month deployments. QUARTERMASTER 

870. The criticism now is nothing more than Monday-morning _____________ (QUARTER). QUARTERBACKING 

871. Since the coup, the country has sunk deeper into a _____________ (MIRE) of violence and lawlessness. QUAGMIRE 

872. _____________ (QUACK) is the one falsely claiming to possess medical or other skills, especially one who dispenses potions, ointments, etc. supposedly having curative powers. QUACKSALVER 

873. His verbal _____________ (TECH) could hold an audience spellbound. PYROTECHNICS 

874. Parents often feel _____________ (PUT) by the school fund-raisers. PUT-UPON

875. The hotel looked like a good investment, but it turned out that the whole thing was a _____________ (PUT) job. PUT-UP 

876. The research on _____________ (PUTRID) and fermentation took place in a context layered with contested issues. PUTREFACTION 877. He said he knew the President, but I'm sure that was just a _____________ (PUT). I think he just deceived me. PUT-ON 878. One of the big _____________ (PUT) of the presidential election campaign was the comment that he was "no Jack Kennedy". PUT-DOWNS 

879. Quit _____________ (PUSS) around and tell me what you really think. PUSSYFOOTING 

880. Mike likes to make out that he's tough, but he's a _____________ (PUSS) really. PUSSYCAT 

881. He's too _____________ (ANIMUS) to stand up to his opponents. PUSILLANIMOUS 

882. The back must remain straight, and the elbow must make a 90 degree angle to mark each successful _____________ (PUSH). PUSH-UP 883. Jean will look after Harry, I'm quite sure - she's a _____________ (PUSH) for babies. PUSHOVER 

884. He called the race "a contest in _____________ (PURPOSE) suffering". PURPOSELESS 

885. The college was the first _____________ (PURPOSE) teacher training college in the country. PURPOSE-BUILT 

886. I was using a pen that I'd _____________ (LONG) from the office. PURLOINED 

887. Some of the bank's lending operations come within the _____________ (VIEW) of the deputy manager, and some are handled directly by the manager. PURVIEW 

888. There was a _____________ (PUNCH) in the bar. PUNCH-UP 889. The youth services in this country tend to be _____________ (PUNCH) in that each blow to our economy causes them to suffer. PUNCH-DRUNK 

890. There's a _____________ (PULL) on hair care in next week's issue. PULLOUT 

891. You pick litter up in the park? That's very _____________ (PUBLIC) of you! PUBLIC-SPIRITED

892. George Orwell was a _____________ (NAME) - his real name was Eric Blair. PSEUDONYM 

893. _____________ (INTELLECT) is a person who wants to be thought of as having a lot of intelligence and knowledge but who is not really intelligent or knowledgeable. PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL 

894. Sometimes specific concepts and claims within a _____________ (SCIENCE) can be falsified, the efficacy of alternative medicines for example. PSEUDOSCIENCE 

895. The programme will take a detailed and _____________ (PROVOKE) look at the problem of homelessness. PROVOCATIVE 

896. He described the _____________ (VERB) 'good woman' as one who could run the house while her husband was away. PROVERBIAL 897. First, minority governments often emerge in situations in which, after _____________ (TRACT) negotiations, attempts to construct a majority coalition have failed. PROTRACTED 

898. They designed _____________ (TYPE) schools that could ensure students would meet state standards, then calculated the costs of those schools. PROTOTYPICAL 

899. After that war we first made it a _____________ (PROTECT), then a sultanate and next we granted it the status of a kingdom which brought self-rule. PROTECTORATE 

900. An investor should carefully read the fund's _____________ (PROSPECT) before buying shares in an exchange. PROSPECTUS 901. The sale of materials that could be used in making nuclear weapons is _____________ (SCRIBE) by US law. PROSCRIBED 

902. I _____________ (POSE) that we wait until the budget has been announced before committing ourselves to any expenditure. PROPOSE 903. Most of the errors were corrected at the _____________ (READ) stage. PROOFREADING 

904. The new law was finally _____________ (MILK) in the autumn of last year. PROMULGATED 

905. We strolled along on the _____________ (MENACE) eating ice creams. PROMENADE 

906. _____________ (LONG) use of the drug is known to have harmful side-effects. PROLONGED

907. We would sit up all night exchanging _____________ (FUND). PROFUNDITIES 

908. If businesses became _____________ (PROFIT), entrepreneurs could not pay the salaries of employees and would not survive long. PROFITLESS 

909. The pharmaceutical company has been charged with _____________ (PROFIT) from the AIDS crisis. PROFITEERING 

910. She was said to be too "theoretical" and lacking the managerial skill required for a regular full _____________ (PROFESS). 


