Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh, THPT Chuyên Thái Nguyên năm học 2023-2024

Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh, THPT Chuyên Thái Nguyên năm học 2023-2024

     Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy, cô giáo và các bạn học sinh tài liệu Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh, THPT Chuyên Thái Nguyên năm học 2023-2024 (Dành cho thí sinh vào chuyên Anh), Mã đề thi 508 có thể tải xuống (download) ở dạng pdf.

Trích dẫn nội dung “Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh, THPT Chuyên Thái Nguyên năm học 2023-2024 (Dành cho thí sinh vào chuyên Anh), Mã đề thi 508 “:

UBND TiNH THAI NGUYEN THI TUYEN tN SINH VAO LGP 10 SO GIAO DUC VA PAO TAO NAM HQC 2023 — 2024 MON THI: TIENG ANI PE CHIN N (Danh cho thi sink thi vae chuyén Anh) THUC Thai gian lam bai: 120 phit; khéng ké théi gian giao dé

(Dé Mai dd thi: 508 thi gdm cé 06 trang)

Ho, ténthi sinh: …………………………….


PHAN TRAC NGHIEM (Thi sinh lam bai trén phiéu tra Ii tric nghigm)

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: The organs of taste are the

A. taste buds, are groups of cells

C. taste buds, groups of cells D. taste buds, which is groups of cells

Question 2: She gave me two mangoes but of them was ripe.

A. none B. both C. all D. not all

Question 3: Last year, she earned her brother.

A. twice as more as B. twice as many as

C. twice more than D. twice as much as

Question 4: The essay was difficult to read because the handwriting was so

A. intelligible B. illegible C. periodical D. combustible

Question 5: No matter , Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child.

A. how it seems remarkable B. how remarkable it seems

C. it seems remarkable how D. how seems it remarkable

that are mainly located on the tongue.

B. groups of cells, are taste buds

Question 6: She preferred to go out home.

A. than staying B. rather than to stay ~~ C. rather than stay D. than to stay

Question 7: It is possible to organize housework so as to inefficiency, but not monotony.

C. make more D. minimize A. make less B. deplete

Question 8: At that moment everybody was busy looking for Father Francis, but the old man was “

B. being found nowhere A. nowhere found }

C. nowhere to be found D. found nowhere

no difference to the referee’s decision at all. Question 9: The players’ protest

A. made B. did ry Sly ” D. caused

i : *ve got to be certainty before you decide.

fe: ollie B. badly C. dead D. deathly

Question 11: The doctor gave him examination to discover the cause of his collapse.

A. an exact B. a whole C. a thorough D. a universal

you come back from work, I ; : y : i . By the time Question 12: I am reading this novel. By D. have finished A. shall have finished B. shall finish C. will finish

Trang 1/6 – Ma 4 thi 508


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Question 13: Edward has found a bigger flatandis move into it.

D. on the way A. near to B, about to C. ready for Question 14: Not much happened, 7 A. did it B. didn’t it C. did they D. didn’t they

Question 15: Many of the jobs which have been created in this arca can be directly 10 tourism. A. dedicated B. supported C. attracted D. attributed

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose primary stress differs from that of the other three in each of the following questions.

Question 16: A. emotional B. responsible C. sympathetic D. indifferent

Question 17: A. economy B. advisory C. economics D. peninsula Question 18: A. misunderstand ~~ B. misbehaviour ~~ C. environmental D. characteristic Question 19: A. pianist B. musician C. officer D. triangle

Question 20: A. computer B. horizon C. imagine D. property

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on Your answer sheet to indicate the correct preposition or adverb particle to complete each of the Jfollowing questions.

Question 21: Too many factories dispose their waste by pumping it into rivers and the sea.

A. of B. out C. away D. off

Question 22: After the accident, he tried very hard to catch _ his friends at school.

A. up with B. upto C. with for D. with at

Question 23: The instructor warned the students swimming alone in the pool.

A. to B. out of C. from D. against

Question 24: Television can make things memorable for the reason ‘that it presents information an effective way.

A. with B. over C.on D.in

Question 25: The police are going to look the disappearance of the child.

A. through B. around C. after D. into

Question 26: Instead of staying around the house all day, you should be out there looking ajob.

A. for B. after C. into D. at

Question 27; Parts of the mountain road have been washed ___ after the floods.

A. away B. through C. from D. off

Question 28: It is interesting to take a new hobby such as collecting stamps or going fishing.

A.on B.in C.up D. over

Question 29: the circumstances, I was unable to do anything about it.

