Đề thi chọn HSG lớp 12 chương trình THPT tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2022-2023 có đáp án bản PDF

     Tài liệu diệu kỳ xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy, cô giáo và các bạn học sinh tài liệu Đề thi chọn HSG lớp 12 chương trình THPT tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2022-2023 có đáp án bản PDF có thể tải xuống (download) ở dạng pdf.

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Đề thi có 07 trang 

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NĂM HỌC 2022-2023 


Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút (không kể thời gian phát đề) 

Thí sinh không được sử dụng tài liệu. Cán bộ coi thi không giải thích gì thêm. 

Họ và tên: 


Section 1. Questions 1-5 

Số báo danh: .. 

Listen to a conversation and complete the form below with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS 

AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. 


Number of trips per month: (1). 

Visit places which have: 

historical interest 

good (2) (3) 

Cost: between 5.00 pounds and 15.00 pounds per person 

Note: special trips organised for groups of (4). 

Time: departure – 8.30 a.m. and return – 6.00 p.m. 

To reserve a seat: sign name on the (5). 


3 days in advance 

Section 2. Questions 6-10 

Listen to the directions and match the places in questions 6-10 to the appropriate places A-E 

on the map. 

Student Food 



6. Student Centre 


7. Health Centre 

8. Internet Unit 

9. Complaint Office 

10. Café 


Ned Kelly Avenue 

Main gate 

Garden Street 

Teaching Building 

Parker Street 

Teaching Building 

Crammer Street 

Recreational Facilities 

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Section 3. Questions 11-15 

Listen to an interview with Norma Powell, who is a financial advisor and choose the answer 

A, B, C, or D which fits best according to what you hear. 

11. Young people are tempted to live beyond their means because 

A. they consider they have a right to use credit cards and store cards 

B. they may be unaware of the extent of the debts they incur 

C. they may be unable to pay cash for consumer goods 

D. they have become more materialistic as a result of using credit cards 12. Norma believes the main reason young people get into debt is due to 

A. the large numbers of credit cards available to them 

B. the overdrafts they create at university 

C. the fact that they can’t find a job 

D. the lack of financial advice from parents 

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13. She thinks that if parents have a responsible attitude to money, 

A. their children will be more likely to follow their advice 

B. they will be able to demonstrate the dangers of getting into debt C. their children will follow their advice but not their example 

D. they will be able to build up some savings for their children 14. A fixed amount of pocket money 

A. forces a child to save money 

B. teaches a child to budget 

C. makes a child feel independent 

D. gives a child a saving strategy 

15. Teenagers sometimes find it difficult to save because 

A. they want to buy clothes all the time 

B. they don’t want to listen to their parents 

C. they are influenced by friends and advertising 

D. they have lost sight of what is important in life 

Section 4. Questions 16-20 

Listen to a talk on Canada and complete the notes below with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. 

Canada is located in the northern half of the continent of (16). 

of Canada are called the land of (17). 

The most northern parts 

because at certain times of the year the sun never 

sets. This northern part of Canada is cold and mostly covered with snow all year round. The original 

people in the northern part of Canada are called (18)_ 

The populations in the Atlantic 

provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are small. The land there is not very (19) 



so their main industries are forestry, (20) 

Trang 3/7 


Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct answer A, B, C or D. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. 

21. Marian was a beautiful 

A. corpulent 

young lady. 

B. gaunt 

C. slender 

D. bony Shared by Angels of Otto Channel 

B. turned down 

C. put down 

D. let down 

22. My application for a trading license was 

A. held down 


A. Though 

as I’d love to, I won’t be able to come. 

B. Despite 

C. Even 

D. Much 

24. Anna: “This computer program would be a great way to brush up on my Italian, 

Bill: “It can’t help with your pronunciation.” 

A. wasn’t it 

B. didn’t it 

C. wouldn’t this 

D. wouldn’t it 

25. I’ve yet 

a person as Theo. 