911. We were impressed with the _____________ (PROFESS) of the staff. PROFESSIONALISM 

912. Low interest rates support bonds by making it cheaper for investors to _____________ (CURE) funds and invest in fixed-income securities. PROCURE 

913. A bloody civil war followed the _____________ (CLAIM) of an independent state. PROCLAMATION 

914. Michael was there so that added a bit of excitement to the evening's _____________ (PROCEED). PROCEEDINGS 

915. The programme offers training in basic _____________ (PROBLEM) strategies and is suitable for all levels. PROBLEM-SOLVING 916. Companies are going to have to be more _____________ (ACT) about environmental management. PROACTIVE 

917. The letter was signed by fifty-two Nobel _____________ (PRIZE). PRIZE-WINNERS 

918. _____________ (PRIZE) is a ceremony at which prizes are given to people who have done very good work. PRIZE-GIVING 

919. Kainen would go on to become an expert in the classics and quite a skilled amateur _____________ (FIGHT). PRIZEFIGHTER 920. An early example of _____________ (PRIVATE) was the enclosure of public land for private use by wealthy landlords. PRIVATIZATION 921. Unable to enjoy his newly acquired wealth, he felt he was being led down the _____________ (ROSE) path to destruction. PRIMROSE 922. The baths as almost _____________ (PRIME) but also of its time, also modern, bringing me to the elevation. PRIMEVAL

923. The European Commission is investigating allegations of airline fare _____________ (PRICE). PRICE-FIXING 

924. Most women were _____________ (PRICE) and compared prices of products in different shops. PRICE-CONSCIOUS 

925. Despite aggressive _____________ (PRICE) the company delivered better-than-expected earnings. PRICE-CUTTING 

926. All of these stocks have a _____________ (PRICE) ratio in the bottom 20% of the market. PRICE-DIVIDEND 

927. The _____________ (PRICE) multiple is just one possible guide as to what to invest in. PRICE-EARNINGS 

928. In theory _____________ (PRICE) targeting is superior to inflation-targeting because it provides more certainty about the long-term purchasing power of money. PRICE-LEVEL 

929. A _____________ (PRICE) product should be priced to convey an overall image of value to the customer. PRICE-SENSITIVE 930. If he did not mean what he said, and intends to _____________ (VARUS) over their implementation, he should resign now. PREVARICATE 

931. The recommendation as regards _____________ (TRIAL) reviews would also increase efficiency. PRETRIAL 

932. The explanation for her firing was _____________ (TEXT) and influenced instead by a retaliatory motive. PRETEXTUAL 933. The artist has created a work that is _____________ (NATURE) beautiful. PRETERNATURALLY 

934. This is all _____________ (SUPPOSE) - we must wait until we have some hard evidence. PRESUPPOSITION 

935. They could also be regarded as _____________ (PRESUME), arrogant, and as a new age form of colonial meddling in internal affairs. PRESUMPTUOUS 

936. _____________ (PRESUME) they can't afford a new car, or they'd have bought one by now. PRESUMABLY 

937. I've been _____________ (GANG) into taking the kids swimming. PRESS-GANGED 

938. She had had a _____________ (SENSE) of what might lie ahead. PRESENTIMENT

939. Few politicians conceived of _____________ (PRESENT) problems more resolutely in terms of their relation to the past. PRESENT-DAY 940. I was given the wrong tablets when the chemist misread my _____________ (SCRIBE). PRESCRIPTION 

941. For example, a parent may feel strongly that a _____________ (SCHOOL) should begin complying with demands for simple, familiar tasks. PRESCHOOLER 

942. They had to agree to certain conditions as a _____________ (REQUIRE) of being lent the money. PREREQUISITE 

943. Is this a live broadcast, or was it _____________ (RECORD)? PRERECORDED 

944. The box didn't look very _____________ (POSSESS), but the necklace inside was beautiful. PREPOSSESSING 

945. In ‘He is from Russia’, ‘from Russia’ is a _____________ (POSITION) phrase. PREPOSITIONAL 

946. Music does not play a very _____________ (PONDER) role in the school's teaching. PREPONDERANT 

947. But statesmen with military experience remained worried about the nation's state of _____________ (PREPARE). PREPAREDNESS 948. A _____________ (PAY) plan includes taxes, fees, and surcharges as well as minutes. PREPAID 

949. I know of youngsters left alone to eat a _____________ (PACKAGE) meal while watching television or surfing the internet on their bedroom computers. PRE-PACKAGED 

950. They are reconditioning used cars for sale as certified _____________ (OWN) vehicles. PRE-OWNED 

951. Illness and suffering seemed to be _____________ (ORDAIN) to be her lot. PREORDAINED 

952. She's been very _____________ (OCCUPY) recently because her mother has been very ill. PREOCCUPIED 

953. He asked her to sign a _____________ (NUPTIAL) agreement when they got engaged. PRENUPTIAL 

954. When it finally restarted, an egg and lime were placed under each wheel again-clear evidence that this halt was _____________ (MEDITATE) and regular. PREMEDITATED

955. The judge decided that allowing the video as evidence would be _____________ (JUDGE) to the outcome of the trial. PREJUDICIAL 956. He has _____________ (HISTORY) views about women who have careers. PREHISTORIC 