A. To B. Under C. With D. For

Question 30: The doctors say it may take him a long time to get ______ the shock.

A. above B. past C. through D. over

Trang 2/6 – Ma ¢& thi 508

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ir the letter 4, B, Corp

oe correction in each 4108s Film answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that

uestion 31: Some . ollowing questions. ; rela sn y summer holidays. tives of mine like staying at their own cabins on Lake Omega every

A. holidays

Question = Gilbert Ni ol C. staying D. on

theory of valence la ewton Lewis, a chemist, helped to develop the modem electron

oo » ory explains the forces holding atoms together in molecules.

B. develop C. explains D. together

Question 33; : In the United States, among space : , amon newspapers

A. ofthe s

is reserved for advertising. ES i

oil = mid I ie arid C. advertising D. is reserved

Hii thm ite tons aseball park up to ask that when the game was scheduled to

A.up B. that ; i C. afternoon D. scheduled

Question 35: The Smiths are very proud of that their son always gets high marks in his courses.

A. courses B.in C. their D. of

Question 36: Tropical forests exist close to the i i : ‘ Aropical close equator, which both h

abundant rainfall occur all year round. v Sal aie

A. abundant B. close . C. which D. Tropical

Question 37: If you like water sports your visiting to Lake Eildon will certainly be enjoyable.

A. sports B. your visiting C. certainly D. enjoyable

Question 38: The American Indians killed the buffalo only when necessity to obtain food,

clothing and shelter.

A. killed B. only C. necessity D. clothing

Question 39: I sympathize with your complaint but there is nothing I can do for it.

A. do for B. there is C. with D. complaint

Question 40: The critics often have so strange taste in films and plays.

A. often B. so strange C.and D. in

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet fo indicate the correct phrasal verb to

complete each of the following sentences.

Question 41: Before I send this article to the editor, Id be grateful if you could it for me.

C. take over D. go through

A. break through B. look up

sailing after he made friends with Harry. Question 42: Mike

A. gotin for B. put in for C. came in for D. went in for

Question 43: He is not rich at all. He only eams enough to

A. getby B. get through C.geton D. get up

Question 44: I tried to write the second essay as well, but I time. :

A. ran out of B. ran off C. ran up D. ran into

Question 45: It was SO foggy that the drivers couldn’t the traffic signs.

A. break out B. keep out C. make out D. take out

Question 46: They haven’t any plan to deal with rising unemployment.

A. come up with B. come upon

D. come up against

C. come away Trang 3/6 – Ma dé thi 508

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Question 47: After you have the costume you like best, it*]1 take a week to get it done, A. kept away B. picked out C. put ofl D, turned down Question 48: Perhaps we could try and our little misunderstanding.

A. clear up B. work for C. go under U. polish ofl

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to Indicate the correct word that best Jits each of the numbered blanks from 49 to 58.

SAFETY FIRST Most fashion designers do not have safety in mind when they pick out material for clothes. But when choosing material for sports clothes, it is very important to be safety (49) – This is particularly true with (50) to clothes for extreme sports, Luckily, a team of scientists has recently developed a material that (51) safety concerns into account. This fabric, which (52) _____ alayer of silicone, is now being used to make clothing wearer \ is for (54) extreme sports because it has a special quality. It (53) soft unless the

immediately hardens in an accident of some kind. When this happens, the material to p rotect the wearer from injury, becoming soft again moments later,

sports safety

The people

in general.

developing the material are sure that jt will make a major (55) ______ to In addition, they also (56) that it will be important for other purposes. For example, it could be used for the (57) of workers in the construction Industry, protecting them from injury on a building site. Clearly, this new material h clothes. What is more, because it is comfortable and fashionable.

as raised the (58) for safety performance in soft and flexible, it is casy to make the clothing both

Question 49: A. concern B. proof C. aware D, conscious Question 50: A. relation B. regard C. interest D. attention Question 51: A. gets B. puts C. makes D. takes Question 52: A. controls B. consists C. holds D. includes

Question 53: A. lasts B. comes C. remains D. continues

Question 54: A. worried B. involved C. occurred D. survived

Question 55: A. increase B. rise C. donation D. contribution

Question 56: A. react B. anticipate C. deny D. observe

Question 57: A. gain B. benefit C. profit D. loss

Question 58: A. point B. standard C. ideal D. score

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined

part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following quéstions.