A. to meet as infuriating 

C. been meeting as infuriating 

B. to have met such infuriating 

D. been meeting such infuriating 



the balcony chairs will be ruined in this weather. 

A. Leaving uncovered 

B. Having left uncovered 

C. Left uncovered 

27. I know you didn’t want to upset me but I’d sooner you yesterday. 

D. Been left uncovered. 

me the whole truth 

C. have told 

D. had told 

states that no pets are allowed in the building. 

C. mildly 

D. decently 

A. could have told 

28. Your rental agreement 

B. told 

A. credibly 

B. explicitly 

29. Children can be difficult to teach because of their short attention 

A. limit 

B. duration 

C. span 

D. time 

A. year 

31. Helen was 

A. seriously 

30. You are too old to carry on working. It’s time you called it a 

C. week 

D. day 

B. month 

disappointed when she learnt that she hadn’t won the beauty contest. 

B. bitterly 

C. strongly 

D. heavily 

32. Wasn’t it you yourself 

the door open? 

A. to leave 

33. If the driver 

B. to have left 

C. that should leave D. who left 

his seat belt, he might be alive today. A. was wearing 

B. had been wearing C. wear 

34. The speech attacked American policy in 



was later considered to be part of a campaign 

A. which 

B. where 

to undermine the government. 

35. Going to the unemployment office and having to wait there for hours is a 

C. that 

A. soul-destroying 

B. heart-stopping 

D. what 


C. thought-provoking D. power-sharing 

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Section 1. Choose the correct answer to complete the following passage by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. 

United Parcel Service (UPS) believes that its employees should give the firm a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. The package delivery firm seems willing to give more than a fair day’s pay. But in (36) 

UPS expects maximum output from its employees. Since 1920s, the firm’s industrial engineers have been studying every detail of every task (37) by most UPS employees. From their studies have come time and motion standards that (38). how those tasks are performed and how long they should take. Drivers, for example, are expected to walk to a customer’s door at a speed of 

exactly three feet per second. They are told to knock as soon as they get there, rather than waste time (39) a doorbell. Work engineers are (40). riding with drivers, timing everything from stops at traffic lights, wait at customers’ doorway, stairway climbs, to coffee break. And they are not (41) to pointing out the occasional inefficiency. Additionally, supervisors ride with the least good drivers, noting how they work and constantly (42). them until their work is up to standard. The (43)_______of all this engineering work is efficiency, and UPS has been called one of the most efficient companies anywhere. It’s also a highly profitable company. Most drivers take the regimentation in stride: many show (44). in meeting the UPS standards each day. Others, 

however, feel that they are constantly being pushed, and that it is impossible for them to (45) 


work. UPS officials claim that the standards provide accountability. And, they say, employees who work according to UPS standards should feel less tired at the end of the day. 

36. A. fact 

B. exchange 

37. A. hold 

B. performed 

C. return 

C. accepted 

D. short 

38. A. indicate 

B. govern 

C. demonstrate 

D. made 

D. tell 

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39. A. looking at 40. A. consistently 

B. look at 

C. look for 

41. A. impolite 

42. A. scolding 

B. continually 

B. brave 

B. criticizing 

C. encouraging 

C. constructively C. intimate 

D. looking for D. chronically 



D. correcting 

43. A. task 

B. reason 

C. object 

D. job 

44. A. pride 

B. passion 

C. interest 

D. pleasure 

45. A. rest 

B. relieve 

C. relax 

D. restrain 

Section 2. Fill in the gap with ONE suitable word. 

There have always (46)_ 

famous sportsmen and women, but until quite recently nobody made. 

a lot of money from playing sports. It was a hobby, not a professional career. But it’s quite different today. Professional sports can now be extremely lucrative and top players earn salaries that sports stars a few years ago could only (47). about. Today sport is a ticket to fame and fortune. 

activity to an industry has occurred (49). 

of the 

The transformation of sport from a (48). 

increasing importance of television in our lives. Sport and television are the perfect fit. Television 

provides enormous audiences and sport provides spectacular drama, (50). 

joy, despair, 

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excitement and tension in equal measure. What’s more, television offers viewers all this drama in the comfort of their own homes. It’s a winning combination. 