957. Our school is using _____________ (FABRICATE) buildings for extra classrooms. PREFABRICATED 

958. The drug should be used with caution in patients with _____________ (EXIST) cardiac disease. PRE-EXISTING 

959. The _____________ (EMINENT) of English in films, music, and software helped make it a global language. PREEMINENCE 960. Dancers have a _____________ (DOMINANT) role in this performance. PREDOMINANT 

961. There is evidence that a _____________ (DISPOSE) towards asthma runs in families. PREDISPOSITION 

962. Ever since she was a child, she has had a _____________ (DILIGENT) for spicy food. PREDILECTION 

963. I'm in a bit of a _____________ (DICTION) because I've accidentally accepted two invitations to dinner on the same night. PREDICAMENT 964. It seems the expedition is _____________ (DESTINE) to fail because there have been so many problems. PREDESTINED 

965. His wife, who _____________ (DECEASE) him, left her residuary estate for the same purpose. PREDECEASED 

966. The latest Ferrari is not only faster than its _____________ (DECEASE) but also more comfortable. PREDECESSORS 967. You must judge each film on its own merits, without any _____________ (CONCEIVE) notions about what it's like. PRECONCEIVED 

968. A tunnel entrance was found within the _____________ (CINCH) of the prison camp. PRECINCTS 

969. Hospital staff are stressing the tests are purely _____________ (CAUTION) and say the chances of anyone catching the disease are a million to one. PRECAUTIONARY 

970. The main goal of colposcopy is to prevent cervical cancer by detecting _____________ (CANCER) lesions early and treating them. PRECANCEROUS

971. The agreement between the warring parties to talk may be a _____________ (AMBLE) to peace. PREAMBLE 

972. We have provided a _____________ (ADDRESS) envelope for your convenience. PRE-ADDRESSED 

973. The physical actions on the stage included slapstick, _____________ (PRAT), loud noises, physical mishaps, collisions. PRATFALLS 974. It was eventually traced to a _____________ (PRANK), who apologised for his actions. PRANKSTER 

975. Had he chosen the other, he would have been equally _____________ (PRAISE). PRAISEWORTHY 

976. _____________ (POWER) consists of three lifts: the squat, the bench press and deadlift. POWERLIFTING 

977. The government seems _____________ (POWER) to do anything about the rising price of oil. POWERLESS 

978. The university is no longer the academic _____________ (POWER) that it once was. POWERHOUSE 

979. The best _____________ (POWER) for you depends on what you need to charge and how much juice you need away from the mains. POWERBANK 

980. The first _____________ (POWER) of any laptop may require you to make choices. POWER-UP 

981. The parties held a joint news conference to announce their _____________ (POWER) agreement. POWER-SHARING 982. _____________ (POWER) steering, electric windows and central locking are standard features on all models. POWER-ASSISTED 983. There are few jobs for the peasants who have flooded into the cities from the _____________ (POOR) countryside in search of work. POVERTY-STRICKEN / IMPOVERISHED 

984. I know you don't want to pay for this expensive course of treatment, but when ignoring your health lands you in the hospital, you'll see that you were _____________ (PENNY) and _____________ (POUND). PENNY-WISE / POUND-FOOLISH 

985. My family loves this show because it is not violent, drug-filled, _____________ (POT), or "reality" television! POTTY-MOUTHED 986. The recent criticism of his leadership has included _____________ (POT) from several leading political journalists. POTSHOTS

987. The more ambitious singings include an ample _____________ (POT) dinner in the middle of the day, traditionally called dinner on the grounds. POTLUCK 

988. Her most recent _____________ (POT) was one of last year's best-selling paperbacks. POTBOILER 

989. She rejects his _____________ (POSTURE) and quickly moves to the next day's nuptial arrangements. POSTURING 

990. As a _____________ (SCRIPT) to that story I told you last week, it turned out that the woman was his sister-in-law. POSTSCRIPT 991. The record mentions severe childhood trauma complemented by _____________ (TRAUMA) stress disorder. POST-TRAUMATIC 992. They travelled _____________ (HASTE) to Rome to collect the award. POSTHASTE 

993. Figures for the previous 10 years are given below and relate to both undergraduates and _____________ (GRADUATE). POSTGRADUATES 994. It is interesting to note that election addresses are to be _____________ (POST). POST-FREE / POSTAGE-FREE 995. Service industries such as tourism have become more important in the _____________ (INDUSTRY) age. POST-INDUSTRIAL 996. A _____________ (FACT) world has emerged, in which virtually all authoritative information is challenged by facts of dubious quality. POST-FACT / POST-FACTUAL 

997. Return a disc via the _____________ (POSTAGE) envelope, and you automatically receive another title. POSTAGE-PAID 

998. The website said that _____________ (TRUTH) has gone from being a new term to a word often used in political commentary. POST-TRUTH 999. She's trying to build up a _____________ (FOLIO) of work to show during job interviews. PORTFOLIO 

1000. Select the option you want from the _____________ (POP) menu. POP-UP 

1001. It is sheer _____________ (PAP) to suggest that the great mass of the people have too much money chasing too few goods. POPPYCOCK 1002. The children were _____________ (POP) with excitement. POP-EYED