Question 59: A. certificate B. criteria C. interactive D. initiate

Question 60: A. ancient B. capable C. danger D. angle

Question 61: A. reserved B. supply C. universal D. sensitive

Question 62: A. teaching B. treatment C. unhealthy D. repeat

Question 63; A. ache B. stomach C. exchange D. architect

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Read the Jollows,

, 1 indicate the XY 4 correct Sls apg, © and mark the lester A, B, C or D on Jour answer sheet 10 SWer to eqepy of the questions JSrom 64 to 70.

HE KNOWS TOO MucH & put the phone to persuade hig Xture of veiled th

Dick Sterljy, himself for failing disgusted yt the mj too much” . the words was still ran that Vish, the officer man

down. His hands were trembling. He was furious with boss in Delhi, Keith Lennox, to support him and was reats and vague promises Lennox had made. “He knows

ls g in his cars. He wondered, not for the last time, just what it

$ Position bocitio in oT India manager could of the factory, knew. How could it be so important that

$ Watch. Four o’clock.

be threatened by it? It simply didn’t make sense. Dick home. He’d hag He called for his driver, Gopal, and asked to be driven enough for the day.

Dick sat gloomily in the back of the car, going over in his mind the events which had

never led up to the present crisis. How had he got himself into this impossible situation? It should


have happened, yet somehow, looking back, it seemed inevitable. Perhaps he was to believe in fate?

He had arrived three factory in Madras, India was, operated. Dick had b

years earlier to take over as general manager of Trakton’s of course, only one of the many countries in which Trakton een transferred to Madras from Nigeria in fact, after a series of other


overseas appointments. Each of the overseas factories had a general manager appointed headquarters to oversee the management of the local workforce. In India this had worked particularly well. The Indian staff was highly-trained and efficient. They were also generally easy to work with; the company’s enlightened industrial relations policy had made sure of that. Salaries were higher than the average; there was a good pension scheme and generous health insurance benefits. Trakton boasted that jt had not lost a day in strikes for over fifteen years.

Dick had found his senior Indian colleagues particularly good to work with. They knew their jobs inside out and were clearly committed to the company. Many of them had been with Trakton for the whole of their working lives, starting in the factory and working their way up to become managers. They were a good team.

The only exceptions had been Visvanathan, or “Vish” as he was known, the office

manager, and his wife Molly. Molly was in charge of the Personnel Department. For

reasons Dick had only gradually understood, Vish and Molly were regarded by the rest of

the senior staff as somehow “special”. They behaved as if they had special privileges and

expected other staff to defer to them. Dick slowly realised that they controlled other staff

members through a combination of threats and promises. Given their positions, they could

make life very difficult for anyone who opposed them. Likewise, they could make life easy

for those who did what they wanted.

i is sort of behaviour happened to varying degrees in every culture

and fat pdt br Indeed, in the first few weeks after his arrival, both Vish and

Molly had been all smiles and helpfulness. They had invited Dick and his bd to

dinner too. Their newly-built house was in the fashionable, Lp SMART me sl En

Colony, close to the sea. Dick had been suitably impressed by the Te or Ls i

house, which was full of the most modern household equipment. He had half-wondered,

innocently, whether Vish had had to borrow money to pay for it all.

Trang 5/6 – MA 48 thi 508

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Question 64: What was Dick’s reaction to his conversation with Lennox?

A. Dick did not want to stay at work any longer.

B. He regretted not telling Lennox what Vish knew.

C. He appeared calm but in fact was very angry.

D. He was angry with his boss for breaking his promises.

Question 65: When he was in his car, Dick thought that

A. he could deal with the situation relatively casily

B. he could not have prevented the situation from occurring

C. the situation was nol as scrious as it at first appeared

D. somebody clse might help him handle the situation

Question 66: Before Dick 1ook charge of the Madras factory,

A. he had had a number of jobs in different countries

B. he had never worked for Trakton before

C. he had been working at Trakton’s headquarters

D. he had spent three years doing another job in India

Question 67: What is meant by “enlightened” in paragraph 37

A. based on the aim of making maximum profit

B. given very little importance by the bosses

C. showing an understanding of people’s needs

D. costing the employers much less than it uscd to

Question 68: A lot of the bosses at Trakton

A. were keen to leave the firm

C.. disliked cach other intensely

Question 69: What does the word “those” in paragraph 5 refer 10?

A. stafT in the most senior positions

B. the office manager and his wife

C. other employees at the factory

D. Dick Sterling and Keith Lennox

Question 70: How did Dick feel about the way

ing similar before. \. He had never known anything simi f

B. He was extremely worried about its possible effects.

t that this only happened in India.

– = wi a this occurred throughout the world.

B. had not deserved promotion

D. had been manual workers

Vish and Molly treated the other employees?

pcs TIE NR ser”