Of course, advertisers have been quick to see the true potential of this partnership. Sponsorship is popular, (51) football players who have the names of their sponsors on their kit to the Formula One (52) whose cars are covered in the names of the companies which finance them. There are teams, stadiums, and even competitions named (53)_ the companies which have invested. money in them. And all these major sporting events are shown on television at (54)_ will reach a maximum audience. Sports events have become very long TV (55). 

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Section 3. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. 

In the course of its history, human inventions have dramatically increased the average amount. of energy available for use per person. Primitive peoples in cold regions burned wood and animal dung to heat their caves, cook food, and drive off animals by fire. The first step toward the developing 

of more efficient fuels was taken when people discovered that they could use vegetable oils and animal fats in lieu of gathered or cut wood. Charcoal gave off a more intensive heat than wood and 

was more easily obtainable than organic fats. The Greeks first began to use coal for metal smelting 

in the 4th century, but it did not come into extensive use until the Industrial Revolution. 

In the 1700s, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, most energy used in the United States and other nations undergoing industrialization was obtained from perpetual and renewable sources, such as wood, water streams, domesticated animal labor, and wind. These were 

predominantly locally available supplies. By mid-1800s, 91 percent of all commercial energy consumed in the United States and European countries was obtained from wood. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, coal became a major energy source and replaced wood in industrializing countries. Although in most regions and climate zones wood was more readily accessible than coal, the latter represents a more concentrated source of energy. In 1910, natural gas and oil firmly replaced coal as the main source of fuel because they are lighter and, therefore, cheaper 

to transport. They burned more cleanly than coal and polluted less. Unlike coal, oil could be refined 

to manufacture liquid fuels for vehicles; a very important consideration in the early 1900s, when the 

automobile arrived on the scene. 

By 1984, nonrenewable fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas, provided over 82 percent of the commercial and industrial energy used in the world. Small amounts of energy were derived from nuclear fission, and the remaining 16 percent came from burning direct perpetual and 

renewable fuels, such as biomass. Between 1700 and 1986, a large number of countries shifted from 

the use of energy from local sources to a centralized generation of hydropower and solar energy converted to electricity. The energy derived from nonrenewable fossil fuels has been increasingly produced in one location and transported to another, as is the case with most automobile fuels. In 

countries with private, rather than public transportation, the age of nonrenewable fuels has created a dependency on a finite resource that will have to be replaced. 

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Alternative fuel sources are numerous, and shale oil and hydrocarbons are just two examples. The extraction of shale oil from large deposits in Asian and European regions has proven to be labor consuming and costly. The resulting product is sulfur- and nitrogen-rich, and large-scale extractions are presently prohibitive. Similarly, the extraction of hydrocarbons from tar sands in Alberta and Utah is complex. 

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Semi-solid hydrocarbons cannot be easily separated from the sandstone and limestone that carry them, and modern technology is not sufficiently versatile for a large-scale removal of the material. However, both sources of fuel may eventually be needed as petroleum prices continue to rise and limitations in fossil fuel availability make alternative deposits more attractive. 

56. What is the main topic of the passage? 

A. Applications of various fuels 

C. A history of energy use 

B. Natural resources and fossil fuels 

D. A historical overview of energy rates 

D. per day 

57. The phrase per person in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to 

A. per capita 

B. per year 

C. per family 

58. It can be inferred from the first paragraph that A. coal mining was essential for primitive peoples B. the Greeks used coal in industrial production 

C. the development of efficient fuels was a gradual process D. the discovery of efficient fuels was mostly accidental 

C. in every way 

D. in charge 

59. The phrase in lieu in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to A. in spite 60. The author of the passage implies that in the 1700s, sources of energy were 

B. in place 

A. used for commercial purposes 

C. not derived from mineral deposits 

B. used in various combinations 

D. not always easy to locate 

C. most regions 

D. climate zones 

61. The phrase the latter in paragraph 2 refers to 

A. wood 

B. coal 

62. According to the passage, what was the greatest advantage of oil as fuel? 

A. It was a concentrated source of energy. 

B. It was lighter and cheaper than coal. 

C. It replaced wood and coal and reduced pollution. 

D. It could be converted to automobile fuel. 

63. It can be inferred from the passage that in the early 20th century, energy was obtained primarily 


B. nuclear fission 

A. fossil fuels 

C. burning biomass D. hydraulic and solar sources 64. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of alternative fuel sources? 

B. labour-consuming C. prospective 

A. cheap 65. The word prohibitive in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to 

A. prohibited 

B. provided 

C. too expensive 

D. numerous 

D. too expedient 

Trang 8/7 


Section 1. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it has a similar meaning 

Shared by Angels of 

to the original one. 

66. In the unlikely event of a fire, please do not use the lift. 

Should there 

67. It’s impossible for them to have found him in that jungle. 

He can’t 

Otto Channel 

68. Customs officials are stopping more travellers than usual this week. 

→ An increased 

69. The policeman acted quickly and averted an accident. 

→The prompt 

70. What a surprise to see you here. 


Section 2. Use the word in capitals to rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it has a similar meaning to the original one. The words given MUST NOT be altered in 

any way. 

71. Danny was asked to leave school for bad behavior. EXPELLED 


72. Would you give us your answer as soon as possible. CONVENIENCE 

→ Please respond 

73. I passed the exam, but only just! SCRAPE 

→ I managed 

74. He thinks his friends do not appreciate him. GRANTED 

→ He dislikes 

75. A friend of ours fixed the car for us. FRIENDS 

→ We had 


Trang 9/7 


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A. LISTENING (6.0 points) 


Section 1. (1.5 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

2. shopping 

1. five/5 Section 2. (1.5 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

6. E 

7. A Section 3. (1.5 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

11. B Section 4. (1.5 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

16. North America 17. the midnight sun 18. Eskimos 

12. D 


3. guided tours 

4. more than 12 

5. notice board 

8. B 

9. D 

10. C 

13. A 

14. B 

15. C 

19. fertile 

20. fishing 

B. LEXICO-GRAMMAR (3.0 points) (3.0 pts: 0.2p/each correct answer) 

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Otto Channel 

21. C 

22. B 

23. D 

24. D 

25. A 

26. C 

27. D 

28. B 

29. C 

30. D 

31. B 

32. D 

33. B 

34. D 

35. A 

C. READING. (9.0 points) 

Section 1. (3 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

36. C 

41. D 

37. B 

42. D 

38. B 

39. D 

40. B 

43. C 

44. A 

45. C 

Section 2. (3 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

46. been 

47. dream 

51. from 

48. leisure/recreational 49. because 

52. racers/teams 53. after 

54. hours 

50. including 

55. shows/programmes 

Section 3. (3 pts: 0.3p/each correct answer) 

56. C 

61. B 

57. A 

62. D 

D. WRITING. (2.0 points) 

58. B 

59. B 

60. C 

63. A 

64. A 

65. C 

Section 1. (1 pts: 0.2p/each correct answer) 

66. Should there be a fire, please do not use the lift. 

67. He can’t have been found in that jungle. 

68. An increased number/quantity of travellers are being stopped by customs officials this week. 69. The prompt action of the policeman averted an accident. 

70. Fancy seeing you here. 

Section 2. (1 pts: 0.2p/each correct answer) 

71. Danny was expelled from school for bad behavio(u)r. 

72. Please respond at your earliest convenience. 

73. I managed to scrape through the exam. 

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74. He dislikes being taken for granted by his friends/his friends taking him for granted. 75. We had one of our friends fix the car (for us)/the car fixed (for us) by one of our friends.